When Spells Go Very Wrong 1

Title: When Spells Go Very Wrong
Author: Scorchy
Rating: NC-17 overall
Category: Humour, Smut
Content: C/L, C/A eventually
Summary: Past and present collide
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: All Quest fics belong at AO Califi’s place.
Notes: I’m literally making this up as I go along so forgive any typos
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Part 1

The dark haired young man sat on the floor in the library, staring at the strange faces around him, all looking at him as though he had two heads. Blinking owlishly up at them, he opened his mouth to say something but nothing would come out. He must have had too much ale at the tavern, passed out somewhere and the lads had left him to it. His brown eyes wide, startled but too stunned to be afraid.

“Uh Giles…” Willow squeaked, biting her lip and staring at the Angel look-a-like on the floor, “I think something went wrong”

“You don’t say” Cordelia spoke up, a smile tugging at her lips as she, too, stared at the young man on the floor. Her hazel eyes looking down at him, amusement and delight clearly visible in the sparkling orbs. She had to resist the urge to clap and bounce, this was incredibly funny but then it was always incredibly funny when one of their spells went wrong.

Liam’s attention went from the girl with the green eyes to the girl with the long, dark hair and looked quizzically up at her. Why were these girls wearing men’s clothes? Why was there light coming from the ceiling? Why was there a man hiding in the shadows? Why was the blonde girl looking as though he’d bite her any second?

He once again opened his mouth to speak and everyone seemed to hold their breath in anticipation for what he would say or ask.

“I must have had quite a bit of ale, or I’m touched in the head” Liam spoke, the young man shook his head and closed his eyes. Maybe when he opened them again, he’d be back in the tavern bedding the lovely new wench.

“Who are you?” Giles asked, his glasses being cleaned furiously by his jumper as he waited for the strange man to reply. He looked like Angel, he sounded like Angel but it couldn’t be Angel because Angel was hiding in the corner somewhere.

Liam looked back to the man watching him very intensely, “Liam, who might you be sir?” he asked, not making any attempt to get up off the floor. He just sat there and waited for this strange dream to finish so he could go back to celebrating St. Patty’s day at the tavern in an all day drinking competition with the lads.

Angel cowered away, a look of horrorified curiousity on his face as he stared at his mirror image. Memories flooding his brain of more painful times before he died, thinking about the boy he had been. The drunken, whoring layabout that never did anything good in his life. Unless you counted the many times he had gotten his way with a tavern wench and that wasn’t good.

Buffy was in shock, her head kept snapping back and forth between the man on the floor and the vampire hiding in the shadowy corner, trying to become one with the wall. Her blue eyes looked the man on the floor up and down, her Slayer senses didn’t tingle and she couldn’t sense any trace of vampire in him.

“He’s human” came Angel’s gruff voice as if he knew what Buffy was thinking and answered her silent question.

All eyes turned from Liam to the speaking vampire and back to Liam again, the silence was deafening and no one had a clue how to handle this.

“Where might I be?” Liam asked the strange people in the strange room.

“America, God you’d think you were from the seventeenth century or something” Cordelia replied, not knowing he was from the seventeenth century. “What is with that hair? I’m glad you made the discovery of gel” she commented to Angel in the corner.

“Cordy, this isn’t the time for hair comments” Buffy spoke slowly to make sure her words came out right and not the jumble of junk floating around her brain. A human Angel was sitting right in front of her. A human Angel.

“Like you’re making an oh-so good attempt to talk to the guy” Cordelia pointed out.

“What do you expect?” Buffy yelped at her, hands flying into the air and she started to pace, “That right there, is a human version of Angel so excuse me if I’m a little shocked”

“Geez calm down, don’t turn into a stress head Buffy” Cordelia replied easily watching as the blonde nearly had a fit of seizemic proportions. The brunette gave her a pointed look, “How do you think he feels? He’s been sat on the floor for the last ten minutes, surrounded by a bunch of weirdos, myself excluded, and no one’s had the decency to introduce themselves”

Liam watched the interraction between both girls with avid interest, sure he didn’t understand a word either of them said but they looked pretty. Especially the brunette, her hair was nice and long and she was a brunette and brunettes always had fiery tempers on em!

He watched as the little red head spoke to him, she looked like a little leprechaun with her green legs but he had learned from experience to never tell a woman she looked like a leprechaun. It never went well if he wanted to get them into bed!

“Hello?” Willow greeted slowly and a little shyly.

“Miss” Liam greeted back politely, always best to mind his manners around pretty women.

Cordelia rolled her eyes at Willow’s greeting, what was she going to say next? Do you come in peace? Take me to your leader? She better take control of the situation before anybody else made it anymore of a botch up. “Hey! Weird guy, up here” she said, clicking her fingers to get his attention, when she had it she continued. “I’m Cordelia, that is Willow, the little bunch of quaking nerves is Buffy, the man who’s gonna clean his glasses away is Giles and he’ll fix whatever little problem you have. The man in the corner is Angel, in a sense he’s you… Or you’re him… Whatever. And finally, the thankfully silent heap of bad clothing on legs is Xander”

Everybody, including Liam, simply looked at Cordelia with varying degrees of shock, amusement, confusion and disbelief. The young man simply blinked up at her, his face curling into an ever more confused frown.

“I beg ye pardon miss, but I don’t understand. If ye’ll just point me to Galway I’ll be on me way” Liam stated looking at everyone in the strange room.

Buffy turned sharply to Giles, “Fix it Giles, you need to fix this” she couldn’t handle being in the same room as her vampire boyfriend and the human version of himself any longer. It was unnerving, distracting and she wasn’t sure if she could resist the temptation of a human Angel. That was her secret dream, Angel to be human and not a vampire, something she was born to kill.

“Buffy, it’s not that simple” Giles admonished when he finally found the ability to speak, “We need to figure out what went seriously wrong with the spell and then we need to research time travel…”

“Time travel? Are ye touched lad?” Liam asked, his brown eyes staring up at the strange man the expression on his face clearly knowing he was. It was far better thinking that the strange people in the room were touched and not him. After all, not many women would want to be in his bed if he was touched!

“We need to get started” Angel spoke for the second time, the vampire looked as though he was trying to walk through the wall he was huddled up against. He hated this, so many memories of who he was, so many long-forgotten things glaring at him right this very second from the floor. His other self was dressed in clothes he remembered wearing on the saint’s holiday just before he got turned and killed his family.

Pain flashed through him as all that came gushing back in a torrid storm of bloodied violence and revenge. All of that rage aimed at his father, his sweet innocent sister had died all because he wanted to get back at his father.

“We agree on that” Giles vocalised his agreement, still not tearing his eyes off the young man now getting up off the floor and dusting his clothes down meticulously.

“So what are we waiting for?” Buffy demanded with an equally demanding glare at her Watcher.

“I think that’s the sign for me to leave!” Cordelia said brightly and jumped down from her perch on the table. Her heels clicking soundly as she hit the floor with a little bounce, “Good luck with the weird guy”

“Pardon me miss…” Liam’s voice halted her progressive steps towards the library door and Cordelia turned to face him expectantly.

“Yes?” she asked in a bored tone.

“If ye don’t mind me sayin so miss but ye are a pretty lass; why are ya dressed in mens garments?” Liam asked, choosing his words carefully and slipping in a comment about her appeareance. That always seemed to make the lasses eager.

“Yeah I know and would you quit calling me miss? It’s giving me a complex, my name is Cor-dee-lee-ahh” Cordelia spoke slowly as if she were talking to a child or someone from another country. “Cordelia, see easy as pie to say. Buh bye” she turned once more to the doors.

Liam frowned, why was she not fawning over him? Why didn’t she act like the other women would have done? Why wasn’t she openly giving him signs of interest? Could it be he, Liam Malley, was losing his touch? No, he knew that couldn’t be it although the last time he approached Maggie she had turned him down too.

“Cordelia” he tested the name out slowly, curling the word around his tongue and making it spill from his mouth in a way that gave her nice, little shivers. The startled room looked on helplessly as Liam took the back of Cordelia’s hand and pressed his lips gently on her skin. “The pleasure is mine Miss Cordelia”

Cordelia raised an unimpressed eyebrow at this, who did this guy think he was? Casanova? Removing her hand from his, she pursed her lips. “Easy Casanova,” she told him before looking at Angel, missing his look of sheer shame at the actions of his mirror image. A humoured smile tugged at her lips, “Get a hold of yourself would you?”

Angel just stared at the brunette and himself, thinking disaster loomed ahead.



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