Dead On Arrival 8

Part 8

Giles wasn’t sure what possessed him to bring the vampiress to work with him. Probably the fact she couldn’t be trusted to stay on her own, even in the company of Angel. Possibly more so, given who she was with in her world.

He glanced at the brunette sitting casually at a table. She had her nose stuck in a book and was currently thumbing through it at a pace too fast for her to be reading. She’d been fairly quiet this morning, something which he wasn’t sure if he was glad for or not.

Golden eyes shot up and Giles looked away, missing the sly smirk that appeared. “I was a good girl last night.”

The watcher jumped, then sent a scathing glare her way. “I doubt Xander would agree with you.” He’d truly felt for the teenage boy who showed up with Buffy in wet pants. Lord only knew what he’d been thinking when Cordelia had gone to eat him.

“Look at me,” she leaned back in the seat and away from the book. “Do I look like I could cause nightmares?” She held a finger up before he had a chance to answer. “Be very careful how you answer that.”

Giles had to smile. He hid it behind the guise of cleaning his glasses. Vampire or no, women were women it seemed. “Tricky.”

She gave a breezy sigh. “I have my talents.” Cordelia then proceeded to settle into a pattern of watching him.

He could feel her eyes on him, could see the blood lust in the way she licked her lips and scented the air. Didn’t like to think of the fact she could turn on him in a split second and he wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it.

She may look like Cordelia, may speak like Cordelia, but she wasn’t Cordelia.

She was dangerous. He had to remember that and not be led to think otherwise by a friendly countenance or a familiar smile.

A pause hung in the air and Giles once again looked her way. “Do you really think you can get me home?”

He wanted so very much to pass off the heart felt emotion as false, something a vampire would do to get what they wanted, but he couldn’t. Whether or not it was because that emotion was on the face of Cordelia, he didn’t know. It was just too genuine to ignore.

Giles mentally cursed and penned it as a one off. He offered a sympathetic smile. “I’ll try my best.”

She continued to watch him for a moment. “You’re different to other humans. Half of them run screaming at the first sign of a demon like me. Not you, though. I don’t get any fear from you. Why is that?” A gleam sparked in those eyes of hers.

He wasn’t sure if it was a teasing gleam or something more sinister.

“Are you trapped in a false sense of security perhaps? Thinking I won’t kill you because you’re my ticket home?” Cordelia’s intense study never let up. “No. That’s not it. I don’t know what it is, but I like it.”

“Thank you.” Giles didn’t have a clue what else to say. “While on the matter of your getting home, how about lending a hand in researching? The more eyes, the faster you leave.”

She laughed, the sound a pretty mockery of Cordelia’s, yet no less nice to hear. “So keen to get rid of me? And here I thought I was the perfect guest.”

The jury was still out on that one. “Tell me Rupert, how is it a mild mannered librarian moonlights as an expert in all things unnatural?”

Did she have to purr his name like that? Giles coughed, pushing that thought to the far recesses of his mind. He placed the invoices down and sighed. Though he’d been fully expecting her to ask, it didn’t mean he wanted to answer it.

Cordelia eyed the man as he slowly lowered himself into a chair opposite her and smirked to herself. He wasn’t so easy that he could sit next to her. The thought gave her comfort. Still a badass.

“I am a watcher.”

“Watch what?”

He took a deep breath and ploughed on. “Buffy is a slayer…”

The vampiress face scowled. “As in a vampire slayer? The girl born with everything needed to destroy all that is evil?”

Giles could nothing but his watching job as Cordelia flung her head back and laughed. It was a genuine, hearty laugh that came from the very stems of her dead chest. It was a lovely sound, something he didn’t hear too much of from Buffy, Willow, Xander, or Cordelia.

He took pleasure in hearing it.

“Sorry!” She gasped and stared at him through shining eyes. “Oh my!”

Speak of the devil. Buffy had been on her way to the library to check in on Giles, make sure he hadn’t been slaughtered in his sleep by his house guest. The closer she got to the library, the louder the laughter became.

She opened one of the double doors and peered round to see a Cordelia fanning her face, grinning like a Cheshire cat. “What’s so funny?”

The vampiress was up and half dragging the slayer into the room before anyone could react. Buffy found herself placed in a spot where slivers of sunlight were just out reach.

“Okay, hands off.” She easily jerked her arm out of Cordelia’s hold and moved back a step or two. Arms folded defensively, “Care to tell me what that was?” She wouldn’t go with her gut instinct and dust the vampiress, who she was guessing it was, because honestly? There was nothing violent about what she’d done.

Cordelia clapped her hands, her grin never faltering. “So this is a slayer? An actual slayer? But you’re such a little thing!” There was something akin to wonder in her gaze.

Buffy raised an eyebrow at her watcher. “Been telling my secrets?”

“I can’t believe they really exist! I always thought slayers were just something older vampires use to scare the younger ones, like the Boogeyman.”

A manicured finger poked the slayer’s shoulder, causing Buffy to frown. What was she talking about and why was she suddenly feeling like a science project? It was disturbing. She yelped in shock when the vampiress ducked down to seemingly check her ass.

“Spike says he’s killed two, but come on. It’s Spike.” Like that was supposed to explain it all. “Spike says he can kick Angelus’ ass and do you believe that?” Off the slayer’s blank look, “Exactly. Huh. Since you exist, then Spike isn’t lying through his fangs. Damn. There goes another five dollars.”

Cordelia’s face fell and a heavy, defeated groan escaped her throat. Forlorn eyes focused on a silent Buffy, “Unless…” A light bulb pinged to life above her head. “This stays our little secret. Spike doesn’t have to know that I know.”

Buffy’s head was spinning enough to make her stomach churn. Any questions she might have had regarding Angelus and Spike went away as she asked the first thing that sprang to her mind. “Boogeyman?”

Even Giles had to smile. It was certainly a unique way to describe a slayer.

“Sorry,” the vampiress grinned sheepishly. “Boogeywoman. Honestly? I’m glad you’re a girl. Woman power and all that jazz.” She never let up on her studious staring of the slayer. “So, can you do loads of cool stuff? Like leap from building to building in a single bound?”

Uh? “No…?” Buffy looked to Giles as though to ask if that ability was something she could look forward to acquiring.

Disappointment washed over Cordelia and for a second, one tiny stupid little second, Buffy felt rotten for not being able to. Then golden eyes lit up. “You’ll be fast, right? More than your regular gal?” She got a nod, “If we had a race, who do you think would win?”

This vampire was insane. That was the only explanation. Anyway, there was business to attend, and she didn’t feel comfortable discussing it in front of Cordelia.

“Giles, can I borrow you for a second?” Buffy glanced to the small office.

The vampiress sighed. “You do know I’m gonna be able to hear you, right? Not just you mythical creatures that come with added extras.”

This time the sigh came from the blonde. It was annoying when other people were right. If the vampiress wanted to hear strategies for taking out a nest of vampires, then fine. “I got word there’s a small nest of vamps hanging down near Oak.”

Giles was all business. “Shouldn’t take too long. Perhaps,” his gaze slid to Cordelia. “You could be of some use.”

“No,” the brunette mused, “No I don’t think so. I may all up for a free view of her in action, but I’m not killing vampires. Would you kill humans or another slayer?”

“I’m with her on this.” Buffy wouldn’t be too comfortable having her there. She’d be too busy worrying about whether or not the vampiress would turn on them to do her job.

Cordelia beamed, happy someone understood her position. “That’s two out of three Rupert, you lose.”

The Englishman set his gaze on the vampiress, who was trying to hard to hide behind an innocent veneer. “I’m afraid you’ll have to suffer the company of Angel tonight.”

“Actually,” Buffy began. “I was kind of hoping Angel could come along.”

“Guess I’m hanging by my lonesome tonight. You think Cordelia would be up for Bronzing it?”

“Cordelia will be accompanying us.”

Cordelia raised a single eyebrow at the surety in the man’s voice. “Since she’s not here for you to ask, how can you be so certain?”

There was a look exchanged between Buffy and Giles that she really didn’t like. Just as Angelus told her, she went with her instincts, and clung on like a terrier with a bone. “Unless one of you is telepathic, then you can’t know what Cordelia is gonna be doing tonight.”

The watcher straightened his shoulders in preparation for whatever reaction would come their way. “Cordelia helps us when it comes to things like this.”

“And how does she do that?” Cordelia asked in a not so friendly tone. She really didn’t like where this was going. “She doesn’t have the slayer’s abilities, I’m sure. So in what way does she help?”

Buffy met the hardening stare of the vampiress. “She’s bait.”

“You use her to lure out vampires and demons who, I know from personal experience, wouldn’t think twice about killing her?” Suddenly, these people didn’t seem so cool. “Why not use Xander?”

Giles, recognising the glint in his slayer’s eyes, jumped in to keep the peace. “Cordelia chooses to do this. She isn’t forced.”

The vampiress didn’t believe that at all. “You might not,” her gaze strayed to the blonde, “It doesn’t take a great leap of the imagination to see why she’d feel she had to.” She shrugged. “Easy solution to the brewing tension. Use Xander.”

No-one spoke and the Englishman felt it his duty to defuse the atmosphere. “That would be acceptable and it would free up someone to, for lack of a better term, keep an eye on you.”

“Giles, I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” Buffy’s arms once again went across her chest. She didn’t want either Xander or Willow in the firing line. Cordelia had been bait countless times and was used to it. The cheerleader knew what to do if anything went wrong.

Yeah, the slayer thought, scream.

Cordelia didn’t bat an eye. “Why not? If being used as fish food is good enough for Cordelia, then why not Xander?” She was beginning to get an idea of how things ran around here, and if she didn’t like it before, then it was tenfold. The whole thing left a slimy taste in her mouth, much like the bovine swill from last night.

Buffy wasn’t fond of the expectant look coming from her watcher. “Because it’s just not.”

“Xander is indispensable and she isn’t?” The vampiress suggested like she was suggesting a lunch menu. “Cordelia is not being bait tonight. I won’t allow it.”

There was too much of a challenge in that one sentence that the slayer couldn’t ignore. “You can’t dictate what she is going to do, just like we can’t.”

“Oh no?”

This is exactly what Giles was afraid of and he had no idea how to put a stop to it.

Buffy shook her head, a smirk turning up the corners of her mouth. “No.”

The vampiress met the icy gaze and didn’t falter under it. Quite a feat for a year old vampire. She gave herself a mental pat on the back. Leaning closer to the blonde, “Over my dead body.”

“I have no problem with that whatsoever.”

Cordelia may only be a year old, but considering the vampires she was around day in, day out, she was pretty damn handy when it came to brawling. If the blonde wanted a tumble, then that’s what she’d get.

The two didn’t have time to take it any further as Giles stepped in the instant he saw Buffy’s hand slide down to her waistband and the small stake she kept there. The vampiress was the closest one to him.

“Now, now,” he reprimanded. “There’ll be none of that. You,” he directed Cordelia to a darker side of the playground, and Buffy to the other.

The slayer couldn’t resist smirking triumphantly at the brunette. “I’ll go see Cordelia after she’s done with gym.”

Yeah well, Cordelia had other ideas about the night’s activities.


“She’s a vampire?” Willow asked as she sat back on the bleachers. “Wow. I mean that’s… Wow.” She couldn’t imagine what a vampire Cordelia would be like.

Xander levelled a dry look at the red head. “That’s one way to put it.” He fell silent, his eyes staring out over the field, watching as the cheerleaders and the jocks practiced. He saw Cordelia laughing and joking around with the few girls who hadn’t totally written her off because she was dating him.

Willow followed his line of sight and shame had her head hanging low. “We have to stop. I don’t a good mistress make.”

He didn’t look at her. Couldn’t.

She pretended not to notice the way his little finger brushed hers ever so slightly. Gulping, she snatched her hand away when the brunette glanced their way. Willow bit on her lip. Sure they hadn’t kissed since last week, but that was no excuse. Cheating was still cheating and she couldn’t believe she was the other woman.

Couldn’t believe Xander, her crush for a long time, was cheating on Cordelia Chase with her. A horrible, horrible part of her took enjoyment out of it, but the sane part knew it was so very wrong and would blow up in their faces.

Cordelia went back to doing what she did best, leaving Willow to wallow in the guilty pleasure of secretly holding hands with a taken man.


The second the watcher’s back was turned, Cordelia silently slid out of the chair, and subsequently out the library. One glance around the hall of Sunnydale high, she figured it wouldn’t be that different to the one in her world.

“Time for a walk down memory lane.” She straightened the clean clothes dropped off by the other her this morning and set her feet in motion, her boots quietly clicking against the floor. The positions of the lockers were the same, classrooms were the same, and on seeing Mr. Trent and shuddering, the teachers were the same.

Except for the bald man with the big ears making his purposeful way towards her. The vampiress looked him over in disgust. He had principal written on every pore.

“Miss. Chase, why are you not on the field?” He demanded.

Thanks for making my life easier, she thought. “Because I was looking for you, sir.” Oh yes. She could play the naughty little school girl when she wanted. Cordelia licked her lips sensuously. Angelus would be so turned on right now.

Principal Snyder sneered at the brunette. “Well you found me.”

“Yes,” Cordelia purred, sidling up to the troll of a man, walking her fingers slowly up his third rate suit. “Now what did I want you for?” Certainly not dinner.

He grabbed her wandering hand for fear someone would see and think there was something untoward going on. He hated these little brats, he definitely wouldn’t touch one. “Don’t waste my time.”

She smiled, head tilted back, and nothing but sweetest of looks was on her face. “I seem to have lost my way. Would you mind telling me where the locker rooms are?” The scent of arousal coming off of him disgusted her. She made a mental note to have a few words with him later.

Snyder narrowed his eyes. “You know very well where they are, Miss. Chase. Don’t think you can get away with everything in life just because you’re beautiful.” he had no qualms about punishing her.

Cordelia rose up on her tiptoes, placing her mouth inches from his, and trying not to recoil from the stench of garlic. Later was now. “Lemme give you some friendly advice…”

If there was anyone around, they would have heard a squeal of pain come from the principal as the vampiress took a very firm hold of his nuts. “Keep this in your pants and away from me, or I’ll destroy you. I’ll take everything. Your wife, job, these…” She squeezed harder and his eyes rolled back into his head. “There won’t be enough of you left to be identified. Am I clear, sir?”

Her answer was a slavery nod. “Not good enough. Am I clear?” Rage swelled inside and Cordelia just had to give him one last thing to remember her by. Nails dug easily through the third rate pants and into the sensitive skin. She didn’t stop until the satisfying scent of blood filled her senses and only then did she let go.

Snyder hit the floor, unable to feel the agony as numbness set in. The last thing he saw before he completely passed out was the vamped out face of Cordelia Chase.

The vampiress nodded and wiped her hands free. “Now, the locker rooms.” She glanced down to see him out cold. Oh well. She didn’t need his help anyway.

Once more, she set off on her quest to find herself. It didn’t take long. Just a few more rights, one left, and voila! She was outside the locker room where Cordelia would be washing away the yucky smell of sweat and grass stains.

There were some things she really didn’t miss about cheerleading.

A couple of hunky dory jocks in sweaty shorts walked past and her appreciative eyes followed the bounce of a firm ass. Of course there were plenty of things she missed.

Not long later, Cordelia was stood outside the girls’ locker room and was staring fondly at the familiar door. Ahh, the good ol’ days of sharing showers and trading dirt on who was doing what or who was doing whom.

Another memory, so less innocent than the last, cropped up and her fond expression melted into a pout. Angelus had cornered her in here once. It was a pleasant memory. One full of sweat and cold water and thick fingers sliding between her legs as she’d stood frozen, unable to do anything but let him do what he wanted.

She hadn’t climaxed. Being too full of terror had seen to that. Then he’d relaxed her a little, working those thick fingers up and down her sore muscles, easing out the tension brought on by dodgeball and him. After that, she’d been putty in his hands.

“Mental note,” Cordelia murmured as she pushed the door open and peeked inside. “Return the favour.”

“Hello?” The vampiress called out and sauntered into the wash room. There were a few girls here and there, but none worth her attention so she continued to browse the showers totally ignoring the stunned looks she got.

What? Hadn’t they ever seen twins before?

And there she was! In all her terry towelling glory.

Cordelia leaned against the tiled wall, eyes offhandedly inspecting her nails as she listened to the other her block out the silly conversations going on around them.

“Afternoon, sweetness.”

The cheerleader shrieked and spun on her heel, a hand slammed to her chest in an effort to stop the sudden coronary before it started. Annoyance shone in hazel eyes. “God! What are you doing here?” Cordelia could only imagine the gossip spreading round about her.

The vampiress merely grinned. “Do I need a reason to see my long lost twin sis?”

Both heard the silence that fell in the locker room. Oh God. Cordelia Chase had a twin!

Cordelia stifled a frustrated groan. “How did you escape this time? Melt and float under the library doors?” She figured Giles would have cuffed her to the railings or something.

“Nah. I snuck out. I give Rupert five minutes to notice I’m gone, then another ten to track me down, and then thirty while he debates whether or not to rush in here to make a dramatic rescue. Whaddya say? Ten bucks?” She really should cut down on her gambling. Heh. Made life interesting.

The vampiress smiled to end the sentence and the cheerleader, startled at the similarity, gave a tight-lipped one in return. “Why are you here?” Unconsciously, Cordelia’s gaze drifted round the room full of humans and gulped. Soulless vampires and humans didn’t go well together.

“Relax. The only person I’d eat in here is you.”

That made her feel so much better.

“I’m here because I heard something I didn’t like and to tell you that you’re not going to do it.” It would be plain and simple if she wasn’t telling herself what to do.

A raised eyebrow was the expected response. “And what’s that?” Cordelia had a feeling what the vampire was going to say and tough. She had a game tonight and no way was she going to blow it off. This was the game that decided if Sunnydale went to the championships.

“That you’re demon chow.”

“If it makes you feel better, I’m not. I have a game I’m not missing out on.”

That pleased the vampiress immensely. She beamed at her counterpart. “Great! I’ll come and watch.” Maybe then she’d see what Angelus found so fascinating about her bouncing around in a rhythmic manner.

This made Cordelia laugh a little. “Like you don’t have anything better to do.”

“Actually I don’t. Even if I did, I’d still go. You’re me, or I’m you. Whatever. We’re cosmically joined at the hip, so to speak.”

“That’s one way to put it,” the cheerleader muttered and then she sighed, looking at the vampire who was so much like her, it was scary.

Now that a rapport of sorts had been built, the vampiress could concentrate on building up another. “Angel was hot on your rescue last night.”

Cordelia, a bit bewildered by the sudden change in subject, merely shrugged and tied her towel tighter. “He’s like that. Someone’s in trouble, its Angel to the rescue. Kinda like Superman without a hint of spandex in sight.” She paused as an image of Angel wrapped in blue and red flashed through her mind.

The vampiress seemed to be on the same wave length. “Don’t go there.” Angelus and spandex? She shuddered, face set in a comical cringe.

Likewise, Cordelia got the mental image, and also shuddered. “So you and Angelus, huh?” So many questions wanted to be asked, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted the answers. Angel walking away was enough to keep her awake for most of last night, she didn’t particularly need to know much else.

It was a simple case of wanting to know. Big difference.

The vampiress, naturally clueless to Angel’s curse, innocently beamed and looked incredibly proud of the man she bagged. “Uh-huh, and have been for over a year. He’s great. Not many men these who know how to treat a lady, ya know? Angelus is freakishly telepathic that way. It’s unnerving. I mean I didn’t even need to remind him of my birthday. All two of them.”

Cordelia knew all about the lady killing charms of Angelus. “I can believe it.” After all, he’d made her scream.

“There’s one thing I don’t get.” Reel the brunette in, get her talking, and boom. The first phase of her scheme to get Angel and Cordelia together would be well under way.

“What’s that?”

The vampiress made sure to look suitably confused. “Angel. He’s different to mine. Really different. Doesn’t smell right.” She inwardly scoffed. And Spike said she couldn’t act worth a damn.

That might have to do with the fact she was actually confused about that.

Cordelia averted her eyes, unsure of whether or not she should say. The only difference she could think of was Angel’s soul. “Talk to him about it. As for the smell… Well, maybe you could direct him toward Valentino.”

“That, right there, is the problem. I can’t talk to him about it, because he changes the subject.” The vampiress fell into genuine thought mode and stood, fingertip on lower lip, staring out into space. “I could ask Buffy,” she didn’t get an eyelash bat, “Or Giles.”

Cordelia bit her lip and the vampiress kept the cheering to herself. Bingo. Looked like she was a humanitarian when it came to the watcher man.

“Or not. Look,” the cheerleader glanced around to make sure no-one was listening. Unfortunately, the sight of twins meant everyone was watching and listening. She grabbed the arm belonging to the other her and dragged her to a cubicle, where Cordelia locked the door and leaned against it.

The vampiress was all ears.

“Angel has a soul. He gets happy?” Cordelia’s voice was a high pitched whisper. “He loses it and we pay the price. He almost killed me!”

The vampiress’ eyebrows rose at the sheer amount of disbelief on the girl’s face. “Back up a sec, sweetness. Angelus tried to kill you?” Operative word being tried. What did the berk do to screw up this time?

“Yes. God! His fangs were right there.” Cordelia pointed to her throat as though there would be two evil bite marks marring her skin.

“Well, that does change things.” Not. “Tell me, in detail, what exactly happened.”

Cordelia took a deep breath. “Okay. Willow…”

The vampiress cut her off. “Willow? As in geeky little red head who thinks leather looks good on her?”

“Yeah, why?” The cheerleader took one glance at the other her. “There’s a Willow in your world too? And leather?” Cordelia wasn’t sure if she should be afraid, or very afraid. Seeing Willow dressed as a hooker at Halloween was bad enough.

“She’s a vampire. Does this mean every vampire in my world is a human in this one?” The vampiress eyes widened to large proportions. Did this mean Dru and Spike were humans in this world, too? She had to ask. “Are Dru and Spike human?”

Cordelia could only take one thing at a time. “Willow is human. She lets her mother dress her. Nuff said. Now about Spike and Dru?” She’d tried her hardest to ignore those two existed, but it never worked. Not since she’d read up on Angel’s past.

Angelus had been a grade A bastard and Drusilla, forever a child, had learned the hard way. The worst thing was Cordelia could see the art in it and the fact she could, albeit only a little, churned her stomach.

It wasn’t something she liked to dwell on too much.

“Spike and Dru are totally tight. Seriously.” The vampiress solemnly nodded. If she talked about them, then maybe she could get information in return. If, God forbid, she couldn’t get home, then maybe she could hook up with those two. “He dotes on her. He even got her a baby once. It was so sweet. I almost cried when I heard about it.”

Cordelia had words for that which had nothing to do with sweet. “No, they’re not humans, they’re vampires.” At the expression demanding more, “Bad, bad vampires. They had this whole thing with an arm in a box.”

An arm in a box? “That sounds like Spike,” the vampiress smiled fondly. “Always trying to make life exciting for Dru. She’s so lucky. I know women whose companions don’t move from the couch. So engrossed in their CNN they forget they have a woman to take care of.”

Cordelia nodded in full understanding. “I totally get that. Like third world countries can’t take care of themselves.”

“I know.” The vampiress, completely disinterested in third world countries and self help, immediately changed the topic. “We digressed. Back to Angelus. What did he do?”

“As I was saying before you interrupted…”

“I interrupted? You were the one who mentioned Willow. What did you expect me to do? Ignore it?”

“Well yeah. What’s more important? My being killed or Willow?”

The vampiress had to give herself that one. “Good point. You were saying?”

“Willow, Xander, and I were out with Buffy. I was baiting the trap…”

“Not something you’re gonna do ever again.” The vampiress saw the look Cordelia gave and apologised. “Sorry. Continue.”

“Buffy was sick and Angelus threw me to the ground.” Cordelia paused, expecting the vampiress to say something, but she didn’t. “He said he was going to kill me,” and then some.

This was the first time she’d talked about that night, and it was harder than she expected it to be. Wasn’t sure why. Maybe it had something to do with the forming erection she’d felt between her thighs. Wasn’t right to be thinking about it.

“Uh-huh, and what else?” The vampiress knew Angelus. He was like a book, only she was too scared to turn the page. He would have done more than threaten death, especially with a girl who was just his type.

Cordelia fell quiet. She wasn’t comfortable repeating what Angelus wanted to do to her, and definitely not to his companion. “He wanted to, um, do stuff to me.”

Oh this was good, this was so damn good. “So he went for you, not Buffy, Willow, or Xander?”

Cordelia nodded. “He was on top of me when he said what he wanted to do.”

The romance was almost too much for the vampiress. She resisted the urge to explain how Angelus showed his interest and went with something a lot more subtle. “He wasn’t gonna kill you, sweetness, at least not in the way you think.”

The cheerleader gave a sarcastic sneer. “And what other way is there to kill a person?”

“They call it le petite morte in France.”

That shut Cordelia up for all of five seconds. “Like he was gonna do that. No, he was going to torture me and kill me dead.”

The vampiress shook her head. “If he was going to kill you dead, then he would have done it the first chance he got. You got him hot, and I’m guessing from the red hot blush on your face he got you hot right back.” A filthy grin spread across her face.

“What really happened? He got hard and you got wet?” Off the deep rouge now on Cordelia’s cheeks, “Oh come on. It’s you you’re talking too. I bet he touched you. Am I right?”

Cordelia, not willing to hear anymore, schooled her features into blankness and tugged on her towel. “You may be me, or I may be you, whatever. It doesn’t give you the right to delve into my past like you know everything.”

The vampiress took no offence. She’d say the same thing. “Just tell me what Angelus said to you, cus I know he opened that big mouth of his.” Whatever it was must have been a doozy. She shook her head. Angelus may know how the fairer sex worked, but when it came to sweet talk? He was about as much use as a chocolate soldier.

Cordelia looked down to where her fingers worried the edge of her towel. Those words still haunted her dreams and nightmares. “He said I was going to be his, whatever that means.”

“It means you would have been his prize possession.” She simply smiled and had left the cubicle before anything could be said.

Not that the vampiress needed to say anything else, as she’d done what she’d set out to accomplish.

Part 9

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