This Time Its Real. 49-50

Chapter 49

Cordelia never felt so happy about being smothered to death. But, being alive and not be able to move had its disadvantages. “Angel.” She whispered into the dark head nuzzled in the crook of her neck.

“No, not again.” He shook his head on her chest in protest.

“Angel,” Cordelia said with some exasperation. “I haven’t left this bed once since you threw me on it, but, I have to now. Let me up.”

“I didn’t throw you, you jumped, and I was sleeping.”

“Well, gee, I was too, but I’m not now, let me up. A minute, okay, then you can have your pillow and pacifier back.”

Angel grumbled but moved his arms and legs off the warmth they had trapped to his body.

“Big baby,” Cordelia hopped off the bed and headed to the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Angel frowned at the sight and sound of the closed door. He looked around. His room seemed empty without Cordelia’s presence. Logically, he knew where she was but he couldn’t help the wave of panic that overcame him at the emptiness.

He resisted the urge to barge after Cordelia to verify by sight that she was still with him remembering that she didn’t always like it when he followed her into the bathroom. This seemed to be one of those times.

So, he leaned back in the bed, clutching the sheets, closing his eyes and used the senses he could to hear the live heart beat, scent the tantalizing fragrance that both plagued and teased his dreams when she was gone.

Cordelia padded softly back into the bedroom, staring at the closed eyed vampire. He was too skinny, but she could fatten him up. But at least the worn lines on his beautiful face seemed to have disappeared. That was good.

Angel opened his gaze on the young woman, roaming the full length of her body, to immediately start again when he reached the top. “Stay there.” He said softly, sitting up, stopping Cordy’s step in the direction of the bed.


“I want to see.”

“Angel, you’ve seen everything before,” a blush crept over her body as Angel’s gaze continued to caress her. Shoot, he wasn’t even touching her and she was getting goose bumps.

“I want to see always.” Angel slowly moved off the bed, his voice low.

Cordelia fidgeted. “You just might, all I have to my name is that stupid white thing,” pointing to the gown that Angel had quickly disregarded earlier. “I don’t even have my comfy clothes anymore.”

“I imagine you can steal some more from my closet. Later.” He was now only a hair breath a way, slowly circling the still young woman.

“Hmmph. I didn’t steal them, you gave them to me.” Cordelia’s spine tingled as she imagined Angel’s eyes canvassing her back.

“I don’t recall having a choice in the matter.” Angel chuckled lightly at the base of her neck.

Shivers ran delicately along Cordelia’s skin. Damn. The vampire didn’t need to breath, but he sure knew use the process to create tremors up and down her flesh, building the anticipation within.

“Umm. Angel?”

“Mmm,” blowing soft burst of air along the base of her spine down to the small of her back.

“Are you done looking yet?”

“I’ll never be done, Cor”

“Oh, well can you maybe stop for now and start touching, please.”

“Angel,” she complained at his soft chuckle. She jumped as cool hands caressed her hips and cool lips brushed at the dip in her spine.

Cordelia felt her balance slip away as hands traced everywhere, down her legs, her sides, reaching around to her belly, up to her arms and down as lips, tongue and teeth nuzzled along her back up to her the skin at her neck.

Strong hands turned her body as the lips traveled to her jaw line up to her cheek. The hands held her face, deep brown eyes bore into Cordelia’s, wide thumbs stroked her jaw as the lips leaned in.

Cordelia couldn’t have moved to save herself, she felt hypnotized motionless by those dark eyes. She moaned as the lips gently pressed into hers, nudging and nipping opening hers. Okay, maybe she could move a little, her hands reached up to the broad shoulders as her legs buckled, her fingers reaching up around the neck pulling the kiss closer, deeper. Good lord the vampire sure could kiss.

She whimpered at the loss as the lips moved to join the hands at her breast. Her whimper became soft moans and gasps of breath as the lips and hands fondled bringing her nipples to harder peaks.

Cordelia closed her eyes losing herself in the sensations, giving over her balance to the strong hands that held her hips as the lips descended.

Fingernails clutched in strong shoulders as Angel used that non-breathing skill to blow on the soft curls of her center.

Angel kept the hips close as he nuzzled into the heat of Cordelia’s center. He kissed at the folds, his tongue reaching into ever crevice tasting everywhere hidden. A low growl emerged from his throat as the moisture coated his tongue and the scent overwhelmed him. It was the only sound the vampire had made since his last soft chuckle, it caused Cordelia’s knees to buckle.

Angel cupped her ass, bringing a long leg over his shoulder opening the access wider for his questing tongue, concentrating on the small nub that peaked and pulsated through the delicate folds.

“Oh God,” Cordelia gasped as her body trembled in a pleasurable burst, causing her to lose any pretense of balance or muscle control.

Angel moved upwards quickly, his hands taking over where Cordelia couldn’t, locking her around his hips and taking them towards the bed.

“Bed” Cordelia murmured into Angel’s neck, her hands clasped around his back.

“Bed,” Angel growled, tossing the young woman on the object in question when they were close enough.

Cordelia scooted up as the vampire crawled on the bed and over her body. “Don’t you dare say I jumped that time, you threw me.”

“Quickest way,” Angel explained with a smile, before his lips latched on Cordelia’s own smile. Cordelia stalled in the kiss holding Angel’s tongue deep in her mouth as she felt Angel fill her to the core. Her kisses became frantic as Angel thrust deep inside her.

“Angel, I can’t..” Cordelia whimpered and moaned into his neck as she felt her body tingle the beginning of her losing all control again. Cordelia tried to stop it, she wanted Angel to go with her.

“Then don’t, I’ll be with you,” the vampire growled as he thrust became quicker and deeper. Angel felt the edge of his own control weakening; it had started as soon as he felt the warmth encase him, closing around him in a tight burst of heat.

Angel’s cry echoed Cordelia’s as their pleasure cascaded through out their connected bodies simultaneously. Cordelia could feel Angel’s seed filling her as Angel felt Cordelia’s warm channel convulse around him, milking him dry.

Angel clutched at Cordelia, keeping their trembling spent bodies together.

Cordelia brushed her fingers through Angel’s thick hair bringing his face up to hers. The smile on her face was perfect and the light in her hazel eyes was blissful “I love you.”

Angel’s face lit up in an answering beautiful smile, finally letting the joy and happiness of those words from Cordelia descend over him, filling and completing him. He could’ve sworn he felt his heart beat in a joyful burst. He hugged Cordelia tighter to him. “I love you, so much” Burying his head into her chest.

“I’m very happy about that,” Cordelia whispered giggling as her hands caressed Angel’s back, keeping him close.

Chapter 50: Epilogue

Angel stood in the doorway of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his hips, quietly very grateful that Cordelia felt that showers were an okay time for him to follow her into the bathroom. He smiled as the towel clothed young woman scanned his closet and ruffled through his dresser for comfy clothes.

“What’s wrong?” noting the scowl on her face.

“It’s no fun if you watch and know, Geez.”

“Ha, I told you, you stole them.”

“Hmmph. I guess this will do,” she grabbed a silk maroon shirt. She studied it and changed her mind mumbling.

Angel smiled as he heard her words, complaining that she couldn’t take one of his few colored shirts. He raised his brows as she hmmphed and took a plain black sweater very similar to the one she had taken before.

Angel moved to the closet to get dressed once it seemed that Cordelia had made her decision. He turned as another Hmmph sounded from the dressed girl on his bed.

“Angel, I’m dead,” whining up at the vampire.

Angel stumbled back afraid. “What?”

Cordelia blinked at Angel’s expression, “Not dead- dead, just dead in the world’s eyes, I mean. I don’t have any clothes, no money, not that I had any anyway, but still, no ID, no apartment,” Cordelia scrunched up her face. “What about Dennis?” Cordelia looked down at her feet, swinging them in the air,

“No nail polish, look at my toes, they’re naked, NO shoes,” Cordelia hmmphed again. “The Powers could’ve at least sent be back with a wardrobe. I want a hair scrunchy,” she pulled at her wet hair,” pouting.

Angel smiled pulling on his pants, it had taken him more than one agonizing minute to hear Cordelia’s whines of explanation regarding the statement that had almost caused him to keel over. Now, he was just enjoying the sight and sounds of Cordy whining and pouting.

“It’s not funny,” glaring at the now chuckling vampire.

“Yes, it is and it’s wonderful.”

“Angel, you’ve got clothes.”

“And so do you. They’re upstairs. Fred and Gunn packed up all of your things. I think Fred’s plan was to take them to the woman’s shelter, but she never did it, I don’t know why,” Angel shrugged.

He didn’t know, he hadn’t taken any part in the packing; it was too much for him to see and touch her things. Angel wasn’t even sure if Fred and Gunn knew that he was aware that the clothes were there.

But he did, just like Angel knew exactly where the boxes lay and what was in each one. It had been impossible to miss Cordelia’s scent that lingered within the boxes.

Finally, one night he couldn’t resist anymore and went to the room on the third floor and for the next several nights, he remembered and dreamed amongst her things. Then Angel stopped and that’s when he decided he couldn’t stay in LA anymore, he had to get out or he would lock himself in that room forever to lose himself in the memories.

“I have clothes, my clothes,” Cordelia smiled. “Where? Oh nevermind, these are fine for breakfast.”

“I’ll bring them down later, okay.”

Cordelia nodded happily.

“But, your apartment has been rented, Dennis for some reason was unbound when you died, so no haunting.”

“Dennis was released? Hmmph, I bet he got to go to heaven.” She scrunched up her face. “I guess I need to find another one, Geez, where am I going to find a ghost controlled great apartment,” glancing up at the vampire.

“You’re not. You’re staying here with me and Connor.”

Cordelia blinked at her own stupidity. Of course, she was staying at the hotel. That’s where Angel and Connor were. “Right, where else would I go?”

“Nowhere,” Angel said completely serious.

Cordelia nodded. “Is everyone living here now? I mean sure there’s enough rooms- even Wesley? I saw him last night.”

Angel nodded.

Cordelia beamed.

“Speaking of everyone, they’re getting restless and anxious to see you.”

“You can vamp sense that?”

“I can hear them stomping around, the anxious part is a guess, but a pretty good one I think.”

“Well, I’ve had my…our shower,” she smiled. “Got on my comfy clothes, I can guess I’m ready to start the first day of the rest of our lives. Let’s so see our son and family.” Holding out her hand for the vampire.


Fred wandered around the kitchen, Connor in her arms. She studied the young boy then the plate of old peas. She turned quickly to the others.

“Y’all saw her right? Right there, right?” Pointing to the chair by the plate. “She was there feeding Connor, right? In a long white gown, right?”

“More like getting pelted by the little green torpedoes.” Gunn nodded.

“You did see her then?”

“Fred, she was here.”

“Then where is she?”

“Honey lamb” Lorne raised his brows up the stairs towards the bedrooms.

“He can’t keep her up there all day, he needs to share. I want to see her.”

“Honey Lamb,” This time Lorne shook his head and he raised his brows.

“Oh,” Fred hugged Connor tighter. Fred looked again at the baby. “Connor, don’t you want to cry for your mommy. Come on.”

“Give me him, before you start sticking pins in him.” Lorne shook his head again.

“I wouldn’t do that, I thought…. Oh.” Fred blew out a deep breath.

“Fred, we all want to know what’s happened.” Wesley smiled. “You sure she said it was for good?”

Fred scrunched up her face. “I asked her if it was real this time, like this,” Fred mouthed her silent question of last night. “She winked and answered, like this,” Fred silently mouthed a ‘yes’. “It was a yes, she said yes, she said it was for real this time. I want to hear it, though,” Fred pouted.

Cordelia smiled brightly her hand still intertwined with Angel’s. She cleared her throat, giving Fred her wish. “This time it’s real.”

The End

Author’s note: I know that the ending may be a bit saccharin even for me- but I just wanted to make it happy with a capital H after all the grief I put Cordy and Angel through as well as the other characters.

Also, I’m not sure if or when I will post another story. Obviously, I’m a little out of my own ideas, hence VampSmack Down and This Time It’s Real – both were response from challenges….also, I’m going to be bogged down with ugly work up until the end of the month. But, then again, always think I won’t start another story and then I do. But I just wanted to warn those that read my stuff, if this time it’s real****eek, I can’t believe I wrote that, it was so cringe worthy, but you get the point, right?

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback, in case I haven’t said it enough.


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