Title: Heat Wave.Sequel to Fever. A Darkness Within Forum Fic
Author: CydneStorm
Rating: R/N-18
Category: Maybe a little angst. Mostly seduction and teasing
Content: A/C; A/C/W friendship
Summary: Again, that would be sex. Sequel to Fever
Spoilers: None. S1
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Notes: Yes, I was laughed and ridiculed into a sequel. So here it is, the climactic ending.
Feedback: Yes please

Even from the depth of his basement hideaway, Angel could smell the sun hovering over the city, feel the flaming heat that threatened his dark existence. It wasn’t the threat of fiery annihilation that had kept him hidden below. That undeniable force belonged to the young woman upstairs.

Any effects of his contact with the Ko had worn off. The adrenaline surging through dead vessels was the work of his own demon. The demon that had broken his temporary truce with the soul when the soul refused to finish what they’d started. It might be humorous if the stakes weren’t so high. For a hundred years demon and soul had gloried in vicious rivalry, and without thought became comrades when both wanted the same woman.

He should be stronger, able to resist the call of his demon. After all, he’d had decades of practice. Endless thoughts of spinning day into night and night into day while he ravished his innocent and beautiful friend proved that theory wrong.

Angel could hear her. The click-clack of her heels as she moved across the floor. He closed his eyes, reveling in the feel of long, supple legs wrapped around his waist. The demon howled and the soul’s denial waned just a little more.

He pressed the side of his face against the door. Angel didn’t know when he’d made the move upstairs, and he didn’t care. Here, the sweet scent was unobstructed by the barriers of wood and steel. Here he could savor the spicy flavors wafting over his tongue.

She taunted him. Long before Jhiera dumped the problems of her world at their door, Cordelia had teased the restless demon. Her sun-golden skin was soft and slick, long, silky hair bounced around her face, and lips shiny and blood red; all wrapped in innocence, inviting him to look and daring him to touch. With a regal grace, she flaunted her feminine wiles. Cordelia had seduced demon and soul until their distinction had almost vanished.


Caught unaware, Cordelia spun around. Long, dark strands of silk whipped across her face and pouty, red lips opened in surprise.

“Angel? Wesley said you weren’t feeling well.”

Her heart beat faster, blood gushed through expanded veins bringing a rosy hue to her cheeks. Cordelia was nervous, unsure, but not about him. She questioned her own willpower, and it smelled like a sliver of heaven.

“I’m feeling better now.”

“That’s good.” She fidgeted, trying to find a place to settle her hands as her feet shuffled back and forth before finally moving her around the desk. “Can’t imagine anything worse that bad swine.”



“Where’s Wes?”

“He’ll be back any minute.”

Maybe some part of her wasn’t as afraid as common sense warned. Cordelia was better with her bluffs, and this one dropped at her feet like dead weight.

“He-he-damn it.” She took a deep breath, steadied her nerves and brushed back the hair clinging to the perspiration on her face. One thing about Cordelia, she might stumble but she always found her footing. “He’s checking missing persons with Kate. We have a paying client. Money in the bank, yay us.”

“I like it when you do that.”


“Get excited. Your skin glistens when you’re aroused.”

“Oh… Wesley will be back any minute.”

“So you said.”

Angel sauntered around the desk. Cordelia remembered that walk. It was more of a strut than a stroll. Funny how something as casual as moving your legs could be so intimidating when you knew how to do it right.

“Do you want me?”

He was almost against her now. Just like before, Cordelia could feel the press of his chest holding her against the wall. She didn’t remember backing up. Reflex, she supposed or maybe survival instincts from years on a hell mouth.


“Answer the question. ”Angel’s arm stretched out, his hand pressed against the wall blocking her escape. She hadn’t attempted to move away. So maybe it was a subtle warning not to try.

“I don’t know.”

“Yes you do.”

“Door’s not locked. Someone might come in.”

The threat of being caught meant nothing, and Angel proved it when he didn’t even bother to take his eyes off Cordelia long enough to glance at the door.

“Do you want to walk downstairs…or do you want me to carry you?”

Seconds stretched into minutes. To Cordelia the quiet tick of time felt like hours of procrastination until Angel lifted her body from the floor and nestled her into his arms.

“Silence means I choose. Remember that Cordelia.”

The bed was softer than the wall, fluffier against her back as Angel’s weight settled over her. It was déjà vu. With a look, a walk, a simple touch, Angel had rekindled the fire. Cordelia doubted even her stubborn determination would ever want to extinguish it.

“Angel, what happened to you?”

“This isn’t a spell. This is me taking what I want, taking what’s mine.”

The kiss was slow and tender. His mouth sucked and nipped at her lips, teasing her tongue with playful licks. Their first kiss had been hungry, rushed against the threat of intrusion. Wesley… Fleeting thoughts pondered as Cordelia surrendered to their second kiss. Wesley wouldn’t be back for hours.

“Do you want me.” This time the question was a command, and Cordelia remembered Angel’s warning. Silence meant he would choose. The outcome would be the same either way, but if she was have any control in this relationship she would have to claim it now.


“Because it’s true or you’re afraid to tell me no?”

“Maybe, but it’s still the truth.”

Angel’s lips curved into a smile, smug and victorious. Cordelia wondered just how much of Angel’s possessive nature belonged to the demon. She’d heard stories of Liam, a womanizer, and sometimes a heartless scoundrel. Whatever was left of the man, whatever power the demon wielded, it wasn’t heartless. Cordelia could feel Angel’s love, and it was enough to melt away days of confusing doubts.

“Once I make love to you there’s no turning back.”

“Angel, there’s no turning back now. So stop talking and let me learn the rules as I go.”

He captured her mouth, a growl blowing into her when lips instantly molded with his. This was the kiss Cordelia was waiting for. Hungry and demanding, his tongue plundered seeking out its mate. Their hands moved in unison, shedding the last barrier that kept them apart. Passion ignited, like a wildfire it engulfed them as bodies slick with sweat slid and gyrated against one another.

“Ga,” Cordelia whimpered. Hips thrusting up as two fingers delved past feminine lips, penetrating her core.

“I can make even the pain pleasureful.”

His face buried between her thighs, Cordelia threw her head back, her parched throat trapping a silent cry as lips latched onto her swollen nub. Her hips pivoting against the rising burn, Angel pressed his hands against her stomach, forcing Cordelia to experience every second of drawn-out pleasure.

In an instant Angel hovered over her, his mouth now latched onto her throat, his erection resting at the crest of her innocence. “Need you now,” he husked. Blunt teeth bit against her flesh as his shaft pushed inside. Even drenched in arousal, untried muscles stood resistant against his invasion. One thrust, slow but hard buried him inside the depth of her core.

Her scream found its voice, gushing past the arid walls of her throat. Angel had kept his promise. Pain and pleasure meshed, no end, no beginning.

Their bodies became one, resuming its dance. Hips fell into a slow bump and grind, one sliding over the other, pushing their bodies together then pulling them apart. Grunts and groans echoed into the dark space. Lost in passionate oblivion nothing else existed.

Heat rose, and struggles to stave off the final culmination waned as ravenous hunger took over. Long, slender legs wrapping around his waist, their slow waltz was abandoned as hips began to frantically thrust against one another.

Pulling almost completely out, Angel thrust back inside, each impulsion harder and deeper than the one before. Cordelia opened herself to his frenzied movements, hips rising up to meet each hard thrust as he plunged again and again.

Eyes squinched tight, fingers kneading and pinching, rapture exploded. Their bodies burned in a white heat, lungs groaned for air that was forgotten. They slowed, barely moving as the last of their shared climax ebbed to a cool smolder.

Angel rolled onto his back taking Cordelia with him, his arms still locked tight around her. His breaths were ragged, his body filled with more warmth than he had ever hoped to know.

Exhausted from their lovemaking, Cordelia was barely conscious. They had abandoned sweet and tender. Need denied, demanding something more. Their union had been voracious and devouring, perhaps too much for a body so young and inexperienced. It would take many more times of ardent lovemaking for her to adapt to his insatiable hungers.

Until then Angel would be patient, and the demon would learn sweet and tender.

“Sleep my love.”

The End…


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