Under Your Spell 1-2

Title: Under Your Spell
Author: Scorch
Rating: N-17
Category: Humour/Smut
Content: C/Aus mainly
Summary: Spells are not to be mucked with.
Spoilers: BtVS, S02
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, Cal, Lil, Lio n Sara’s place
Notes: Blame Nickle for this!! Many, many thanks to all who helped with this. Si_Crazy, Lysa, Cal and Ky.
Thanks/Dedication:A special thanks to Nickle who made this storyline sound so appealing that it brought me back out of RL and into the horny world of fic!
P.S. Bring on the smut ladies and gents, I’m BACK ;-D Ayippieyaahyooo…

Part 1

“I don’t know what you’re playing at Dru” Angelus grunted as he pushed his body up off the Summers’ front lawn. “But it doesn’t serve to amuse” his eyes showed more than a little disgust at the sight of his childe fawning lovingly over Xander Harris.

It was traumatic!

Her slender fingers trailed sweetly down the teenager’s cheek as she cooed softly into the shell of his ear, leaning down so her long black hair tickled his skin. “Mmm” Drusilla hummed as her ruby red lips fluttered at the corners, “My little pet, I shall keep you all to myself. We shall be happy my love, forever”

“What?” Angelus squawked as he righted himself and stood up, towering over the kid and the vampire, staring down in disbelief. Was she for real? “Him? How crazy did I drive you?” Next time, he vowed to stop before all common sense left the building.

The noise of the approaching horde of love-struck women and girls caught the elder vampire’s attention, making him glance over his shoulder at the crowd. The first thing he saw were the weapons they were holding and the next thing he saw was the crowd coming to a halt.

“There he is!” One female voice hollered over the rest, “They’re trying to take Xander! Let’s kill them”

“Aw hell” Angelus shook his head and watched through wide eyes as the mass of females began to run, very fast, towards them. “Dru, we’ve gotta go” he reached down to take a tight hold of his child’s arm, fully intent on dragging her away from Xander and certain death but she wouldn’t budge.

He tried using a force that would break a human’s arm, but still Drusilla would not budge from her spot next to her beloved Xander.

“No!” The vampiress growled warningly, glaring up at her sire with a deadly gleam in her green gaze. “I will not leave my sweet kitten, I want to play with him and have tea parties and I shall be ever so good to him”

Something akin to amazement lit up the black orbs of Angelus as he stifled a hysterical giggle as he tried to figure out what was so special about Xander Harris. He manages to land himself a chick like Cordelia Chase, then has half of Sunnydale’s female population running after him. It had to be some kind of spell.

“Come back here you little bitch! You’ll learn not to steal my Xandie!”

The familiar voice of Joyce Summers had both Angelus and terrified Xander snapping their eyes towards the front door of the house. She was wielding what looked to be one of Buffy’s stakes in one hand and a bread knife in the other. Her hair was messy and the look in her eyes resembled that of a crazed killer.

Xander squeaked in mortal terror as he watched his best friend’s mother chase his girlfriend out of the house. Sadly, the sight was not humorous enough to distract him from the cool fingers stroking his cheek and neck. “Somebody help me!”

“Help you?” Cordelia Chase yelled as she sprinted across the lawn in an attempt to escape the murderous intentions of Mrs. Summers. “You’re not the one who’s being chased by Buffy’s mom…!” The brunette barely glanced at Xander’s predicament as she ran straight past her ex-boyfriend and the vampiress, not seeing Angelus until it was too late.


The vampire caught tight hold of the cheerleader, thinking she could shed some light on the reason why his childe was so in love with the Whelp. His arm easily latched around her trim waist and he hoisted her off the ground, her feet still trying to make a run for it. “You!” Angelus growled, “What the fuck is going on?”

“Xandie!” Mrs. Summers cooed as she spotted the boy, her love struck expression soon changed to a deadly calm when she saw Drusilla. “What are you doing with my Xandie?”

“Oh no!” Cordelia struggled to get out of the vampire’s hold on her in order to rescue the woman who’d tried to kill her mere seconds ago. “Mrs. Summers, get away from her!”

“Shut up” Angelus snarled to the wiggling brunette as he brought his other arm into use to keep her still. “Oh for the love of…!” he groaned when the murderous mother’s attention was directed their way. “Dru get up and bring… Your pet” he would kill himself later for this, he just knew he would.

The crowd of women behind them was getting closer while Mrs. Summers was inconspicuously raising the stake and bread knife.

“We’re all gonna die!” Cordelia yelled as hysteria began to take it’s toll. Her eyes were watching everything, disbelieving and not knowing what on Earth was going on. One minute, she’d been at school when Harmony had started getting all pushy-pushy over Xander and the next, she’d been running away from a crazy love-sick slayer.

“We will if you don’t shut that big mouth of yours!” Angelus snarled down at the struggling girl in his arms. “Calm down or else you’re gonna get us killed. Dru, pick him up and let’s go!”

“I won’t let you steal my Xandie!” Mrs. Summers stated, raising both the stake and knife higher.

“No!” Drusilla growled up at the woman, her green eyes locked onto Joyce’s and pinned the woman still, sending her into a trance. “He’s my pet, I will not share. We shall go and live in a big castle with Daddy and Miss Edith and we will live happy ever after like in a fairytale”

Xander couldn’t much else apart from whimper loudly as he found himself being hauled up off the floor and settled against Drusilla’s chest. Her deceptively weak arms cradled him gently as though he were a child. His eyes began to fill with helpless tears as he glanced towards Cordelia who had suddenly gone quiet, only to find Angelus had his clamped around her mouth.

“Run, Dru!” The elder vampire moved the cheerleader’s position until he had her over his shoulder and took off running down the street, Drusilla and Xander close behind him.

However, the crowd of women picked up speed and Mrs. Summers was still stood in her trance-like state until she snapped out of it. Her eyes turned in the direction of the escaping quartet and she, too, bolted into a flat out run.

“Xandie come back!” Mrs. Summers cried as she ran along the street after Xander and Drusilla. “Joycie will take good care of you! You can have all the cookies you want, I promise!”

“Come back with my Xander you heathen!” Another woman bellowed loudly.

“Your Xander? He’s not your Xander, he’s mine!” Came yet another voice.

“No, he isn’t…!”

“Oh my God!” Cordelia screeched as she watched as a fight broke out among the crowd of women. From her place on Angelus’ broad shoulder, she had a clear view of everything. “They’re gaining on us, can’t you go any faster?” She demanded of the Scourge of Europe.

Angelus growled over his shoulder at the brunette he’d had no choice but to rescue. “I’m not a car!”

“Well, get us one” she snapped in return and a thought popped into her head. “My car’s parked at the end of this street, just put Xander and me in there and you can go on your evil way”

“I shall not leave my pet!” Drusilla’s throaty voice warned as she picked up on the conversation between her sire and the girl.

“We’ll all take the car!” Angelus barked loudly as he shuffled Cordelia around on his shoulder, grunting when her heel came within two centimetres of his nose. He knew better than to question a female’s choice in footwear. Playing house with a whore for a sire for the better part of a century had taught him a few things.

“Help me?” Xander’s voice piped up from Drusilla’s chest before he was shushed by said vampire.

“Ssh my sweet, I shall help you!”

“Not quite what I had in mind” Xander mumbled, helpless to do anything about his current situation.

“Your car is a red Corvett?” Angelus knocked Cordelia on the ass, making sure she knew his words were directed to her. She had a nice, firm ass he noticed. He’d had worse hostages that’s for sure.

“Yes, the keys are in my purse which I left at Mrs. Summers house when I had to escape. Break the window and hurry, they’re coming.” The brunette replied as she used her hands to brace herself against his lower back, her fingers tightly grasped his sides.

Spotting the shiny red vehicle, Angelus set Cordelia down on her feet and pushed her forwards. “No time for dawdling” he barked at her as he kept his hand firmly around her neck, guiding her to the passenger side. “I’m driving”

No sooner had he said those worse than he rammed his fist straight through the passenger side window and flipped the lock from the inside. “Get in”

“Please” Cordelia sniped as her shaking hands fumbled with the lock through the hole in the window. After she’d opened her door, she reached over and flipped the lock on the back door to allow Drusilla to climb in with Xander.

The brunette muffled another hysterical giggle as she watched Drusilla perch Xander carefully on her lap and her fingers once again began to stroke his cheek, hair and neck. “See my pet, we’re going on a trip. Should we ask Daddy if we can go to the seaside?”

Angelus ignored the whole conversation as he punched another hole under the steering wheel and proceeded to expertly hotwire the car, touching the wires together until the engine roared to life. “Buckle up” he warned right before he slammed his foot down on the accelerator.


The only sounds in the car were that of Drusilla’s constant cooing to Xander and the rumble of her engine as the car sped along the roads of Sunnydale as Angelus drove to the mansion. The only place he knew no-one would go to. It was the only place he knew for certain they’d all be safe from the screaming horde of love-struck women.

In the passenger seat, Cordelia sat with one hand covering her forehead and concentrated on breathing in and out. Her eyes blinked in synchronised succession as she took each measured breath through her open mouth. Her poor brain was exceptionally close to spontaneously combusting due to the stress of being in close proximity to not one but two, TWO vampires.

Sitting helplessly on the back seat and perched in Drusilla’s lap, Xander tried to keep the shocked amazement off his face in case the vampiress decided to eat him. His body shook all over from terror as he felt her hands petting, stroking and touching every piece of bare skin she could.

His wrists, neck, cheeks and the nape of his neck were points of focus for the dark haired vampiress and he couldn’t keep the shuddering at bay whenever her cool touch was bestowed on him. Figuring a cry for help would get him killed by Angelus, Xander wisely kept quiet as he prayed for rescue from the loved up female.

“Start talking Harris!” Angelus growled as he kept his eyes on the road.

“Wha…?!” Xander squeaked in surprise at being spoken too.

Angelus glared in the rear view mirror until he realised Xander couldn’t see anything. “You know what the hell I’m talking about” he threw a warning glance over his shoulder, daring the boy to lie too him. “I want the reason you’ve turned into the local Sex God”

Cordelia snorted at the term. Xander? Sex God indeed.

Xander’s face flushed a little as the reason sat in front of him in the car. God, she’d rip him a new one if and when she found he’d performed a love spell on her. “Animal magnetism?” he offered with a weak chuckle that gave away the underlying guilt.

The cheerleader and her naturally astute personality instantly picked up on it. “What did you do Xander? Use some pheromones in the hope they’d mask your girl repelling BO?” Her hazel eyes rolled in exasperation when she was told to shush by the creature sitting in the driver’s seat of her car. “Don’t shush me!”

“I’ll shush you if I wanna shush you!” Angelus ground out then realised just how childish he sounded and shook his head. Easing his foot off the accelerator, the vampire turned a corner that led towards the deserted side of Sunnydale that consisted of the mansion.

A quick, final glance in the rear view mirror told him they had not been followed yet but he figured they still weren’t safe. Neither he or Dru would be safe until one of two things happened; they ditched Xander and his bitch or the town’s womenfolk came to their senses.

Somehow, Angelus figured listening to Dru’s incessant wailing over the death of her ‘loved one’ wasn’t worth a quick bite to eat, the vampire decided to take the option of hiding out. If they got a little hungry, they could always feed on the bitch.

She seemed to have a bit of meat on her bones.

Hang on, if they killed the cheerleader then he’d be left alone with a grieving moron and a love-sick, crazy vampiress.

What had he done to deserve this? He wasn’t such a bad fella once you got to know him.

For his own sanity, Angelus decided to keep Cordelia alive.

“Gee thanks” Cordelia bit out in mock gratitude. “Nice to know my purpose in life is to protect your sanity!” A hefty sigh followed her words as she shifted in her seat and shot the vampire a side-ways glance.

He had a grass stain on his left cheek, his hair was ruffled as though he’d just gotten out of bed and his black, cruel gaze was centred completely on her. Cordelia did more than gulp. She broke out into a cold sweat and a shaky whimper bubbled up and out of her lips. She made a mental note to start thinking before she spoke.

“Stop your whimpering or I will kill you” Angelus warned as he shut off the engine. “They haven’t followed us which is good…”

“Ya think?” Xander’s muffled sarcastic remark came from Drusilla’s chest, where his face was being buried in her plush cleavage.

“Ah, ah, ah!” The vampiress chastised and wagged a finger in the boy’s face. “Mustn’t talk to Daddy so”

Cordelia snorted back a thick lump of laughter as she turned her head to see the sight. “Yeah, gotta be nice to your father in law! Tell me Xander, when shall I announce the wedding?”

“Never!” Angelus snapped loudly.

“Aww don’t be sad Angel, all little girls grow and fly the coop”

“It’s Angelus!”

“Whatever” the brunette huffed with an uncaring expression on her face. “Ok, you three go inside and I’ll be okay out here…!”

“No, you’re not” the Scourge of Europe stated simply with a shrug of his shoulders. “They see you in this car, they’ll know the Moron’s here. You’re coming inside whether you like it or not”

Raising an elegant eyebrow at the soulless vampire, Cordelia asked “Why not just kill us? That’d be easiest for you, right? You and Dru would be safe”

“Because Dru would whine if I killed her little toy, if I killed you the Whelp would whine” Angelus gave his answer the way he saw things. “Besides, I need you as a link to the Do-Good Gang in case this can’t be fixed”

“Great, willing hostages” she pursed her lips at the thought. “I hate my life”

A soft, contented purr sounded from the backseat making both Angelus and Cordelia look towards Drusilla and her little pet. Just as the vampiress released a poor, helpless and breathless Xander from what appeared to be a lengthy kiss.

Xander’s mouth was caked in red lipstick, lip prints were smudged all along his neck and cheek while his hair looked like he’d been dragged through a hedge. The Hawaiian shirt he wore appeared the be well on the way to being removed and his jacket was hanging off one shoulder. His eyes held a defeated light as he met the eyes of his former girlfriend. “Help?”

Despite the situation and Angelus, Cordelia had to bite her tongue hard in an effort to not crack up at the sight of Xander Harris being ravished by Drusilla. If she lived until she reached the ripe old age of a hundred, she didn’t think she’d ever forget it.

Angelus released a half growl as he thought of a new problem. If they were to go into the mansion with Dru reeking of Xander and vice versa, Spike would be out for blood. That meant the mansion in general was off limits.

“Ok, so we’re safe for now” Cordelia spoke, to her ears her voice sounded distant and high-pitched. “Well, as safe as two helpless humans can be when in a car with two soulless vampires anyway. What do we do now, O Great Leader?” Hysteria was definitely overpowering the fear at this precise moment in time.

“The mansion was a mental asylum once” he informed again as he returned to his side of the car, “The dungeons are only accessible if we go through the tunnels”

The cheerleader’s head snapped sharply to face him as her jaw hit the floor in amazement. Hazel eyes blinked twice, her mouth opened and shut twice before she found the ability to speak. Ignoring his warning, her vocal chords sprung into action. “Oh no!” Cordelia denied vehemently as she shook her head. “No way am I, or Xander for that matter, going into any dungeon with you and Crazy Carol”

“An old mental asylum. No wonder you live there” Xander muttered under his breath as he was forced to pull away from the vampiress who now appeared to be attempting to crawl under his skin. His remark went unheard as the Scourge of Europe focused on the cheerleader.

“What do you suggest then?” Angelus challenged as he stared deeply into her eyes, giving a silent but open invitation for her to come up with a better idea. “Your breasts look like they hold a good few brain cells, why don’tcha use em and give a better idea?”

A gasp of air signalled the rising anger that bubbled away in her stomach as she glared right back at him. “How dare you!” She cried indignantly and covered her curves with a hand to shield herself from his pointed, smug gazing. “At least I don’t think with my di…” her retort was quickly muffled by a large, pale hand.

The first thing she noticed was his body temperature, he wasn’t as cold as what she’d expected him to be. The second thing she noticed was a cool, soft breeze fluttering against her right cheek as Angelus leaned close.

Her hot breath on his hand was making his skin burn but he ignored it in order to give the obstinate, headstrong girl a severe warning. “I dare because I can” his voice deadly, low and harmonic as he got right in her face, making her inch back a little. “Maybe I should show you how much I think with my dick, huh?”

“Like there’s a difference between that and your brain” Xander muttered quietly, silently hoping that the vampire hadn’t heard his comment.

Jumping in before Angelus got homicidal, Cordelia asked “Why can’t we just go through the mansion? Surely there has be entrances to them that way?”

Angelus shot her a side-ways glance just to let her know his warning still stood and was half amused to see her mouth become a tight line as she instantly became quiet. “If Spike’s in there and sees Dru with your lover boy…”

“EX!” Cordelia made it known.

“You don’t have sound so enthusiastic about it” Xander mumbled.

“Shut up!” Angelus barked. When silence followed, he calmed down and got back on track. “If Spike sees Dru with your EX lover boy, there’ll be a nice Xander Blood Bath. Sewers, Crazy Women or Spike, children. Take your pick”

Xander, Drusilla and Angelus all turned to the brunette as she sat in actual contemplation of her choices for her evening antics. Her teeth nibbled on her lower lip, eyes glazed over with deep thought and her finger twirled a lock of dark chocolate hair. “Maybe if Dru sees Spike, she won’t be all ga-ga over Xander” it was an option but even as she spoke it, she doubted it’d work.

“And if it doesn’t, you’ll have Xander’s death on your conscious” the vampire next to her pointed out. “Fun for me, but I doubt you’d find it a picnic”

“She’d probably bring the soda and the rug,” Xander muttered.

“Spike would have to get in line” Cordelia completely ignored what her ex-boyfriend said and directed her words to Angelus who didn’t find any humour in them whatsoever. His face remained unmoved as he stared at her, wondering what the hell she was trying to prove by playing bosom buddies with him. “Geez Louise, sorree I spoke!”

“Look, everyone just get out of the car and follow me”

Part 2

The tunnels were putrid, they smelled like rotten moth eaten socks. She could hear the occasional drip-drip-dripping of liquid as it hit the concrete floor, accompanying that horrid sound was the distant squeaking of rats. One hand was firmly encased in an iron grip while her other hand fisted the back of his jacket in order to allow her to keep as close to the alpha-male as possible.

Until his increasing speed forced her to let go, leaving her to be dragged along the almost pitch-black tunnel.

“Aww” Drusilla cooed to the boy she cradled in her arms as she nuzzled his cheek affectionately. “My little pet all scared of the dark. There, there” she bounced him as though he were a baby who needed to be comforted. “Daddy shall protect us from things that go bump in the night”

“Dru, you are a thing that goes bump in the night” Angelus’ voice piped up from the near dark tunnel. His hand was firmly latched around the delicate wrist of the cheerleader as he guided her non-too-gently through the blackened surroundings. The sound of her heels click-clacking against the concrete floor was almost driving him nuts and her choked back squeaks were enough to cause insanity.

Cordelia kept stumbling as she tried to keep up with the Scourge as he expertly moved forward, his male fingers kept chaffing her skin and her wrist was getting sore. She could feel the dirt and grime seeping through her skin and that was something she did not want to think about. The tunnels were foisty, dark and she kept stepping in wet, soggy patches that were undoubtedly ruining her shoes.

At another choked back squeak and hiss, Angelus came to an abrupt halt that had her barrelling into his back with a loud “Ummph!” Her free hand scrambled for purchase as she pushed her body away from his, trying not to trip over or land on her ass. “Why’d you stop?” Cordelia asked in a hushed whisper, “Did you see a demon or something?” A horrible though occurred to her “Oh God, was it a rat?”

“No, it was you!” He replied dryly as he spun round to stare at the girl who was looking in the wrong direction to his face. “Keep up” was all he said.

“I can’t, I’m not as fast as you” she defended herself with a frown as she made out his silhouette. “Besides, have you ever tried running in 3 inch Jimmy Choo sling backs?”

“She could give you pointers” came a muffled remark from somewhere just in front of them.

“Shut up Harris!” Both Angelus and Cordelia snapped loudly before glaring at each other accusingly as if to stake a claim on who said it first.

“Aw, fuck it! I hate humans” the vampire cursed his situation before hauling the brunette back up onto his shoulder. Ignoring her sounds of protest, he resumed the task of making it to the dungeons. He felt her hands whack off his back and her long legs kicked as growls fell from that mouth of hers. Having had enough within a few seconds of her outburst, Angelus landed a hard swat on her ass “Deal with it or else you’re walking barefoot”

“God, you don’t have to be so mean. You could actually try being nice you know, since we’re all in the same boat.” Cordelia bit out. “It wouldn’t kill you”

“There are reasons I call him Dead Boy, Cordy” Xander’s dry comment came on a breathless puff of air that had both vampire and cheerleader thankful of the near blackness of the tunnels.

“You’ll have that nickname yourself if you don’t shut it, boy” Angelus growled as he shuffled the brunette on his shoulder. He felt a true sense of satisfaction when a sigh of frustrated defeat sounded as she quietened down, relenting into spending the rest of the short journey where she was put.

His gaze scanned the dark surroundings, looking for anything that resembled a crazy female or some dangerous being. Even with his extra sight, Angelus had to squint in order to see in the blackness. He looked where he could but found his focus landing on the firm, rounded rump next to his cheek.

It was too good to resist.

Starting with the bare skin at the knee, the vampire trailed his hand up her thigh and grinned as his roughened skin slid over the silky soft skin. The sharp intake of breath from the brunette let him in on the fact she knew exactly what he was doing, but her position made her helpless to do anything about it.

Cordelia felt her face go red as his fingertips skirted higher and higher until a flutter of air graced her ass, causing her to shriek. “Hey! Get off of me!” Her hands attempted to straighten her skirt but she found that unless she wanted to slip, it was nigh on impossible.

“What’s he doing?” Came Xander’s panicked reponse to the sudden cry.

Angelus smirked as he waited to see if she would actually say he’d lifted her skirt in order to get a good look at her ass. The loud, ear-piercing shriek had been worth the quick flash of golden skin covered by enticing silky black French panties. He always knew the French had a purpose in life.

There was no way in hell was she going to tell her ex-boyfriend that the vampire had just copped a grope and peek. She’d rather chew off her right arm before she did that. “Nothing” was the croaky reply, “Angel’s doing nothing at all”

The Scourge of Europe merely grinned merrily to himself, knowing she wouldn’t have said anything. He could probably fondle that delicious posterior of hers until dawn and she wouldn’t dare squeak a word about it. Not that he would fondle that posterior of hers until dawn of course, he wouldn’t want her to think he was ignoring the rest of her attributes.

“I’ll bet he’s doing nothing” Xander snorted in disbelief as he tried to dodge Drusilla’s mouth. Again.

“Would you rather I did something other than nothing?” Angelus enquired smugly as he eyed the right turn they needed to take in order to reach the small ladder to take them up to the dungeons. Without waiting for a reply or giving a warning to Cordelia, he set her down on her feet; not bothering to see if she was steady. He could see the look of hatred on her face as she tried to stare him to death through the darkness. “Ladder” was all he said.


A loud crash echoed throughout as Cordelia, with the help of Angelus, shoved the entrance to the dungeons open and the brunette hurried up off the ladder to allow the others up. It wasn’t the much brighter up here than it was down in the tunnels but at least she could see her hands when they passed in front of her face.

“Eww! I’m all dirty and slimy and not clean” she complained loudly, her voice changing pitch as she spoke and her hands were surreptiously shoved for Angelus’ inspection. “Look at me, I’m a mess. I never knew I could look like a mess!”

“Don’t you have mirrors at home?” Angelus batted the brunette’s hands away as he dismissed her complaints just as easily as they were made. “Don’t see what you’re whinging for, you weren’t the one with heels in your face” he rubbed the place on his cheek that came into contact with her metal heel.

Huffing loudly, Cordelia directed a strong glare towards the vampire as she retaliated. “Well, you shouldn’t have had your head up my skirt, should you?”

“If you’d actually moved on the ladder, I wouldn’t have had to move you”

“If you’d gone first, I wouldn’t have gotten trapped between you and the damn manhole!”

“If Xander hadn’t done whatever it was that he done, neither of us would be living our worst nightmare!” Angelus growled down at her, using his own death glare in return. Glowing ochre orbs replaced the black and Cordelia could make out the prominent ridges, lumps and bumps that made up his true visage.

And then she swallowed a thick lump in her throat.

“Yes” she agreed shakily as tremors ran through her body, “It’s Xander’s fault… Speaking of, where are they?”

“Glad we understand each other.” The vampire lapped up every ounce of fear the now permeated the air as he glanced over his shoulder, instantly spotting his childe pinning Xander against the concrete wall. “Do you really wanna know?”

Judging the pained disgust in his voice, the cheerleader shook her head and voiced that she did not. Wiping her clothes down as much as she could, Cordelia let out a long breath before once again returning her gaze to the dark haired vampire standing in front of her and was pleased to see he looked human. “So, what do we do now? Your great plan to head for the dungeons has been completed Obi Wan, what’s our next mission?”

Angelus’ lips twisted into a wry grin as his eyes twinkled merrily in the dark. “Now, we drag your ex boy toy to a dungeon and torture out of him what he did”

“So no grand tour then. I’m not too uncomfortable with torturing him actually, it sounds kinda fun” she mused half seriously as she brought up a finger to nibble on.

“Don’t you think I’m being tortured enough?” Xander’s wheezy voice cut through their dialogue. While his ex girlfriend and Buffy’s ex- dead boyfriend were in their happy little world, he was being kissed lifeless by Drusilla. Her hands kept threading through his hair, his jacket was long-gone and his shirt was completely open, making him thankful he’d worn an under-shirt. Every time she moved, he could feel her breasts purposely cushioning his chest as her now lipstick free lips were clamping around his throat.

“Ahhhhh! She’s gonna eat me!” He cried out in panic as he began to struggle in her grasp. “Cordy, help me! I’ll do anything, please please GET HER OFF ME!”

“If she was trying to eat, Harris, you’d already be dead so shut that mouth of yours or I’ll eat you” Angelus sighed in annoyance and frustration as he rubbed his forehead with his fingers, wondering why he suddenly had a headache. After a few moments, he pulled himself together and looked either way down the corridor before making a decision.

Cordelia didn’t like the vampire’s silence, it unnerved and concerned her. If he was silent then there had to be something wrong, right? Angelus had a mouth bigger than hers so it would have to be worrying if it kept him quiet. “Angel?”

“We’ll go right” he spoke up, ignoring her attempt to get his attention. “That way, I can go up into the mansion in an hour or so…”

She definitely didn’t like that. “An hour?!” Angelus stared down at the brunette who was blinking owlishly up at him. “If I know Giles, which I do by the way, he’ll have this fixed in no time. For all we know, he’s fixed this already”

“Unless Watcherman hasn’t figured out the problem yet, something he might find hard to do since the problem is down here with us” the vampire pointed out logically with a raised eyebrow. Folding his arms over his chest, he waited to hear how she would defend her precious Giles.

Raising an eyebrow to equal his expression, Cordelia’s lips twitched momentarily. “Because everyone, including Giles, knows Xander Harris does not turn into Brad Pitt over night.”

“I resent that remark” came a breathy sigh.

“Ew! Can we go now?” The brunette asked as she turned right and began to stomp down the dark corridor, her footfalls echoed throughout. Her lower lip was pooched out in a pout and her arms were crossed over her chest defensively.

After a few moments, she stopped and looked over her shoulder for any signs of Angelus who, she could have sworn, was right behind her. Unfortunately, she couldn’t see that far behind and she wondered just far ahead she’d gone.

“Let’s wait for the evil vampire to keep me safe from whatever lives down here” she shuddered as she grimaced, snaking glances everywhere.

Was it her or had it got darker? There were no lights, no sounds except for her breathing and heart beat, turning her head to the side Cordelia bit her lip when the outline of a door slowly became visible. It would have to be a door to one of the asylum’s old rooms. Oh God, how many people were subjected to horrible, horrible things in these places? She’d heard all about the experiments performed on insane people and she’d seen pictures of the tools used.

She shivered and covered her arms and stood stock still in terror.

If these were the dungeons to an old mental asylum, then surely it’d be haunted by those tormented souls. Her fake courage began to rapidly dissipate as she felt a slight breeze chill her skin. The hairs on the back of her neck began to prickle as her skin crawled, her breathing became deeper as a foreboding presence began to cloud around her.



Angelus laughed at both the sudden shockwave of fear and Cordelia’s attempts to hit him. Her small, feminine hands were clenched into fists and she punched him as hard as she could on the arm and followed through with a kick to his shin. None of it, however, could take away his delight.

“You asshole! I hate you! You jerk! Urgh!” Cordelia screeched as she punched his chest with blows he barely felt.

His laugh was everything masculine; low, rich with bass and throaty. If it been any other time, he’d have ripped her throat out for hitting but at the minute, he was just enjoying her fury. Deciding to push her buttons a little more, Angelus began to deflect each blow with one hand thus enraging her all the more.

“Argh!” Cordelia seethed as she clenched her fist tight, brought her arm back and landed a hard smack directly on the vampire’s face, the collision sounding out.

Blinking back the sudden stinging tears, Angelus tenderly touched the bridge of his nose where her fist had collided with. He couldn’t believe she’d actually landed a punch, a good one at that, on him. She probably didn’t have any idea how hard it was for a non-slayer to hit a vampire.

Her heart threatened to thunder out of her chest as she backed away from the vampire she’d just punched. A thick lump of guilt, shame and heavy terror began to well up in her chest as she looked at Angelus through the dark, wondering how long it’d take him to kill her.

She never meant to hit him, not really. She’d never hit anyone in her life, let alone a vampire! Chewing on her lower lip, Cordelia swallowed deeply as tears formed over her eyes as she waited for him to retaliate.

Angelus had unwillingly saved Xander and herself and she’d repaid him by hitting him all because she’d gotten her panties in a twist over a stupid joke. Should she apologise or should she get down on her knees and beg for her life? Or maybe she should just stay quiet and learn to take a joke.

Snapping his attention back to the cheerleader, his chest rose and fell as he inhaled the delicious scent of mortal terror. Before he could say or do anything, Cordelia spoke up.

“I’m so sorry” the apology came out in a rapid rush of words. “I didn’t mean to hit you, honest. I’ve never hit anyone in my life! I swear I didn’t hurt you on purpose… Pleasedon’tkillme!”

“I’m not hurt” Angelus scoffed the fib as he ignored the dull throb in his nose. “You can’t hurt me, I’m a vampire!” Peering down at the brunette, he was faced with two large, glazed hazel orbs staring up at him through glistening irises and saw her lower lip start to wobble.

Oh God, she was gonna cry.

The threat of tears became serious as the wobbling lower lip pooched out a little more, her cheeks puffed out and her eyes began to blink rapidly. Her head dipped a little, hiding those precious jewelled orbs from him in order not to embarrass herself. Cordelia struggled to keep the tears from falling, determined not to start simpering and whimpering in front of him.

He had to put a stop to the water works before they started. Every man’s nightmare was being stuck with a crying female.

“Aw hell” Angelus mumbled, not really believing the cheerleader was feeling guilty over hitting him. If she kept it up, she was gonna make him feel guilty and he’d had enough of that to last several life times. “You didn’t hurt me so quit your cryin’“ he didn’t have to be sensitive about it.

Still, Cordelia didn’t return his gaze and kept her head to the ground. “Please, I’ll give you anything if you don’t cry!” Angelus expressed words with hand motions and an unusually high-pitched voice.

A sudden, very disturbing sound interrupted the moment between vampire and cheerleader. A girlish giggle followed the distinct sound of a zipper and that girlish giggle was accompanied by Xander’s half-panicked voice. “Heheheh Ehhh Heh…!”

“Sssh my pet” Drusilla cooed from somewhere in the dark. “We shall play nice, I promise…”

“Ew Ew Ew Ew! So disgusting. Yick! Kill me now?” The brunette turned pleading eyes to the vampire in front of her, feeling the smirk that was sure to be on his face.

“Whatsa matter?” Angelus asked, his voice coming out on a purr. At least she’d stopped those damned tears. “You’re acting like you’ve never heard a zipper before”

He could feel the pain of her death glare as she gazed up at him with a blank stare. “Who do you think I am? Harmony?” Cordelia demanded and slammed her hands on her hips.

Raising his eyebrows at her exclamation and self-defence. The vampire let his gaze rake over her body language, looking for tell-tale signs of fibbing. “You dated Harris, didn’t you?” He pointed out.

Her jaw dropped at the implication he made and a very impressive growl escaped her full lips. “Look, just cus I dated him does not mean I played hide the sausage with him. For a start, he’s short and poor and he wears polyester cotton-blend, which gives me hives I might add”

Angelus paused in thought as he took in her words. So, the Buffster was being spiteful, how surprising. Shrugging his shoulders carelessly, the vampire gave no outward signs of just how attractive he found her innocence to be. Inwardly, he had already bought the damn champagne and strawberries. “Virgin huh? Who’da thunk it?”

Knowing the dark haired vampire to be a pervert, Cordelia made the decision to lie about her intact status in order not to grab his attention. “I might not have slept with Xander Harris, but that doesn’t mean I’m a virgin.” Usually, she was hopeless at lying but that one had come out pretty darn good if she did say so herself.

The dark haired vampire smiled indulgently at the brunette as he allowed her fib to wash over his head. “Of course you’re not” he stated, “How presumptuous of me.” He stopped the conversation there before anymore was said and any other unwelcome sounds were heard. Angelus sighed dramatically as he decided to put the cheerleader out of her misery. “Let’s get a room, I doubt Dru will hurt her precious pooch”

She could either wait in the darkened corridor listening to Xander and Dru or she could follow him into a dungeon. “Great” Cordelia mumbled, wanting to do neither of those things. “Listen to my ex boyfriend get ravished or hide in an old, probably haunted torture chamber with a vampire who’s speciality is just that. Remind me to put this on my Bait Girl resume. It’ll really enhance my career opportunities”

Part 3

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