Title: Eclipse
Author: Helen
Rating: N-17
Category: Smut
Content: C/A
Summary: My first (deliberate) p-w-p and its all smut. That’s pretty much all you need to know.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: GoTeam + Angel’s Archive + Just Fic. Anyone else, ask first please.
Notes: A little warning; it’s been an age since I’ve written smut and since I’m starting a fic where smut is integral, I sort of felt the need to warm up and this is the result. I hope you like it.
Thanks/Dedication: To Cali, my fabulous beta, stalker and cheering section! Fabulous ficpic created by Lysa.
Feedback: Yup, feeding is good. Also, feel free to include criticism too if you feel the urge so long as its constructive, always appreciated


Angel cupped her jaw between fingers and thumb, tilting it to slide his lips up the curve of her neck, along the warm creamy skin to the soft point under her ear. She smelled of soap, fresh and zesty over the teasingly sweet musk of feminine skin. He nuzzled closer seeking that elusive hum of racing blood.

Supported by solid arms, Cordelia slid her palms up his biceps, revelling in silky smooth skin, warmed by the hot shower beating over their heads and over the brutal swell of muscle. They were naked and the hard jut of his erection nudged between her thighs. It was a promise and temptation she couldn’t ignore and reaching down she pushed a hand between them to grasp the thick-ridged shaft as he took the lobe of her ear into his mouth.

The hot water continued to rain down, saturating the air with steam and making their bodies slick as they clung together with Cordelia willingly pinned to the tiled wall by his large and urgent frame. She hadn’t felt so safe and wanted in a long, long time. He was thick, hard and smooth in her palm. Enthusiastic too as the engorged muscle jumped and throbbed in her grasp silently begging for harder, firmer strokes.

She felt devoured, seemingly being swallowed by his innate hunger as his dark head bent to pay homage to her jugular. Large hands pulled her closer while blunt teeth, scraping along the cord linking neck to shoulder had Cordelia shivering and helpless to stop her head lolling back as callused palms kneaded the aching tips of both breasts.

“Kiss me, Angel- hard and like you never want to stop.”

That breathless demand garnered an instant response as obediently he swept inside her mouth, bruising the plump flesh as he plumbed the soft inviting cavern with needy greed. Oh yeah, just like that. Don’t ever stop Angel. Her hand pumped his cock and he moaned into her mouth as their frantic tongues tangled.

Want and reality clashed. The tiles behind her back were hard on her shoulder blades and the need to breathe had her dizzily if reluctantly pulling away, “… need to breathe.”

Growling a little at losing the taste of her mouth before he was ready, Angel dislodged her hand from his screamingly full cock and grasping her hips held her still as he squatted, determined to replace one taste with another. Delving he thrust his tongue along the seam of her sex, searching and finding the sweet damp secrets nestled and hiding behind damp dark curls.

Humming low in her throat, she parted her thighs to give him access, staring dazedly down at Angel’s head at her loins, his dark usually spiked hair plastered to his skull from the driving water that ran in rivulets over impossibly wide shoulders.

Slim fingers mangled in his hair, the only part of him she could reach. Seeing and feeling all at the same time was too much and her head fell back again with her lips open to pant out breaths. “Ogodogodogodogod-” the chant carried on in her head as he skilfully dipped deeper, parting the plump folds of her labia with both thumbs to sip delicately at the essence of her.

His lightly stubbled jaw rasped at her inner thighs, but it only added to the inescapable fact that this was really happening and kept up a constant reminder of exactly who was doing this to her; Angel, the forbidden vampire. Then he penetrated her with a finger and her thoughts splintered as she gasped then relaxed at the gentle intrusion that did little to satisfy the grinding ache to be filled and fulfilled.

Angel caressed her to the backdrop of the ceaselessly pounding water, stroking deep with his fingers and mouth until she was writhing and her feet slipping on the wet stall floor. Unused to it his finger was thick and slightly rough against the sensitive inner tissues, creating a deep inner burn that was staggeringly pleasurable.

Her muscles contracted on him and his sex throbbed with frantic need to replace the digit and feel that wet clasp as he pushed deep to her core. Shuddering and gritting his teeth to control the urges that wanted to sweep aside all except satisfaction, Angel struggled not to imagine the hot quiver of her virgin womb should he take her that roughly and go that deep.

Not yet, it was too soon and she was nowhere near ready. “Easy,” he muttered leaning back on his heels, heedless of the cascading water, to watch her face with midnight eyes narrowed on the flush that led from her heaving chest to gasping lips.

“We don’t have to rush,” he soothed still fingering her with undeniable skill.

He loved how expressive Cordelia was, it was unexpected and he drank in the sight. Her juices coated his lower face but other than licking his lips he enjoyed it, even dipping back in for a too quick and teasing nuzzle.

“My parents…” Cordy almost sobbed trying to get some purchase with her palms on the steam coated tiles behind her.

“Will get you back in the morning.” He finished firmly for her and flicked her clit hard; making her jerk convulsively, before soothing it with a slow circling massage.

His voice dropped to a rasp, full of dark promise, “Don’t think about them. Think about this, about how it feels and how it’s going to get better- hotter. I’m going to make you scream when you come… and then I’m going to start all over again.”

Their glittering glazed eyes clashed and she shuddered, sizzles racing up and down her spine with increasing strength. It was all too true, she realised dazedly, he really was the devil with an angel’s face. The corners of his lips tipped up seeing her eyes widen as they dipped below, drawn between thighs roped with muscle to the broad, flushed head of his rampant erection which gave off its own siren call.

She was passion incarnate and Angel wouldn’t dream of dragging his gaze off her. Life pulsed inside her and he was making it race in a tempo that was writ all over that beautiful face. He was fascinated and unbearably aroused.

Oh God! The tip of a moist pink tongue came out to sweep over a pouting bottom lip and driven to the edge by that simple action, Angel gave a low groan as unbidden his hand travelled down to carry on where she’d left off, grasping himself hard and riding the length while she bit her lips as the furnace inside grew hotter.

He pushed in a second finger and carried on rotating his thumb in maddening circles, barely whispering over the taut bud of nerves. She whimpered and every nerve in her body screamed out for some of that merciless touch while inside the coiling got harder and hotter, gathering itself to unleash a tempest of … “Oh God, so close.”

Then he did that flicking thing and curled his finger and she forgot about the world outside as starbursts of shimmering pleasure whipped up and out of her womb. Her thighs trembled as that remorseless gathering sucked every atom of strength she possessed. Bucking as it crested, she did scream when she came and then toppled as gravity prevailed.

He caught her as she fell.

Weightlessness was followed by crisp sheets under her buttocks and back. Humming low in her throat Cordelia stretched languidly and smiled when cool fingers brushed over her softened nipples, “What if I told you I had to leave?”

Propping his chin on one hand Angel met her amused, slitted gaze with a bland expression of his own, hiding the violent arousal she couldn’t even guess at. “I’d have to change your mind.”

Curious she turned her head to face him fully, glossy locks of dark brown hair spreading over the pillow, “How?”

Impudence shone on her face and Angel knew he had to quash it before he did lose it and just mounted her. Gasping, Cordelia shrieked and giggled at finding herself abruptly rolled over, once to lie sprawled atop him and then again until she was pinned under his hard heavy weight. Grinning she blinked up at his handsome face.

“Geeze, I only ask-“

Kissing seemed a better idea than gagging. Finished he leant up on his elbows to survey her flushed face, satisfied to feel the hard twin points of her newly budded nipples scraping the upper planes of his chest. “Stop yakking and I’ll show you.”

Swallowing, she nodded caught by the intensity of lust sparking in dark depths, “Okay.”

A second searing kiss later left her dizzy while he scooted down her body, reigniting fires wherever his skating lips went lapping at the hollows of her body with ruthless design. He crouched over her like big, lazy cat and nowhere escaped notice; not the backs of her knee’s, the insides of her elbows, the taut and trembling dip of her navel or the plump undersides of her breasts before swirling around the puckered tip and suckling it into the cool cavern of his mouth to stroke the hardened flesh with the flat of his tongue.

Her own felt tangled into knots and once again Cordelia’s fingers meshed in his hair as she pressed him closer, arching arched up in a silent demand that he take more. Lips trailing and nibbling at the sweat-musked skin of the valley between, Angel ignored her to meander his way to the twin to lave that with equal attention.

Ugh, how could he keep control like that when she felt ready to explode out of her own skin? Restlessly she writhed, twisting her hips and bucking in protest at the muscled bulk nestled between her open thighs, securely holding her down while pulses of sensual heat flared up in a fresh tidal wave of needy lust.
Nails scoring his back she tucked her feet at the crease of his hips and hauled up, pulling him higher until chuckling he conceded and met her panting mouth with a hard kiss and a gruff accusation, “Impatient.”

She didn’t care there was a flash-fire in her loins that needed quenching-now! “Don’t care. I’m ready, Angel, quit teasing.”

Teeth clashing in a duel they rolled again in a passionate grapple that ended with Angel, lips rosy and eyes like molten coal, staring down at her flushed face with his by now painfully throbbing cock poised at her dripping entrance. Locking gazes, Cordy’s heart stuttered and then started to gallop.

The silence was heavy, thick with expectant tension. Surging forward with his palms flat to the rumpled sheet, Angel hesitated when he met the barrier that marked her as a virgin and shuddered with the strain of holding back his rampaging need to plough straight in.

It burned but instead of retreating Cordelia gathered her inner strength, planted her feet flat to the bed and completed the joining by impaling herself on his thick length. They both groaned at the almost savage union and panting, she closed her eyes and flopped, willing the pain to recede and her clenched body to relax.

“Are you, okay?” he asked hoarsely after a strained beat.

“Fine, just don’t stop, okay?” strangely she was okay, Angel had prepared her enough that despite the pain of his penetration her body was once again clamouring for more of what it had only tasted in the shower-stall.

Reassured, he started to pump slowly in and out of her, hesitantly at first but gathering pace when her willing body met every thrust and her breathing hitched with rising excitement. He was thick and hard, igniting and filling her every bit as much as she’d read about but never really believed and every rasping slide drew guttural moans and pleas from moist, open mouths.

Shaken, Angel realised he hadn’t even had an orgasm yet and already he felt wrung out by the sheer depth of her unbridled response to him. Cordelia Chase was doing things to him, reaching places he would never have dreamed of. Harris was a fool.

The bed shook with their combined movements, adding to the momentum that was driving them remorselessly towards the same dark cliff. Moaning in long sighs Cordelia helplessly bowed her back, dimly grateful for the large capable hands that smoothed over her hips, meshing under the small of her back and raising her up to meet his heavy and by now pounding thrusts.

Sitting back on his heels with every muscle locked in corded concentration, Angel watched out of slitted eyes as the coiling inside Cordelia reached a peak, raising a deep rosy flush to spread over her chest from tightly puckered nipples to her neck, bringing every life giving vein to exquisite relief.

Oh God, the sight had his balls tightening, pulling into his body as a frantic climax threatened.

Their loins met with slapping impacts and feeling the deep contractions start to milk his shaft, Angel roughly gathered her up, pulling her into his embrace to give her something to cling onto with hands clawed and digging into his naked shoulders as the whirlpool sucked her under with its relentless flood.

Bucking violently and swept along under the heavy tow of an orgasm like nothing she’d ever experienced solo, she felt rather than heard the hoarse scream that escaped from her parched throat and unknown to either she drew blood with her nails.

Seconds or minutes later, draped over his crushing hands like a sacrificial offering with her arms out-flung and limp, the blissful fog lifted leaving Cordelia dazed and powerless to do anything except be swept along and clutch his sweat-soaked head tight to her as Angel slammed up for a few more erratic and jerky thrusts before tensing like bow-string, pulsing and throbbing deep inside her as he came too.


Drifting back to earth Cordelia became aware of two things; Angel was crushing her to the mattress but instead of being relaxed and sated he was tense with his head turned towards the open bedroom door. Then lust-addled brain kicking back into gear she heard a voice she recognised, “Angel, I… thought, I mean I brought you some blood.”

“Buffy,” he acknowledged, feeling Cordelia tense underneath him. He could only imagine what the blonde slayer was seeing with that horrified wide-eyed stare.

Rolling Angel dragged up the sheet to cover them both, then sliding out and tucking it modestly over a frozen Cordelia he moved to stand, unashamedly naked on the other side. He met Buffy’s stricken gaze without flinching.

“Thanks for the blood but I have plenty.”

Swallowing hard, she ignored him to painfully jerk her eyes between him and the huddled shape under the sheet, “What’s going on, I don’t understand…any of this.”

Why should you? You sent me to hell and then when I got back looking for comfort, dumped me. He didn’t say any of that, what would be the point? “This is really bad timing, Buffy. I think you should go.” He said it as gently as he possibly could.

“But the curse, how could take a risk like that?” The high-pitched tone of her voice warned she was warming up for a fight.

Angel smiled mirthlessly. So, Willow and Giles had decided to keep it a secret that the fledgling witch had neglected to reinstate the happiness clause in his curse. Casually turning to reach for his pants Angel stepped into them and pulled them over his nakedness before answering, “Why don’t you let me worry about that, or, better yet go and ask Giles why it’s not a problem anymore.”

Under the sheet he saw Cordelia’s dark head pop out, not enough for Buffy to see her properly but enough for him to tell she’d already known, just as he’d guessed.

Hurting and lost on how to cope, never mind respond, Buffy did leave, leaving the new lovers to a strained silence. Sighing Angel sat beside what he guessed was her hip and gently pulled back the sheet to reveal guarded hazel eyes. “You knew about the curse didn’t you?”

Reluctantly, Cordy nodded, “I overheard Willow and Giles talking about it when they thought the library was empty. Pretty revealing how they think about you don’t you think?”

Angel didn’t reply, just nodded and ducked his head. Wryly guessing he was still smarting over that Cordy just had to ask, “So, does this mean next time I see you you’re gonna pretend this never happened?”

He surprised her, “No, it means that next time I see you I’ll say Hi, and then we’ll take it from there.”

That had her feeling guilty and low- like a warmed over turd, “I was using you to get back at Xander and Willow.” She admitted and waited for disgust to travel over his hard features.

“Were you thinking about them while I was making love to you?”

“No,” she frowned then, realising they’d been as far away from her thoughts as was possible.

“That’s okay then.”



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