The Vision

Title: The Vision
Author: Scorchy
Posted: Jul 14 2003
Rating: PG-15
Category: Humour
Content: C/A/W friendship, C/A subtext
Summary: Being a seer is a dirty job
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Thanks/Dedication:Dedicated to Zanita for a few reasons. 1) Because she’s given us somewhere else to post more of our C/A love. 2) Because she helped try to figure out why I couldn’t whine. 3) Because She’s cushty
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Cordelia walked numbly to the office, not feeling the pavement beneath her bare feet or hearing the noise of the mid-morning traffic rush. Her head was spinning, her eyes were red due to crying and washing several times, no matter how much she tried she just couldn’t get rid of the image implanted there. It was tragic that she had to see things like that.

Her hand reached out, pushed the door open and stepped inside, she knew she had to tell Angel and Wesley what she had seen. She could see their reactions now, Wesley would turn away from her and Angel would stare at her with an unreadable expression on his face. Cordelia swallowed the bile in her throat as the vision came back to haunt her, not that it had gone away of course.

“Ah Cordelia” Wesley greeted without looking up from a demonology magazine, “You’re here, better late than never I always say”

She didn’t answer, just nodded numbly in reply as she stood there looking at the Englishman, how the hell could she tell them what she had seen? It was disgusting, seeing it in full Technicolour as it flashed before her eyes. She hadn’t even been able to tell Dennis, just going straight into the bathroom to wash her eyes of the sight.

“Cordelia are you alright?” Wesley asked, finally looking up from his magazine and noticed the look of horror on the young woman’s pretty face, then he saw the tear stains and her red, puffy eyes. He quickly got out of his chair, preparing to call Angel to come up because Cordelia Chase was never quiet and never cried.

Before he had time to shout of the vampire, Angel appeared almost instantly, “Cordy?” he asked walking straight up to her with deep concern all over his handsome face. “Are you okay?” asked, checking her over for any injuries she might have.

Again, Cordelia just nodded her answer and let his hands wander over her numb body while she gathered what feelings she had left to tell them about her vision.

“Cordy?” Angel pleaded with her now, his hands cupping her face, making her look at him, “Please tell me, are you in trouble? Has anybody hurt you? Did you have a vision? Please tell me what’s wrong”

“Vision” came her distant voice, “Horrible, horrible vision”

The vampire’s heart broke as he bundled her into his arms, rocking her back and forth comfortingly, “It’s okay, I’ll take care of it, we’ll take care of it” he told her soothingly and stroking her hair. “But you need to tell us what you saw”

Oh. God.

“I can’t Angel, i-it was horrible, it was spiney and spotty a-and it won’t go away” Cordelia began to cry again, burying her face against his chest and soaking his shirt.

“Shush, shush” he mumbled softly in her ear, “It’s alright, if you tell us I’ll make it go away I promise. Cordy you have to tell me what you saw”

Nodding numbly yet again, Cordelia pulled away from the vampire’s arms and turned her back to them, maybe she could tell them without telling them the horrors of the vision. “The demon was a greeny-brown colour, smelled of rotten eggs and it was about to attack a horny couple in the park opposite the Tropicana club” there. She told them. End of story.

Wesley smiled widely and held up his magazine for Cordelia to look at, “Is this the demon from your vision?” he asked, proud that he had taken the intiative in researching any and everything on demons.

Cordelia let out a horrified yelp and clamped her hands over her eyes, “Nonononononononono, get it away from me! Take it away! Get rid of it! Burn it!”

“Wes” Angel growled at the Englishman, “It’s scaring her,”

“Sorry, but we need to know what we’re dealing wi… Oh, heehee!” Wesley gave a nervous chuckle, “We, uh, may have a slight problem”

Squeezing her eyes tight shut, Cordelia blocked her ears. See no evil, hear no evil.

Angel once again bundled his seer into his arms, “What’s the problem Wes?” he growled, he didn’t like Cordelia feeling like this, it made him hurt for her. Seeing her in so much pain was heart breaking for him so God only knew what it was like for her.

Wesley cleared his throat, “There are two demons, almost identical to the one Cordelia described with only one way to, uh, tell them apart. One is none violent and the other is extremely violent”

Cordelia sank further into Angel’s chest, wishing Angelus would eat her right about now, she’d prefer that rather than tell them what else she saw.

“I don’t care about explanations, tell me how to tell them apart” Angel growled.

Wesley’s face went the colour of beetroot, “The violent demon has two sets of reproductive organs while the none violent one only has the one” the embarrassed ex-watched looked at Cordelia, having a bad feeling what it was she saw.

Angel lowered his face to see the top of Cordelia’s head, “Oh… OH! Uh, Cordy?”

“Shut up Angel, not a word”

“What exactly did you, uh, see?” the vampire asked with a grimace of disgust.

“You may need to give us details” Wesley squeaked.

“I saw it’s penis, happy now?” Cordelia snapped from Angel’s chest.

Angel went still, Wesley cleared his throat and averted his gaze, “Can you describe the penis?”

“Wesley!” Cordelia growled.

“What?” he asked, trying not to think about what he was asking her to describe. “All you have to do is tell me if the penis is longer than eight i-i-inches”

This was going from bad to worse.

“Please stop” she begged, from Angel’s chest.

The vampire had a frown on his face, is this what she thought of demon penises? That they were disgusting? She didn’t seem to mind his penis and he was a demon, but what if that was an act and she hated his demon penis? Or worse. What if the demon’s penis was bigger than his? “Was it bigger than say, I don’t know, 10…?”

Cordelia turned her face up to meet Angel’s, “You just have to brag don’t you?”

The End…Zanita, hope you enjoyed it, more fics coming soon I promise!


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