Cordy’s Secrets

Title: Cordy’s Secrets
Author: Scorchy
Rating: N-17
Category: More pointless smutty humour
Content: C/A
Summary: these vignettes are part of a smut quest where AOers give me their scenario challenges! Toutoune this is yours hon! Cheers for it ;-D
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, Cal, Lil, Lio n Sara’s place
Notes: This was written in under three hours so if it isn’t super, super brilliant forgive me but I’m bored!!! #2 from the Keep on Truckin’ Series Notes 2: You didn’t need to read this bit, it’s not important!

He sighed unnecessarily for what seemed to be the millionth time. Cool air past his lips as he tried his hardest not to stare at the so-called underwear garments lining the shop floor.

Red, blue, emerald, sapphire, cerise and colours he’d never seen shone like jewels against the artificial lighting. Silk, satin, lace and the odd PVC item caught his gaze, making him fidget nervously.

Why she couldn’t have allowed him to wait outside, he’d never know but here he was. Sat just outside of the fitting room, doing nothing but… Waiting in vain for someone to come to his rescue before those garments attacked him.

Victoria’s Secrets was not his ideal place to spend a night off.

Tonight had all been perfectly planned. Right down to him buying the cinema ticket and her buying the toffee popcorn, instead of the salted. Every little detail had been personally planned to precision by him.

Leave hotel at 6 pm, pick up Cordy at 6:15, leave her apartment at 7 pm and hit the cinema around 7:30 in order to get the best seats.

But, like everything in his existence, the best laid plans never ended up that way.

On their way to the cinema, Cordy just had to stop by Victoria’s Secret, claiming she just needed something.

Angel snorted at the pathetic way he’d caved at the first sign of fluttering eyelashes, pleading smile and heaving bosoms. God, what was he? A man or a vampire?

His strong shoulders slumped in defeat, vampire indeed.

He was once the most feared, most dangerous, evilest vampire in all the land and a mere twenty something year old with hazel eyes and softly rounded cheeks had him behaving like…

Angel’s expression turned sour as he realised he was feeling exactly like how Spike acted around Drusilla when he first met her.

“Love’s bitch” the dark haired vampire muttered, his mumbling voice full of self-loathing. How many other men had fallen for the same tricks and feminine wiles?

It was sickening.

Women got away with everything because they were women. Those long, dark eyelashes would flicker flirtatiously, their eyes would grow wide with innocence and their mouths mouth curl up into a sensuous smile. It was all designed for one thing and one thing only.

To turn fully grown men, and vampires, into slaves.
Women were dangerous. If only the Allies had thought to set a boat load of women on the enemy, World War 2 would have been over before it had begun.

His gaze flickered gold momentarily as he glanced towards the fitting room, where he could feel that woman in there while she tried on another whatever it was she was trying on.

Slumping further into the uncomfortable seat, Angel violently crossed his arms over his chest and sulked. How much longer was she going to be in there? What was she doing in there? Spinning gold from silk?

He honestly wouldn’t like to say. With Cordelia Chase, anything was possible.

“Angel? Are you still out there?”

“No” the sulking vampire muttered before raising his voice. “Yeah, still here. Are you, uh, gonna be much longer?” His fingers and toes crossed in the hope she’d say she was done and they could finally leave.

“Great” Cordelia’s perky voice sounded so light, he could feel the big grin spread across her vixen face.

Sulking forgotten about, Angel sat up straight and uncrossed his arms, a little half smile of his own appeared at the thought of those luscious lips turning up into a sensuous curve. If shopping made her happy, who was he to deny her?

“I need your help”

Tigers’ eyes snapped towards the fitting room as he wondered if anyone else had heard her ask him to go in there. A cursory glance around the small area told him no-one appeared to be paying attention and if they were, they didn’t seem to care.

“Angel? Did you hear me?” Came that voice.

“I heard you” Angel replied tensely, wondering what the hell she was thinking of doing. Another sly peek around the shop told him no-one was paying any attention at all. His lips curled up a little as he returned his gaze back to the fitting room.

“I need you”

“Go for the kill why don’t you?” He mumbled and pushed his muscular frame up out of the small chair. “Oh Angel, I need you” he mimicked quietly as he took tentative measured steps towards the locked door of her cubicle. “Like a pussy, I go runnin… I’m here, whaddya need?”

A quiet click caught his ears, drawing his attention to the lock and watched as the white door was pushed slightly open. Cordelia’s face popped out, hazel eyes turned up to meet dark brown ones as a cutesy grin appeared.

“Get in here”

Angel, momentarily stunned, tried to pull the door closed before anyone caught onto what she wanted him to do. “Cordy!” His hand wrapped around the small, rounded handle and he uselessly tugged. Wide eyed and as flushed as he could get, the vampire did everything he could to look inconspicuous.

“Oh come on!” Cordelia waved away his denial and shoved the door open. “Angel please, you’re what? 250 some years and you’re shy? Two words for ya. Gunn’s truck”

Still, he refused to comply with her wishes and tried once more to close the door when she spoke in a much softer, much more seductive voice.

Angel’s stomach began to sink at the sultry, dulcet tones that fell from her pouting lips. He had been a goner from the second she said she needed him but, damnit, she had to learn that she could not demand things of him.

“You should see what I’m wearing”

Now she was purring.

“It’s virginal white”

Pure white cotton encasing those magnificent breasts, the material skimming those pert, strawberry buds.

“Matching thong”

Angel’s tongue darted past drying lips to sweep the lines, making the pale pink glisten as he listened to her talk.

White cotton that hid absolutely nothing. White cotton that turned transparent with hot creamy arousal. White cotton that felt so crisp, so delicious, so cool over burning flesh.

“The bra is exactly the same as the one you like”

He swallowed back the lump and tried to talk past the visions he had. “The one that lifts…?” Did he squeak?


The cubicle door opened, shut and became locked in a split second as the vampire dashed in faster than Superman could dodge a speeding bullet.

“Took you long enough” was all Cordelia could get out before a large, male hand clamped over her mouth and effectively shut her up. Hazel eyes shone with triumph, self-pride and a naughty, little spark that did nothing but add fuel to the slowly simmering fire.

Angel looked her over and stopped. His unbeating heart began to thump madly against his ribcage, sending all his blood to the right place. His mouth parted and his tongue licked his lower lip provocatively.

The bra was sheer. Why didn’t she say it was sheer? Didn’t he deserve some kind of warning? White, sheer and lifting her breasts so her necklace was perched on the generous cleavage.

Was there anything more perfect?

He had an unobstructed view of turgid peeks as the fabric curled around them, making them look oh so temptingly edible. He knew from memory what they would feel like on his tongue as they hardened, knew what she would taste like as he nibbled and sucked until she cried out.

Wanting to treat her body to the same attention, the vampire continued down and stopped again.

The thong was sheer.

Now that was wrong. He was just a manpire, not inhuman.

Shifting her legs a little, Cordelia hid another triumphant smirk as she realised just what he was looking at and inwardly did the snoopy dance. It was rare when she got the chance to turn the tables on him and she took every one she could get.

Angel couldn’t stop staring.

The material was so transparent he was able to see the soft hair covering her mound. His fingers itched to follow that little line down to the sweet, pink folds he was looking at right that very second.

With his trained eyesight, he mapped each curve of her, the burnished bronze orbs setting her blood on boil.

A light, heady scent of arousal hit the air and he knew he was winning. He inwardly rejoiced in the fact he could get her going with a single glance, a simple lick of his lips or a whispered breath across the nape of her slender neck.

“You like?” Cordelia moved her long, shapely legs into a fashion used by many models and held back her sigh of victory when she openly watched his pants grow tight around his erection. The black cloth did nothing to hide his excitement and she couldn’t be happier.

She loved how he made her feel like a woman. Wanted, sexy, naughty, loved and cherish all the while he made her feel like the most amazing thing that ever happened to him.

The warm glow forming inside spread right the way through, shining through the melting irises in a beam that put the sun to shame.

“Uh-huh” Angel fumbled over his response as he tried to look everywhere at once. “I like” God, did he like. He’d like it

if it was on his bedroom floor… Or the drawer he kept special for Cordy’s things.

“Ok, that’s all I needed to know” the brunette stated, “You can go now”

Was she fucking kidding him?

Her nipples were hard, encased in sheer white, she was wet and wanting. Did she really think he’d just leave because she told him so?

Not. Fucking. Likely.

Snapping his gaze from that thong, the vampire looked at her face and saw not a single sign of the increasing arousal.

Teasing little wench. Where did she get off?

Angel simply shook his head, a sinful smirk flirted at the edges of his masculine mouth as his gaze twinkled. No way was he, master vampire, going to let her get away with doing this to him.

“Turn around” his voice, thick but even as he gave the order. Watching as she obeyed, he roamed the golden landscape of her back and purred at the sight of nothing covering her firm ass. There was a decorative little flower at the base of her spine where the waistband of her thong started.

Cordelia stared hard in the mirror, seeing no-one behind her but feeling his presence fold around her as he moved closer. A solid wall met her back and she leaned into him, her arm sliding up and around his neck, delicate fingers stroked the contours of his muscles.

Though she didn’t see, Angel returned her expression with a dark, lustful one of his own as he saw the way her breasts rose and fell rhythmically. The bra curled tighter around her, almost causing those beautiful globes to spill over the balconette cups.

Strong, roughened hands took hold of her hips, thumbs traced slow circles on her heated skin as the vampire carefully gauged her reaction in the mirror. Hazel melted away until a corona of toffee rimmed black pupils while her pliant, glossy lips parted.

He was definitely winning now.

“See how fuckin gorgeous you are?” His voice was raspy as he leaned down to whisper in her ear. “This is Whatcha do to me…”

Cordelia found her hands slammed onto the mirror as Angel snapped.

A belt buckle crackled as leather was smoothly pulled through loops and his pants were carelessly dropped to the floor of the changing room.

Fisting his aching cock in an iron grip, the vampire let out a quiet groan when the pressure was somewhat relieved. His hand moved up his shaft as he watched realisation dawning and her pretty face become flushed.

“Take the thong off” he growled.

Cordelia nodded, excitement had overcame the uncertainty when the idea had first entered her naughty, naughty mind. Her hands eased the thong over her hips and she let it fall to her feet, her orbs never leaving the mirror.

“Keep quiet or I’ll spank you” Angel nearly whooped for joy as the emotions swept over her face and for a second, he could have sworn she was thinking about it. “Minx”

Replacing her hot palms on the glass, Cordelia eagerly waited for Angel to stop talking and get on with it. If they were in there for much longer, staff were gonna notice.

Calloused fingers dipped between her legs, gathering the creamy heat and pushing up inside her, eliciting a sweet moan that was music to him.

Velveteen walls stretched taut around his fingers as he delved in knuckle-deep, twisting until he found the place that got her mewling into her shoulder. Deeper, harder Angel pushed up, breathy groans vibrated through his chest as her body clutched him snugly.

“Angel!” Every time he hit that place, Cordelia felt the way her body softened only to tense as he did it again and again and again.

“Shut up!” The vampire growled at the mouthy brunette, a grin on his face took the sting from his words as he left her body unfulfilled. The tip of his cock lightly brushed over her clit and slipped down the petals, liquid sex coating his shaft and making him burn.

She opened up for him, spreading her legs wider as he penetrated inch by inch until he was buried to the hilt. Heavy hands left finger marks on her hips as he pulled her back, making her body feel all of him.

Fixing his gaze firmly on her face, Angel relished in the perfect picture of passion. Dark hair, wild around her features, eyes squeezed shut and nails digging into the glass. Her golden skin shone with a fine, misty layer of perspiration and he knew then he’d won.

What it was he won, he didn’t have the foggiest and nor did he care.

Flexing his powerful hips, he slowly withdrew his erection from her until the tip taunted and teased. A quick, single move had Cordelia biting down hard on her shoulder as she choked on her scream while Angel held perfectly still as his cock pulsed with the fiery sensation of her muscles fisting him.

“Harder?” Cordelia opened her eyes to look over her shoulder at him, pleading him to give her what she wanted. Her hips involuntarily rocked a little, honeyed arousal allowing her movement to make it seem he was sliding into liquid silk.

“Harder” Angel thickly confirmed.

The easy ride disappeared as he took over. His movements increased every time he felt her body contract viciously. His balls tightened up, nestling close to the base of his shaft as pressure intensified.

Licks of electricity shot through her body as he repeatedly entered her, hitting against her cervix each time. She could feel him swell as he got harder inside, or maybe he just went that little deeper, Cordelia didn’t know.
Moving his gaze away from the mirror, the vampire watched the way his sex was swallowed whole by her. He loved to see the way she rode him, loved to taste her orgasm in the air as she came hard on his cock and he loved to make her watch when it was his turn.

Seeing it, feeling it was just too much and he started to come.

Angel clenched his jaw as he changed, a low growl worked up from his chest as unneeded breathing deepened. Her name was a chant on his lips as he felt the pressure between his thighs suddenly release in long, sharp bursts and he poured his very soul into her.

His orgasm was the catalyst she needed.

Muffling her own cry, Cordelia rocked harder and faster back on him as she rode him through his climax, relishing in the way he soothed her. His fingers moved round to tease her clit, tugging on the pearl hard bud in a way that caused a hot flush of creamy arousal to coat his hand as she joined him.

The waves grew stronger, heavier as the tide took her under. He kept pushing her body’s limits as he fucked her mercilessly, making sure she knew exactly who owned her.

Leaving her, Angel snapped his hand to grab a large fistful of hair and yanked her back against his chest, pushing in so deep a sharp ache echoed through her. “Good girl, that’s what I want”

Cordelia bit her lip hard enough to draw blood as she tilted her head to one side, exposing her throat to him and waited. Gradually, her climax subsided, leaving her in a state of lazy, hazy bliss as she kept on waiting in anticipation for his bite.

And she waited…

Slipping his softening sex out of her body, the vampire released her hair and bent to pick up his pants, sending the confused and dazed brunette a wicked wink. “I, unlike some, can control my urges! Now get your tanned ass outta here, the movie starts in five!”

The dazed brunette stood there, helpless to do anything but listen as he swiftly planted a moist kiss on her cheek, a pat on her ass and a quick “Love you.”

Angel watched in extreme satisfaction as she blushed furiously and left the cubicle before she decided a castrated vampire was what she wanted.

As the door closed behind him, his gaze noticed everyone in the shop now staring his way and the happy feeling slowly ebbed away, leaving him very uncomfortable. Hooking his thumb at the cubicle, he spoke in a steady tone. “My girlfriend needed help with the… Lifting”

He received a muffled groan from Cordelia and a disapproving glance from a sales girl who had known exactly what had been going on.

“Did your girlfriend find it to her liking, sir?”

Angel grinned, happy smugness came flooding back and he felt like himself again. “Oh yeah, we’ll take the set in white, black and red!”

End of this one…


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