Food Of Love 2


Against her slender back, the mattress was warm and soft in a complete contradiction to the hard kitchen table and she welcomed the difference. The comforter was made of a fleece material that permitted her to stay snuggled and comfortable all night. The rest of her sheets were simple cotton, the kind of cotton that felt great to climb into after a hard day’s work.

From her supine position on the double bed, Cordelia eagerly watched as Angel kicked the door shut while never taking his own appreciative gaze off of her. She eyed his every move with the skill of a vampire, seeing his hands started at the top of shirt popping each tiny button before moving onto the next one.

As more marble flesh became exposed, she felt her smile growing bigger as she was treated to a very good if amateur strip show. Bit by bit, Angel revealed more of his heavily muscled body and preened under the open praise he received from his new lover.

Now fully open, the black shirt hung loosely from the corded lines of his strong, broad shoulders and the colour contrasted startlingly against the pallor of his complexion. Each unneeded breath he took gave Cordelia a glimpse of the male figure that had been hidden from her all these years and she longed to see more, longed to see it all.

Scrambling onto her knees, she shuffled towards the edge of her bed and used his chest to balance herself. Her lips were turned right up into a bright, sunny smile that showed none of the plan forming inside her ever-working brain. Slim, female fingers began their journey at the solid stomach of the vampire, manicured nails tracing the hard contours of the abdominal muscles that twitched beneath her touch.

Moving higher up, Cordelia parted the shirt and swallowed as she took in the visual pleasure of seeing Angel this way. His chest was a flawless expanse of marble, the lack of hair made him completely smooth to touch and so she did.

Warm lips pressing down lightly over where his heart lay still had sorrow momentarily wash over his handsome face that stayed until he heard her say “No heart beat, I like that.”

Her confession relieved a large weight off his shoulders, it shouldn’t have because she deserved a whole lot more than what he could give her. Cordelia deserved marriage and with a normal man. She didn’t deserve to be stuck with a dead man who had a nightmarish past.

The thought of giving up what he had only just gotten in his life made him sick and the demon rattle the tight leash it was kept on, demanding she was his. The soul might not have the balls to keep her, but the demon sure as hell did.

A sharp wave of possessiveness blazed through the vampire as his body stilled under the war between soul and demon, desperate to keep Cordelia away from that side of him. Angel didn’t want that to touch her, didn’t want it to destroy but at the same time, he wanted her to accept what he was.

Noticing the change in him, Cordelia’s gaze immediately became concerned when she saw the human/demon visage flicker. “I’m fine with that Angel, really I am” a tiny, sweet smile lifted her mouth at the corners. “You’re a vampire, I know. Big whoop! Who isn’t these days?!”

Not only did his seer have an amazing way with words but she also held the title of being the only woman in the world he wanted to kiss and kill simultaneously.

Staring down at the brunette through unreadable orbs, Angel somehow managed to keep his grin back. He should have given the little minx more credit, he should have known she wouldn’t judge or discard him for being what he was. “Thank you” he stated, quietly and unnecessarily.

“Now can I finish please?” Cordelia asked with a huff of air and a quirky smile that left him in no doubt whether she truly wanted this with him. Dismissing his next words by simply not listening, the seer forwent any self teasing she have done before his self-confidence took a blow and simply peeled the shirt away from his body.

All over, the vampire was hard heavy muscle with marble flesh stretched across his form. In the moonlight filtering through her curtains, his skin glimmered with a fine sheen of perspiration from struggling to withhold his sense of control for her sake. Following an invisible line down the centre of his torso, the brunette bit her lip in order to keep the drooling to a minimum.

“Take off your boots Angel, then the pants have got to go!”

He cracked a smirk as he watched Cordelia shuffle backwards on her bed, scuffling up the comforter and sheets as she moved. “Impatient little minx aren’t you?” The leather belt came first, the sound of it being pulled gently out through the loops was strangely erotic as it broke the silence following his reply.

Boots and socks were next on the list, leaving Angel in his simple and usual attire of black trousers. Flickering smoky eyes down towards his zipper, he graced his seer with another comment. “Well?”

“This is your time to shine Broody” Cordelia retaliated, not once making any effort to give him the assistance he wanted. Settling back into her fluffy pillows, the brunette sighed and watched the dark haired vampire set about removing the last of his clothes. When Angel leaned down to pick them for folding, she quickly scooped her sweater and yanked it over her head, the swift move removing the hair band with it.

He blinked once, twice, three times when he stood straight. Laying brazenly out on the bed in front of him, Cordelia was wearing nothing but a bra that plumped her breasts together, creating a stunning cleavage. It didn’t surprise him to see she was perfectly tanned there too, after all what fashion queen in her right mind would have tan lines?!

The quarter-cup cream bra kept her breasts high on her chest, the clasp nestled happily in the valley waiting for him to open it and take it off. Against the golden complexion, the cream shading of the undergarment looked positively ethereal as the soft glow of the moonlight bounced off the material.

Despite the only illuminating light in the room being that from the full moon outside, Cordelia could see him just fine. The creamy glow radiated off his form, dulling the hard outlines of his frame with a softness she wanted to feel all over her. Glancing away from his face and upper body, she found herself drawn to the intimacy he held in his hand.

Slowly, Angel stroked his hand up the solid shaft only to pull back, easing the sensitised skin over the tip of his erection. He wanted her to watch, if only for a moment, wanted to see her face as he worked himself up for her.

Heavy panting breaths came from his mouth as his hand slid down, fingertips taunting the base of his cock with wispy movements that made them tighter. The dark curls decorating his pubic bone rasped against his palm with a ticklish sensation that made him grip harder.

“You want?” Angel arrogantly teased the wilful brunette, speeding up his stroking and encouraging his cock to grow harder. “Tell me you want me Cordy and I’ll give it to you”

“Egomaniac!” Cordelia easily diffused the burst of male arrogance with a pfft and roll of her heated orbs. Deciding two could play at this game, she tugged the clasp open and watched as his own orbs locked onto her breasts before the parting of her legs drew his gaze between. “You want?” she shot out teasingly, “Tell me you want me and I’ll give it to you!”

“Vixen” Angel murmured and let his hold go, ignoring the screaming now causing his cock to throb with the agony of waiting for release. Crawling onto the bed, the vampire’s stare turned predatory as he made his way towards his lover, fully intent of imprinting his ownership both in and outside of her body. “There’ll be biting” he warned.

“I know!” Cordelia giggled naughtily and waited for him to finish his supposed scary stalking routine.

Amusement mingled with arousal through twinkling black pools, “You, Miss Chase, are a naughty, naughty woman.” Without giving the naked woman on the bed time to retaliate, Angel began to pepper the skin on her leg with tiny kisses designed to turn her to mush rather than fuel the passion.

Salty perspiration covered her body too, he noticed as he flicked his tongue out to taste her body some more. Higher and higher he got until his face was perfectly situated above hers, his mouth grazing hers.

Tugging the bra out from behind her back, Angel tossed it carelessly to the floor and dared her damn interfering ghost to interrupt their first time together by picking it up. When nothing happened, he grinned broadly down at the woman caged by his body and let more of his weight settle on her.

Breasts became pillowed under his chest and shapely legs shifted, allowing his to slide into the feminine cradle, his erection moving slightly against the responsive petals set between heated thighs. The tip of his cock felt her wet and open, body silently begging to be fulfilled by him and his was only too happy to oblige the female wants and desires shown to him.

“If you’re not sure” uncertainty crept into the arrogance of the vampire, breaking through the self-assured façade and showing Cordelia that despite his years of sexual experience, he was as new to acceptance as she.

“I’m more than sure Angel, I’ve waited for you to notice me formmph!”

She waited for him, that was all he needed to hear before slamming his mouth down on hers, crushing his body fully to hers. Tongue delved deep into the warm, moist cavern of her mouth as male lips moved with smooth, supple ones. His hips rocked against hers, forcing muffled moans of appreciation to be heard.

The velvet feel of his shaft brushed her clit over and over, the entrance to her body tormented by the tip of his sex and hardened nipples perked, becoming highly sensitised as they grazed across the landscape of his chest.

Angel moved his hand down, taking hold of his cock and began to penetrate the tight but welcoming alcove. His lids snapped shut and his jaw clamped, closing off any words he may have said. Silky, soft and intensely hot, she slowly began to accept him inside as he carefully pushed past the resistance of her muscles.

Though her virginity had been taken by someone else, Cordelia found Angel shattering her physical limitations as he continued. The cool yet burning sensation of his cock fully sheathed in her body gave her more than a little thrill and she responded by experimentally flexing her hips up a little.

His fists snatched handfuls of coverlet, fingers almost ruining the sheet and his jaw crackled under the immense pressure of keeping his mouth shut. Harsh, violent throbs buzzed right through him and ended with his blood pounding in his veins.

Seeing hardly any reaction from the vampire above and inside her, Cordelia repeated the experimental move and bucked up harder, sending him deeper. “Oh!” Curling her legs right around his trim waist, she locked her ankles at the small of his back and used her human strength to pull him into her.

“Cordy stop” Angel hissed, opening his eyes to glare down at the woman determined to make him embarrass himself. She felt so good, surrounding him like that, her muscles clutching desperately at him trying to force him into moving.

Cordelia didn’t listen to his hissed plea, not that she ever did, and this time circled her hips up snug to his. He seemed to swell a little more, or maybe he just went a little deeper, whichever it was she wasn’t sure and nor did she care. Sliding her hands down his back, she trailed soft fingers down the rippling outline of his figure until she managed to take a healthy hold of his firm ass.

She pulled him so hard onto her, Angel instantly changed as the sensation and need to climax unchained the demon. Forehead, nose and cheeks became prominent, eyes were now fully demonic and sparkled under the moon. Blunt, straight teeth changed to deadly, pointed fangs meant for tearing a human’s throat out.

Answering her need, the vampire crushed her lithe frame to the mattress and moved inside the velvet sheath that held him like she’d never let go. Maybe she wouldn’t, his preoccupied mind offhandedly thought, maybe she would keep him forever like he would her. Maybe she would make him her little pet, love him and keep him safely away from all harm, like he would her.

She couldn’t find her voice to speak let alone cry out as he took possession of her body with an ease which left her speechless. Over and over and over, Angel entered her, picking up in pace and intensity with every thrust of his powerful hips. He made it perfectly clear he wanted to own her, wanted to have her all to himself and make sure no-one else would ever come close to pleasing her this way.

His body thundered into hers with a fierce intensity that made coloured lights flash behind her eyes and left her lungs heaving for oxygen. Nails scored his flawless skin, leaving behind light pink welts with tiny droplets of blood being brought to the surface. The scent of blood and sex mixing was a sinful combination for a vampire, even one with a soul.

Raising up on his elbows, Angel gazed down at Cordelia beneath him as he drove into her repeatedly and was amazed once again by the raw passion flashing across her heart-shaped face. Then she moved her hips faster, more erratic as her muscles began to clench with climatic shocks that soon turned into deep throbs.

She fisted his hard cock constantly, gripping him with everything she had as the orgasm ripped through her. Instinct, want and need had Cordelia bearing her neck to the vampire above her, giving more than just the permission her sought. “I want it, I want you”

“All mine” Angel growled possessively as climax has his back arching high and his cock plunging deep, causing a loud scream of his name to pour from the woman who was now his.

The next few seconds were a blur for him as he felt his body crack and break under the strain of holding back for so long. Cool ejaculation spilled from him to sooth the over-heated core he was trapped inside, once, twice, three times.

Blood burst into his mouth, coating his tongue and lips in boiling liquid full of everything he ever wanted.

Below him, Cordelia stiffened as her own orgasm faded only to be replaced by something more than the physical intimacy they were sharing. Angel was drinking her blood, taking it in like a dying man would take in water and she felt good.

Collapsing, sated and finally fulfilled, Angel carefully and lovingly licked the puncture wounds now adorning her once flawless throat until she stopped bleeding. Using his hold on her, he rolled her over so they were laying face to face and he wasn’t crushing her. Sweeping damp tendrils of hair away from her face, the vampire smiled lazily.

“You tasted pretty good to me”

A wicked smirk formed on her face, “Now shall we see what you taste like to me?!”

The End. Hope you’ve enjoyed this little pick-me-up


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