House Guest 8

Part 8A Human Touch

Pacing outside of Angel’s office, Cordelia nibbled on her thumb nail and glanced at the phone for the millionth time. Angel said he’d call to let Doyle and her know he was alright but he’d left hours ago and there’d been no phone calls or anything. What if he was off somewhere rekindling the flames of love with Buffy?

Shaking her head, the brunette dismissed that thought as quickly as it came; she knew Angel better than that and she knew that he wouldn’t have been with her if he had still felt something for someone else. Angel wasn’t Xander and he wouldn’t do that to her, of that she was more than sure. What if Buffy had dusted him?

That thought stayed a lot longer than her previous thought, cringing again when the image of Buffy walking in on her and Angel popped into her head. A red hue spread up her cheeks, making her face resemble what her ass probably looked like. Cordelia took a deep, calming breath and banished all bad thoughts from her head before she turned into a basket case.

“So you an Angel huh?” Doyle asked with a cheeky smirk that brought out tiny dimples at the corners of his mouth.

Before Cordelia had a chance to reply, Angel walked through the front door with his leather jacket slung over his shoulder and in direct sunlight. The door shut with a click and he turned to face his girlfriend and seer with a bemused grin.

“You… You’re…” the brunette stuttered a few times before reality set in. Eyes widening, lips parting and a pink flush spread across her face as rage exploded! Marching the few feet to Angel, Cordelia grabbed the collar of his sweatshirt and shook him repeatedly, trying to knock some sense into him. “What the hell do you think you’re playing at?” she bellowed into a shocked Angel’s ear. “You’re a vampire or is that a teeny tiny fact you seem to have forgotten?” she screamed in rage and still shaking him.

“Princess!” Doyle rushed to help his friend by dragging Cordelia away from him forcefully, “I don’t think the vampire thing is a problem for the broody one right now” he told her loudly trying to break through the wall of rage surrounding her.

“I don’t care! One, he never called. Two, he’s walking around in the sunlight like he’s not a… Oh. My. God. Vampire!”

Straightening his sweatshirt out, Angel glared at her once before grinning at them both. “Not quite Cor” he answered, “Not vampire. I’m all man”

“Damn straight you’re all man” Cordelia snapped viciously, “You never called to let me know what the hell was going on! Five minutes of being ‘all man’ and he has the behavior down. What’s next? Forgetting birthdays and anniversaries?!”

Letting her continue on her tirade, Angel slowly took her hands and began walking backwards towards the door he’d just walked in, leading her forwards. Catching Doyle’s eyes over the ranting brunette’s shoulder, he grinned brightly and nudged his head to the girl in front of him. The Irishman hung back for a while to let his friend enjoy a few special minutes alone with Cordelia in the sunlight.

Letting go of her hand, Angel reached behind him and opened the door, dragging a still barking mad Cordelia out with him. She hadn’t realized what that he hadn’t been paying any attention to her whatsoever and had no idea what he was doing. “Angel are you even listening to me?”

“To every word!” he solemnly replied with a very serious nod. He watched as the sun caught the chestnut strands of her hair, catching the natural highlights and making the dark bronze glimmer. The hazel of her eyes shone brightly with spun gold, the sun swept skin on her face lit up and dusted the apples of her cheeks with toffee, lip gloss caught the sun and sparkled like liquid crystal.

It was only when she stopped ranting to take a breath that Cordelia realized she was outside with Angel. Blinking against the brightness, she looked around at the few people that passed them before looking up at him to see him smiling serenely down at her. She didn’t have time to say anything, the feel of his warm lips pressing softly on hers prevented words from being spoken.

He felt so different, he was warm everywhere she touched; the pulse in his jugular thumped against her fingertips and his heartbeat sounded through her chest. His tongue sliced past her lips to melt hers with the warmth in his kiss, lips sensuously massaging the softer ones touching his. Angel cupped both sides of her face in his hands, tilting her head up a little and deepened the kiss.

Standing on her tiptoes, Cordelia curled both her arms right around his neck and brought him closer. Her tongue teasing the hot male one sweeping through her mouth, his breath tasted like salty sea air making her guess where he’d been before coming to the office. He was pure male fire to her, hot to touch and hard to feel, everything a man should be. Her moan was lost in the depths of the warm cavern of his mouth; Cordelia melted fully into his hold and brought him closer still.

Responding to her soft little moan the only way a man could, Angel slid his hands from her face down to the small of her back and held her closer to his hardening body, rocking against her lightly. The most amazing thing happened to him.

Grinning against her mouth, he pulled back gasping for breath and laughed a little, “I’m out of breath!” he commented with a wry smile raising one of his hands to touch his tingling lips. Turning away from him, Cordelia looked over her shoulder at Doyle who was watching with a knowing smile on his cheeky face that earned him a shy smile in return.

Angel looked at her, still marveling over the fact he was outside in the sweet sunshine with his girlfriend and marveling over the fact that his girlfriend was Cordelia Chase. She looked stunning in the bright light, cheeks flushed with a pretty pink hue caused by his little kiss and her lips, glistening, were plump with the desire to be kissed again. He knew he was seeing a whole other side to her right now; shy, unsure and radiantly glowing with something he couldn’t place.

Hazel beams caught him looking at her and Angel held her gaze, waiting for her to turn a smile on him. He saw her lips part slightly; the material of her top curled around hardening peaks on her full breasts and her pink tongue darted out to wet her lower lip unconsciously. The soft cotton around his groin tightened around him and he flexed his hands into grips to keep from reaching out and touching her. He wanted to look at her a little longer.

Cordelia’s breathing quickened slightly when she caught a brilliant gaze pouring down on her. Rich and warm, the darkened amber had her blood running hot through her veins and her skin raise up in goose bumps as she returned his wondrous stare with one of her own. The voices of other people, the sounds from passing cars and Doyle all faded into the background as she became lost in oceans of chocolate.

Angel’s jaw twitched tensely and a dull throb of craving rushed through him; she hadn’t walked away, why he thought she might he would never know but she hadn’t. Seeing the response to his glance alone, his own lips parted involuntarily as he imagined what it would be like to taste her mouth, her breasts and her private heat. He wanted to see what it would feel like to dip his tongue in and out of her body slowly, licking every drop of feminine arousal that fell from her.

“Guess I’ll be going then!” Doyle’s words brought their attention to the fact he was still there. Both humans turned to look at the cheeky half demon with identical annoyed expressions scrunching up their faces.

“Wait!” Cordelia piped up suddenly and looked to Angel with large hazel eyes, “You were a part of this as much as I was if not more so you can’t go. We have to have some fun and that doesn’t include a sports bar!” giving a pointed look which promptly caused the half demon to close his mouth immediately.

Nodding in agreement, “Cor’s right” Angel looked at his seer, or ex-seer as the case maybe now. “We should do something together, like go to the beach o-or for lunch at an outdoor café”

“Nah, I can’t” Doyle replied with a devilishly charming grin at the brunette, “I heard through the grapevine my wife’s in town, meeting up for some lunch. Besides, I doubt hanging ten down in Malibu is what Angel wants to do!”

Her mouth dropped a little, “All this time you were flirting with me and you have a wife?” Cordelia screeched with wider hazel eyes. Her hand connected sharply with his shoulder, “You little sneak!”

“You can talk, you’ve been bunking down with overhanging forehead broody vamp all this time and none of ya told me. That’s what you call sneaky Princess” Doyle shot back quickly.

“Guys!” Angel got out before either could start what would be another verbal war with enough ammunition to rival that used in WW2! “Are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” he asked his seer hopefully, it wouldn’t be right if he spent his first day as a human without his friend there.

“You get to have something you want and you’re gonna waste it on lunch at an outdoor café?” Doyle asked incredulously and shook his head. “Man, you’re not worthy of being a red blooded male, that stuff’s wasted on ya!”

“He’s right” Cordelia looked from the seer to Angel, “What have you always wanted to do but couldn’t?” she questioned herself as much as him.


“This is what you’ve always wanted to do?” she deadpanned after half an hour’s walk to the beach. “Walk on the beach?” she looked around at the few hundred people mulling around and doing nothing but enjoying the blissful rays of the heating sunbeams.

Angel looked down at her with a telling expression, “I’ve never been able to do this at all Cordy, not even before I was turned” he explained and she listened. “I-in Ireland, there wasn’t much of a beach and sunbathing wasn’t the current trend. I want to feel the sand when it’s hot, I want to feel the water when it’s warm and not burst into flames doing it”

Feeling a little bad for taking those things as granted, Cordelia slipped her feminine hand into his and tugged him in the direction of the shoreline. The sunlight reflected off the crystal blue water, waves the crashed out against the horizon curled in to lap shore lazily. White sand turned dark when the salty water washed over it, small pebbles deposited along the edge and the tiny grains sparkled like diamonds in the light.

“In that case, you’re gonna do this the right way” she stated firmly and came to a halt, reluctantly letting go of his hand she bent over to take her shoes off and signalled him to copy. “If you wanna feel then you have to follow the rules starting with the removal of your shoes”

Copying her, Angel sat down in the sand watching as the grains slid through his parted fingers and fell quickly down. It tickled the palms of his hands, gently scratching as it fell from his hold and leaving a tiny damp residue between his fingers. Rolling up his trouser legs, he began the task of unlacing his boots ready for his first walk on sun warmed sand.

Cordelia watched as he frowned, wiggling his toes into the sand and letting it cover the top of his feet. A smile worked across her lips as she looked at his hairy legs, the dark hair stood out in direct contrast to the pale colour of his skin. Dropping down beside him, she curled both her arms around one of his and leaned her head softly on his shoulder. “You’re hairy” she stated suddenly, reaching down to pull the hairs on his legs hard.

“Ow! Hey, what did you do that for?” Angel asked, rubbing away the stinging pain on his shin bone, “That hurt”

“That’s why I did it” she replied airily and did it again.

Scowling deeply at her, he slapped her hand away and rubbed the stinging pain away once again. He looked out at the glistening water that shone with a golden hue and got an idea for payback. Uncurling her arms from his, Angel helped her stand up with no explanation of what he wanted to do, though no longer a vampire, he still managed to hurl her over his shoulder with ease.

“ANGEL YOU ASS PUT ME DOWN!” Cordelia screamed, kicking her legs wildly and hitting his back as hard as she could. She could feel a hundred eyes on her as his antics brought attention to her horrifying plight and all watched knowingly what he was going to do to her.

Turning quickly, Angel bolted off into the shallow water until he was thigh deep, not caring his trousers were soaking wet and not stopping to enjoy the feeling of the warm wet sand beneath his feet. “This is payback Sugar Cakes!” splashes of water went everywhere as he threw her down, laughing himself silly all the while.

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOI… ARRRGGGHHH!” shock and outrage poured from her as she found herself thrown into the water. Coughing and spluttering, Cordelia emerged from the water with a furious glare and a raging bright pink flush to her cheeks. “You!” she snarled and stood unsteadily in the rushing water.

Angel looked down at his accomplishment with great pride and self respect; it was a move that would have made Doyle proud! Unfortunately, he now had to deal with the backlash of his little game but that wouldn’t be problem. Before she had a chance to turn on him, he picked her up and swung her round instantly switching her outrage to delight.

The sound of her laughter was light and musical as he held her tightly, almost squeezing the air out of her body. Her clothes and the constant splashing around had him almost as wet as she was. Putting her down, Angel pushed the damp strands of hair away from her heart-shaped face, looking down at her with a brilliant smile curling his lips up. “What about me?” he asked when all she did was gaze up at him in adoring silence.

“I love you” Cordelia told him with a smile of her own, at her little words he kissed the back of both her smaller hands and held them to his damp chest. The look on his face spoke the words for him and he blushed a little. “C’mon lets get back on dry land so you can feel the sand when it sticks to your wet feet. Awful but strangely nice!” tugging on his hand, she let him take over and guide her back to where their shoes lay.

Angel tried to shake off the sand from his feet, “It won’t come off!” he growled, or attempted to growl anyway. He balanced on one foot precariously and shook his other rapidly, drawing more attention to them. Wet sand was more itchy than dry sand and it didn’t tickle in that nice way either. It squished between his toes and felt like someone was dragging a pumice stone over his skin slowly.

“Angel, there are showers around that you use to get the evil sand off” she told him gently and used her hand to scrape the excess grains from her own feet. Sitting down, she watched him make a spectacle of himself in trying to remove the sand from his feet unsuccessfully wishing she had a camera.

“It’s sticking to me!” every time he got it off one foot, the other was covered in it again. After a few more moments of failed shaking, Angel sat down with a pout and cupped his chin in the palm of his hand, looking like a sullen little boy before the look on Cordelia’s face made him snort back his laughter. “Thank you Cordelia”

“For what?”

“You know, for sharing this, today, with me. It means something to me and I’ll never forget it”

“No neither will I and I’ve loved it all even if it is only a little walk along the beach” she replied, snuggling into his offered arm and sighing with contentment. They just sat there, looking out at the waves and watched as the tide slowly came in with the slow descent of the sun. Everything changed colour and the crowd thinned until only a few were left and the beach was almost deserted.

The blue of the sky turned to a hazy gold with pale streaks of red, orange and purple highlighting at the distant horizon. Reflecting the colour of the sky, the water glinted with sheer luminescent gold and sparkled like the precious metal. Only the sound of the stormier evening waves could be heard rining out against the silence.

Angel moved for the first time in two hours, tracing his finger in the sand and making Cordelia peek over his body to see what he was drawing in the sand. “What are you drawning?” she asked in a lazy voice that made her sound like she’d been asleep.

“You’ll see” he replied and continued to draw for a few moments before being able to look at the finished product in pride. Moving his arm out of the way, Angel leaned back a little to give her the room she needed to see what he’d done in the sand. Hazel eyes landed on a big heart shape with Angel 4 Cordy right in the middle of it with an arrow piercing both edges.

Gazing up at him in open adoration, Cordelia felt so shy almost like she was on her first date. “You are so sweet!” she said with a little smile.

“I know” Angel replied easily with a mock roll of his brown eyes, “You like it?”

“No, I love it” biting her lip nervously, Cordelia’s expression changed from adoring to uncertainty as she inwardly debated with herself. She knew what she wanted but wasn’t sure if he would want that too and so she felt a little strange about being the one to bring it up. As always, she went with her first thought.

“Take me home, Angel” Cordelia spoke shyly, looking at him with eyes that sparked with the hidden implication of her words.

He didn’t miss the underlying meaning behind her soft spoken words, he didn’t miss the shy tone that made her voice small and he didn’t miss the uncertainty shining in her eyes. In his existence, Angel had many women offering themselves to him in all kinds of ways but none of them women had shown as much trust, love or friendship to him as Cordelia had.

When he had been human years ago, friendship and love may not have mattered to him but those things mattered now and he had those things in the palm of his hand. Why, he didn’t know because he didn’t deserve to have those things but he was selfish enough to take them anyway. Palming the apples of her cheeks, Angel turned her face fully towards him laying his lips down on hers like a soft blanket.

Her lips parted slightly allowing his male tongue to sweep through her mouth, taunting her with a teasing, hot and wet caress. Dipping her tongue boldly into the warmed cave of his mouth, she tasted the strong salted wind on his lips. His mouth was harder than hers but still soft as he gently manipulated her softer, more pliant mouth to fit his. Angel pulled Cordelia down with him into the sand, resting on his elbow and covered her waist with a powerful thigh.

He could feel sweat making his clothes cling to his body as the effects of human male arousal captured him for the first time in two centuries and it was bliss. To feel warm blood flowing through his veins, to taste the air the way it was meant to be tasted. Everything made him feel like a man.

Cordelia slid her arms around his neck, bringing him down to cover her completely never once losing contact with his mouth. Her hands graced the sides of his seemingly unbreakable body until her fingers fisted around the hem of his sweatshirt, moving to lift it off.

“I thought you wanted me to take you home?” Angel asked through gasped breaths when he parted from her mouth. Raising up a little to help her take his sweatshirt off, he slung it to one side before moving his hands back to touch her.

“Maybe we could, you know, here. On the beach” she softly replied, her lips bruised, swollen and silently begging for a more thorough exploration. A light wave of embarrassment washed over her cheeks as she divulged one of her fantasies to him. “I’ve always wanted my first time to be on a beach”

He couldn’t imagine anything being more perfect than making this their special place. Angel didn’t grin, he took a timid hand in a tender hold and brought it to his lips, pressing down on the delicate skin on the back of her hand. “Then we’ll make love on the beach” he agreed, his voice thick and raspy with arousal. Letting her hand go, he helped her sit up; grinning slightly when he watched the sand trickle down her clothed back.

Letting all her shyness go, Cordelia took hold of the bottom of her top and took it off with a graceful move, leaving her chest exposed to his gaze. Biting her lip with remaining timidity, she watched as Angel took her in. Black eyes ran lazily over her stomach, flat and toned, up over a very female landscape of bronzed and flawless skin until his eyes came to rest on her chest.

Encased in a satin brassier white in colour, the cups curved around the prominent hard peeks giving him a small glimpse of the arousal building up. The valley of her cleavage was softly rounded by a perfect cupid’s bow that created shadows in the centre of her chest. Angel swallowed a little, sweeping fingertips up both her arms to remove the straps of the satin barrier. The straps fell off her shoulders allowing him the pleasure of pushing the cups away from her breasts, revealing her to him completely.

As soon as the oceanic night’s breeze hit her, Cordelia shivered deliciously and the dusky pink pebbles tightened visibly. The moonlight shone over her, bathing her bronzed body in a wash of silver snow. “You’re turn” she whispered, unhooking the brassier and letting it fall to the sand.

Soon, it was Angel bathed in the moonlit silver light; his broad shoulders brought to life by rigid lines trailing from his neck down to the biceps in his arms. His smooth chest was expansive and as muscular as the rest of his body, pectorals rippled below the skin and his stomach, lined with a treasure trail of dark hair, flexed. Tiny beads of sweat glistened in the moonlight as the liquid ran softly down his torso, making Cordelia reach out and follow the droplets with her fingertip.

He took hold of her hand, pressing her palm flat against abdomen Angel brought her up to feel where his hear lay strangely beating inside. The thump-thump-thumping there pounded through her palm and made her smile magnificently at him. “I love you” he told her sincerely. He laid her back down in the sand, making sure he didn’t mess up the heart he had carved, and hooked his fingers into the waistband of her pants. “If you’re not sure then tell me now, I won’t be able to stop”

“I’m sure I don’t want you to stop” Cordelia quipped with a cheeky little grin that made him give her a half smile in return. Raising her hips off the ticklish sand, she let him take her pants and panties off at the same time, when she gave him a questioning look he simply shrugged innocently back.

Angel smoothed his hands up her naked, slender legs until his large palms held her thighs flat to the sand and kept her legs parted so he could look at her. Ignoring the painful erection, he grazed his fingertips over her intimacy; the liquid arousal sparkled on both his fingers and her private place. “My turn” his pants came next and joined the untidy pile of clothing on the sand next to them.

Cordelia let her toffee gaze wander over his physique, every inch of him solid with tensed muscles. No wonder she had turned into miss grabby hands she thought naughtily with a silent girlish giggle. Her thoughts were immediately pushed aside when Angel moved so he could lay down next to her, trailing a fingertip softly over her stomach and up to trace circles around the tightened nipples.

She sucked in a breath when a shot of heat went straight to her core, causing heat to simmer between her thighs. Angel’s own breathing grew a little harsher when the sound of her arousal hit the air, making his body react with intensifying throbs in his erection. He cupped her breast fully, kneading the tender sensitive flesh with firm touches and casually stimulating the areola with light brushes of his fingers.

Arching up into his hand, Cordelia reached for him bringing his lips and body down to hers, slicing her tongue into his inviting mouth. Her breasts were crushed up against his chest and her legs parted more allowing him to lay directly over her, protecting her from the ocean breeze. Angel snapped his eyes tight shut when his shaft slid against the hot wetness of her sex, a feral moan shooting out into the silence. He felt his skin sizzle with the high temperature of humanity coming from both Cordelia and himself, it was positively drugging.

Hard male lips travelled over the delicate flesh at her throat, a hot tongue flicking out to taste the salty liquid covering her entire body. Angel rocked his solid intimacy into the scolding warmth hidden between her thighs, a groan slipped from his mouth when the tip of his erection crushed desperately at the entrance to what he would describe as heaven.

The back of Cordelia’s head hit the sand and her body arched up into his much more powerful one, her breasts scraping over the expansive male chest and the apex of her thighs trying to envelope him inside. Her pliant lips parted as she gasped in breaths of oxygen, all she felt was the fire her body was on. Angel slid his hand down her wet torso, dipping into the hot petals of her sex to find the pearl-hard clitoris.

Gently squeezing the small pearl, Angel heard her hiss with pleasure and buck her hips against his hand. “Oh you like that?” he whispered against the shell of her ear, twirling the tip of his finger round and round until he had her moaning constantly. He felt the rush of blood make the pink bud throb under his touch and pressed more hard fingers against her sexuality.

Cordelia raised her legs, bending at her knees and locking her ankles around the top of his heavy thighs, bucking up into his touch. A shower of liquid female arousal washed from her core, coating his hand in molten velvet. Choking back a soft cry, she squeezed her eyes shut against the bliss from the most simple of caresses he was giving. Her muscles felt lax, her body felt boneless and her mouth was dry from the rapid intake of oxygen.

Looking down at her, Angel watched as the risen moon shone an ethereal glow on her face, highlighting the pleasured expression in a soft creamy sheen. Shadows of her long, dark eyelashes fluttered under her tightly closed eyes, keeping him from seeing the heat within the hazel orbs he knew so well. “Open your eyes Cordelia”

Fluttering her eyes open at his request, Cordelia blushed a little when the sight of his full arousal bore down from the blackened whirlpools of his gaze. She swore she could see herself in his eyes, swore she could see just who he was by that one glance. Unlocking her ankles, she let her slender legs fall weightlessly down by his side and parted her thighs to give him a silent invitation to touch her more. “I want you” she told him throatily and surely.

He kept her gaze locked on his as he traced the hot skin of her petals to find the entrance to her body. Angel watched in fascination as her eyes went from hazel to melted toffee at the intimate feel of his finger inching slowly inside her. Slick with liquid sex, hot with sweat and arousal, he found no resistance to his penetration and explored the inner cavern with an innocent touch. Velour soft and silky smooth, he moved knuckle deep with slow circles of his thumb over the exposed clitoris.

Cordelia moaned his name loudly, wrapping her hand around his thick wrist urging him to penetrate her body with a faster, harder touch. “Angel please” she pressed her hips much harder against him, covering the whole of his hand with hers showing him what she liked. He instantly responded, working another finger inside her body easily locating the G-spot hidden within her.

Swiftly moving her hand from his, Cordelia flexed her grip around his shaft experimentally, moving up him slowly. Angel’s hips jolted in a violently stimulated way and she moved her hand faster, touching every hard inch of his erection and delighting in his reaction. Shaking his head down at her, he used his free hand to still her movements before he lost it there and then.

“No, I wanna come in you” he told her answering her quizzical and disappointed look, “Tell me you want my cock here” he pushed his fingers in deeply, curling them inside and placing intense pressure on her sweet spot. Her inner muscles contracted tightly around his touch as a fresh wave of arousal showered down on his hand. Was this what it felt like? Was this what a human man felt when he made a woman climax? Angel looked down at his hand moving fast amid her feminine thighs, seeing his skin gleam with moisture.

Lightly whimpered moans fell from her parted lips as he continued to pierce her with his caress, bringing up her hips harshly to him, Cordelia’s body arched high as sharp stings of fire blazed through her. Her mouth open in a silent orgasmic scream as Angel repeatedly hit the place that made her weak and mewl in pleasure.

He felt a tremble run through him as her orgasm hit, the throb in his erection grew unbearable as a pre-climatic shock made him harder. Angel removed his hand reluctantly to take a firm hold of his cock, placing himself at the entrance to her core. The sensitive tip pressed against her and with an oh so controlled pace, he inched slowly inside her body and bit back a male groan when the burn of her flesh connected intimately.

Cordelia pressed down and fisted handfuls of sand in her fingers as she felt him open her up, “Angel” she hissed, placing her hands onto his broad shoulders and digging her nails in slightly. He pushed in deeper feeling each and every one of her muscles fist around his penetration, hugging him in a velvet glove.

His back was slick with sweat as her hands glided down to press the heels of her palms into the small of his spine, urging him to go deeper. With a loud moan, Angel slid in as deep as she could take, he held her still while he took her over completely and made her his.


Laying calmly in the sand, Cordelia raised her head from his shoulder to look at his peaceful face when she got distracted by a light coming down the beach. Thinking nothing of it, she replaced her head on his shoulder and snuggled down. “Mmm” she moaned in a sleepy whisper, “I love yooooOH SHIT!”

At her panicked yelp, Angel’s eyes immediately opened and he sat up looking around, “What?” he asked, panting in shock and still looking wildly around.

“People Angel. People are coming” she yelped, fumbling around in the near darkness for their discarded clothing frantically. “God damned sand!” she hissed in extreme annoyance.

Still in the land of post-coital bliss, Angel didn’t quite get what she meant by people were coming. “People?” he asked with a confused frown and watched as Cordelia tried to get her pants on in the dark.

Pointing over his shoulder in the direction of the approaching light, “There dumbass! People and we’re naked. They cannot see me naked, you neither” Cordelia panicked, jumping up and stumbling slightly before falling onto her ass much to his enjoyment.

“Oh people. Right” Angel nodded and copied her clothes-applying at a more leisurely pace. It wouldn’t do his body any good to be hurrying around like that, he might do himself an injury and she wouldn’t like that!

Glaring at him from her place in the sand, Cordelia stuck her hands on her hips and did just that. Glared warningly and desperately, “Why aren’t you hurrying?”

“Because I don’t wanna” he drawled lazily and licked his lips looking her over more than once. Angel felt his body harden again but decided it wouldn’t be good for his health if he pounced on her just yet. “Alright. Alright” he sighed, giving in and getting his clothes on.

Forgoing her brassier and panties, she scooped her top over her head and tugged her pants into place, trying to look as innocent as possible for when the people got there. Cordelia watched as Angel lazed back on his elbows, looking entirely too innocent for his own good she envied his ability at looking, well, angelic. Giving him a sarcastic sneer, she huffed and crossed her arms over her chest and continued to glare at him in silence.

“What? We weren’t doing anything” Angel told her easily, “It was just… An innocent touch right?” he smirked when his repeated words had the desired effect and made a slow grin appear across her face. Giving in, Cordelia giggled behind her hand and scooted over to where he was sprawled happily. “I love you Honey Pot!” he planted a kiss on her head, shifting his arm so she was snuggling into his side a little more.

“Love you more” she replied airily.

“Angel man!” Doyle’s voice was instantly recognized, “That you and Princess?” he bellowed when his torch landed on them.

“Yes it’s us, what are you doing out so late?” Cordelia asked, squinting up at Doyle when he breathlessly reached their spot on the beach. Ignoring how she knew she must look to him, she gave him a big and bright smile that was in no way innocent. That smile faltered when she saw Buffy walk next to the seer’s side.

“I tracked him down when Angel didn’t get back to the office” the Slayer responded in a small, disappointed voice. “I was worried because I couldn’t find the demon and I thought it may have gotten to Angel”

“As you can see, I’m fine” Angel drawled the words out so they rolled off his tongue in a purr.

Looking his friends over, Doyle shook his head and couldn’t help the comment spill from his mouth. “Better be careful with all that sand Princess, you’ll be chaffing it out for weeks. It gets in places no sand should ever get”

His commented garnered Buffy’s attention, making her really look at the state of both Angel and Cordelia. Their clothes were caked in sand, her hair was all matted with it and her clothes were on inside out. “You had sex” she deadpanned; hurt and betrayal filled her voice as she looked down at Angel. “With her”

“No” he denied, “I made love to my girlfriend on the beach” he didn’t want to hide it, he hadn’t done anything wrong. Except public nudity but that wasn’t the point.

The blonde’s mind worked overtime, the only thing she could think of was he was with Cordelia because he didn’t love her so he could have sex therefore he wouldn’t lose his soul. “I understand, really I do. But couldn’t you have picked someone other than her?”

“Do you think you could stick to calling me names behind my back?” Cordelia asked with an angered frown at the agitated Slayer in front of her. “Unlike someone I care to mention, my back actually looks different to my front!” she couldn’t help it, Buffy brought out the worst in her.

Doyle had an instant desire to see a catfight, a smirk crossed his face as devilish fantasies featuring Buffy and Cordelia now took up home in his head and they weren’t getting evicted anytime soon! Angel coughed when he saw exactly what his seer was thinking and okay he didn’t mind him fantasizing about Buffy, but Cordelia was officially his girlfriend and therefore his.

“So you had sex with her” Buffy blatantly ignored the remark about her breast size and continued to look down at who she considered as still her boyfriend even though they broke up last year. “That’s okay, we all have needs Angel” pushing away the hurt as she prepared to forgive his cheating on her.

“Yeah and you need to get a life” Cordelia snarked, she knew what the other girl was thinking. It was called wanting something you couldn’t have and yes she felt sorry for the other girl but she was not going to let her ruin her first time with Angel.

“No its you that needs to get a life” the blonde snapped back, “You let yourself be used for sex, there’s names for girls like you. What’s worse is he pays you for playing Girl Friday and there’s names for girls that too”

“Hey” Angel stood up the second that insult left his ex-girlfriend’s mouth, “I won’t let you talk about her like that and I won’t let you make her sound like a slut just because she works for me. I won’t let you turn what I have with her into something sordid Buffy” he told her firmly and angrily. “Anger and bitterness doesn’t suit you”

After his little tirade, Angel found himself breathless and felt his heart literally pounding through his chest. The forming smile at his first human confrontation began to fade when he saw Buffy realise he was different.

“You’re breathing”

Part 9

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