The Date. 10

Part 10

The party had, so far, gone off without a hitch. There had been LOTS of dancing—even Angel when he’d made a total ass of himself after Paige had begged and pleaded with him to join everyone else in getting down.

That had lasted all of about two minutes before Angel decided to take a permanent breather and sit his ass out.

It hadn’t helped that Spike had laughed and pointed.

Cordelia was vaguely satisfied with that.There had also been lots of eating—finger foods and hors de vours GALORE. There was lots and lots of drinking; hence Angel’s venture into disco-mania.

And then there had been a monstrous three-tiered chocolate crème-frosting cake afire with 249 candles that Willow, Tara and Amy had “whipped up” in the kitchen and almost dropped when they brought it out singing, “Happy Birthday”.

Paige narrowly questioned the purpose of so many candles.Finally, there had been presents. And Angel was buried in wrapping paper for about twenty minutes while he carefully opened all of them.

Everyone had given him something flippant or sentimental, especially Buffy; her gift had been a silver bookmark engraved with a cryptic verse that only Angel seemed to understand.

Surprisingly, Angel found Spike’s gift to be possibly the most useful—and at the same time, most insulting—of all: a sharpened wooden stake topped of with a shiny, pink bow and the word “Poof” burned into it (Angel pretended to stake Spike with it) and with the card, a twenty-dollar gift certificate to The Home Depot, “For a more powerful tool,” Spike had written.

Paige didn’t get the stake and she didn’t get the humor. Everyone else thought it was hilarious.

Definitely the most useless gift of all had come from Xander, who’d given him a Hawaiian shirt in a big, yellow pineapple pattern. “Cool, huh! I’ve got one at home just like it,” Xander boasted. Despite the fact that the shirt would be going into the incinerator the second he got home, Angel thanked Xander for it graciously.

In fact, he thanked everyone graciously for everything; even Cordelia when she pretended to have forgotten his gift at her apartment and promised she’d bring it in to the office, “sometime next week…” (That was a lie; her gift to him was tucked away in her purse.

She decided that some things were better left private, and so she wanted to give it to him when they were alone…that was if she could ever get him alone for half a millisecond.

That damn Paige was CONSTANTLY buzzing around…)So, no gift from Cordy. It seemed that Paige had also come to the table gift-less. Pretty tacky, Cordelia thought, considering she’d had a whole half a week to go out and buy him a present. Cheap and stupid, too, she laughed to herself.

That was until Paige made the announcement that she’d be giving Angel her gift “later”—alluding to more than even Angel had apparently anticipated; his brow was the first to shoot up at the facetious yet intense remark, and he seemed a little uncomfortable with the looks he got from the others.

Bitch, Cordelia had thought. But then smiled anyway at Paige’s embarrassed giggle. All that had happened hours ago.

“So, that’s her.” Buffy said, chewing on a maraschino cherry.

“Yep,” Cordy sighed insipidly.

“That’s the date.” The Slayer repeated.

“Uh huh.” “She’s all teeth!”


“And Angel really likes her?”

“Unfortunately,” Cordelia muttered.

“Well,” Buffy paused trying to think of something positive to say. The only thing she could come up with was, “She’s a…really…good…dancer. In a slutty sort of way.”

“She’s a skank.” Cordy huffed.

“Oh yeah.” Buffy agreed, settling into a funk. “Total skank.”

Buffy and Cordelia watched Paige out on the dance floor as she wiggled and jiggled her ass in circles around everyone else, dancing with anyone and anything, including green horned demons and platinum blonde Vampires. Buffy found some humor in the way that Spike pretended not to notice, but it was of little comfort to the green eyed monster rearing it’s ugly head inside of her.

Paige was trying TOO hard to catch her boyfriend’s attention…Paige ran her hand up and over Spike’s shoulder, then wiggled around to shake her stuff in his face. He smirked to himself, slightly bemused, and again spun about, turning his back to her. Paige made the same move again, and Buffy’s boyfriend once again rejected her advances.

He caught sight of Buffy watching them and flashed her a sexy, wanton smile. Buffy’s funk suddenly lifted and she realized she was being unfair. “Cordy,” The Slayer said. “This is silly. We have no right to be jealous—”

“JEALOUS?” Cordelia repeated incredulously, nearly spewing her drink. “Who said anything about being jealous? I’m not jealous! I’m—I’m—”

“Jealous?” The Slayer repeated again.

“Well,” Cordy groaned. “Just a little…but not in the same way you are! I mean, despite the fact that it’s been eons since I’ve gotten any, YES, I am a little envious… But it’s SO not even a big deal! Not at all. But you,”

She regarded Buffy with an arched brow. “Buffy, you must be OUT OF YOUR MIND with jealousy! After the way you and Angel carried on…”

“Well, I wouldn’t say ‘out of my mind’,” The Slayer wrinkled her nose.

“Jeez!” The Seer continued. “My jealousy doesn’t even pretend to fit in the same league as yours…you know, tortured romance and all that… That’s something that only you two share in common, it has NOTHING to do with me. I’m not upset because he’s…” She regarded Paige ruefully.

“With that. I admit, I don’t want Angel getting his rocks off, but it’s for a very different and logical reason than you. It absolutely has nothing to do with…” She observed Paige with disdain. “Miss Long flirty eyelashes and Big Boobs over there. NO WAY. My annoyance is strictly danger control. I don’t want that bit—uh, chick, unleashing Angelus on the world. The PTB know we’ve had enough of that mess already… I mean, DUH. The curse is what’s bothering me. HELLO. Strictly curse factor, here! You, more than anyone, should be able to understand that,”

“Whatever you say, Cordy.” Buffy smiled. She looked at Paige, still trying to dirty dance with her Boy Toy, and then she looked at Angel, hiding away in a darkened corner where he thought no one would pay him attention. He looked very alone…

Guilt caused the Slayer’s smile to falter just a little.”I mean, really! ME, jealous—”Buffy got up, pushing in her chair. “Cordy, I don’t mean to bail on the girl talk, but…” She motioned to Spike.

Cordelia peered at him, and glared at Paige with fervor. “Say no more, Sister.” She said. “Go protect what’s yours,”

“Thanks. I’ll see ya.”

“See ya.” Cordy waved her off with a tight-lipped smile, and Buffy headed to break up the scandal on the dance floor.

The Seer took a sip of her margarita and lapsed into a deep, somewhat depressed silence in the loneliness of her table. Her tiny clutch purse sat on the table beside her, Angel’s gift inside.

JEALOUS. Pft…It was still a struggle for her, the whole concept of what she was doing. She thought about taking Angel’s gift and smashing it, just throwing it on the floor and stomping the hell out of it until it was good and smashed.

But after the thousandth argument with herself over what her conscience whispered for and her heart screamed against, Cordelia succumbed to what felt like her doom, and eyed her purse carefully. She’d give it to him. Oh yes. She would. And not just to appease the guilt that had been eating at her since the other night when he’d stormed into her apartment and begged to know why she’d been acting like such a @#%$ head.

She’d give it to him not just to allow him some badly needed love. Cordelia would hand it over for the sole purpose of repairing the rift she’d caused in their relationship; as an act of good faith and good will and all that crap, so he’d realize just what a good friend she wanted to be, so he’d forgive her for her misdeeds, and they could move on for once and for all; so that she could accept his choices and get past it, and forget about the pain that was beginning to consume her every time she looked his way…They’d never be friends again until she swallowed her pain, and her pride.

The little vial of juice she liked to think of as Vampire Viagra sat impatiently in her handbag.

Giving it to him would be her way of proving that she was honky-dory…even if it was the biggest lie she’d ever tell; to him, to herself. But she’d get over it…right?


Angel had been completely content, alone in his dark corner watching everyone else have fun. But now, Paige spotted him and, permanently cast from Spike’s personal bubble, took it upon herself to invade his quietude.

She flounced up, slid into the chair beside him, and skin glistening with perspiration, asked, “You having a good time?”

“Uh, sure,” Angel fibbed, glancing about at all the streamers and balloons. “I’m having…big fun.”

“This is really a kick ass party. Your friends must really care about you,”

“I’m glad you’re having fun,” he said in all sincerity. “I was sort of worried…” She gave him a funny look. “After what we talked about earlier…” He paused, not needing to state the obvious.

Paige was quiet for a moment, thinking. “Angel, I think I’m okay with it,” She finally said, and grinned. He was surprised.


“Yeah, really. I mean I get that you’re not ready for a relationship. Not that I understand why, exactly. I mean you’re not exactly forthcoming with the details…” Guilt flashed across Angel’s face.”To tell the truth,” Paige continued. “I was more worried about how you were feeling with it. Like, I don’t want you to feel awkward around me, ya know? This is like probably the last time we’ll really hang out. I’d say lets be friends, but…” Her grin faltered, looking down. “But you know that never really works out…”She seemed to be waiting for a response.

“Yeah,” was all Angel could say.

“I’m not going to pretend that I wish things were different…” Paige said solemnly.

“I wish they could be too,”

“But I’d like to have fun.” She looked back up at him, a new flirtatiousness in her eyes. “I want you to have fun, Angel. I want to have fun. Can’t we have fun together? It is your birthday after all…

Angel started to feel uncomfortable. “What do you mean, fun?” The lights suddenly died down, casting the club into complete darkness before the karaoke stage lit up in a burst of color.

Lorne appeared, mic in hand, and tapping it gently, he called out for everyone’s attention. Angel, momentarily distracted from their conversation, turned away from Paige and her smile hallowed with disappointment. S

he took the opportunity to remind him of her presence by running her fingers across his upper thigh. Smiling at his wide-eyed reaction, she quickly looked away and watched Lorne on the stage.

“Hey kiddos, having fun?” Lorne asked.

“YEAH, hell yeah!” Everyone shouted, half drunk and feeling better than great.

“Good! Good! Glad! Glad! I’m having a great time, too. Nothing’s better than a little birthday bash to bring old friends together, heh?” Everyone grinned. “First I’d like to send a nod and a wink to the birthday boy himself,” Lorne looked his way and the spotlight found Angel.

“I know we clapped after ‘Happy Birthday’,” Lorne said. “But let’s give the old guy another round of applause, huh? It takes a lot to stay looking so fresh when you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders and no reflection to check your ‘do!” Everyone laughed and clapped for Angel.

“You look fresh, Baby!” Lorne exclaimed. “Very, very fresh! Poppin’ fresh dough fresh, doesn’t he everyone?”

“POOF!” yelled Spike. Angel frowned, a little more than embarrassed. Lorne moved on, and the spotlight finally fell away from Angel, Paige at his side.

“Anyway, gats, I called your attention because I think it’s time to start another round of karaoke, don’t you? And I’ve got a perfect little number for a perfect little gal to start us off. We haven’t heard from her in a while, and while I know for a fact that she’s not so keen on the mic, not without a few tequilas first anyway, ha-ha,” Everyone laughed.

“Well, folks, truth is, I’m pretty keen on her! As we all should be. So whatdoyasay, fans? Let’s give her some courage! Give her a big round of applause! Give it up now for the incredible I-want-her-edible because she’s just oh-so-pet-able Cordylicious!”

The spotlight suddenly found Cordy, mostly oblivious to the party up to this point. After her initial shock, she glared past the ultra bright light at Lorne, hatred brewing in her smoky hazel eyes. He started to wonder if this was a mistake, but blew it off to encourage her participation.

“Come on, girl! Let’s shake some rust off those pipes!” He called out.

“Come on Cordy!” Fred hollered out.

“CORDY! CORDY!” Xander and Gunn started up, causing everyone to erupt into chant.

“NO WAY!” Cordelia called back, shaking her head.

A drunken Wesley waved her up. “Shumon Corshelia, give ush a show!”

“COME ON, PRINCESS!” Lorne begged The Cordy chant was not about to let up.

“Oh damn,” Cordelia sighed, resigning to the fact that this night, she’d be forced to make a fool herself. Utterly embarrassed, she reluctantly stood, and everyone cheered louder. Cursing to herself, she happened to glance Angel’s way. And for just a moment, she caught his eyes.

His empathy—enhanced by gentle, loving amusement—called out to her, and for a sliver of a second, she forgot all of her spite. Paige was somewhat bothered by the way Angel was staring at the brunette, and tugged hard at his sleeve.

When Cordelia finally broke eye contact, Angel remembered himself and acknowledged Paige’s second, hard tug at his sleeve. “Huh?” He mumbled.

“Can we talk?”

“What?” He finally glanced her way.

“I asked if we could talk,” Paige bit icily, and tugged his sleeve with a third and final jerk.

“But, Cordy’s going on.”

“This really can’t wait,”

“Well…uh…” Angel hesitated, and she dug her fingers in a little more. “Ok, sure.” He said, giving in, and Paige quickly dragged him from his seat. They crossed the floor as Cordelia came to stand beside Lorne on stage. They exited through double doors, and lost themselves to the abandoned kitchen.

Not noticing his absence, Cordelia took the microphone as Lorne handed it over. He leaned in whispering, “Sing it out with all your heart. You’ll feel better, kitten. I promise.”

“You’ll feel dead, but whatever.” She grumbled, and he snickered good-naturedly.

“You’re gorgeous, did I mention you are gorgeous? Break a leg…” Avoiding her swat, the green demon quickly relinquished the spotlight to her, blinding her to the rest of the room.

Only about a dozen or so old friends watched in anticipation. Cordelia could only imagine the smirks and giggles taking place as she waited impatiently for whatever music it was that Lorne had picked out for her to sing to.

When it took more than a second to start, she made sure to signal her displeasure with a cough and a grumble. It echoed through the room and suddenly the speakers sizzled to life. Cordelia found herself gripping the mic in nervousness as she wondered sarcastically just what magic melody Lorne had chosen to make everything wrong in her life go right.

She wondered how much everyone would laugh at her. She wondered how bad she was going to sound. Not knowing he’d left, she mildly feared what Angel would think of her, and was quickly annoyed by the thought of Paige snickering in his ear as they watched her…But, whatever. Too late now.

“Oh, great,” She muttered, teeth grit, as a familiar instrumental started and lyrics to the song flashed upon the karaoke machine’s screen. The simple recorded piano keys tugged at the air, and in an untrained and wavering voice, Cordelia attempted to sing:

“I took my love and I took it down
Climbed a mountain and turned around
And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills
’til the landslide brought it down”

From below, Lorne watched her with an intense gaze, nodding his head ever so often as if to encourage her on.

“Oh, mirror in the sky-What is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above?
Can I sail through the changin’ ocean tides,
Can I handle the seasons of my life?
Well, I’ve been afraid of changin’
Because I’ve built my life around you
But time makes you bolder,
even children get older,
And I’m getting older too…
So, take my love…

take it down Climb a mountain and turn around
And if you see my reflection in the snow covered hills,
Well, the landslide will bring it down
The landslide will bring it down”

A few minutes later, the song finally finished. And while her friends whistled and hollered and Lorne rushed to give her a big, fat congratulatory hug, she was still embarrassed beyond belief and more than relieved that it was over.

“You’re no Stevie Nicks,” Lorne joked gently in her ear. “But it was all heart, kiddo. And you should believe in your heart.” Not knowing exactly what he meant or how to respond, Cordelia nodded dumbly and he let her from the embrace.

Gladly trading places, she turned the microphone back over to the green skinned demon, and left the stage to wade through her friends.

“I would’ve choked,” Buffy said, patting her on the back. “You’re a braver gal than I.”

“I would’ve totally died,” Willow said, shaking her head in apprehension. “Totally.”

“I thought it was choking,” Xander teased. “Those strangled noises coming from your throat…that’s what led me to the conclusion.”

“Oh, shut up, Xander.” Cordelia scathed.

“Just kidding, Cor. You were great!”

“Not really, but thanks for lying,”

“Would I lie to you? I thought you rocked!”

“Whatever. Thanks,” She sighed, deciding she didn’t really care what he thought.

“Hey, have a drink with us!” Anya insisted.

“Oh, no thanks,” Cordy said apologetically. “I have something I need to do.” She looked around the club, peering through balloons and streamers and smiling, drunken faces in search of the dark shadow she called ‘friend’. When she couldn’t find him, a frown creased her features.

“Hey, seen Angel?” She asked aloud to no on in particular.

“Yeah,” Xander answered, gesturing towards the kitchen doors. “I think he and Paige headed out back, they seemed in a hurry,”

“They did?”

“I think they wanted to be, you know, alone.”

“Oh,” Cordy sighed. So they hadn’t caught her show. Good. But they went off alone…bad. Her face fell a little.

“They’re probably going to have sex,” Anya blurted out in the way that only Anya could.

Everyone’s mouth dropped, and Cordelia turned white. Very quickly, she gathered up her purse and started towards the kitchen. If she were going to give him his gift, she might as well give it to him now.

She rehearsed along her way, trying to decide how best to present it to him: “Happy Birthday, Angel. And happy screwing!” “From one deprived person to another, make it count, Sailor!” “Here ya go, Angel. Now you can FINALLY get laid!” “Angel…I wish you the best…now go have sex!” “Angel, I thought you could use this…I don’t want you to use it, but… its here if you really, really need to…please don’t need to, though…not until I’m good and cold and dead…” “What do ya say? Wanna get liquored up and try this out?””Ugh,”

She sighed. NONE of those would work.


Upon first entering the kitchen, Angel was getting mega-attitude from Paige.

“You know, I’d appreciate it if you’d be straight with me,” She said hotly, crossing her arms and pouting her lips.

“What do you mean?”

“All this crap about you not being ready for a relationship…why don’t you just tell me the truth?”

“I am telling you the truth,” Angel swore, not understanding why she didn’t get it. “Paige, I’m just not ready to be in a relationship…I can’t give you the things you’re going to expect,”

And then she started speaking badly of Cordelia, and Angel got more than a little pissed at her.

“If she would’ve kept her big nose out of it, things between us would be perfect right now!” Paige insisted. “And god, I can’t believe I fell for her lies! She said she’d lay off, she swore to it! She promised, but she hasn’t! And now everything’s ruined! She’s such a, a liar. She’s so conniving! Oh my god, I swear! That BITCH!”

“Whoa, Paige,” Angel growled. “Just back off! I don’t know what your problem is, but lay off of Cordelia, I mean it!”

“She IS my problem, Angel! That little…she’s turned you against me!”

“No one’s turned anyone against anyone! Just what the hell are you talking about?” Then Paige revealed their little talk the week before, about Cordelia’s problem with her and why she didn’t want them dating.

“We had a little chat, girl to girl.” Paige seethed. “I wanted to confront her about her behavior, you know, find out why she was being such a pain in the ass every time we went out together,”

“I know Cordy can be a pain,” Angel said defensively. “But—”

“She thinks we’re in a competition, Angel. She’s been competing with me for your attention, and she told me I was going to lose.”

“That’s ridiculous,” He snorted, not believing for a second that Cordelia would suggest any such thing.

“She tried to scare me off, telling me a bunch of crazy lies,” Paige exaggerated. “Lies?” Angel asked, sudden doubt springing to mind. “I couldn’t believe any of it. What does she take me for, a fool?”

“What’d she say?” Angel asked carefully. Among the thousand and one scenarios running through his brain, the most feared was of Cordelia screaming at the top of her lungs that he was a dangerous, blood thirsty, emotionally challenged demon of the night who was all but impotent when it came to meaningful.But she wouldn’t do that, would she?

“Angel! Why would she say those things? What kind of a friend is she to you to say things like that?”

“What’d she tell you?” He repeated, genuinely serious. But she never answered.

“I told her I didn’t care about any of it,” Paige continued adamantly. “I warned her to back off, and she said she would. She promised she would! But obviously she’s been meddling, otherwise you wouldn’t be treating me this way!”

“Paige, my decision to end things between us has nothing to do with Cordelia,”

“Nothing?” Paige questioned, and Angel rethought his statement.

“Well, little to do with Cordelia. Honestly, Paige…I’m breaking things off because of my own issues! Not Cordy’s. This isn’t because of Cordy, it’s not even because of you, really. It’s me. All me!” Paige suddenly quieted.

“Paige, me breaking things off…all of that blame should fall on me. Please don’t blame Cordelia, and please STOP calling her names and putting her down! I’m not with you because I’m not able to be in a relationship, not with you, not with anyone! Not now, and probably not for a long, long time…” He sounded so frustrated and heartbroken.

“I…I just can’t be with you, Paige. I’m sorry,” He lowered his voice, staring at her in earnest. “I…I can’t.”

“But Angel, I think you can.” She tried.

“I can’t, I’m sorry. I can’t.”

“But Angel,” She moved in slowly, coming in very close. She tried to put her arms around his neck, but he stopped her hands.

“Paige, no.”

“But, Angel—”

“NO.”She stared up at him, scalded by rejection.

Rejection turned to bitterness, and bitterness to anguish. Angel shook his head sadly as tears welled in her eyes. Her bottom lip began to quiver, and as she started to crumble, Angel, once again, felt monstrous for what he had done.

“Paige…” He said forlornly watching her face. “Paige, listen to me.” He gently took her hands in his, and did his best to comfort her. “I don’t want to hurt you. You’re innocent, completely innocent, in this. And I think I’ve taken advantage of your innocence…I’m sorry, but I think I’ve used you. See, I haven’t been innocent for a long, long time, and I think I was looking for something…someone…to hide behind for a while. A place, a place to forget my past, to forget all about everything for a while…”

“Angel, tell me everything,”

“Paige, please.”

“Tell me everything, and then we can get past this!”

“I can’t,”

“You can! Just give me a chance!”


“Tell me, Angel, tell me everything.”

“I can’t, you wouldn’t want to know,”

“I do want to know, Angel, I do.” She stepped towards him, never breaking eye contact. “Tell me every little, wicked detail. I wont judge you, Angel. I SWEAR I wont judge you,”

“I wish it were that easy,”

“It IS easy,” She pleaded. “It’s easy if you want it to be!”

“It’s not going to happen, Paige.”

“But, Angel—”


“Angel, please,”

“NO.” She started to really cry then, but he maintained his stoicism.

“Angel…” It wasn’t until she fell against him, weeping against his chest, that his stoicism failed. What else could he do but take her in his arms, whisper soothing words, and let her cry?

“Paige, I truly am sorry.”

“I am, too,” She sobbed. “I wish there was something I could do to help you,”

“Well…” She pushed away, wiping her eyes.

“Would you…” She hesitated for a second, sniffling lightly as a tear streamed down her cheek.

“Would I what?” He asked softly. More hesitation.

“What?” He urged again.

“Would you…kiss me?” She asked, and the way she stared up at him made it very hard for him to say no. “I know you want to,” She continued, eyes wet and voice slightly shaken. She slowly pulled him closer. “Angel, I dare you to kiss me. One last kiss… Come on, please?”

“I don’t…I don’t know,” He stumbled.

“Angel,” She whispered moving in closer. “I swear, you wont regret it…” Closer and closer she drifted until finally her lips were against his and very softly she was kissing him.

Out of kindness, and maybe a little out of his own want, he allowed the kiss to linger longer than he should have, and she took it as a sign to continue. She started to deepen the kiss, hands drifting up into his hair as her body stretched against his. Very slowly, he attempted to pull away, but she kept leaning farther in, pressing harder.

It wasn’t until her hands started to wander wildly that Angel realized he’d blurred a line. He pulled back quickly, rubbing his mouth as he stared down, wide eyed, at her. Her lips were mid-pout and it took her a second longer to open her eyes and stare back.

The tears and hurt were gone, replaced by something much more uncompromising; ambition…determination…lust..

“You want to touch me…” She said, thrusting her body against his. “You want to touch me, you know it.”

“Uh, Paige—”

“Don’t worry, Angel! I wont bite…not the first time anyway! Look at me, Angel. I want you to look at me and see what you’re missing out on. And then I want to feel you, feel you inside me, and I want to ride you. Hard. I want to give you the ride of your LIFE. Give me a chance, and I swear you’ll come harder than you ever have before…”

Thunderstruck, Angel could only gawk. With a devilish smile, Paige lifted off her blouse and tossed it to the floor. She unzipped her skirt, and stepped out of it as it fell to her ankles. Angel gulped, gulped hard. Not only was she vehemently outspoken about wanting to screw him right there on the kitchen floor, but now she was also standing before him in scarlet red lingerie: thong, garter, stockings and all.

And for just a moment, just a split moment, Angel reacted like a man; listening to the fire in his penis instead of the brain in his head.

She came forward and kissed him again, and he just stood there like a dunce. “Angel…” Paige cooed, running her hands up and down his chest. He eyed her creamy flesh; breasts ready to harvest as they bulged and overflowed around the tightly binding lace. “I want your eyes on me at all times…” And then she did something he really hadn’t expected; she crouched on her knees and started unbuckling his belt.

“P-Paige,” Angel stammered. “Please stop it. Now,”

“Baby, I can’t wait to taste you,” She pulled at the belt harder and it was undone.

“P-Paige, NO—”

“Shhh, be still,”


“I’m going to rock your world,”

“PAIGE—” And then suddenly his zipper was unzipped and her hand was grasping at the bulge in his pants that wanted very much to spring free. Finally, the lead drained from his legs, and Angel jumped back, pulling away from her prying fingers and open lips.

“Angel!” She said crossly, still on her knees.


“Angel, this is your birthday gift! I want to give you your gift, come on!” Before he could even get his pants zipped up, Paige stripped off her bra and bore her taut, rotund breasts to him.

“WHY, GOD, WHY?” He silently screamed.

And then Cordelia burst through the door.



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