Vamp SmackDown. 15-17

Chapter 15

Cordelia snuggled the small infant closer. “I don’t get, honey. Why hasn’t daddy K..i..l..l…e…d Uncle Spike yet or at least b..e..a…t him up.” Cordelia stared back through the window.

She could barely make out the figures in the garden, the vampires blended into the darkness becoming part of it as only creatures of the night can. If it wasn’t for the glowing embers of a cigarette moving rhythmically through the air, she might have missed them.

“I mean, we’re talking about B…u…f…f…y and Uncle Spike having….s…e….x.”

Cordelia let the heavy curtain fall and sat on the bed. “I don’t understand, honey. Daddy doesn’t even seemed to be mad, just not pleased. What kind of reaction is that? *Blurslurp*,” pressing her lips against the child’s chubby cheek and blowing.

“Hmm, I ask.” Smiling at the child’s gurgled response. “Are you tired? I’m tired. Too much mind-boggling stuff happened tonight for me to figure out. Let’s go to sleep, sweetheart.” Cordelia yawned. Cordelia settled on the bed, lying Connor next to her. “Stupid dress.” Tugging at the skirt to give her legs room to curl up. Trying not to think about the one thing she did figure out. But it was hard.

How did she forget that she loved her best friend and why wasn’t her best friend more upset that the love of his life was having sex with Spike? That would only make sense if Angel was over Buffy, but how do you get over the love of your life, unless she wasn’t really the love of your life. Cordelia closed her eyes.

Hope and just a little bit of fear filled her mind as she desperately tried not to think about that possibility and what it could mean.


Having vampire senses had its advantages, but not all the time.

There were times that Angel wished he hadn’t heard the things he heard, or smelled some of the beings that he encountered. Some beings just shouldn’t be smelt. They stunk. But right then as he was walking up the staircase, Angel was grateful for the abilities.

Every step he took closer to his suite brought their scent to him, the sound of their heartbeats. Angel paused and closed his eyes. He didn’t have to see them to know the picture they made. Their scents were intermingled; their heartbeats slow and steady close to each other.

Angel started to hurry, the smells and sounds were wonderful but the sight was even better. How he loved to look at Cordelia and Connor together sleeping. Both so alive, so beautiful, so innocent and when they were together like that, he could believe that anything was possible. It was hard not to believe with two perfect miracles in one bed.

Angel picked up Connor from the safety of the pillow and Cordelia’s body. The infant opened his eyes once, yawned and smiled, before falling back to sleep. It was a smile. Cordy had told him to just ignore the books that said it was gas. Angel smiled back to his son placing him gently in the bassinet after kissing him on his forehead.

Angel went back into the bedroom and stood in the doorway. Cordelia hadn’t moved, her body still curled up, the skirt of her long gown twisted around her legs. She couldn’t be comfortable.

“Cordy.” Nudging at her shoulder. “Cordy.”

“Go away, Dennis.” She mumbled into the pillow.

“Cordy,” Angel increased the pressure of his hand slightly.

“Tired, Dennis. Go away…” She stopped her mumbling as soon as she felt her hand hit cold firm flesh. Cordelia turned her head slightly, one eye squinting open. “Angel, did I just hit you?”


“Sorry,” She turned back into the pillow.

“Cordy, come on.”

“No. Sleep. Don’t want to move.”

“Cordy, don’t you want to change.”

“So much for liking my dress.”

“I like your dress, but it doesn’t look very comfortable to sleep in. Don’t you want to change?”

Cordelia squirmed. All of a sudden the bodice of the dress tightened, the material of the skirt felt heavy and unyielding. She moved again trying to get comfortable, but the dress was making it impossible. She would never get back to sleep now. Cordelia squished at the pillow in another attempt. She groaned. “Buttons, couldn’t….” slapping the pillow. “Stupid buttons, don’t work.”

“Cordy, come on get up.”

“Don’t make me, tired.” She mumbled back into the pillow.

“Okay, just turn over a little then.” Angel sat on the bed and moved her.

“Angel,” grumbling and pouting into the pillow.

“Shh.” Angel turned her further on her stomach and straightening her legs out. “That wasn’t so bad now, was it?”

Even with his hearing, Angel couldn’t make out what she had mumbled. But it sounded an awful lot like a curse.

Angel leaned in and quickly released the buttons, resisting the urge to be slow and teasing or use his fangs. The sides of the dress opened to reveal a spandex red band. Cordelia twitched as Angel’s fingers brushed against her flesh as he unclasped the bra. She sighed into the pillow preparing to curl back at the disappearance of the bindings around her chest. “Not yet.”

More grumbling came from her lips. “Help me a little here.” Angel said softly. Cordelia shifted minimally as Angel drew the dress down her body revealing more skin as he went. “One more time.” With a swift move, Angel pulled the dress completely from Cordelia’s body and tossed it on the floor.

Angel stared. Warm and subtle flesh, delicate glowing skin covering the angle of shoulder blades, the hint of soft flesh pressing out from the chest, the curve of the spine dipping low only to curve back up into firm sweet buttocks. The scene only interrupted by red lace panties and a sun tattoo resting above, neither jarring the scene just bringing more attention to the delicious rise of the buttocks. Angel wanted to draw the beauty before him; he really wanted to touch it.

“Where you going?” Mumbling came from the pillow.

“To get you a shirt.” Pulling a t- shirt from his dresser. “You’re going to need to move again, just a little.” Sitting back on the bed.

Cordelia buried herself further into the mattress in protest.


“Angel, why did you ask if I could fall in love with a vampire?” Her voice muffled by the pillow, her eyes still closed, her body not moving.

Angel pulled his hands back. “I wanted to know.”

“Oh.” Cordelia paused. “I’ve been thinking.”

“You’ve been sleeping.”

“Dreaming then.” Still hidden in the pillow, but her voice clear. “Could you ever fall in love with a woman other than Buffy?”

Angel twisted his hands in the shirt he was holding, thinking back to his question in the cab and her answer.

“I don’t know. Maybe. She would have to be only mostly human though, I don’t know why, I just think it’s important. She would have to be courageous, loving, extraordinary- a champion of sorts, help the helpless type. She would also have to be frustrating, bossy and sometime annoying. She would have to know exactly what temperature to heat my blood and the exact amount of cinnamon to put in it.”

“You hate cinnamon in your blood.”

“Yeah, but she would have to put it in anyway, it’s all part of the loving and frustrating traits.”


“She would have to love my son as much as I do, she would have to love me as much as I love her and she would have to promise to stay with me forever. She would have to be my best friend. And she would have to know that my soul is permanent, that our love would only be joyful, not dangerous to our family….oh, and not be mad at me for not telling her sooner.”

Angel saw it and heard it. The slight catch in her breathing, the shivers along the glowing skin. Cordelia turned her head on the pillow to study Angel for a very long minute. “Have you found her?”

“I think so, what do you think?” Finally, releasing the shirt he had balled in his hands, reaching out to brush a curl from Cordelia’s face.

“I think- I need you to kiss me again.” Cordelia rolled over onto her back.

“Now, you can move?”

“It’s all in the motivation, Angel”

Chapter 16

Angel leaned in bracing his body over Cordelia’s barely touching. He was doing it again, encompassing all the space around her, his dark eyes boring into hers.

But unlike before, Cordelia didn’t feel trapped; she wanted to feel him overwhelm her. Angel had taken over her heart already, now it was finally time for him to take the rest. She smiled. “Angel.” Caressing the handsome face.


“I don’t think I can stay awake for two days.” Cordelia leaned up on her elbows, her smile gone as Angel moved away. “Where are you going?”

“I’m sorry, you’re tired.”

“You’re attempting the sense of humor thing right now, right?” Raising her brows.

“Cordy, you….”

“Geez, what’s with you, two days or two minutes in a closet, isn’t there an inbetween option. Fine.” She got up pulling at his arm.

“Now, where are YOU going?”

“WE are going to the closet. I’m getting something out this little epiphany, even its only two minutes worth.” Tugging at the vampire to get off the bed.

Angel jerked once and in an instant Cordelia was back in her original position, only this time Angel’s long legs covered hers, trapping her. “You’re not going anywhere.”

“I hadn’t planned on it.” She smiled. “Are you ever going to kiss me?”

Angel’s thumb rubbed along Cordelia’s bottom lip. He smiled. “Maybe.” His mouth quickly followed the trail his thumb had made before Cordelia could think of a retort.

Cordelia sighed, caressing her hand up Angel’s arm to his shoulder cupping around his neck pulling him even more firmly over her body. Lips moved together, tongues explored. Angel moved totally covering the smaller body under him. A delicate hand joined the other around his neck, fingers scratching and tugging at the thickness of the hair on the back of his head. Knicks and kisses were placed along the underside of her jaw up to her earlobe as Angel released Cordelia allowing her to take a breath.

“Angel” Murmuring, Cordelia’s arms tightening as she relished the sound of his name on her lips. Angel’s name, not some long dead spirit or Angelus’, but Angel‘s. She laughed. Angel lifted his head, looking at the giggling young woman, his brows raised in question. “It’s us, Angel, us, not some tortured spirits or some ruse to fool evil old vamps, it’s us…we’re kissing. It’s real.”

Angel smiled widely, his broad hands brushing back Cordelia’s hair, trying to get a better look at the joy in her eyes. He leaned in. “We’re doing more than just kissing.” His mouth settled back over hers, only to leave, trailing moist kisses along her throat, his tongue licking soaking in the flavor of her skin.

With half closed eyes, Cordelia attempted to watch Angel’s head descend along her body. But, the sensations were too much; she closed her eyes and pressed into the mattress, hands still entwined in Angel’s hair. She gasped. Angel was doing it. He was slowly kissing and tasting every inch of her.

The ever-increasing fragrance of Cordelia’s arousal drew Angel downward like a magnet. It was in the air all around him, he needed to get to the source.

Cordelia tensed, she could feel the bare whisper of a caress along her center. Her anticipation was almost frightening. Her hips jerked at the first wet broad stroke.

A low growl emerged from Angel’s throat as he took in the scent and tasted the moisture. He wanted to roll around in it, cover himself, take it in his body, carry it around with him always, it was intoxicating, pure Cordelia and it was for him.

Cordelia clutched at the sheets, twisting the material in her fists. Angel was sucking her womb empty, only to replace her juices with sparks of electricity and intense pleasure. “Oh god, Angel.” She cried. Angel didn’t stop as her muscles contracted and her body trembled. He just slowed, his strong hand stroking and soothing the tremors. Angel didn’t want to leave, but he knew there was more. He lifted his head, trailing back up Cordelia’s body.

Cordelia slowly opened her eyes into Angel’s intense stare, she bit at her lips, and a slight blush graced her face. “Angel.”

“Yes.” He twirled, a soft strain of dark silk in his fingers.

The pink of her face got brighter. “ You said that you wanted to be inside me, to fill me?”

“I recall saying something like that.” Smiling.


The chuckle choked the growl rising from his throat. “I was thinking about now.”

“Now’s good.” Licking her lip.

Angel moved quickly, his clothes falling to the ground.


Angel stilled, his chest bare, his hands on his pants.

Cordelia scooted towards him, not looking up, pushing away his hands. Her fingers fumbled at the fly. Her teeth chewing on her bottom lip as her hands moved under the waistband of both pants and boxers. Fingernails and palms stroked down hard muscle covered by cool skin as the material was removed. Her nervous biting stopped, Cordelia smiled and leaned in.

“Cordy,” Angel stumbled at the sudden wet warmth that encased him. The fingers were now clutching on his backside pulling him closer. A hand was moving gently, but manipulatively around his thigh only to start kneading at the base of his shaft, reaching up even further to caress the sacks behind as the wet heat traveled up and down, swallowing him.

Angel’s fingers ran through Cordelia’s hair, clutching and tightening the strains around his forming fist. He pushed. “In you now,” his words low barely distinguishable from the growl.

“Okay,” Cordy’s voice almost as low. Angel again covered her body, this time his hands went to separate her thighs, only to stop in that goal and change immediately to cupping her ass. Cordelia’s legs had already locked around the vampire’s hips. Angel stilled. Cordelia shook her head. “Don’t ask, just do it.” She bit her lip and waited. “Angel.” Gasping as he filled her completely. “Oh god.” Angel stilled again reveling in the feeling of being imbedded in the heat of Cordelia. He dropped small kisses on her face.

She smiled and started to move her hips. Angel felt her action and responded. His thrusts were hard and fast, forgetting momentarily the fragility of the body under him. He stopped as the remembrance hit him.

Cordelia pulled at him jerking her hips upward. “Don’t stop, please.”


“Fill me completely. You want it, I want it, do it.” She moved more forcibly.

Angel growled and pushed and thrust. And Cordelia met every single one, tightening her channel at each action. Cordelia clasped on to her only anchor. Her fingernails clenched into Angel’s shoulders as she moved in concert with the storm within and around her. The tidal wave peaked, Cordelia didn’t know where she was anymore, she just held on. “Angel.” The wave was crashing, she was going under. The only thing that saved her from drowning was that Angel went with her. His body fell heavy on top of hers.

They stayed in that position for longer than a moment. Arms wrapped tightly against each other, holding on to their own personal life preservers. Cordelia was the first to move, even if it was only a centimeter. “I love you, Angel.”

Angel couldn’t help it. He tried to force down his demon, but her words triggered it. In gameface he leaned over. “You will never leave me.”

Cordelia glanced up somewhat surprised at the ‘grr’ show. “Duh. I promised didn’t I?”

Instantly the vampire visage was gone, leaving a handsome man with a wide amazed smile. “Yes, you did. I love you.”

Chapter 17

Cordelia stretched out her arm. She was alone in the bed. She wasn’t supposed to be alone. Her hand patted more of the surrounding area. Nothing. Cordelia sat up and looked around.

Had it just been a dream? But she was naked in Angel’s bed. Where was Angel?


Her eyes shot to the doorway of the bedroom. Cordelia brought the sheet up around her getting up. “Hi.” A slight blush crept up Cordelia’s face. It hadn’t been a dream. Angel loved her, she loved him, they made love- it had been wonderful. The thing was she wasn’t at all sure what to do now.

Her eyes latched on to the baby in Angel’s arms. “Has Connor been fed yet?” Hoping for something familiar to do.


Cordelia scrunched up her face. “Bath?”

“Yes. I was about to put him back to bed, but he knew you were awake and he wanted a kiss.”

“Connor told you that?” Smiling at the thought, her nervousness gone at Angel’s smile.

Angel shrugged. “Yep.”

“What about you?”

“I can wait…for about a second, so, hurry up and give Connor his kiss, so I can get mine.”

Cordelia laughed, reaching for the small child. “How’s my little guy this morning? Hmm.” Kissing the soft chubby cheek. Connor squealed. Cordelia caught his waving tiny hand and blew raspberries into. “So, Connor, daddy wants a kiss also, should I give him one?”

Connor gurgled and waved his hand against her cheek. “That was a yes, in case you didn’t understand.” Angel took the baby back laying him in the crib. “Wasn’t it, Connor?” Placing the stuffed bear next to the child’s hands. “It was definitely a yes.” Angel turned back to Cordelia who had remained standing in the doorway.

“Well, then I guess I’ll just have to kiss you then.”

“Yes, you will.” Angel moved quickly. Cordelia’s laugher stopped as she was engulfed in the kiss. Angel’s lips and tongue were acting in perfect harmony with hers. Small butterflies danced in Cordelia’s belly as her earlier desires were re-ignited. Cordelia shivered as a firm hand caressed down to the small of her back pressing her closer to the hard body that held her. The sheet disappearing immediately. Cordelia clutched at Angel’s shirt. She looked up. “You’re dressed.”

“I don’t think the others would appreciate me fixing Connor’s bottle in the nude.”

“I don’t know, Fred might, after she got up from the floor.”

Angel laughed, kissing Cordelia again, pushing her back towards the bed.

“Angel,” Cordelia mumbled against his lips.


“Take your clothes off.” Her hands already at his waistband.

Chapter 18

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