Possession Is Nine Tenths Epi


Balancing herself on hands pressed into the pillow above his shoulders. Cordelia gave him a wicked smile and leant down until their lips, his parted and moistened by a pink tongue, almost – but not quite touched. “That’s for me to know and you to find out” she taunted and watched as heat flared in his heavy lidded eyes.

Transfixed by the promise in those dark depths; Cordelia obeyed her body’s basic instinct and spread her legs wider, thankful for the freedom of a wraparound skirt to press her hot damp mound, covered only by the flimsiest of lace panties down onto his naked sex. She gasped when she was immediately rewarded when prickling charges of purely sexual heat shot out from her loins at an electric contact that was not nearly enough, making her a moan slip from between her parted lips.

Angel pushed up from the bed to capture her lips in a deep drugging kiss while his hands smoothed up from her shoulders to cup her neck and jaw with long fingers. His tongue slid smoothly past her parted lips to dip inside with confident skill. A deep-throated purr rumbled appreciatively in his chest at the sweet taste of warm living- Cordy.

At his gentle inexorable invasion, molten liquid arousal flowed to dampen her panties further, making the barrier all but useless except to tease and frustrate the both of them. Helpless to do anything else but answer the needy call of her aroused body she undulated her hips, rubbing her now aching sex along his hard throbbing length.

In tandem their lips opened wider and then angled to deepen the kiss, fusing their mouths together while their tongues mated in a swirling dance. Heat grew as already heightened arousal tightened into spiraling need inflamed by the dual friction at loins and lips. Angel stiffened and raised his lower body so that she was all but riding him while Cordelia pushed down and they surged together, mindless to anything but the dark dizzying pleasure.

Large hands spread over the small bones of her collar-bone and then smoothed their way over her shoulders- stopping to kneed gently before continuing on. The muscles of his biceps stretched and bunched around her as he gathered her closer, pressing his hands into her delicate spine with careful strength and soothing her with long sweeping caresses within the solid cage of his arms.

Cordelia’s head was spinning with the need for air but she simply refused to break away from the intoxicating taste that was all him. Fleetingly she wondered if it was the vampire in him that made him taste so much more delightfully sinful than other men she’d kissed. Shivers raced up her spine as the need in her belly got more demanding and finally she leant back gasping in deep lungfuls of air.

Angel ducked under her face and clamped onto the cord on her neck with his teeth making Cordelia gasp as an intense sensation of pleasure mixed with reckless temptation infused her. Angel, feeling the shudder of arousal that worked its way along her body, tightened his hold and then latching on to the fragrant skin- began to suckle strongly. Hot spicy blood raced to the surface under his lips and nuzzling the reddened skin he inhaled the delicious aroma with predatory enjoyment.

Soon temptation became too much and he forced himself to move on to her delicate ears, tracing the shell and sucking the lobe inside his mouth to torment it with firm lips and nipping teeth. Cordelia hissed in a breath and squirmed on his lap as hot charges of lust headed straight for her core.

Humming in his throat Angel moved back down the succulent curve of her neck; his cool tongue tracing the column, pausing here and there to feast on the creamy skin before nuzzling tenderly. Following the curve back up he stopped to nibble affectionately on her slightly pointed chin. Caught in the passionate web he was weaving Cordelia hung over him, not even aware that he’d taken the reins into his deft hands.

Panting moans fell from her lips as pleasure lashed along every nerve ending in a continuous stream of sensation. All stemming from the rhythmic thrusts of his hips that raised her up to ride him; rubbing and pressing his bulging sex into the drenched heat of her core, while his mouth ravished her throat with hungry thoroughness.

Lost in a daze she could do nothing but take it and hope that she could keep up on this wild ride he seemed determined to take them on. The blissful fog only lifted a little when he nipped more sharply on her chin; making her eyes open and look at him with a look with glazed confusion. Angel groaned at the look of absorbed pleasure on her flushed face.

“Sweetheart, sit up” he murmured and lifting her up himself- sat her back to grasp the hem of the gauzy black top to tug it up to and over her head. Dark glossy strand of hair slipped and fell in mahogany waves around her face, neck and shoulders in artful disarray. Dumbstruck he lay back and sucking in a deep breath- looked his fill of the voluptuous picture she made.

The black wraparound skirt was little more than a frame for golden thighs spread wide over his hips, exposing the red lace panties that hid none of her damp curls from his avid gaze. Above them the waistband of her skirt lovingly encircled a taut waist, leading to a delicate ribcage below heaving naked rosy tipped breasts.

His mouth watered copiously at the sight of those tightly budded nipples and underneath her bottom his sex pulsed with an even fiercer arousal as tingles raced along every inch of skin urging him on. “You’re gorgeous- do you have any idea how long I’ve waited to do this”?

Wordlessly she shook her head transfixed by his look of concentrated lust. “It would shock the hell out of you” he warned her then drawn like a lodestone he reached up to cup her full breasts, one in each hand and rubbed his thumbs over the taut peaks, marveling at the velvet texture of the soft warm flesh.

Cordelia’s head fell back at the touch of those powerful hands on her supersensitive flesh. “Oh God- harder please” she begged and moaned when he kneaded the aching flesh with long clever fingers. Her hands came up to cover his as they caressed her and her hips rose and fell in time with his. Soft cries fell from her open lips at each pumping thrust that aggravated rather than soothed her empty womb.

Scalding heat pooled between her thighs as the friction against the soft folds and hard nub of nerves brought her closer and closer to an explosive orgasm. Underneath her hands his fingers pulled and pinched her nipples with an irresistible expertise that followed the line between twisty pleasure and sweet pain,

Angel gritted his teeth and repressed the almost savage need to toss her on her back and pound into her, imprinting himself and branding her with a possession she’d never forget. Every muscle in his body locked in the effort and he knew he was reaching the limit of his control. Panting he pulled his hands from her breasts and pressed hers back so that she was cupping them.

“Play with yourself” he demanded in a voice made harsh by desire.

Hazel eyes met glittering black ones; Cordelia moaned and pressed her hands hard to knead the full mounds. Her hot pink tongue darted out to moisten lips made dry by helpless cries and the deep sexual flush on her cheeks grew hotter.

Cordelia stared mesmerized at the hard passion tautened face beneath her. Short panting breaths puffed out between clenched teeth on low growls and slashing brows framed heavy lidded, lust-blackened eyes screened by silky black lashes. Tiny darts of fear and panic whizzed through her blood at the sight, bringing her orgasm even closer with the evidence of the purely sexual threat from the man-demon beneath her.

Hard hands pulled at the snap of her skirt and lifting it off; threw it carelessly aside with a toss of one hand. Cordelia ran her palms in circles over her nipples and then dragged her fingers across them so that the rosy buds peaked out between them. Lunging up Angel wrapped an arm around her waist and balancing on the other fastened ravenous lips to one tempting bud; suckling it around her fingers.

His tongue darted out to flick at the turgid tip and swirled around the edges of the two fingers before biting down on it and making her gasp in mingled passion and fear. Her fingers pulled away and speared into his short dark hair to dig lightly into his scalp and then run her nails along the outline of his ear and the nape of his neck.

Helplessly fascinated by the image of it, she watched him suckle at her breast with his firm sculpted lips fastened hungrily around the peak, cool tongue lapping and strong white teeth scraping at her sun kissed, golden flesh. Long dark lashes lay like tiny innocent fans on his skin, screening the hot secrets of his eyes from her.

God he was so big and husky, she thought with a purely female feeling of pride in her mate. He surrounded her completely without even trying and his mastery over his own body was so complete that he controlled his surroundings with equal ease. Pleasure thrummed in her veins, centering on the twin points of breast and sex.

The tension inside her body screwed tighter and her eyes almost crossed with the torment of it. “Angel, I want you inside of me” she demanded hardly able to speak for the force of the clamoring need to be filled. Knowing what she needed, Angel pushed a hand between their almost joined bodies and under her panties to slide a finger between the soft, drenched folds of her labia, seeking the hot liquid center of her sex.

Cordelia screamed hoarsely when he eased inside her with one finger, hooking it to stretch her so that it could be joined by a second. The two long thick fingers provoked her tight passage to clamp down in ecstasy on the welcome invasion, easing the empty ache that’d been driving her wild. The knuckles of his other fingers brushed and kneaded against her clit making every move of his hand a carnal assault that sent spirals of molten heat directly to that other spot of pure pleasure being massaged inside her body as he fingered her.

Sharp teeth tugged on her nipple in time with his thrusting hand, faster and faster, rougher and rougher until in a final burst of lightening pleasure she surrendered to that dark oblivion and splintered apart in a mind-numbing climax.

The shattering release of tension brought back the memory of what she’d wanted and fresh determination filled her, without even giving herself time to recover and before he could distract her again, she scooted down his body and took him in her mouth. It was time to take back control.

Angels jaw dropped when he felt her hot mouth envelope him and then it was his turn for his head to fall back and be held in the thrall of carnal pleasure so hot it burned. He lost control of his limbs and fell back to the bed when her hot lips took him in slowly inch by inch. Cordelia almost purred her approval and ignoring her musk searched out the essence of Angel.

“ahhh” incoherent moans and pleas burst from his lips and he arched up into the whirlpool she was creating with her lips teeth and tongue. He closed his eyes and gripped fistfuls of the sheet to try and ground himself while colored bursts of lights streamed across his eyelids.

“Cordy- stop you have to…ahhh” Cordelia scraped her teeth all along his length and then followed up with a soft, wet open-mouthed dragging kiss until he stopped speaking then she forgave him and took him again. His jaw locked preventing any more please for mercy as hot licks of flame worked it was up his body leaving him a trembling mass of aroused male.

His sex was velvet covering cold hard steel and he tasted like a slice of heaven making her mouth tingle with the compulsion to swallow him whole. She angled her head to take as much of him as she could, but he was so big that even deep-throating him wasn’t enough. Disappointed she wrapping her fingers around the base and pumped slowly up and down; loving how he moaned and panted in helpless abandon. His hips jerked and twitched under her mouth and growling moans were wrenched from his lips,

She swirled her tongue around the top to lick of the drops of fluid that seeped out, “hmmmm” deep in her throat and coming back for more, sucked the tip hard and flicked her tongue over the sensitive head. Teasing him she pumped her hand hard but sucked him shallowly. A contrast that drove away the last of his restraint and made him buck hard into the hot wet cavern of her mouth.

His head twisted from side to side on the pillow until finally she gave in and took him deep again. “Suck me harder” he panted and threading his fingers through the hair at her neck, pumped upwards with frantic needy greed. She sucked him until her jaw ached and then sat back to survey her handy work her hand still wrapped around him, keeping him on the edge of a that sharp precipice.

She shook her head and couldn’t prevent the hot spill of words that came out, words of praise and love and every one as sexual as male and female. He was total eye candy from the top of his dark head, all the way down to his feet. Tall and muscular with every line of his body a feast for the senses. Her appreciative gaze settled on the hard pulsing shaft in her hand, rising in masculine pride from a coarse nest of dark curls.

She hadn’t intended to but couldn’t help but return to kiss him one last time, then again when it wasn’t enough, licking the broad tip with the flat of her tongue and then tracing the hard length and pulsing vein. “God I could just eat you up” she told him and he jerked again. Her eyes traveled up his length to catch the amber threading through the dark chocolate of his.

“Do you want me”? She asked him and while he watched brushed her lips over the flushed engorged tip, then, darting out her tongue lapped at him like he was an ice-cream. “What do you want, Angel”? She asked him huskily.

He rose up on his elbows, “I want to fuck you” he growled at her and the amber flashed to full topaz for an instant.

Ruefully she shook her head, a gesture that immediately made him growl warningly. “Ahh but what if I said I want to fuck you”? She swirled lovingly around him again, her eyes closing in heated relish.

“Then do it now or…” he couldn’t finish the warning but sucked in a deep unneeded breath, reaching for his slipping self-control and trying to apply some brakes to his raging libido. Not exactly easy when the warm spice of aroused woman lay thick on the air.

A wicked little imp inside her considered making a dash for the door just to see what would happen, but decided such undoubtedly heart stopping, belly flipping excitement could wait for another time. One when her ass was less tender.

The wicked grin still curved her full lips as she gracefully clambered over him. He didn’t flinch or show any discomfort when she put her hands on chest and let him have her full weight as she threw her leg over his hips to settle herself just underneath his impatiently throbbing shaft. “Well aren’t you just the most impatient vampire huh?” she purred happily.

“What happened to Joe Stoic- I was celibate for a century”? She asked him with a smirk and planting her hands next to his head, leaned down to drop a quick kiss that ended up being a long, searching, mind blowing, tongue-tangler.

“He got laid and woke up to smell the roses” he gritted out afterwards- too aroused for playful banter. Then hooking his fingers in her panties he ripped the delicate fabric off her body with sharp twists of strong fingers. “I’ll buy you a bag full” he offered before she could complain.

Then grasping her hips, Angel pulled her down, tilted her pelvis with knowledgeable skill and surged up and inside her with a single flex of his hips. Cordelia gasped at both the hard, merciless invasion and the unbelievable fact that he’d known exactly how to position her for his penetration.

The sensitive walls of her tight passage quivered at the almost painful stretching fullness making Cordy struggle to adjust and not give into the fear of being split apart.

“Oh my god- are you sure I liked this last time”? She asked in a high wavering voice and dropped her head to lean her forehead against his hard shoulder. Angel chuckled and despite his own impossibly strong urges forced himself to remain still and give her time to get used to having him inside her.

I cannot believe I was actually delighted he was so big- I am such an idiot. Wondering what she’d let herself in for, Cordy raised herself back up and blowing hair out of her eyes looked down at his face with a sulky pout on her lips.

“You wanted to be on top” he reminded her. “It’s always deeper that way”. He lied, deciding not to go into details about going from behind; he liked that position- a lot.

He was much more relaxed though not exactly sated now that he was buried in her to the hilt; no chance of her escaping his clutches now, he thought and suppressed a grin.

“Really”? She asked him with a thoughtful frown. note to self- no going on top.

“Yeah- really. Now lift up a bit” he demanded with a hard kiss on her sulky lips.

“Why” she asked suspiciously and pressed down in an unconscious defense of her vulnerable body.

“Cos if you don’t I’ll flip you on your back and pound you in to the mattress” he warned, only half joking.

With eyes spitting fire she bolted upright- all the better to give him hell. Then stiffened in utter amazement as her body jolted with sizzling pleasure; eyes wide now she looked at him and caught him eyeing her with amusement clear on his strained face.

Angel only just managed not do to what he’d threatened then when her body’s joyful clamping on his shaft jacked his own arousal back to red hot urgency. Make that Defcon 1 he thought when she wriggled on him, curious to see what else she could feel. Why don’t I just show you he wanted to say but couldn’t get the words past his suddenly dry lips.

He lifted her up until the tip of his shaft was barely inside her, just enough that the lips of her sex were still spread wide, encircling the broad head. The hot cream of her arousal coated the hard smoothness, making him slick with her juice. He waited a beat until their gazes locked. “I love you” he told her solemnly and the warmth in his usually unfathomable eyes lightened them to velvet brown.

Everything inside Cordelia seemed to turn to mercury, flowing and melting into one ball of transcendent feeling, “I love you too” she whispered back- her hazel eyes melting with love and lust. As if it was what he’d been waiting for, Angel thrust up in a long lazy surge; making them both moan low and deep as pleasure wracked them simultaneously.

Lifting and supporting himself on one hand, Angel pulled up her opposite knee and draped it over his hip so they lay- still with her on top but almost facing one another. Their lips met in a kiss as lazily stroking as the rhythm he set. Damp tendrils of hair were stuck to her cheeks, neck and breasts; Angel reached up and gently stroked them away, then cupping her jaw deepened the kiss, inexorably forcing her mouth to open wider with a surging thrust of his tongue.

Cordelia met his with hers and they slid and retreated, massaged and stroked one another in whole new experience of feeling. Angel dropped his hand from her neck and worked his way down her chest to cup a breast, the soft flesh filling his palm and soon swelling from his tender ministrations and plucking fingers.

Their loins met and separated in a dance as old as time, unchanging and as relentlessly potent as the sea. The long slow strokes of his hard thick length rasped the delicate inner tissues, stretching the tight passage with each penetration while she gloved him with her damp heat. A deep fluttering started in her belly, quickly transforming into thick honeyed balls of heated pleasure; heralding the return of that deliciously awful tension.

Rather than break apart even for a second, Cordelia breathed into him and the warm wash of air teased the roof of his mouth and added to the sensory overload. His hand left her aching breast and trailing down her body crested the curve of her bottom to curve into the cleft of one cheek. Not breaking his rhythm he parted the globe of one cheek and teased the ultra sensitive skin hidden between with long clever fingers, making her buck against him at the intensity of it. It was too much.

Panicking, Cordelia pulled back. “Don’t” she told him with wide eyes, and uncertainty chased away the slumberous passion.

“Okay” he agreed and smiled softly in reassurance pulled her back into another kiss, not stopping until she’d relaxed into him again. There were so many things he wanted to show her- do to her but he knew some would have to wait until she grew more used to giving herself up to him, trusting him to look after her and always give her pleasure- never pain or shame.

Forgetting the momentary fear Cordelia explored his chest and arms, stroking the pads of her fingers over the downy skin that covered rock hard muscle and heavy bone. She brushed them over his nipples and was instantly fascinated when they immediately responded by tightening into hard little nubs. Following her instincts she pulled back from his lips then to duck down and fastened her lips to the dusky tip- so different from hers.

Angel froze and then groaned as she hit on another weakness. Shit- I’m never gonna last … not with that…gotta ahh.. no don’t do that!. She laved his nipple; then circled it with her tongue before finally delivering the coup de grace and snapping his control- bit him. A stunning explosion of white hot sparks streaked down from her lips to his shaft, making it pulse with an approaching climax.

The cords on his neck and temple stood out in relief from his skin as his arousal reached towering heights, civilized restraint bolted as sharp piercing need fragmented his mind. Wrapping his arms around her he fell back and then rolled her underneath him with a low growl vibrating deep in his wide chest.

His eyes flashed topaz again and his engorged sex swelled further inside her tight passage making her respond with squeezing ecstasy; milking him as the quivering contractions clamped down. Cordelia wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his chest, holding on like a limpet, with her lips still fastened to his nipple. Excitement shot sparks of furious heat from her loins all around her body just from knowing she was driving him wild.

Gone were the lazy thrusts, replaced by a pounding tempo that would have driven her up the bed if she hadn’t been holding onto him so tightly. Angel braced his arms and raised his upper body of hers, and it still wasn’t enough, release threatened to take him over the edge pushing at him to go harder and faster.

Snarling pants escaped his lips and desperate to make her come before him he sat up; pulled her arms off him and unwrapping her legs pushed her knees into her chest, exposing her fully to his pistoning hips and driving sex. Cordelia frantically gripped the sheet underneath their straining bodies, her chest heaving as passion escalated, and hanging onto her sanity with a single thread while he wrought a storm around her.

Angel started to come, his back stiffened as the final driving thrusts into her silky sheath took him over the edge. Cordelia’s back bowed as the unbearable coiled tension snapped at the sight of him coming apart, seized in the powerful grip of his orgasm. He pounded once and then twice more before hanging over her, shaking in the aftermath. Cordelia lunged up and speared her tongue into his mouth as her own release rolled over her in crashing waves, taking her down into the dark whirlpool of bliss he’d forced her into.


They woke to find the sun shining through the curtains, leaving amber blocks of warmth patterning the bed, floor and walls. They were still wrapped around one another with Cordelia’s face tucked under his chin and one leg trapped between his heavy thighs. Thankfully the sheets and blankets were cocooned around them, covering everything but the two dark heads.

Wesley stared in shock at the entwined couple, and didn’t know which pair of dark blinking eyes he should address his outrage too. He decided neither and jerking his eyes upwards he stared at the wall and said with carefully cold clarity. “I want you both downstairs in ten minutes to explain what the … hell… happened. Is that clear”? He didn’t wait for an affirmative but made his escape.

Cordelia sighed gustily and wished she’d not unlocked the door last night in the search for something she couldn’t even remember now. Pulling back, she looked at Angel. “How come you’re smiling” she asked him curiously. Then shut her mouth as he slipped inside her all hard and smooth and impossibly exciting.

“Do we have time for this”? She managed to get out while he pumped with slow surety into her. “We’ll make time” was the rumbling, just woken up growl.

Oh yeah Wesley could wait.





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