Season of Solace. 83

83:     Angel’s Mansion, Crawford Street, Central Sunnydale

Angel’s kiss lit a warm burn in her belly. Wanting more, her lips tingled beneath the soft weight of his. When the gentle pressure suddenly lifted away mid kiss, the acute loss of sensation sparked a moan. Their eyes met for an instant, his dark, smoldering with emotions she had no time to fathom.

All Cordelia knew was that being this close felt as vital as breathing because when Angel touched her she could think of nothing else. All her troubles disappeared beyond the fog that clouded her brain and blocked out anything except the sweet solace of sensation.

She brushed her fingertips across his cheek tilting her parted lips toward him, his name whispered across his skin. Eyelashes fluttered closed again. Angel captured her lower lip with a soft suck then darted his tongue teasingly across its plump surface. Widespread hands roved endlessly tracing paths across skin and silk.

Eager to touch him too, Cordelia’s hands left the soft strands of his hair to move across broad shoulders and sweeping between them to the muscular expanse of his bare chest. The motion rubbed the back of her wrists against her sensitive breasts. Their velvety peaks pressed against the cloth of her gown causing her to arch forward. Angel moaned into her mouth as her rounded nails scraped gently over his nipples before her hands moved to a natural resting spot near the top of his belt.

Hips connected, his spread stance making a ready home for hers. There was no mistaking his physical response as his hand swept down her bare spine bringing them closer together. One of her hands slipped down to his hip closer to the hard bulge pressing against her belly, lingering there curiously before skipping back up to the safety of his waist.

Angel’s lips slid down to her pulse point lingering for the space of a few heartbeats. Her eyes blinked open for a single moment of clarity. She wanted to make love with him. This was not just another one of their recent fun, but not going anywhere make-out sessions. Somehow, she knew, even aroused as this, Angel would manage to stop if she asked, but the honest truth was that she wanted more. Right now, she needed it.

Clasping his jaw, Cordelia turned his head for another kiss needing his mouth on hers. The fingers of her other hand came up to trace the shell of his ear and then grasp the nape of his neck. Their lips pressed tight and held for a second, her knees nearly buckling as Angel opened up to her letting her tongue slip inside to taste him.

His strong hands were at her waist, holding her up until Cordelia was steady on her feet. The momentary dizziness had her clutching his shoulders again. They broke apart with only the flickering candlelight blinking in the tiny space between them.

“I want to see you.” Angel’s words sounded as thick as honey and sent a ripple of lust down to the hot, achy place between her thighs. “All of you.”

Cordelia licked at her lips, partly nervous, but mostly missing his kisses. His eyes were full of contradictions. She saw that now. Sinful darkness demanding to be sated, and anger tempered by some steel thread of control. Guilt flashed in those ageless eyes, but something else was there, too. She did not really know if it was love, but there was enough to convince her that Angel’s feelings for her were real.

As Cordelia reached for the loose edge of her bodice, his hands covered hers and gently pulled them to her sides. A shiver of anticipation sent tingles along every direction as Angel’s hands slid along her arms in an up & down motion dragging the silk gown with him as he went. His eyes held hers for another instant before dropping to follow the trail of her gown as it peeled away from her breasts.

Another husky rumble left his throat as she was revealed to him by millimeters, the silk slipping slowly over her curves. His hands slipped up again, his thumbs catching the gown where it had stretched across her distended nipples to tug it down to the point where she could lift her arms out of the sleeves.

Free of impediments, the gown dropped rapidly to her waist clinging precariously to her hips, now trapped by their close-knit bodies. Watching his every reaction, Cordelia saw him drag his tongue across his lips as her breasts came into view. Curled fingertips traced a line from breast to hip, then turning and spreading out to lay claim to the supple curve of her bottom bringing her body in perfect alignment with his.

The tips of her breasts brushed up against Angel’s chest. She moved to wind her arms around his neck, but he dipped his head so that his mouth once again found the pulse point at her throat, blunt teeth nipping softly. Somewhere in the back of her mind, a little warning bell sounded, but Cordelia pushed those thoughts aside for the moment.

Tilting her head, she gave him better access and was rewarded with a hot trail of kisses down to her collarbone. Eyes closed, she felt herself dipped back, a move that kept their hips locked and her breasts fully exposed to his view. Anticipating Angel’s hands and mouth to squelch some of that achy feeling inside her, she let out an impatient moan, opening her eyes to find his were tinted with gold.

One large hand slipped up to her breast filling his palm, his eyes riveted as he plumped it, thumb circling along its curves and teasing sensitive flesh that puckered under the attention. Cordelia’s fingernails curled into the nape of his neck subconsciously urging him forward until a low sound in his throat caught her attention.

It sounded like encouragement. Arching forward into his hand, Cordelia mewled in protest as he freed her breast, his hand skimming beneath the cascade of her hair to grasp her nape and bring them face to face. Angel planted a hot kiss on her lips before taking a step mere inches back.

A rush of air followed as the silk gown slipped down over the length of her supple legs pooling at her feet. Angel watched its progress, his heavy-lidded gaze slowly dragging back up to linger along her toned golden thighs and the soft brown curls forming a trim triangle at their juncture. The sweet scent of arousal filled the air, her skin hot, flushed with desire.

Inwardly, Angel cursed himself for taking advantage of the situation. Yet he had to touch her, breathe in her scent, press his lips to her skin to taste her. Helpless to do anything else, his emotions were strung tight like a bowstring, and any random interruption might snap his control.

He had been through hell tonight all because he feared the worst, believing that the demon might have taken Cordelia, done things, gone through with the plan to spill her blood. If not the demon, then Drusilla might have been playing at some revenge game. The sight and scent of Bev’s blood that had not quite left his thoughts— and the disgust he felt because on some level he realized he had let himself breathe it in deep.

The relief he had felt at finding Cordelia unharmed played havoc with emotions far more instinctual and much too close to the surface. Angel knew that he should be doing nothing more than safeguarding Cordelia, but he needed the reassurance of her touch and something more real than what he saw with his eyes, what she’d whispered in his ear.

Just how far was too far, he wondered, as he watched Cordy kick the discarded dress away with feigned confidence. He knew her well enough to detect the act. There was no mistaking her sudden shyness as her lashes shadowed her hazel eyes.

“Beautiful,” Angel rumbled ardently, his fingertips just skimming the curve of her bare hip. He could see the effect of that single word as if he had told her something she knew all along, but needed to hear him say it.

Cordelia wound her arms around his neck, standing on her tiptoes, and pressing those magnificent breasts against him as she reached up for a kiss. He could not deny her what he wanted himself. Pressing her lips further open, Angel’s tongue lashed across the smooth inner flesh slipping inside and darting away again drawing hers into the open. Caressing it with his own, the wet slide of their tongues made him think of the warm, wet place between her thighs.

The thought of laying Cordy down on his bed, hair streaming across his pillow as he spread her open to his gaze flashed on instant replay. He could already taste her arousal on the air, and before considering her inexperience, stroked his long fingers between her thighs, both of them reacting to the contact.

Cordelia gasped into his mouth, her first instinct to clench her legs together, but the insistent strum of his fingers slipping along those intimate folds felt glorious. She clutched alternately at his face, his shoulders, and his muscular arms feeling the shallow rhythm of his tongue matching the strokes below.

When Angel’s fingers slipped away, Cordelia sounded out a soft cry of complaint. He clasped her face, staring intently into her eyes. “I want you in my bed, Cordy, but it’s impossible to go all the way.” Somehow, he had found the sense to remind her of the danger. Stressing, “You know that,” while trying to convince himself to listen, too. His body certainly was not paying attention.

“Don’t stop now. I want it.” Against his lips the soft words were half plea, half demand. She kissed him, lips locking with his as her palms slid down his torso in a v-shaped line toward his belt buckle.

Angel figured she would stop there, but Cordelia was more brazen than most virgins he had encountered. Reaching between them, she cupped him, her fingers finding his shape. After standing so shyly under his appreciative gaze, she now wantonly stroked him with her hand.

A growl of pleasure rumbled from his chest as he let her fingers roam free despite the urge to grasp her hand to form a tighter grip. The friction of his pants and her unskilled fingers teased deliciously against his fully aroused cock. It felt damn good. He wanted more, far more than he should expect despite the eagerness of her response. Definitely more than was safe.

After the events of this hellish night, Angel wanted to give her a taste of oblivion, a moment of blissful peace where only the two of them existed. He held onto a shred of doubt that true bliss was possible no matter her beauty, or the way he felt, his emotions spiraling out of control. On some level, he conceded it as a selfish excuse, but Angel was too overwrought, telling himself that he could keep it together.

Letting his desire for her outweigh the dangers, he could not deny either one of them this brief distraction. Leaning in close, Angel nibbled at her earlobe for a second before the husky promise of his voice sounded in her ear, “I’m going to enjoy making you come apart at the seams.”

Those hazel eyes sparkled as she challenged, “Think you can?”

“Let’s find out.” Angel maneuvered her back toward the bed.

Tossing the coverlet toward the bottom, he lifted her up, placed a quick kiss at the corner of her mouth and gently set Cordelia down in the middle of the bed.

Cordelia’s first instinct was to make a grab for the loose sheet to cover herself. She was not used to being so exposed even if Angel’s every touch and glance, not to mention his words, was enough to convince her he thought she was beautiful. That just showed his newly improved good taste in girlfriends.

Who ever said blondes had more fun never met Cordelia Chase. She did not want to remind Angel of anyone else tonight.

A gasp of anticipation caught in her throat as she watched Angel toe off his boots. The sight of him trying to look sexy while removing his socks caused Cordelia to bite down on her lower lips to prevent an escaping hysterical giggle. She lowered her lashes, glancing away in order to regain her composure, and when she looked back, Angel’s hands were on his belt, unbuckling and slipping the leather through the loops.

Things were not so funny all of a sudden. Nervous tingles swarmed in her tummy as her eyes locked with the motion of his hands. He deftly unbuttoned his pants, his fingers moving to catch the fastener on the zipper. Her own hands clutched at the sheet as he paused mid-motion, her eyes darting from the obvious bulge that he was about to reveal up to his face and back down to his hands.

Cordelia wanted to see if reality matched what her visual imagination had come up with. What she had been feeling was certainly out of proportion to everything she had seen in the past. As man-sized packages went Angel’s came in extra large. That was almost as terrifying as it was exciting.

Her hair cascaded forward as she lowered her gaze to the edge of the sheet that she had draped over the strategic parts of her body. Suddenly, the mattress dipped with Angel’s weight and Cordelia’s eyes darted up to see him kneeling on the bed, legs spread apart, hands resting on thickly muscled thighs as he sat on his heels watching her.

Blinking twice, “Your pants are still on,” she observed in shock.

“Let’s just take one thing at a time, okay?” suggested Angel tracing a finger over the exposed curve of her knee. His slight touch left her tingling for more. Moving slowly, his finger tripped up to the smooth bronzed skin of her arm joined by the rest of his hand as he reached her shoulder and then sliding up cupped her face.

A sigh escaped her lips, one Cordelia barely noticed as she relaxed into his touch. Her lips felt swollen as she licked at them, eager to feel his mouth against hers. “Kiss me,” she urged leaning forward an inch expecting him to come the rest of the way.

What she got quickly turned from a soft velvety kiss into one that fired up her blood, heart pounding, and breath coming in audible pants in between kisses. She was not sure when she ended up back in his arms, but Cordelia was now straddling one thigh. The forgotten sheet was loosely tangled around her hips and legs while Angel’s hands wandered from her back to the curves of her breasts.

A grunt of pure male satisfaction rumbled against her throat as he filled both hands with her breasts. Pressed one last lingering kiss to her pulse point, Angel moved on to his newest discoveries. Teasing touches and open-mouthed wet kisses made her arch closer, her whole body tingling from the attention. Then Angel nipped at the tempting target of her nipple, drawing it into his mouth for a moment and then pulling back to blow air across its wet surface, and turning to give equal attention to its twin.

Cordelia squirmed against the hard thigh positioned between her legs. The friction was delicious and she remembered how it felt with his fingers rubbing her there where she was so slick and sensitive. She moaned at the loss of the sensation as their bodies shifted and Angel laid her down upon the bed.

Braced on his arms above her, Angel took a moment to enjoy the gorgeous image she made, matching the one he had imagined. Her golden skin flushed with arousal, soft hair spread out across his pillow, beautiful body tangled up in his sheets on his bed. And she was looking at him with that mix of love and lust that went straight to his cock keeping him hard and heavy pressing anxiously against his pants.

Angel dipped his head back to her breasts letting himself enjoy the feel of the warm fleshy globes against his cheek and mouth, the taste of her on his tongue as he rasped it across her skin. He arched into her hands as they came up to clasp him to her, warm fingers spreading through his hair and moving across his shoulders, but he was no longer content with just her mouth or the tempting curves of her breasts. He wanted to bury his face between her thighs and taste her arousal.

Distracted, she never noticed that he reached between them to snag the edge of the sheet and send it floating down to join the rest of the bed covers. He soaked in her scent and every little pant and moan she made as he kissed his way across the golden plain of her taut belly, hands grasping at her tiny waist as he darted his tongue into the dip of her navel.

“Angel,” the sound of his name on her lips made him press his hips hard into the mattress as he flattened his body out between her open thighs. He flicked a short glance at her face to see a hint of panic there upon realizing that she was spread open to him, his broad shoulders now blocking her from shutting her legs. “What are you— oh!”

Cordelia realized what he intended and the thought of it thrilled and scared her at the same time. Considering Angel’s probable experience and what she had gleaned from the glossy pages of Cosmo this was going to be good, very good. That did not stop her from holding her breath in anticipation as she stared into eyes that were no longer a shade of midnight, but tinted with gold and full of lust.

Propped on her elbows, she watched as Angel’s dark head dipped down rubbing his face against her soft curls. Cordelia felt herself blushing, but the light pressure made her throb and she cried out at the wet scrape of his tongue along her most intimate flesh. Hearing his heady moan at the taste of her, her eyes glazed over as she watched him focus on that part of her she only touched when bathing or sometimes in the quiet solitude of her own bed.

She flopped back on the pillow, her hips bucking against his mouth as his lips and tongue worked their magic. Angel’s hands initially framed her hips then slid down to the supple flesh of her thighs holding her open to him as she writhed against the soft cotton sheets, pleasure streaking through her body.

At first, Cordelia could do nothing except react, her focus turned inward. Embarrassment soon melted away under the sensual onslaught. She arched against Angel’s mouth as his gentle licks and soft suckles sought out every intimate fold. Deliberately, his caresses avoided the one spot her instincts told her she wanted him to be and the hard little nub was aching for attention.

Cordelia rubbed low on her belly, fingers brushing the edge of soft hair inching toward her sweet spot. Sensing what she was after Angel decided not to tease her any longer. He raised his head a fraction of an inch and flicked his tongue across her clit eliciting a soft, “Guh!” and chasing her hand away from territory that was decidedly his at the moment.

Every little moan and cry turned him on more. His stiff cock was trapped between layers of cloth and a mattress that was a poor substitute for the slick tunnel of untried flesh he had found with his tongue. Dipping in, Angel opened his mouth wide, delving deeper and then leaving the honey-filled depths, tongue dripping with it, to focus on her clit again and again. Her throaty pleas filled his ears, her legs splayed open wide.

Glancing up at the extraordinarily sensual picture Cordelia made as her hands caressed the curves of her breasts Angel continued his constant flicking motions and slipped his middle finger into her slick opening.

It startled her for an instant, surprise on her lips, but then Cordelia surrendered to sensation. It felt incredible. Gentle strokes back and forth, shallow and deep, along with that sinful tongue lapping and flicking at her clit brought her to a crest of pleasure that left her riding wave after wave. Her breaths came in gasps with unintelligible cries escaping in between as Angel greedily lapped up the hot spray of her orgasm.

Slipping in a second finger without missing a stroke letting her feel herself stretch each time he plunged forward. “This should be me,” he growled a bit as his body shifted upward only slightly mollified by the fact that Cordelia continued to spasm around his fingers.

Cordelia hissed a vehement, “Yes,” feeling her body humming to his rhythmic strokes. Anxious hands reached out to touch him moving along his shoulders, curling over his nape, fingers threading through his hair. “Please, Angel.”

Crawling his way up her body, Angel rubbed his face along her belly leaving damp spots behind, lapping at them with his tongue as he went along. Finally removing his fingers from her sensitive flesh, he sucked them into his mouth, an ecstatic expression forming as he savored the taste.

He expected to shock her virginal sensibilities with that one, but Angel was not about to deny himself every bit of pleasure he could glean. There might never be another night like this where he lacked the control to avoid temptation altogether, where the nature of events rang a morbid cord that fed his demonic urges and wracked his soul with guilt. All that and yet his heart flooded with emotions in the wake of Cordelia’s admission of lust, knowing that she felt more for him, too.

Neither one of them was sated. The hungry kisses that followed only managed to stir them into a frenzy of escalating need. Angel tried to hold back, to focus on her pleasure alone, but Cordelia’s hand determinedly found its way between them. The brush of her fingers against his erection was enough to cause Angel to rear away up onto his knees growling her name.

“Cordy, no!” The harsh tone of his voice softened at her hurt expression as if he had spurned her first touch. “We can’t do that. I know I’d—”

A determined glint appeared in her eyes now darkened with arousal, “Yes we can. We can do anything we want and tonight I want all of you.”

Scrambling onto her knees, she kissed him before he could say anything to refute her words. Her hands slid down this torso to linger at his waistband close to the half-opened zip. Angel’s hand fisted in her hair as he pressed his lips hard against hers plundering her mouth because it shut her up. Cordelia was saying exactly what he wanted to hear, not what he needed in order to find the strength to say no again.

Breaking away, he pulled back just enough to challenge her, “Take a good look at what you’re asking for.” He reached down to fully unzip his pants. The gasp of anticipation in her throat was the first sign that his mistake would cost him. It was impossible not to soak in every little reaction, to drag his eyes down those gorgeous curves to the damp curls between her thighs and imagine what it would be like to take her.

The tip of her tongue licked sensuously at her lips, an unconscious little move at the sight of his open zipper and the shadowed flesh beneath. Angel’s whole body was taut as he dropped his hands to his side, waiting to see if she would take up his dare or flee into the safety of the bathroom.

Cordelia tugged her moistened lip into her mouth, staring wide-eyed for all of three seconds before flushing hotly, a secretive little smirk appearing. “If it’s just a banana, I’m going to be really disappointed.”

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