Services Rendered

Title: Services Rendered
Author: Scorch
Rating: N-17
Category: Humour/Smut
Content: C/A
Summary: hate these.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, Cal, Lil, Lio n Sara’s place
Thanks/Dedication:Thanks for giving my arse a good kicking Kimmers. This is for you!

From the dark, shadowed area, the vampire’s gaze roamed over the luscious female figure highlighted by the artificial orange street light that dulled the creamy glow of the moon. The orange shone down on the long, espresso shaded loosely waved hair that cascaded down her back like a waterfall.

Her legs were long and slender, the gentle shape of the calf muscles were defined by the five inch heels adorning her feet, making the hem of the black leather mini reach no further than mid-thigh. The silver-studded black belt drew his obsidian gaze to the tempting flash of bronzed skin of her flat, toned stomach. A halter top, rich red in colour, decorated her upper body and hid the delicious cleavage that the material clung tightly to.

Even in Summer, there was a chill in the air, not much but enough to give him a tantalising view of dusky rose nipples as the silk material curled round the hardened buds. The erotic sight made his mouth water with the want to tease and taste those sensitive peaks with his tongue.

Edging closer, the vampire could now see her features outlined in the street light and the hard lines of his mouth tilted up in a smirk full of male appreciation. Her jaw was defiant, with good bone structuring that caught his gaze and made him notice the subtle glimmering of the bronzing powder used to characterize the apples of her cheeks.

The soft, full lips were shaded in a deep red which was a natural attraction for him given what he was and his appreciative smirk got bigger. He watched as her hands came up in an attempt to bring warmth to her skin by smoothing her palms over her deceptively slim arms with rapid heat-inducing strokes. If he looked close enough, he swore he could see chill-bumps appearing over her exposed body.

A quiet click-clacking sound alerted him of her movements and, remaining unseen, the vampire followed her with predatory skill honed and perfected throughout his existence. His eyes tracked the way her thighs brushed together teasingly and the way her hips swayed expertly, letting him know that she had something he definitely wanted.

Moving quickly, Angel appeared in front of the brunette and placed an unbreakable iron grip around her upper arm, startling and making her jump.

“Geez, you scared me” Cordelia snapped, her voice brimming with annoyance at both having been scared half to death and being in the chilly night air for the last twenty minutes.

“How much?” Angel asked gruffly, his pale pink tongue darted out to wet dry lips, giving her an idea of just what he wanted from her.

“Depends” Cordelia replied coolly as she inspected the well-manicured nails on her free hand. Flipping her long, chestnut hair over her bare shoulder, her lower pouting lip was bitten softly before she soothed her mouth with a long, sweeping lick of her tongue.

“On what?” Angel wasn’t surprised that even like this, his seer had some form of demands for him to agree too. His onyx gaze swept over her barely covered figure and a low, throaty groan escaped his parched mouth. She looked so good in leather and, dare he say it, that little bit slutty.

“On what you want” the brunette purred up at the vampire, hazel irises lowered until she peered at him through darkened eyelashes teasingly. The leather pants fit him in an illegally perfect way, black supple material clung to his powerful legs and solid thigh muscles while his black velvet shirt skimmed flawlessly over the broad expanse of his chest. His ever-present leather duster was draped over the hard contours of his shoulders and down his heavy, thick arms.

The vampire eyed her steadily for a moment, wondering if he should tell her to ask what he didn’t want. “You” Angel went with the simple answer to her stated retort, “How much for you?”

Cordelia licked her lips again, making the red shine and turn his gaze to one full of hunger at her provocative move. “I don’t come cheap, baby. Don’t take anything less than $500 hundred a night”

Why didn’t that surprise him?

“That’s a lot” he commented easily, watching as her perfectly shaped eyebrow rose in a regal arch as she returned his gaze. “How much for a blow job?”

“$150” she answered and popped her chewing gum, “I always say you get what you pay for. If you can’t afford me then don’t waste my time” Cordelia easily removed his hand from around her arm and went to walk away.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Angel spun his insolent seer back to face him, annoyed she had turned away from him. “I just hope you’re worth it”

“You’ll find out, won’t you?” she smirked at the flicker of a knowing smile that threatened to put him off his game. “Where do you want me, honey?”

“There’s a motel a black from here. Come with me”

“A motel” the word rolled off Cordelia’s tongue sarcastically, “My, my aren’t we classy” it wasn’t a question as much as it was a statement. “Lead the way”

The walk to the motel was quick, once inside the pre-booked room Angel locked the door and stood facing his brunette seer with his arms folded across his chest. Cordelia copied his stance and crossed her own, slimmer arms over her own chest.

“Well?” she asked, “You brought me here, what do you want me to do?”

“You’re an expert at this and you don’t know?” Angel walked in a slow, controlled footsteps until he stood behind his seer. “I’m starting to think you might not be worth my time and money”

His lowered voice was breathless against the hollow of her throat, making the chill-bumps reappear on her now sizzling flesh. She felt his larger body behind her skimming her back with a delicious foretaste of how he would feel against her naked skin. Cordelia’s breath hitched in her throat when his hands lightly took hold of her shoulders and he turned her round.

“You know what I want you do” Angel’s eyes had darkened, the hypnotic black orbs were beginning to melt with underlying molten lava as his body began to harden with excitement. The vampire shrugged his jacket off, tossing it too one side while never removing his eyes from hers.

“Money first” Cordelia felt a hot flush start between her thighs as she looked at the vampire standing in front of her with the open invitation to do as she wished with him. However, this was his night and his fantasy, who was she to ruin it by taking control?

There was a flutter of movement and a pile of cash was flopped onto the bed to the side of them. Moving back a little, he sat down in an uncomfortable old chair and waited for her to make the next move. “You have the money, now give me what I want” Angel husked out, trying to keep the smile from his face as he watched the brunette lower herself to her knees.

The sound of his belt unbuckled and swooping through the loops of his pants had never seemed so erotic, even to him. As his chest began to rise and fall with the movement of breathing, Cordelia raised her hazel gaze to his amber one she licked her lips sensually and ran her hand over the hardness of his sex, causing Angel to clench his fists at his side.

“Excited baby?” she purred, her core was burning with the need to through this game and fantasy out the window, throw him down and do bad things to his body. Her fingers roamed the hardened erection hidden beneath the soft Italian leather, the feel of him gave Cordelia the image of what he would look like.

Every inch of Angel was hand carved in marble, his shoulders and arms rippled with thickly set muscles that flowed gracefully with every move he made. His chest was solid, the pale skin contrasted starkly with tiny dark nipples that pebbled under her touch. On his well-toned abdomen, he had a light, feathery treasure trail which ended just above the waistband of the Calvin’s she bought him.

Slender fingertips slowly lowered the zip, both Cordelia and Angel bit back equally pleasured moans when the leather was moved away, allowing her hot breath to float across the marble velvet length of him. The sensitive tip was glistening with pre-come, delighting her with the knowledge he was enjoying this as much as she was.

Angel entwined strands of hair around his large, male fingers while his thumb brushed over the glowing apples of her cheeks. He loved to watch her whenever she did this to him, loved to watch as her lips wrapped around his cock and brought him to orgasm. The amber gaze focused entirely on her mouth, watching as her hands began the sexual stimulation with smooth strokes and adoring caresses.

Cordelia flickered her orbs up to meet his unnatural ones and flashed him a sultry smirk before sweeping her warm tongue from the base of his erection to the tip, eliciting a deep groan from the vampire. “Just relax baby” the brunette breathlessly ordered before swirling the tip of her tongue over the tip and licking up the masculine arousal.

Angel’s hand tightened around her hair, forced his eyes to stay open and his to stay seated on the chair. “You’re good, but not quite worth what I paid” that was a deliberate insult to fuel her passionate anger, hoping to remove all traces of her somewhat prudish nature.

Cordelia pulled back a little, giving herself enough room to make sure he got a clear view of her raised eyebrow and wickedly cunning smirk. “Oh baby, I haven’t even started on you yet” without wasting a second more, the seer wrapped her lips tight around his cock and glided slowly down.

The vampire hissed in pleasure as she took him deeper into her mouth inch by agonising inch, he wanted to fuck her mouth so much right now, make her give him the release he wanted and needed. Angel’s other hand came to rest on her shoulder while his fingers slid down to the nape of her neck, massaging gently.

He was so hard it almost hurt, the heat of her mouth was burning him from the outside in and he wouldn’t mind if he died because of it. Every second, Angel felt the pressure slowly build in balls until the intensity made him moan out her name loudly and buck into her mouth, demanding more.

Cordelia’s throaty moans had vibrations making his cock throb against her tongue as she glided up the hard shaft. Her hand holding the base moved down until she could cup the softness of his balls in her palm, Angel swore harshly when he felt her fingernails scrape lightly along the sensitive skin.

“Deeper” he ordered thickly, never removing his gaze from the sight of his cock securely held between her lips. The human breath flowed across the cool length, warm and exotic, as she lowered her mouth once more and stroked her tongue over the sensitive underside of his erection.

Angel removed his hand from her shoulder, dancing the roughened skin on his fingertips down across the smooth décolleté until he felt the hard bud of her breast pebble with the caress. The vampire taunted and teased her with first gentle touches before he got rougher. With a loud groan, his head fell against the back of the chair and his teasing brought a quiet keening moan from her throat.

Cordelia took him deeper until her nose brushed the soft curls at the base, Angel couldn’t help his reaction and bucked up hard into her mouth with a loud growl. Relaxing her throat, she swallowed him whole and continued to use her tongue to stimulate the tip of his cock, always licking up the droplets of pre-come that laced his sex.

The scent of combined arousal hung heavily in the air of the motel room, serving only to drive him on to want to do more to his seer. He knew she’d be wet for him now, he could taste it on his lips as the sensual aroma got more tangible.

Suddenly, Cordelia increased the pressure around his cock and began to move faster, “Cordy!” Angel forgot all about their game and growled her name again, louder this time, when the throbbing in his body began to intensify. His hips pushed his length into the hot cavern of her mouth over and over, his hand roughly held her breast and teased the pebble with his thumb.

She took him into her throat once, twice more and then felt him swell inside her mouth as his orgasm hit hard. Angel lost the slight control he had, his human visage gave way to that of the vampire as ejaculation spilled from his sensitised body into hers. A pained expression crossed his face as his climax peaked, yanking his hand from her breast he pulled her wrist to his mouth and didn’t wait for permission he knew he would get.

Sinking his fangs through the delicate skin, Angel’s eyes snapped shut when the taste of rich, human blood bathed his tongue with pre-climatic tint. Cordelia’s pleasure at the intensely erotic feeling of her lover feeding from her and pushed her wrist harder to his lips. The hot red liquid rained down his throat and filled him with everything she was. Retracting his fangs, he lovingly licked up stray droplets of blood and sealed the puncture wounds until the bleeding stopped.

Cordelia took everything he had to give, not stopping the oral pleasure until he began to calm down. Releasing him from her mouth, she pressed a chaste kiss on the tip of his softening sex and looked at the vampire with a smug and satisfied expression.

“I told you that you get what you pay for” she purred and planted another kiss on the tip of him.

“That was very nice, Cordy” Angel smiled down at her before lifting his seer from her knees to settle her on his lap. He toyed with strands of her hair for a few silent moments, enjoying the closeness they shared. “I love you”

“Mmm, I love you too” Cordelia replied with a little smile, “I know this is a dreary motel and everything, but can we get some sleep? You wore me out before we left the hotel” it wasn’t the exact truth but it would do, besides it was the best she could come up with.

“Sleep would be a good thing I suppose” Angel mused with a soft smile, “Come on, we’ll sleep for a while and then go back before dawn”


By the time Angel awoke, it was around noon and the sun was still shining brightly and fatally in the big blue up above. With a contented purr, the vampire rolled onto his side, fully expecting Cordelia to be there.

When he noticed there was an empty space where his seer was supposed to be, Angel bolted upright and listened for her heart beat, tried to catch her scent anything to tell him she was in the dingy little motel room. When he got nothing, he immediately got out of bed and a white piece of paper with his name on caught his eye.

“Dear Angel” Angel read in confusion, “I hope you liked my services last night, thanks for the money. I’ll see you at the hotel when you get back. Love, Cordy… What the hell?” he snarled, throwing the note to one side.

Snatching his leather pants up from the floor, he immediately retrieved his wallet where he had safely put the money back before they had gone to sleep. Angel’s deep eyes widened as he realised there was only two twenty dollar bills in there and stared dangerously at them.

“She took the money! I can’t believe her!” the vampire shook his head in disbelief “She actually took the money and left me stranded in this place”

The disbelieving gaze turned to one that held mirth, love and vengeance as he swore down she would get hers. “Cordelia Chase” Angel’s calculating voice sounded, “One of these days…”

The End


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