Ring My Bell

Title: Ring My Bell
Author: Scorch
Posted: Nov 13 2003
Rating: N-17
Category: Adult
Content: C/A
Summary: It’s good to talk.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, Cal n Lil’s place
Notes: This is me forcing my muses to get their scrawny backsides working again. They’ve been dormant since the Ball.

Cordelia fell down onto her bed, sighing happily when her head hit the pillow and she allowed herself to sink into the welcoming sheets, snuggling on top of them. “Ahhh” she sighed again, “A nice hot shower and some self pampering can do wonders for a girl’s esteem you know” she spoke to her phantom roommate known as Dennis who responded with a swoosh of air.

“Hey do you wanna see if there’s a movie on T.V? Or are you tired?” she asked, not sure if ghosts got tired but it was polite to ask anyway. She hadn’t been there that long and she didn’t know him all that well but he still shared the apartment with her and so far he’d been pretty great to have around.

The T.V flickered on and Dennis gave her his answer, the channels rapidly changed before the remote dropped onto the bed in frustration when he found something he didn’t like. Ghost was just wrong, that man wouldn’t know a ghost if one bit him on the ass if his acting was anything to go by.

“God!” Cordelia scoffed at the phantom, “You are such a guy, this movie is cool and plus Patrick Swayze shirtless is a bonus” she commented. “But if you don’t wanna watch it, we can find something else that we agree on okay?”

He had a little piece of paper with a smiley face on and that floated up around her face, Dennis danced it around her face purposely trying to get her annoyed. “Dennis! Cut it out or I’ll… Play Mariah Carey for a whole hour” she yelled, scrambling up to grab the offending piece of paper out of the air. When Dennis let up on his teasing, Cordelia smiled winningly around the apartment, “Thanks! Now about that movie…”

Her words were cut off by the shrill ring of her phone, her eyes rolled and her shoulders slumped. It was almost as though she could see her boss waiting impatiently for her to pick up. She could hear the words now… “Cordelia. Angel here. Can you come in please? See you soon” she doubted he’d even give her a second to answer.

Leaning over her bed, Cordelia picked up the phone and scooted up to rest her back against the propped up pillows and prepared to hear what was in store for her at work tonight. Instead of her usual greeting, she decided to have a little fun at the vampire’s expense. “Hello? Angel, is that you?” she asked with a forming smile on her face, “If this is a dirty phone caller, I hope you realise I haven’t had any in months so don’t blame me if I don’t hang up!” she had to bite back her riotous laughter when she heard Angel finally reply.

“Haven’t had… Dirty… No! It’s me Cordelia. Angel… What do you mean if I’m a dirty caller?” his voice conveyed his shock at her wording. She could see his brown eyes wide in shock and his mouth would be opening and closing rapidly.

Sighing, she took pity on him and let him off the hook. “Never mind Angel. What time do you want me to come in because I’ve just had a shower and I don’t wanna leave my lovely, warm apartment to catch pneumonia before I have a chance to get dry”

Angel fidgeted with the phone wire, curling it round his finger and debated on whether or not to hang up on her. He felt like a moron for calling her up just to see if he could go over to see her. “I don’t want you to come in” he told her quickly before she said another sentence so fast he couldn’t follow. “That’s what I was calling for”

She got the wrong idea immediately. “What do you mean? You don’t want me to come in? Are you saying I’m not needed? I am way need buster, I have the visions and there’s nothing you can do about it!” her sudden defensive manner made her voice fill with furious sparks and her eyes flashed as she sat completely upright and rigid.

“That wasn’t what I meant” he amended quickly, he couldn’t help but notice how her voice sounded so fiery, her eyes would be flashing with outrage and her body would be tense with passionate anger… “What I meant was I don’t want you to come here tonight. I was just calling to see, um, to see what you were doing”

Her anger instantly deflated, “Oh” Cordelia conceded and she was happy again, “That’s okay then. I was gonna watch a movie with Dennis but that’s all. Why? Are you bored of brooding in your dark corner at last?”

Angel knew her well enough not to take her bluntness as an insult, “Not quite” he went to say but got cut off by her.

“I forgot, you could never quit the brooding! The brooding is a part of you Angel and as much as you love to do it often, you need to get a hobby” she chastised him lightly with a firm nod. “Have you ever thought about volunteering at the local Brooders Anonymous?” she grinned at the receiver when she felt him stiffen at her question. “Go ahead, what were you gonna say?”

“Nothing. If you’re busy then it doesn’t matter. I’ll see you in the morning…” he went to hang up when her voice stopped him.

He could almost hear her eyes rolling, “Angel!” she sighed in exasperation “Get a sense of humour, it won’t kill you. God, you’ve been alive for centuries and yet you still have to master the art of humour. Give me strength!”

The vampire bristled at her wayward behaviour towards him and his so-called lack of humour. “I have a sense of humour” Angel defended weakly, “Its just a little more subdued than yours that’s all”

Cordelia nodded mockingly and leaned back against her pillows again, twirling a strand of hair around her fingertip. “Yeah, so subdued it never sees the light of day. You need to relax a little and just you know, be yourself”

“If I was relaxed and myself, you’d probably be…” he stopped himself before he went any further. It wouldn’t do their growing friendship any good if her told her she would basically be his vampire bitch for all eternity if he was relaxed and himself. Angel groaned inwardly at the thought of Cordelia, her creamy skin would be set off by amazing golden orbs that would shoot molten lava when she lost control. Her beauty would be eternal and be his completely and he really needed to stop thinking like that before he went insane.

“I’d be what? You’re first course before you swanned off to go munch on Little Miss Kicks A Lot?” she asked, not knowing what was really going off inside his head.

Angel instantly changed the topic of conversation to something that wouldn’t make him get hard. “You’re watching a movie with Dennis huh?” movies were a safe topic and one he could participate in without wanting to do anything that would result in badness. “What you watching?”

Though she was highly suspicious she would be the main course, Cordelia once again let him off the hook and happily went along with his conversation change. “Dennis found Ghost but he didn’t agree with it so we’re looking for something else”

As soon as she said those words, Dennis smiled an invisible smile of sheer glee and changed the channel directly to a one that would be playing something of the adult variety. “Ohhh! Uhhh! Yesssss!”

Angel felt his body grow still when the sound of female moans bounced through the receiver. Cordelia’s face flamed with embarrassment and viciously tried to get the remote control back from her evil roommate. “Cordelia… What are you watching?” he asked quietly even though it was completely obvious what was on her T.V.

“Nothing” she replied in feigned ignorance, her eyes were slowly being dragged to her screen where a man was going down on a woman. “How about those Lakers?” she tried helplessly. The woman let out a throaty moan as the man did something to her and Cordelia’s eyes went wide at the erotic sight, almost forgetting Angel was on the phone.

“Is that… Are you watching porn?” Angel asked staring at the phone handset as though it had just grown two heads. Was she into that? Did she enjoy watching that? Not that he hadn’t watched it before but he’d always thought of her as a bit of a prude.

As soon as his words about her being a prude reached her ears, Cordelia sucked in a deep breath, insulted he thought of her as a priss. “Excuse me pal, I am no prude I’ll have you know” she seethed, “I can do porn as well as the next person if not better” she told him very firmly and very insulted.

The vampire had too many images in his mind to really listen to what she was saying in reply, all he could hear was the soft moans and naughty instructions coming from the T.V in the background. Those moans were no longer sounding in a stranger’s voice, but Cordelia’s and it was him who was telling her what to do with her mouth. Her words caught up with him and he was helpless to stop himself, besides hadn’t she told him he needed a sense of humour?

“You are such a prude Cordelia” Angel responded and perched on his bed, licking his lips as he waited for her to reply.

“How do you work that one out?” she asked sarcastically, “You wouldn’t, and never will I might add, know if I’m a prude”

A smirk crossed his face as he thought about the many ways he could answer that but went with his first choice of response. “That’s what I’m talking about” he pointed out, keeping all the smugness out of his voice. “You make yourself out to be untouchable, that nobody is good enough to touch you, that I’m not good enough to touch you. That to me spells prude” when he heard her suck in a deep breath, he knew his words had hit home.

Cordelia pursed her lips, contemplating how she could respond to his statement about her personality. Yeah, so what if she picked and chose who got to touch her body, it was hers and that gave her the right to choose who touched her. “I’m not untouchable Angel” she finally replied, her voice dropping to a low velvet. “And if I’m watching, and enjoying, a very erotic movie then how am I a prude?”

“But are you enjoying it?” he asked suspiciously, his chocolate eyes narrowed and the phone cord once again wrapped around his finger. God help him if she was really enjoying it.

Looking at the T.V screen, she watched as the man slowly penetrated the woman and the look of ecstasy on the woman’s face was enough for Cordelia to make her decisive answer. “Yes Angel, I am enjoying it as a matter of fact” she replied smugly, “Is that a problem for you?”

Is was getting to be a problem he thought looking down at his hardening state, all he could think of was the beautiful, wilful brunette letting go of all that built up passion on him. The things he could do with her. “Not all Cordelia” Angel responded smoothly, his hand tugged restlessly on the hem of his sweatshirt before he adjusted his pants slightly. “Why would it be a problem for me? Its good to know you can open up sometimes and not be made of ice”

“Is that what you think I am?” Cordelia asked, surprise lilting her voice as she tilted her head to one side. “You think I’m cold?”

Angel chose his words carefully so they would have the right effect on her, “You run from romantic interaction Cordelia” he told her, his voice going rich and heated the more he spoke. “I’ve seen you dismiss men with a simple wave of your hand, with a harsh comment or a warning glance when they so much as look in your direction. It’s like you don’t see them”

“You think that I don’t see men as good enough for me. Is that it Angel? Is that what you think? Or maybe you think I feel that you’re not good enough for me” she too chose her words carefully, trying to figure out where he was going with his sudden need to divulge into psycho-babble. Cordelia’s eyes kept drifting to her T.V where the man and woman were so into each other, they wouldn’t know if the world was about to blow up. She would love to feel that kind of passion with someone but doubted she ever would.

The vampire’s eyes darkened at her insight, he’d forgotten how observant she could be when she wanted to be. His shoulders stiffened and his body tensed, maybe he wanted to be good enough for her. “Maybe I want to be good enough for you Cordelia” Angel spoke, “Maybe I want to be the one that thaws your icy defence”

Her words caught in the back of her throat as she processed his response, her breathing quickened becoming deep and laboured. Her nipples tightened as she fantasized about Angel being the man to make her scream in ecstasy like the woman she envied. She felt a rush of warmth dampen her panties and her legs locked tightly together, trying to stop the physical reaction to her whimsical desire. Cordelia cleared her throat, “Angel, you can stop the psycho-babble now, its getting old”

“There you go again, shutting down on me” he pointed out “You dismissed me with a remark, you’re purposely ignoring how you’re reacting” Angel wasn’t sure if he should carry on with this but he just couldn’t seem to help himself. Laying back on his bed, the vampire cast his eyes up towards the ceiling, just thinking about how he had heard her react to his words. His body was getting tense all over, his muscles were rippling under his pale skin and his pants were tight around his growing erection.

“How am I reacting?” she denied all ignorance and ignored how she had been unconsciously smoothing her fingers up and down her décolleté where her robe parted. A slow, stirring heat was making her shift while her tongue darted out of her mouth to wet her lips. Cordelia swallowed back when his voice echoed in a low base full of eroticism.

“Your breathing is deep, quick and harsh” Angel explained exactly what he heard, “You’re being subjected to visual stimulation so your body will be reacting visibly” he got just that little harder. “Your nipples will be pebble hard, sensitive to touch and a delicious dusky pink that makes me think you would taste like cherries” the way he described her made his mouth water and lips tingle with the image of licking those pebbles and tasting the cherry flavour of her skin.

Cordelia listened to every word he spoke to her, her hand unconsciously slid down through her robe to cup her breast. Slender fingertips brushed across her nipple, they were hard just like he said they would be. The touch elicited a sharp gasp of air that didn’t go unmissed by the vampire.

Angel’s eyes were tightly closed, seeing the image of her touching her breasts with an inquisitive and innocent touch, bringing fire to her own body. “You’ll be wet down there, your panties, if you’re wearing any, would be transparent to me” he could see the shape of her now. Pink, supple and delicate, he would slowly and painstakingly remove her panties exposing her to his hungered gaze.

“I’m not” she whispered suddenly, “I’m not wearing any panties Angel” her fingers brushed the tightened, sensitive peeks over and over, making her breathing sharp and constantly deep. Experimentally, Cordelia increased the pressure on herself and a little mewl escaped from her throat and undoubtedly clearly heard by him.

The vampire took a sharp intake of unneeded air, filling his lungs with the vision of her aroused state and scenting the honey her body would be creating. She had just told him she was naked down there and there wasn’t much he found more erotic than that. Angel’s own hand slipped down to caress his excited, male state gently at first and then harder when his first touch didn’t do anything but increased the strain of unreleased sexual tension in his body. “I can see you now Cordelia, laying there naked and open. Letting me indulge you in a fantasy of sex” not even thinking about how they got to this point in the first place.

“What about you Angel?” she asked through her quickened breathing, “Do you get to indulge in this fantasy too?” she had notice how her body was everything he said, all except for the robe she was wearing. Cordelia moved to take it off when she heard him say something.

“Tell me what you’re doing Cordelia” Angel demanded almost teasingly, he needed to hear her voice to paint his fantasy in vivid colour. “I can hear you moving, I hear your intakes of breath. Tell me”

“I’m taking my bathrobe off, but I’m still wet from the shower” her voice was near shy but she kept going with the little game he started, though she wasn’t so sure it was a game to her anymore. The bathrobe was discarded carelessly on her bedroom floor and she now lay naked on her bed. “I’m naked now, just laying here all by myself watching something powerfully erotic. Are you naked?” Cordelia asked innocently, her hand floated down the soft landscape of her torso stopping when she reached her abdomen.

The vampire unbuckled his belt, Cordelia listened to the quiet noise it made and she never realised how erotic that sound could be. It had to do with the implications of what Angel was doing that made it so erotic. “I’ve took my pants off now” he explained throatily, “I’m gonna take my sweatshirt off” there was a small rustle of material and a sound like a slight wind breeze. “All naked now” his hand traced invisible patterns on the outside of his thigh slowly moving to the inside, feeling the heavily toned muscle there flex under the stimulation.

“I bet you’re hard” she murmured, “Are you hard?”

A harsh breath got exhaled from his mouth before he answered her, “Yes I’m hard, so hard Cordelia you have no idea what it feels like” Angel’s word came out on a wave of crushing desire. “Want me to tell you what has me so hard?” a feminine moan told him she was imagining what had him like that. “Tell me what has you so wet first” he countered with an evil smirk. His hand curled around his shaft, grip flexing as he held himself perfectly. Every inch of him was etched in marble and steel hard, the responsive tip of his cock was glazed with a candy-sweet coating that glistened in the soft light from the lamp.

Cordelia’s hips arched off the bed as her timid touching grew bolder and more confident, her fingertips caressed her labia softly, slowly moving up to where her clitoris lay hidden and protected. “Your voice Angel” her own vocals came out in a light moan, “The way you talk, the words you use and, uh, the way you’re seeing me right now” she rubbed her fingers in slow circles over the pearly pink bud of her clit.

“Its your breathing” he half growled, his hand moving slowly up and down his erection, “Those little moans you keep making and the silent way you’re telling me you want me. Are you touching yourself now Cordelia? Tell me” he urged. His balls were getting tight with the building pressure and his hand moved quicker.

“Yes” her head rolled back into the pillow cushioning the back of her head, her hand moved faster and a little harder over her core. “No” she countered quickly and biting her lip, she changed her words. “Its you, you’re the one touching me here” her caress got rougher, as she imagined what his touch would be like. Her hips arched upwards again forcing her fingertips to slide down her labia and tease her entrance. “Angel”

“Where am I touching you?” his voice was harshly demanding her answer, he wanted to know everything. “Your hand is wrapped around my cock, moving up and down slowly” he slowed down his movements despite the physical demand from his body. The vampire groaned loudly when a pre-climatic jolt went through him and made him fist his cock faster once more.

Tenderly dipping a slender, feminine fingertip into her body, Cordelia’s eyes snapped wide open when she heard his sensual groan. “I-inside me, you’re touching me inside. It feels hot” she slid in deeper “Soft, slick” she described exactly what her body felt like to her. Suddenly, his name poured out from her mouth in a loud and very sexual moan when she hit a place that made her vaginal muscles tighten around her finger. “Oh God Angel”

Angel heard every single response she made and when she almost screamed out his name, he lost what little control he had left. His face changed, his physique stilled momentarily with the difference inside and a deep rumbling purr made his body vibrate. “You feel so hot Cordelia, your muscles are fisting my touch inside and your arousal is covering me in liquid sex”

Hissing with pleasure, she worked a second finger inside and used her thumb to brush up against her throbbing clitoris. Every time she penetrated her own body, she hit that sweet place and felt herself tighten. “I want more Angel” Cordelia all but beseeched of him, “I want to feel you deep and hard inside”

His hand moved faster and harder his shaft, his balls were tense with a closing orgasm and all he wanted right now was to be inside her like she asked. Angel saw himself move between her parted thighs, his lips lowering to touch hers and his cock connected directly with her molten core. He could feel the tightness surround the tip of his erection, opening up to his penetration and he couldn’t prevent the loud masculine groan of pleasure from spilling from his mouth.

Inch by solid inch, Cordelia felt Angel enter her body with no resistance; he was so hard she experienced him in explicit detail. Slowly, he slid to the hilt and her breath caught in her throat as a small ache spread through both her hips and stomach. It was almost as though he were really inside her. “Angel” she whispered, stilling a moment just to savour him there.

She’d took him in deep, he could feel the silky enclosure cave in around his penetration and he was about to explode. Angel moved his hand so fast taking himself closer and closer while her name was a chanted mantra on his lips. “Cordelia” he rasped out over and over “God…”

She bit her lip hard, moved within harder, faster, longer and smoother; her thumb pressed down on her harshly throbbing clit and bucked up into her hand constantly. Cordelia thrust once, twice more before his name came from her mouth in a scream. The pulses of orgasm shot through her thick and fast, her fingers moved in perfect unison and her muscles became exquisitely taut.

Her scream was all he needed. Angel let himself go, pushing down hard he fisted his shaft as the climax caused his head to spin, deep growls to echo and male liquid to coat his skin. The orgasm came from him in long, painful bursts and he stilled his movements when he became a little sensitive to touch.

A few moments later, Cordelia’s breathing calmed down and Angel’s breathing kept stopping and starting. Her eyes blinked up at her ceiling in wonderment and his eyes remained closed and focused on the vision of seeing her come like that. It was a few moments before either of them spoke and it was Cordelia to break the silence.

“So” she stated shyly, “Still think I’m an icy prude?”

Angel’s slightly sated body vibrated with laughter, “I don’t know Cordelia, that was over the phone. You might run away from my affection still”

“You’re affection?” she questioned with a little sigh as she snuggled down into her pillows tiredly and a little lonely.

“Yeah, I called you up tonight to, um, see if you wanted to do something with me” then he realised how incredibly stupid it was to feel shy asked for a partial date when they had just participated in something most ordinary couples don’t do.

“I already did!” Cordelia remarked with a smirk he could see, “Maybe you wanna come over and we could just keep each other company” she offered hopefully.

Running his hand through his messy hair, Angel contemplated her offer for all of a split second. “Give me ten minutes”

The End


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