House Guest 5-6

Part 5Innocent Kiss

One moment she had been heading towards the couch and the next she was on the bed with him blanketing her body with his. Her hands were placed firmly at either side of her head, pinned down securely in his unrelenting hold, their fingers loosely entwining and lips barely millimetres away. Cordelia’s startled toffee eyes locked onto Angel’s blazing gaze, searching for answers to his sudden burst of possessiveness.

A foreshock of made her tense body quiver as the sheer intensity of what was happening crashed down. If she had any doubts about who he wanted, they were long gone now. The physical sign of his craving was evidently pressing against her stomach and it was clearly obvious he wasn’t thinking about Buffy.

The quick, panting breaths made her mouth dry, rapid heartbeat thumped wildly in her chest and the furious speed of her blood flow had her pulse hammering with the velocity. Pupils dilated, black orbs swallowing the toffee irises in a wave of desire, her fingers flexed in his hands and made him respond in kind.

Blackened eyes tinted with molten lava turned the hypnotic gaze into untamed tigers eyes as Angel reacted to her. Large, cool hands gripped the small delicate feminine ones in a hardening grip with a silent promise to never let go. Naturally tinted lips brushed her rose pink pliant mouth, inhaling her soft and warm breath, taking the oxygen from her and making it a part of him. Like a gentle wind, the vampire’s mouth breezed over hers barely touching except to bestow the most innocent caress on her lower pouting lip.

One transparent moan floated out on an expelled cloud of warm air, Cordelia tilted her face up slightly bringing her lips closer to his. Tongue darting out of her mouth to moisten her drying lips in unconscious preparation for a drugging kiss. His upper lip was captured between hers and her bottom pout was a welcome prisoner between his. Massaging caresses prevented spoken words, locked gazes prevented lying and denial, raw male power and female luring prevented escape.

Angel increased the pressure of his wispy touch, enabling him to feel the tiny pulse in her lips beating against his. His hands seized hers in a more firm grasp, making Cordelia return the gesture timidly but eagerly. Warm pretty lips opened up to him, allowing his tongue to explore the inside of the hot cavern of her mouth and giving him a taste that he instantly became addicted too. Absorbing her human heat, he curled his tongue along the sensitive underside of hers and flicked up over the tip of her tongue softly.

Gasping deeply, Cordelia nudged her mouth up harder against silently asking for a deeper touch from him; dipping into the coolness she swirled her tongue all around his searching for what made him groan and repeating the move again. Angel let his hold on one of her hands go, slipping his own to cradle the back of her head and raising her up to meet him.

“Cordelia” her name came for no other reason than the fact he wanted to hear it roll off his tongue as he made her his and he delighted in how it made her react. Just that one word told her just who he was thinking of and it made her feel more than wanted by him.

The soft, tender innocent kiss was forgotten about as the vampire covered her entire mouth with his and drove his tongue deeply into her. Cordelia’s fingertips ran through his clean hair, nails gently sliding along his scalp until she reached the nape of his neck where she pulled him further into the sensational French kiss.

Pouring every bit of his personality into it; darkness, hunger, rage, love, sexuality and loneliness Angel let her feel all of who and what he was without fearing judgement. Like him, she gave every bit of who she was to him; light, love, innocence, fear, heart and a loneliness to rival his own. Just this once, Cordelia let herself melt, let herself become lost in what he gave her and asked it all over again.

He was hard and she was hot, he craved and she gave, she needed and he was there, she wanted and he offered.

He felt her need for air, reluctantly and gradually pulling away from her mouth Angel watched in fascination as Cordelia’s breasts heaved with gulped in oxygen he had stolen. “Oh my God!”

“It was just an innocent kiss” Angel whispered against her panting mouth before sliding his body off the top of her to lay contentedly next to his shaken and stirred girl. “A very nice and innocent kiss.” Turning her easily onto her side, he ran his fingertips along the curve of her flushed cheek and swept the pad of his thumb across her swollen lips, soothing the fiery burning there.

She was severely tempted to ask for another innocent kiss but she managed to restrain herself somehow, knowing they couldn’t go any further and they would if they kissed again. Reaching out to Angel, Cordelia pressed her palms on his chest and felt him flex the pectoral muscles in a classic sign of showing off. He was her friend, she trusted him and knew he wouldn’t hurt her, she hoped he wouldn’t hurt her anyway.

Could she be with him though they couldn’t make love? His kiss alone could sate her for the rest of her life and after his response, she didn’t doubt his desire or developing feelings for her. Maybe, just maybe, they could have something. Taking a deep breath, Cordelia took a chance on Angel.

Watching with trepidation, the vampire saw and heard the silent debate going on in her head, hoping she would give him a chance to love her like she deserved. He made the mistake of giving up on love once, he wouldn’t make the same mistake with her, the thought alone of either her or him leaving was enough to make him sick.

“Did you just flex?” Cordelia asked with a shy smile he’d never seen directed at him before, her eyes battered sleepily and flirtatiously while she stifled a yawn.

At her words, Angel felt a spark of hope stir within him and a smile threatened to break across his face. “No” he denied when he dared speak, thankful the words in his head didn’t come out of his mouth.

“Um-hmm” she gave him a disbelieving look and curled up into a half foetal ball closer to him, “I know you’re a vampire with ungodly sleeping habits and all so if you stay up, don’t you dare wake me because I’m tired”

“I’m pretty tired too, I think I’ll stay here with you under the covers” Angel declined leaving her, if he did that then there’d be no more innocent kisses or innocent touches. Toying lazily with loose strands of chestnut satin, he bit his lip a little nervously as he broached the subject of his curse, sex and Doyle.

“I’m sorry I can’t give you anything more” he doubted he’d ever said a more sincere apology in his existence.

“Trust me Angel, I can live without that” Cordelia told him in complete honesty with a secret telling smile that told him why she could live without sex. Her fluttering eyes slowly drifted closed as sleep began to take her over.

Returning her secret smile with an acknowledging one, Angel got to the next point not realising she’d fell asleep. “What about Doyle? A-are you sure he doesn’t like you… Cordelia? Cordy? Sweetheart?” taking in the even breaths, the slowing heart rate and her muscles relaxing, he rolled his eyes. “So much for the guy falling asleep” he muttered.


Whistling a cheery tune, Doyle strolled into the office at his usual time and announced his presence in the usual way. “Angel man, you here?!”

Granting him with a sarcastic glare, “Good morning to you too Cordy!” Cordelia greeted herself in a pathetic and shameful Irish accent. “Morning Doyle, how are you today? Fine thanks for asking Cordy, and how might you be this morning? I’m fine and dandy Doyle, it’s so good to know you care!” she set her newspaper aside to fix him with an expectant stare.

“How is my Princess this morning?” the half demon indulged her with a smile as he flopped down on the chaise lounge near her desk.

Scowling when he heard how the seer greeted his girl, Angel carefully opened the door to his office and crossed his arms over his chest. His own little demon demanded he remove Doyle’s tongue through his nose for expressing his greeting in such an affectionate manner. Brown eyes latched onto the Irishman’s blue eyes and gave a silent warning for him to back off. “Morning” he said nicely, “Cordy, is there any coffee?”

“Can I not read my paper in peace anymore?” Cordelia demanded in exasperation, “You know where the coffee pot is Angel, I maybe your secretary but I’m not your slave or housewife!”

“I don’t know, you’d pretty fetching in one of them French Maid outfits” Doyle commented with a cheeky wink at the vampire. He knew there was something going on with those two, he could smell it and from the jealousy in his friend’s eyes he figured the vampire had finally opened his blinkers. He couldn’t wait to get the details off him over a scotch or three.

“Hello!” the brunette waved, getting the attention back to her “Still in the room here, do you think you could talk about me behind my back when I’m not here to hear you? So not wanting to listen to you two perverts go on and on about a teenage girl playing maid, particularly when that teenage girl is me!”

Angel had the decency to look slightly guilty at the thoughts put into his brain by Doyle, “I wasn’t…” he tried to worm his way out of being caught.

Cordelia just gave him a pointed stare that told him she didn’t believe a word coming out of his mouth at all. “Oh yeah, Angel I need to pop out for a while today while I go see about an apartment. I was thinking Doyle could come with me so you wouldn’t have to worry”

Watching the vampire’s reaction so carefully, Doyle saw every single emotion cross the normally stoic expression. Confusion came first closely followed by surprise with anger and hurt taking third and fourth places. This was more exciting than the horses on a Saturday afternoon!

“An apartment” Angel stated blankly, “You can stay with me for as long as you need, there’s no hurry” she couldn’t leave, he wouldn’t let her leave, why did she want to leave? Wasn’t she happy with him? Did she think he was a mistake? No, he couldn’t and wouldn’t believe that, there had to be another reason for her wanting to leave.

“I know” she replied, “But after having my own place for so long, I kinda got used to having my independence and I liked being able to stand on my own two feet not to mention living by my own rules. Like eating on or in the bed for instance”

“You could have independence here” the vampire pointed out with restrained anger that seemed to be increasing by the second.

Giving him a stare, Cordelia got out from behind her desk and walked up to the sullen vampire in the doorway. Her hand curled around the physically powerful bicep and made him follow her into his office. Angel flicked the door shut, causing Doyle to stick his ear to the glass before the vampire hit it from the inside.

“Ow!” came the pained yelp.

“Why do you want to leave?” Angel got straight to the problem, an angered hurt-filled expression crossed his features, creating little worry lines around the corners of his eyes and mouth. The cocoa gaze whirled with confusion and misunderstanding, “Aren’t you happy?”

Her heart literally melted into a puddle of mush at his kicked puppy dog face, Cordelia shook her head and explained why she wanted her own place. “Of course I’m happy with you and have been for the last 13 hours or so. Technically, we’re not even going out or anything but even if we are it’s still too soon for me to stay with you. I want my own apartment Angel, a place that’s mine you know”

Her toffee eyes lit up as she spoke from her soul, “If I could just have that it would be like I could be me again” she expressed her point with hand gestures that made patterns in the air. “Punishment over, like welcome back to your life”

Confusion over reigned the hurt and anger as the dominant emotion, “Punishment?” Angel enquired with a slight frown, “For what?”

Shrugging, Cordelia cast her eyes downwards in a show of genuine remorse for days gone by, “I dunno, for how I was in high school” toffee eyes raised up to look at him unsurely, as though she might see judgement there. “For everything I said just because I could get away with it. See? It’s just like you”

Understanding dawned on him, curling one finger under her chin Angel tilted her face back so he could look into those expressive eyes. “Working for redemption” he said softly, even a girl who had done nothing but be a normal teenager felt she had to work to put right what she didn’t do.

“I meant because you used to have that mansion” she wasn’t going to openly admit she was sorry for behaving as spoilt brat in school, she wasn’t ready to admit she had that many faults to him just yet!

Not believing her superficial answer at all, Angel glanced over his shoulder at the closed door to make sure Doyle wasn’t peeking and listened for a moment to make sure Doyle wasn’t listening either. When he was sure the coast was clear, he inclined towards her and stole a simple kiss, using both hands to cup her face. “I’ll help you find an apartment sweetheart, okay? You don’t need to ask Doyle for help” another chaste kiss was stolen from her lips.

Cordelia glowed with happiness at finally getting back her independence after three days of living with him. Not that she didn’t like it, she did but she couldn’t stay with him all the time could she?

“Now about that coffee?” Angel asked, returning his voice to normal level and cleared his throat slightly. Seeing the smile his kindness was rewarded with made him almost guilty about the plan he was cooking up to stop her moving out.

Part 6House Hunting

Placing his hand on the small of her back, Angel guided Cordelia up the stairs following the landlord of an apartment he’d found for her. The stairs were grubby, littered with pieces of rubbish and the banister was insecure. She held a fake smile on her face at the state of the hallway they were being taken down.

“It’s an okay place” the landlord sniffled, wiping his nose on the back of his hand before unlocking the door to the apartment. Popping his gum, the man gave a simple shrug as Cordelia surveyed the apartment with a horrified smile. This place was worse than her last one, the bed was a single mattress that looked lumpy and rather dirty, the carpet didn’t look like a carpet and there was no curtains.

The room was dark due to the lack of a working light, the air was stale and stuffy while the furniture was old and looked like it had been eaten alive by starving moths. She didn’t even want to think about what the bathroom and kitchen would look like.

Angel fought hard to keep the victorious smile off his face when the brunette turned to him in defeat. “You know what I smell in here?” he asked, keeping the sarcasm hidden “Potential!”

“We’ll get back to you” Cordelia stated sweetly to the landlord and dragged the vampire away.

“Make sure you do” the landlord called after them.

“The next one will be better” she stated positively to Angel.


Angel wrapped his arm around her shoulders and smiled back at the young man in front of them. He seemed okay, a little weird but then who was he to judge people about being weird? “And we can see it now?” he asked in fake enthusiasm.

“Of course, if you just follow me I’ll show you to the room” the pleasant young man replied, making a kind gesture with his hand. “This way”

Cordelia smiled happily up at the vampire and snuggled into his secure hold on, “He seems okay and the place looks pretty clean so far” she exclaimed hopefully.

Once again smiling pleasantly at her, the young man went on to explain why the place was kept nice and clean. “It’s like a community you know? We all share the upkeep chores” he told the vampire and young woman.

The clean looking young man pulled the only décor in the bare room open, a light blue transparent sheet covered a toilet and sink. “Oh, my urination just hasn’t been public enough lately” she responded in as polite a manner as she could possibly manage.

“Oh we don’t believe in barriers” the young man explained with a serene smile, “It’s the first rule of the Great Leader. You can come to the meetings if you want, every morning at 5:00”

Resisting the urge to smack herself hard over her head, Cordelia shook her head and ignored the aching in her jaw caused by the fake smile plastered across her face. “Okay that’s just a tad to early for me” she declined politely.

“You’ll be up. The chanting starts at 4:00”

“Thanks but I think we’ll pass” Angel told him practically dragging an unresisting Cordelia back up the concrete steps quickly.


The apartment was clean, beautifully decorated and the lock on the door worked properly; there were no signs of cockroaches, rats or blue sheets. Air conditioning, nice furniture, visible carpet and curtains. The only problem was the landlord.

He was big, plump man in his early forties with what looked to be a sweating disorder and balding. He smirked down at her, ignoring the growing irritation on her companion’s face “So” he spoke down to her in a voice that belonged on a cheesy seventies porn video.

“You a single gal? Going to be living here all by yourself? Because I’m right across the hall and you can sleep easy knowing that I’m the only other soul in the world with a key to that door”

Angel’s fingers dug hard into his biceps as he watched the soon-to-be dead man crack onto his girl. His head tilted to one side in amusement, all the nice violent and bloody thoughts running through his mind filled him with a warm joy most people enjoyed at Christmas.

“You just think about that while you look okay?” the landlord told her, smoothing his hands over his stomach in slow circles.

“Cordy sweetheart, take a look around while I talk to the nice man okay?” Angel told her with a soft smile directed totally at her.

“But…” she went to say in a distressed voice, she couldn’t believe he was thinking about letting her stay here. She had two words for that plan No and Way.

Leaving Cordelia in the doorway to the apartment, Angel took the landlord down the hallway and around a corner where he proceeded to slam the bigger man up against the wall hard, unleashing a crushing grip on the man’s windpipe. “If you smile, look or even think about her anymore you’ll find yourself buried alive am I clear?”

The man didn’t get a chance to reply as a solid direct hit to his face cut off his ability to speak.


A disappointed Cordelia and secretly happy Angel exited the elevator below the office, he knew he could have gotten her a much better apartment than the ones he’d purposely found for her but then that would go against his plan. After the last apartment they visited, she had turned to him and asked if he would mind her staying a little longer which he was only to happy to tell her he didn’t mind in the slightest.

“Those places were awful” Cordelia muttered dejectedly as she flopped down onto the couch, allowing her shoulder bag to drop to the floor carelessly. Her head drooped to rest on the back of the couch and she stared up at the ceiling.

“There’s plenty more sweetheart, don’t give up yet” Angel told her with a firm nod as he landed in the space next to her, raising her feet into his lap and taking her shoes off. “I’ve already said you can stay here for as long you want and need”

“Thanks Angel, I may need to be here longer but I won’t get in the way of what you normally do or don’t do as the case maybe” she replied tiredly and yawned. Rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand, she peeked at the vampire next to her with a sudden feeling of dread. “What did you talk to that creepy guy about?”

“Nothing, just asking about rental costs and stuff, that’s all” he replied easily, flexing his damage causing hand softly, feeling the air squeezing out of the man’s body and no amount of guilt was present at all. The man deserved what he got and a whole lot more, in fact he’d gone pretty easy on him actually and only giving him a broken jaw.

“Hmm” Cordelia said disbelievingly through another yawn, “Well as much fun as today hasn’t been, I’m going to bed now. Are you coming?”

Nodding, Angel removed her feet from his lap and stood, holding his hand out to her to help her off the couch. He noticed the bags under her eyes, lashes fluttering as she tried to stay awake long enough to reach the bedroom, he got a little worried. “Are you okay?” he asked softly, stroking her cheek with a soft touch.

Looking up at him through half closed eyes, “I’m fine really, just seriously whacked that’s all. I so can’t wait to slip into the land of Nod tonight, I wonder if Keanu’s gonna gimme another massage”

Figuring this Keanu person was a male celebrity she admired, Angel rolled his eyes at her hopeful fantasy when a thought popped into his head. “Um, would I do?” he offered.

“Would you do what?” she didn’t quite catch on.

“Give you a massage” he explained with a shy shrug, he could use that to make her see that this was where she needed to stay. “But only if you want to” he added, giving her an option.

Cordelia smiled up at him as though he’d just given her the keys to heaven, “Angel have I ever told you that you are the best vampire in very large radius?”

“Not today” he replied, “Is that a yes to the fact you want a massage?”

“Mmm, I’m thinking a nice foot massage cus these shoes were made for torture… You didn’t happen to invent them did you?!” off his pained look, Cordelia held up her hands and gave him a cheeky smile. “About that foot massage…”

Picking her up, Angel pressed his lips in a gentle kiss on the tip of her nose and carried her over to his bed, handling her as though she were made of glass. Feeling shy and uncertain, this would be the first time she undressed in front of him and in front of a man full stop. Cordelia paused her fingers at the top button on her blouse, biting her lip she looked to him and silently asked if this was something he minded her doing.

Inching up the bed, Angel sat beside her and replaced her fingers with his and undid the button with a delicate ease that made her raise an eyebrow elegantly. “I’ve been alive for a long time” was the only explanation he would give her. As each button was teasingly opened, a landscape of exquisite female beauty was revealed to his warming gaze.

“And I’m sure you have a lack of button opening experience” Cordelia deadpanned, the light joking banter between them made her relax as he undressed her with the care and attention a man in love would do. The apples of her cheeks flushed with a fresh, pink hue that made him smile slightly at her uncomfortable posture.

“Just relax sweetheart, I’ll take care of you” Angel told her in a rich and deep throaty purr, his fingers reached the last button and he stilled. The blouse was the only barrier standing between him and a paradise he didn’t think he’d ever get to see. Though he was relaxed, his body was pounding with intense throbs as he slid the cotton material off her shoulders and down her arms.

Her breathing quickened into a shallow pants, her body felt heavy and unmoveable while he trailed his fingertips back up her slender, tanned arms. Angel noticed how every inch of her skin was flawless, golden and smooth with years of care. Her shoulders were gently curved, soft lines leading the way to her neck where her pulse was beating wildly just below the surface of the fragile skin.

Dark, loving eyes followed the path down past her collarbone and resting on the swell of her decollete, breasts pert with youth but still full and shapely were encased in a shimmering baby blue bra. The trim of the cups led to the valley of her cleavage where a little bow sat cutely between her breasts. Angel saw the total effect he was having on her when her skin became raised with the appearance of goose pimples.

“Cold?” he whispered.

Cordelia shook her head, silently answering because there was no way she could trust herself to speak. She felt and saw his eyes running over her partially exposed body, taking her in and memorising the sight she knew he would have. It was one thing to believe you were beautiful, it was another thing to be told you were beautiful but it was something entirely different to be made to feel beautiful.

The way Angel was looking at her right now, she felt stunning even though she had a feeling that she looked way beyond tired and not beautiful. Swallowing back her nervousness, Cordelia reached for the buttons to his shirt and copied his movements until she was the one pushing the material off his broad shoulders and admiring the marble stature of his physique.

He was so much more masculine than most of the men she had known in her life, his body was always rock solid to touch. His arms heavily decorated with muscles that showed whenever he moved, under the satin smooth surface of his skin his muscles rippled like placid waves on a lake. Hard curving contours defined the edges of his shoulders, back and neck with well-rounded pectoral muscles set off by darkened male nipples.

Not one to feel self conscious about the way he looked, Angel felt a little humbled by the open caress of her gaze, watching as she mapped his visible torso and took him in. “Lay down sweetheart”

A smile of gratitude broke out over her face and Cordelia did as she was told, laying back on the mattress with a sigh of contentment she let her mind dissolve into some much needed sleep.

He hadn’t even started her foot massage and she was already out for the count, shaking his head Angel wondered if he should sell himself as a sleep disorder cure. “I hope she doesn’t find me that boring” he muttered and continued to remove her denim skirt before she got too comfortable.


After another amazing night’s sleep, Cordelia had woken up feeling as fresh as a daisy and was bouncing around Angel’s apartment looking for what she needed. Opening a drawer, the brunette cast her eyes on the utensils in there before spying something she could use. Lifting the very sharp knife out of the drawer with a triumphant “A-ha!” she turned and padded towards the living area, offhandedly wondering where Angel was.

Angel was staring blankly at his previously white shirts which were now subsequently pink. He held a pink shirt in each hand while he looked at the pile of pink shirts laid out on his bed with a red thong laying in a neat, little pile by itself next to his pink shirts. His chest was rising and falling with controlled, calming breaths and his hands clenched tightly around the pink material he held.

Every single white workout shirt he owned was pink, his white boxers were pink and some of his white socks were pink. Turning, in silent rage, towards where he knew that woman was and stalked, calmly, to her. Angel found the woman he was looking for on her knees with her back facing, her shoulders gave the impression she was hard at work on the floor.

Intrigue overrode his anger for a split second while he peered over her shoulder to see what she was doing. At first, Angel thought she may have been cleaning a spill up or something but he was wrong, she was just cutting up his floor.

Blinking rapidly, it sunk into his head that Cordelia was cutting up his floor with what looked to be a bread knife. The vampire literally saw red, after finding his socks, shirts and boxers pink then finding her cutting his floor up he’d reached his limit. Though feeling a tremendous amount of anger, Angel remained calm.

“Good morning sweetheart” his sarcasm was lost on her as he graced her with a pretty smile.

Looking at him over her shoulder, Cordelia gave him a beaming smile right back and waiting for the right time to explain about his shirts. That had been a complete accident, she had put the wrong pair of underwear in with his shirts and now he had more colour than Elton John. “Morning, sleep well?” she asked lightly before going back to what she was doing and hopping to put off telling him about his clothes.

“Very” Angel replied, struggling greatly with his control, “What, uh, what are you doing?”

“Oh I was just checking to see if you had hardwood flooring under here, cus I might be here a while. Do you have any linoleum glue in case it starts curling up all over” she asked with a puff of air. As her back was facing him, she didn’t see the strangling motion he made towards her neck.

“I’m sure I have some hanging around. I see you did some laundry this morning” he commented casually.

Scrunching her face up into a tight cringe, Cordelia ceased her relentless cutting and swirled around on her knees to face the irate vampire. Her expression was that of a pleading apology, large and innocent hazel eyes stared unblinking up at him as she silently begged for forgiveness. “I swear I didn’t mean for that to happen I promise” she babbled out, “I totally intended to fix it before you noticed!”

Holding back a manic giggle, Angel knelt down to face her with a steady gaze that pinned her in place. “When exactly were you planning on ‘fixing it?’ Before or after you cut up my floor?” His enthralling brown eyes held a sort humour that made her get a little nervous.

“After as it happens” Cordelia replied and nibbled nervously on her lower lip, shuffling away from him on her knees to a safer distance.

“Were you planning to ‘fix’ my floor after you ‘fixed’ my clothes?” Angel humorously enquired, she had no idea what he was going to do too her. For once, man and demon were in full agreement of her punishment, though it wasn’t something he’d ever admit.

Nodding, a nervous Cordelia pushed up from her knees and got ready to run like hell to the bathroom where she could be safe behind the lockable door until he calmed down. “It was a total accident, I didn’t mean for your clothes to turn pink Angel, cross my heart hope not to die. I stress the words not die”

Her movement didn’t go unnoticed by him and Angel flexed his thigh muscles fully prepared to give chase. “I know it was” he told her in mock seriousness, “But my floor wasn’t an accident”

“It’s important to know these things” she defended weakly, knowing no matter what she said she wouldn’t be able to talk her way out of this situation. “I gotta go!” jumping up to her feet, Cordelia dashed straight for the bathroom, not being able to help her giggles when she saw his pink shirts laying on the bed.

When her giggled “Heeheehee’s” sounded, Angel lost what was left of his restraint and raced after her in a burst of supernatural speed. His arms latched around her waist, quietly sniggering himself when her giggles became shrieks of surprise. Spinning her round, he hauled her off to the bed and placed her over his knee. “I think I should do some fixing myself!” he warned her in a playful voice and smoothed his hands over her ass.

“Angel!” Cordelia laughed outright, trying desperately to wriggle out of his grasp however due to her insane and riotous laughter, she only succeeded in making herself breathless. “Lemme go you bully” she squealed, still wriggling.

“Not a chance, you need to be punished sweetheart and I’m just the vampire to do it” Angel pushed her pants down, twanged the elastic of her panties once or twice, making her shriek, giggle and wriggle even more. The palm of his hand came down in a light slap making her gasp in shock and sweet delight at his sudden playful manner. He repeated the movement again while he bit on his lip to keep from laughing at the whole situation.

She had tears trickling down her cheeks as she tried to gasp in desperate breath lost to hysterical laughter and kicked her legs wildly trying to throw him off. “Arrgghh!” she squealed loudly when his hand connected with her ass again. “S-stop!” she tried to plead with him, “Can’t breathe”

Giving in, Angel lost it and fell onto his back with his body shaking. He couldn’t believe he had just given his secretary a spanking for dying his shirts and cutting up his floor. His laughter was silent but the vibrations of his pleasure ran through Cordelia who was covering her tear-streaked face.

“Tell me I did not just bear witness to that” a rather not-so-amused voice disturbed the silent hilarity in the apartment.

Part 7

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