The Magic Word

Title: The Magic Word
Author: Nickle
Rating: N-17
Category: steamy as sin!
Content: C/A
Summary: A lesson in manners… :thud:
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
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Notes: written at SEKRIT ADMIRER
Thanks/Dedication:just a little prezzie for Sach (Califi).
NOTE by Califi: This was supposed to be an Anon- but I found out who wrote this by the style of the writing and the Angel in it *sigh* This woman knows how to press my buttons, lol; so I have permission to tell you the wonderful peep who wrote this just for ME! yay! Thanks, B! Mwah!
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Chapter One

She sat on the balcony of her apartment, looking out at the night sky. It was clear and unblemished by clouds. She was too urban to be able to see stars well; the sky was a soft grey blue. She sighed and leaned her head back against the patio chair as she thought of the day’s events.

God, Angel had been a bear. His emotional range had run the gamut between cranky and downright irritable. Cordy had stayed out of his way and just tried to get through the day until….until…..her eyes closed as she remembered the exact moment it happened. At the time, it hadn’t seemed to be such a big deal; Angel needed a file and stomped out of his office and growled at her to get it. No please. No would you mind. She had remained seated, glaring at him before she pointedly ignored him and went back to researching the demon site online.

“Cordelia. I want it now.” Impatience made his voice rough.

“Yeah, well, I want to work with someone with manners. Doesn’t look like either of us is lucky today.”

“Cordelia.” His voice sharpened; it was fine-edged with anger, like the lash of a whip. “Let’s make-believe you earn your paycheck, ok? Get the damn Peyton file and get it now.”

“What is your freakin’ deal?” She jumped up and leaned over her desk. “Anyone else, I’d tell ’em to go get laid. You’ve been such a whiny, lousy, cranky, grouchy bear…for a coupla weeks now. I do my job, asswipe, and just because that piece of Vienna sausage there isn’t getting any, don’t take it out on me.” On a tear now, she missed the flash of gold as his demon roared within him to teach this bitch a thing or two about how that mouth could be better used. “I’m going home, and I’m going to go do what we humans call ‘having a life.’ It entails little things like courtesy, and having friends, and treating them well.” She grabbed up her jacket and stomped around her desk, pausing at the door to turn and snarl back at Angel. “When you think you can actually not be an ass for longer than 10 minutes, let me know. Until then, go fuck yourself.” She walked two steps and turned back around. “Please.”

Angel stood still, hands clenched in his pockets. Bitch. Mouthy little bitch. She had no idea. She’d been walking around for quite some time now, all skimpy tops and tight jeans and bare belly and smooth, round ass…..and she wondered why he was cranky? She wanted manners? Bitch. He’d show her some manners. He’d show her his manners, and he’d make her like ’em. He strolled upstairs, whistling, his hands relaxing in his pockets and a grim smile lining his lips as his cock began to harden with each step. Soon….as soon as it was dark, Ms. Cordelia Chase would find out exactly why he was cranky, and what it took to cheer him up.


Cordelia sighed, looking out into the night. She’d just left. And kinda hinted that she wouldn’t be back, until he apologized. Ok, gutsy move, hon, but the tummy kinda likes that whole food thing, and her body was used to having shelter. She sighed, looking up into the night. She was in the right here, and she refused to back down. He had to learn just how to treat her….

A thump on the balcony startled her and she looked over, shocked to see Angel calmly lounging against the railing two feet away from her. She jumped up and backed away a few steps till the opposite railing stopped her at her back.

“What the fuck is that about? Are you crazy? Well, crazier?” Cordy drew in a breath, not liking the calm set of his face. That was not the face of someone about to apologize.

“I’m showing my manners, Cordy. You seemed to want….a better acquaintance with them. Thought I’d come over and show ’em off.” He leaned back, relaxed, till you looked in his eyes. She had seen that expression before. Usually just before he happily threw himself into battle that he knew was gonna be rough and that he was gonna win. Her eyes darted around and she looked off the balcony, her eyes wide.

“Oh my God, what’s that?” He looked out into the garden below and she shot into the apartment, turning around, and throwing her hands out at him waving them like she was trying to shake something off them.

“I…I…ah…I take it back! I uninvite you!” she finally barked out, triumphantly. The glee faded off her face as he looked at her a moment then calmly walked in and shut the balcony door behind him.

“Cordy, Cordy, Cordy. That wasn’t very nice.” His voice was calm. Strangely calm. She began backing away. He remained still, watching her closely. “An uninvite. Really. How…rude. And, by the way, how not whatever it was you were doing. You want some mojo for that, hon. Something like, oh….” His eyes never left hers as he took a small crystal out of his pocket and set it high up on the top of her entertainment armoire. He waved his hand gently in front of it and intoned gently, “Beyus mackino.” A shimmy seemed to gently wisp through the apartment and Cordelia looked around nervously.

“What did you do?” Her voice was a nervous whisper.

“Nothing to you. Yet.” She felt panic begin to well up in her throat. “Now, Dennis, he’s been…well…slipped a mickey. He’s out for the count, sweets. Just you and me here….having a little educational session about manners.”

Cordelia looked at him, feeling her feet unfreeze at his casual tone. She turned and ran down the hall and slapped the bedroom door closed behind her, turning the key in the lock and backing away from the door, listening to the silence outside the door. No noise at all. She heard no footfalls, no stomping, and no beating on the door. She was just beginning to relax when a voice whispered by her ear. “Good thinking. I think our lessons will go better here.” She shrieked and turned around to see Angel standing calmly next to her. He reached around and took the key out of the locked door, putting it in his pocket as he watched her slowly backing away from him. He grinned. Towards the bed. He slowly followed.

“Cordelia Chase. All this time spent by my side, and you still don’t get my speed? You don’t get a lot about me, Cordy. I think it’s time we had a talk. No, not a talk.” He shook his finger slightly at her as his voice softly chided her; silky in it’s menacing tones. “More of a lesson. Or a series of them. You look like a gal who excels in labwork.”

“Angel. OK. We got a…goofy back there. Yeah, I was…rude. I was rude, and I’m sorry. More than you can know. So, why don’t you just unlock the door and we’ll forget…”

“Oh, no we won’t.” He watched her carefully. The backs of her legs were almost up against the side of her bed. “I promise you, you won’t forget this in a long, long time.” Just then he pounced. He literally leapt across the small space and knocked her back onto the mattress. She bounced and breathed in, shocked, as he climbed on top of her and rested his weight on his forearms as he grinned down at her, his face all sharp planes and angles in the room lit only by the pale moonlight that filtered through the blinds. She shivered, trapped under his weight, because she knew that all her insults were coming back to haunt her, and she’d never seen him like this before.

“Ok, ok, ok. Obviously, you want me to learn a little lesson here. Well, Learned!” Her voice was cheerful. “Quick learner here, and yessireebob, I have learned my lesson. No more icky comments about you being the crankster. You just crank away. Whooee. Was I just bad or what?” Her voice was inanely cheerful as she tried to push him off her body. He rested between her thighs and she was all too aware of the thick ridge beneath the zipper of his trousers as he pressed intimately to her. He let her push for a moment and then casually reached down and trapped her wrists flat against the mattress on either side of the bed.

“You want me off?” She nodded, feeling the stirrings of anger pooling in her stomach. He had come all the way over here to embarrass her? The dork. Fine. She’d play this little game, get him off of her body and out of her apartment and then she’d call him and ream him a new one. Using caller id blocker. And a fake voice. It was a good plan.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear. “What do you want?”

She strained beneath him. “Get off, Angel. This stopped being funny before it even started.”

“What’s the magic word?”

“Oh my god. Are you even kidding?”

“Nope. I need to hear the magic word.”

She looked up at him, beginning to seethe. “Get off. That magical enough for you?”

He shook his head, a sad expression on his face. “Close, and yet, not so much.”

Cordelia drew in a slow breath, reigning in her temper. “Alright. Get off me. Please.”

Angel looked down at her, a grin tilting one corner of his mouth. “No.”

She froze, looking up at him as if he’d spoken in a foreign tongue. “What?”

“No. I won’t get off you. But I do appreciate the lovely manners.”

Time seemed to stand still. Cordy looked up at him, at his smug face outlined clearly in the dim light, at his eyes which gleamed down at her with a fiery gold glow in the centers, and she lost it. She shrieked in anger and her body bucked savagely against his. She had never been so achingly angry in her entire life.

“You bastard! You…you asshole. Get off me now! You prick. You piece of shit scumbag.” He was silent, letting her rail, holding her wrists as she twisted and bucked beneath him. Her flailing heels caught him in the back of the legs a couple of times, but he ignored the brief pain, reveling in the beauty of her rage.

She finally wore down and closed her eyes, feeling a sob working its way up her throat. Raspy breathing lifted her chest and dropped it again, pressing her to his body, still and firm. She kept her eyes closed and lay there, supine. The only sound in the room was the faint whisper of her shallow breath.

Finally, she opened her eyes and looked up at him. There was no amusement in his face; he just watched her intently. She stared back at him and finally whispered, “what are we doing?”

He looked down at her, still silent, and thought a moment. “We’re learning all kinds of lessons tonight. For instance: don’t anger the cranky vampire.”

“OK.” Her voice was dispirited. “Got it. Know it. Live it. Now get off.”

Angel didn’t even move. “Another little lesson to live and learn: don’t make assumptions. Why do you think I’ve been cranky the last couple of weeks?”

“Well, I sure as hell don’t know, Angel. You’re trying to figure out what happened to Mandy on West Wing? You’re stalled trying to solve the great mystery of who let the dogs out? I fucking don’t know, so why don’t you just tell me?”

Angel didn’t respond to her anger, he just settled down more between her legs, softening his grip on her wrists but not letting them go. His thumbs stroked over her pulsepoints as he looked down at her.

“Ever heard of a Jessoie Stone?” She shook her head, listlessly. “It’s a powerful little bit of a thing, Cordy. Useful for, oh, breaking an errant spell. Pushing through a protective mystical force. And breaking a curse. That’s the big one.” Cordy’s eyes grew wide. “That’s right. With the right cantation, my curse is lifted.”

“Um. I….do you have the stone?”

“Yeah. I have the stone. And now….” He wriggled against her, letting her feel the huge ridge that had swollen to full power beneath his trousers. “And now, honey, I’ve got the stones.”

Chapter Two

He felt huge and solid and strong, all stretched over her body; nestled between her legs. She knew she should be totally indignant at this….archaic treatment of her, but even as she looked up at him, shocked, she felt the core of her heat between her legs warming and dampening as he pressed against her.

“I’ve got the stones.” His words jolted her.

“You mean…you can….you can…oh….”

“Commence with giving mouthy seers the lesson of a lifetime? Yeah. On board with that.”

“You don’t know that.” Cordy thought quickly. “I mean…you haven’t taken this little theory on a test drive, have you?” A sudden, sharp pain twisted through her at the thought of Angel trying out his new freedom on someone. He looked down at her, a half-smile on his lips, as if he knew what she was thinking.

“Nope. Haven’t tried it out yet. But the thought of laying you down taking you up on your offers made me pretty damn happy, and nothing happened.”

“Oh yeah? Then who are you now, because you’re sure acting like…”

“Angel, darlin’. The name’s Angel. I’m Angel, and before this night is over you’re gonna know just who I am, too. Inside your body and out.”

Cordy shivered. His words, casually whispered out, promised dark pleasures and more, and apparently it was a done deal. She looked up at him, pale in the dim light.

“Angel.” Her voice was a thready whisper. “I haven’t been offering…”

“Don’t even say it.” His voice was firm. “You’ve been waltzing around the office, under my nose, all confidence and sureness. You wear skirts too short and tops too tight and jeans too slim. I can see every line of your body at any time of the day. You have been offering to me, Cordy. I can smell it on you sometimes.” His face nuzzled down into the curve of her throat. His nose ran lightly up the finely beating pulse of her artery, and he inhaled her unique scent. “I’m just giving us both what we want.”

“I don’t want…”

“Don’t lie to me. Don’t ever lie to me.” His voice was deadly calm. “These lessons can get downright painful, honey, so don’t push me.”

She stared back up at him and was nodding even before she realized it. She stopped nodding, shocked, and he looked down, amused.

“See. Your body knows even if you try to run from it. You want this.” He surged against her, pushing his erection further against her body. “You want this.” And his hands let go of her wrists, trailing down her arms to mold and cup her plump breasts through the layers of clothing. “And you want this.” His head dipped and his mouth pressed savagely to hers, his tongue ramming into her mouth with a ferocity and possession that had her mind going completely blank. His tongue mated with hers, stroking it before pulling out and stabbing back in again. It was a kiss, and it was more. It was his signal of ownership, and Cordelia was powerless against it.

He finally lifted his head and looked down at her. Her eyes were heavy-lidded and her mouth….her mouth was swollen and rosy. She looked like she was made for fucking….for fucking by him. And he’d be stupid to not take her body up on it.

He bit at her bottom lip and licked at it when she moaned. To a man starved for over a hundred years, any mouth would taste good. Her mouth was ambrosia…manna from heaven. He licked and sucked at her lip before raising up slightly and staring down at her. Her heavy gaze met and their eyes locked as he casually reached between them and ripped her blouse open, buttons flying everywhere.

Her breath caught at the savagery of the act and she didn’t even have time to speak before he flicked the front-fastening of her bra open, peeling the cups away to look down at the tanned, firm mounds displayed before him. Her hands, free now…fluttered uselessly in the air before dropping back to the pillow on either side of her head.

“So good….so sweet…..” his voice was a dark whisper as he bit gently at her jaw. He rose suddenly, towering over her body, as he unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged it off, throwing it aside with one hand. She blushed as her nipples hardened just from the heat of his gaze and his lips lifted slightly. He sat up, straddling her body, and reached down to stroke the peaks with his hands. Her eyes seemed to cloud as she watched him. He pulled gently at one peak and she held still….delicious shivers shooting from her breast straight down her abdomen to lick at the fire gathering between her legs.

“Like that, do ya?” His grin was dark and lazy, and he tugged at it, harder. “Like that, honey?” Cordy moaned, finding the edgy twinge of pain incredibly hot. Her hands lifted to his wrists as if to pull them away from her breasts and he pinched the coral colored tip gently. She gasped, and her hands gripped his wrists tighter, as if to hold his hands there in place. He nodded. “That’s right, Cordy. You want more.” He swooped down and bent his head over her breast. “Glad to oblige.” And he opened his mouth and sucked the satiny bud of her nipple into his mouth, plucking at the other with a sure hand.

Cordy bucked under him, heat pouring in waves through her body. Her arms raised and grasped at his shoulders, holding him with a talon grip. He suckled and licked at her body, seeming to draw from her with each touch of his tongue. Faintly, Cordelia heard muted whimpers somewhere in the room…and was shocked to realize that they came from her.

Angel’s hands left her breasts and he scooted down her body slightly, licking at the soft underside of her breast as he moved. His body rubbed against hers as he slid, and she felt every sensation in her body pool between her legs. She shifted restlessly and he nodded as he reached for the snap at her waist. “I know. I know. You want it….” He yanked the snap open and pulled the zipper down, smiling as he pulled the fly apart. “such little little panties, Cordy. I don’t think you’re as good a girl as you seem.” He slid further down till he straddled her ankles and tugged her jeans down her body…pulling her panties with them.

Cordy watched him, her hands frozen in midair where they had grasped at his shoulders. She watched him as her body was revealed to him, and a dark, florid flush quickly toned her skin. He lifted slightly and pulled her jeans off and tossed them aside before turning back to her, looking at the sleek lines of her skin….her lithe body offered to him like a feast. At the thought, his eyes flashed a golden fire and he stared at the dark nest of damp curls between her legs.

Every sense he had was engaged. He saw the tremor of a pulse beneath her flesh…and the glow of her skin as blood coursed through her veins. He felt her beneath him, taut and lithe and so so needy. He heard the shallow pants that made her breasts rise and fall against her body. He could smell her arousal. It was spicy and strong and he didn’t know how men weren’t lined up at the door because her essence was so strong to him he assumed everyone could smell it. And how could anyone resist that sweet invitation to fuck?

And, oh god. His mouth watered at what he was about to taste. He already knew how her mouth tasted…like berries. Her breasts…like satiny sugar. Her haven….the source of all his pleasure…it would taste like a gift from the angels above…or tempt him like the angels below. Either way, he’d have it and take whatever consequences awaited him. He needed it that bad.

He reached up her body and gently lifted her hands, pulling them down to rest between her legs. “Touch it, baby. Touch where I’ll take you.” She looked at him, almost mindless, as her hand slowly stroked through the dark curls that clumped together damply.

Angel watched, entranced. Her fingers combed through springy curls, stirring waves of scent up to his nostrils. She stroked her hand through parted folds of plump, damp flesh, coating her fingers with the hot honey that flowed and smeared between her legs. And he watched. He slowly backed off the bed and rose, watching.

He watched her eyes roll back and close as her fingers glided over the small hard nub of her clit. His hands reached down to the waist of his trousers and he unfastened them, watching while two of her fingers slowly circled and tugged gently at the nub, moaning all the while. He kept watching while he pulled his trousers off and kicked them aside, watching while she slowly pushed those same two fingers gently into her own body.

He watched the whole while, intent, while he climbed back on the bed, up between her legs to rest on his elbows, gently lifting one tense leg and draping it over his shoulder. Her hand worked in and out of her body, dripping and hot, as he pulled a pillow down and lifted her hips to stuff the pillow under them, raising her core so that it rested right in front of his face.

And he was mesmerized as he took her hand and pulled it away from her body, holding it still. She moaned a protest and opened her eyes, looking down at him, patiently waiting between her legs. He pulled her hand to his mouth and licked at her dripping fingers, licking up and down her hand, his eyes never leaving her face.

“I want more, Cordy.” Her body strained towards him. “I want to eat you up. Do you want that, baby?” She couldn’t even speak. He blew softly at her and her back arced with the pleasure. “Tell me where. Say it.” She slowly shook her head, shyness radiating from her body. He grinned. “That’s ok, honey. Show me. Show me where you want my mouth.”

Cordelia’s hand moved slowly from his mouth. She stroked his lips briefly before lowering her hand to part the curls that surrounded her center. A whimper escaped her throat before her body strained towards his mouth…a desperate plea unspoken. Angel breathed in the intoxicating scent offered to him just as he growled, low and primal.

He leaned in and stroked his tongue over and around the inner plump folds of fleshy lips between her legs. “So….damn…good.” His voice was hoarse as he flicked his tongue out at her clit. One hand rose to rest on her raised abdomen, holding her still as he suckled at the distended pearl of flesh. “Fuck, Cordelia.” He muttered, tugging at her flesh gently. “You were made for this. You were made for me.” One of his fingers stabbed gently into her tight passage. “Only me…..” Another finger joined the first. And his tongue…dear god his tongue.

Cordy felt completely possessed….as if she were a doll, or a puppet, in his hands. She was beyond comprehension, knowing only what she wanted at that minute, and how he could give it to her. His mouth was wicked and dangerous and made her insensible. She writhed beneath him, her raised body offered to him as if she were a feast for the King.

A third finger pressed into her channel, stretching her gently. She moaned, torn between pain and pleasure, the fine line a fiery thin trail. His mouth sucked at her pussy, harder now, as his hand slowly slid in and out in a matching rhythm. She was….oh….God…she was………

He slowly stopped, and lifted his mouth from her. She almost keened in disappointment as he rose over her, his body huge and hard and magnificent. He was all sculpted beauty, and the air between them cackled with barbaric intensity. He settled between her raised hips and slid her body onto his straining cock. She enveloped him like a wet velvet glove, tight and gripping. He straightened up and looked down at her, rising over her pagan and earthy, before leaning down, staying joined to her, and lifting her so that she rose and straddled his kneeling body. His arms locked around her and she looked down at him, feasting on her breasts as he slid in and out of her welcoming heat.

Cordy sobbed, feeling the heat gather in her once more, building up. His muscles grew taut and even harder as he began to pump faster and faster. Her legs lifted and locked around his waist, letting him support them both. He sucked her breast in deeply into his mouth and bit down, sending her over the edge of darkness and light. Her body clenched around his, tightly, milking his cock with each stroke. She screamed, throwing her head back as she came, gushing all around him with all the heat she had, flowing over his body and around it, holding tightly with gripping arms and locked legs.

Angel roared, feeling his cock tighten and stiffen to the point of pain just as her climax sent him over the edge. “You…..are……..mine. You…..are……..own……..” He bit out, each word accompanied by his jackhammering hips. He seemed to cum forever, filling her with all he had…..all that he was.

Cordelia finally calmed and held tightly to his shoulders, her head thrown back. She bit her lip as she panted, trying to calm her racing heart. She kept her eyes closed till she couldn’t stand it anymore and opened them to look down into his gaze, brown, and deep and calm.

Oh God. It was Angel. She had an Angel between her legs, and in her heart. And it was….it was right. It had all led to this moment, and she never wanted to look back. He read her gaze and nodded slightly, seeing the assurance he needed to see.

“I mean it. You’re mine. From this moment on. I don’t give a fuck about what’s correct and what’s not. This…” His grip tightened on her hips. “This is mine.” He leaned up and kissed her mouth gently. “This is mine.” She looked down at him, hazel eyes still cloudy with satiation, and her hair all tousled about her head.

“Oh yeah? Fine. But remember, that works both ways. ‘Cause this…” she leaned down and kissed him, grinding her lips to his in a surprisingly savage way. “…is mine.”

He cupped his hand behind her head and sprung forward, dumping her on the bed. She landed on her back and pulled him down to her, keeping her legs wrapped tight around his waist. He held his body up on his elbows and looked down at her, all sex and need and want, and he grinned. “Thus endeth the lesson.”

The Beginning. *g*


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