Passionate Christmas

Title: Passionate Christmas
Author: Scorch
Rating: N-17
Category: Literotica
Content: C/Aus
Summary: A Passion Personified Christmas Special!!
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, Cal, Lil n Lio’s place
P.S. Still a little sick but my muses are returning one by one!!
Thanks/Dedication:Merry Christmas to every single Oasion in the world. I hope you all enjoy yourselves and get what you wished for from Santa. May the New Year give you peace and love in everything you do. I’ll be thinking of you all on both Christmas Day and New Years Eve, all the best. I love you all and I hope you enjoy this. Scorch xx

(Cali note:) Yes, i just realized that this Xmas Special was missing, eek! so here it is for your delectation. 🙂

Her hands covered her mouth, stifling her sharp intake of breath as she stared in amazement around their bedroom. The fire was blazing away, orange and red flames flickered wildly drenching the room with a cosy warmth she loved.

Softly glowing little lights twinkled above the headboard, drowning the large deep red pillows with a creamy shine and the main bulb in the two lamps had been replaced with red ones, creating a remarkable effect on the plum shaded walls. A real Christmas tree stood in the corner, the fallen pine needles held in a Wicca basket next to the burning fire waiting to be placed upon the flames.

The evergreen branches were bare with the decorations waiting to be put on next to a small gathering of presents. She could see the shiny tinsel in colours of red and white, the colors associated with Santa and Christmas while the decorations were in all shapes and sizes still in their unopened packets. Sparkling almond-shaped hazel eyes swept all around, past the new sheets on the bed, past the undecorated tree and presents to land on the vampire standing with his hands clasped behind his back.

Dressed in smart, black trousers and a black silk shirt that fit his form to perfection, Angelus watched her reaction to his surprise. Her face was flushing with a pretty pink hue from both delight and the chilly winter air outside, the tip of her button nose was tipped in a matching rosy pink and her eyes blinked rapidly against the glazing making them shine brightly.

Cordelia was rarely lost for words, but what he had done for her had simply rendered her speechless. Fingertips shook softly against her berry wine colored lips that flickered up at the corners, she tried to move but it seemed she was glued to the spot. “Oh my God…” her words came out in a hushed whisper and if he hadn’t been a vampire he never would have heard them.

Those sparkling hazel orbs darted up to lock with his rich amber gaze that twinkled with self pride and love. Unclasping his hands, Angelus took slow, measured steps towards his seemingly paralyzed Consort. Maybe he had kept her out too long, the tips of her fingers were red from the cold and the strands of her long, dark wavy hair had been thoroughly windswept.

Pointing towards the Christmas tree, Cordelia tried to form words but all she could manage was “Y-y-you got a tree?” celebrating this time of year was something she never thought he would ever do and that was why she’d never brought up the subject with him. Then her eyes landed on the amount of discarded and crumpled up sticky tape thrown to one side then she continued her visual exploration and landed on a red rose, two flute glasses and a bottle of champagne settled peacefully on the small circular oak table Cordelia had fallen in love with.

“I thought you might wanna decorate the tree” Angelus shrugged as though what he had done for her was nothing all that special. Nudging his head in the direction of the green, pine scented tree in the corner he held out his hand to her and waited for her to take it.

Helping her step over the crumpled sticky tape, he guided her in a gentlemanly manner to where the large tree stood and slipped his arm from her hand to the small of her back. His fingers brushed teasingly across the gentle curving of her ass until he cheekily scooped a handful and squeezed healthily, earning a yelp from his wordless Consort. “You like it?”

Nibbling shyly on her lower lip, Cordelia let her pout unfurl into a bright, blissful smile that made the small dimple in her left cheek appear. “I can’t… I mean… I didn’t think you’d wanna, you know, celebrate the joys of Christmas so I didn’t bring it up. But wow! Um, I don’t know what to say, you’ve spoilt me again”

A small, comfortable silence descended as they glanced between each other and the undecorated tree in front of them. Angelus was the first to speak up.

Kneeling down to the foot of the tree, the vampire tilted his face up and set his questioning gaze on her still stunned heart-shaped face. “I’m not gonna do this by myself” picking up a clear packet with two doves inside, after all doves were the thing to get on the second day of Christmas, and handed her the doves which she took with a shaking hand.

Cordelia gave the doves back “Putting the tinsel on first would be better, that way we don’t knock any of the decorations off. Hand me some of the shiny white stuff and I’ll start at the top…” her eyes slowly drifted upwards with a frown as she doubted she could reach that far, even standing on her tiptoes. “Maybe you could help me with reaching”

Uncurling his body from the crouching position, Angelus righted himself before picking up some of the soft, shiny white tinsel. A smaller, more feminine hand covered the back of his and the smooth tip of her thumb brushed the back of his knuckles. His skin was pale in comparison the bronzed complexion of her human skin tone and cool against the warmth of her hand. His lips twitched when he saw the silver-set emerald ring adorning her slender finger, twinkling with green fire in the rich array of light.

“You’re wearing it” the deep, warming charcoal of his gaze lingered for a moment or two on the ring he had bought her during the early stages of their romance.

“Yeah” it was rare she felt shy around him now, but sometimes even the most innocent of sentences could make her blush. Unconsciously, Cordelia brought her fingertips up to trace the permanent punctures on her neck lovingly. “Okay, the tree” she grinned flirtingly at him as her shoulders began to twist back and forth.

It didn’t take very long for the tree to become covered in the decorations, the shiny red and white tinsel neatly wrapped from tip to trunk with each branch woven in both colours. Stars in gold and silver tipped off a few of the branches, tiny Santa figures on some others and little chocolate coins and candy canes on the rest.

Soon, the little fairy lights joined the rest of the decorations and the Christmas tree was complete.

Standing back to admire it, Angelus moved behind his Consort encircling her in a protective hug. Inhaling the natural scent floating off her hair, he recognised her unique, special scent underneath the crisp, winter night air and the smell of what he assumed to be Sunnydale’s late night mall. Her usual natural perfume was hidden below fruity smells, giving him the idea she had probably been testing out the samples in the department stores.

“Champagne sweetheart?” he husked out in the small shell of her ear, sweeping her hair away from the right side he flicked his tongue out past his lips to trace his bite on her throat.

“Lights first then you can spoil me some more” Cordelia turned her head to look up at the dark haired vampire, her smile now not so big as it was dreamy. She felt a little cold when he left her to flick off the lampshades as she went to plug in and turn on the tree lights.

The light in the bedroom greatly diminished but the sprinkling of star-like glowing emanating from the branches of the Christmas tree drowned the room into a much more romantic feel. Flames from the fire now mingled with the canopy-shaped lights above the headboard and the fairy lights from the tree, to her this was like having something out of one of those romance novels.

No matter how many times he told her he loved her, she could never bring herself to completely believe. No matter how many ways he showed her, she still felt as though he would eventually get bored and be done with her like so many others. But this, the tree, the presents, the lights everything he had done for her couldn’t be anything less than love.

Never had she seen emotion so vivid in his gaze, it was as though she knew him like she knew herself. All of the person he was flared out from his eyes and reflected in his actions towards her.

“Why don’t you go get comfy and I’ll get the bubbly goodness?” Cordelia turned fully into his arms, using almost all of her strength to budge him backwards towards the double bed. A grin flourished across her lips when he got the idea and moved away from her.

“Spoiling me now?” Angelus licked his lips as he landed on the bed with a little bounce, rolling onto his side to watch as she sashayed her hips teasingly to grab the bottle and flute glasses. The hem of her black, satin skirt rose up slightly, giving him a tantalizing glimpse of the smooth, delectable flesh of her thighs. Tanned, firm and toned with self-care, the feminine muscles flexed with her saunter.

Bending over a little, Cordelia curled one leg at the knee causing the satin to caress the arc of her ass and making his smirk widen appreciatively. “Perv!” flashing him a wink over her shoulder, the brunette finally ended her teasing and picked up both the bottle of champagne and glasses, pausing to look at the velvet red rose. “I remember that night” her voice turning to a wistful whisper, “You never left, I thought you would”

“I expected you to ask me too” Angelus replied, tilting his head to keep the good view of her ass, his eyebrow hitched up as a realization dawned on him. “You’re not wearing any panties”

“The wonders of G-strings” she commented as she placed the bottle and glasses on the nightstand on her side of the bed. “There’s something not right here” Cordelia tapped her forefinger in mock thought against her thigh, “You still have clothes on” he was going to get something special tonight and she hoped she wouldn’t make a fool of herself doing it.

“So do you” pushing his body up into a sitting position, Angelus stripped off his shirt easily the material ruffling his hair. The pale landscape of his chest instantly captured her hazel gaze, masculine pectoral muscles rippling beneath the hardened contours of his upper torso leading up to his strong, broad shoulders and his solid abdomen that held a soft, downy treasure trail. Tiny dark male aureolas contrasted against the marble skin on his chest.

Growing arousal filled the room just as the soft lighting did, the heady intoxicating scent of his Consort mixed in the air with his own. The bright hazel heating up to the colour of melted toffee, through the cream-colored cotton of her knitted jersey sweatshirt and the bra underneath he could see the way her dusky pink areolas perked up into tight, little buds.

Copying his swift movement, Cordelia stripped off her sweatshirt and let it drop to the carpeted floor with a quiet landing. A light cream half-cupped bra held the tanned breasts firmly in place, the shape of the garment pushing the female curves close together giving her generous cleavage. The straps on her slim shoulders glimmered with little diamond-like gems that went all round the garment, the lights reflecting off them making the cream twinkle.

Kicking off her heels, Cordelia crawled onto the bed until her thighs were at either side of his waist. Large male hands smoothed along the slope of her calves, his grip tightening around the firm thigh muscles and he continued his sensual touch upwards, raising the hem of her skirt higher until it was crinkled around her waist in a pool of black satin.

Angelus lowered his charcoal gaze down the center of her body, black iced fire shooting from the hypnotic orbs as he saw the black G-string covering nothing. “You’ll only wear this for me Cordelia” his tone left no room for argument as possessiveness caused his grip to tighten a little too much around the tops of her thighs.

“Angelus!” the slight yelp in her voice caused him to snap his eyes back to her grimacing expression and immediately became as contrite as he could for physically bruising her skin. Seeing his face change, Cordelia rolled her eyes to the ceiling in mild exasperation “You don’t know your own strength”

“You belong to me” it was unnecessary that he remind her but he couldn’t help it, losing the one thing he valued more than his own existence was not going to happen in anyway, shape or form. “I love you” he growled at her, his forehead showing the signs of the facial change as his eyes fired up with gold flecks.

“So you won’t ever get bored with me or, you know, just be gone one day leaving me with a goodbye note?” she had her insecurities just as he did. “You can’t leave me neither, if you do I’ll hunt you down and make you so very sorry” she warned effectively, wishing her own gaze would fire up the way his did.

Pushing her off his body, Angelus stood up to kick off his own shoes and turned his back on her, letting her see the tense, knotted muscles waving beneath the smooth marble surface. The quiet sound of his belt being first unbuckled then pulled free of the loops caused Cordelia to anticipate seeing all of the body she loved. Her eyes became fixated on watching as the black material dropped to the floor and as always, the vampire was without boxer shorts.

“Your ass is fine!” Cordelia’s face once again flushed pink as she heard the words pour involuntarily from her mouth, she only meant to lick her lips. It was true, the tops of his thighs ass were as solid as the rest of him.

With a wicked grin displayed on his face, Angelus spun round and grinned even more when her gaze dilated, the melted toffee irises swallowed by black pupils leaving a beaming corona of hazel rims. “Take that skirt off sweetheart, lemme see if your ass is fine”

Sliding off the mattress, the brunette stood face to face with a vampire in a way most other vampires wouldn’t dare. Boldly looking him directly in the eye, Cordelia licked her drying lips and tried not to look down towards the hardened male state she could feel brushing between her thighs. “I was thinking” she paused for a dramatic effect “After you went to all this trouble to make our first Christmas this special I might, you know, spoil you back”

Once again, Angelus found himself on the bed with the pillows cushioning his back from the hard wood of the headboard. His long well-defined legs stretched out in front of him and crossed at the ankles. Molten eyes never leaving Cordelia as he tracked each move she now made in stripping off the skirt, the different lights in the room casting her tanned body with an ethereal glow while the still-burning flames from the fire danced through the rich tresses of chestnut hair.

Slowly, the black skirt was unzipped and she turned her back to him letting the material drop to the floor just like his trousers had done before spinning round to face him. The contrasting colors of her G-string and bra went perfectly, Angelus knew instantly it was one of those little sets from special lingerie shops.

His eyes glided over the bronzed female wanting his approval which was given in the way he looked at her with an unrivaled intensity and in the way his body physically reacted to her every curve. Not bothering to remove her underwear, Cordelia crawled with a feline prowl onto the mattress, her almond eyes sparkled with mischief and secrecy as she nudged his legs apart to make room for her to lay between his thighs.

Peering down at Consort, Angelus couldn’t stop the anticipating smirk that flirted at the corners of his pale lips as he caught on to her intention. He hissed when he felt a wisp of her hot breath tickle the tip of his cock and his hand reached down to thread his fingers in her hair. “Go on sweetheart, spoil me” he purred, his tongue wetting his parched mouth with a slow, suggestive lick.

“I plan to do just that” Cordelia affirmed with a wicked gleam in the hazel beams, the soft feel of her fingertips walked along the solid plain of his thigh to trace the contour to the inside where the base of his shaft connected with his body. He felt velvety soft yet steel-hard in her hand as she wrapped her palm firmly around the middle of his length, her tongue flicked out to tease him with a timid touch.

The taste of pre-orgasmic liquid coated the tip of him and she twirled the edge of her tongue in a lazy pattern, tasting him fully. Angelus’ hips arched a little off the bed when he felt her lips slide down to curl around his cock, surrounding him in warmth. His grip in her hair became a little tighter as Cordelia swept the heat of her tongue harder up his shaft to flick teasingly over the tip before taking him back into the cavern of her mouth.

“Sweetheart” Angelus moaned, his voice roughened and husky as he watched through a heavy lidded gaze as she orally pleasured him. The sight of his cock sliding back and forth between that pouting mouth of hers was a turn-on in itself.

Her own arousal was steadily increasing with his as she began to relax and take enjoyment out of giving him pleasure like this. Hot breath kept on teasing him, the sensual massage of her lips and the wet teasing of her tongue was causing the vampire to arch deeper, trying to get her to increase the pressure.

“Uhm” Cordelia moaned around his cock, the vibrations from the sound made him shiver and her name rasped out, his voice deep, melodious and thick with arousal. Moving faster over him, she relaxed her throat more and began to take him deeper while moving her palm to cup his balls, taunting him with a gentle touch. Her nails tickled the sensitive soft skin at the base of his shaft while her tongue increased the torture on the tip of his erection.

The vampire’s eyes were now closed, his thumb stroking her cheek as his fingers continued to fist her hair. His hips bucking up deeper into her mouth as he began to throb with the threat of an all-too soon orgasm. “No” Angelus growled out, flashing golden eyes snapping open as his restraint broke and his face changed with no resistance.

Forehead, nose and cheek ridges becoming prominent; charcoal gaze now bright with molten gold and his body grew harder with his touch baring an intense passion. Blunt even teeth elongating into deadly points that would pierce her jugular before tonight was through.

Finding herself suddenly on her back, Cordelia blinked up at him in wonder and awe, she’d never even seen him move at all. “Did I do something wrong?” her voice shook slightly as an insecurity reared up.

“My turn” there was a quiet snap as her G-string ended up a pile of useless material on the pile of discarded clothes on the floor. Angelus pushed her thighs apart roughly, settling his larger frame into the apex of her body. “Want you Cordelia” the sensitive peek of his cock brushed up against her clit for a lingering second, making her bite back a whimpered moan.

His hand held his shaft firmly and he traced the shape of her labia with the tip until he felt her open up to him. Wet hot liquid sex made penetration easy, Angelus groaned loudly as he felt himself become completely sheathed in silk. Vaginal muscles contracted round him tightly, fisting him over and over as her body stretched to accommodate the penetration.

“Angelus!” Cordelia breathed out, her long slender legs curled around his waist her ankles locking at the tops of his thighs and her arms tight around his shoulders. The rest of her moans were lost when his lips crashed down hard on hers with his tongue slicing past her parting lips to taste himself on her tongue.

Rocking his hips softly at first, the hot silk engulfed him time and again as he increased the pressure, pace and power in his penetrating touch. The walls of her alcove gloved him perfectly like always, warming him from the inside out. His shaft glided smoothly in and out of her body with upper base of his sex colliding deliciously with her throbbing clitoris which made her mewl and keen with pre-climatic shocks.

Using her legs, Cordelia pulled Angelus closer to her body and brought his lips back to hers, her tongue instantly submitting to his domination of her. Her nails scored his back, marking the smooth flesh with red welts as he moved faster and harder within her. Turning her head to one side, she offered her throat without judgement and fear to the vampire, her body turned into pure heat when he took her offer.

Lips covered the bite, his tongue roughly flowing over the puncture marks as he gently sucked on the delicate protecting flesh. His fangs scraped along the line of her jugular, filled with passionate rich ruby red blood that would coat his tongue in an exotic taste.

Her nails dug harshly into his back now, her hips erratically crashed against his and her body was slick with perspiration as the vampire let go of the last thread of restraint, fucking her with everything he felt for her. The peek of his cock bounced off her cervix, his shaft stimulated the intimate G-spot inside and the rush of hot fluid showering down his maleness told him of her approval.

Cordelia’s body went stiff below him as addictive orgasmic throbs caused her vaginal muscles to fist him harshly as her climax ran through her.

He was relentless, powerful and feral penetrations that were the catalyst for the sharp and painful burst of cool ejaculation. Angelus felt the flesh of her throat become pierced by his fangs and the orgasm-filled rain of blood coat his tongue with the taste of what was his. Like always, she was sweet and spicy at the same time and as always, her blood was full of the climax he had given her.

His hips gradually decreased until everything came to a breathless halt, with only the sound of the rapid human heartbeat beating through Cordelia’s chest and vibrating through his own body. Her breath, though deep and sharp, came out in tiny puffs of air that tickled his cheek as he let his body relax on top of hers. Small, feminine hands drew invisible soothing patterns on his back as the throbs began to wear off until they were an erotic memory.

It could have been minutes or hours later when the brunette had to move to go to the bathroom, shaking Angelus by his shoulders lightly she gained his attention. “Angelus?” her voice was a little sleepy but still wide-awake. “I gotta go”

“Hmph?” eyes now back to the rich dark shade of amber peered up at her from her neck “Go where?” he quizzed, raising up on one elbow while fingers on his other hand toyed with her hair.

“Bathroom” her voice was a little hurried, making him sigh with frustration as they were interrupted by the call of nature. Jumping off the bed as soon as the vampire shifted away from her, Cordelia dashed into the bathroom with her arms hugging her body to ward off the sudden chill she felt.

A few moments later, the brunette pulled the cord to turn off the light and turned to face Angelus only to gape at the sight of him.

Adjusting the red Santa hat with white furry trimming and white furry bauble on the end, the vampire looked back at her with a highly amused grin. “Merry Christmas Cordelia”

The End


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