Keep on Truckin

Title: Keep On Truckin’
Author: Scorchy
Rating: N-17
Category: More pointless smutty humour
Content: C/A
Summary: these vignettes are part of a smut quest where AOers give me their scenario challenges! This one is in answer to Kimmers.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, Cal, Lil, Lio n Sara’s place
Notes: I’d forgotten how much fun it is to write a Smut Quest! I know I’m a little off, but gimme time to get in more practice. Hugs xxx
Thanks/Dedication: Thank you Lysa who came up with the title. Hope you enjoy this Kim!

Angel swore angrily when he heard the unmistakable sound of a puncture followed by a surprised shriek from Cordy as she hit the passenger door frame. He glanced over to her, subconsciously checking to see if she was alright and wrestled the heavy truck to the side of the road.

“What’s the bet Gunn doesn’t carry a spare” the brunette huffed in annoyance. Their take-out was going to get cold and it always tasted funny reheated in the microwave.

The vampire ignored her ramblings as he flicked on the hazard lights and killed the engine. “Cor, go check the front for the spare while I look at the tyre”

“Yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir!” Cordelia sniped and slapped her arms across her chest, looking at him defiantly. “You could have at least added the magic word” her lower lip pooched out into a cute pout that never failed.

Angel merely looked unaffected. “Please will you go look see if there’s a spare tyre on the front of the truck?” In reply to the pout, he shot her his most boyishly charming smile and waited until she practically swooned.

“Because you asked so nicely…” she stated airily and looked dreamily into those deep brown eyes. She couldn’t help but melt into a Cordelia-sized puddle of mush every time he flashed that grin.

His handsome face lit up and perfect, white teeth gleamed brightly while his defined cheeks puffed up slightly. It was just darn cute, if a little on the scary side.

“That’s my girl!” Angel took advantage of her slushy moment and flicked the tip of his finger over the end of her button nose, causing it to wrinkle up. His hand lightly brushed down her throat and through the valley of her cleavage until it came to rest on her thigh, which he patted affectionately and squeezed.

Since they had gotten together, he had turned into a complete guy. Always petting her ass, fondling her breasts and squeezing her thigh. In bed, he would have her curled up to his side, one hand on her butt and the other on the T.V remote while he comfortably sprawled out.

Angel was great in bed. Sometimes, she didn’t need to do a thing. Like last night for instance, Cordelia had been pleasantly surprised to wake up on her stomach with him happily inside her. She was sure he’d been asleep through half of it but never mind.

She never needed to move, he was doing just fine by himself. See? He was a great lover.

“Ok Lion King” the seer sighed with a roll of her sparkling eyes, “Let’s…”

“Kiss?” Angel offered and slid his hand further up her thigh, muscular fingers kneading away the day’s tension from her supple legs. Heat poured through the knee-length denim skirt, allowing his cool touch to warm up in turn.

Swatting his exploring hand away, Cordelia clacked her tongue and treated him to a mock stern glare. “No, we’ve gotta get home. The guys are waiting for their well-earned goods. Besides, this is Gunn’s truck”

Shrugging off her light refusal of his attentions, the vampire replaced his hand on her thigh, only this time he put it directly onto her bare skin. The roughened skin of his fingertips rasped sensationally over the smooth flesh. His persistence paid off when her legs involuntarily parted, automatically giving him the green light.

“Not even a special kiss?” Angel purred, leaning over to the brunette who instantly caught onto his meaning. He delighted in the pink stain that decorated her cheeks and congratulated himself on having the ability to render her speechless. “Promise to make it really, really special”

He slowly moved up the hot thigh until his fingers landed a soft stroke over her core, eliciting a little hiss of pleasure. “Angel, this is Gunn’s truck. How would you feel if Gunn gave Fred a special kiss in your car?” Cordelia purposely closed her legs and realised she had now trapped his hand between them.

“I wouldn’t be dumb enough to loan him my car” he smoothly retorted with a growing smirk spreading across his face. His fingertips traced the shape of her sex, encouraging her body to respond to his caress. Silk panties he thought, very happy with that.

Set in a jewelled and vivid shade of violet, they were his favourite. He loved them so much, he’d even bought her an amethyst belly bar to go with them. Oh and the matching bra, it did this lifting thing that enhanced her cleavage to proportional sizes, often leaving him drooling into his blood.

The brunette bit her lip in contemplation, he always managed to talk her into anything. But this was different.

This was Gunn’s truck. It belonged to one of her best friends and surrogate brother. They couldn’t do anything like special kisses in here.


It would be wrong.

Very wrong.

“Are you wearing it?” Angel whispered as he slid his free hand around her back, giving her a silent order to go sit on his lap. He waited patiently while his girlfriend ditched her morals before urging her with a firmer, more assertive tug of his arm.

“This?” Lifting the hem of her blouse, Cordelia swallowed back the forming lump of excitement as the vampire’s gaze dropped to her toned stomach where her belly bar sat. A simple silver bar with three amethyst stars dropped down to perch just below her navel, the jewels glittering attractively.

His dark brown eyes lit up with flecks of spun gold as he lovingly admired the jewellery. He loved the way the silver stood out against the tanned background of her skin and found the idea of a navel piercing extremely erotic. It reminded him of the belly dancers that performed for the men.

That was an idea and he filed it away for future reference.

“You need an ‘A’ baby” Angel stated and helped her over middle of the truck to settle her on his lap. Both his hands travelled down her spine, stroking and massaging lightly until he came to rest on her ass. Palming her as he always did, he shifted her until she was straddling him in exactly the right way.

Circling her hips, Cordelia increased the pressure on his cock just enough to get a heavy groan out of him. She could feel him as he got harder between her legs and she intensified her movements.

“Don’tcha think I’ve got enough I-belong-to-Angel signs?” She whispered, her warm breath breezed over his male lips and snared his lower, pouting one with blunt teeth. Her tongue flicked out to sooth the harmless bite, eyebrows rising at the pleasured hiss he gave when she bit him again.

“Not nearly enough” his voice trembled and grew darker, his head tilted to the side as he copied. Capturing her lip with his teeth, he bit a little harder than she and earned himself a very feminine moan.

His hands held her hips down as he pushed up, stimulating her entire sex with his. Her slender fingers travelled along the corded muscles in his neck to where his jacket collar prevented her from exploring any further.

Making up for it, Angel nudged his head up and covered her softer, pliant mouth with his harder one. His cool tongue sliced past her lips to toy with hers. Moist kisses from his lover increased the temperature inside the truck, making him wriggle awkwardly out of his jacket.

Pulling away from him, Cordelia helped and yanked the leather over his broad shoulders and aided in the removal of the sleeves. Bunching it around the back of his waist, she grabbed onto his biceps, squeezing the muscles and replacing her hot mouth back on his.

The vampire’s gentle touch disappeared, leaving rough caresses that hitched her denim skirt high, allowing him the pleasure of feeling her bare flesh under his palms. Confident fingers skirted the feminine contours, climbing further until he felt the tops of her silk stockings and a slow, wicked smirk curved his lips up.

“I love it when you wear these” he breathed against her cheek, tasting the daylight. “Gets me so hard” his hips slammed up once more, making her head roll back and a purr sound out. “Unzip me baby”

“Got a little something for me, do ya?” Cordelia’s sultry voice hitched with a choked back pearl of laughter when she felt his chest rumble likewise. Snaking her hands between them, she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.

Glancing down, she saw him hard and ready, just as he said.

Cool to the touch but in no way cold, she wrapped a small hand right around his shaft and moved timidly. She watched in fascination as the sensitive tip of him glistened with masculine arousal that made her mouth water with the need to taste.

Angel’s orbs swirled with hypnotising colours before fluttering shut, his hips bucking up into her fist as he urged her to tighten her grip. His hands scored her flesh through the stockings as she sped up slightly, forcing him to respond with a deep groan that rocked through her.

Heat pooled at her core, the aroma of sweet arousal whirled around the vampire making him sweat with more than the temperature. He loved it when he was surrounded by her. The scent, the sight, the touch, her words and the taste of her; everything was heaven to him.

Snapping his eyes open, he felt the demon stir in protest against the teasing she gave and demanded she give what it craved.

The hot feel of her tightness caving in orgasm.

Angel raised her skirt higher, following the heat to it’s very source and, with a flick of his wrist, he cleanly tore his favourite panties in half. “Buy you more” he vowed to her as much as he vowed to himself.

“Better” Cordelia mumbled, never taking her orbs from the vision of his cock in her hand. The skin was smooth like velvet but he was steel hard, a completely erotic contrast that often led to many fantasies.

“Come get me honey” he teased, shooting the brunette a sly wink and dropped his own orbs down to his erection.

A naughty grin appeared as she reluctantly removed her hand and shuffled forward, positioning her body directly over him. A finger tucked under her chin, raising her face so he could see it when it happened. “Look at me”

Dipping his free hand into her core from behind, the vampire found her wet, open and ready. Just the way he liked her. All soft and supple and completely wanton for anything he would give her.


Sliding down, Cordelia’s breath was forced from her lungs as she felt her body stretch tightly around the thick shaft as he eased inside. A female moan was expelled as he brought her hips lower, pushing up deeper in a way that had her walls instantly wrapping around him.

Leaning forward to ease the tense muscles inside, her breasts became crushed up against the solid wall of his chest, hardened nipples scraped deliciously across his build. Palms soothingly rubbed the small of her back as she set the pace, gradually taking him deep until the tip of his cock hit the edge.

Angel forced himself to stay still. Eyes closed, chest rising and falling unnecessarily as he waited patiently for her body to adjust to the welcome intrusion. He could feel the pulses coursing through her sex, making the velveteen walls throb and fist him, he could feel her clit as it brushed against the base of his length.

Without opening his eyes, the vampire grabbed onto her hips and moved her up, hissing when bolts of pleasure shocked his nerves when she let go. Hot rain coated him, arousal increased ten fold as she changed the gentle rocking to a hard bounce.

Using his shoulders for balance, Cordelia pushed the closing climax to one side and concentrated on him. Lifting herself up off him, she circled and teased the broad head of his cock until bucked up, hitting her cervix.

That was what she wanted. That right there.

Angel letting go, taking charge and showing her just how to please him better than anyone else before her.

Leaning his head down, the vampire captured a bud through her blouse and sucked, using sharp fangs to bite down on the sensitive peek, drawing more liquid sex to spill from her tight body. She responded instantly.

Cordelia moved harder and faster on his cock, taking him just as deep every time. Her thighs ached with the effort to ride him, her back stung as the steering wheel hit off her spine but she didn’t care. He was inside her, loving it, giving her his all and that was what mattered.

“Good girl” his teeth tugged on the pert bud, eliciting a little scream as he simultaneously slammed her down on him. She was getting hotter, wetter and tighter, he knew she was close. The blood rushing through her veins was thick and heavy with orgasm, the air held nothing but a lethal dose of sweet nectar that burned his flesh as he drove into her.

She felt it happen.

Her muscles clenched like a vice around his shaft, fisting him over and over. Her moans got louder and louder until he heard his name fall from her lips as she went stiff. Orgasm turned her core into pure molten lava, made her blood sing and her face flush red.

Angel took over and rode her through it, using everything natural to him as a vampire to drag out her ecstasy as long as possible before his own release. His balls were getting heavier with mounting pressure as he fucked her faster, harder, bringing her down on top of his cock and making her body swallow him whole.

He saw her neck turn to him, openly offering what he was desperate to have. “I love you, Angel”

That was his undoing.

Once, twice more and the sensational feeling of her climax, the love and the rest of it set him off. His body arched up, each muscle going taut with pressure as ejaculated deeply. Hips high up off the seat, cock firmly buried inside and face nuzzling her neck, inhaling the rich liquid protected by flimsy coating of flesh.

Sharp, deadly fangs pierced the skin and her blood ran freely, bathing his tongue in the warm sweetness.

He was fit to burst as a second, lighter orgasm raced through him, forcing a loud demonic snarl that sent vibrations through him.

Lips, tongue and teeth pulled gently at her throat, causing a shot of pained pleasure to set alight to her nerves, letting her feel something she doubted she’d feel again.

Angel allowed himself one last taste as he came down from the drugged high and reluctantly let her go. Slipping fangs from her skin, he adoringly lathed the puncture wounds and lapped up stray droplets of blood until he was sure they were completely closed.

Cordelia collapsed onto his chest, her heart seemingly trying to break her ribcage and her lungs felt like over-filled balloons. Small, shaking hands reached up to stroked the vampire’s cheek, fingertips tracing the outline of his true visage without a hint of fear.

Pressing a soft kiss to her hair, he relaxed against the seat and sighed heavily, a quiet chuckle left his lips when he felt a post-orgasmic flinch from her body. “C’mon lover” he whispered and patted her ass, “We should be getting back to the hotel. And my nice, large bed”


“I love y…”

His sentence was cut short by the shrill ringing of his cellphone. Cordelia tiredly fumbled around in his jacket pocket until she retrieved the object. The after glow on her face immediately dissipated when she saw Gunn’s name flashing on the caller ID, handing it to Angel she stated “For you”

“Hi Gunn” the vampire greeted, cool as ice without a flicker of guilt in his voice. “Yeah, got caught in traffic but we’re on our way back now. Hey, why didn’t you tell me you’re truck was one hell of a ride?”

End of this one…


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