Cordelia the Vampire Slayer 12

Part 12

Chase Manor
The Next Night

Angel stood in front of Chase Manor. In fact he had been standing there for about ten minutes, debating whether or not to bother Cordelia.

He’d heard through the grapevine that she had not shown up at school yet, but this being her second night home, he didn’t doubt that. What he did doubt was if he was welcome here or not. Sure, he’d bonded with her quite well in that she was going to chop his head off last night, but that’d been a façade! She’d just wanted to know how he’d gotten his soul. Perfectly legit.

Angel threw back his head and groaned. This was not like him! Even though he kept out of the spotlight, he was still a straight to it kinda guy!

So why can’t I knock on the door, he debated with himself, shuffling his feet. He knew he had to do something and fast- he had to see Buffy tonight at The Bronze, but- he needed to see her first. Angel couldn’t understand where this fascination with her had come from. All summer she had plagued his thoughts, pushing all others aside.

And he didn’t even know her.

Still immersed in thought, Angel didn’t see the balcony doors on the second floor swing open.


Cordelia opened the doors onto her private balcony, hoping the fresh night air would rejuvenate her will to pack. Or rather get her will started to pack at all!

She had never been a ‘woe is me’ individual, but damn if having your parents skip the country on you with no knowledge of their whereabouts- it was time to indulge in a little cry time. Sure she hadn’t told them where she was going the night Sunnydale almost became Sunnyhell, but that was their instructions. They had drilled into her head for years that if something unexplainable (in a rational sense) ever happened to her, to get the hell out of dodge. Money was set aside for her at a lock box at Sunnydale Airport and she was to go to where she thought she would be safe.

Stabbing her straw into her cherry Capri-Sun, Cordelia leaned over the balcony, looking up at the stars. Taking a sip, she asked herself the question that would never get answered. “Why me?”

Once she’d stepped into the house last night after Angel had walked her home, she had wanted to break down right then and there.

It was all gone. The furniture, the antiques, the works of art- everything but her belongings. Anything that was significant to her; Capri-Suns and her carton of cookie dough ice cream, remained. It was as if her parents wanted everything that reminded them of their daughter to stay behind.

Including me, she confessed to herself, trying to still the stinging in her eyes. Just as she was about to go back in, she heard a noise below. What the hell is he doing here?

Glancing down, Cordelia couldn’t suppress the small grin that graced her glossed lips.

It was Angel.

Yummy, vampire Angel dressed in a dark blue velvet jacket and- surprise!- black slacks. He sure does give bold colors their due, she mused. He was standing directly underneath her balcony, and he was so caught up in thought he didn’t even notice her standing right over him.

Taking another sip of her fruit drink, Cordelia felt her smile widen into a wicked grin, as a thought of diabolical cleverness consumed her.

Time to be bad.


Sucking in a deep breath of unneeded air, Angel chanted to himself that he was gonna do it- he was going to knock on her door.

Just as he was about to leave his position as vampire statue, to go to Cordelia’s front door, he felt a small sprinkle of wetness land on his forehead. Glancing around, he didn’t hear the sprinklers come on and he knew there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Wiping the dew from his face, he brought his fingers to his nose- cherries?

Suddenly an intoxicating giggle came from above.

Jerking his head up, he saw Cordelia collapsed over her balcony railing, consumed with laughter. Shaking his head in disbelief, Angel couldn’t help but notice how nice her legs look in her cut off khaki shorts. Narrowing his eyes he saw that she had spilled some of cherry drink on her white tank top, in her effort to get it directly in his face.

“I can’t believe you just did that, Cordelia.”

“Ah,” she giggled, “But you smell so cherry-rific now!” Trying to control herself, she leaned over a little more. “That’s what you get for coming around here unannounced.”

“Hey, I’m sorry I just-”

“Angel,” she interrupted, giving him another grin. “I was kidding. Why don’t you come on up?”

“You sure?” He couldn’t help but feel uneasy. She was accepting him so effortlessly. No one had ever done that before.

“If I wasn’t sure, would I ask you?”

True. “No, I guess not.” Giving a small grin, Angel walked over to her door, a small thrill of satisfaction coursing through his being as the barrier vanished. He was invited in.


Cordelia bounded down the stairs, strangely excited about being in close proximity with the vampire. Who wouldn’t be? Dead dude was a total hottie.

She knew she was supposed to have some instinct about him, like she did with all vampires, but not with him- it just didn’t ‘vibe’ with him. The only gut feeling she had was ‘yum’ and that he wasn’t going to hurt her. And that unusual, yet nifty, thing of a soul! Boy had that thrown her for a loop. It was almost like she could see it- a soothing, soft golden glow that encompassed his entire being. It had only been for a moment, but that was enough.

Coming to the bottom of the staircase, she couldn’t help the small, bitter smile that toughed her lips when she saw him surveying the emptiness that was her former home. Angel had an expression of shock. “Yep,” she whispered as she came to stand by the vampire, “They took it all.”

Angel could not believe it. The living room, the foyer- all of it had been lavishly decorated when he had last came here, now it was void of everything. He really hated her parents.

“I’m sorry, Cordelia.”

“Don’t be. It just may be for the better any way.” She had a feeling it as better for them. “I rarely saw them anyway. Besides,” she cocked her head toward him, her grin contagious. “This apartment is supposed to be kick ass.”

“It is a nice building,” Angel confirmed, giving her a smile that transformed his entire face into ultra-hottie.

Tugging on the hem of her tank top, Cordelia tried to control the butterflies in her stomach. She never got butterflies. Fluttering in the stomach did not happen to her! “So, why are you all dressed up nice and pretty?” Good, Cor. Light approach on something she was an expert at- fashion… and flirting.

Angel gave a brief glance down at his blue jacket and slacks. He was a little more dressed up than usual, but he figured Buffy would like it. Their past two meetings had not gone very well. “I’m meeting Buffy at the Bronze tonight.”

“Really?” Cordelia had been thinking about the other slayer earlier that night. She really wanted to talk to her about what had happened with the Master. When she had fallen asleep last night, all she kept dreaming about was bat-face. And they were not warm and fuzzy. “That sounds like a good idea. The Bronze,” Cordelia could feel the strain on her face about seeing her familiar haunt, in light of what she had been through last summer. “Mind if I tag along?”

“No,” Angel practically shouted, “Of course I wouldn’t mind.” Having Cordelia around seemed to put him at ease. His demon had been bridled with agitation the past few months, but Cordelia’s presence ebbed that.

Giving him another smile of unparalleled beauty, Cordelia turned on her heal to the grand staircase. “Cool. Just give me two shakes of a lamb’s tail and I’ll be ready.”

Angel wished she would shake more has he watched her run up the stairs. The back of her legs were toned and supple. And where her lower back met the back of her thighs, with her rounded… “Get a grip, Angel.”

Her time in Japan had done a body good.


It was more like forty-five shakes later, when Cordelia finally descended down the staircase again.

Turing to greet her, Angel felt his voice catch in his throat when he saw her. Cordelia had decided to pile her gorgeous mahogany hair on top of her head, with small tendrils framing her face and neck. Her make-up was flawless. Instead of using lipstick, she’d applied a shiny gloss which he liked immensely.

But it was the outfit that was causing his lower half to twitch. She was wearing a vibrant, almost sheer, red dress (what was it with this girl and red?) that ended two inches above her knees. The sleeves ended just below her elbow, and the neckline was modest, just showing the top of her delightful breasts. But it was the slits on both sides that almost had his jaw dropping to the marble floor. They were slit almost to the curves of her ass. It was a dangerous dress.

“You look- um,” he was truly at a loss for words.

Cordelia smiled, finally feeling like her old self. There was nothing like Chanel perfume and a Versace dress to make a girl feel at home. “Feel free. Gawk at the goddess that is me!”

She turned to the side, allowing him a glimpse of her tanned leg that started from her delicate feet, which were adorned in three inch heels. He loved those shoes. Beautiful black, strappy shoes that exposed her precious toes. And the legs. They didn’t end. “Do you think I’m ready to be reintroduced to Sunnydale society?”

“You’re more than ready.” It was honesty.

“Wonderful,” she glided toward him, linking her arm into his. “Will you escort me?” Cordelia couldn’t help it! Flirting with him was as natural as breathing.

Angel gave her a wicked grin, his chocolate eyes twinkling. “I’d be delighted.” Still grinning like a Cheshire cat, he began leading her to the door. Suddenly she pulled away. Angel stifled a growl at the movement.

“Sorry,” she said, “I forgot my wrap.” Lucky for her, she didn’t see his eyes turn from brown to gold at the sight of her retreating figure, as she raced up the stairs to her room. Angel had just seen the back of her dress.

It had no back. It was beyond backless. There was a tiny silver chain that connected the shoulder, with a small ruby clasp dangling down her upper back. The end of her dress ended right before her ass. He could see the small dimples!

Red. Two slits! Completely backless… That meant no bra and maybe no panties, unless she was wearing underwear that resembled dental floss!

Angel inwardly groaned. It was going to be a long night.

The Bronze

The Bronze was packed more than usual tonight. Willow had a feeling Cibo Matto had a lot to do with it. The Japanese pop band had just finished a song, when she turned to Xander, worry etched in her elven face. “I just think something’s up, is all.”

“Willow, you’re paranoid.” It was the only logical explanation.

“Buffy’s never acted like this before,” she continued, as she recalled how Buffy had almost slammed Harmony against the locker doors earlier at school. Harmony had come up to the girl, laughing at how Buffy had showed up at the dance a few months ago, all wet. Of course, the ditz had no way of knowing that the reason why Buffy was soaked in her designer white gown, was because a master vampire had drowned her. But the slayer did not care. “Ever since she got back, she’s been different.”

Xander rolled his eyes in exasperation (or denial). “Buffy’s always been different, Will.”

“She’s never been mean.”

“Any sign of her?” Xander craned his neck around the club. “She said she was coming.”

“No,” Willow sighed. It was back to ‘Buffy is my universe’ for Xander. “The band’s cool though.” Her detachment not notice as he continued to search for the petite slayer.

“Yeah. Cool.” He agreed, but didn’t.

Willow glanced down at her vanilla sundae, a small flicker of hope inside her. Gabbing her spoon, she dabbed a little of the ice cream on her nose, hoping Xander would see… and he did.

“You got something on your nose.” Xander turned away again, and almost gave a whoop, when he saw the object of his masturbatory fantasies walk in. It was Buffy, wearing a sexy cream dress that showed off her legs. With Buffy, he was leg man!

Seeing her gang, she sauntered over to the table, more than aware of the stares she was getting. This was what she had been hoping for, when she had picked out this dress. But the man- vampire, whom she really wanted to see her in the dress was not around.

“Hey guys,” Buffy leaned over, taking a sip of Xander’s soda. “How’s it going tonight?” The place was almost overflowing.

“Good,” Xander piped in, a little too eagerly.

Willow scooted her chair closer to Buffy. “So how’s it going?”

“Fine,” Came the terse reply. “Why?”

“No, reason… well, this afternoon with Harmony-”

Buffy gave a sickeningly sweet smile. “Bitch deserved it.” Turning her back on Willow, Buffy looked over to the entrance of the club. Walking through the doors as if he had the world at his feet was Angel. Buffy tried to suppress the thrill she got just looking at him. He really was beautiful. She totally loved him in that blue velvet jacket.

Angel just stood there, oblivious to the admiring stares of the fairer sex. He glanced over his shoulder, giving a breathtaking smile to the lovely brunette that came up beside him.

Buffy felt a solar flare of jealously squeeze her heart at the warm expression on the vampire’s face. The girl’s red dress put her cream one to an almost childlike shame- the girl was… No. It couldn’t be! It just wasn’t fair!

It was Cordelia.

Hell bent on making someone pay, Buffy grabbed Xander’s hand, pulling him toward her. “Let’s dance.” Not waiting for an answer, Buffy dragged the helpless, hormone ridden teenage to floor.

Willow looked on, a sad, heartbroken shadow clouding her otherwise sunny face. The dance between her two friends was anything but friendly, as Buffy began to sway her hips ever so much closer to Xander’s.

“Hey, Willow.”

Turning to the soft voice behind her, Willow almost let out a sigh of gratitude when she met the hazel eyes of Cordelia Chase. Where there used to be malicious glee whenever she was around the redhead, there was now an open friendliness. With the brunette was Angel, who was also giving off the vibes that he was glad to see her too. This was just what she needed right now. “Oh my God!” Willow jumped out of the chair to hug the slayer, “Cordelia, it’s so good to see you!”

Cordelia smiled at the sudden move, and hugged the shorter girl back. “It’s good to see you, too.” And she meant it.

Willow pulled back, trying not to let the tears form, as surely as that lump in her throat was growing. “How are you?” She really had been worried about Cordelia all this summer, not knowing what had happened to her.

“Better,” Cordelia admitted, seeing that Willow understood what she meant. When she had left for Sendai, her inner turmoil had been closer to chaos. Cordelia made a mental note to make sure and fill Willow in on her time in Japan. “And you? How’ve you been?”

It was a subtle movement, just a flash of bright green eyes toward the dance floor. Both Angel and Cordelia caught the glance, and brought their attention to the myriad of couples dancing. One couple in particular was a little too hot. Or rather the petite blond was being too hot. Angel blinked in shock as he saw Buffy grind the swell of her ass into Xander’s groin. The poor boy didn’t know if he should hold on or run away.

Seeing the expressions on their faces, Willow gave Cordelia a small smile. “I’ve been better.”

“What the hell is she doing?” Cordelia knew Buffy Summers had no romantic inclinations toward Xander Harris.

“Making a point.” Angel whispered, his dark eyes full of worry.


Buffy was having too much fun. She was tapping into something within her that was both dark and dangerous.

“Xander,” Buffy angled her body around, facing her friend dead on. “Did I ever thank you for saving my life?”


Rubbing her body forcefully against his, she brought her gooey pink lips to his ear, “Don’t you wish I would?” Not waiting for an answer, Buffy turned on her heal, sauntering out of the Bronze without a care in the world.

Cordelia and the others witnessed the exchange with heavy hearts. “Angel,” Cordelia lightly touched his arm. “I’ll be right back.” The vampire nodded his head as he regarded the grim purpose in her mutli-colored eyes.

Giving a slight smile to Xander as he returned to the table, the slayer went in search of the other slayer.

Alley outside the Bronze


Stopping dead in her tracks at the sound of that voice, Buffy rolled her eyes in annoyance. She had just made a grand exit, that she was sure was seen by Angel, now the brunette hussy had to ruin it. Keeping her passive expression, Buffy the Vampire Slayer turned to around to face Cordelia the Vampire Slayer.

Moss green eyes clashed with hazel. Suddenly, this alley felt way too small.

“What’s going on, Buffy?”

Smirking, Buffy took a few steps closer to the rival slayer. “Things that have absolutely no business to do with you.”

The music of Cibo Matto wafted lightly through the alley. Other than that, the silence was deafening as the warriors regarded each other.

“Oh,” Cordelia finally said, her voice syrupy with condescending charm. “I see. No longer the only slayer on the block, so now you have to campaign for bitch of the year.”

“As defending champion, are you nervous?” Buffy was a little perturbed that Cordelia had placed a nail into one of her issues that quickly.

“You know I can hold my own. On both.”

The dangerous tone was not lost on Buffy. “I don’t know about that, Cordelia. Maybe the Queen Bitch of the universe part, but the other- Call me curious.” If anything had been itching within her, it was to throw down with Cordelia. Especially after seeing her with Angel.

Cordelia let out a throaty laugh, her heels clicking against the wet pavement as she moved closer. “Oh, you really don’t wanna go down that road of pain with me, Curious Georgina.” Cordelia could feel her power surging through every fiber of her being. “You may have been a slayer longer than I, but my first kill was a master vampire. Take a moment to think about that.”

Buffy Summers felt the slight swell of both jealously and fear, as she let that sink in. It was true. Not even knowing what a slayer was or anyone to guide her, Cordelia Chase, newborn slayer, and successfully killed the Master. Cordelia, not Buffy, had prevented the world from ending and Buffy hated her for that.

“Good on you. Call it beginners luck.”

“Call it whatever the fuck you want, Buffy,” She had had enough of this. “Whatever’s causing the Joan Collins’tude, deal with it, embrace the pain, spank your inner moppet but get over it.” Cordelia cocked her head to the side, her gaze not leaving Buffy’s even for a moment. “Cause I did.”

Her words were striking too close to home for Buffy’s liking. “I’d say it’s about time for you to mind your own business.”

“What you just did in there,” Cordelia retorted, angling her head toward the Bronze. “Taking your inner frustrations out on a friend that cares about you- that made it my business. So it’s long past. Nighty night.”

Not even bothering to reply, Buffy turned on heal and proceeded to leave the alley.

Cordelia hoped she was going home. What that girl needed was serious R&R with meditation. If Jun Yoshino had been here, Buffy would have been knocked ten ways from Sunday.

Deeply immersed in thought and trying to sooth her mounting rage, Cordelia didn’t see or notice the two vampires, as they emerged from the shadows behind her.


Shaking her head in frustration, Cordelia took a step backward with the intention of going back into the Bronze. Suddenly she bumped into a cool body standing right behind her. Feeling the press of a male chest at her bare back, Cordelia quickly subdued the rage that Buffy had ignited and focused. Ah, shit!

Turning as fast has her skintight dress would allow, she caught the wrist of the male vampire, who had just moved to cover her mouth to silence her. “Why are you making me fight in this dress?” Not waiting for a reply, Cordelia gave a quick jerk of her hand, causing the vampire’s wrist to crack. His yowl of pain echoed through the alley.

Seeing the other vampire in danger, his accomplice- an equally retarded looking male vampire- emerged from his side view angle to aid his demon brother.

“Oh, I love this dress!” Snarling, she lifted her left leg, delivering a brutal front kick to the second vampire’s groin. Has he gasped in pain, the slayer whimpered at the horrible sound of ripping fabric. This was so not going to be fixable, she fumed, giving a vicious yank to the broken wrist in her clenched hand. They were gonna pay!

Using every ounce of her strength, Cordelia wrenched the vampire bodily over, grinning at the loud pop of his shoulder being disconnected. Grasping the wounded arm in both hands, she slammed the vampire into his buddy, who was still whimpering over his bruised jewels.

“So what’s the trauma, suckers?”

Vampire #2 glared up at her, his face in full demon mode. “Bitch! You murdered our Master!”

Cordelia chuckled and rolled her eyes. “Yeah? And I’m gonna kill you, too! Gotta a problem with that?!” Leaning over, she grasped a small wooden plank by her feet. “Sorry, dude.” Plunging the sharpened end of the plank into his chest, she didn’t notice as Vampire #1 hobbled away down the alley, clutching his battered arm.

Just as the dust settled, Cordelia noticed she was down one vamp, but the other was well down at the other end of the alley.

“Hey, get back here! We’re not finished yet!” Fully intent on running after him, she began to sprint down the alleyway when suddenly the heel on her left pump broke off.

“Son of a bitch!”

Back inside the Bronze

Angel, Willow, and Xander were nervously regarding each other in the wake of Buffy’s dance-o-rama.

“They’ve been out there a long time,” Willow quipped, desperate to end the uncomfortable silence. She wasn’t used to being around Angel and Xander seemed to not want to be around anyone. The teenager’s eyes were almost glowing with unbridled anger.

Angel nodded in agreement. “Let’s go check on them.” Stepping to the side, he allowed the teens to go ahead as he solemnly followed behind. Neither one of them knew what they would find outside the Bronze.

The Alley

Angel had his head down as he exited from the Bronze, so he almost ran into Willow and Xander, who were at a dead stop in front of him. Just as he was about to ask them what the hold up was, he saw what they were staring at.

It was Cordelia. The right side of her body was facing them, as she glared down at the end of the alley. Her once perfectly crowned head of hair was now a bedraggled mess and she was breathing heavily. It didn’t take rocket science to realize she had just finished a fight.

Wedging himself past the two teens, Angel dashed over to Cordelia, “What happened? Did Buffy-”

“No.” She interrupted, her jaw working in aggravation. “Two vampires got the jump on me. I dusted one, but the other got away.” Turning her head to meet Angel’s eyes, the slayer pouted in annoyance. “That’s never happened before.”

Despite the situation, Angel couldn’t help but grin. “I’m sure you’ll live, Cordelia.”

Rolling her eyes, the slayer saw that Willow and Xander were gawking. They’d never seen her in this state of disarray. Cordelia Chase was never in a disheveled state. “Hey there, Xander! How was your summer?” She had decided she would tell Angel later about the vamps knowing it was her who had killed the Master.

“Uh, groovy!”

“Groovy, huh,” Cordelia smiled and she began to walk toward the two of them, when an unexpected chill graced the left side of her waist. Cordelia felt her face flame red as she realized how far up that slit on her dress now was. “Angel,” she whispered, “Can I borrow your coat?”

“What for?”

Not wanting to speak out loud, she grabbed his right hand placed it on her now bare hip. Cordelia shivered at his cool touch. “I had to kick one of them.”

Angel felt as if his hand had caught fire. He was touching her golden skin and oh, did it feel good! Looking into her hazel eyes, Angel let his pinkie finger caress down her heated flesh. Smiling, Angel delighted in his discovery. She hadn’tworn underwear.

“What happened with Buffy, Cordy?” Xander asked, breaking the brief moment between vampire and slayer.

Shaking herself away from Angel’s dark gaze, Cordelia looked over his shoulder at Xander. “Nothing much, just major baggage.” Still keeping her eyes on Xander, she tugged on Angel’s sleeve. “She doesn’t seem all that ready to talk about whatever is bugging her.”

With a wide grin still adoring his angelic face, he slid off his coat, grinning ever wider when she snatched it out of his hands to cover herself. He liked how she looked in his clothes.

Feeling a little more secure, now that her damaged dress was covered by Angel’s coat, Cordelia moved past the vampire toward her fellow classmates. “Say,” she began, giving them her famous smile, “How’s about we blow this pop stand for an all night diner? I’m just not feeling the Bronze right now.” Both teens agreed in unison.

“Angel?” Cordelia turned back to the vampire. “You game?”

Slowly, Angel nodded, coming to stand with them. Angel considered Cordelia with careful scrutiny- she just made him want to feel a part of something. If felt nice.

Finally feeling at ease with one another, all four proceeded to head away from the Bronze’s main alley toward town.

Xander started to giggle as he realized the reason why Cordelia was limping was because on of her high-heeled shoes was broken. “Oh, shut up, Harris!” Cordelia grumbled, when she saw what he was sniggering at.

“Hey, itoko. You still fighting with everyone? Oyaoya!”

Cousin? Cordelia stopped dead in her tracks and spun around to face the owner of that deep, teasing voice. Not standing more than ten feet from her was a handsome, well-dressed Japanese man in his twenties. The huge smile on his face only got wider at her stunned expression.


London, England
Watcher’s Council, Headquarters in London

Daniel Augustus Bellaver dipped his quill into his ink vial, loving how the dark liquid dangled at the tip. He was a fan of the past and a lover of history. Never had he, in his adult life, used anything but quill and aged parchment for writing. Bellaver absolutely detested pens and pencils. The vulgar things had no grace.

Just as he was about to conclude his letter to Quentin Travers, the head of the Watcher’s Council, he was interrupted by a quite knock at his office door. “Enter.”

Vinessa Chandler, his secretary and also a Watcher-in-training, entered through the massive oak doors. “Yes?” He asked in his infamous cold voice, not even bothering to grace her with a look as he continued his work. “What is it?”

“Sorry to bother you, sir,” Vinessa began. She was a strong woman, or she wouldn’t have been able to remain as his secretary for so long. Other girls had tried, but they couldn’t stomach the man’s cold and callous manner. He wasn’t lecherous, which had at first surprised the honey blonde, whose first aspiration was to become a model. He was just the most unfeeling man to have ever walked the planet. Vinessa was sure even Hitler had more heart. “Julius Sandefer is here to see you.”

That got a reaction, as Bellaver jerked his head up, snapping his hard hazel eyes at her. “Is he now?” She nodded in confirmation. “Show him in and go ahead and leave for the rest of the day.” Vinessa blinked in surprise. “Don’t worry, you’ll be paid,” he sneered at her expression.

The blonde’s own blue-green eyes turned just as hard, “Thank you for your generosity, sir. I’ll show him in.” Turning on her heel, she exited, grateful for the blessing that was this Julius Sandefer. She was free of Daniel Bellaver for a whole, precious day.

Bellaver rose from behind his desk and walked over to the small bar he kept just for the kind of guest he was about to expect. Pulling out two glasses, he was just about to pour a brandy, when his doors opened again. The man with the ordinary face, but unordinary eyes came in. “How are you, Daniel?” Julius Sandefer smiled at his old friend and mentor.

“I’ll be fine and well, Julius, when you inform me about my granddaughter,” His eyes glittered with purpose as he handed the gray eyed man his brandy.

“Same old hard-assed, Bellaver.”

“I hate change.” The Watcher flashed a malicious smirk, and went to take a seat with his glass of brandy.

“Well,” he began as he followed the older man to take a seat in the dark leather chairs. “She’s back in Sunnydale and according to what my associates tell me she has already made contact with Angelus.”

Bellaver slowly shook his head, “No. Angel. He is not Angelus- yet.” The sinister grin appeared on his face again has he contemplated what that met. Should any of the other Watchers found out what he was up to, what had been brewing for generations, he would surely be lynched.

Sandefer rolled his eyes, “Whomever. They seem to be getting quite close in such a short time. She’s only been back in town for about two days.”

“That is to be expected.”

Sandefer was a Watcher as well, even though he had made Angelus believe that he was an assassin for hire. Now that had been fun! Seeing the vampire’s reactions to the threat of Buffy Summers’ friends and family. Of course that had been a fabrication. The only two targets that required termination were the women from the airport. But the deep set lie was needed to keep Angel off Cordelia Chase’s trail until she completed her training in Sendai.

Julius Sandefer trusted his mentor with his life. He had too. Only Daniel Bellaver knew that it had been he who had killed his slayer, Corrine Sweeney. She had been the slayer before India Cohen. It was necessary to kill his darling girl. They needed to speed up the process of the Slayer line.

To make way for Cordelia Chase.

Part 13

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