Title: Torrent        
Author: Helen       
Rating: N-18
Category: Very Graphic! So, be warned. If you don’t like smut, don’t read.
Content: C/A
Summary: This is set after WITW. Groo who’s that? Plus no Darla or baby Conner.Torrent ficpic
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
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Notes: Its 2.30 in the morning. I am so bloody kerknackerd its untrue.
Thanks/Dedication: To Cali for being the big-hearted friend she is. Love ya babes. Also the smokin’ hot ficpic here all hers. Cali wanted me to do a smutty sequel to her drabble called Droplets
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A part of Cordelia knew she was having a nightmare, but lost in a gloom so thick she could almost taste it that awareness was slippery and fleeting. Underneath her bare feet lay freezing and damp stone. The cold discomfort was reassuring since it was her only solid contact to stop the disorientation from swamping her completely. She had no idea where she was supposed to be, only where she wanted to be, which was anywhere other than here.

To achieve that first she had to find a way out. Spreading reluctant and trembling arms, she turned in a circle. Her eyes were wide-open and each breathe came out as a jerky pant. Goose-bumps chased one another as she waited for her fingertips to brush against something, anything.

Ogodogodogod! I can’t feel anything. Sobs worked up from her chest. Don’t panic, don’t panic, just… keep calm and work it out. You can do that. Hauling in a fortifying breath and blinking to clear the coloured blobs floating across her vision after staring into the black void for too long, Cordelia shuffled forward. Her thighs felt like jelly above stiff knees. Each step was terrifying as she inched her way deeper into the darkness with only the sound of her own rapid breaths to fill the vacuum.

Thinking herself alone, the scream when it came shot a charge of pure terror striking deep into her heart. The fine hairs on her arms and neck stood on end. It hadn’t been hers, but in the aftermath she could feel one bubbling up from inside. She recognised that scream. How she didn’t know since she’d never heard Angel scream, but even now it echoed; scraping along every nerve and making her heart lurch with horror. Standing frozen, she was certain that Angel was here, too, and he was in agony.

Oh my God, what are they doing to him? Mouth dry and pulse hammering, she got moving again, quicker this time. She could guess why, but not who. Not that it mattered who was torturing him and they’d better be gone by the time she got there.

Caution was swept away by a surge of molten fury. If he was here then she could find him, and stop whoever was hurting him. The slow shuffle became reckless strides. She had to get to him, but where was he? Frantic to pinpoint that fading splinter of sound her mind began playing tricks on her and any direction seemed possible. She didn’t know where to go! Hysteria had her spinning in circles until a second scream, longer and even more hair-raising helped her focus. Whirling in the right direction she began to run.

God, let me get there in time; don’t take him away, please!

Similar thoughts circled around her head everyday; when the sun came up, because he was dumb enough to go out during the day, and even more so when the sun went down and he went out to fight whatever demony badness was on the night’s menu. The paranoia that one day, or night, he wouldn’t come back had been bad enough when she’d seen him merely as a friend, now, almost convinced she was in love with the dumbass; it was so, so much worse.

Feet slapping on stone and pelting along at breakneck speed with her chin tucked in and arms pumping, Cordelia didn’t realise at first the glow in front of her wasn’t a trick of the light. Then a shadow leaped across the distance and the clank of chains was drowned by a throttled yelp and a deep agonising groan.

Angel, I’m coming, nearly there… just hang on, please…

The stench of burnt flesh underlain by something acrid and chemical assaulted her nostrils. Stomach churning, Cordelia flew across the distance, catching a brief but gut-wrenching glimpse of Angel. His proud head was bowed and limp body stretched up high with manacles at the wrists; chained. Worse, the blisters and welts marring the expanse of his wide chest were thrown into relief by the red glow of a coal burner standing nearby.

It was all horribly familiar, a scene in real-life that haunted her more now after two years than it had at the time. Angel was being tortured and this time she didn’t have a crossbow to hand. It still didn’t matter.

Recklessly catapulting herself onto the shrouded and bent creature as it went toward him again, her fingers clawed and dug, then gripped the thick coarse wool that swathed it from head to toe. Cordelia had no plan other than stopping it from hurting Angel anymore and then maybe, if she could manage it, kill it for doing this.

Instead, she fell to the ground as her momentum sent her sprawling. Dazed and confused, Cordelia rolled onto her back, still clutching the now empty cloak. Eyes darting into every space she could see, she found no sign of anyone, or anything.

“Where did he go?” she whispered and hoped Angel was conscious enough to help her.

“It doesn’t matter,” his deep voice, raspy with pain answered.

He hadn’t even lifted his head. What did he mean it didn’t matter? “Of course it matters. I need to make sure its safe…”

Rising to her feet, she ran her hands over him and felt his shudder. “Are you okay to walk?” He was slick with sweat and he hissed when her palm scraped along raw welts. Cordelia felt tears well and hoarsely she said “I need to get you out of these.”

“Cordelia…” There was something in that tone that she just knew she didn’t want to hear.

Renewed terror and a feeling of doom had her temper flaring, “How did this happen for chrissake. They caught you napping?”

Their eyes met and something in those tormented brown depths had Cordelia freezing and feeling icily sick. Full lips twisted with a pain that went soul-deep. Despairingly he said, “You wouldn’t let me in. I came to you and… you turned me away.”

Her mouth formed a rejection before the first pained accusation was finished. Never! “No!”

Everything she was screamed a denial and she backed away from him, staring. “I would never do that. You’re lying. I don’t-“

“It doesn’t matter it’s, too, late.”

Instantly her gaze dropped to his chest and found a thick wooden stake imbedded in his chest, in his heart. She was sure it hadn’t been there before. Before her horrified eyes he began to disintegrate, cracks appearing to radiate out from that dreaded wound. In slow motion she threw herself forward as if she might hold onto him if she got there before he was nothing but dust. God no. No, no, no, NO!

Cordelia screamed and screamed and knew she’d never stop.


Jack-knifing upright in her bed, eyes wide and mouth open in a piercing shriek. It was a pair of strong hands grabbing her shoulders and shaking her that brought her out of it. Head snapping up she latched onto his face.

Angel. Her mouth formed his name on a silent prayer.

It took a few horrific seconds to realise he was truly here; aliveish, whole and looking so concerned about her she wanted to weep like a baby and throw herself in his arms. Without a single thought of what he would think, she jerked him closer and ran her hands over his blue sweater-covered chest, under his black duster. After a surprised flinch, Angel let her roam and frowning in confusion, ducked his head to try and figure out what she might be searching for.

He was still clueless when her hand dropped to his waist, “Cordelia, what are you-“

“Just gimme a minute, okay? I need to know.”

She could feel his dumbfounded stare and didn’t care. For her own sanity’s sake, she needed to obliterate that dream and the only way to do that was to make sure for herself that he was okay. Slipping a hand under his clothes she did a sweep of his chest without the concealing cover, and sighed at the feel of unmarred skin like cool silk over a landscape of responsive marble. The heavy slab of muscle under her palm jumped at her touch.

Cordelia’s hand was impossibly warm and left a blaze of sensation, centered humiliatingly on his left nipple. It puckered. Speedily pulling her hand away, Angel scooted back and glared, “Hey! Cordelia…what…”

His expression accused her of temporary insanity. Thankfully there wasn’t room for embarrassment in the maelstrom of emotions currently scrambling her brains. What was left of them anyway. All she could think was that thanks to her sub-conscious, she was being given a second chance. That’s what this was. Relief was as devastating in its own way as the horror had been.

Rather than try and answer the silent demand for an explanation, she flopped back to the damp pillow and lifted shaky hands to scrub at gritty eyes, leaving them covered. “Don’t look so outraged, Angel. What, you’ve never been groped before?” Against the odds her lips twitched with a twinge of amusement.

She heard Angel sigh and then his deep voice asking with mild exasperation, “I don’t suppose you want to explain what’s going on?” His tone strongly hinted that he wasn’t going to give up until he got one.

“I had a nightmare,” she admitted finally and then lifted the heel of one hand to peer at him out of a single reddened hazel eye, “The short and scary version is that I thought I’d lost you. Satisfied?”

Her choice of words was possessive and very personal. Transfixed for a few long seconds, Angel felt his face go stiff, an automatic defence to hide his reaction to the news that she really did care that deeply. Lately he’d begun to think their mutual attraction and growing feelings weren’t so mutual after all. More like wishful thinking on his part after that fateful night at the ballet.

That nerve was still raw, so clearing his throat Angel shifted his gaze away so she wouldn’t see the pathetic flare of hope. “I’m fine, it was just a dream.”

From the pillow she snorted, like that’s big news. The hands dropped. “I know that now, dumbass, I’m just saying I needed to check. You woke me up, remember?”

How could he forget? “Yeah, right.”

Brown slid back to hazel. Sleep rumpled and cosmetic free, she was still stunningly beautiful. More so because sleep had given her a heavy lidded look with lips that were freshly plump. The colour returning to high cheekbones didn’t need any blusher to enhance the bloom of creamy skin.

The pervasive odour of fear that had him panicking the instant he’d entered the dark apartment was gone. Now, all Angel could smell was her and the familiar needy reaction to it had tormented him for months rose again; a curse of acute vampire senses. Sitting there with the lingering affect of her touch branding him, he wanted nothing more than to sink into the softness of Cordelia Chase in her bed.

She could feel the reassuring weight of him sitting beside her hip on the bed. So close and yet so far. Then it hit her; her bed in her apartment.

Not that she wasn’t grateful, but… “Angel, why are you here?” Panic dug in again and she went paper-white and bolted upright again in a blur of blue and white stripes, “Has something happened-“

“Dennis rang.” He cut in to say simply.

Lips rounded in an, O, Cordelia relaxed instantly. That explained it. Whenever Dennis wanted one of the guys to come over he rang the hotel knowing they’d check who the silent caller had been. When her number came up, he’d driven over. A quick check of the clock on her bedside table revealed she’d been asleep for maybe an hour max.

In the pause, Angel stood, “Look, you seem fine. I’m sorry,” for what he wasn’t sure, it just seemed to need saying. He shrugged, “This is your day off and you said you wanted to be alone. I’ll just let myself out.”

Cordelia didn’t know who was more surprised, her or him, when she latched onto a wrist. Since she had his attention, she said, “Oh no, you’re not going anywhere, buddy. In fact, you’re staying right here with me.”

There was a stunned silence from both of them. She didn’t let go of his wrist though.

What was funny, if she spared any time to think about it, was that less than two years ago she’d have thought twice about saying boo to him, never mind issuing demands. This was the same vampire she’d worked for, been dumped by, picked up again and who in an irritatingly short period of time had wormed his way back into her heart.

“Is there something you’re not telling me?” Standing over her and not pulling away, Angel had never looked more intense and strangely intimidating. “Are you in trouble?”

Heart thumping at the humongous step she was about to take Cordelia nodded, “Yes, big trouble, the worst.”

Even in eyes the colour of midnight she could see the pupils dilate at that announcement. Abruptly, Angel sat down again and somehow her hand ended up gripped in his. “Tell me,” He demanded gruffly.

This was it, now or never. Ogodogodogod, she felt drunk and took a breath to blurt out, “I’m in love with you.”


Stunned he reared back but his gaze never left hers. Cordelia wondered if her pulse was deafening him, it was certainly hammering in her ears.

“I’m in love with you,” she repeated, stronger this time.

He was as stiff as a board. “And that’s bad?”

Cordelia’s hair flew around her face at her furious denial, “No, of course not. Look, I’m not explaining this well.” Puffing out a breath she tried to marshal her thoughts, “what’s bad is that I’ve been letting the past get in the way. I don’t want to lose you, or us, because I’m a coward about relationships.”

His reply was automatic, not needing any thought. “You’re not a coward, ever.”

God, she loved him even as blind as he could be at times, dork. She smiled, “Staking vamps and decapitating Arlagon demons trying to suck my face off is a snip compared to this, trust me.”

Angel was lost. He’d hoped, dreamed, agonised over and finally accepted it would never be and now she’d just turned him inside out again. As little as three weeks ago he’d have ecstatic, but ever since the night his soul had been made permanent she’d gone cold, pulling away from him so fast it was obvious to everyone.

Overnight they’d gone from a sort of old style courting; dancing around enforced celibacy with mutual care to Cordelia stonewalling any move he made to get them time alone. The silent sympathy from the rest of the guys had been salt to the gaping wound.

He didn’t trust this about-face, he couldn’t. Rising more like an old man with a heavy weight rather than a powerful vampire, Angel gently disengaged their hands. “I do trust you,” he said looking down at her, “But I think we should save this for another time. Go back to sleep, Cordy.”

She didn’t need to hear what was going on behind that shuttered face. Her heart sank as he headed for the door, until she got a grip on it. “I had fantasies about us months before that damn ballet.”

Angel faltered and then stilled. She spoke to his back, “They got to be the highlight of my day. Hell any excuse and there I’d be dreaming my life away. Rain became us naked and plastered together in the shower. Alone with you in the hotel I used to imagine me coming into your office, pulling out your chair and just climbing onto your lap.”
When he didn’t turn she gave a watery smile, “I’m giving you the PG version by the way.”

“So why did you pull away from me?” She was forcing open a well of bitterness he hadn’t even known was there. Needing to see her face Angel turned.

The gulf between them was deceptive, because she was determined to close it. “I was afraid.” She admitted and clenched her fists. This opening herself up was killing her, but it needed doing. “The guys, the mission, you; you’re the centre of my life and I hate how fragile that makes me feel.”

“I can relate. I’m an immortal in love with a mortal, remember?”

Tears stung thinking at least he hadn’t used past tense. The next part was even less pretty, so she ploughed on, “With the happiness curse gone it hit me that if we made love, I wouldn’t be able to keep that small part of me I still had free, from you. That scared me even more. I’m used to thinking in terms of I, not we.”

The sudden flare of topaz in the brown gave away his clear understanding. Harshly Angel said, “That’s what being in love is all about. You can’t hold back and box parts of yourself off.”

The irony of being lectured on love by the one time, Scourge of Europe, didn’t escape her. The bitch of it was he was right. Yesterday, she’d have given him hell for suggesting he had a right to even question her reluctance to take that final step. Perspective was a weird and wonderful thing, and tonight, hers had changed completely.

Cross-legged, Cordelia spread helpless hands, “Well, I thought I could at first. I have walls, I know that because I built them deliberately, and for good reasons, but…” pausing, she prayed he’d understand what she was trying to say, “…I’m willing to try dropping them if you’ll stop walking towards that door.”

He still didn’t understand what had brought this on and that was only a small part of the problem. Anger and need, want and bitterness clashed inside Angel. He’d suffered in silence rather than risk pushing and losing her completely, but now irrationally it was all rising to the fore and pushing at the barriers he’d hidden it behind. The savage hurt of believing she was repulsed by the idea of being with him was hard to shrug off.

Tipping back his head, Angel reached for a semblance of composure. “Look, its not that my feelings have changed, they haven’t.” Dropping back he caught her gaze, “It’s just that this isn’t a good time. I think it’s better if I go.”

Out of sight Cordelia crossed her fingers, “I’m asking you not to.”

They’d reached an impasse. Heaving a tense sigh and shaking his head, he moved off with hands planted on lean hips. Every tense line of that powerful frame screamed a warning. Angel craved escape to calm down and think logically. Cordelia knew better than to let him. She’d let thinking too much almost ruin what they had; she was damned if he was going to do the same.

“Angel, come here.”

He hadn’t reached 250 plus by not being able to read signals. Face a dark glower he shook his head, “That’s not a good idea. I’m not exactly pettable right now.”

“I’ll risk it,” she said dryly.

“I’m not in the mood for games,” he growled, aggravated.

“Great, cos I’m not playing any. Come here, Angel.”

Some wounds needed more than words and knowing the time for talking was up, a deep throb swelled to life inside. He was pure dark temptation even in a good mood, now Cordelia walked a tightrope between anticipation and trepidation at the sight of him looking about as approachable as a demon. The demon with an Angel’s face.

He closed the distance reluctantly and she refrained from rolling her eyes. Typical Angel, contrary as all hell. Now she was opening the door, metaphorically speaking, all he wanted to do was shut it, or ignore it. Lucky for them both she recognised his resistance only went so deep. Or it would if she had anything to do with it.

Meeting him halfway she came up on her knees and wished she’d picked something a lot slinkier than blue and white striped PJ’s. Snagging his belt she didn’t tug knowing she’d break a nail and embarrass herself before forcing him to move if he didn’t want to. “A little closer,” she said huskily.

Above her his nostrils flared and despite the simmering angry hurt visible in dark eyes, a spark lit. Oh yeah, even pissed I can still reach you. Pleased and relieved Cordelia slid her hand up his chest as she rose to brush her lips along his jaw.

She gave a tiny hum of pleasure and husked, “Hmmm, you smell good.” He didn’t wear cologne, but the clean crisp scent of soap and man turned her insides to liquid.

Heavy lids slid closed and he groaned silently. She smelled pretty wonderful herself and the feel of her pressed along his abdomen, all womanly curves and heat, did things to him she wouldn’t believe. His arms felt useless just hanging down his sides and obeying his instincts Angel cupped her shoulders and pulled her infinitesimally closer.

A smooth cheek brushed along his rougher one. A soft puff of breath feathered along his skin. Both hands were pushing up his sweater, soft palms running along the ridges of muscle protecting his ribs. Just three reasons why he was melting like butter on a hot day.

Following the curve to his ear she blew gently into the shell, hardly more than a wisp of air and felt him shiver. Heat unfurled in her belly at his responsiveness. Not being blind, or an idiot she’d known since forever that he had a fabulous body, now she wanted to explore it without hindrance; meaning the duster had to go.

Nuzzling the sensitive spot under his ear she whispered, “Still mad at me and want to go, Angel?”

That reminder coming from anyone else would have been risking a firm push and a slam of the door as he stormed out. Cordelia loved to push his buttons and no matter what, Angel could only let her. In response, he grunted, an annoyed sound, and nudging her chin up with his shoulder, captured her lips in a quelling kiss. He could feel her smile even as he swept inside.

Angel didn’t even notice the weight of his leather duster slipping away down his arms to drop to the floor. He did notice those hot hands sliding all over, seemingly everywhere at once as if mapping him. He also couldn’t help noticing how they curved around his waist before dipping into the slight gap at the bottom of his spine, sliding between pants and skin to teasingly caress the crease between firm buttocks. His erection, already rock-hard throbbed in delight.

His tongue was cool; an absurdly sensual delight as it flicked and then tangled with hers. Her soft lips moulded to his firm ones and experimentally she scraped along one fang and then the other; human and blunt there was no pain but plenty of dark tinged lust as she revelled in who and what he was.

Breathless, she sucked in air through her nostrils when he wouldn’t release her lips long enough to take a breath. His hands no longer simply held her shoulders in acquiescence. A steely arm like an iron band locked them together from shoulders to knees. Mirroring hers his other hand had slipped below the loose elastic of her PJ bottoms to knead and mould the cheeks of her butt.

Still devouring her lips and as close as they could get, Angel ground his hips into the cradle of hers; trying to assuage the monster in his pants before it drove him crazy. If he could have thought past the storm of lust addling his wits he might have been a little afraid of how quickly she could whisk every thought except her and this out if his head. He wanted her so damn much.

He’d go crazy if she switched off no matter what the reason. That thought was terrifying and infuriating all at the same time. The first Cordelia knew that something was wrong was when he pushed her away, hooked an arm under her knees to flip up her legs and she ended up flat to the bed.

Panting and trembling with arousal she stared up into his taut face. Dark brown eyes bored into hers. A vein throbbed at his temple, “I love you, Cordelia, but that doesn’t change the fact I’m a demon.”

Swallowing to speak past the swelling lump that was her heart after that gruff speech, she whispered, “I know that.”

He carried on as if she hadn’t spoken. “And being a demon means that no matter how terrible it is there will come a point where stopping is not an option.”

Looming over her as he was, Angel’s erection was still firmly nudging her pelvis. The whole time he was issuing his warning his hips continued to helplessly rock, utterly ignorant of the words being spoken.

Lifting her legs from dangling over the side of the bed, Cordelia wrapped them around his hips and then moaned at the painful pleasure of that direct contact on her barely covered clit. Oh God, she wanted him naked. “I get that, too.”

“You have to be sure.”

“Fuck me, Angel, is that certain enough for you?”

It seemed so. Buttons flew in every direction after being suddenly torn from their moorings. Arching up to meet that descending dark head, Cordelia gasped when a nipple was seized suckled hard between his lips as streaks of fire sizzled between breast and loins. The contrast between her scalding reaction and his cool tongue only heightened the sensations. Grasping his head with fingers mangling into his hair as if to never let him go, she moaned long and low as he laved the puckered nub with the flat of his tongue and then circled it again and again. A sweet torment he lavished on the other breast, too, after trailing wet and possessive kisses on the valley between.

Heaving with passion; plump, firm with nipples tightly budded and flushed, Angel feasted with mindless abandon and tried to keep a lid on the desires roaring through his body. A century and a half of seduction, even the sick and twisted kind, should have given him immeasurable patience, but tonight that patience was missing already strained by months of hungry fantasising.

Plunged remorselessly into a swelling of river pleasure under the dual lash of his mouth and rocking hips; a torrent of liquid pooled between her thighs. Soaking through the thin cotton she still wore, it filled the air with the musk of female sexuality. Drawn by it, Angel’s head lifted and smouldering brown met glazed hazel for a long, intense second. Breath hitching, a dazed Cordelia was struck by the fact that he looked almost cruel, only with a sensual twist that blew her away.

Lips rosy from their recent activity plundered hers before lifting so he could say in a guttural voice, “I want to taste you.”

Her single experience with sex hadn’t prepared Cordelia for the instant she grasped his meaning. Oh God, “Angel, wait.”

Too late. The cotton bottoms were whisked off her legs before realisation could filter through the fog of pleasure he’d bathed her in. She tried to snap her legs closed, but strong fingers clamped around her thighs and then held them open for his head to duck between. The first nuzzle was gentle, perhaps apologising for forcing the issue, but if so then the first long lap and then flick of her clitoris was pure sin.

It was incredible. Rearing up with a throttled yelp, Cordelia caught a glimpse of Angel’s dark head burrowed between her trembling thighs, his long fingers lightly, but forcefully stopping her attempts to limit the torment of that skilled tongue. That image alone sent a shock-wave through her system and over the next however many minutes he didn’t spare her. Using lips teeth and tongue, Angel drove her to the edge and then tossed her over, diving headlong into her first real orgasm.

Bucking like a wild thing she came in his mouth and he drank it like the ambrosia it was. Thick, delicious cream coated his mouth and tongue. Head swimming with the scent and taste of Cordelia as it filled him up, Angel almost came in his pants from the sheer joy of it. Shuddering and with his enforced leash straining under the strength of his need, Angel lifted himself up and sat back on his heels.

Sucking in deep breathes that had his own chest heaving and for no other reason than to keep taking in the scent of her orgasm, Angel grunted as he finally managed to work the zipper over his bulging erection and freed it. Then shucking his sweater over his head to reveal a torso that was slick with sweat and roped with heavy muscle, he obeyed the demand of Cordelia’s open arms and mounted her.

Their breath mixed in a frantic wash as his face hovered above hers before dropping down to fuse their lips in a long, slow mating. He tasted of her and Cordelia’s thighs dropped open wider as a renewed lust rushed through languid veins. Lips brushing his ear, she latched onto the lobe and suckled it deep into her mouth before nipping the tender skin. Instantly the thick ridge pressing into her belly throbbed and Angel’s low groan reverberated from where his chest crushed her breasts.

“I want you inside me so bad,” she whispered and swallowed thickly at the stark truth of it. Her first orgasm, geeze, the aftershocks of that carnal rip-tide where still surging through her. Sex had been something she wanted, thought of as pleasant and missed out of loneliness. Angel hadn’t even penetrated her yet and Cordelia knew she was never going to see it the same way again.

It was a sweet balm to hear after the last few weeks, but he wasn’t finished with her yet, not nearly. Once wasn’t going to be enough and for the first time Angel was fiercely glad she wasn’t a virgin and he didn’t have to be a gentleman about it.

That thought was lost as a topaz flare lit deep in fathomless brown when Cordelia followed her instincts and licked her way down his neck, stopping to clamp sharp teeth on the cord running down the strong column. Threading his fingers into the thick brunette strands of her hair, he pulled her away to bear her back to the bed with a searing kiss that bruised.

She didn’t notice, too intent on kissing him back with equal fervour, her hips undulating under his weight in a silent chant of; take me now, take me now.
With his own orgasm threatening to topple his control Angel gave in.

Toeing off his boots and rising so she could help him kick off his pants, Angel kneed her thighs apart and waited for her to look at him. She did and the silence between them lay thick with the same needy tension that infused them both. Hot demands welled inside him, but he bit them back and gritted his teeth. Later.

She was slick and wet from before and so his penetration was easy despite his bulk. Cordelia gripped the duvet twisted under her body and couldn’t help the guttural moan of pleasure that fell from open lips. God, he was so big and thick it was…gorgeous. He filled her completely, almost unbearably so, but that almost made all the difference.

Then he was in her to the hilt and they stared at one another, suspended on the moment. Tears filled her eyes, turning them to molten honey. “I love you.”

It was his undoing, “I love you too,” he whispered and then throwing back his head to show the corded veins thrown into relief on his neck, Angel could restrain himself no longer. His control snapped and growling helplessly, he pistoned between her spread thighs. Having crested so recently the next one formed faster than a summer storm, tossing Cordelia back up with him.

Pleasure lashed them both, zinging out from their where they were joined as the deep inner rasp of her flesh on his and his on hers worked them to a frenzy. Rising up on his knees, Angel grasped Cordelia’s hips with hard hands and then sat back on his heels to hammer into her. Watching out of slitted eyes he saw the second wave hit her; saw the deep flush of blood rise from her chest to her cheeks, and saw her mouth drop open in sheer bliss as she was sucked into the maelstrom again.

That was it, he lost it. The inner contractions that gripped her now claimed him too, and milked him of any veneer of civilisation. His grunts of cresting pleasure fought with her shrill cries and thrusting jerkily Angel vamped out as his own orgasm finally overtook him.


God knows how long it was later, but something pulled Cordelia from her spent daze. Prising open heavy lids, she focused on the large and very male figure lounging next to her as they lay crossways on top of her bed. Since this was the first time she’d seen Angel completely naked she couldn’t help but pause to admire a body made in heaven and moulded in hell to tempt every woman under sixty. And he was all hers.

The thrill of that only added to the tingles he was wreaking from a single trailing finger that skated along her ribs, travelling slowly down to the dark curls of her pubic hair before returning to brush the underside of one breast.

“Angel,” she said.

He looked up and her breath caught seeing the ridges that covered his forehead over gleaming topaz eyes. “Don’t be afraid,” he said low, “I couldn’t help it”.

Well put like that. Strangely her toes curled. “Its okay, kinda kinky, but nice, too.”

His smile revealed what should have been terrifying fangs. Should have been. Almost wonderingly Cordelia lifted a hand and traced them with a slim finger. Kissing it and never taking those feral eyes of hers, Angel opened his lips and carefully took the finger inside, twirling it with his tongue.

Shivering, her heart kicked up a beat and she said, “Wow! That feels wonderful.” She didn’t know it, but her eyes lit up and cheeks flushed.

Releasing the digit with a soft pop, he rumbled, “Glad you think so.” His smile was crooked and so like human Angel she laughed.

Propped as he was on one palm, his impossibly broad shoulders gleamed in the warm lamp-light. Filled with a soft afterglow Cordelia didn’t drop the hand but stoked it through the hairs at the nape of his neck. The heat between them hadn’t dissipated, but there was no hurry now.

The leisurely finger stopped to pluck at the nipple of one breast and they both watched it pucker. His hand was pale against her skin and feeling introspective Cordelia couldn’t help marvelling that a hand that could crush and maim without effort could also be so incredibly skilful at delivering pleasure.

“You’re too good at this,” she grinned and arched a brow at him, “I think I might start getting jealous.”

He cocked his head to think about it and then grinned back, “Tough.”

Now that was very un-Angellike. She bit her lip to stop another grin, “Hey, just cos you can grow a pair of fangs doesn’t make you the boss of me, ya know.”

Looking away he didn’t answer except to skim his way down to her thighs. There he plunged it slowly between her closed thighs to brush along the still damp and swollen lips of her labia. Zings of remembered pleasure had Cordelia sucking in a breath.

“Sore?” he asked.

“Not really; maybe a little tender.”

He nodded, “Good. Open up a bit.”

He made the demand as if he expected it would be obeyed. She thought about refusing simply on principle, but then Angel looked up and mesmerised by the sinfully heated glow of his vampire eyes, she gave in.

His finger was feather-light on the sensitive skin. Caught watching his hand work between her legs, she looked away with an embarrassed flush. Until his deep voice drew her back, soft yet steely. “Don’t look away, watch.”

Since she wanted to, she did. Her pulse was already thick and fast when something out of the corner of her eye distracted her. Blinking away a daze, she focused on his body, and the way he was leisurely pumping his fully engorged shaft. A tug of arousal dragged in her belly, adding to the slow pool of honey already swirling there.

“Didn’t you come?” she asked confused.

“You know I did,” Angel didn’t stop or try and hide what he was doing. “Don’t worry about me, think about yourself.”

That was all too easy. To help he slid a finger into the freshly dewy passage and then added another for extra stimulation. Already sensitised that was more than enough to set off a whole bunch of shivers among other things. She drenched his fingers and as a reward, he scooted over and nuzzled her face with his; catching the gasp she gave with a soft plumbing kiss when he flicked her clit with his thumb.

Electrified, she didn’t notice at first that he had hold of her hand until he wrapped her fingers around something silken and marble hard. It throbbed against her palm in an enthusiastic welcome and Cordelia’s eyes snapped open in wonder.

Wow, tonight was a whole lot of firsts for her. Thick and sinewy it filled her hand and for some reason Cordelia’s mouth started watering. Oh God, I can’t believe I’m drooling over a guys cock. I am in so much trouble.

Sensing her distraction Angel stopped kissing her and lifted his head. “Okay?”

She had never seen such a gentle expression on a vampires face before. No wonder she loved him, he was of a kind wasn’t he? “Oh yeah, don’t worry about me. In fact I could get used to this, so be warned,” she said cockily and drew him down for another kiss, careful not to get nicked.

With a hand now free, Angel cupped a breast and that was just the beginning. Sinking into a gathering pool of want, stroke, have; Cordelia lost track of time and anything else except for what he was doing to her. Drained and replete a short time ago, she would never have believed he could have her a gibbering mass of lust again, but he did.

Mindless minutes later and on the brink yet again, it didn’t sink in straight away that he’d stopped; stopped kissing her and stopped caressing her. When that realisation dawned every nerve in her body shrieked a protest. Then he lifted himself away from her, too, and she struggled up out of the lusty fog. “Angel, what-“

“Turn over, Cordy.”


“Turn over, Cordy,” he cut in to repeat.

Wits and senses still mired in unsatisfied desire, she harrumphed a protest but did as demanded. Her body was still humming when he straddled her hips and bent down to tuck the hair away that had fallen across her hot and sulky face.

If she was expecting a kiss she was wrong. Angel nicked her. Jerking at the unexpected sting, Cordelia whimpered when the lash of pleasure it wrought rippled from where he’d bitten her shoulder all the way to the pulse tucked between her tightly closed legs. Oh God!

Angel didn’t wait to be asked. “Since were being so honest tonight, I thought I’d show you it all. No secrets, Cordy.”

That silky rumble came from over her head. No secrets? He had to be kidding her. Eyes-wide and body wired she was helpless to still a tremble. “What’s happening?”

Above her his fangs flashed in a feral smile, “You’re so hot right now, a little pain only adds to it. Don’t worry though, I know where the line is so as not to cross it.”

“You what?!”

Hands planted to the bed, Cordy tried to lift herself but a hand square in the centre of her back kept her down. Then ducking his head to the line of blood that had welled to the surface, Angel tasted her. Instantly the heavy, drawing sensation of that suckle was mirrored in her womb, momentarily robbing her of speech. Swallowing hard at the resulting rush of blood to her loins, Cordy moaned into the duvet and wished someone would throw a bucket of cold water over them, or something equally icy. This was insane. He was a vampire and he was biting her, okay, so only a tiny bit, but how could something like that be so erotic?

“This isn’t right,” she turned to whisper, trying to gather enough resistance to not respond when he nuzzled into the crook of her neck.

Inhaling the sweet musk of sweat tingled ever so slightly with excited fear, he said, “You’re mine now and I’m yours, this is fine.”

That sounded kind of nice, still…“If you hurt me or give me a scar, I’ll stake you, I swear.”

His reply was deep and scarily dark, “I promise not to hurt you more than you want me to.”

Right now, that wasn’t exactly reassuring. Shuffling back to her thighs, Angel reached over to snag something from the top of the bed, and she gasped when the pillows were pushed under her hips, raising them by several inches. She was so sensitive it was unbelievable.

Without any other touch, Angel plunged inside her and his entry was so easy she had to squeeze her eyes shut in a mute denial of her own susceptibility. Stuck in a morass of guilt, she jumped when strong fingers gripped her shoulders and began massaging the tense muscles at the base of her neck.

“Relax, Cordy. Your body knows what it wants, so let yourself go.”

Setting up a strong sure rhythm that worked the base of his cock against the tight bud of nerves hidden between the stretched folds ensured she had no other choice. Angel gripped her hips. One, two, three, four shallow pumps later she was lost to it again; then gasped when he drove deep and hard, heavy enough that if he hadn’t had hold of her she would have been driven across the bed.

The blood rushed out of her head and she writhed on the spiralling wanton pleasure that impaled her along with her tormentor. It was too good, too much and even before she could take another breath he started it again.

One, two, three, four shallow pumps and then she shrieked as stars exploded behind her lids along with the sparks of mind-blowing pleasure cresting inside.

Ogodogodogod. She simply wasn’t capable of forming any more complex a thought.

Every time he started again, he reduced the shallow until he was driving deep, fast and hard. At last she thought and gripped anything she could hold onto, straining for release from the tension quivering along every nerve. Only it didn’t happen because he stopped before she could climax. Then he began again and pleading didn’t offer any respite. Sensation built on sensation and Cordelia was reduced to offering nothing more than incoherent cries as he rode her.

Finally, dripping with sweat and mindless to anything except that just out of reach pinnacle, she dimly felt Angel lean over her again. Then she heard him whisper, “Who do you belong to?”

“Angel” she moaned, more of a complaint than anything else, but grinning he accepted it.

“Good girl,” he said, then warned, “Hold tight.”

Gripping her wrists next to her head Angel bent over her, driving deep with every fluid flex of his hips. Clearing a path for himself of damp hair, he husked, “Come for me, baby” and then opened a tiny hole in her vein to suckle from.

Transfixed pleasure soon became frantic bucking and screaming. Powerless not ride that wave, Cordelia was swamped by her climax, drowning in it and when the darkness swallowed her whole, she welcomed the respite.


Rising back from blissful nothingness, she felt herself lifted and tucked under something cool and concealing. Waving a hand at him to get away, she cranked open an eye to accuse, “You’re sick, do ya know that?”

Amused brown eyes twinkled back at her from the next pillow, “I know but you liked it.” It wasn’t a question.

Honesty forced her to admit, “Maybe. But not often, I don’t think my heart is up to it!”



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