Soulripper Prol

Title: Soulripper
Author: Liam
Posted: 2002
Rating: NC17 for violence, sex, and strong language.
Summary: In the aftermath of ‘Loyalty’ and ‘Sleep Tight’, things at AI go from bad to worse. When Angel loses his soul, Cordelia begins having powerful visions that she is responsible for it. Did Cordelia cause Angel to lose his soul, or is there a deeper conspiracy at work?
Notes: This will become a crossover with Buffy, but don’t expect to see the slayer herself. Willow and Tara will become major players by the time this story is done.
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Her moans of pleasure were driving him absolutely wild. His gasp of excitement as she dragged her nails across his back only furthered her own. Never before had it felt so good to have someone inside her. She never wanted to let go.

“Angel,” she moaned as his lips traveled around her body. “Please,” she cried. She never thought that torture could feel so good. “Please, I need…” the electricity that shot through her body silenced her words.

“What do you need, Cordelia?” he asked. “Do you need me to release you?” Her strangled moan was his answer. “Do you need me to love you?” She gasped again in response. “Do you need me?” he asked.

“Always,” Cordelia moaned. “I’ll always need you. I’ll always want you.”

Angel liked that answer. He gently kissed her forehead. “Good girl,” he whispered.

Fred was scared senseless when Cordelia bolted upright in the bed. The Seer was confused. This was not where she last remembered to be. At least, she didn’t think it was.

“No, Cordy, don’t do that,” Fred said. Cordelia was desperately pulling at the sensors and tubes attached to her body. When she pulled the one off of her heart, the machine began making furious beeping noises. “Cordy, please?” the girl pleaded.

But Cordelia would have none of that. She wanted the damn thing off. She wanted out of this place and she wanted to know what the hell was going on.

A nurse came into the room, alerted by the beeping. Trailing right behind her was Gunn. “What happened?” the young nurse asked. Then she saw that the patient had awakened. “Miss? You shouldn’t do that,” the nurse said.

“Fuck you,” Cordelia answered. “Get these off me and get me some clothes. I WANT OUT!”

The nurse had no idea what to do, so she did all that she could. She went to find her supervisor. Gunn sidestepped out of the girl’s way before approaching the bed.

“Yo, Cordelia, anyone ever tell you that ya got a knack for dealing with people?”

“What the hell is going on?” Cordelia asked again. She was in no mood for jokes.

Fred looked sadly at the Seer before turning her eyes to Gunn. She had no idea what to say.

“It’s a good thing you’re sitting down,” Gunn said. He took a seat next to Cordelia’s bed and began to tell the story.


One cannot explain the feeling of the taste of warm blood accurately if it is not in one’s nature to drink it.

It’s ambrosia to a creature that feasts on it to survive. When the first drops hit the tongue, it’s like an atomic explosion of sensation coursing throughout the body. It’s truly orgasmic.

Nothing could compare to the hot and spicy elixir as it travels down the throat into the stomach. Sometimes the sensation was even better than sex.

Just sometimes, Angelus reaffirmed. Nothing could really beat a great fuck. Well, eating the woman afterwards could technically beat it, but Angelus wasn’t into technicalities. Not when he was hungry.

He saw the one he wanted. Angelus licked his lips. Redheads were especially tasty around a full moon. Add to that a bottle of Chianti and it had the potential to be a jolly good time. And this one reminded him of a redhead he knew a few years back.

“It’s really been too long,” Angelus muttered to himself. “Let’s see if I still got the touch.” Smoothing out his leather pants to ensure they showed off his assets, Angelus sauntered over to the attractive redhead.

“Excuse me, darlin’,” Angelus spoke in his old Irish accent, “but what’s a fine lady like you doing in a part of town like this?” The woman smiled at the handsome man. He could smell her attraction.

Angelus smiled wider. He still had it.


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