In Love & War

Title: In Love & War     IL&W ficpic
Author: Helen
Posted: 23/05/04
Rating: N-17 – Warning, dark in parts: may not be to all taste!!!
Category: Tiffs & Smut
Content: C/A
Summary: Smut sequel to L & F and Cat in Hells Chance. No need to have read tho, just accept Cordy woke up, started her own Agency and despite Angel being boss of W & H LA, they are a couple!
Spoilers: Based in an AU Post S5.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: GT/AA, anywhere else not first posted in a fanfic Forum, please ask first.
Thanks/Dedication: Thanks to Cali my wonderfully scrumptious beta, lotsa licks coming your way babe!
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*PC is great, don’t get me wrong and I agree with it 100%. Without political correctness I’d be stuck to either the kitchen sink or the cooker and then very likely spending 20 years in prison for killing the guy who thought he could keep me there.*

But- It does have its drawbacks.

Cordelia sat back and gently swung the executive leather chair in tight little semi circles with one bare foot on the floor and the other curled up beside her knee. The lamps glow caressed her face, tracing the full glossy lips and smoothing over the cascade of glossy dark tresses as they cascaded down from her tilted head, currently leaning back against the luxurious brown leather.

One finger twirled a lock of it absently, smiling ruefully at herself, a dreamy light in her hazel eyes. Angel loved her hair longer, so she grew it and put up with the sometimes inconvenience of looking after it just so she could bask in the admiration so obvious in his dark eyes.

See, that was another thing. PC said a woman shouldn’t give a damn what a guy thinks of her looks, that it should be about common likes and good brains and mutual respect. Ugh, yeah right, like *that* sounds exciting in the bedroom? Not!

To Cordelia it was simple. Angel liked her hair long, and she liked to know without a doubt he lusted after every inch of her, she shrugged and sighed heavily. So sue me!

That was nothing really, she admitted wryly to herself. There were some things a girl just couldn’t admit out-loud, even if you were with a bunch of girlfriends. Something just stopped you, pulled the words back and made you blush and pretend you were going to say something else.

This was one of those and she couldn’t get it out of her mind.

They’d had a fight, a pretty big one with lots of yelling and accusations flying all over the place as they alternated between stalking off only to storm back and eyeball each other as they fought. To put it mildly, it hadn’t been fun and the roof had literally gone orbital. The problem was neither of them would admit they were wrong. Well no- that wasn’t exactly right either. The problem was… neither of them had been wrong.

It was the same old story: Angel being over protective and her being reckless. Only this time it had got so heated the fall out of it was they’d ended up not speaking for over a week. It was dumb, once her temper had cooled she’d seen his point, but would the stubborn Jerk see hers- hah, like hell he had.

Her eyes fell on the photograph framed on her desk. She’d taken it when they were in bed. She’d hidden the camera behind her back and woken him up with the hottest kiss she could manage, which she knew just by his response was damn hot, then pulled back to surprise him by taking the picture.

She loved it; it was one of her favourites; capturing his handsome face while it was still slightly bemused and boyish from sleep; his hair ruffled and lips rosy from their kiss. But it was his eyes that turned her insides into a puddle of molten lust.

Deep down in those onyx depths there was a dangerous gleam. A dark impulse, as the demon reacted to losing that kiss before he was good and ready. When she’d pressed the shutter, she’d caught him just before he’d tamped down the urge to pounce and take.

Anyway, Cordy shook her head to clear it and got back to the none-PC. She kinda liked it, cringe yeah, she knew it was bad but she liked it when he got all riled up about her. God! How bitchy was that? But she couldn’t help it, she’d always gotten a kick out of making people react to her and it was still true now.

Only more so cos, hello! This is Angel, we’re talking about; my demon lover. Cordy laughed throatily and covered her mouth with a slim hand, nervously twitching her foot faster so that the chair swung that little bit more wildly with her in it.

As much as she loved the dork in him, it was his flip side that had her breath hitching in her throat. In a bad mood he was the original Prince of Mean and pretty much the definition of mad, bad and dangerous to know and just because they were lovers didn’t mean she was exempt and vice versa.

It was always there, even though he hid it well, so well only someone who knew him intimately would spot it. For instance, when something bad happened there’d be a moment, just a moment when the darkness in him would rise to the surface. Then his face would go blank and he’d taken a mental step back to rein it in.

Most times people who pissed him off had no idea how close they’d come to being mauled. As for her, she just loved tweaking him; in fact it was almost a compulsion- like it was something she had to do to make sure he was still keeping that tremendous self-control well oiled.

But if you thought that was bad, it got worse. She’d had this fantasy; you know the kind; dark and wild with a sharp of edge of dangerousness to it. The type that made you wanna hide under the bedcovers come morning so the bright light of day wouldn’t expose it to the world.

She’d been convinced she’d never admit it to him, just the thought of that had made her palms sweaty in horror. Nope as far as she’d been concerned this was a woman thing, and about as non-PC as you get!

Until they’d had that fight and after a week of sullen silence and phone calls from the guys begging her to make up with him before they staked his irritable ass, as Fred put it, she’d been determined to make him snap out of his sulk…..

Lazily Cordy lifted up her watch and squinted at the face. She had time, there were no clients waiting and as for Angel she wasn’t expecting him until later. Smiling, she settled a little deeper in the wide, deep chair and closing her eyes, prepared to indulge herself in the memory of making a fantasy come true.

…..She’d walked into his conference room, right there at Wolfram and Hart while they were in a meeting. Waltzing in she’d shut the door behind her as if she’d every right to be there and waited for the ‘oh so’ predictable response.

She’d gone dressed to kill and with every intention of making his eyes bug out of his head. After a week of not seeing each other, driving him crazy was a must.
So after much searching and quite a few shopping trips she’d pulled together the perfect costume and then gleefully used it to its full effect.

A bright red silk suit with a thigh high skirt and camisole top with lace, the kind that looks like it could double up as lingerie with no bra; add a jacket that only just hides the fact; and finally killer shoes with a heel that makes every your ass sway with every step.

She’d had every male in the place ogling her and Angel; hardly able to not notice the effect she was having on his staff, promptly smote them with his eyes, while silently cursing her like crazy. Then he’d tried to get rid of her.

“Cordelia, I’m kinda busy here,” he’d announced pointedly, staring steadily at her with an expressionless face that nevertheless seethed underneath.

“So I see” she’d answered back sweetly, “but it doesn’t matter since I’m here to talk to Marc”. The room went deathly still at that announcement and suddenly every single person seated at the polished oval table found something urgent to write in their until now pristine notepads.

Angel’s eyes had narrowed into slits at the mention of another guy, and then his brows snapped together in a scowl as he restlessly searched the table for the hapless Marc.

Marc didn’t even notice the heated glare settling on him from the head of the table, he’d only had eyes for her as she smiled encouragingly at him and jerked her head to the doors. Marc was sweet looking, with neat blonde hair and an innocent face; in other words the complete opposite of his fuming boss.

Marc is busy too” Angel had growled pointedly, glaring at the young man until he sat back down again. Then he’d pinned her with a warning look, all ideas about keeping his face expressionless flying out the window. “Guess you two’ll just have to catch up later”. Not if he could help it, she’d read on his thunderous face.

“Okay, my mistake”. She’d replied with a disdainful lift of one brow, before dismissing him with a flick of her lashes and turning back to the transfixed blonde. “Marc, be a peach and phone me with that information we talked about will you. You’ve got the number, right”?

She’d ignored Angel’s indrawn hiss of breath and concentrated totally on the dumbstruck Marc until he nodded, hardly knowing what he was doing under the warmth of her gaze and totally under the spell of her best winning smile.

Mission complete, she’d sashayed right out of there, leaving a deafening silence and a table full of cringing people who just knew their day was gonna suck with the boss feeling meaner than a rattle snake who’d just got its poor widdle tail stepped on.

The door had hardly closed behind her before it opened again, but by then she’d been in the elevator, reaching for the switch and ignoring his shout, to press for down, she refused to look up as he just missed diving between the closing doors. Ho hum, timing was a bitch wasn’t it?

Back in the chair, Cordelia giggled and gnawed happily on a thumbnail, opening sparkling eyes to sneak a peek at the photograph again before sinking happily back into reminiscing.

Of course she’d had to hightail it outta there and into the sun before he reached the lobby, but that time Lady Luck had been on her side and she’d made it, dashing out of the swing glass doors just as she’d felt that whoosh of air that warned of imminent swooping. Laughing and pretending not to hear his commanding shout, she’d felt both his palpable frustration and the dark eyes boring into her back as she walked across the sunny concourse, every step jaunty with success.

She hadn’t gone back to the Hotel though, no sirree; she’d only just started and knew nothing would wind him up more than raging over there only to find it empty of his prey and staying that way until way late in the middle of the night- which ended up being about 4am-ish….

Her lips curled in a wicked smile that was pure female satisfaction while a spurt of heat flared in her belly. The leather creaked under her as she shifted a little in response to that dart of excitement.

…..She’d walked in the door, slipped off her shoes and gone barefoot down the steps with not a care in the world and knowing she still looked fabulous. Only this time in a slinky black sheath that highlighted her breast and hips, dipping deep in the front to reveal her cleavage, and stopping mid-thigh to reveal every glorious inch of long golden legs.

And he’d been waiting for her, watching her with hooded dark eyes that glittered with suppressed fire and his powerful frame sprawled in an armchair, still, silent and predatory. “Where the hell have you been”? His voice had that dark rasping growl that never failed to send shivers down her spine.

Only she hadn’t shown it, and instead acted surprised to see him; letting her eyes widen to just the right degree, then shrugged nonchalantly before putting her hands on her hips, to push up her breasts even more; finishing it off with a less than impressed expression her face.

“Out” She’d answered simply and flipped her hair out of her face, “living in LA and not partying every now and then is a crime against womanhood”, she’d finished flippantly tossing in a smirk for good measure.

“Not to mention a waste of a fabulous dress”. Then she’d cocked her hip as if to show it off, watching his furiously hungry eyes rake her body, before striding towards the stairs. “Don’t let the door smack you’re ass on the way out, Angel”. She’d thrown over her shoulder deliberately inflaming him.

She hadn’t made it to the stairs before a hard hand grabbed her elbow, using her own momentum to swing her round to face him again. “Why the big rush, Cordy? It’s a bit late for an early night” He’d gritted out, pulling her away, before letting go and using his large frame to block the stairs.

His cheekbones had been prominent from the taut control he was exerting, while his eyes already dark were black under the shadow of thunderously lowered brows and focused unerringly on her.

She’d been able to feel the waves of angry energy pouring off him, and every time she’d moved his body had too, just a twitch of muscle really but enough to tell her any move to escape was doomed from the get-go. Not exactly surprising since even in a good mood Angel’s civilised veneer was a thin covering for the pure predator he was.

“What’s it to you”? She’d asked confrontationally, with her hands on hips so he’d know she wasn’t intimidated by him; his bad mood, or the ferocious scowl.

“I answer to me, Angel. Not to anybody else and especially not to you”. It was a lie, being part of a couple made that impossible but since he hadn’t been exercising those rights recently she felt justified in using that to aggravate him.

He’d always hated it when she’d thrown her independence in his face and that was back when they’d first hooked up. Throwing it up again then, after everything they’d been through and come to mean to each other, had been like waving a red flag at a bull.

The lobby felt as if the walls shrank under the heat of his fury, and his hands clenched causing the long muscles of his arms to bunch and harden, bringing the sinews flush to his skin under the black shirt.

“You need a reminder”? His voice had been grinding and aggressively low, like it always was just before he let rip. “Don’t push me, Cordelia,” he warned, shaking his head from side to side, slowly, his burningly angry eyes never leaving her rebellious ones.

“Don’t threaten me, Angel. I do what I want when I want to. You don’t like that then kiss my butt, and take your cave man prehistoric ass out of my place”.

Even as she’d said it she known it wouldn’t happen. He was simply too possessive and territorial to take that from her, and she’d been banking on just the suggestion being enough to rip away the last vestiges of his tame façade, leaving his eyes smouldering with outrage. She hadn’t been wrong.

A year ago, maybe even six months ago he might have just stormed off and stewed for a while then come back when he was calmer, but that was before he’d officially put his stamp on her. The bite, his mark laid carefully and lovingly on her throat proclaimed her as his, at least to his vampire mind.

If another vampire had suggested otherwise it’d be dust and a demon had its head ripped brutally of its shoulders for the offence, with her- well that was the whole point.

Their argument, his sulking and her acid remarks meant to wound at the time and since regretted would all be forgotten over the next few however many hours. She knew her vamp, including exactly which buttons to push to force him to clear the air…..

Back in the chair, Cordelia could feel her heart rate increasing, feel the blood starting to fizz with excitement and closing her eyes tighter, she licked her lips to relieve the sudden dryness. If there was one thing having a vampire as a lover taught you about sex was to milk every sensation and revel in every aspect of physical love, even alone.

Her breasts felt too full and heavy, almost mindlessly a hand trailed up to cup one through the material of her shirt. Her lips opened and her teeth sank gently into her full bottom lip as she slowly brushed the thumb over the turgid tip, then shivered as a dart of pleasure shot straight to the liquid heat pooling between her thighs.

Her breathing got a little ragged as she sank back into the memory until everything else faded and she was reliving it totally, as if she was there again ….

Cordy anticipating his lunge saw the tightening of his body as he gathered himself, and dived to the side and away from the spot where she’d been standing. The problem with provoking a reaction out of him like this is risking him calming down too soon, getting even more pissed and storming off or … having him get too antsy.

She was banking on neither situation happening. It was a delicate balance and she was just gonna have to go with her instincts. Currently they were telling her to run her ass off. So she did.

She flew up the stairs, head down and chin tucked in with her arms pumping like pistons, an Olympian couldn’t have put more guts into that flight. Still she was amazed to reach the top and spared a spin round to check where he was.

Then nearly stumbled when she saw he was only half way up them, she regained her balance and didn’t stop to wonder why. She was halfway to her room when it occurred to her that she was going straight to a room with a very big bed. Heart pumping with exertion and a weird kind of tense excitement she decided it was way too obvious and ran straight past it.

She got about five foot past her door and that was it before she was caught up by impossibly strong arms and hoisted up a rock hard chest. Wriggling in that tight grip she had to hold back a belly laugh as helpless admiration filled her. Even as pissed as he was he still had the presence of mind not to chase after her too close so long as she was headed in the right direction, and for some reason that reassured her.

Still she had a part to play. “Can we just talk about this”? She panted and pushed at the hard arm encircling her waist. If he said yes she was gonna flip. “Geeze, I was only joking”. She half lied and kicked back with bare heels.

“You hear me laughing?” his voice growled low in her ear. “And no; I’m done with talking”, and this time that shiver did chase itself down her spine.

Angel shouldered open her door and pushed them both inside, once free of the door, he released her again. Cordelia whirled to face him, brushing away the hair covering her face and back stepping away in the face of his slow purposeful advance.

“Don’t ever come to my offices again, waltz into a meeting and then flirt with another guy. Are we clear”? Angel demanded aggressively, walking closer with a slow heavy tread that had her heart skipping as she cautiously retreated.

“Flirting? Hey that was *not* flirting. That was-” She wracked her brains for suitable scenarios that fit the facts and came up with a blank. “I was-“

“Flirting” inserted Angel flatly.

“Working,” corrected Cordy triumphantly finally hitting on one and smirking in self-congratulation.

“Working *him*, maybe” agreed Angel with a cold smile back, still relentlessly following her around the room.

“Hey I object to that” exclaimed an outraged Cordy now standing stock still and stabbing a finger in the unmovable wall of his chest.

“Good then we agree” Angel shot back sarcastically and ignoring her best attempts to poke a hole in his chest, snatched her up by simply wrapping both long fingered hands around her ribcage and effortlessly lifting.

Several things passed through her mind as the room blurred and she went airborne, including the errant thought that if he broke her bed again he was dust. Then she landed on it with an “oommffh”.

She rolled- they’d play tussled enough times for her to know the folly of waiting to get her breath back. So she twisted over and simply carried on going, aiming to roll right off and leave the bed between them.

It was a good plan and could have worked too, except for the fact of supernatural reflexes, unnatural speed and a seriously riled vampire riding high on outraged possessiveness. Okay so maybe as a plan it sucked, but it was all she could think of at the time.

He caught her flailing feet by the ankles and yanked her down the bed towards him. She caught a glimpse of his stone faced expression and darkly molten eyes and recklessly decided to up the stakes. If there was one thing the last week had shown her is that they both needed a way to vent and she knew just the thing to stop their inevitable squabbles from festering.

Not giving herself time to think she relaxed her body so it flopped, then the second his tight grip lessened a fraction yanked one foot free and pulling back drove it mercilessly into his solar plexus. To a normal guy that manoeuvre would be crippling; with Angel it doubled him over only long enough for her to complete her escape and leap off the bed.

Chest heaving in the half light of the poorly lit room she faced him, hazel eyes focused yet watchful and body loose, battle ready. Angel stiffened and his chin lowered in answering aggression.

“Dumb move, you’re gonna regret that” Angel snarled, low and darkly menacing. He wasn’t talking about an ass kicking and they both knew it; the sexual tension already rife in the air after a week of forced abstinence suddenly went stratospheric.

Feeling it rising up and heating her blood with giddy seduction was electrifying, egging her on. “Get real” Cordy scoffed her tone deliberately offensive.

His teeth ground together, tightening his jaw. Seeing it Cordy attacked again. “Ya know for someone sworn off talking you’re just full of it tonight aren’t you darling”? She sneered, following his circling moves to keep him in her direct line of sight.

“Word of advice. Try less talk and more action, broody boy. Unless you wanna just storm off and find something to pound on that’ll *let* you dominate it”. She prodded while a single arched brow rose in sarcastic query.

The reference to his habit of pummelling the ever lovin’ crap out of a punching bag when he got upset was deliberate and something Fred assured her had been a large part of his daily routine since their fight. She smirked unrepentantly when he snarled at her.

“I’m not the one with the big mouth, remember” Angel jibbed, looking for an opening that would bring the first stage of this confrontation to a swift end.

“Oh geeze, well *that’s* original. Did you just think that up? Like I haven’t heard it maybe a gazillion times before”? She derided, acidly mocking. Then seeing the blur, yelped and dodging back narrowly missed being swept off her feet by a curving leg at floor level.

Angel gave her an evil grin and jumped agilely back up from his crouch. “Talking, Cordy”, Angel warned with a low browed smirk. “Stop yacking and let’s get this over with; I have a yen to practice my less than impressive dominating skills”. He added silkily.

With that said his insolently hard smirk became even more twisted and inexplicably the pure dark promise it silently threatened wrought a thrill deep inside her core.

Shaking off the mesmerising distraction of his cruelly handsome face, Cordelia refocused on the fight at hand, knowing she’d need every skill he’d helped her develop. Escape didn’t occur to her, and if it had she would have dismissed it, she needed this every bit as much as she knew he did.

Taking the offensive Cordy threw out a left hook and when he ducked whipped up her right leg aiming straight for his ducked head, only to find it smacked out of the way. Then leaping back in case he retaliated she re-grouped, waiting for an opportunity.

She threw a flurry of punches at his head and torso, hardly hesitating with each careless block he made before throwing out another, alternating between left and right. While Angel, blocking her with either a palm or rock hard forearm, and letting her set the pace, felt the air quivering with electric tension.

A tension that notched up his own violent arousal past the point of anything remotely civilised. His lips curved in a feral grin and abruptly he turned the tables, ruthlessly determined to wear her down. Submission wasn’t an option but a necessity.

After tonight she’d never throw her independence in his face again. She belonged to him, just as he did to her. There was no going back or changing her mind. He’d already warned her once that he’d follow her into hell to bring her back if she tried it, obviously she needed a reminder.

When Cordelia was fighting for her life, her blood pumped with adrenaline and fear. This time with Angel it was the same- yet different, too. Now her blood literally zinged around her body, bringing clarity and an intense focus that was exhilarating like nothing she’d ever felt before during their practice sessions.

They clashed time and again, moving in a synchrony that was instinctively erotic despite the inherent aggression. Weaving and dodging, lashing out with hands and feet, blocking and parrying in stretches of time that they both drew out to savour the unique eroticism of their conflict.

It was like foreplay with both of them knowing the outcome was already decided, the finale written and the fireworks just waiting to go off. Panting, Cordelia spun and raising her leg in an arc, leaped into the air and followed through with a jump kick to the head.

This time Angel caught her foot instead of knocking it away, grasping her slender ankle he slid his hand up her calf and before she could respond, gathered his strength to lift her clear in the air in a smooth move that would have done ice skaters proud.

For the second time that night Cordelia went airborne, landing in almost exactly the same spot as before, except this time Angel didn’t wait to follow her down. Her back hardly hit the covers before she was flattened under his heavy weight- pinned helplessly to the bed.

Startled hazel eyes opened wide to be caught by intent almost black, only to widen further at the harsh ripping sound of fabric being ruthlessly torn open.

Feeling the cool wash of air on her naked chest Cordelia’s breathing hitched, and for a microsecond her heart lodged in her throat to beat thickly with mingled passion and trepidation, then all thought took flight as her lips were taken in a plundering kiss by his marauding mouth.

Savagely elated, Angel wrapped his fingers around her wrists then dragged her hands up to her head, pressing them into her tangled hair to lock her head in place for his deeply possessive kiss, repeatedly penetrating the vulnerable cavern of her mouth with his sweeping tongue.

Cordelia moaned at the fierce pressure he exerted to keep her jaw unlocked for his possession, then tangled her tongue with his, making him soften instantly if not slowing his greedy foraging. Cordelia spread her fingers, testing; but he wouldn’t let up the restraint, caging her tighter under his heavily muscled frame.

All she could do was take what he gave her and give what he wanted to take. Pent up anger and frustration born of anxious loneliness burned high in them both, refusing to let them slow the pace.

So the kiss was duel, a continuation of their fight only the advantage lay with Angel as he refused to break the kiss long enough for her to take a breath until finally she was drugged and dizzy through lack of air. Then he let her breathe.

Pushing up Angel straddled her hips, keeping his weight on the tops of her thighs while he ripped off his own shirt rather than waste seconds with buttons. Then scooting down a little he dragged the material of Cordelia’s ruined dress down her arms to the elbow then fisted the material in his hands to pull it in, effectively keeping her arms tied uselessly to her sides.

Cordelia felt his fingers snag the elastic of her panties and then the sharp tug that heralded an ignoble end to the delicate scrap of black silk. She opened her mouth to say god knows what, but ended up letting out a choked gasp as his lips latched onto a nipple, sucking it deep into his mouth.

Fiery licks of mingled pleasure and pain cascaded down her body in a searing heat-wave from breast to womb as he roughly tugged at the tender bud with blunt teeth, then lathed the tip with a hard flat tongue before torturing the rosy flesh with rapid flicks sending white hot charges chasing over her already heated flesh.

Rebellion warred with the desire thrumming in her blood at being held captive making Cordelia violently buck under him, raising her hips and jerking to try and dislodge him even as she ached to clasp him closer to her over heated flesh and her loins throbbed with the need to be filled.

Wildness escalated in her at being kept helpless, heightening every sensation while Angel, angered by her resistance tightened his thighs to subdue her and lunged back up with a growl to her neck, clamping down on the skin where his mark lay in a stark warning.

One she ignored even as she felt the vibration of that growl against her skin. Let him storm at her, rage at her, that’s what this was all about. Left up to him he’d brood for weeks and then.. maybe, talk to her. Not gonna happen.

Free of his grip the slinky dress was looser but not enough to free her arms as it lay trapped under his knees and she felt like screaming with frustration. So she did, bringing his lips back to hers in yet another clash of wills, teeth and tongues that only aroused her more as he forcefully plumbed the velvety depths of her mouth.

By the time he’d finished kissing her senseless again he’d somehow managed to rid himself of his pants and now he was as naked as she was; which in their current situation upped the stakes yet again. The sweat slicked expanse of his naked skin sizzled where it slid against hers, a deceptively silky covering for the heavy muscularity of his starkly masculine frame.

Angel braced his arms next to her shoulders and leaned down to break the taut silence that had held sway ever since their fight had started. “You asked for this so you’re gonna get it” he snarled into her ear, making her jerk at the wash of air over the sensitive lobe. “I’m gonna fuck your brains out” he finished crudely.

Cordelia barely got over the shock of hearing him swearing before her legs were kneed apart by one heavily muscled thigh and then spread wide by another; just as a hand roughly snagged one knee to fluidly push the limb up as high as it could go, fully exposing her already drenched centre for him to position the broad head of his rigid cock against and promptly slam into her.

For the first time in their relationship Angel didn’t care if she was willing, his emotions were too overwhelming and all he could think about was reclaiming what was his. He’d do whatever he had to without limit to brand her as his, including fucking her until she forgot what it was like to not have him inside her and then, maybe- he could relax again.

“You ignored me. I can’t believe you did that” he grated, his voice like sandpaper as he hung over her vulnerable form, braced on trembling arms sculpted with muscle, his wide shoulders blocking everything but him as he plunged heavily into her silken depths.

“You’re lucky I didn’t kill him. God I wanted to. You were looking at him”, outraged possessiveness was rife in every gritted out word and she could feel the fine trembling in him as it took over.

Her leg was hooked over one of his arms to keep her from attempting to block his driving thrusts and with her arms still trapped she was powerless to do anything but push up her shoulders and nuzzle into his neck, whispering “Shush” against his sweaty skin to try and calm him. It didn’t work; there was only one thing that would accomplish that now.

The frenzied rhythm of his lunges picked up even more and every thick stroke scraped his marble hard and ridged length against the delicate walls of her tightly clasping passage. An intense pleasure reverberated in Cordelia, coming in waves that gathered momentum as the strength behind each powerful thrust drove her up the bed; so much so she had to hook her other leg around his flexing, plunging hips or be pushed up too far.

“You’re mine” Angel forced out in voice made thick and guttural with mingled temper and carnal need, tightening his vocal cords along with every muscle in his body. Cordelia opened her mouth to speak and found his teeth pressed against her swollen lips as he repeated the intensely possessive statement in a way that brooked no argument.

“Mine, Cordelia” Cordy gasped as the cage of his body seemed to get heavier and the surging flex of his invasive thickness more demanding as he worked himself between her thighs, thrusting and retreating faster than a human could ever hope to match.

The tickle of his dark spiky hair and the rasp of his chain against her neck was the only warning she needed to push back her head on the pillow in mute acceptance of the sharp fangs that pierced her throat. She hardly noticed the heavy weight of him crushing her to the bed, focused on the overwhelmingly dominant feeling of that dual invasion.

A dark bliss threatened to splinter her consciousness as the strong drawing sensation of his suckling at her throat sent her reeling, struggling to stay grounded as a sparking dizziness assailed her, along with a pulsing pleasure that seemed to sizzle and arc between their surging bodies; tugging at her racing heart while his lips still worked against the sensitive skin of her exposed throat.

The orgasm spiralled and blossomed inside her before breaking, tossing her up and then bringing her plummeting down before throwing her back up again in its own unique tidal wave of sensation.

Angel felt the frantic clamping of her slick channel on his sex and reared up from the addictive sweetness of her blood to melt back to human and watch her as she lost herself to that unbearable release. “Say my name”, he growled the command out and saw her eyes fly open.

Their eyes caught and held just as she reached that final towering peak and the savagely exultant gleam in his obsidian orbs was what finally flung her over it, crying his name as she did before falling dizzyingly back to earth down the other side.

Angel heaved and surged erratically inside her, never fully withdrawing before thrusting back in a swift friction that was his undoing and his own back bowed under the lash of his own splintering climax, dragging him down and down until he exploded and spilled his seed in her womb…

Cordelia came back down to earth in her office in the present day and blushed like crazy at just how far she’d sunk in that memory. “Geeze, Chase get a grip already” she reproved herself, face still flaming and sat up to try and compose herself. It wasn’t the most graphic memory she could call up, missing a lot of the lingering leisurely feasting of other times, but for some reason it still packed a punch.

“At least its memories and not frustrated fantasies due to lack of sex life” she muttered to make herself feel better. It worked but still didn’t calm the heavy beat of her heart. She knew what that was like too and thanked god for sexy vampire’s.

Scanning the lobby in case of stunned witnesses she sighed with relief to find it empty and switching of her desk lamp got ready to go upstairs and wait for her own lusty vamp to arrive. “He’d better not be late tonight of all nights” she warned in a low voice as she climbed the stairs to the upper levels.

Reaching her room she pushed it open and stepped inside, already undoing the buttons on her crisp business like blouse. Then she halted to stare at the display spread out before her disbelieving eyes. She blinked in case it was a mirage and found it didn’t change.

Then she heard the door shut slowly behind her. Turning round, smiling hazel met melting dark brown. “Did you do this”? Cordelia asked Angel, her head tilted and lips curved in delight.

This- was a room full of flowers, light pink, hot pink, red and deepest burgundy all dotted in an extravagant display of voluptuous and sweetly fragrant blooms. “What did you do? Buy out a flower shop”? Her gaze bounced from tables to dresser, and finally to the red silk draped bed.

“Not quite” Angel replied with a wry smile and a strong trace of indulgence in his deep voice. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Cordy” he said huskily and brought up a single red rose with a flourish of one hand. The rose was beautiful but nothing compared to the smile on his handsome face.

“Oh Angel” she exclaimed and flung her arms around his neck, heedless of the delicate petals as she plastered herself along his silk shirted front to press her lips to his in a determined bid to kiss *him* senseless. Finished she nuzzled her nose along his and then down to his strong defined jaw.

Then a horrible thought struck her. Oh crap! “When did you do this- I mean I didn’t hear you come in”?

“I wanted to surprise you so I snuck in a first floor window” He admitted with a grin, his eyes faintly questioning her poorly concealed horror.

“You didn’t have to do that” she assured him equally husky. His lips quirked and she pressed a forefinger to the velvety skin to keep back the words. “Not that I don’t appreciate it” she added as a disclaimer and smoothed her hands around his neck, then down his front, lovingly tracing the marble hard chest under the slinky red silk.

“Wow, you even dressed up for me; don’t I feel like a slob”? She joked lightly sniffing back some happy tears and slipping her fingers between the buttons to lightly stroke the smooth velvety skin underneath.

Angel clasping her lightly to him and massaged a soothing hand into the base of her spine, making her feel like purring and arching into that casually skilful hand.

“You’re excused, you’ve been working” Angel crooned into her hair as he pulled her in for a proper hug. Cordy felt another guilty blush stain her cheeks and leaned back to look up into his face.

Whatever she might have said got lost when she caught his expression. She knew that look, He had something else up his sleeve, she was sure of it.

“What”? She asked only mildly suspicious. She could tell he was dying to show her and whatever it was she was resolved to be pleased with it. If effort went for anything he was on a winning streak.

“Wanna take a bath”? Angel asked with a wicked smile, and not waiting for a response pulled her over to the bathroom. Impatient to show off the warm soapy bubbles, novelty soaps, chocolates and champagne awaiting her.

Cordy was more than willing to be tugged along with only a heartfelt, “Do I ever”, as a reply.



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