As They Are Now

Title: As They Are Now
Author: Helen
Posted: 07/03
Rating: NC-17
Category: Smut
Content: C/A
Summary: Bedroom romps!
Spoilers: AU S5
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Notes: This is a mini sequel to Lost and Found and I wrote it cos I needed some fluffy smut after writing my last two to get my mind out of the gutter, but not right out cos it’s still smut right!!
Feedback: Sure, the more the merrier!


It was over a month now since they had finally resolved their differences and become an ‘official’ couple and she didn’t know how he did it, kept things to damned hot. When you down to basics it was all about the joining of two bodies, so surely she should be getting used to it and him by now. But she wasn’t and she loved it, how the hell he’d stayed celibate for nearly a century she’d never understand.

It’s not just that he was horny, that was too …..Common, no it was more the sheer sensuality of him, hidden beneath the black clothes and stern, stoic expression. Jeeze the guy could melt an ice cap if he wanted to and she had no chance resisting him when he turned all of that heat on her.

She watched him sleep, delighting in the fact that he didn’t wake up the minute she made a move or something, as if he was getting used to sleeping with her and even in deep sleep trusted her on some subconscious level, that meant a lot.

Then there was the fact that he was so damned beautiful to look at that she loved to just look at him, something she was uncomfortable doing when he was awake and aware of her. She leaned her head on her hand, her dark hair drifting to rest on her naked breasts.

She smiled softly and resisted the urge to reach over and trace the lines of his face and especially those lips of his, hmmm full lips that were totally masculine with a wicked curve to them when he wanted them too and boy the things he did to her with them.

She blushed and forced her reluctant mind back from the memories that were constantly popping into her head at the most inconvenient times and making her blush a deep red and that was another thing he loved doing, making her blush, as frequently as possible. She’d worked with him for four years and she’d never realised what a smutty mind he had.

She looked over the bedroom towards the balcony doors, the drapes were firmly closed to make sure no stray sunlight hit him, the bright sunlight outside lit a glow in the room bright enough that lighting a lamp wasn’t necessary. She should get up she thought, it was past the start of her working day but she didn’t want to leave just yet, was enjoying the view too much.

He lay on his front next to her but curved toward her, the sheet only covered him to the hip and she ran admiring eyes along his magnificent physique way too many times to count. His chin rested on one hand tucked underneath and in sleep he looked quite boyish with the long lashes and those lips, OK she admitted to herself “So I have a thing for his lips, get over it”, she grinned cheekily, delighted with herself, him and the world right then.

Not that she didn’t have a ‘thing’ for the rest of him too, “get your mind out of the gutter Cor” she berated herself, rolling her eyes. It was all his fault; he was corrupting her with all the hot sex and…”Get a grip”!

There was only one thing missing now and that was the dorky side of him that he showed so rarely if ever now, it was if that had been burned out of him or something and she missed it. She knew she hadn’t appreciated him enough at the time but she refused to feel bad about it, they were both guilty of that at some point over the time they’d known one another, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was getting him to laugh, she was downright and absolutely determined to make him laugh and not just a chuckle; oh no, she wanted a deep belly laugh, ‘a roll around the floor laughing your ass of laugh’ before she would be satisfied.

Just imaging it made her lips curve into a smile so wide it lit her whole face and made her gorgeous hazel eyes sparkle and that was what he saw when he opened his eyes. When she saw he was awake she gave into temptation and laid a warm hand on his cheek, cupping and caressing with soft fingers.

“I’m sorry did I wake, I should have got out of bed but I didn’t want to leave just yet, you looked so relaxed and peaceful”, she gave him a rueful, apologetic smile but her eyes remained full of soft warmth.

That warmth seemed to flood his entire body and he tingled all over with it, he didn’t turn over, he couldn’t because every time she looked at him like that he got hard and his lack of self-control where she was concerned embarrassed him.

That look had the power to turn him on more than anything else, not even the world’s raunchiest lap dance could heat him up as quickly. Well OK, lets be honest if it was her doing it, maybe on a par. Helplessly he smiled back at her, his lips curving high and bringing a twinkle to brown eyes the colour of sinfully dark chocolate.

She scooted down to get closer to him and pressed her warm body against his cool one, relishing the differences between them, him so hard and masculine against her much softer, curvier body.

“You’re gorgeous” he said and then looked surprised he’d said it out-loud.

“Why thank you, you can tell me that anytime” she laughingly replied and leaned forward to press a kiss to his lips, lingering for a moment to enjoy his taste and texture.

“Do that again”, he asked; the smile in his eyes remained but his lips were perfectly straight now, playfully solemn with one eyebrow raised in that way he had, as if not sure of the response he would get. Oh he knew how to turn on the boyish charm did this one, she thought as she leaned down to repeat the tender caress.

He caught her lips this time as she’d known he would, one hand came up to cup the back of her head and keep her lips to his. He didn’t open his mouth though, just brushed his lips across hers once and then twice as if seeking permission from her. She gave it by opening her own mouth and gently tracing the opening of his and then dipping lightly inside, brushing her tongue against his and then against the soft roof of his mouth.

“Hmmm” his purring approval vibrated into her and she matched it with one of her own, the kiss deepened a little, but not too much; as neither of them was in any big hurry, wanting to just explore softly. He returned the favour, changing the position of the kiss to give him better access to her and plunging his tongue inside slow and deep.

She cupped his checks and then moved back to trace his ears with sensitive and knowing fingers, brushing the short hair behind them with a gentle brushing motion of her nails. He shivered a little and she smiled against his lips, he smiled back and then started to kiss her again, impatient for more.

She trailed her hands down his sides, continuing with the light brushing motions and using her fingertips and nails, he shivered again and squirmed a little and that was it, a little imp woke inside her and she couldn’t help but return to his sides, trailing her fingers again, he growled a little.

“Stop that, it tickles”, he muttered crossly, nipping the end of her nose with sharp white teeth and then kissing it to sooth any hurt, just to make sure he pulled his other hand free to snag hers intending to give a little warning squeeze but she evaded him.

“Might as well go all the way” she thought to herself and dived in, ducking her head into his neck just above his collarbone and tickling like crazy.

“Oy” he shouted doubling over and trying to jerk away but she was merciless and giggling like a madwoman, he went to lift her up and away but she he wrapped her legs around his wildly swinging body and held on, her nails were short as they were a pain in the ass to maintain so she knew she wouldn’t hurt him.

He started to laugh helplessly and that just made her even more determined and more she laughed too, half in nervous tension and half in hysteria at the craziness of what she was doing. They wrestled for a bit but he couldn’t shake her loose without risking hurting her and anyway he was laughing too damn hard.

“You’re in for it now” he warned when he finally got her pinned to the bed his big hard body covering every inch of hers, her hands wrapped by his; their fingers were intertwined and despite the stern and menacing look he was trying to give her, she could tell he wasn’t angry with her.

That was all the warning she got though, before he got his own back and despite screaming, breathlessly at him to stop, he tickled her with ruthless precision, knowing exactly which spots to hit and how.

“Oh god, Angel, stop I can’t breathe, please”, she begged him, squealing at the next attack on her sides.

“Nuh Uh, not finished”, she could only open her eyes for an instant before they were wet with laughter tears again and she saw his evil grin.

He moved down her body with lightening speed and grabbed her feet; she shrieked then and tried to tuck them back up to her body. She got one tucked under her bottom but he had the other one, so he was satisfied with that, she kicked back and tried to lever herself up the bed but was simply laughing and screaming too hard and loud to be able to do much.

He was laughing again by then, enjoying her antics and having fun teasing her and getting her back for tickling him when he was just getting ready to take their lovemaking to the next level. He still intended to but not yet.

He must have lost concentration for a minute and stopped watching the motions of her muscles to see which way she would twist or turn next so that he could counter it, she bucked hard and he lost her ankle and she twisted hard to roll over, they ended up facing one another both naked and kneeling on the bed.

“Get back here Cordy”, he instructed menacingly, his face a big smirk, brows lowered over dark glinting eyes and wickedly curling lips. He rolled his shoulders and neck, causing the muscles to ripple as if getting ready for some action. All he needed to do to complete the picture was crack his knuckles.

“How can a guy called Angel manage to look so much like a devil”, she said with mock amazement and then she stuck out her tongue and followed it with an evil grin of her own, she gasped giggling with genuine hysteria when he dived over the bed, hands outstretched and reaching for her.

But she wasn’t daft and moved off the bed by scooting backwards, never taking her eyes of him, god she loved him like this all playful and wicked, she didn’t care what he had planned it was all worth it and anyway she was nowhere near ready to give up yet.

“A girl like you should never stick out her tongue like that; gives a guy ideas” said Angel with mock concern like a teacher telling of an errant pupil. He sat up in all his naked splendour on the centre of the bed, watching her watch him both trying to guess the next move the other would make.

Angel appeared to give up and rolled back on the bed to stretch himself out, his arms over his head and muscular chest arched up, his hard shaft proudly erect and on full display. Wow what a picture Cordy couldn’t help but think some very lustful thoughts and wish she could just climb on and sink down and then down some more, hmmmm.

She had no chance, her mind utterly preoccupied with the things she would like to do with that body when he flipped himself up and off the bed in a microsecond, he advanced on her, deliberately not going straight for her, waiting to see which way she would go, she knew he loved the chase.

“You did that deliberately” she said accusingly, her eyes wide with shock.

“Yeah” he said with another smirk, pleased as punch it had worked; he didn’t usually care if he was naked or dressed to her utter embarrassment when she walked in on him in the buff, but he’d caught her checking him out on more than one of those occasions and had used it now.

She giggled again and moved to the left, he mirrored the action instantly trying not to get distracted by the bountiful display of full breast and curving hips, he was so hard he was aching but he was satisfied to wait, he had forgotten what fun just playing could be, plus she was definitely giving him some ideas.

“So tell me” she said conversationally “What are gonna do when you catch me”.

“Oh I dunno” he said casually walking closer but circling so that she still didn’t know which direction to take, “fuck your brains out maybe”, he said it crudely on purpose and then waited for her reaction. He wasn’t disappointed her dark stain spread over her cheeks and breast and the nipples became even more pointed.

He let her see his nostrils flare so that she knew he had caught the arousal she couldn’t hope to hide from him.

“Oh really” she said, breathlessly, “what makes you think my legs won’t be locked at the knees”, she raised a questioning brow and stick her nose in the air, tapping her fingers against one arm, playing prom queen to the hilt.

“You think that matters?” he said letting his eyes travel down to the curls at the juncture of her thighs and licking his lips.

She had to fight the urge to just lie down and let him have his way, instead she lifted one hand and cupped her own breast, lifting it up and rubbing one thumb over the nipple, his eyes watched the movement mesmerised.

His cock twitched with even greater arousal and she let her other hand travel down her taut stomach to the curls he’d been admiring before, letting her fingers dip into them but going no lower, teasing them both.

“How can it not” she said in a husky, desire filled voice, the smokey sound travelling between them and wrapping around him like a caress.

His lust filled gaze narrowed on her hand, still playing with the now damp curls and he swallowed, his face was taut with the desire he was feeling himself. The playfulness was gone leaving only them with only sharp and piercing need.

He answered after a few taut tensions filled seconds, his eyes travelling back up-to her face, and it was her turn to swallow at the fire in those devilish eyes. “Wanna find out?” he said darkly.

It was not a question he expected an answer for, using every bit of his vampirish speed he scooped her up high in his muscular arms, she kept her legs closed and stared down into his eyes, “You can’t do it and forcing my legs to open is cheating” she told him in a sing song voice, squirming against his sex at the same time to incite.

He didn’t need anymore inciting, he lowered her feet to the floor and then placed both hands on her shoulders, pushing down inexorably until she was sitting down on the rug then turning her on her front.

She didn’t resist wondering what he thought he could do, he sat on her bottom and pressed her legs inside his and leaned over so that his lips touched her ear.

“So you wanna know how I can take you with your legs shut, right”? He asked, rubbing his lips against the sensitive shell.

She nodded, as far as she recalled from her childhood, women locked their legs to stop their husbands or whatever from having sex that was standard procedure for women to manipulate men, by refusing sex.

He chuckled and it caused a caused a tingle to run along her spine, “You are so innocent” he whispered, delighted and giving her a sucking biting kiss on the neck. “Forget ‘Educating Rita’ – if there’s gonna be any corrupting of Cordelia Chase it going to be by me”, he said in a deep possessive rumble.

He settled back and then moved up until he was directly under the cheeks of her bottom, using one hand he separated them and then dove a single finger into the cleft, reaching her in seconds and rubbing through the soft folds to reach her clitoris, he drew the finger in circles around her entrance drawing out and spreading the sweet juice and then bringing it to his lips to suck any off.

He lowered his chest to her back and then brought his hips towards her ass, not even needing to pull her cheeks apart but just plunging exquisitely slowly down until he was inside her. She gasped then and almost bucked but his weight kept her hips pressed to the floor and his confining legs kept hers firmly closed.

“So what was that you were saying”? He asked his voice husky now too, he bit back a groan at the hot wet clenching, drawing his hips back up and then repeating the slow plunging, his weight balanced on muscular arms.

She could hardly speak for the sensations, why was it even more intense when her legs were closed, the hard invasive shaft was so engorged that she was stretched and each plunging stroke scraped against her delicate inner tissues, she had no control over depth or speed, could do nothing but lie and accept what he was willing to give her.

She wrapped her small hands around his thick wrists and moaned, clenching her hands around him, needing something to hold onto, despite the slow rhythm his strokes were so deep she was rubbed against the pile on the rug beneath her, her nipples scraped but not hurting, just adding to the pleasure and making her feel as if she was being caressed over every inch front and back.

His body continued to move over her, sinking in and revelling in the tight hot clasp of her loins, she keened and gasped, bucking to try and get him to move faster but he wouldn’t knowing this position rubbed the tip of his cock directly over the little spot inside her body that he loved to torment until she screamed his name in unbearable hot pleasure.

They moved together; his much larger body so muscular and hard covered hers from top to bottom, his head tucked in to whisper in her ear, naughty things that made her wail with the intensity of the feelings invoked.

“By the time I’ve finished you won’t remember what it’s like not to have me inside you”, he muttered, his voice so low she felt rather than heard him.

“I want to fuck you all the time, take you right in front of anyone that looks at you so they know you’re mine”, the possessiveness was echoed by his plunging hips and she bucked again, helpless to fend off the orgasm that spilled through her willing body.

“On the desk even just sitting in a chair I want to just open your legs and eat you up”, he told her truthfully as he continued to ride her through it, his own spine tingled but he held it off by sheer will and gritted teeth. When she was finished and lay limp he came out of her, his sex glistened and pulsed, he scooped her up and carried her over the bed again, not to lay her on her it but to kneel her over the edge.

Her upper body was cushioned by the mattress and she clenched the covers as he pushed himself inside her again still from behind, she felt him kiss the back of her neck tenderly before he retreated until only the tip was inside her wet warmth but then he thrust hard and deep, making her scream.

“Aarghh” he groaned and leaned back taking deep breaths to centre himself again, “don’t wanna come yet”. He did again though and then carried on thrusting hard and fast, going deep and rough now but not hurting her.

“C’mon baby, I wanna feel it, come for me”, he whispered into her hair, feeling her tighten again, she wailed at pleasure that was almost pain and yet not, he leaned down further and bared her neck, his teeth scraped under her ear and then gripped the cord running down the side, clamping down in a primal stamp of sexual possession.

She came then and he did too, unable to hold off any longer and wanting to finish with her, she was utterly limp but he got them both back on the bed and tucked her so she faced him, her lips against his. Her small hands intertwined with his.



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