Wild Thing. 2

Part 2

“You couldn’t have just called him to let him know about this demon?” Asked Xander, glancing backwards at Buffy in his rear-view mirror. He was, effectively sweating.

‘This Demon’ in question was a vengeance demon, sworn to strike every happy couple as far as the eye could see. And that was one damned powerful eye. Not only did it make the happy couples crazy but it made other wacky, love stuff things happen.

“Xander, I almost had sex with Spike…” Said Buffy, shaking her head, “I’m thinking that if this made me go wacky, what’s it going to do to Angel?”

She was right, the perfect happy for Angel would cause Angelus to return and that just wasn’t on Xander’s list of things to do in the next… Ever.

Plus, like Buffy had said, she’d almost had sex with Spike. This, spelt bad. “Yeah, but… I mean, the only hottie he’s got round is Cordy, right?”

The snigger was unanimous from all but Dawn and Tara in the car… “Yeah, ’cause Angel and Cordelia are the perfect match.” Said Willow, dryly, “They’re like… Buffy and Spike in the perfect match stakes.”

“What’s wrong with Cordelia?” Asked Dawn, frowning. Okay, so she had been a bitch back when in High School but ever since they’d started on this trip, the ‘Cordy-Bashing’ had started.

“We saw her at the fune… Uhm… We saw her a few month back and she seemed nice enough. You all pretty much fell over yourselves to be nice to her then, what changed?”

“She could see us?” Said Xander, then sighed, “That’s really not going to be the winning argument here, is it?”

“You said yourself she’d changed!” Said Dawn, indignantly, “Or is that just ’cause Anya’s giving you the evil eye that you’re suddenly deciding she’s still a bitch?”

“Look! Gas Station!” Said Xander, swiftly changing the subject and avoiding Anya’s evil glare…

Hopping out of the car with Tara, Dawn looked at her friend, “Seems to me Buffy’s just jealous of Angel and the fact that he might actually be moving on with his life.”

“Where did that come from?” Asked Tara, a little stunned.

“Well, they all bitch about her when she’s not there,” Said Dawn, “And they be nice to her when she is… Somehow, it just strikes me as wrong… And makes me wonder what they say about me when I’m not there.” She shrugged.


If his heart was beating, it would surely have stopped by now…

Cleaning day at the Hyperion… Or Cleaning Night, so it seemed. Usually, Cordelia preferred to get with the collecting of Satan-Dust’s Spawn on a day where she was fresh-faced and ready to tackle the task at hand.. (Usually when she was wearing old clothes).

But now… Oh, holy God… He’d must have died and gone to heaven. It was the only explanation for it. Angel watched from the shadows, his eyes pinned to every move her body made as the notes of the music danced throughout the hotel.

He vaguely recalled the song as being called ‘Wild Thing’… Something which might have struck him as mildly ironic, if he’d had the strength to process thoughts right now. His son lay in his crib, sleeping, while his self-proclaimed Aunty Cordy gave new meaning to the word gyration.

Her hips bounced and wiggled with the song… Her lips moving in perfect sync to the words while her butt… Oh God… Even Brooding Angel had to admit that Cordelia had a body on her. It was only recently that he began to *really* notice her properly…

The way her hair swung delicately around her face when she laughed, the way her hands would raise and fall animatedly when she spoke. The way her eyes closed when she was in pain, like letting anyone see her pain would make her something less of a person.

And that body… Down in the basement while they were training, her small body pressed against his and… That first kiss. The one they’d shared only days earlier, the one that Angel couldn’t help thinking about…

He hadn’t offered a profession of love, not yet anyway. That would come later… He was afraid that pushing her too much, too soon would get them nowhere and as yet, had said nothing.

They were in that phase of having to be in each other’s arms, touching or kissing or… Even just talking, being next to her was like a breath of fresh air for him… One he certainly cherished and didn’t want to lose…

“Y’know, doing the whole Brooding boy thing isn’t becoming anymore.” She said, her body still swaying to the music as her hand flicked out the duster.

“I thought women found brooding sexy!” He said, petulantly, his lower lip jutting out, having realised he’d been caught brooding again.

Cordelia laughed, “Now that’s sexy…”

Coming towards him, Cordelia tossed the duster in the bin and smiled, “Connor’s asleep, Fred and Gunn are away out for the night and Wesley’s looking over some prophecy thing. We have the night to ourselves… And the whole hotel, any ideas what we can do?”

She knew the boundaries, knew when they needed to stop – where her safe point was. She wouldn’t let things get out of hand, not now.

“Cordelia, I have something to tell…”

“Ssshhh,” She said, shaking her head and pressing her lips on his, “No talk… Just this…”

Even Angel, “He of the Restraint-ey Kind” couldn’t fight his Seer, especially when she had her lips on his. Closing his eyes, his hands slid round to meet at the small of her back and gently, his tongue slid inside her mouth.

Tentatively, a hand slid inside the waistband of Cordelia’s jeans, down past the tattoo and inside of her panties. The answering shudder he received made the demon inside of him stir and gently, he pulled back slightly, his hand removing itself from the smooth, soft skin.

Puzzled, and officially missing the taste of him, Cordelia looked up, “Angel?”

No matter what, he was still a demon, a demon that could effectively kill her. His eyes betrayed thoughts that Angel had believed he’d been able to hide – his “Brood Mode” thoughts.

“Angel, don’t.” She said softly, reaching up and placing a palm on his cheek, “We’ve had this discussion before, it’s not like…”

“Why?” He asked quietly.

Cordelia was puzzled as she met his eyes, eyes that betrayed two centuries worth of hurt, “Why what?”

“Why do you stay here? Why are you so good to me?”

“Duh,” She frowned, “Because I love you, you’re my best friend, Angel. Best friends stick together. Always.”

“For the life of me, I don’t understand you, Cordelia Chase.” Said Angel, shaking his head.

“You’re not there to understand me. You’re there to love me, now kiss me!” She ordered, a bright smile passing across her face.

The brief interlude in which Angel had allowed himself to reflect had passed, now, that time had left only a smile and a chuckle for his Seer as his lips came down on hers again. Slowly, a hand slid up and cupped her face gently, the other one unfastening the snap on the front of her jeans,

“Angel, what are – “

“Shhh,” He shook his head, “No talk… Just this…”

The jerk was using her own words on her and… Oh, holy God that felt good. Cordelia whimpered as Angel pressed his fingers against her through her panties, her lips and tongue ravishing his.

“Angel, we have to stop…” She murmured, shaking her head only half-heartedly.

“You’re right,” He nodded as he pushed the thin scrap of lace out of the way, “We do.” Gently, his finger flicked against the hood of her clit and Angel smiled at the guttural moan he received, her body slumping bonelessly against him.

Oh yeah, never lost that touch. He thought, rather smugly as he sped up his tender ministrations.

Cordelia half-groaned, “Angel… Why aren’t you stopping?”

“Do you want me to stop?” He asked, brushing his lips against her earlobe, then down her jawline to suckle gently at her soft skin.

“Yes.” She nodded without a trace of enthusiasm, one hand gently stroking up and down his back as he touched her. She couldn’t really do anything else in this state, her legs refused to acknowledge that they could actually work, her skin was flushed and tingling as his lips and his fingertips created feelings Cordelia had long-since forgotten about.

Her eyes fluttered closed as Angel moved further, sucking softly at various points on her throat.

He could feel the erratic beating of her heart, the tell-tale thump-thump sound that he loved to listen to when she slept, inches away from him. Every morning, regardless of whether she was still there or not, he’d wake up to the two best smells in the world.

A Cordelia-Smell and a Connor-smell. Weird how something could touch you like that, but the best feeling in the world was certainly waking up to a part of Cordelia, a part of her warmth, her sunshine.

His other hand slid down from her cheek and gently, he turned her away from him so that she was resting against his back, his lips dancing over her shoulders as he pulled down the straps of her spaghetti top.

He listened to her soft mewling noises and smiled, “Are you okay?” He whispered gently.

Cordelia nodded breathlessly, a little puzzled by the question. Was he asking for her permission to continue? Or something else?

“Just say the word and I’ll stop.” His voice sounded like soft silk, rustling gently over smooth skin. Oh, he had a way with women – when he wasn’t being the dork she was used to.

Her eyes drifted slowly open and she tilted her head towards his, glancing up into chocolate-hued eyes, filled with lust and something else… Love? Perhaps. The smile that passed across her face was sunshine enough for Angel not to burn in, she brought to his life what he could never have.

Sunlight. Brought to his life what he never thought he’d deserved… Happiness, friendship and most definitely, love. A family. In her, he saw his redemption, shining brightly. His lips brushed across hers, until Cordelia decided she’d had enough of tenderness…

Turning, she kissed him full on the mouth, her hands slipping up to knot in his hair, “I… I…”

Angel pulled back slightly and glanced at her, “What?”

“I’m only alive when you’re inside me.” She whispered.

That was it. Any resolve Angel might have had from that point, broke. Snapped clean in half – he could almost swear he actually heard it. He kissed her back, his hands divesting her of her clothes quickly. Vaguely, he recalled something he needed to tell her, about the curse… About his feelings for her…

But Cordelia… HIS Cordelia was kissing him back and running her fingers through his hair and Angel could almost swear that nothing had ever tasted this good. The words she’d uttered weren’t because she was possessed, this was her…

And this was him… And they were together – right now, that was all they’d ever need.

Backing her up against the wall, Angel kissed her, his hands gliding gently over the soft swell of her breasts, tantalising the soft skin. His fingertips reached out to brush against her, but paused, cool air hitting his Seer’s skin, causing the peaks to swell with need she wasn’t sure she could control. “Angel…” She half-whimpered against his lips, before groaning as his lips slid away…

Okay, so she’d been here before, Angel’s lips on her skin, causing warmth to flush her body, sending electricity bolts of white hot pleasure to her core but… Possessed much? This time, there were no excuses…

No barriers holding them back except… Her mind vaguely tried to process something, but her heart wouldn’t let it. All she knew was, as Angel’s lips closed around one pert nipple, that this was right, totally right… Her fingers slid down, to tangle in his hair and gently pushed him downwards in a motion he instantly understood.

His lips left her soft skin, cold, cold air hitting her breasts and making them harden more as his tongue dipped into her navel, causing her to giggle, “D-don’t tease…” She whispered.

She’d had enough of teasing… And ghosts with loofah’s incidentally. Thought Angel with a smile. Slowly, his fingers pulled at the scrap of blue lace that covered her and glanced up, “Patience is a virtue, Cordelia Chase,” He whispered with a grin.

“I’m female,” She ground out from under gritted teeth, “I don’t know the meaning of the word…”

Leaning forward, Angel pressed his lips to the triangle of soft curls at the apex of her thighs and chuckled, a deep throaty chuckle that reverberated through his chest and deep inside Cordelia’s stomach, causing the fluttering that had been there a while now to intensify.

“Do you want me to beg?” She choked out, “Because, I can beg if you…”

Her supposedly indignant statement was halted as Angel lifted her leg gently, setting it over his shoulder and sliding his lips further down into her warmth, the tip of his tongue flicking gently over the soft folds of skin. Her hands scrabbled for purchase against the wall and she groaned softly,

“A-Angel, I can’t… If I…”

He pulled away gently, blowing cold air over the warm skin, “I won’t let you fall.” He whispered gently, watching as her own tongue flicked at the sheen of perspiration on her upper lip. “I’ve always loved the way you smelt, Cordelia.” Said Angel, his fingers stroking up and down the tops of her thighs to release the tension, his other hand holding her up,

“The way you look… You’re like a breath of fresh air in the darkness… The way you smell, like peaches and cream…”

“Angel…” She moaned, “Stop teasing…!”

“I’ve always wondered, how you… Taste?” With that, he leaned forward again, slipping his tongue gently into her warmth, Cordelia’s body almost keeled over with the intensity of his touch and she mewled softly under his hands.

“Angel, please…” She begged.

They hadn’t noticed the door open… Angel was so wrapped up in his Seer, he didn’t hear or feel anyone behind them, until the words were spoken, “Can I be blind?”

Cordelia yelped… Angel pulled back… Buffy frowned… Dawn dropped the coffee that she’d been holding… Willow, Anya and Tara gasped…

And Xander raised an eyebrow, “Uh, quite the welcoming commi – OW!” An elbow to the side from Anya halted *that* sentence.

“Looks like we were just in time, huh?” Said Willow, glancing away as Cordelia pulled Angel’s leather jacket around the top half of her body to cover herself.

“Just in time for WHAT exactly?” Growled Angel, standing with his back to Cordelia and shielding her from prying eyes (mainly Xander’s) with his body.

“To stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life, or unlife…” Said Buffy, “That’s what. I believe… Thank you, maybe?”

“Which mistake’s that?” Asked Angel.

Buffy laughed, “You… Cordelia… Getting groiny with each other.”

“Uhm, hello?” Said Cordelia, stepping out from behind Angel, wearing only his leather jacket, her clothes strewn across the floor, “Still in the room here. Think you could stick to bitching about me behind my back?”

“Oh, I didn’t mean… There’s a demon,” Babbled Buffy, “I almost slept with Spike, it was actually kinda scary… And it looks like you two were close to scariness together so…”

“What’s scary about that?” Asked Angel, frowning.

Perhaps, if he could have blushed, he would have… As Buffy’s eyes slid down to the rather noticeable… Well, boner. He had a boner… HAH! Not such the no-boner after all…

“Wait a minute, you *wanted* this?” Asked Buffy, incredulously, “But… But… This is Cordelia… Wait, you know that, right? You know it’s Cordelia… And you haven’t been possessed or… Right?”

A hard frown slid onto Cordelia’s face and she glared at Buffy, “No, the possession was last week, but if you excuse me, I have a SON to take care of.”

The satisfaction that Cordelia got from Buffy’s face dropping, was immeasurable. In fact, she’d go as far to the Nyer, nyer thing… But, even Cordelia, at this moment in time (when she was very pissed off indeed) could remain with dignity…

Picking up Connor, she brushed her lips against his forehead and smiled, trying to calm her breathing down. “Aren’t you just the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen?”

And as came a baby, so went the Scooby Allegiance. Anya, Tara, Willow and Dawn all rushed forward, cooing over the baby in front of them, while Buffy and Xander stood, looking completely, totally and utterly flabbergasted.

“Buffy… He’s so cute!” Said Dawn, “Come look!”

The Slayer remained where she was, “I think I’ll pass.” Her eyes slid onto Angel, “You have a *lot* of explaining to do…” She bit.

“Since when?”

Cordelia’s voice stunned Buffy momentarily and she turned, looking at her former High School nemesis. “What?”

“Like I said, since when does he have to explain himself to you?” Asked Cordelia, frowning. At Dawn’s request, she handed the baby over, smiling briefly before turning back to Buffy,

“He doesn’t have to explain anything to you, Buffy. Nothing at all.”


“No buts,” Said Cordelia, not unkindly, “You’re not in his life anymore…”

“Oh and what, you are so you get to dictate?”

“Grow up, Buffy.” Snapped Cordelia, “Not everything’s about you.”

“Considering the source, that’s highly ironic.” Said Buffy, dryly, “Or did you have an identity crisis as well as a moment of complete insanity?”

“Or maybe people change and you’re just not willing to accept it.” Cordelia’s voice was firm, but not unkind. Determined and yet not arrogant.

Why was it that Willow and Dawn could now both see that Cordelia had changed, but Buffy and Xander refused to acknowledge it.

“You’re telling me you’ve changed?” Asked Buffy, skeptically, “Mind telling me how?”

“Why? So you can go pull me apart with your friends? If you’d open your eyes for even a second, you’d *see* that I have.”

“What I see? Is the result of a spell, Angel with his head between your…”

“That’s enough.” Angel’s voice was harsh and he glared at Buffy, shaking his head, “She’s right, you’re not in my life anymore, so don’t think you can stand there and pull apart my family.”

“Family?” Asked Buffy, her voice coming out an octave higher than she’d expected, “FAMILY?”

“Yeah, family.” Said Cordelia softly and stepped forward, linking her hand through Angel’s and squeezing gently, “We’re family.”

Buffy felt like the wind had been knocked out of her, she wasn’t so much jealous as she was shocked, not really. “Uhm… This demon,” She said glancing away, afraid to acknowledge what she saw in front of her,

“This demon it… Uhm, Tara tracked it down here with magicks and… We thought that… What about your soul?”

The question was spoken harshly, her eyes flashing dangerously as she glared at Angel, “Remember that thing of… Hey, I’ll lose it if I experience perfect happiness?”

“I… It’s not… It’s not a problem anymore.” Said Angel, tentatively.

“Not a problem? Not a problem?!” Yelled Buffy, “How can you… Oh, because she’s not perfect happiness? Is that it?” Okay, so a small part of her *did* feel bad for Cordelia but…

“No, that’s NOT it.” Growled Angel, annoyed. She was making an already potential bad situation worse… “Cordelia, I have to tell you something, I wanted to tell you earlier but…”

He faltered and looked at her. Buffy’s words hadn’t hurt, or… They didn’t even look like they’d made an impact. “Cordy? Are you…”

“Why’s she floating?” Asked Dawn.

“Demon, of the large and… Purple kind…” Said Cordelia, “It’s headed right towards us… Give or take an hour or two, kinda vague with the time and…” She looked up, “It’s a lust-setting demon… THING… It kinda uhm… Makes you have sex until you… Die. It’s a killer.”

“I always knew sex was bad.” Piped up Willow with a small smile.

“Oh no, sex can be good, in fact, sex is always good with Xan – “

“Anya… Don’t even go there…” Said a still stunned Xander, “Can we discuss for a moment why you were doing what you were doing… Then, why Cordelia is uhm… Floating and why she’s seeing things… Is she crazy?”

She’s not crazy but she is seeing things and SHE is still in the room so could YOU stop talking about her like SHE isn’t here?” Asked Cordelia, frowning. Turning towards Angel, she looked at him, “What is it you wanted to tell me… About uhm… Your soul?”

Angel sighed, “It’s a… Spell…”

“Oh, and we know how well *those* work out.” Said Buffy, dryly.

Angel frowned, “Cordelia, can we talk? ALONE?”

Cordelia nodded and sighed, glancing at Dawn, “Can you uhm… Watch Connor for me?”

Dawn grinned, “Sure…” Glancing over at her sister as Angel and Cordelia went into the office, Dawn shook her head, “Buffy? Breathing and counting to ten usually works…”

Buffy looked at Xander and frowned, “How about I join you in the being blind category?”

“Add to that list deaf and officially stupid, and you and I have it made.” Said Xander, running a hand through his hair. This day was seriously…


Part 3

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