Persephone Lies Dreaming. 2

Title: Title: Persephone Lies Dreaming, Book 1
Author: Samsmom
Summary: Angelus loves Cordelia. To Death.
Rating: R for very dark imagery.
Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing
Notes: Takes place in the aftermath of my fic Collatoral Lover, AU of BtVS s2 after Killed By Death.


He’s cool on her back, arm draped over her shoulder so she can watch the moonshine turn his skin white like milk.

She’s lying in a grave with him, watched as he dug it with his bare hands, smiling at her with those sharp teeth the whole time.

Her own monster.

He’s wound white orchids in her hair, wrapped them around her wrist and threaded their stalks through her fingers.

He’s says they’re a symbol of her beauty.

Above her eyes, the discarded leftovers lie soaking in the sprinklers, drowning in water and dirt while she watches.

do you like them?

She nods because she cannot speak.

There are orchid petals in her mouth, tangling her tongue.


When the dawn comes, so do the estate workers.

They find her in the garden, with the roses.


The morning sun shines down on the slayer’s head, turning her hair to spun gold.

She looks up when Xander approaches.

“How’s Cordelia?” She asks.

“Alive. Barely.” Xander’s hatred is like a living thing in his eyes. “They say she’s been cutting herself. It’s the only way they can explain the blood loss.”

“He must have been – it must have been occurring for a number of weeks.” Giles said, slipping his glasses back on.

“You need to kill him, Buffy.” Xander says it again, as if to remind her of her duty.

“I will.” She says.

She shuts her anguish up in a chamber far in the back of her heart, and reconciles herself to the inevitable.


In Her Hands, Six Seeds of the Pomegranate

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