House Guest 1-2

Title: House Guest
Author: Sunscorched
Rating: R & N-17 in parts
Category: Humor n Smut as always!
Content: C/A *sighs happily*
Summary: Every home needs a woman’s touch, or a woman to touch!
Spoilers: starts around S1 R w/a View
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, Cal n Lil’s place
Notes: I can’t help it okay? If I don’t write something, I’ll go insane. Cal’s new challenge to me!!
Feedback: humma!

Part 1Moving In

Hot steam swirled around him, the sound of Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ soothed him and the boiling water warmed him. There wasn’t much better than a nice, relaxing hot shower to while away the stress of another day. Bracing large hands against the shower wall, Angel let his head drop forward to enjoy the jetting spray roll down his tense neck and shoulder muscles.

An impatient rapping disturbed his peaceful shower causing Angel to glance angrily at his bathroom door, wondering who on Earth it could be at this time of night. Immediately, his thoughts went to Doyle and visions; the vampire scuttled out from under the steaming hot shower carefully minding the slippery floor tiles as he wrapped a towel around his firm waist.

Water drip-dropped from his naked, powerful body onto his carpet as Angel finally cranked open his door. He didn’t have time to speak as his secretary breezed stormily past him and into his apartment without so much as a ‘Hello.’

“Oh god, Angel! It’s so terrible! Oh, my gosh” a distraught Cordelia turned to look at Angel, raising her hands to hide her face from his bemused gaze. “Don’t even look at me, I am such a mess. I am the lowest of the low” seemingly blind to his state of undress, the brunette pointed back out into the hall where the rest of her luggage lay waiting to brought inside. “You’re going to want to get my other suitcase out there in the hall”

His hands that were previously holding his towel in place were now filled with two suitcases that she had flung into his arms. Angel attempted to balance the cases with holding his towel in securely in place and found himself in a very awkward hunched position.

Angel glanced quickly over his shoulder in the direction she was pointing before turning back to face her, still trying not to drop either the cases or her towel. “What happened?” was all he managed to say before he found his words were quickly cut off with the start of another rant. Hopefully, Cordelia would tell him what exactly was wrong and why she was here, at his apartment, in the middle of the night by herself.

“My apartment” Cordelia replied with the biggest pout her had ever seen on a girl. “It’s like the barrio… Or the projects or whatever, and I live there! I am a girl from the projects!”

The still confused vampire almost dropped the cases as he tried to follow her rapid-fire speech. “What? I don’t know about that” he replied, what were the projects?

Spinning her back to him, Cordelia continued to tell him about her plight as though he hadn’t spoken. “Get this. I tried to call Doyle, I have sunk that low. But there was no answer” she shrugged helplessly, and began twisting her shoulders back and forth with a tiny, sweet smile. “So, here I am. Not that you’re the last resort” she quickly put in before continuing. “It’s just that I have nowhere else left to go”

Cordelia flopped down on the arm of his chair while Angel managed to put down one of the cases he was holding. “Roaches,” her hands went up in the air expressively “Live one, dead ones” more expressive hand movements “All skinny feet and creepy antlers.”


As though just realizing something, Cordelia suddenly sported a look of sheer horrified terror as she snapped her gaze to her cases. “Oh, my god! I wonder how many stowed away in that bag?”

Angel warily looked down at the last case he was still holding.

The brunette continued seemingly without needing to breathe “Also the water is all brown and spurty, and not hot! I am dying for a shower”

Angel was finally able to rid himself of her case and latched onto his towel with both hands. Didn’t she know he was naked here? Couldn’t she see that? What did he have to do to get her to notice that fact? Drop his towel?

“I” a look of disgust marred her features “Actually smell! Smell me” Cordelia got off the chair arm and stalked over to the vampire, sticking her wrist right under his nose. He couldn’t help but inhale her scent, angrily flowing blood pulsed beneath the flimsy skin. A light but intoxicating cocktail of citrus fruits blended with her unique bodily scent; soft, feminine and warm. The combination floated all around him in an invisible attack on his senses.

His tongue itched to lick her skin, just to see if she tasted as good as she smelled, Angel turned his face slightly towards the blue pulse, intending to inhale deeper and longer but she pulled away as quickly as she had stuck it there.

“I never smell” Cordelia defended needlessly as she took to pacing in front of him unaware of the deep effect the small scent of her had on him. Angel thanked every God he’d heard of that his hands hand been covering his groin. “I didn’t know I could. I’m just going to have to stay here until I can find a decent place, however long that takes, and when I do you are completely invited over” her words came at seemingly a million miles an hour.

Angel could see her lips moving, he could words vocalized but they were just a blur to him. While Cordelia was pacing lightly in front of him, he had been left reeling from that small sample of her body.

“Hey, you can just dump my stuff on the couch” he wasn’t so lost that he missed her expectant look or the point she wanted to make. “Or let me have the bed. What ever you feel good about. Also, my suitcase is still out in the hall” Cordelia told him expectantly as she nudged her head in the direction of the hallway. Picking up her discarded shoulder bag, she peered up at him questioningly. “Your shower is in here, right? You have mousse?” then followed through by answering the question. “Of course you do.”

He couldn’t do anything but watch as she strolled into his bathroom, leaving him scratching his head wondering what the hell just happened.


It was a while before Cordelia exited the shower, the reason being she had forced herself not think about how he had looked when she walked in. His black hair gleaming with crystal-like water droplets, his pale skin had seemed flushed with the heat from the shower and his hard body had sparkled all over.

Tiny drops of water had trailed over the sharp lines of his torso, making her want to lick those drops off with her tongue. “Could I be anymore perverted?” Cordelia muttered, stopping more naughty thoughts and fantasies from invading her brain. She had more important things to worry about than what Angel might have been doing in the shower.

“That certainly answers that question” she snarked to her evil inner self, God help the world if her evil self and Angelus ever met up. She would be ruined for all eternity! To take her mind off certain vampires and certain vampires doing certain activities, Cordelia plopped down on the bed running a comb through her wet hair gently to work through the tangles.

The mattress was soft but firm, his top sheet was like a form of velvet but smoother and dark colors made up the cover. It reminded her of Angel, darker colors mixing with lighter shades as the swirled patterns mingled together. Her hand drifted down from her hair to touch the pillows resting just above the edge of the sheets, the casing was made of a downy material also in a dark burgundy color. She wondered if his pillows were a synthetic hypo-allergenic filling or goose feathers.

Cordelia squeezed the edge of the pillows, feeling a smile work its way across her face as she felt the absence of goose feathers. “Good thing too, I hate waking up to find pieces of bird in my hair”

Angel watched her silently and unseen from around a corner, watching as she softly ran her hand across his bed, imprinting her scent with a sweet touch. He immediately noticed how she smelled so different than before, gone was the overlying scent of citrus fruits and now she smelled like fresh rain. While Cordelia had been in the shower, Angel had argued, debated and lost his will to let her sleep in his bed alone. He just wanted to be close to her, to lay down next to her to be able to breathe her in all night.

Taking a deep, unneeded but highly wanted breath Angel walked over to her as he loosened the knot on his robe ready for discarding it. “Ready for bed?”

“Oh hey” came her belated greeting to him, “Not yet, my hair’s still wet and I don’t want to wake up in the morning with flyaway strands that bug me. I will be soon though but don’t let me stop you from going to sleep. Thanks for letting me have your bed by the way” like she hadn’t expected him to do that anyway.

“I’m not sleeping on the couch, Cordelia” Angel dropped on her, gauging her reaction which was sure to be a nice array of fireworks when he told her she would be sleeping with him.

Cordelia quickly recovered from her minor shock by pasting a smile on her face, hoping she could talk him out of making her sleep on the couch. “Angel, I know you are a gentleman and I know you wouldn’t want me to suffer anymore stress on this terrible day… I’m not sleeping on the couch!”

“No, you’re not” he confirmed and got a winning smile, “But neither am I” the winning smile faded into a frown of confusion that rapidly cleared to an expression that stated…

“No way am I sleeping with you” Cordelia denied point blank, she couldn’t handle being that close to him and most definitely couldn’t take sleeping with him. That way only led to badness and trouble she so didn’t want to deal with.

“Why not?” Angel asked in confusion as he scratched his head looking at her.

“Because” she stressed with an exaggerated hand movement.

“That isn’t an answer” he countered back easily, this had to work he had to get into bed with her if only for tonight. Just one night with her and he’d be okay, he’d be cured of this irrational thing with her scent he’d suddenly developed. Silently, he wondered if someone would stake him now and put him out of his misery; it wouldn’t be just for the one night and he knew it. Sometimes, it was all too easy to get addicted to things or people and Angel knew that a little too well.

“I don’t want to sleep with you” Cordelia rephrased strongly as she turned her begging eyes up at his, asking for a show of mercy.

“Thanks” Angel responded dryly as he crossed his arms over his robe-covered chest and looked down at her.

“As long as we got that sorted out, I won’t make any noise so you can get some sleep. God knows you’ve had a hard day sitting in your office reading all day, I can see how stressful that would be”

“I didn’t think you wanted me in that way” he sighed and went for the closing statement he knew would win the debate. “I guess sleeping with me would be too much for you huh? It’s okay Cordelia, I fully understa-“

“Excuse me? Like you in what way exactly?” Cordelia demanded hotly, standing up from the bed to face him intently. Panicking inwardly, her brain worked overtime trying to figure out how he knew about her little crush. Little as in tiny, almost non-existent, snowflake sized little.

“Romantically” Angel replied “I guess I should sleep on the couch if you don’t feel as though you can keep your hands to yourself…”

A gasped in breath made her lips part and form her trademark “Aurgh!” Cordelia gaped at his egotistical assumptions. So what if he was right that was beside the point. Her finger jabbed into his chest, making Angel take a step back.

“Alright mister-every-girl-wants-me I don’t want to sleep with you because there would be no room for me and your ego in the bed. There’s barely enough room in your apartment for me, your ego is taking up all the room! The oxygen I need to breathe is being fast replaced by your testosterone. Tell me Angel, do you think I would be romantically interested in you, hmm?”

He missed half of the things she’d yelled at him, but Angel wasn’t going to lose this battle easily. He wanted to sleep with her and he was going to sleep with her, whether she wanted to or not! “If you don’t find me romantically attractive then sleeping with me won’t be a problem for you will it?” and that, ladies and gents, was his argument winning words!

Cordelia was stunned that her little speech hadn’t made him cave if only to shut her up, instead Angel had worked it round so if she said no it would look like she did want him. If she said yes, then it would be hell on her but if she said no then he’d get all stupid and manly about it. She felt like whining, stomping her foot and taking a tantrum complete with bratty body shaking movements.

“Sleeping with me wouldn’t be that bad would it?” Angel enquired, years of perfecting the puppy-dog look finally paid off and he was rewarded by his first ever win against Cordelia Chase. He felt like calling Doyle up and bragging about it, hell he felt like calling Xander up to brag about it. If he did that then he could also accidentally-on-purpose let it slip he was sleeping with her too!

“Fine” she relented with a growl and closed eyes, “Your hands touch any part of me or you stray over to my side of the bed, you’ll wake up in severe pain” she warned honestly.

Angel had fought demons, vampires and a whole lot of other things but he had never had to fight as hard as he had too right then to keep the victorious smile off his face. “Left or right?” he asked as innocently as a conniving vampire could.

“Left” the word was dripping with suspicion as she moved around the Angel when it became clear he had no intentions of moving.


2:15 the backlight of her watch showed her the time, silently groaning Cordelia made a motion to strangle herself for getting convinced to sleep with him and she full well knew he had walked all over her. A knee slid into the back of hers, making her leg curl up toward her stomach as Angel rolled over onto his side and into the back of her.

“Oh he didn’t” the brunette mouthed at the chest of drawers she was now facing while Angel’s body slowly cradled her back to his chest.

This is okay she thought it’s a harmless sleeping position, nothing more. Just close your sleepy, little peepers Cordy and go to sleep like a good girl. Try counting sheep. Cordelia closed her eyes and took deep, even breaths in a pathetic effort to relax into him.

The vampire was fully aware she was awake, the telltale thump-thumping of her heartbeat gave it away but he couldn’t seem to let go. She was just so nice, warm and good to hug, touch and sweet to smell. Angel lay perfectly still behind her, his cool body absorbing the warmth from hers; his chest lay still against the slight pressure of her back, nothing to say he was wide awake.

After a few moments, Cordelia couldn’t help but allow her body to melt into his as she began to drift off into well-needed slumber. Heart evened out, breathing became shallower, lighter and even while her grip on the pillow beneath her head loosened.

Opening his eyes, Angel ran his gaze down the back of her mahogany hair covered neck, slowly he curled his hand around her delicate cotton encased ass instantly waking her up.

Cordelia forced herself not to freeze at his touch, he had to be asleep, he couldn’t realize he was touching her like that. Her mouth parted a little more when she felt his hand smooth over the curve of her hip and down her inner thigh before resting lightly mere inches from her groin.

Sneaking another peek at her watch, she pressed the button to make the back light glow revealing the time, 2:45 am it was now and she still hadn’t gotten any sleep. Minutes, or hours, ticked by since Angel had moved closer to her or grabbed anything else belonging to her and Cordelia felt the pull of exhaustion finally and deliciously pull her under.

Angel heard her fall totally asleep and shook off the guilty feeling that he was doing something wrong. He had a right to touch her like this, she came to him and therefore she now belonged to him; she’d given herself of her own free will so he had nothing to be guilty for!

Rolling her supple, limp body over the vampire curled himself completely around Cordelia. His head leaned in the valley of her cleavage, one hand cupped her left breast with his fingers grazing the hardening tip of the pebble beneath her pajama top. His other hand now lay in the crook at the top of her inner thigh and his powerful thigh was wrapped over her waist.

Just before he fell asleep himself, Angel offhandedly wondered how she’d handle this when she woke up.

Part 2Wakey, Wakey Rise and Shine!

It was morning when Cordelia woke up next, eyes fluttering open and she yawned sleepily, when she tried to stretch she found herself weighed down by a large, heavy and very male body lying practically on top of her. Glancing down at her chest, she saw Angel with his head resting comfortably on her breasts, one hand cupping her left with his fingers grazing the hardening pebble through her pajama top.

One powerful thigh was curled over her waist making him half on top of her and half on the mattress. His other hand that had been at a not-so-safe distance from her groin last night was now laying limply right in the corner of her inner thigh.

The brunette tried to move him without sending either hand further onto parts of her body he shouldn’t be touching. Angel growled at the movement and settled her a little more under him with a quick tug on her body.

“Mmm” came the purred satisfaction that the warmth hadn’t gone away.

What the hell did he think he was doing? More to the point, who the hell did he think he was doing it to? She was so not impressed.

“Angel get up” Cordelia hissed, trying to move him again, “Angel please get up” the hiss turning to begging now. He was heavy and it was a heaviness you didn’t want when you needed the bathroom. “Angel please wake up or move. I need bathroom now!”

The only response she got was his fingers brushing over her nipple and his palm cupping her breast fully in a gentle squeeze. She gasped in a breath and held for a few seconds, not knowing what the hell to do now. Angel hummed happily, nudging her head to one side, nuzzled her neck and pressed his hips further into her ass.

“Oh no. Ohnononono!” Cordelia whined in horror when she felt a certain male body part respond to his movement and she increased her struggle to get out from under him before her certain body part started a reaction of its own! She shoved hard on his shoulders fruitlessly, he was too heavy for her to move. “Angel you pervert! Wake the hell up before I remove something valuable” the words were yelled directly into his ear very loudly and had the desired effect.

The vampire’s eyes snapped open and he woke to feel a shrill ringing in his ears, “What?” Angel bolted up, eyes wildly looking around his bedroom. “What is it?”

“Oh thank you God!” Cordelia sprung off the bed and ran hurriedly into the bathroom, “Don’t think you’re off the hook, when I get out of here you’re gonna…!”

Angel tuned out her threats, his panic subsiding when he realized the shrill ringing had been caused by his secretary. Rubbing a hand over his face tiredly, he climbed out of bed and stretched his arms wide, relishing the way his muscles popped. His hands were warm from touching her while his body was hot and hard from being so intimately close to her.

“What?” Angel asked distractedly as he sat down on the side of the bed Cordelia had slept, one hand reached out to grasp the pillow she had used. The soft cushion, also still warm, held her scent strongly and the blankets held a scent that was much more intimate. Traces of female reaction lit the air and set the scene for him, painting a picture for him. He’d been touching her, wrapping his hands around her breasts and curling his body around her youthful, lithe one. Cordelia had reacted to his contact leaving traceable waves of arousal in his bed.

He was hard and had been ever since he’d seen her crawl into bed last night, cock throbbing deliciously in his boxers had been noticed when she had woke up feeling it against her. Angel knew that, he could feel the withheld nervousness coming off her but he wasn’t sorry, he couldn’t and wouldn’t be sorry for wanting her. He wanted to do so many things to her, wanted to feel her legs around his waist, wanted to take her from behind and he wanted her blood.

Without thinking, Angel went to use his hand to relieve some of the building pressure in his balls, wishing it was her hand gloving his cock.

“I said” Cordelia yelled back breaking through his arousing fantasy and halting his movement. “I warned you about invading my bubble before we went to bed but did you listen? You probably listened about as much as you’re listening now”

“I am listening” he replied holding her pillow up, inhaling deeply his unnatural breath released in a quiet moan. Angel’s eyes flashed for a second when his sense of smell tuned into the intimate scent on the sheets. He knew he was perverted but he had a perfectly good excuse, he was a vampire and vampires were perverted by nature!

“Why are you holding my pillow?” she asked questioningly as she emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later. Cordelia had come out just as Angel had picked up the pillow she used last night. “Are you sniffing my pillow?”

Brought out of his thoughts, Angel turned his head to look at the suspicious brunette glaring at him. “No, I was fluffing it so I could make the bed” he replied, giving the pillow a few healthy squeezes for good show. “See?”

“Riiight” her word dripped with disbelief, “And you were really asleep when you decided ‘Girl in bed, must grope’ like I really believe that”

“I was asleep” he defended with a lie, “I’m sorry for touching you the way I did” like hell he was, he couldn’t wait to touch her again like that tonight.

“I’m sure you are, tonight you can sleep on the couch and touching problem solved easy peesey” Cordelia retaliated and moved to get some clothes from her cases. “Oh, is it okay if I do some laundry today? Of course it is, you don’t want me in dirty clothes now do you?”

No way was either he or her sleeping on the couch, “I didn’t realize an innocent touch would bother you this much” Angel spoke up, keeping his victorious tone hidden for now.

“Of course it bothers me having your hands on my things, it’s not the fact that I have a thing for you or anything because I so don’t” Cordelia replied evenly. “It’s the fact that I need my space and you invaded it”

“Okay, you can sleep on the couch” he inwardly sniggered at the forced calmness on her face.

“Need I remind you that you are supposed to be a gentleman and gentlemen are supposed to take the couch”

“Need I remind you” Angel retaliated smoothly, “That this is my apartment and you came to me”

“Just because I came to you for a place to stay does not give you the right to get all grab-happy in the middle of the night” Cordelia pointed out just as smoothly as she studied her nails intently. She didn’t want to look at him in case he knew what his so-called accidental touching had caused in her.

“It won’t happen again” he told her so very seriously, “Now shouldn’t you be getting ready for work? Your boss might get a little annoyed you’re late”

Gracing him with a sarcastic sneer, Cordelia spun on her heel and moved to get dressed for the day, she continued to mutter about the male race and one-track minds.

Angel watched as she angrily picked up her suitcase, slammed it down on his bed and started rifling through her clothes. Satisfied he had shut her up for now, the vampire made a move in getting himself ready for the upcoming day.


Doyle flinched a little when Cordelia closed her drawer with a little bang, “What did the drawer do?” he asked as he relaxed back on the small chaise lounge sofa in the front of the office.

“It’s a drawer” Cordelia looked at him as though he was stupid, “How can a drawer do anything wrong? I suppose it could get stuck but then that would be Angel’s fault for giving me a desk made with shoddy craftsmanship and woodworm”

The corners of his mouth flickered up slightly as he held back a laugh, “Wouldn’t that make it the workman’s fault?” he enquired, wondering how the blame of a sticking drawer could fall to Angel.

“Yeah but it’s Angel fault for buying it” the brunette pointed out emphatically, getting up out of her seat she walked round to perch on the edge of the desk. Cordelia shot fiery glances towards the shut door of the vampire’s office, raising her voice just a little so her every word would be heard. “Angel has this built in mechanism that makes him go ahead with not-so-good ideas. Like molesting certain young and unaware teenage girls, thus leading to trouble that could cause him to lose his soul”

Doyle’s eyes flickered once towards the office where, for some reason unknown to him, a loud crash sounded through the shut door. “I don’t think mentioning that Slayer is a particularly good idea Princess”

“Slayer schmayer” Cordelia sighed dramatically, swinging her legs back and forth; “Hell if it hadn’t been the Almighty One then it could have been someone like… Faith for instance, crazy psycho Slayer. He played the part of Mister-Evil-Vamp-Leather-Pants too well if you ask me”

Another, louder crash sounded from the office before Angel appeared at the door with a look of forced calmness on his face. “Cordelia, can I talk to you for a second please?” he made it quite clear that it wasn’t a question.

“Sorry Boss” she replied apologetically, “I’m a little busy right now. Doyle was about to take me out for lunch”

The half demon in question had a good right to look bewildered at her words, “I was…?” deciding an opportunity to be alone with the girl who currently held his rather raunchy fantasies wasn’t something he was going to miss out on. After all, who knew who was going to be in his raunchy fantasies next week?! Doyle quickly countered his shock with sudden nodding, “I was”

It didn’t take a genius to figure out his secretary was lying through her teeth and getting his seer to go along with it. Angel tightened his mouth into a thin line, putting off having a nice talk with her later. “Fine, but I want to talk to you later tonight. You can stay back and I’ll take you home”

“Didn’t I mention I had a date tonight?” Cordelia asked innocently

“Cordelia” was that a growl?

“Seriously, I have a date and…”

“Cordelia” Angel barked.

Holding up her hands defensively, Cordelia rolled her eyes in exasperation. “Alright alright” she snapped back at him “No need to get snippy”

“So we goin’ for lunch or not?” Doyle asked as he glanced between the vampire and girl in confusion.


Cordelia left the bathroom after putting on her most unnattractive flannel pajamas. A dark blue matching set she had bought ages ago, they were old but so very comfortable and warm. Placing the pillows in a line down the center of the bed she climbed onto the left side, sighing with satisfaction. “This should stop grabby hands from grabbing”

Cordelia wiggled down the bed until the only thing of visible was her head, “Goodnight Angel” she called out sweetly. “Don’t let me stop you from sleeping on the couch” after not getting much sleep the night before, the brunette almost instantly fell asleep.

Angel crept silently towards her side and looked down at the sleeping girl in his bed, frowning when he saw the pillows clearly marking her territory. “Night sweetheart” he murmured as he sat on the edge and simply studied her.

Sun swept skin dewy and supple with sleep, bare lips were parted with even breaths that made her chest rise and fall rhythmically below the sheets and her hair tied up in a ponytail to prevent morning tangles. He couldn’t stop himself from leaning down to press his lips against hers softly so as not to wake her up. Angel kept his moan silent as he held his mouth gently down on hers, cool lips absorbing the warmth of hers. Cordelia had used balm to soften her mouth, making it pliant, supple and she tasted of blackberries.

A second or two passed before he pulled away from her, intent shining in the dark amber gaze as he left her side. Angel ran his tongue over his lips slowly, capturing her taste and warmth, “Not sleeping on the couch” he murmured before stripping off. “And those pillows are going”

Pulling the sheets back and moving the pillows to the floor, Angel crawled into the bed and instantly snuggled up beside her, arms curled around her waist and back to his chest. The vampire smirked happily to himself as he slipped his hand down to move up under her flannel shirt to graze her stomach. “See you in the morning”

Part 3

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