Title: Hunger
Author: Katie
Posted: July 05, 2006
Rating: R
Category: angst
Content: C/A implied (for now)
Summary: He just can’t stop the hunger.
Spoilers: None. Can be set in pretty much any Ats season I think.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: Just ask
Notes: This is just a quick something. Hope it makes sense in a way. It’s my first time posting something here, so me’s a little nervous.
Feedback:Sure, tell me if you like it or not. I need to learn.

It was everywhere. Wherever he went he felt it deep inside of himself. Even being holed up inside the hotel brought no change.

Pain and pleasure all at once. The demon in him enjoyed every second of it; the soul was crying out, less and less often. He couldn’t resist the overwhelming call. It was too strong. More than a hundred years of exercised self-control were useless. Every night it was the same.

Fighting and killing other demons had helped to quench the hunger a little in the beginning. More and more often he went on patrol now ? every night for several long hours. It felt too good to have this power over other beings, no matter if human or demon. Knowing he was stronger than them just did it for him lately. Then, afterwards came the real thrill. He reveled in the occasional bloodbath, torn bodies, destroyed lives. All his doing.

Nowadays he needed even more to find a certain deceptive peace inside himself, to soothe the screams of the demon in him for a victim to drink from. He followed the poor human being he’d save only minutes before in the way hunters do.

It always began with stalking, no matter how long. Darkness was his friend. The demon basked in the fear of the human when steps began to come faster, walking turned into running. When the smell reached him it felt as amazing as a beating heart — the odor of fear made him feel alive again.

Then he made himself known to the victim of the night. He kicked an empty can, let the person hear his footsteps, was a shadow on a wall. Either way the fear was intensified, just like his arousal and lust for more. This was a breaking point, he could hardly control the demon now. Where that last shred of restraint always came from, he didn’t know, but so far he hadn’t done anything to regret.

He always found his way home to the hotel on instinct. More often than not he didn’t remember how he actually got back. It didn’t matter, only the satisfied cravings did. In his dreams he experienced everything again and again.

Tonight was different. He’d had a petty argument with Cordy and his mind just couldn’t let go. This was an even more dangerous mix . Suddenly a heavenly scent hit him. It was as if his lovely seer stood in front of him. She wasn’t, only a dark-haired girl crossing the street in front of him. The demon had found another victim and the soul could only hope he would be able to stop in time.

He hungered for the hunt and only the soul inside could stop him.

The predator’s senses were on one thing only now, his prey of the night. He didn’t notice that watchful eyes were following his every step.

Angel had been wrong when he thought the others had no clue about what he was doing at night. They did notice he’d changed and Cordelia Chase was determined to find out what exactly was going on with him.

She hungered for the truth and no one would stop her.



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