Hypnotic Suggestions 1

Title: Hypnotic Suggestions
Author: Sunscorched
Rating: N-18
Category: Very Adult Humour
Content: C/A, C/Aus
Summary: Wolfram and Hart are at it again!
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, Cal n Lil’s place.
Notes: Who thought this would pop into my mind at 4:30 am?! Enjoy!

Part 1

reclined in her leather chair, sighing in pure satisfaction, dreaming about the wonderful bonuses she would get from this. Yes, she had to give it to herself, this plan was definitely a beauty. Sometimes, she amazed herself!

“Ms. Morgan?” the intercom on her desk buzzed with the voice of her secretary.

“Yes?” she replied, running manicured fingers through her perfectly groomed red hair knowing the strands would settle as if undisturbed.

“Your 10:00 is here”

“Send him right in Gillian” the lawyer purred, this was gonna be great. Hell, even if it didn’t work out as good as she thought it, there was bound to be some sparks flying and that was always worth it!


Angel sat down, enjoying the rare moments of peace and quiet in the hotel and let himself relax for a change. He peered through the window over to Cordelia’s empty desk, wondering how long took for a girl to brush her hair and wishing she’d get back to her desk quickly. Not that he had been watching her of course; he hadn’t noticed when she reapplied her lipstick in her little glittery compact. He hadn’t noticed as she smudged it with a delectable fingertip and he certainly hadn’t noticed the way she’d secretly adjusted her bra either.

“You might not have, but I did. Did you see the shape? I bet they’re softer than they look and I bet she tastes like wild cherries… Oh yeah, gimme some of that cherry pie baby, I’m one hungry demon!”

Pointedly ignoring the crude comment whispered in the back of his mind, Angel cleared his throat and looked around at his own desk, searching for something to read until Cordelia got back. “I know you still have that Karma Sutra book. Read that and make us both happy!”

“Hello?” the man’s shaky greeting brought Angel out of his thoughts and he got out if his chair to welcome their possible new client. Opening the office door, the vampire saw a little man with a balding head and slate grey eyes standing there looking around nervously.

“Welcome to Angel investigations. I’m Angel” Angel acknowledged with a warm smile trying to put the visibly shaken man at ease. “What can we do for you?”

“Would it kill you to put an ‘Us’ at the end of that? It’s like I don’t exist anymore”

Giving the vampire opposite him a shaky and worried smile, the man held his hand out for him to shake. “Good afternoon, Timothy Rex but please call me Tim” came the polite introduction. “I hear you specialise in paranormal activity” he stated, looking around the empty lobby for signs of other people. The vampire seemed to be regarding him pitifully, his brown eyes tried to hide a certain mockery at his ignorance of the unnatural. Standing slightly defensively, Angel had his arms crossed over his chest and waited patiently for his attention to focus on the matter.

Nodding matter-of-factly, “That we do” the vampire replied “What seems to be the problem? Vampires? Demons? Haunting?” those were some of the more usual cases they had and he wouldn’t be surprised if his problem consisted of one of them.

“A haunting” the man replied, relieved at being believed “You’ll have to forgive me but I don’t really believe in all of this” Angel nodded understandingly, most people usually didn’t. “But the things that have been happening in my new home can’t be explained by any other means”

Angel pointed in the direction to his office, “Why don’t you come with me and you can give me the details. Normally, my secretary would be taking your preliminary report but she seems to be occupied powdering her nose”

“Either that or she’s in there playing with her little cherry pie! Why don’t you join her and I can show her how to eat pie properly?!”

“Women!” the man stated and got a knowing smile from the vampire in response. After getting settled in the office, Angel grabbed a hold of a notepad and pen, making a gesture for the man to go ahead with the details of his suspected haunting. “Well I just moved into my new home three months ago” he began the explanation and raised his slate grey eyes to lock with the vampire’s dark brown ones.

Gently rocking his elfin-shaped form side to side, Timothy enthralled Angel easily, drawing him in under a tide of silent spells. Slate grey eyes turning to their natural demonic orange, the vampire found he couldn’t tear gaze away from his. The orange was glowed like a deeply burning sun with a jet-black centre that seemed swirl.

Angel began to feel strangely sleepy, he wasn’t sure if it was just the low boring monotone Timothy spoke in or if he genuinely didn’t have enough sleep. Struggling to keep his eyes open and on their new client, he continued to look into those slate grey eyes that were slowly drawing him.

“You look sleepy” Timothy spoke, his voice gently changing into a light melodious soothing sound that reminded Angel of tinkling bells. Seeing him struggling to keep his eyes open, the demon continued to talk hypnotically. “Are you sleepy?” he asked in a quiet voice.

“Mmm?” he felt like he was floating, the tips of his fingers tickled and he felt so peaceful. Maybe a small nap wouldn’t hurt…

Timothy smirked in triumph, it was the first time he’d ever hypnotised a vampire before and it had worked a treat. The name Ms. Morgan had instructed him to use came immediately to mind and he spoke, finishing what he had been paid to do. “Whenever Cordelia Chase says the word ‘Demon’ you will become uncontrollably sexual towards her”

“Whenever Cordelia Chase says the word ‘Demon’ I will become uncontrollably sexual towards her” the sleeping vampire repeated unknowingly.

“When you wake up, you will be refreshed, invigorated and you will have forgotten I was even here” Timothy ended the conversation with that and stood, waiting only for Angel to repeat those words back to him.

“When I wake up, I will be refreshed, invigorated and I will have forgotten you were ever here”


Cordelia returned from the bathroom a short time later having fixed the blackcurrant stain on her new top before it set for all eternity. It was a good thing Angel had never seen her spill juice down herself, he’d never let her live it down otherwise. The lobby seemed quiet without Wesley and Gunn around, it felt ghostly and boring as the only person there to tease was Angel.

Blowing a strand of hair off her face, the seer happily trotted back to her desk and peeked through the window of the vampire’s office to see him asleep at his desk. His face looked so peaceful and sweet, like butter wouldn’t melt; his cheek was nestled softly on a pad of paper with a tiny blissful smile lifting the corners of his mouth.

“Aww!” Cordelia cooed softly, tilting her head to one side and absorbed just how cute he looked sleeping on his desk. A silly little smile flittered across her glossy lips as she tiptoed into the office so as not to disturb him. If he was asleep during the day then he mustn’t have had a very good night’s rest, a small lump formed in her throat as she imagined what his nightmares must consist of.

Deciding she couldn’t let him sleep on his desk, Cordelia shook his shoulders gently marvelling at how solid the muscles were. Her hand softly squeezed his shoulder, feeling the strength through his thick black sweatshirt. “Angel, wake up Broody. Go to bed” she shook him a little harder, trying to rouse him from his sleep.

“Mmm” Angel hummed, letting the softly sweet voice of his seer pull him out of dreamland back into reality. Flickering his eyes slowly open, he blinked against the natural light invading the peaceful darkness of sleep. Slowly sitting up, he stretched his arms and yawned, “I didn’t mean to fall asleep” he sent Cordelia a small smile, “I don’t feel tired”

Actually, he felt just the opposite. He felt wide awake, really refreshed and felt like he had enough energy to make Cordelia look miserable. Rolling his neck to shift the small crick off the uncomfortable position he’d been in, “I feel fine” he told her, standing up. Angel cracked his knuckles and stretched his body out like a cat, “I think I might go train for a while. Get rid of some of this energy”

Dismissing his sudden revival, Cordelia shook her head and watched as the vampire almost jogged out of his office. “Must be a vampire thing” she muttered to herself before returning to her desk.


“We’re back with good tidings” Gunn bellowed as he trundled into the lobby holding up two boxes of donuts, one in each hand. He was soon followed by Wesley who kept sending glares of disdain in the direction of the young man in front of him. One of these days, Gunn’s low hanging jeans were going to fall off and that music he listened too was simply outrageous.

“And burst eardrums” the Englishman added quickly, walking past Gunn and ignoring the retort that followed hot on the heels of his own remark. Looking at the brunette, who was drooling openly at the smell of the pastries in the boxes “Have there been any clients?”

Shaking her head in denial, she got out of her chair and headed straight for the donuts, “Get jelly?” she asked snatching a box and delving into it without waiting for Gunn to answer.

“No Wesley, there haven’t any walk-in clients or phone calls” Wesley answered himself, continually looking at Cordelia. He pushed his glasses up on his nose, peering around for the missing member of their little team. “Where’s Angel?” he asked “I picked up a new book he may have some interest in”

Cordelia chewed the mouthful of pastry as quickly as she could, pointing in the direction of the basement. “Down there, training his unlife away is what he said he was going to do” turning her back on him, the movement caused her skirt to float slightly around the tops of her thighs and made Angel’s eyes go there instantly. “No he isn’t training his life away anymore, his hearing picked up on your book mentioning and he ran right up here to join your little two-man book club!”

“See what she thinks of you Luke Soulwalker? A bookworm with the same interests as Wussly. The shame you bring on me is unspeakable”

“We do not have a book club” Wesley responded with a stern glance at her, “We merely enjoy reading something that holds a little more substance than some glossy magazine”

“Like Maxim, FHM and my personal favourite Playboy. I did enjoy that one issue of Readers Wives though…!”

“Like what?” Gunn spoke up in a snort of disbelief, “National Demonography or the she-demon calendar?!” he and Cordelia shared smirks at both Wesley and Angel’s stony glares.

The brunette stifled her laugh “More like the voted winner of demon of the year award” no sooner than those words left her mouth Angel staring at Cordelia as though she was the dessert at an all-you-can-eat human buffet. A low growl directed everyone’s attention to him, thinking he had taken her playful teasing as a serious insult.

Angel’s eyes grew wide before darkening to near black with undisguised desire and his body tensed all over. A sudden charge of electrical craving shot through his body, making him buzz with sheer undulated desire for her. Sure he desired her anyway, but never ever like this. His lips pursed out as he expelled a blow of air, a classically male way of showing a girl he wanted her body.

His tongue darted out of his mouth to wet his suddenly dry lips as he couldn’t stop himself from sauntering over to a startled Cordelia. All he could think of was how hot she had gotten him and what he was going to do too her when he got his hands on that body of hers.

Her hair was shining softly, the sparkle matching the hazelnut fire in her pretty eyes and that little smile on those lips. Angel growled again, his lip twitching up at the corners of his mouth as he literally undressed her with his burning gaze. Those legs of hers were sublimely shaped; the soft curve of her calves led the way up to toned thighs that arched gently into a firm, tight ass.

“Satan be damned to high heaven, I want that bitch and I want that bitch NOW”

“Angel, I was just teasing” Cordelia told him, backing away from that look in his eyes. She had never seen anyone look at her that way before and it was down right scary, it was the same look he got when he had just kicked some serious demon ass. She could feel the waves of anticipation flowing heavily off of him and she wasn’t sure if she liked the fact those waves were flowing her way. Wesley and Gunn just watched in open-mouthed surprise as Angel continued to back her up against her desk.

“You like teasing me honey?” he purred, leaning down towards those luscious lips holding his own mere inches from hers. He was almost salivating at his close proximity to her, “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to tease a vampire?” he didn’t know why, but referring to himself as a demon was making him incredibly horny. “You might get bitten” within an instant, his eyes were drawn to the now hammering pulse in her throat. His eyes nearly crossed at the imaginary feeling of her luscious, orgasm-filled blood trickling hotly down his throat.

“Bite her fuck her. Fuck her bite her. I don’t care which order you do them in but do them NOW”

Bending her back away from his touch Cordelia sent a silent plea for help towards a stunned Gunn and Wesley. “What the hell are you thinking?” she yelled at him in horror, her eyes were saucer wide and though her breathing had increased somewhat, it was all in shock and not desire. “Angel get off of me you jackass” the words were hissed in anger but sadly that angered response had the entirely wrong effect on him.

“I’d like to get off in you baby” his words, not quiet, echoed throughout the lobby causing Wesley to blush ten shades of purple and Gunn to stand there both silently cheering Angel on and being half worried for Cordelia. “Would I not like to get off in you”

“Oh my God” words came out in a seemingly distant voice, “You did not just say that, I know you didn’t because I never heard you. Don’t just stand there!” Cordelia yelled to the equally stunned men. “He’s gone insane and lost his soul. This isn’t Angel, this is his inner evil demon!”

Angel’s arousal increased ten fold, with a loud groan he smashed his lips down on hers muffling her cries for help. His arms wrapped around her, immobilising and preventing her from escaping. Like he cared if they had an audience, like he cared if that audience were the people he worked with and like he cared if this could end up very bad.

Slicing his tongue through her shock-parted lips, Angel moaned loudly against her mouth sending little vibrating pulses that made her lips tingle. Cordelia’s eyes went large before fluttering dazedly as she couldn’t help but succumb to his demanding kiss. The vampire pulled her harshly against his harder body, letting her know just how she was making him react and rocked his painfully hard erection into the cradle of her thighs.

“Damn!” Gunn let out not being able to tear his eyes away from the soft core porn show Angel had decided to put on. “That’s one hungry muther!” he commented to Wesley before shrugging. “Well, this is one thing I know I ain’t needed for. Later English”

Wesley found himself left alone to deal with his family, obviously he knew about Angel’s curse and knew what would happen if he ever lost it. Grimacing at the task before him, the Englishman braced himself for a possible show of violence from the vampire. “Angel. Cordelia. Stop that right this instant” he yelled weakly, not bothering to move to where the vampire now had Cordelia practically on the desktop.

Angel’s powerful thigh curled over her hip, leaning her further onto the desk while one of his arms cushioned the most sensitive part of her spine from the hard wood. His mouth never left hers for a second, following up each oral massage with a touch fuelled with more fire than the last. The brunette’s hands dug into his shoulders, hitting him lightly and trying to get his attention. She was running out of air and fast!

Wesley sucked in another breath and forced himself to march forward; his hands curled around the vampire’s sweater collar and, using all his strength, yanked him away from the girl trapped under his body. Ignoring Angel’s warning, annoyed and possessive growl, he carried on with deep seated intent of getting this out of them. “What the bloody hell has gotten into the pair of you?” he demanded hotly, pushing up his glasses and staring determinedly at the lusting vampire.

Cordelia was speechless, her lips felt like they were on as much fire as her oxygen depraved lungs. She vaguely heard Wesley ask something but she couldn’t be sure, all she was sure of was that she had just been half attacked by Angel on her desk. If it had been anyone else, she would have torn their balls off by now, but seeing how it was Angel then something must be wrong. She was brunette, not a blonde. “What?” she whispered through burning lips, her glazed eyes focusing on Angel who was still staring at her with a smirk on his lips.

“I said what the bloody hell has gotten into the pair of you?” Wesley repeated, “I go out for no less than a few hours and I come back to find you two cavorting in our place of business. Forgive me if I seem a little confused but when I left, you two were not engaging in sexual activity. The sexual activity, I might add, that could very well unleash Angelus” he exasperated to get his point across to them.

Blue eyes stared long and hard at her through glasses, causing Cordelia to feel like she was being reprimanded by her fourth grade school teacher. “We’re not a couple Wes, and as for what the hell happened just there. Well, I’d like to know just as much as you” her now angrily flashing eyes turned from Wesley to Angel who seemed to be recovering somewhat from his unreasonable show of indecent affection. “Well?” she demanded of the vampire, her finger tapping against the wooden top of the desk impatiently.

“Um, I don’t know” realising he had literally attacked his seer on her desk. One minute he’d been respectfully admiring her and the next he had her pinned on her workspace. As if on realising he was still evidently hard, Angel instantly crossed his legs and blushed as much as a vampire could. “I think I’m gonna go train some more” with that, he literally ran for the cover of the basement, leaving Wesley staring after him in shock and Cordelia looking dazed, angry and purely shocked.

“Did I say something?” she asked the ex-watcher.


Part 2

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