Hypnotic Suggestions 2

Part 2

Scratching his head in confusion, Angel wondered where his harsh sexual urges had suddenly come from and why they had suddenly disappeared. One minute he had no control over his hormones and the instant Wesley had interfered, it was like a wet blanket had been used on him, extinguishing most of his sexual appetite.

Now he was in the safety of the basement, listening to the confused voice of the seer he had attacked.

“How the hell was I supposed to know Angel would go all caveman?” Cordelia snapped to the ex-Watcher defensively. The vampire could hear her pacing back and forth, tiny little click-clacks made by her heels allowing him to pinpoint her exact location upstairs.

Angel could almost hear Wesley’s disbelieving look, “I’m not expected to believe that surely?” he returned to the young brunette, again Angel could see the dramatic small hand gestures he would be making. “Don’t think that I haven’t witnessed those sly, little glances you two share. I knew something had been going on and far be it from me to tell you that office romances are an exceptionally bad idea”

Who the hell was Wesley to say whether he and Cordelia should or should not have an office romance?

“That’s right he can’t so why don’t you go up there and tell him that to his face?… Right before you smash it in… Don’t condemn me, violent thoughts are the only things keeping me sane since you took up residence in my body

“We do not share sly, little glances and I am not having an inter-office affair with Angel!” Cordelia yelled out, making Angel picture her having her hands on her hips and her war-stopping death glare directed at someone other than him for a change. He counted down from five and before he reached three, her foot-tapping had begun and Angel almost pitied the man facing her.

“Hey, I could always live out my love for torture through my girl Friday. I wonder why I never thought of that before”

“Then please explain to me what exactly that was!” Wesley yelled back, “Because it certainly wasn’t a boss-secretary interaction from where I was standing. You and Angel were practically having intercourse on your desk!”

“Practically being the operative word”

A high-pitched “Aurgh!” pierced the few moment’s silence, “I was not having sex on my desk! I’ll have you know I would never have sex on my desk”

“Of course you won’t, it’ll be my desk that you’ll have sex on. I could get into the boss-sexretary game. Geddit? Sexretary?!”

“And anyway, Angel attacked me” Cordelia sniped out, “Not the other way around so if you wanna know what happened, then you just take your little English self and ask the Scourge of Gropeage”

“Why didn’t I think of that title?”

“Fine” Wesley replied in a calm and dry tone, Angel saw his glasses being pushed up on the bridge of his nose and his shirt sleeves being rolled up a little. “I will do just that, I will not wait around for Angelus to turn up and kill us all”

“Why does everyone always think I’ll kill them? I’ve done good things in my time too, there was that time in London… No wait, she did die… I killed Jack the Ripper but that was all his fault. He got to that pro before I did so he deserved to die…”

“Er hello!” Cordelia exclaimed as though the ex-watcher was stupid, “Do you think I wanna see the Sunnydale sequel Angelus-Strikes-Back?”

“I like the sound of that, though she could have made it sound a little cooler like Angelus Becomes Satan”

“I don’t know Cordelia” Wesley groused out, “It certainly didn’t look like you were trying firm prevention methods of removing Angel from yourself” Angel pictured the ex-watcher’s blue eyes narrowing in suspicion and his head tilting to one side. “Or maybe you’re not Cordelia at all” his voice instantly held suspicion, “Maybe you’re a shape-shifting demon sent to take Angel’s soul by instilling a moment of happiness”

“YES YES YES… La-La-La-La! No Soul! No Soul… Damn it hasn’t happened yet…Not that I’m desperate to get rid of you or anything… Oh and you like me???”

“I am Cordelia Chase and how dare you accuse me of being a sleezy shape-shifting demon after Angel’s soul?!” Cordelia yelled, her face flushing with a pink hue in outrage of her so-called friend’s accusations towards her.

The basement door was instantly flung open, Angel’s darkening and furiously lustful gaze swept across Cordelia’s tense posture and zeroed in on his prey. The noise of the basement door made both the seer and Wesley jump at the sudden interruption to their conversation. “God, Angel, could you possibly make anymore noise?” the brunette barked out as she clutched her now wildly beating heart in her chest.

“Just call me God!” Angel growled out, totally ignoring Wesley as he sauntered directly towards Cordelia, intent on getting what he wanted this time without being interrupted. Her hazel eyes widened when the look in his eyes finally caught up with her, making her wave her hands and back away from him quickly.

“Oh no you don’t mister. There will be no more groping of Cordelia!” Cordelia told him in a firm but scared voice, her lips were parted with shock, surprise and the haunting feel of his lips as he crushed them against hers. Taking another step away from the vampire, she shot a ‘help me’ glare towards Wesley who watched with a gaze that branded her a liar.

“There’s nothing going on between Angel and I, Wesley” he mimicked in a bad, perky American accent and slammed his hands onto his hips. “Like bloody hell there isn’t!”

“There is something going on between me and my sexretary” Angel purred at him, all the while keeping his eyes locked onto his target and tracking her every move. His tongue dipped out of his mouth, wetting his lips suggestively “What’s going on is that I’m gonna drag her to my bedroom by her hair because she’s mine!”

“Pant… Pant… Howls at moon… Woof Woof!”

Seeing the look on his face change from simple lust into what looked like a dangerous animal, Cordelia scuttled a few steps to the right with the thought of running away to somewhere he would never find her! “Not yours” she countered in panic, “Buffy yours, you Buffy’s” she yelped at him, only barely managing to dodge out the way of his grasp. “EEEK Wes! Don’t just stand there do something before he-he…”

“Angel stop it right this instant!” Wesley hollered at the vampire currently stalking the seer around the lobby. He was too stunned to be able to do much else apart from yell out warnings, Angel was acting like he was in heat or… “Oh dear Lord” maybe it was Cordelia in heat; now that he had made himself go ten shades of red the Englishman once again sucked up his courage and made a move to intercept his boss.

Ignoring Wesley and his words, Angel let his onyx eyes openly wander Cordelia’s clothed body, nodding his head in appreciation and rubbing his hands together in glee. “Come on baby, come to daddy!”

“Heh Heh Heh You are young but you are learning my boy. Now get that horny bitch upstairs because if I don’t get some of that ass I will make your existence a misery”

Her jaw hit the floor, her eyes turned into wide, black saucers with a hazel corona and she started physically shaking. Cordelia backed away more from Angel, her hands held up in front of her like a shield and her head rapidly shook from side to side, making her hair fly all around her face. “You-you just stay where you are, mister” she gabbled “Come any closer and I’ll stake you I swear to God I’ll stake you!”

“How ’bout I stake you baby? God knows I wanna!” Angel purred lazily, dismissing her warning as nothing more than her way of playing hard-to-get. “You don’t have to play hard-to-get with me honey but if you wanna make me chase you I won’t mind.” Years of being a predator made it relatively easy for him to direct her movements until she had nowhere to run and no way to escape. “But I don’t wanna play kiss-chase just yet, I just wanna play”

Realising for the first time Angel had backed her into a corner, Cordelia found her brain take off on vacation and her words to lodge at the back of her throat. “WESLEY!” she screamed as loud as she could, cowering into the corner he had walked her into, “He wants to play!”

Shaking himself out of his shock, Wesley rushed to where Angel had her hugging the wall. Just as his hand reached out to make contact with the vampire’s arm, the Englishman found himself staring into a warning-filled ochre gaze and a low warning-filled growl. “Back off, get your own sexretary! This one’s mine, I saw her first”

“No you didn’t” Cordelia yelled in horrified shock, “I saw me first, I’m mine. You can have Wesley!” she pointed to the startled and slightly afraid ex-watcher who was staring at Angel with a mix of defiance and uncertainty.

Standing his ground, Wesley took hold of the vampire’s arm regardless “I will not allow you to-to frighten Cordelia like this Angel” he said firmly. “I have no idea what the bloody hell has gotten into you today but you had better snap out of it”

Angel looked down at the hand on his arm then looked at Cordelia blending in with the wallpaper and looked back at Wesley. “If I snap anything Wes, it’ll be the hand you have on my arm” he growled lowly, “You’re interrupting me and my sexretery!”

“Will you just stop calling me your sexretary? I am not your sexretary, I am your seer” she yelled, bringing her arms up to hide her breasts from his gaze. “Vision Girl!” she yelped in panic, “That’s me, your Vi-si-on Gi-rl!”

“Yes, you are my girl aren’t you?” Angel purred, easily shaking off Wesley’s hold on his arm and reaching out to unwrap Cordelia’s arms from her chest. Instantly, his dark gaze caressed the swell of her breasts, his hungry gaze tracing the outline of her cleavage and swept to where her dusky peeks were concealed. “And what a girl you are… C’mere!”

Wesley could only stand there and watch as his boss yanked his secretary into a crushing and highly sexual embrace. He subconsciously averted his blue eyes away from the scene going on right on in front of him while he tried to figure out a way to get Cordelia out of it.

Angel ran his tasting mouth across the dewy skin of the apple of Cordelia’s cheek, gliding down until he felt the insistent thump-thump-thumping of her pulse beating rapidly against his lips. His hands smoothed up her thighs and with a feather-light touch, he raised her skirt so he could wrap his hands firmly around the naked, hot skin. “Wes, go home”

“Angel get your grabby paws off of me!” Cordelia squeaked, trying to push his hands from around the upper half of her legs, wiggling and squirming against his body all the while trying ignore the reaction that wiggling and squirming was causing. “Wesley don’t just stand there watching, DO SOMETHING!”

“He is doing something” the vampire mumbled into the part of her throat he was now licking lovingly, “He’s going home, aren’tcha Wes?” the ex-watcher didn’t miss the underlying threatening tone and the tensing posture the vampire was now sporting.

“Stop talking and kill him so I can get down to some serious fucking”

Angel nudged her face towards his and smothered his mouth over hers, his tongue whisked around the inside of the warm cavern, tasting the fruity sweets she’d consumed. Manipulating her pliant lips with his harder, steelier ones the vampire curled his cool tongue under the warmer one until he had complete dominance over her. With a loud groan, he crushed her softer body up against his and his hands roamed down her sides, slipping round to openly and shamelessly cup her ass firmly.

Cordelia’s already saucer-wide eyes went completely black as the dilated pupils totally swallowed the remnants of the hazel corona. Her hands gripped his shoulders, trying, and failing, to push him away from her. As his firm hold on her ass decreased into soft massaging movements, she began to relax and melt into his figure. “Um” the small gasp was devoured by Angel as he tilted her face up and deepened the kiss; pleased she had given in to his dominance.

Wesley stood feeling like a guppy, his jaw opening and closing as he could do nothing more than stand by and watch as Angel attacked Cordelia. All though at this moment in time, attacked seemed like the wrong word. Gathering every single ounce of sense he had, the ex-watcher cast it to one side and moved, praying the vampire wasn’t serious about his underlying threat.

Angel scooped an unresisting Cordelia up, his hands bruising the skin on her thighs, and locked her legs tightly around his waist. Removing his breathless mouth from hers the vampire trailed moist kisses, hot and cold at the same time, down her vibrating pulse. The seer’s hands remained loosely on his shoulders only squeezing desperately when she felt the solid state of his arousal directly between her thighs.

His large hand trailed an invisible path up the outer side of her calf, creating ticklish sensations that made her skin flush out in goose pimples. Strong but caring fingertips swept over the toned feminine muscle like a cool breeze and dipped between her legs, intent on his destination. Cordelia’s closing eyes shot open when she felt Angel cup her right there, stroking her shamelessly through the cotton thong.

“Mmmm baby” Angel purred, his words slightly muffled by the throat, a smirk flickered over his lips when he felt the hot arousing liquid making the cotton cling like a second skin to her femininity. Tracing his fingers gently at first over the contours that gave him a vivid image of how she would look there.

Wesley was unprepared for the scene as he walked out of the kitchen with a small pail of cold water. Stopping dead in his tracks, he saw Angel pinning Cordelia to the wall, her legs around his waist and his hand moving under her skirt. He went numb and played on ignorance as he marched forward determinedly, every intention to stop this before anything bad happened.

Blinking hard and rapidly, Angel found himself soaking wet with Cordelia wrapped around him like a hot blanket and his hand… “Oh…!” instantly, the harsh urges seem to have worn off as Wesley interfered with the water. Sheepishly, he disentangled the also soaking wet brunette from his hold and set her down on her feet with a quiet click from her heels.

“I don’t know what came over me” Angel babbled out, slowly backing away from the secretary he had attacked for the second time that day for no reason he could think of. The only thing he could put it down too was his demon’s constant sexual frustration getting the better of his usual control.

“Oh that’s right, blame the demon. Not like it has anything at all to do with your own hard-on for her”

Making a snappish decision, Wesley glanced at a glassy-eyed Cordelia staring at Angel “Maybe you should go home for the rest of the day” he ordered rather than suggested, “While I look into a few hypotheses”


Growing uncomfortable around the slightly smiling, glassy eyed and dewy skinned face of Cordelia, Angel shuffled nervously and tugged his jumper down a little. Though he had no idea what had caused him to maul her, he couldn’t stop the burst of male pride that he had given her glassy eyes. “I might just…” he nudged his head towards the stairs and his bedroom.

“Yeah” Cordelia responded, knowing somewhere that she was going to be pissed when the shock wore off. “And I’ll just…” she didn’t nudge her head in any direction.

“Good” Wesley lowered the empty pale, he watched them both like a hawk as they parted ways; Angel walking towards the stairs shaking the water out of his sweatshirt and Cordelia walking towards the main entrance, not caring about the water. His defensive posture immediately relaxed with relief when two opening and closing sounds echoed throughout. “Now to see if vampires could possibly go into heat”



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