Discord. 3

Part 3

Before Wesley or Angel could kick open Cordy’s door, Dennis opened it silently. Wes immediately ran over the threshold, crossbow at the ready.

“Get away from her – foot!” he came to a halt as he realized that Harmony was painting Cordy’s toenails.

At the same time, Angel, who had followed directly behind hit an invisible barrier and rebounded back with the impact; barely missing the wedge of light a few feet from her doorway. Hissing as the burning sun singed the edge of one hand, he pulled back and stood angrily, leaning his other hand against the magical barrier keeping him out.

It never occurred to him that Cordy would go that far, and he was both hurt and pissed off.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Cordy’s wide eyes shot from Wesley to the seething Vampire hovering impatiently at her open door. Her gaze narrowed at the dark expression on his face.

“We’re… Willow called. She said that you were in trouble.” Angel explained briefly.

“You’re friend Harmony here is a…” Wesley added seriously

“Vampire. Yeah, I know.” She cut in, nodding carelessly.

“An evil vampire.” Wesley enunciated strongly, unable to believe Cordy’s casual acceptance. He flicked a look at the Vampire now pressing against the barrier. When had Cordy had the spell done? – And who had put it there? He made a mental note to ask her later.

“Yeah, we covered that, too.” Harmony nodded, and continued to paint Cordy’s toenails.

“So you thought you’d just bust into my house and kill my friend without giving her a chance to explain herself?” Cordy actually looked outraged at the thought; Angel and Wesley exchanged a perplexed look.

“Yeah.” Wesley nodded in agreement.

“Pretty much.” Angel added shortly.

“That was our plan.” Wesley divulged quietly- his face comically confused.

“Well, holster your guns, boys. She came to me for help. – That’s what we do, right? Help?”

“Cordy, invite me in.” Angel demanded, his voice revealing his rapidly building anger. She shook her head without looking at him.

“No chance. Wes, she’s my friend – put that thing down!” Lifting her legs away from Harmony’s lap, Cordy put her feet on the floor, straightening up.

With a sigh Angel growled low in his throat; slapping a hand hard against the barrier, and Wes took a step closer, crossbow still aimed squarely at Harmony.

“That is not your friend. That thing may have your friend’s memories and her appearance, but it’s just a filthy demon, an unholy monster. Uh, no offence.” Wesley added, his British upbringing knee jerking into play.

“About what?” Harmony asked, clueless.

Wes got ready to shoot Harmony, but Cordy stood up and pushed the crossbow down.

“Wes, you can’t. She’s had plenty of time to snack away – but she hasn’t. Doesn’t that tell you anything?” Cordy pulled aside her robe, giving Wes a good look at her untouched neck.

“See? No Vampy hickeys. Now put it down.” Wes glared at her, whilst Angel growled even louder. When he got his hands on his Seer, he had a feeling he would soon remedy that oversight!

Fair enough, Wesley had the crossbow, but now he’d lowered it, and Angel was fully aware of how fast a Vampire’s reflexes were – The Blonde would have no trouble disarming the now-partially relaxed man and killing them both; and he would be able to do nothing but watch!

“Cordelia, we need you at the office.” Wes decided to give the Vampire the benefit of the doubt – for now! Cordy looked from Harmony to the guys, then nodded.

“I’ll be over in a couple of hours. I need to get dressed – I’m sure the business won’t belly up ‘cos I’m a little later than usual.” Cordy herded Wesley towards the door, still ignoring the fuming Vampire.

“If you think we are leaving you here alone again – with her, you are sadly mistaken.” Wesley resisted her efforts and refused to budge.

“I agree; we’ll wait with you.” Angel attempted to keep his growls to a minimum as he straightened up, ready to grab her if she got any closer to the door.

“You’ll be a crispy critter by then – the paint on my door is faded for a reason; midday exposure.” Cordy eyed him coldly, careful not to get too close.

“Then invite me in, and it won’t be a problem.” Angel snarled in fury when she again shook her head. All kinds of ideas of ways he’d love to punish the stubborn woman crossed his mind; Cordy stepped back even further when his eyes tinged gold.

She knew she was being petty, but she couldn’t bring herself to say those four words. No way did she want to ‘invite’ him into her home, her life- not again.

“Cordelia.” Sighed Wesley. Although he understood her reservations, he was surprised at her bull-headedness in such a fraught situation.

He wasn’t unaware of her Vampire friend’s abilities, and would have preferred not to have Angel on the outside looking in. But reading her expression, he knew cajoling or even asserting his newfound authority would be a lost cause.

“Angel; you head back to the hotel –I’ll stay with the, um, ladies. –Don’t worry, I won’t let my guard down.” He assured the Vampire, stopping the angry flow of words he knew were about to spill.

Angel stifled the urge to punch the barrier, knowing it wouldn’t get rid of it, but needing to expel some of the burning rage; which intensified when the brunette turned her back on him with a small smile, walking towards the kitchen and out of sight.

“Protect her, Wes; I’m counting on you to do that.” He didn’t mean it to come out as a threatening warning, and dropped his gaze briefly at the flicker of hurt that crossed his friend’s eyes.

“I’m sure I can manage to do that, Angel – see you later.” Wesley shut the door quietly, not waiting for the Vampire to leave.

Angel stared hard at the closed door for a long moment before swiveling on his heel and heading for the nearby Sewer entrance.

As he lowered himself into the dark, dank tunnel, Angel calmed himself a little by dark thoughts of the inevitable confrontation with his Seer…


Wesley stood with his back to the wall, the crossbow pointed firmly towards the Blonde sitting on the couch.
When he’d shut the door, both women had turned to walk into the bedroom together, but he stopped them, insisting they get ready separately. He indicated that Cordelia go first, as he wanted to have a quiet word with her alone after whilst Harmony got ready.

“It’s all yours. Harm. Don’t spend all day in the tub.” Cordy exited the bedroom dressed in a mid-thigh red suede skirt and a cream tank top that clung to her generous curves. In her hands she held a folded pair of dark pants, which she placed in her voluminous purse carefully.

“So, uhm, you’re just going to leave her here? – A vampire, alone in your home, risking your neighbors lives?” Wesley had assumed the blonde was to accompany them to the hotel, where they’d be able to keep a careful eye on her.

“Hey, I told you, Harmony is my friend and I trust her completely.” Cordy frowned at Wesley, annoyed. When she’d come off the phone to Willow and explained the conversation, Harmony had actually cried.

Before she knew it, she was hugging the girl/Soulless Vampire, and reassuring her that she was still her friend. After Harmony promised that she’d had no intention –”except for that little slip, last night”, of hurting her one and only friend, and had just needed someone who would understand the pain she was going through.

Harmony smiled at Wesley as she rose from the couch.

“Harmony can stay here.” Cordy added resolutely; frowning at the scared expression that quickly replaced her friend’s smile.

“I don’t wanna stay alone here with the ghost.” If Cordy had known that that was the only reason Harmony hadn’t given into temptation, she knew she’d have been looking down the length of a stake wielded by the dark and fearsome looking Ex of the Slayer an hour earlier.

Wesley waited for the girl to exit the lounge before turning towards Cordy.

“When did you dis-invite Angel? And who did it?” he asked curious as to whom she’d asked to perform the spell.

“When our former Boss went postal on us – and I did it, clever me! When Willow did her mojo in SunnyHell, I asked her for the how-to – never knew when it would come in handy. Stakes and holy water pale in comparison to the warm, snugly feeling you get knowing a possible Angelus can’t get into your home.” He couldn’t argue with that. It had been one of their main worries when Angel seemingly embraced the dark side. Though it hadn’t occurred to him to go that far.

“I’m sorry that I left it to you to deal with, Cordelia.” He apologized sincerely. Cordy grinned warmly, shaking her head saying not to worry about it.

“But Angel is again fighting for the Mission, and it makes sense to have him able to enter his friend’s homes.” Wesley insisted softly, taking care not to sound too pushy. He face immediately darkened; the smile fading abruptly.

“But that’s just it, Wesley – Angel is no longer my friend. I don’t want to argue the toss here, so let’s drop it, okay?” she added pleadingly when his mouth opened to do just that. Sighing heavily, Wesley dropped the subject and instead resumed watching the bedroom door intently…


Wesley flipped through the pages of an old book lying on the counter in the Hyperion’s lobby, while Cordy looked for information with the computer. Angel stood on the other side of the counter, leaning an elbow on it as he too perused a pile of books; frequently darting dark looks towards the brunette sitting directly opposite.

Since they got to the hotel, Cordy had made sure she was always within touching distance of either Wesley or Harmony, and it was driving him insane. She was on her third cup of coffee, and he found himself praying that nature would rear its head and force her to the bathroom. He was determined to speak to her before the day was over.

Cordy kept her eyes steadfastly pinned to the computer screen, her whole body humming with alarm as the almost palpable gaze of the Vampire raked her face seemingly every two seconds. Squirming uncomfortably, she cursed the heat that threatened to engulf her face and neck. His dark gaze threatening retribution, and the barely hidden rage displayed earlier caused her to stay close to the others for the last couple of hours. She ignored the ache of her near to bursting bladder stubbornly, as she continued to check out the net.

“The triangle evokes pyramidal imagery but there is nothing with both the serpent and the pyramid as a symbol.” Wesley’s voice broke the not so pleasant atmosphere, and Harmony walked over and climbed up on a stool next to Wesley, loudly chewing some gum. Wesley flinched and tried to ignore her.

“Doesn’t appear to be either hieroglyphic or…” Harmony popped a bubble practically in his ear.

“Do you mind?” He resisted the urge to shove her off the stool with amazing self-control. Since they’d returned to the hotel, the Vampire had followed him around like a bad smell, and seemed unnaturally fascinated with him; mentioning something about his accent “bringing back sad memories” – to which he’d replied acidly: “Then why don’t you stand in that corner over there, then!” Harmony now shrugged her shoulders, continuing to chew her gum loudly.

“Well, I’m kinda bored, but – go ahead.” She nodded, smiling vacuously, completely oblivious to his rapidly growing irritation. Wesley stared at her for a moment then walked over to Cordy’s desk.

“Look, the red bird you saw in your vision, was it an eagle, a hawk, a falcon?” Angel deliberately kept his eyes lowered as he asked Cordy.

“What am I? The bird lady of Alcatraz? It had wings and a beak. For all I know it was a duck. A big – red duck.” She replied shortly; also not deeming to look up from the screen.

“Perhaps it’s an idol or a totem the cult uses in its rituals, or…” Wesley looked over towards Harmony, chewing her gum –even more loudly, and tapping a pencil on the counter top.

Before the night was out, he decided, friend or no friend, that girl was going to be staked – after he’d wrapped that gum around her open mouth!

“Duck worshippers?” Harmony laughed shrilly, causing the Englishman to flinch with increased annoyance. Thinking about it, he doubted he’d last the night.

“It could also be a landmark of some kind, telling us their hiding place.” Angel racked his brains, trying to recall if he’d ever seen such a landmark, but nothing came to mind.

“Well, I’m unaware of any red bird statuary in downtown Los Angeles, so unless you are I suggest -” Harmony popped another bubble, and he flipped.

Someone put a *stake* through that woman’s heart if she persists in popping her bloody chewing gum!” he practically snarled, shooting poisoned daggers at the Vampire from his narrowed blue eyes.

“Harmony, do me a favor; lose the gum.” Cordy got up from her desk, eying Wesley carefully to make sure a stake didn’t suddenly appear in his clenched hand.

“Okay, okay! Sorry. I thought it would help with the cravings.” Harmony sighed heavily;
ripping a page out of the book Wesley had been looking at earlier and spat her gum into it.

“I mean, you’d think I’d get a thank you for not biting any of you.” She explained, off their stares of shock.

Wesley closed his gaping mouth and pulled the book off the counter, snatching the crumpled up page from her hand.

What are you doing!?! This book is twelve centuries old!” Wesley stuttered in outrage.

“Okay. So it’s not like I messed up a new one.” Harmony shrugged, indifferent, and still oblivious to the man’s steaming fury. Wesley ground his teeth and put the book down on Cordy’s desk.

“Wes, it’s not like she did it on purpose.” Cordy was beginning to think that bringing the ditzy blonde to the hotel had been a very bad idea – but she couldn’t keep the grin that threatened to explode across her face at the priceless look on his face.

She caught Angel staring at her intently, and the grin dropped away instantly. What’s he looking at! glaring defiantly at him, she dropped her eyes back to the screen.

Angel was still dazzled by the wide grin that had lightened her lovely face; reminding him that he hadn’t seen her smile since before he fired them. And he also hadn’t realized how he missed being warmed by them. The snotty look she shot at him when she caught him looking sliced through his gut, and hardened his resolve to confront her.

“That’s right. And I could have. Because, you know, Iam evil.” Harmony grinned artlessly. Wesley pulled a stake out of Cordy’s desk and lunged at her.

“Wesley! Wesley!” Cordy jumped on him from behind, wrapping her arms around him. Angel grabbed a hold of Harmony’s arm and pulled her out of reach.

“Harmony, there is blood in the refrigerator. Why don’t we get you some and let everyone get back to work?” He opened the fridge with one hand and took out a container of blood, releasing her to pour some into a cup.

“Here we go. That’s it. Drink up.” Harmony took the cup and started to drink.

“Eww! Yech! It tastes funky.” She grimaced in distaste.

“It’s pig’s blood.” Angel explained.

“Ugh, well, that’s gonna go straight to my hips.” She sighed heavily. ” How do you stand this?” frowning as she asked the other Vampire.

“You get used to it.” He replied shortly. It wasn’t a touch on Human blood, but he accepted it as part of his redemption – and why should enjoyment be allowed even in sustenance?

“I mean how do you stand everything? Being what you are, how can you deprive yourself of the taste? The sensation of rich, warm, human blood – flowing into your mouth – bathing your tongue – caressing your throat with its sweet, sticky…” Angel’s mouth watered as the girl droned on and on; his mind wandering to dark memories her words brought to the surface.

“I’m back!” Angel turned away from Harmony, Gunn’s voice breaking his reverie: “Me too.” He murmured softly.

Gunn walked down into the lobby while Angel dropped onto a stool and leaned onto the counter, a few feet away from Cordy.

“Oh, I see we have company.” Gunn eyed the Harmony in male appreciation and waved; she smiled winningly at him and gave him a wink while pouring sugar into her cup of pig’s blood. Cordy slapped her hand on the counter in front of Gunn to get his attention.

“That is Harmony. She’s visiting for a couple of days.” She explained lightly.

“It’s all right to speak freely in front of her. She’s a vampire.” Wesley added; sarcasm dripping from his tongue, giving Cordy a frowning glare. She shrugged guiltily.

“Don’t we kill ’em any more?” Gunn’s smile dropped instantly, and scowled with confusion.

Angel he could accept – after a fashion; but this, to Gunn, was unacceptable. On seeing the killing glances being shot towards the blonde Vampire, Gunn figured it wouldn’t be long before she was out of his ‘non’-hair! That’s cool he shrugged and winked at Wesley, who missed it, being too busy with the glaring.

“What did you find out?” Angel brought the subject at hand back up.

“Alright. Robed vampires been grabbing people off the street for a while now, almost a month.” Gunn revealed, his expression grim.

“A month? How come we didn’t know about it?” Cordy was surprised that information had missed them – then thought of how ‘contacts’ had dried up as soon as their former Boss had given them the heave-ho. She darted another evil look at Angel, who pretended not to notice.

“Well, we’ve all been a little distracted lately.” The glare intensified at Angel’s reply, and he heard her ‘pftt’ in annoyance as she once again focused on the screen in front of her.

Angel walked stealthily around the counter to stand directly behind her, and her whole body tensed at his nearness. She flinched when he dipped his head so that his chin was almost touching her shoulder. She jerked away, not noticing his sharp look as she did so.

“Yeah. Or maybe we haven’t heard because not a lot of bodies been turning up.” Gunn continued, as Angel straightened up – and instead of moving away, sat on the desk next to her keyboard.

“They’re not feeding. They’re turning them.” Angel answered, his voice expressionless.
“Into vampires?” As soon as she asked, Cordy felt stupid. Duh! What else! but having him so close was seriously effecting her rationale.

“Someone’s recruiting, building an army.” Wesley’s voice reflected dawning realization.

“Question is, for what?” Gunn asked.

Cordy reached for the coffee she’d made a little earlier. As her fingers touched the cooling rim, she again scowled at the heavy, muscular thigh resting so close and invading her personal space. Why couldn’t he just leave her alone? Was it that much to ask? She scowled, darting him an angry look before reaching for her coffee cup. As her fingers brushed the handle, an insane idea crossed her mind, and without giving herself a chance to have second thoughts, her hand flicked against the side of the cup sharply.

“Shit!” Angel shot up and off the desk as the hot liquid drenched his pants leg.

Cordy couldn’t keep the smirk off her face as he held the sopping fabric away from his skin; the coffee had been sitting there for a while, and she knew it wasn’t hot enough to scald him.

“Oops! – My bad.” His gold-rimmed eyes shot to hers at the sound of the barely hidden satisfaction in her voice.

Seeing the smirk on her face too made him all too aware that it had been deliberate. He backed away from her before he gave into the impulse to throw her over his shoulder, take her somewhere quiet and spank the living daylights out of her.

“I’ll just go get changed, he muttered, eyes filled with promised retribution raked her face before he disappeared up the stairs.

“What? –It was an accident! He shouldn’t have sat there, anyway.” She shrugged her shoulders defiantly at the disbelieving looks on the faces of her male friends.

Shrugging off the shiver of alarm and resolutely ignoring the pang of guilt twisting her gut, Cordy grabbed some tissues and cleaned up the mess on her desk. After a few minutes, she realized that this was her chance to go to the bathroom. Her bladder was now threatening to expel its contents regardless of where she was.

“Call of nature- be right back.” Getting up, she made her way round the counter, scowling when Gunn rushed ahead of her.

“You’ll have to wait –got me some blood to remove” displaying grazed knuckles over his shoulder.

“Not all my sources wanted to share – plenty more bathrooms here, girl.” He grinned as she stood in the middle of the lobby, hands on hips and glared at his disappearing figure.

Great! She dithered on the spot, shifting her feet as she eyed the stairs warily. Angel had not long gone, so she figured she could get back down before he did. Lifting her chin in a show of indifference, Cordy spoiled it by practically running up the steps

She chose a bathroom far enough away from the Vampire’s suite of rooms to ease her nerves, but she didn’t relax until the door was closed and firmly locked.

Cordy washed her hands and looked at her reflection. Soft cheeks touched with the faint rose of a guilty conscience looked back at her. That made her angry, as no way did she want to regret her attitude and behavior – even though she knew it was petty and smacked of Queen C habits that she’s thought she’d left behind.

The others didn’t really understand or realize just how devastated Cordy had been. For the first time in her life, she thought she’d found a true friend – having never experienced the kind of relationship she’d had with the Vampire, Cordy had finally dropped her protective walls and let him in. There was nothing she wouldn’t have done for Angel – and he’d thrown it back in her face like so much garbage.

When he’d first came back into their lives, she knew he’d been trying his hardest to get back in her good books, but that had made her even more hurt and angry. After that scene in their temporary office; the cruel words spoken with the chilling, blank gaze that had invaded her dreams ever since…no, she wouldn’t let him hurt her again. She meant it when she said they weren’t friends – not any more…


Angel threw the stained pants into the clothes hamper, cursing till the air in his room turned blue. Scenarios played through his fevered mind as he dried his thigh on a rapidly discarded towel; Cordy’s body thrown across his lap, her clothing ripped from her hips and the feel of her soft, golden skin under the hand that connected to it sharply… by the time he’d pulled on fresh boxers and pants, the Cordy in his mind was now sporting a seriously reddened ass that he smoothed with his large, cool hand, soothing the punishment and mapping her skin… shaking his head roughly, and cursing yet again, Angel exited his room and made his way to the stairs.

He halted abruptly, halfway along, as a familiar scent assailed his nostrils- Cordelia.

Lifting his head and scenting the air, his eyes came to rest on one of the doors. As he stepped directly in front of it, he heard the sound of running water, and smiled. If Cordy had seen that smile she would have quailed in her high heels…


Cordy took a deep, cleansing breath and opened the door. Looking round the opening in the direction of Angel’s suite, she breathed a sigh of relief and came out. Turning after closing the door, Cordy ran into a wall of solid muscle. Jerking back in shock, she came face to face with the very angry looking Vampire. Realizing that the others were too far away for comfort scared her but no way was she gonna let him know that! – Although he could probably guess by the rate of her heartbeat and shallow, panicky breaths.

“Angel.” Cordy folded her arms – mainly to hide her slightly shaking hands. The glares of dark retribution were still fresh in her mind, and there was no mistaking that he still had a problem with her – putting it mildly!

Angel watched her closely, not missing the fine tremor running through her body. His first instinct was to just lift her off her feet and take her somewhere a lot quieter, but on seeing how nervous she was under that show of indifference, he tamped down his Demon.

“About Harmony – you seriously can’t expect us to accept her presence here?” Angel got straight to the point, not bothering to sugar coat his word. Immediately he saw her back stiffen- good; he preferred that than her quivering with fear – well, up to a point.

“She hasn’t done anything wrong – name one thing she’s done that points to her being an evil killer?” Cordy’s tone was harsher than she would have liked, but coming face to face with someone she’d been avoiding being alone with – mainly due to her constant ‘needling’ and outright spite towards him, had seriously rattled her. Since that episode with the Lawyers, she didn’t feel like she knew him any more.

“Maybe not here – yet! – You are too damn trusting, and it’s gonna get you killed!” Angel’s tone roughened with anger at her ‘Pftt’.

“You wanna talk about trust, big guy? – Hey, you may be just right about that; I sure was suckered by you, wasn’t I?” Her chin lifted when his mouth tightened in increased anger.

I didn’t try to kill you, Cordy – and we’re talking about Harmony here; don’t change the subject.” Angel was starting to lose it as her eyes rolled in a face that screamed yeah, right!

“Well, Harmony hasn’t tried either – she spent the whole night at my apartment, and didn’t try a thing.” I don’t have to mention her little weak moment Cordy decided silently.

“And that’s another thing: you left me outside, unable to help you – or Wes if she’d decided to ‘try’ after all! Would it have killed you to invite me in?” that still stung like a Bastard.

“Yeah, maybe it would have. I trust Harmony – my friend, and friends get invites – which is more than I can say for you.” Cordy stepped back abruptly, her back slamming against the wall as he took a threatening step forward.

“I can’t believe you trust her! Are you insane? She’s a Vampire!” How he didn’t shake her until her teeth rattled amazed Angel. He towered over her; fighting for self-control – the muscles of his arms and body flexing with the strain of holding back.

-“Says another Vampire invading my space!” she snorted in disdain. His face tightened even more, and the fury that changed his eyes to gold made her shiver in response; but she wouldn’t back down. If she did, it would be the start of a decline Cordy refused to follow.

“Harmony is entirely different, and you know it! – I have a Soul, remember?” he growled in her face, not even attempting to suppress it. His Demon was so close to the surface, Angel had difficulty keep his human face in place.

“Tell that to the families of the Lawyers of Wolfram & Hart!” Cordy sneered, her lip curling as she swept her cool eyes from his head to toes. “Are you really any different?” As soon as the words left her mouth, Cordy knew she’d said too much: his face was thunderous, and she didn’t miss the convulsive clenching of his large hands.

He crowded her even more; his head dipping until his wide, sculpted mouth was inches from her own. She gulped, her heart thundering in her chest in a mixture of fear, and something she couldn’t quite define as his gold eyes bored into hers.

“You don’t know how close you are to having that cute little butt slapped – hard!” Angel growled angrily, his fingers itching to carry out his threat. Cordy rolled her eyes in a show of indifference and scorn, and pushed past him to walk down the hall.

“Pfft! – You and who’s army? You wouldn’t dare,” she muttered loud enough for him to hear – then cried out as an arm hooked around her waist and pulled her into one of the rooms.

She opened her mouth to scream for the guys, and Angel; seeing it, slapped a hand across her mouth, at the same time whipping the gauzy scarf from around her neck.

Cordy’s eyes widened in outrage and alarm as he deftly gagged her, ignoring her renewed struggles and muffled screams he latched onto her wrists with one hand and dragged her to the only piece of furniture in the unused room; a bed. Sitting down, his game face having slipped on and stayed at her taunt, he threw her across his thighs, pinning her in place by holding her captured hands against her lower back; his forearm pressed between her shoulder blades, before doling out several sharp slaps on her butt.

As she struggled even more, her short skirt rode up, and she gasped when the hand connected with the bare flesh her thong left naked to his angry gaze. Although Angel held back from doing anything more than redden her skin, it still hurt, and her wide eyes filled with tears as he continued with his punishment.
After what seemed an age, he rose, lifting her with him, and then dropping her onto the bed.

“Maybe you’ll think twice before daring me again.” He snarled, looming over her threateningly. His gold eyes raked her sprawled body, taking in the rumpled skirt that was now almost wrapped around her waist, and the silky red thong that barely covered her sex. For a moment something dark and hot flashed in his eyes – then he was gone.

Cordy slowly eased herself up on her elbows; her stunned eyes pinned to the closed door. In a daze she removed the scarf with shaking hands, and tied it back round her neck numbly. The disbelief of what had just occurred was apparent on her face, and if it weren’t for the slight tenderness of her buttocks, Cordy would have thought the last five minutes had all been a frightening – and arousing nightmare.

Her cheeks matched the fiery red of another part of her anatomy as she pushed down that arousal – it couldn’t be! She’d have to be a sicko to have been turned on by the punishment Angel had meted out.

“Oh, God – I am a Sicko!” she whispered, humiliated, as she sat on the edge of the bed trying to compose herself before making her way back downstairs. His actions had, strangely, only made her more determined to keep their relationship on a co-worker’s level- ignoring her body’s betraying silent protest…

Part 4

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