The Same Tonight

Title: The Same Tonight 
Author: Chelle
Posted: 02-24-2003
Rating: PG
Category: Post RofF
Content: C/A, C/C
Summary: Angel’s search for ‘his’ Cordy
Spoilers: S4
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Notes: Very short.

The fresh ocean air brushed against his face as he pulled the convertible to a stop by the all too familiar overlook. He closed his eyes, taking the night air into his dead lungs. The night was beautiful, the spot was perfect, and it was the same.

The same tonight as every other night before that he had come here to think about her, to think about what might have been.

The gravel and sand made a crunch under his black boots as Angel exited the car and looked up at the bright stars. They reminded him of her smile. The smile that he loved. The smile that had been gone from his life for months now. In the soft glow of the moon, the beach below shimmered.

Closing his eyes, he thought that if he tried hard enough to picture that smile and her warm hazel eyes that he could paint her there in his mind, bathed in that glow like an angelic spirit.

With a sinking feeling, he opened his eyes to the empty beach below, wishing that he would find her there. Hoping that he would find her there waiting for him as if all of these lonely months had been a bad dream. That’s when he saw her. Focusing his eyes on the sandy shore below, Angel’s legs became weak and unsteady.

She was there just as he had sketched her image a thousand times in his mind. Her back to him, she was staring intently out at the ocean as if she were waiting for something or someone to come ashore. He couldn’t move. His eyes were open, he knew it was her; but he hesitated, too afraid that she was just a phantom created by his mad ache and need to see her.

His Cordelia. So for a moment he just stared, watching the same wind that touched his face caress hers. Then she turned…and smiled. That smile that alone could threaten the barrier that kept Angelus at bay. In an instant, with inhuman grace and speed, he descended the cliff.

“Cordy?” was his choked whisper as he approached the smiling woman with apprehension.

“Angel,” was her sighed relief.

“Oh God, Cordy,” Angel embraced her.

Angel held her for what seemed an eternity. He needed to feel her, to know that she was real. Afraid to break their contact but desperate for answers, Angel pulled back only slightly to look into Cordelia’s eyes. “How? Why? How did you…?” He couldn’t seem to lasso his racing thoughts. Cordy placed a hand to Angel’s cheek.

“Angel, every night I’ve been here waiting. Waiting for you to find me, to come to me. To save me. Every night the same. I come and wait here by the ocean. Angel why didn’t you come? What took you so long?”

“I don’t understand. I’ve been here every night. I’ve been looking for you. Hoping, dreaming that somehow I’d find you and bring you back home where you belong. I don’t understand, I…”

Cordelia wrapped her arms around Angel’s waist and buried her head in his chest. “It doesn’t matter now,” was her muffled interruption. “We’re here now, together. There’s so much I want to tell you. So much I want to say to you. I was so frightened and alone, but I knew somehow it would all be OK. Somehow I knew it would all turn out right and it has.”

Angel gently lifted Cordy’s chin, tilting her lips up to meet his own. No longer needing answers, he knew that answers could wait. He just needed her. Needed to hold her, feel her, and never let her go.

The enchanted kiss they had shared at the ballet so many months ago had filled his body with want and desire, but this kiss, this simple chaste kiss filled him with that and so much more. It not only filled his body and soul with want, desire, and need, but also love.

Cordelia impatiently deepened their kiss, moaning into Angel’s mouth. Responding to Cordelia’s, as well as his own, frantic need, Angel pulled her flush against his body and met the pace of her hungry mouth with a savage need of his own. Breaking their kiss, Angel left Cordy panting as he showered her neck and shoulders with passionate nips and kisses.

“Oh Angel,” she whispered. “Oh Angel,” she repeated louder and a little too enthusiastically.

“Oh Connor!” came her final orgasmic scream.

Angel jerked in confusion and anger. Finally focusing his eyes to the dark surroundings in his room. Realizing where he was, realizing the dream, Angel threw the bedside lamp across the room, breaking it on the far wall. He buried his face in his shaking hands trying to block out his vampire senses that were allowing him to hear the last sigh of satisfaction from Connor and Cordelia’s room down the hall. “Oh Connor.”

His stomach turned. His demon growled. It was the same dream. The same rude awakening. The same tonight as every other night before.



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