Discord. 7

Part 7

Angel touched his fingers gingerly to his mouth and they came away smeared with his own blood. Investigating the split in the corner of his mouth with his tongue, he rose quickly to his feet, stepping back a little as the furious brunette moved forward – instantly catching her flying fist this time and dropping it just as quickly.


“Don’t you dare call me that! I can’t believe you!” he edged back, automatically fending off each blow as she spat the words at him.

“So this Epiphany – was it before or after you got your rocks off?” Angel froze on the spot, his bloodstained mouth dropping open in shock at her question. Oh, shit!

“How-” Was all he could manage before she interrupted again, her eyes shooting fire.

“So it’s true? – Not that I really thought any different; hoped, maybe.” Cordy paused for a moment, trying to breath without gasping at the instant guilty horror that flooded his expression at her words. He’d given up trying to protect the chest she repeatedly punched, and simply stood there, avoiding her eyes.

“You are so predictable”, she added disdainfully, “some blonde opens her legs and you just dive right in!” raising her arms angrily, she took a step back in disgust.

For a split second he had the insane urge to grab those bare arms and twine them around his neck. She was so damned blind when it came to him and his preferences in women. Dru always seemed to be forgotten; considering she was his favorite – and Brunette to boot.

“But, boy, have you’ve surpassed yourself! That skanky dead bitch; Ewwwe, gross much?” The Vampire didn’t bother to reply, but continued to just stand there, now looking down and swallowing heavily. What could he say? He couldn’t believe he’d stooped so low either. Was this the time to tell his Seer who he’d really wanted that night?

He looked up when she sighed heavily in disgust and shifted further away. Maybe not.

“You know what? I’ve found out that I can survive without your help. This brunette has more self-respect than to work with pond scum who doesn’t think twice of putting her and her friends in danger. I’m so outta here.” her blazing hazel eyes swept his slightly hunched form once more before turning away; her vision blurred with moisture as she made her way quickly down the hall.

This was it: a major part of her life was finally over – all she had to do now was tell the others then leave L.A. for good. She should have stuck to her original idea of going to New York from Sunnydale; who knows what kind of life she’d have had by now. It just had to have been a lot better than being here and working for a psycho Vamp!

Angel remained where he was; his head spinning in sick despair. Her words cut deep, and he wasn’t proud of the fact that he was more upset that she’d found out than for what he’d done. He had needed a catalyst, and it had served a purpose in his book.

Then her last words finally filtered into his brain and his head snapped up in time to see her about to turn the corner – and out of his life.

“Don’t touch me!” Cordy yelled loudly when she was spun round and held by her upper arms front of the large body that had suddenly appeared at her side.

“Cordy, please, let me explain.” he pulled her against him, ignoring her attempts to arch away from him. No way was he letting her leave. The thought made his gut twist in panic.

” I don’t wanna hear it! Lemme go; keep those dead, tainted hands to yourself – Ewwe!” she shouted harshly. “I have packing to do.” Added for good measure before renewing her attempts to pull out of his grip.

“You’re not going anywhere until you’ve listened to me,” He kept his tone even, wincing when her foot lashed out; the spiky heel of her shoe scraping across his shin. Hooking an arm under her thighs Angel lifted her off her feet, cradling her squirming body tightly against him so she was unable to cause any further damage.

“Hey! Grabby hands! Go find yourself another blonde to grope, Asswipe!” The guilt and panic on his face melted in a microsecond. Uh-oh. Angel’s mouth tightened at the words thrown in his face, and looked down at her with narrowed eyes.

Weeks of insults from this woman had made his life hell. He’d done everything possible to make it up to her, but did she even try to see it from his side? Things were done; terrible things – but was he supposed to be perfect?

Wasn’t he allowed to make mistakes too?

“Why would I need to do that when you’re here?” Angel bit out roughly, turning back the way they had come.

Cordy’s eyes widened in panic as he made his way to the door of his suite of rooms. Using his elbow, he shoved open the door and strode in. She freaked out, struggling desperately, and when that didn’t work she lifted her head and sank her teeth into his jaw hard.

Angel snarled in shocked pain and anger, yanking his head up and away. The control on his anger snapped almost audibly. He had intended to put her down as soon as they reached his rooms, and attempt to rescue the rapidly degenerating argument – but the chances of him getting through to the raging brunette with words was long past – that was her talent, not his. Action was his specialty.

“I swear to God, Angel – if you don’t put me down NOW, you’ll wish all that’s unholy that you’d never met me!” as threats went, Cordy knew it wasn’t in the top ten of Most Scary, but it was the best she could come up with at her present level of panic.

The taste of his blood coated her tongue and it shocked her that the bite had been so deep; no wonder he looked like he’d lost it! When the Vampire halted beside his bed, Cordy glanced at it in horror and, instead of pulling away, her arms locked around his thick neck.

“Don’t you dare put me on that bed! – Only skanky ho’s get to have that ewwy privilege!” the fear and disgust poured out of her mouth and she tensed even more as she waited for his reaction; her head shooting up when hearing a low laugh rumbling though his broad chest.

Many times in the past, Cordy had tried to get the Stoic Vampire to laugh, and so far, had failed. She now found herself wishing she still had. This particular chuckle wasn’t a pleasant sound at all.

All earlier doubts and conscience fled as Angel’s moral leash finally severed irreparably: “Jealous, baby?” he purred, his gold-flecked eyes glinted dangerously.

Before she had a chance to blink, Cordy found herself trapped between a soft mattress and a hard cool body that pinned her heavily in place. Reaching up, she immediately went for his frighteningly intense face, but this time he was ready for her. Grabbing her wrists firmly, he held them above her head in one hand. Cupping her jaw with the other, he dipped his head and took her mouth.

There was nothing sweet or tender about the joining, and her lips hurt from the hard pressure of his. Pulling at her jaw, Angel easily opened her mouth to him, and his cool tongue delved deep, ravaging hers and drawing it into his mouth. He sucked hard, tasting his own blood, and she choked then yelped when he nipped the tip with blunt teeth before releasing it. Drawing back, he licked his full lips, lifting his hand to cup his chin as he gazed down at her with smoldering amber eyes.

“If you wanted in on the action, Cordy, you only had to ask. Darla was…convenient. If I’d known you were anxious for a taste, I would have come to you instead.” Angel purred, rocking his lean hips into her softer ones, abruptly making her aware of his rock hard sex pressing against the juncture of her thighs.

Her betraying body responded, jerking up into him, and she groaned in anger at the soft hiss and even lower chuckle that vibrated from his chest to hers. No matter what Cordy told herself, she couldn’t deny her attraction to him, and that would be her downfall. Words were all she had left.

“Please – do I look that desperate to you? Get real!” she snarked with difficulty, cursing her trembling, husky tones as he continued to rock smoothly against her softening body.

When his heavy muscular thighs pushed their way between hers, Cordy gasped and tried to lock the muscles tight to prevent the move, but Angel merely exerted more pressure and molded his hips tightly against hers. Moaning low in his throat as her heat burned him through his straining pants, he dipped his dark head into the crook of her neck, forcing her head to the side.

“About as desperate as me for you.” He murmured softly against her throat before sucking sensually over her rapidly hammering pulse point.

Cordy tensed . How far was Angel willing to take this? she wondered frantically as he laved her heated flesh. Was it just a taster before going for the real deal? As if he’d somehow read her frantic thoughts, Angel nipped her soft skin lightly. The temptation to imprint his mark on her flesh was strong, and he had to literally tear his mouth away; instead sliding lower and latching onto her exposed collarbone.

With a quick flick of his fingers, the clip holding the halter neck secure was released. As he slid the soft material out of the way, his head lifting; a soft gasp left his slightly parted mouth at the delicious feast on display.

The style of the dress left no room for a bra, and her pert, full breasts were exposed to his hot gaze. Angel had seen many naked women in his long life, but he had no doubts that this woman possessed the most perfect breasts he’d ever seen.

Imagining her body under the irritating cover of clothing turned out to be a pale comparison to the real thing. His mouth watered with anticipation as he lifted his free hand to cup the warm flesh. Her rosy nipples had tightened as soon as his hot black gaze had fallen on them, and seemed to mutely beg for his attention.

“Please, Angel. Don’t do this; don’t make things any worse.” Cordy pleaded hoarsely while inwardly cursing her body’s response, and fear rose – fear that she would let him continue down this path without a fight. Although she now knew that there was no chance of Angelus ever being released again, the thought that this was merely done in anger and blatant lust alone made her want to weep with sorrow and humiliation. Her hopes that he was having seconds thought began to bloom when he paused from his downward descent to her bared flesh, instead looking up and into her anxious eyes.

For a strained moment he merely stared at her, taking in the parted mouth, rosy and swollen from his kisses; hazel irises almost swamped by her dilated pupils, and her small gasping breaths. “Tell me, Cordelia, how could I possibly make it any worse? You already have me tarred and feathered. You’ve made it more than clear the past weeks that I’m no better than an animal, so lamb, sheep… wolf,” he shrugged carelessly and dipped his dark head. “I’ve nothing more to lose,” he whispered rawly and opened his mouth to engulf the tip of one breast.

Her upper body arched helplessly as he laved and nibbled at her tender flesh without mercy. The strong drawing sensation and slow flick of his cool tongue round her turgid nipple shot bolts of prickling heat directly to her loins, and the resulting hot flood of moisture dampening her silk panties caught his attention, causing him to moan incoherently and grind his pulsing sex hard against her clit in response.

The intoxicating scent of her arousal wrapped around him like a hot and heavy satin blanket, and all he wanted to do was climb into her heat. At this moment it was too frighteningly easy for him to ignore the fear that laced her arousal, and like a thirsty man deprived of life-giving fluid, he ground heavily into her, switching breasts and increasing the pressure of his mouth and tongue.

Unbidden moans of pleasure fell from Cordy’s lips as his rock hard sex sent off rockets in her system and cool yet burning mouth devoured her whole. A cry of uncontrollable disappointment whispered in his ears when his mouth released her tender flesh, and she was beyond noticing when her dress seemingly melted away the slight sting of elastic was her only warning before his head buried between her spread thighs. A shocked gasp caught in her throat at the first broad sweep of his cool tongue along the length of her sex.

Pinning her knees to the bed, Angel opened his mouth wide and lapped her core with broad strokes. The scent and taste of her drove him wild, and he couldn’t control the sudden emergence of his true face as he devoured her ruthlessly. Cordy’s body thrashed convulsively as he speared her core with his tongue and his hands gripped her hips to hold her still, anxious not to injure her with his razor-sharp fangs,

This was what Angel had wanted- no needed that night; to rid himself of the cold that had grown to the point of icy numbness – Cordy’s heat warmed him from the inside out and he almost felt alive again. Her uncontrolled passionate response drove him on, easily enabling Angel to push aside his hazy knowledge that what he was doing was so very wrong. All rational thought fled as he mindlessly devoured everything she had to give; and her husky cries of pleasure only goaded him on, ripping a growl of pure satisfaction from his tight chest.

He never wanted to leave – knew right then that he wouldn’t ever be able to let her go. Even if it meant it could be the end of them.

The vibration of his growl against her delicate flesh ran through her taut body, setting off mini fireworks as he mapped every inch of her – inside and out. With no need for him to breath, the constant attention had her practically lurching off the bed. If not for his firm grip on her lower body, Cordy was sure she’d have fallen onto the floor by now.

Angle latched onto her engorged nub and suckled hard; sliding a thick, hard finger deep into her tight, sizzling core. Delicately touching the tip of his razor-sharp fang to the protective hood above her clit elicited a tiny bead of blood that had the desired result. The frantic fluttering of her vaginal muscles fisted his embedded finger, almost crushing him as her orgasm exploded.

The high-pitched scream she let loose, and the immediate drenching flood of her juices almost had him howling too. Withdrawing his finger, he quickly sucked it clean of her sticky fluid and gently lapped at her over-sensitized flesh to steal every last drop of her essence. As the spasms running through her sweat-sheened body slowly ebbed, Angel rapidly shed his pants and slid along her quivering body until the tip of his swollen sex nudged her hot core. Hissing at the contact, he held back the strong urge to penetrate her the hilt. Instead he waited for her tightly closed eyes to open and look up at him

Angel was very aware that her body was still relatively innocent, and the last thing he wanted was for Cordy to associate him with painful sex. As Angelus, he used his body to torture victims with wicked enjoyment as their delicate untried flesh tore and bled: a mixture of sadistic intent to cause pain and the selfish drive for his own pleasure. He loved Cordelia with a passion that he knew bordered on obsession, and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. But these thoughts brought him up cold as his actions up to now registered in his fevered mind.

Oh, God! As her eyes opened and blinked hazily, Angel paused; his large body turning rigid as conflicting emotions wracked him. Harsh clarity won out as the dazed expression in those swirling caramel depths reflected her conflicted emotions; the traces of fear still visible. He couldn’t do it. Cordy’s body may have been clamoring with the need for more, but only a fool or a complete bastard would ignore the cold reality of what he’d set out do. To rape the woman he loved. He’d lose her for good – if he hadn’t already, he thought, sickly. Sexual abuse… the words echoed though his mind.

He was nothing but an animal. Cordy blinked in shock when Angel’s cool heavy body pinning her down abruptly jerked away and he disappeared out of her line of sight After several stunned seconds, she cautiously levered herself up and scanned the room. Wide eyes found and locked on his still, nude frame as he stood with his back to her, facing the open balcony windows like a statue carved out of pale marble

“A-Angel?” What the hell was going on? One minute he was gazing down at her with those dark, fathomless and extremely hot eyes; the broad tip of his sex nudging intimately against her quivering core, and the next… Was this just another scare tactic? As much as Cordy hated him right now, humiliation close to the surface by his deliberate sensual assault, her body still traitorously yearned for completion only he could give. Angel had ruthlessly primed her well.

“Just leave, Cordy – get out of here… before I change my mind.” He added flatly. Angel stayed where he was, tensing every muscle that screamed to return to her and finish what he started – but he couldn’t risk it. Right now, the scent of her arousal battered his senses, and although he knew it would be so easy to use that to sate his own selfish need; later…later she would fall back to earth with a sickening thud, and hate him more than she probably did already.

The quiet sounds of the mattress springs creaking almost imperceptivity, and the quiet rustle of clothing; then her stumbling exit, kept him statue-still, not moving a muscle until clicking heels faded rapidly and the main entrance door thudded heavily behind. All told of her journey away from him – and most possibly out of his life.

Turning to face the room, he stared at the rumpled bed with empty eyes that then flickered amber briefly when they noticed a splash of red on the floor next to it. Walking over, he reached down and straightened, holding the evidence of his loss of control. A low growl rumbled in his chest then built into a full-blown roar of pain as he clenched the soft silk of her torn panties in his hand.

Cordy froze at the echoing howl of… something that made shudders of fear and another, deeper emotion slide down her spine. for a split second, the urge to return was so strong… but after taking one last look towards shadowy hotel, she instead turned and hurried along the path, heading to her car…

Part 8

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