Wild Thing. 1

Title: Wild Thing
Author: Ficbitch82
Rating: R
Summary: Response to Elisha’s challenge at ST… Angel’s gettin’ annoyed ’cause he can’t spend time with Cordelia. He’s a vampire! He has needs too!
Spoilers: Birthday in Angel, Waiting In The Wings in Angel – No Groo, whatsoever… I sorta twisted it a bit…
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: Anywhere, just ask…
Notes: Sorry about the loofah thing, just had to get that in somewhere!
Dedication: To spiralivy and Ando – because you guys rule… To all the people who followed this fic even AFTER it went into hiatus – thank you!
Feedback: I will beg… Honest!

Part 1

“Angel, there’s no way I can bend like that, what am I, Houdini?” Asked an annoyed (and frustrated Seer). So far, they’d been good. So far, they’d kept their hands and lips off each other…

And so far, Angel (of the No-Boner Variety) had a damned boner. “Okay, okay! Time out!” Said Cordelia, practically leaping away from Angel’s roving fingertips, “You’re just trying to stretch me in ways I can’t go for your own perverse pleasure, aren’t you?”

The training session had just begun. Angel knew this because he’d spent the first ten minutes, trying blatantly to look at the clock on the wall and anywhere but the places his eyes had drifted in the last couple of seconds.

“No!” If he could’ve blushed, he would’ve, because Cordelia, like she usually was, was right. He was watching as that little bead of sweat had dripped from her delicate tan skin to the valley between her breasts… Had watched as…

“Uhm, hello? Earth to Angel!” Cordelia frowned and glared at him, “You zoned out again…” She said, shaking her head.

Apologetically, Angel stepped closer, “I can’t help it, I want you so…”

“Don’t!” She held up a hand and shook her head, insistently, “Angel, no! I me- ugh…” She whimpered as a large, comforting hand took hers. It was amazing how the slightest touch of his fingertips could make her feel weak.

His lips slid to the tip of her finger and Cordelia closed her eyes, whimpering slightly as his lips slid down her hand, then up her wrist, brushing the pulse point…

“A-Angel, we’re supposed to be training…” She whispered.

“We are training.”

“Training for what exactly?” She asked, raising an eyebrow slightly as his lips dotted the crook of her arm, his tongue slipping out ever so slightly to taste her.

“Uhm… The ‘Getting Groiny’ phase, perhaps?” He asked.

“Angel!” Yelped Cordelia, exercising more restraint than she was aware she owned. She moved away from Angel and picked up the sword, “You come near me and I swear I’ll stab you with this thing.”

Angel pouted, “I wanted to do the stabbing.”

Promptly, the brunette blushed and glared at him, “You’re supposed to be training me.”

“And you’re not supposed to look as good when you’re sweating!”

“I am not sweating!” Yelled the brunette, indignantly, “Perhaps I am a little… Over worked but that’s because I’m trying to keep your hands off me.”

Quick as a flash, Angel was behind her, his arms around her waist and his lips brushing gently against her neck, her collarbone, “My hands aren’t touching you…” He whispered gently.

“Lips!” She said, only half-heartedly, “Lips are classed as touching! Angel, y’know what will happen. You’ll get overworked, I’ll get overworked and then we’ll get all sweaty and icky.”

“Sweating can be fun.”

“You don’t sweat, you’re a vampire.” She stated, matter-of-factly. “You drink blood, you brood, you sleep all day and you… Mmm, Angel…” She whimpered, realising that she sounded like just another Angel Groupie…

“And I ‘Mmm, Angel?’ huh?” Asked the vampire, “So, I take you like the fact that I ‘Mmm, Angel’?” Nibbling gently with blunt teeth, Angel chuckled as Cordelia’s warm body slumped back against him in defeat.

Then, cruelly, he took his lips away from her and gently plucked the sword from Cordelia’s hand, “But you’re right, we *should* be training.”

Gasping, Cordelia spun and settled her icy glare on Angel, “NOW you say we should be training?”

“We have to keep focused on the mission, Cordelia, it would never do t – “

Angel’s sentence never had a chance, Cordelia crushed her small body against his and kissed him, hard… Her hands sliding up to his hair, pulling him closer.

The clatter of a sword fell to the floor and Angel grinned against her lips. “Training, huh?”

Gently, Angel picked Cordelia up in his arms, her legs locking around his waist as he pressed her against the wall. One hand lay flat against the cool brick surface, whereas the other one reached up to run gently through her hair.

Pulling back slightly, he looked down into dark eyes, a hand running across her cheek, “Did I mention I loved you?” He whispered.

“About five minutes ago, but it never hurts a girl to hear it again…”

“I love you…” He whispered as his lips pressed gently to hers again…

Meanwhile, Upstairs…

“I’m not going! It’s not my turn, you go!”

“But I went yesterday!”

“Yeah, and what did you find?”

“They were only kissing…” Objected Wesley, “Why do I have to go?”

“Because we need Angel and we need Angel, now.” Said Gunn, “Simple. And you’re the boss.”


“And plus,” Said Gunn, “You know this chick, Fred and I don’t.” He wrapped an arm protectively around Fred, smiling mischievously.

“This isn’t fair, you know.” Said Wesley, putting his paper down on the desk and shaking his head, “You two joining forces to outrule me is…”

“Effective battle plan.” Said Gunn with a grin, “Just think of it as strategy.”

Sighing, Wesley walked away from the two and down towards the basement, knocking gently on the door, “Angel? Cordelia?”

Nothing. Damnit.

Then, Wesley frowned, if they were going to work in this hotel together, they couldn’t have boundaries separating each other from their respective workers, they had to know where they could and where they couldn’t go and… Oh, holy God they were having sex!

Wesley stumbled backwards, managing to fall over one of Cordelia’s utterly ridiculous potted plants and trip back up the stairs. In haste, he ran – to a mortified look from Angel and a burst of the giggles from Cordelia.

“We weren’t doing anything!” She laughed, watching as the ex-Watcher retreated back into the main area.

Angel sighed and pulled back, buttoning up Cordelia’s shirt again, “I don’t think that constitutes as nothing, Cordy.” He said, frustrated.

Cordelia slung a wet towel at his head (okay, so maybe she was sweating!) and shook her head, “Angel, breathe… We’ll get some time alone later. I think Fred said she was going to Gunn’s…” She offered hopefully.

“And you’re staying?”

“Duh – where else would I be? My two favourite guys are right here, not going anywhere.” She said with a smile, taking a drink of her bottled water.

Angel nodded, “Okay, let’s go see what they want now…” He half-grumbled, turning and walking up the stairs.

“Oh, Angel…” Said Cordelia sweetly, glancing up after him. “Might wanna fasten that…” She said, pointing to the fastening of his sweat pants.

Angel grinned and did as he was told, before taking her hand and walking into the lobby to a giggly Fred, a mortified looking Wesley and a grinning Gunn.

“What is it?” Said Cordelia, looking at Wesley, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand.

“No…” Okay, come on, admit it. Even we know that Vampires have needs. And this was one needy vampire, so it probably comes as no surprise to US that Angel’s ‘I Was Boss For Two Years, Don’t Mess With Me’ voice rang throughout the hotel, but to Gunn, Fred, Wesley and Cordelia – the fact that he was even *suggesting* pulling this was… Well, weird.

To puzzled looks from his friends, Angel continued, “No, I don’t see any case files lying, OR any customers standing…” He turned, giving a brief check to his theory, “I didn’t hear the phone ringing, Cordelia didn’t have a vision so for now, I’m content on spending time with HER!” He jabbed a finger angrily in Cordelia’s direction, “I have needs!”

Cordelia raised an eyebrow as Wesley tried to rationalize with him, “But Angel, this is…”

“No! I don’t care if it’s an Apocalypse, a herd of Flying Monkeys trying to take over the world – I’m Spending Time With Cordelia! Do you mind?”

“Not a problem…”


“That’s fine…”


“Fine,” Said Angel, pleased, “I’d just for once like to spend some time with Cordelia… Is that too much to ask?”

“Right then,” Said Wesley, picking up his coat. “So, I’ll just tell Mrs. Robson from the only night-time Parent and Toddler Group in Los Angeles that YOU can’t make the meeting and enrol your son four years early like the over-protective Daddy you are because YOU want to spend time with your Seer.”

Angel growled and yanked his coat from the chair, shaking his head, grumbling as he went out the door, “The one time I want to spend time with…”

The rest of his sentence was cut off and Cordelia giggled, looking at Wesley, Gunn and Fred as Angel’s car roared off into the distance. “I think he was pissed.” She laughed.

Part 2

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