The Oscar Goes To

Title: The Oscar Goes To…
Author: Scorch
Rating: PG-13
Category: Tear-Jerker/ POV
Content: B/A (trust me) C/A soon.
Summary: Cordelia has the role of a lifetime
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, Cal, Lil n Lio’s place
Notes: This is short cus it’s my first attempt at this sorta stuff so be gentle with me and gimme honest feedback.
Feedback:Yes please.

On my way to work, I smile genuinely at passing strangers then watch as their returned smile gets passed on in kind to others. The thought that one smile can go around the world makes me feel good.

The hotel stands on the corner, like a big foreboding building built in the dark ages or something. I smile up at it, hiding my eyes from the bright sunshine and think of all the good this foreboding building represents.

Glass doors are pushed open and I hold up the square pink donut box, smiling genuinely as I’m miraculously surrounded by my friends. “You only want me for my donuts!” I say with a crude wink that gives away the underlying meaning to my less-than-innocent remark.

Charles Gunn, demon fighter extraordinaire, gives me a wicked grin. His full mouth curls up into a definite guy’s kinda smirk. “Damn right” he says, slapping his hand against his thigh “And what a set of donuts they are” that slapping hand snatches a donut from the box and he scuttles away like a child who is about to have his cookies taken away.

Wesley-Wyndham Pryce takes me to one side, just like he has done since she came here a few days ago. His kind blue eyes shining with sympathy and concern “Cordy, are you alright with this?” he asks.

He means the dramatic return of Buffy Summers and my boss, Angel’s love life. Three days ago, she came here and three hours into the first day, they were saliva swapping.

The fact that he, Wesley, cares so much makes me smile genuinely and affectionately back at him. “Wes, I’m fine with it, with them” I reply sincerely, “As long as Angel’s happy”

His hand caresses my shoulder reassuringly as his eyes now shine with admiration for my sincere words. “You’re a remarkable woman, Cordelia Chase, I hold you in high regard”

“Wes, please upgrade your lingo for all our sakes” his blue eyes roll in exasperation as he moves off towards Winifred Burkle, the current defender of all things sugary. I head to my desk, sit down and do absolutely nothing apart from watch my friends and wait for a vision, call or anything else to brighten up my day.

“Do I smell donuts?” Buffy asks, her polished pink lips furl up into a sweet smile to which I respond with my own sweet smile.

“Chocolate ones are spoken for” my words hold a very real threat as does my gaze. Slayer she may be but nothing natural or unnatural gets between me and my chocolate donut.

From her expression, I’m half waiting for the blonde to go tell Angel on me. God woman, grow a sense of humour would you? Geez, no wonder you look miserable. Oooh I know, Christmas is coming up I might buy her a 1001 jokes book.

“Are there any not spoken for?” her voice holds contempt mixed with underlying and very poor sarcasm. Somebody get this girl some help.

“I don’t know Buffy” I sigh, flopping lazily back in my leather chair, just got it three days ago and it’s way comfortable. “Ask the others”

Gunn tries to hide his quiet sniggering behind a insincere cough, Wesley scratches his forehead and Fred just wiggles her fingers

Angel arrives downstairs, one glance at me. He smiles softly and again, I smile genuinely right back at the vampire. Buffy clears her throat gaining his attention while I wait for her to quiz him about her share of the donuts.

All through the day, Wes, Gunn and Fred take turns in asking me if I’m alright about Buffy and Angel. I give them the same sincere reply in different words until I snap and lose it.

“God, my life does not revolve around Buffy and Angel’s fiery relationship you know?” my friends take a step back and so they should. “I have my own life to live, I don’t need to live vicariously through those two little spark plugs” they take another step back.

“For the last time” my hands make annoyed gestures, they take the hint and backoff a little more. “I was not, never have been or ever will be in love with Angel. Now can we please change the subject? I like my sanity”

The rest of the day goes by in silent companionship. Fred potters about here and there, Gunn cleans our weapons and Wes picks a book out to read. Buffy wafts in and out of Angel’s office more times than I’ve changed my socks this week.

Finally it’s time to go home. All the way there, I smile genuinely at strangers and watch as their hard day at work refuses to let their smiles show.

I open my door “Dennis I’m home” I call out, happy to be back here where I can stop the act.

And let my tears fall.

End of #1


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