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Title: Bythoedd (Welsh for forever- I Hope)
Author: Trillian
Posted: 04/04
Rating: NC17
Category: Smut for one
Content: Please don’t make me say it. You’re going to make me say it aren’t you? Damn *cringe* Buffy/Angel *cringe* and Cordelia/Angel. Yay
Summary: From Scorchy’s challenge, posted 30/01/04.See Notes
Spoilers: BtVS Season 3
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO/AA/GTC/A
Notes: Challenge: “I’ve just been hit by inspiration for another challenge.This could be set anytime you like. Angel and Buffy are together, sorta happy but they’re stuck doing the same old thing, a rut, if you will. Angel meets Cordelia one night; they go for coffee and get to know each other. Over time, they get closer and the UST between them intensifies until they start to have a full-blown, adulterous affair. The curse doesn’t exist, does it ever in my world? Whether Buffy finds out or not is up to you. This has to be seedy, down and totally below-the-belt. Happy C/A ending though”
Notes 2: The prologue kinda dropped you in the middle of the affair, so this takes you back to the beginning. A/N: Scorch! Stop setting challenges! The first part of another one of yours will be up soon.
Feedback: If you must. I’ve been completely pitiful with mine lately. Sorry.


Jesus is risen
It’s no surprise
Even he would
Martyr his momma
To ride to hell between those thighs
The pressure is building
At the base of my spine
If I gotta sin to see her again
Then I’m gonna lie and lie and lie – Puscifer

The Bronze was absolutely heaving with bodies. The dance floor jammed packed with people waving their arms and jumping around to the DJ, the shrill sounds of their whistles signaling their delight with the flawless mix of one tune into another. The hot, colorful lights in the club tracked patterns in time with the heady bass line, the incessant thud making everybody shout at each other. Elaborate hand gestures were being created just too initiate conversation or get a drink from the three people deep bar.

Four regulars at their usual table laughed and joked, enjoying one of their rare nights of freedom away from the freaky and supernatural. Empty glasses were stacked up and pushed into the middle of the round glass top between them as they waited for the next round of drinks to arrive. Occasionally a neck was craned, but the crush between them and the bar made it impossible to see where their other two friends had got to.

Angel lead Cordelia by the hand into the mass of bodies at the bar, only to push a path all the way through and out the other side, not hesitating in his course towards the men’s restroom. He pushed the door open with a slight bang, before pulling on the arm holding Cordelia’s hand and twirling her around so she was in front and facing him.

He crowded her space and hustled the giggling girl backwards into a cubicle, swiftly locking the door behind him. The little red marker slid into place, leaving the one stunned patron currently relieving himself at the stalls in no doubt that that particular cubicle was engaged until further notice.

Cordelia took some of the control back and pulled Angel towards her by his shirt front for a passionate and lust filled kiss. Both of them turned it into an almost brutal assault, knowing that not much time would pass before they were missed. Lips parted and tongues dueled, sliding together in carnal satisfaction along with the taste of something sinfully deeper and darker.

Cordelia’s hand slid down to cup Angel through the front of his jeans, even as his own hands fumbled to undo his belt and un-button them. Once his fly was open, Cordelia immediately dove her hand into his boxers pulling him free and wrapping her hand around his growing erection, starting a firm steady rhythm.

Angel broke from their kissing in a haze of lust. God… He wanted to do so much more to her than this, wanted the whole night to play. Gently cupping her face with both hands, he blindly entreated the Almighty as she continued to stroke him, before growling and giving into his desire leaning in, licking her neck. Cordelia laughed at his response to her actions, the same extreme high throbbing through her own body. The assault on her neck gave her shivers, causing her muscles to clench leaving her moist, she ached with the need to feel him stretch and fill her.

His hands dropped and dragged the bottom of her dress up over her curves as she released his shaft and pushed his jeans off him, bearing his ass and giving it a healthy squeeze. Moving his head lower and running his tongue over the soft swell of her breasts, Angel shifted one hand, lightly brushing over the smooth skin of her thigh and running two fingers over and down along the edge of her panties, before lightly using his knuckles to brush repeatedly over her covered sex.

Cordelia cried out, face lifted to the ceiling and dug her nails into his shoulders, arching as best she could into him, desperate for the friction. Unable to wait any longer she gave in to her body’s demands and used his strength to support herself; lifting her long legs off the ground and wrapping them around his hips as she braced her feet against the partition wall behind him.

Her moves provoked a sense of urgency through them as he stopped teasing and pushed her ridiculous scrap of lace to one side, unerringly entering her heat in one smooth thrust. This time Angel was the one to cry out at the sensation; her warmth surrounded him, making him shudder as Cordelia hissed with pleasure, grinding her hips against him as he started to fuck her.

They started to kiss once more, seemingly unable to quench the thirst for each other. She grabbed his ass again, feeling it flex beneath her fingers, urging him to thrust harder as he slid in and out of her hot, wet core, his hands and arms keeping her thighs spread open as their movements made both cubicle walls rattle. Their kiss broke apart, breathing heavily they rested their foreheads together, their eyes never leaving each others as he pounded them toward blessed oblivion….

“Hey!” Angel’s voice cut through the music and the conversation as he lowered the glasses he was holding onto the table.

“Angel! Thought you’d got lost!” Buffy smiled, taking her drink from him, watching as he relaxed onto the stool beside her, her smile growing as he extended his arm along the back of her seat.

“No such luck.” Xander groused, reaching across for his own drink.

Buffy hit Xander on the arm, warning him to behave.

“Where’s Cordelia?” Willow asked.

“I’m right here.” Cordelia arrived with the last of the beverages, doling them out to Oz and Willow.

“Took your time.” Said Xander

Cordelia took the only chair left which was unfortunately next to her ex, rolling her eyes at his lame comment. “Have you seen the bar? Besides, anything that keeps me as physically far away from you as is possible, I call a result.”

They glared at each other for a minute, before surprisingly Cordelia broke it. Her face melted into a soft smile as she turned her attention away from Xander and toward her drink. Lord, she was thirsty. She chanced a glance over at Angel, finding him already looking at her He was completely ignoring Buffy who was trying her damnedest to talk to him while sliding her hand up his inner thigh.

Dork! He was gonna get himself into a world of hurt if he didn’t start paying attention. Cordelia felt her skin start to prickle, warming up under his gaze. The delicious ache he always elicited in her beginning all over again.

Buffy sighed, “I should really get a patrol in before going home.” She glanced around the club, watching slightly enviously as the people from her school cut loose. Her gaze came back to the table, settling on her friends and boyfriend. This evening had been the best between them all for some time, since Angel’s return, Xander and Cordelia’s sniping notwithstanding.

Scrunching her face up, she was unwilling to give this seemingly normal night up just yet, not quite willing to give into the whole sacred duty thing. ‘Yep, patrol. Right after I’ve finished this drink.’ She thought. She gently drew her hand up the inside of Angel’s thigh. “Angel, you gonna come?”

Hell, yeah…Angel got lost in Cordelia’s eyes, his nostrils flaring slightly as he caught the telltale smell of her arousal floating over to him. He could vaguely hear Buffy saying something about patrol; feel her tracing patterns on his inner thigh. Angel nodded distractedly at her question, watching the material of Cordelia’s dress stretch over her ass as she bent to pick up her bag.

“I’m gonna go.” Cordelia dragged her gaze away from the too tempting vampire and directed the comment to the table at large.

“Oh, so soon. Too bad”

“Xander!” Willow scolded.

“Cordelia?” Angel’s voice stopped her from leaving. “You haven’t forgotten about coffee tomorrow, have you?” His face broke out into sly grin

Cordelia glanced down to the table, trying not to laugh as she schooled her features into a neutral mask. Damn coffee. Those Beans of Evil are what had started this whole thing in the first place…..


Chapter One.

There you were shoutin’ out,
Cranking up your altercations getting upset in your desperation.
Screamin’ and hollerin’,
How could this love become so paper- thin?

You’re playing so hard to get.
You’re making me sweat, just to hold your attention.
I can’t give you nothin’ more,
If you ain’t givin’ nothin’ to me. – Little L, Jamiroquai

Cordelia sat back in the wobbly, plastic chair desperately trying to hold back the flood of tears that were threatening to fall. Angrily she wiped at her eyes, blinking in a futile effort to reign in the last few that were already dropping on to her cheeks. She blew out a long breath trying to stem the rising panic and the cold shivers that were suddenly plaguing her insides.

This was not where she wanted to be. Not stuck in some crappy café trying to inject some life into her almost non-existent social standing. ‘Thank you very much, Xander Harris,’ she thought venomously. Her date had long since departed having been forcibly slapped back into his place with some verbal abuse and her nails as she fended off his advances.

Goddamn football players. She hauled the backpack by her feet onto her shoulder wincing not only at the weight but at the words her date had thrown at her before he’d been made to leave.

“If you think that just a kiss is going to be enough for you to claim back your title ‘Queen C’. Think again, bitch. I’m gonna need a little more… persuading.”

And with that he had grabbed her hand under the table and placed it on his hardening groin. Cordelia had flinched and tried to snatch her hand back, only for him to press her hand harder against him and start to rub against it. Incensed at his treatment of her, she relaxed her hand slightly and curved her palm around his erection.

Thinking she was finally going for it, the jock let go of her hand completely only to scream as she dug her nails in as far as she could go through the pants he wore. Asshole. She could only imagine what school would be like tomorrow.

And to top it all, she had to be at Wakefield Cemetery in less than thirty minutes to play the honorary part of ‘Bait Girl’ yet again. ‘And the Award for the most Original Performance to Entrap the Un-Dead goes to….’ Cordy’s mind drifted slightly as she imagined receiving a statuette, the audience filled with vampires and demons clapping heartily.

‘It was the short skirt that lured me out….My personal favorite was when she tripped over the tree root….’ She snorted in a very un- lady like manner as her vision blurred with tears again. Pulling her purse on to her lap, she rummaged around for a few moments, before slapping some bills onto the table and standing to leave.

Cordelia’s shoulder started to sag slightly under the strap of the backpack as she made her way to the cemetery. How had she ended up carrying the stakes? Where were the super-powered ones when you needed them? Oh. Speak of the devil…

Angel hunched even further into himself as he heard footsteps round the corner behind him. They sounded light, female and it took all of his willpower not to stop and disappear into the dark to let her pass by. Wakefield wasn’t much further now and he was hoping that he could get through tonight’s performance as painlessly as possible and just get back to the mansion.

He still felt sick and just generally pissed off at not quite being back to full strength yet. His demon was disgusted and rolled just under his skin. It hated both the weakness of his body and of his heart as the loneliness of the soul made him seek out Buffy, selfishly forcing a reliant relationship on her as it was she who was still bringing him his food.

Angel felt the starts of a discontented growl push up through his body but a voice cutting through the gloom of the street and the footsteps speeding up behind him put a stop to his voiceless musings.

“Angel! Angel wait up.”

Angel stopped and turned at the sound of his name. ‘Oh, great. Cordelia.’ For all the sarcasm in his head, he managed to keep his voice neutral. “Hey, Cordelia”

Cordelia jogged to a halt. “Hey. Would you mind carrying this?”

Before he could even form any kind of coherent reply, Angel found he was staggering backwards as his chest took the impact of her backpack being flung at him. He managed to manhandle a proper hold on it and glared at an oblivious Cordelia over the top of the bag. It wasn’t until Angel swung it over his own shoulder that he realized quite how heavy it must have been for her.

“All ready to save me again?” Cordelia asked looking up at him, a small smile gracing her features.

As he hitched the bag to a more comfortable position on his shoulder, Angel took the opportunity to process the usual blunt Cordy-question and to look down fully into her face. He noticed how tired she looked, eyes puffy and red but her ever so slight smile still managed to make her face light up. “Sure.” He replied and as he watched her smile get larger he involuntarily felt the sides of his own mouth start to quirk upwards.

Cordelia watched in silent surprise at the slow quirk of Angel’s mouth and entranced, got ensnared staring at his lips. She caught herself just before he noticed and she embarrassed herself flinging a thumb over her shoulder and tilting her head slightly in the direction of the cemetery to indicate they should continue their journey. Angel’s slight nod of acquiescence brought her completely out of her stupor and turning, she fell into step beside him.

The peace between them as they walked towards the large wrought iron gates at the entrance of Wakefield Cemetery was surprisingly comfortable for two people who hardly knew each other.

Especially as just six months previous one of them had tried to kill the other. Angel kept his gaze directed to the sidewalk, the guilt washing over his soul as his demon reminded him that death would have come eventually that night for this young woman beside him, but it wouldn’t have been a permanent one.

His stomach fought nausea as his memory brought clarity to the disturbing thoughts and ideas he had had for Cordelia as he’d maliciously mocked Buffy asking her for ‘just one more’. 

Cordelia was thinking along the same lines as Angel, although obviously she suffered no torn conscience at the events that had been played out. It wasn’t until Xander’s final words of, ‘take a walk, overbite,’ that she had even stopped trembling and yet here she was calmly walking towards the same cemetery with the very same back in black vampire.

Coming to a standstill right by the gates, the question just seemed to fly straight out of her mouth, “What were you going to do to me that night?”

Angel stopped so abruptly that gravel flew up in small puffs around both of his boots. What the…? Was she in his head? He turned and faced her, every line on his features etched with mortification. His haunted eyes bore straight into hers making Cordelia feel awful for just blurting her question out. She struggled to maintain eye contact; the pain in Angel’s so overwhelming that it just crushed her inner obduracy for answers.

Her determination for an honest explanation of his motives in the graveyard wilted away.

Looking to the ground Cordelia sighed heavily and wrapped her arms about herself. She tried closing herself off from the man in front of her, finding that it hadn’t worked when Angel’s shaking hand lifted her chin to bring her eyes back onto him. In a whisper that she almost missed his voice shaking as equally as his hand, he pleaded with her, “Please… don’t ever ask me that again. I can’t…I can’t…”

Whatever he was trying to say was cut off as the other members of the Scooby Gang were heard reaching the other side of the gate. Cordelia pulled away from Angel’s soft hold on her chin. She watched as his arm fell loosely to his side before turning to the gate her own game face firmly in place.

“Thank God. I thought it was just going to me and the King of Brood.”

Pretty much ignoring Cordelia, Buffy swung one side of the gate open and fixed her gaze on Angel. “Angel? You came. I wasn’t sure that you’d show.”

If it was at all possible an incredibly uncomfortable atmosphere plummeted that bit further as the ex-lovers stared at each other silently. A whole conversation never meant to be spoken out loud, never meant to be heard passed between them before Giles interrupted.

“Good. You’re all here.”



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