False Claims 50-52

Chapter Fifty

He was in there. She knew it; she could feel him. Ever since she’d decided, early that morning, that she had to leave Sunnydale, there’d been this dull ache that ebbed and flowed throughout her entire body. It was reminiscent of the first few days with the flu and Cordelia had put it down to the utter emotional exhaustion of the night before.

Now she knew better, for with every step she took towards the large wooden doors, the bothersome throbbing eased and in its place was a kind of peace entirely out of place given the current situation.

Knowing that it was this sense of well-being that was so dangerous to her, that would make her the author of her own demise, she decided to fight while she still could. Kicking out at Officer Davidson she made contact with his leg just as she wrenched her arm free of Officer Shale’s grasp. Turning and beginning a headlong flight driveway, she used her hard won athletic balance to keep herself upright as her hands were still shackled behind her.

Still, escape was not in the crappy cards she’d been dealt as strong arms surrounded her waist and Davidson pulled her up off of her feet. Carrying the struggling girl up to the now open doorway, he spoke low in her ear.

“There’s no point in fighting. He will have you. You might as well give in and enjoy it. Any one of us would kill to be where you are.”

And just as she was gearing up to argue, or at least to spit in his face, she was released. Almost against her will her eyes were drawn to the enormous stone fire place where Angelus stood with his back to her, hands braced against the large, heavy mantle, staring down into the flames.

Cordelia shivered, a mixture of fear and anticipation that, this close to the vampire, she could not control. She watched the thick muscles of his back bunch under his shirt as he straightened to his full, imposing height and slowly turned around.

Although his features retained their human shape, his eyes burned a fiery gold; evidence that demonic instinct was driving him now. Every gliding step, every tightly controlled yet fluid movement marked the being before her as a predator of the highest order and, despite her normal inclination which was fight or flight minus the flight, every cell in her body screamed at her to remain perfectly still as Angelus circled her like a shark on the verge of attack.

It seemed that her passivity had been the prudent course of action as the towering vampire stopped to the right of her, just out of her sight. Feeling his cool touch on her shoulder, she shivered as a finger traced its way down her arm to her wrist, leaving a curiously hot trail in its wake, considering the source. Feeling a gentle tug on the silver cuffs confining her hands, she heard Angelus’ voice for the first time since her arrival.

“I don’t think we need these any more. Do you Cordelia?”

And with a movement swifter than her eyes could register, he was standing in front of her. Hearing a click she felt her hands blissfully freed from their bonds. Moving to pull her arms forward to survey the results of their confinement, she found they were already gently clasped in Angelus’ much larger grip. Drawing them from behind her he brought her wrists up to his searching gaze. Beginning with the right, his eyes carefully noted every discoloration, no matter how minor, that marred her skin. As each new mark was discovered he tenderly soothed it with a soft kiss.

As his lips caressed the last of the markings Cordelia couldn’t suppress the small quivers that shot up her arm as his tongue slid out to taste her skin. Hazel hues were swallowed by dilating pupils and as sensations rushed through her at even those small touches, she dimly heard Angelus dismissing the officers still awaiting their master’s orders.

“Davidson, Shale.” The vampire may have been speaking to them, but his eyes never left Cordelia’s. “You’ve done well. It’s good to know that Sunnydale’s finest take lost pets so seriously.”

Under his piercing gaze Angelus watched as the sensual fire in Cordelia’s eyes was doused only to be reborn in the flames of anger. He could almost hear the words of outrage forming in her mind, but placing a finger firmly against her lips he halted their flow.

“You know better than that, Cordelia. We don’t fight in front of the help.” Glancing over Cordelia’s shoulder he spoke to his servants once again. “That will be all.”

And as if they were indeed domestics of the highest caliber, they simply turned and left their master to his pleasure without a single glance back at the girl they were leaving in a monster’s care.

As she heard the heavy door close, Cordelia lost hold of the last of the illusions she’d had of escape. Still seething, the hand he’d freed came up to remove the offending digit. She watched as his lips twisted into satisfied smirk as he recaptured her wrist and pulled her inexorably forward until her hands were splayed across the hard, uncompromising muscles of his chest. His eyes closed in a moment of bliss as her warm touch seared his skin even through the silken barrier of his shirt.

Clenched lids opened to reveal molten rivers of amber shot through with darts of desire as Angelus leaned into her until his lips brushed the curve of her ear.

“You know I would have gone slowly. I would have courted you.”

His hands slid from their place over hers to glide up her arms leaving echoes of sensations in their wake. Resting briefly on her shoulders his thumb smoothed over the rarely uncovered mark on her neck, reveling in the knowledge that it would never be hidden again.

Continuing his journey, he danced his fingertips down her rigid spine in a light touch that spun a fantasy of safety that was quickly dispelled as his palms pressed into the small of her back and she was propelled forward and crushed into the iron form before her.

“I would’ve done a thousand things to help you adjust. But [b]never[/b] would letting you leave have been one of them. Either you don’t know me at all or you know me to well.”

As one hand kept her firmly imprisoned against him, his other crept up to tilt her gaze up to his.

Searching her gaze he found fear swirling in the caramel depths and he smiled. Not a twisted mockery of merriment, but a sincere look of contentment.

“Ah. Too well it is.”

“You knew I’d never let you go. Were you hoping I’d follow? Was this all one more desperate attempt to save your little friends?”

Suddenly she was free and he was once again at the fireplace, this time reclining against the thick stone. The look that he gave her was equal parts consideration and admiration.

“And the best part, Cordelia.” Angelus said as the admiration won out. “It was a fairly good plan. I can’t be without you, so I would have had no choice but to follow. And had you actually been able to make it off of the Hellmouth who knows how long you could have evaded me.”

“I’ve learned not to underestimate you as an opponent Cordelia. That’s why I’ve had people waiting at all of the main roads out of town for days now.”

And that was true. Angelus knew after their first date that Cordelia would try to run before too long. It wasn’t in her nature to just give up. And after their picnic the night before, he’d known that the new day would see her leaving this town with nothing but a trail of dust to show she’d been here at all.

While most people would try to hide behind the slayer, Cordelia instead chose to leave and lure him away from her friends. It was a bold and caring mood that was a clear representation of her character. And honestly, it made him hot.

Even though he knew she wouldn’t win this game that they were playing, the fact that she tried, continually, excited him no end. The stronger she was the more he longed to bend her to his will. Her constant rejections would only make her inevitable acquiescence all the sweeter.

Angelus found himself stirring in anticipation as he realized that Cordelia’s flight had officially brought the ‘dating’ period of their relationship to a close.

“You know, Cordelia” Angelus purred as he stalked toward the mesmerized beauty. “Normally I’d punish you for what you did today.”

Reaching her he traced a gentle finger down the side of her face.

“You need to understand that leaving me will [b]never[/b] be an option, and if I have to explain that to you again, you can bet that your correction would, at the very least, leave you unable to sit for days.”

He took a moment to enjoy the look of horror that crossed her face as that precise threat sank in. Brushing his thumb across the frown forming on her dusky lips, Angelus informed her why she had escaped punishment for that day’s escapade.

“Today, however, I’m inclined to let your lapse in judgment slide. Because, honestly, I don’t know how much longer I could have gone on as we were. Wanting you so badly. Needing you with me in every way. Dreaming of sleeping with you in my arms and waking you up with hard, fervent kisses as I bury myself deep in your welcoming heat.”

“No, this definitely had to end. And Cordelia, it ends now.”

Chapter Fifty One

Those words ended any further hopes of conversation as Angelus swung the nonplussed girl into his arms and headed upstairs.

As they reached a heavy wooden door at the end of the second story landing, Cordelia glared at the vampire and readied herself to struggle, only to be engulfed in the shattering tenderness of his gaze.

“You’re finally home, Moonbeam.”

And with that loving declaration, he kicked open the door and entered what would now be their room.

Cordelia gasped in shock, and for the first time she was grateful for the arms that held her as she was sure she could not have stood unassisted.

A cascade of colors enveloped her senses as she took in every corner of the room, every surface, every possible inch of free space, all covered with vases upon vases of tulips. As their delicate beauty beguiled her, an arrow of sweet longing pierced through her at the tender emotions conveyed in this one gesture.

As her feet gently reached the floor, she realized that he was giving her time to take in what he had done. For her.

Turning, slowly, her eyes caressed each bloom, from virginal whites to sinful reds and every shade in between as she carved a space in her heart to remember this moment. For no matter what happened between them or how this nightmare that had become her life ended, in that one instant all she could feel was the radiant pleasure of the sweetest gift she’d ever been given.

Turning back to face Angelus, Cordelia looked up, confusion swirling in the depths of her eyes.

Bending until his forehead met hers, his husky words blew gently across her lips.

“Where else would you rather be than here, Cordelia?”

“With your family? How long will it be until they notice that whatever feeble excuse you gave them was a lie? And when they do, will they even care?”

“With your do-gooder friends? Who are willing to use you when it’s necessary, but will always expect you to play second string to the slayer?”

Cordelia knew that he was right about her parents. They wouldn’t care except for the embarrassment that having a runaway for a daughter would cause. But he was wrong about her friends. She knew he was.

“Giles cares.”

“Of course he does.” Angelus continued in the same soothing and intimate tone. “But when did he start caring, Cordelia?”

“How often were you the bait for their traps? How many nights was the slayer’s life less at risk because of the danger in which you willingly placed yourself? Was the concern evident then?”

“Or did it come after your run in with me? Did Giles worry about you before? Did he make sure that you were safe, that things were alright with you? Did he mind that your parents left you alone sometimes for weeks on end?”

“It was after you’d proved yourself, wasn’t it? It was after you convinced him how strong you could be by standing up to me, how compassionate you were by keeping him from harm. That was when he cared, wasn’t it? When you were what he wanted. Strong and longsuffering, a girl standing alone against evil.”

“Giles may care now, but he didn’t even notice you until his mind could turn you into Buffy. What about when you were just Cordelia Chase?”

“But I love you. And why? What is my ulterior motive? You’ve been my enemy, threatened all of my plans, opposed me at every turn, assaulted me, rejected my love, and attempted to desert me. Of all of the beauty that I’ve glimpsed in you, none of it has been freely given. And yet here I remain, having seen the bad yet never wavering in my devotion to you.”

“All you’ve ever wanted was love, and I’ve thrown my heart at your feet. So tell me, Cordelia, right now where would you rather be?”

Her eyelashes fluttered as her lids drifted shut and, closing the breath of distance between them, she whispered her answer against his waiting lips.


Chapter Fifty Two: How Do You Hold A Moonbeam In Your Hand?

Awash in a sea of fragrant colors, lost in a lover’s embrace; Cordelia meant it when she’d told Angelus that there was no where that she’d rather be.

For the barest moment she wondered if her answer sprung from happiness at her current circumstances or if it was indicative of the emotional wasteland that seemed to be the rest of her life.

A wisp of thought fluttered through her beleaguered mind, questioning when her life had veered down a path that lead her to this place, where the arms of a demon was her chosen haven. But before it could take shape it was gone as a cool, gentle tongue swept into her mouth and all thinking stopped.

He couldn’t stop thinking.

Angelus finally had what he’d wanted for what seemed like an eternity, and instead of reveling in the feeling of his woman in his arms at last, he was captivated by a single thought.

She’d said, “Nowhere.”

Cordelia Chase, his unwilling obsession, his radiant moonbeam said that there was nowhere that she would rather be at that moment than with him. And though he knew that was a temporary state of mind for the rebellious girl, he couldn’t help the intense satisfaction her honest answer gave him.

He’d meant every word he’d said to her, and though he’d used them like weapons to tear her from those who would keep her from him, the most he had expected was a quiet acquiescence to the inescapable. But instead of her silent resignation, she once again surprised him with her unflinching honesty.

Angelus knew that Cordelia thought that this was about sex. But he had never lacked for partners – willing and not; this much effort would never go into mere sexual gratification. If that’s all he wanted he could’ve fucked her a thousand times over by now.

No, although their joining would be nothing less than bliss, this union far transcended the physical. This would be the completion of their bond. This night would ensconce him deep within her soul for the entirety of her life. Never again would she be Cordelia Chase, an independent entity, singular in her own existence, forging her own path through life.

From here on, no matter where she was, who she was with, or the acts in which she engaged, she would always be his Cordelia. She was the embodiment of his pleasure, and after this night in his arms she would never be able to deny that her destiny was his desire.

And more than anything that had happened that day that thought heated his still blood until he was burning with it.

She was burning up. She wasn’t sure that it should be physically possible for someone with no body temperature to create so much heat in another person. Cordelia Chase was no fool. She knew exactly what would happen here tonight; knew that it had been inevitable since she’d been pulled kicking and screaming into this place. And so she understood that her instinctive, spontaneous answer to Angelus’ queries hadn’t been the genesis for what was now taking place. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow that single, whispered word had transformed this moment, lending it an intimacy that it would otherwise have lacked; an intimacy that she wasn’t sure her soul could survive intact.

Even now her body was screaming at her in hunger and longing. The part of her that would normally beg her to resist was strangely silent as the stripping of her nerves, the loneliness of her life, and the deep stroking of the firm tongue against hers all combined to create a need more powerful than anything she’d felt up to this point. At that moment she wouldn’t have been able to say if this was solely the product of the bond or a culmination of events. In fact, the only thought she could truly hold was even now causing her heart to beat a harsh rhythm of desire inside her chest – She had to touch him.

Angelus knew he would die, again, if he didn’t touch her. He’d always felt impervious to harm; indestructible even when facing slayers and a century and a half of vampire hunters. And yet, at this moment, he knew that if he couldn’t merge his skin to hers, he would cease to exist.

While Cordelia had felt relentlessly pursued over the past weeks, she had no idea of what it had cost her soon-to-be lover to proceed at such a slow and deliberate place. Every day without her had been a lifetime of solitude and emptiness to the vampire who had immersed himself in their bond. But he had known the divine dividends of every moment spent with her would far outweigh the cost of restraint; and now it was time to begin reaping the rewards of his patience.

Placing gentle hands on her shoulders, Angelus reluctantly pulled his lips from hers, allowing Cordelia air which was much needed but apparently not wanted if it separated her from him, as witnessed by her small whimper of loss. Making the most of her moment of distraction, he gazed down into her face.

Beauty was by no means a foreign concept to the vampire, and yet this particular women’s magnificence moved him in ways he couldn’t begin to describe. It wasn’t just her outer countenance, he had decimated hundreds of beauties, but they hadn’t turned his head. No, it was something vibrant in her; spirit, courage, caring, that particulars didn’t matter, just that it lit her from the inside out, lifting her far above the realm of physical attraction and transformed her into a force of nature – A whirlwind that blew through him and left him dazed yet longing for her endlessly.

Cupping her face, his eyes narrowed into slits of sultry satisfaction as Cordelia instinctively nuzzled into his touch. With a whisper of movement his thumb slid across the warm, silk of her skin as he explored the contours of her face. Soft, sweeping movements transfixed the pair, locking them in a timeless moment of need.

Finally, unable to resist tasting what he had worship with his reverent touch he tilted Cordelia’s face towards his. Finding a matching hunger in the swirling depths of her liquid gaze, Angelus groaned deeply as his mouth slid smoothly across hers.

Although her lips parted instantly to allow greater access, the vampire abandoned the temptation if favor of recreating the path of his questing fingers. Cordelia’s skin, warmed with the glowing health of youth, and slightly damp from anticipation was a delicacy beyond imagining; more so as it was freely shared with him this night.

His tongue slipped past his lips to trace abstract swirls on her skin as it blazed a sensual trail over her jaw and down her neck. Angelus was drawn, as always, to the place of their mystical joining. As he soothed and caressed each mark left by his deadly fangs, he tasted the unique blend of both Cordelia and himself. It teased his senses with its tantalizing flavor until his head swam with need; to touch, to taste, to own.

This time the sound that spilled from his lips was a deep, resounding purr; a sound of satisfaction that only comes with the attainment of the dearest of goals. It poured from him and into her, this building sense of completion, and his body shook under the weight of his desire.

Cordelia wanted him so badly that she was actually shaking with need. That thought briefly surfaced in her mind only to be once again submerged as his blunt teeth nipped at the scars he’d left behind.

There was something about that point that seemed to recognize the vampire, that longed to draw him back into the place of their first joining. In the logical part of her mind she knew that it was folly of the life ending variety to invite a vampire’s bite; but reason had abandoned her this night and all that was left were sensations, endless vibrations of body and soul that threatened to tear her asunder, and yet, for the life of her she could not wish away.

Whatever small breaths Cordelia was able to drag in stilled in her throat as Angelus tenderly drew the marked flesh into his mouth, his gentle suckling creating identical shafts of desire to spear through them both.

Feelings, foreign and frightening in their intensity, encompassed her and she reached out to the only familiar figure left in her world, uncaring that he was the cause of the deluge crashing through her. Needing nothing but to feel him, to acknowledge the reality of something in the swirling void into which she was falling, she wrapped her arms around his hard, straining form.

Slowly, as if it were a necessity to memorize every plane and angle before her, she smoothed her hands over the taut muscles of his back. The silk of his shirt eased her travels and added erotic dimension to the caress on both sides of the material. Finally reaching flesh, she teasingly danced her fingertips over his nape to draw soothing patterns in his hair with her nails.

Whether it was her specific movements or her active participation, Cordelia didn’t know, but the rumble that shot from his body to hers alerted her to his appreciation of her actions. Desperately wanting a repeat of that sensation, her fingers clenched in his hair, stroking firmly and pulling him even tighter into her neck.

The singular rumble turned into a continuous purr as Cordelia offered up more of her throat to his pleasure. Her body trembled in time to the pulsations surrounding her and each tremor shot its way through her and settled with unerring precision between her tightly clenched thighs. A pool of liquid heat gathered there as a deep ache began crushing her in its demanding grip, robbing her of her will to be anything other than a colliding mass of random thoughts and feelings set ablaze by her overloaded senses.

Pushing forward she eliminated the small slivers of air that sought to separate them. Her legs weakened as her breasts connected with the sculpted planes of Angelus’ chest. Everywhere his body touched hers was like a cool, soothing balm to the fire consuming her, and at this moment she wanted nothing more than to drown in the ravenous hunger beating through her.

Angelus was starving for her and he knew that no matter what the heights of pleasure this night yielded, it would never be enough.

Feeling her touch him, her hands molding themselves to his flesh, stroking through his hair aroused a fierce affection in him as she pleased him of her own accord. But tender feelings were soon converted to raging desire as she pulled him securely to her neck. Her acceptance was appealing, her willing participation was enthralling, but her submission, it was beyond exhilarating.

Needing to see more of her, to touch more of her, Angelus slid his arms around her waist. Skimming his hands under them hem of her shirt, her reveled in the velvety warmth of the large expanse of skin beneath his palms. In strong, broad sweeps they moved upwards, dragging the worn cotton with them until, with one movement, he’d separated their bodies and whisked off her thin shirt, leaving it to fall softly to the ground.

The delicate rose lace of her bra did little to cover the sun kissed curves of her breast. Already Angelus found himself straining against the restricting material of his pants and he paused for a fraction of a second to wonder how his control would survive further revelations of her beauty.

The view that was even now pushing the bounds of his control was suddenly obscured as Cordelia’s arms came up to cover herself in a move inherent to her untried state. Growling at the loss, Angelus grasped her hands in his, stretching them out to the sides and back, thrusting her breasts out towards him. Feeling her fight his tightening grip, he captured her gaze so that she could not doubt the sincerity of his words.

“You will never hide yourself from me again, Cordelia.”

He felt the hesitation in her defiance and his lips curved into a cruel smirk as he prepared to crumble her thoughts of disobedience.

“I could always keep you naked to break you of this false modesty.”

He couldn’t restrain the chuckle at the utter dismay that shot across her face as she realized that not only was he serious, but that he would be more than happy to carry out such a threat. In fact, Angelus almost wished for her noncompliance in this matter. Not that he needed the excuse. She was his and if it suited him to have her unclothed for the rest of her life then she would remain so and what’s more she would eventually come to love it.

He could feel the moment she accepted his will in this matter, and as he release her arms they fell limply to her sides. But, being Cordelia, he knew that her compliance would not be complete anytime in the near future, and her next words proved him right.

“It’s not false modesty.”

Angelus smiled at her words, her first and last defense. He didn’t want to steal all of her spirit, but he couldn’t allow her misconception to go unchallenged.

“Modesty is about hiding away something of yours that you want kept private from prying eyes. But nothing about you is yours anymore; your thoughts, your feelings, your body. Your control of any of them begins and ends at my discretion. Never forget that, Cordelia.”

Before she could begin to argue with his comments, Angelus pulled her back into his arms, taking her lips with a ravishing intensity that bewildered her senses even as it robbed her of her breath. Taking advantage of the momentary weakness that was causing her to sway slightly, his fingers deftly manipulated the clasp on her bra leaving it vulnerable to his slight tug which sent the filmy material to land gracefully on her discarded shirt.

Moving his knowing hands to the band of her jeans he broke their dizzying contact long enough to growl his intentions to the bemused young woman.

“These. Off – now.”

And as he began to dispose of the last major obstacle, moving ever further to his ultimate goal his mind whirled as his relentless desires sent him soaring on a current of expectation.

She was flying.

At first Cordelia thought that it was the lack of oxygen or the fire streaking through her veins that was causing the sensation of flight. But as she collided with the large, soft mattress of Angelus’ bed, she realized that she’d actually been airborne.

Feeling the cool rush of air prickle her skin she looked down to find both her jeans and shoes gone. Questioning how that had all occurred so quickly was but a momentary pause as embarrassment flooded her mind. A becoming shade of pink moved swiftly from her cheeks downwards until it had swept the entirety of her body.

Lying before Angelus, clad only is the wisp of satin that comprised her panties, Cordelia’s first instinct was to cover herself. But the weeks spent with Angelus had taught her to give heed to his threats, and his last had been disturbing on dual levels. On the one hand it offended every sense of decency and modesty she had, but on another, far more elemental level she had to admit that it appealed to some part of her; the thought of always being ready, always dangling on the cusp of this. It was the second thought that disturbed her most and kept her hands pinned to the bed beside her as the vampire looked his fill.

A movement from the end of the bed refocused her eyes and caused all thoughts of mortification to flee as she watched his long, skillful fingers begin the task of unbuttoning his crimson shirt. The heat of embarrassment quickly changed to arousal as Angelus casually shrugged off his shirt exposing smooth, pale flesh stretched taut over hard muscles that spoke to the power this body housed.

As the silk fell away, his hands returned to their work and began opening the buckle of his belt. Cordelia’s breath hitched at the sight, knowing that this final act would take her to a place she’d never been with anyone. Not even she and Xander had gone this far. Actually, Xander had always seemed so amazed to simply be dating her that he had never pushed for anything beyond their heated make out sessions.

A shaft of sadness pierced her heart at the thought of Xander Harris. A mere month ago she’d been considering doing this with him someday. Now she knew that would never even be an option. No one would. She’d never date, never have a wild college fling, never marry. This would be her life; this home, this bed, this demon. And as much as that made her hurt on one level, a part of her was so overwhelmed by the feeling of simply being this near Angelus, so bombarded with the waves of his desire that nothing else mattered. She knew that tomorrow she’d once again be preoccupied with what her heart had lost, but tonight she was so inundated with what her body had gained that lucid thoughts were few and far between.

And that particular lucid thought ended abruptly as Angelus’ black silk boxers skimmed over powerful thighs to land in a pool at his feet, along with his leather pants. If breathing had been a difficult task before, it was nothing compared to the near complete shut down of her lungs as shock held her paralyzed in its grip.

Cordelia had never considered herself naive. She’d taken sex-ed; she’d seen pictures. But either her health teacher had been woefully uniformed, or this wasn’t normal. I couldn’t be normal, could it? ‘Cause they should really warn women about something like this, Cordelia thought in near hysteria. Of course, she continued to reason, maybe they’re all like this and they don’t tell women until it’s too late because they’d all switch teams.

Having recently discussed the theory in science that, given multiple explanations the simplest is preferred, Cordelia decided to leave the conspiracies behind and attribute the discrepancy in size expectation and reality as a vampire thing. Maybe then her lungs would start to work again. Although, considering the view, she wasn’t sure that it was lack of air that was making her dizzy.

Angelus was fast becoming lightheaded as he pulled in a deep breath drenched with equal parts arousal and fear. Both scents further hardened his shaft, and the increase in Cordelia’s heartbeat gave him a burst of unadulterated masculine pride.

But even more satisfying than her anticipation and alarm was her body’s continual proof of her innocence. Every reaction she gave spoke of her lack of practical experience, from the faintly stunned O curving her full lips to the slight crossing of her legs that she must somehow imagine would keep him at bay. Planning to divest her of that foolish notion, Angelus climbed onto the bed.

Knees on either side of hers, Angelus sat back, resting his weight equally on her legs and his. His hard rod burned where it touched the satin skin of her thigh. Pausing a moment he simply looked at her; this beautiful woman, his beautiful woman.

Her long, lustrous hair spilled across the pillows, framing her face in luminous chestnut waves. The swirling hazel depths of her eyes were feverishly bright as she swung rapidly from hunger to fear and back again. Slightly parted lips were stained a deep cherry tint and hinted at the sweetness they guarded.

As his gaze became more heated Angelus noticed that it drew an equal measure of shyness from Cordelia’s. Her limit being reached far earlier than his own, she averted her eyes; turning her head and pinning her sightless stare to some point on the wall beyond.

His lips tilted in amusement as the long, golden column of Cordelia’s neck was exposed. At some point in their future Angelus thought that he might explain to her that showing a vampire one’s neck, especially one’s marked neck was never an effective method of escaping attention.

As he stared at the twin scars adorning her smooth skin, he wondered at the vagaries of fate. Generally, Angelus preferred to think of himself as the author of his own destination. And yet, had this choice been left in his hands he never would have claimed the bewitching creature spread out before him. No, Cordelia was his not merely by his will, not simply by his claim, but by the demands of destiny; and before long her was damned determined that she not only admit, but embrace that fact.

Bending down he came once more to his “deed” to Cordelia Chase. His cool, supple lips pressed against her heated flesh and he paid his passing respects as he continued his erotic exploration in a descending path of moist, whisper-soft kisses.

Running his hands up the firm lines of her body, they found the lush curves of her breasts in time with his watering mouth. Charting this new territory by taste and touch he allowed one hand to encircle her right breast while his lips caressed a dewy trail over the left. He felt the vibration of Cordelia’s moan of approval as his fingers mirrored the movements of his tongue which was swirling delicate circles around her dusky rose colored nipple.

Drawing the straining peak in he created a gentle tug that had her arching into his knowing mouth. Rolling the other lightly between teasing fingers he heard her whimper her need for greater stimulation. Not wanting to free her, even momentarily, from the sensual spell that enveloped her, he slid his hand in to replace his suckling mouth as he kissed his way across the valley of her breasts and up to feast on the puckering coral tip.

Abandoning his tender ministrations he began to pull voraciously, filling his mouth with the taste and feel of her. Her cries of passion fashioned a seductive rhythm and he could not help but be swayed by its sensual pulse. Torn between remaining in the paradise he had discovered or venturing further to what were sure to be even greater delights, Angelus was decided by both Cordelia’s pleading whimpers and his throbbing dick which was driving him onwards in a demand for completion.

Feeling the fine tremors skim the supple, golden flesh, Angelus couldn’t help but pause to create full fledged shudders as his tongue swirled over Cordelia’s belly button, tracing the indentation, dipping in and spinning out as he savored the tang that anticipation was lending to the flavor of her skin.

Finally his lustful wanderings brought him to the edge of a fragile looking pair of pale, pink panties. Tracing the boundary of satin and skin with small, amorous bites, he skated one hand down and, with a single tug, removed the last barrier between them.

Angelus heard Cordelia’s sharp intake of breath and felt the tightening of her crossed legs as she surfaced from the sensual haze in which she was floating to register the very real threat to her innocence. Smile hidden in her downy soft hair, Angelus’ hands moved to encircle her thighs and began to firmly pull them apart, placing his own legs between hers, forcing her to remain open to his attentions.

He felt a sharp tug on his hair as Cordelia made a futile to avoid the inevitable. As the pain on his scalp increased he groaned against her. He wondered if she understood that the small spikes of pain she was sending through him were only increasing his ardor, not dampening it. And then all thought was useless as the air was filled with the succulent perfume of Cordelia’s arousal. Knowing that his rumblings against so sensitive a place had reignited the spark of desire in her, Angelus pressed closer and gave his pleasure voice in an extended purr that had the writhing brunette tightening her hold in an effort to pull him nearer now as opposed to pushing him further away.

Although he had tasted her before, Angelus shivered at the though of finally being able to drink from the well of Cordelia’s passion. Sliding down, his tongue swept out to take possession of the beckoning heat before him. Her fire throbbing against his perpetual chill was apparently as shocking a sensation to her as it was to him as her hips flew from their place on the bed to encourage a greater blending of the two.

Although pleased with her eagerness, he needed her to understand that her pleasure was his to give and would come to her, but not at the expense of his gratification. And nothing at this moment could gratify him more than to delve into this spring of arousal and not cease until he had imbibed his fill. To that end he tightened the hands restraining her thighs and forced her hips back onto the bed, leaving her once again at his mercy.

With one firm push, Angelus drove past the dewy petals that guarded her innocence and into her clenching center. The slightly spiced flavors of her creamy arousal filled his mouth and, drunk on her essence, he began to thrust feverishly into her grasping core, driving both her and himself beyond reason.

Ignoring Cordelia’s wail of distress, Angelus pulled temporarily away to hone in on the hidden bud straining now for his attention. Lowering his head he gently circled the nub, teasing, but not touching the throbbing bundle of nerves.

Cordelia’s head thrashed on the pillow as she begged incoherently for completion, and her frustrated sobs heightened their tension as he acquiesced to her incoherent begging, drawing her clitoris into his mouth.

This time his hands gave her free reign to buck and thrash as his tongue rasped over her swollen flesh and his teeth gave tiny, electrifying nibbles. They’d both lingered on the edge of oblivion for to long now and hearing her scream as sensations, one after another crashed into her, Angelus knew that Cordelia was falling deep into the abyss.

Before her shudders could lessen, Angelus moved quickly up her body, and with one fierce thrust, plunged into her, obliterating the barrier of her innocence as he drove deep to touch her womb.

As her cries of ecstasy transformed into shrieks of anguish Angelus gazed down at they beauty beneath him. Although her pleasure was a wonder to behold, her pain, this pain was exquisite and he delighted in every facet. Knowing that these moments of agony were his gift to her, that no other man would ever be able to recreate this enchanting suffering, he reveled in the tears streaming down her face.

Pushing slightly deeper before her body could adjust, he tore another cry from her; a verbal testament to the same agony twisting her face, engraving this moment, his moment of absolute possession forever into her soul.

But he didn’t intend the pain to last for long. Tonight, Cordelia with her single word had given herself to him, and for that he would reward her with unimaginable bliss. And for the purpose of allowing Cordelia’s body time to adjust, to begin converting pain into pleasure, he finally stilled.

Cordelia had never known how much effort it took to remain perfectly still. But anything was worth it if it could ease the searing pain streaking through her. Nothing, not sex-ed, not gossip with the girls, not the practically non-existent mother-daughter talk she’d received which basically boiled down to “don’t give it away”, had prepared her for this. And to compound the trauma was the instantaneous passage of pleasure to pain.

So wrapped up was Cordelia in these thoughts that she didn’t realize that the very pain she feared was beginning to fade as her young, athletic body stretched as nature intended it should, and made room for the intruder lodged within her, and in it’s place was a burgeoning sense of fullness that was in no way unpleasant.

Feeling a familiar coolness at her breast, whatever small part of her brain was still functioning at that point, ceased as she once again began the upwards journey to ecstasy. Her trip that was greatly hastened as thick fingers moved between them; deft digits stroking her pulsing clit pausing occasionally to tug gently on the aching button. Muscles she hadn’t even guessed were hiding in her body clenched at the nearly unbearable stimulation, and this time it was Angelus who cried out at the motion.

Caught up in a blinding sense of need, Cordelia was desperate to recreate that sensation and hurled her hips upwards against his hand, forcing his fingers back into contact with her. The resulting spasm from the intimate pressure caused them both to groan this time as Angelus took back control, repeating the motion over and over.

Distracted, momentarily, as his lips captured her for a deep, drugging kiss, she was caught off guard by the sudden feeling of emptiness as Angelus slowly pulled away from her. Operating on instinct alone, Cordelia threw her legs around his back to halt his retreat.

Not quite able to intellectually grasp the change, but aware on a purely physical level that pain had given way to glorious pleasure, her breathy whimpers encouraged the vampire as he slid his free hand under her ass, pulling her up to meet him as he plunged back into her, setting a pace that pushed them both to the brink.

Her body having been expertly angled so that every thrust nudged a secret place of pleasure deep within her, Cordelia willingly gave herself to the forces building in her, threatening to tear her apart on a molecular level. Spinning further and further away from reality she was dazzled as brilliant lights burst behind tightly clenched lids and she came utterly undone.

Even as she was sure that the waves buffeting her body would have to recede, she felt them instead intensify as Angelus’ fingers maintained their steady dance on her hypersensitive core. Bringing them full circle, Cordelia felt her head nudged to the side as the vampire returned to his natural place at her throat. In no shape to generate even a flicker of concern, all she could do was curl her hands more tightly into his shoulders as small mewls of pleasure spilled from her lips.

She had felt Angelus’ bite on more than one occasion, but never was it like this. The slide of his fangs was an echo of his continuing penetration that sent her spiraling once more away from any sense of certainty. Her body began to shudder convulsively as the feverish heat of their love making gave way to the cooling sensations of his seed spilling into her as the blood was voraciously pulled from her. And in that final cresting moment her lover’s name flew from her lips.


Chapter 53

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