White Armed Persephone. 1

Title: White Armed Persephone, Book 1
Author: Samsom
Summary: Angelus loves Cordelia. To death.
Rating: R for very dark imagery.
Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing.
Notes: *long notes, sorry* This was an idea I had listening to Need to Destroy by THC, a sequel of sorts to Collateral Lover. Cordelia bit Angelus on the mouth and swallowed some of his blood by accident. This series explores what it means to have Angelus inside of her, and how he courts her. Takes place during BtVS s2, and is AU after Killed By Death. There are five ficlets so far.

Sunnydale is just big cemetery, filled with walking corpses.

They just don’t know it yet.

Even the slayer acts as though she’s a part of the living when Cordelia can plainly see she’s not. Buffy belongs to the grave dirt and the blood stains and the dark things that live in the corners of their eyes.

Cordelia sees it all now.

Death follows her home, to school, to the beach. It’s there beside her when she’s kissing Xander in her car, mocking her with a tilted smile and her blood on his lips.

He’s on the bed next to her at night, cupping her face, chilling her skin with his grave-temperature flesh.

He tilts her head, and runs his thumb pads over her jaw line, looks at her without smiling, breathing as though he needed to, and he licks her. God, how he licks her, slow with that cold tongue that makes her shiver in her nightgown.

She pulls his naked torso down on top of her, there in her bed with only the moonlight coming in, letting him slide and fit himself between her legs, tilts her pelvis up until he sighs sweetly, his copper-tinged breath feathering over her face in a caress she can’t turn from.

How can she want to embrace something so cold?

A corpse, really

Skin like the pale marble, hard and ungiving.

She winds her cotton wrapped body around his, feels his hipbones on the insides of her thighs and lifts her chin so he can reach her mouth. Deep kisses like drowning in ice water, hands caging her wrists to the bed.

She’s full of him, he’s inside of her.

He promises it will always be so.

Blood for blood.

She lets herself go under completely, until he fills her lungs and drowns in her skin.

Persephone Lies Dreaming

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