Title: Caught
Author: Daisy
Rating: NC17
Category: smut
Content: Cordelia/Angel
Summary: No plot. No reason. No curse. No crippling awkwardness. Just pure, vague Daisy smut.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Feedback:Will get you groped.

A rush of blood beat loudly in Cordelia’s ears as she ran through the long winding corridors of the Hyperion Hotel, the drum of her heart echoed through her body with every hurried step she took.

The lights were dim and cast eerie shadows over the cranberry walls and threadbare carpet, the young woman was forced to squint into the gloom as she ran, one wrong turn, one false move and it would be over.

How long had she been running? Hours? Days? She didn’t know. The brunette contemplated taking her heels off, running would be easier that way, but what was the point? No matter where she ran he’d find her.

Panting for breath, she slowed to a stop, willing her heart to quiet, her body to calm.

The hotel was quiet.

Too quiet.

Worrying the full flesh of her bottom lip with her teeth, Cordelia slowly looked over her shoulder.


But that didn’t mean he wasn’t there.

“Oh, Cordy?” the vampire’s silky bass timbre slipped through the air, her name fell like sin from his lips and it made the young woman shiver, “where are you, Cordy?”

Holding her breath, Cordelia tiptoed to the end of the corridor.

Tub thump, tub thump, her heart rattled in her chest.

One more glance over her shoulder.

Still nothing.

With a deep breath, she stepped around the corner.

“Gotcha!” Angel growled in triumph as he pounced on Cordelia from out of the shadows.

“Argh!!” Cordelia squealed with surprise as her vampire’s arms wrapped around her waist, bringing his body flush with hers.

“Where do you think you’re going, young lady?” Angel murmured huskily as he tasted the tantalising skin where Cordelia’s neck met her shoulder, the devil’s dip.

“Mmmm,” Cordelia wound her fingers through the vampire’s thick chocolate hair as he dragged his tongue over a pulse point, “wanted to see how long it’d take you to find me.”

“And these?” he plucked the red lace panties Cordelia had left on his pillow out of his back pocket and dangled them on the end of his finger.

“An incentive?” she purred as the vampire licked the sensitive skin below her ear. Cordelia snaked a hand down his hard chest to his equally hard cock, “not that you need it.”

“You’re a wicked woman, Cordelia Chase,” Angel growled roughly as her warm palm squeezed him through his pants.

“That’s why you love me,” Cordelia whispered, her hot breath licked against his jaw like a promise.

In a move that the vampire now regretted teaching her, Cordelia twisted out of his arms and began to walk away from him.

Angel blinked in confusion.

“Baby?” she called over her shoulder as she walked lazily down the corridor, her hips swaying with feminine power with every step, “I’m gonna need my panties back, unless you want me going commando all day….”

Angel watched hypnotised as Cordelia ran a hand over the seductive curve of her ass.

“Tease,” the word vibrated through his chest and sparked an electric storm across her nerves.

Before Cordelia could reply, before she could even think of a reply, Angel pressed her against the wall and dropped to his knees before her.

“Such a wicked, wicked tease….” Angel whispered hotly as he grasped her behind her knees and urged her legs to part.

His strong hands walked a maddening path up the inside of her thighs, lifting her skirt as they went, until she was bared to him.

Cordelia bit her bottom lip, her body humming with desire, as she watched Angel breathe her scent into his silent lungs.

“Delicious,” he murmured, a demon on the edge of control.

“Oh!” Cordelia gasped in delight as Angel buried his face between her thighs, the light stubble of his jaw rubbed against her as his coarse tongue hungrily stole all her secrets.

A rumble of want spiralled up through the vampire as he lifted her left leg over his shoulder so he could completely devour her, the essence of the woman he loved covered his tongue like a finest wine.

He was drunk on Cordelia Chase. On her kind heart and caustic tongue, her wide smile and seductive eyes. With just one look, one touch, he burned for her, his cold body alive with a need so primal that it brought them both to their knees time and time again, gasping for breath and thanking the heavens.

“Jesus, Angel….” she panted, rocking her hips against his mouth to the rhythm of the moon, the blood in her veins pumped with the ebb and flow of the tide, his need for her, for all of her, made her feel wild with abandon. No other man made her feel this way, could ever make her feel this way.

She was his, completely.

Threading her slender fingers through his spiky hair, Cordelia held Angel to her as a sharp, fast tidal wave of bliss shattered through her, legs shaking, vision blind to everything but the dance of light behind her eyelids, Cordelia fell apart with a silent gasp of completion.

Muscles reduced to jelly, the brunette slid down the wall until she was a limp puddle of languid flesh in Angel’s lap.

The vampire smirked arrogantly at her.

“Smug bastard,” Cordelia muttered and attacked his lips with a fervency that knocked Angel flat on his back. It wasn’t a chaste, romantic kiss, lovers sipping tenderly as they stared longingly into each others eyes, no, this was passion, hard and bruising, a battle for dominance where both ended as winner.

When the need to breathe became too much to ignore, Cordelia grudgingly pulled away from the seduction of Angel’s lips and trailed a path of maddening kisses across his jaw while her small fingers fumbled at the buttons of his shirt.

“A little help here?” she grumbled with annoyance when the buttons wouldn’t co-operate quickly enough.

“Can’t, busy,” Angel grunted as he dragged the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and down her arms. Her naked breasts, flushed with the mottle pink of her excitement, filled his palms like an offering to the Gods.

Words of reverence and devotion tumbled from his lips without his knowledge, so beautiful, so perfect, as his mouth fastened on to a pebbled nipple, making Cordelia’s hands falter in their task at the exquisite sensations the vampire’s mouth was inducing.

Lighting forks of desire sparked from Cordelia’s breasts and blazed a trail of fire to her swollen clit, the urge to move, the urge for friction, rose up like a tsunami making her grind her heat against the thick evidence of Angel’s desire, neither of them caring about the glistening damp patch that was quickly spreading across the front of the vampire’s pants.

“Cordy….” Angel groaned into her neck as her heat seared him like a brand of ownership.

His hands claimed their own possession on the curve of Cordelia’s waist as he pressed her against his arousal.

“Want you so much, baby, so much,” she panted through kiss swollen lips and gave up her struggle with the buttons, choosing instead to just rip the damn shirt open.

Angel’s complaint that he’d actually liked that shirt became lost in his throat when Cordelia scraped her nails down his chest. The vampire hissed and bucked his hips up against her core.

When Cordelia began to fight with his belt buckle, Angel batted her hand away and rolled them so the young woman was beneath him.

“Hey, I was having fun,” Cordelia pouted and Angel felt the urge to steal that petulant lip and keep it as his forever.

So he did.

“Love this lip,” he nipped at the full flesh with his teeth as he unbuckled his belt and unfastened his fly with one hand.

Cordelia showed her own dexterity by pushing his pants down his thighs with her shoe clad feet.

“Love this ass,” she reciprocated her adoration with a firm squeezed to the firm globes of his butt. The vampire growled as her nails bit sharply into his flesh, the fission on pain tugged at his non-existent control.

Her next words, whispered and full of the heat that burned within them both, pushed him gloriously over the edge.

“You ever gonna get round to fuckin’ me, baby?”

“Whatever the lady wants….”

With a twist and roll of his hips, Angel thrust without pause into the tight scorching heat at the apex of her thighs. Cordelia’s back arched at his blissful intrusion, so hard, so good, so perfect, words filled her mouth but the sensation of being filled by the man she loved stole their cadence and all she could do was groan against his parted lips.

“Never stop loving me,” Angel whispered roughly in the curve of Cordelia’s neck as their bodies moved together in the most ancient dance.

“Never,” she promised with all her heart.

Legs tangled, fingers grasping, stomachs slick with sweat, they rocked together in the half lit corridor of the Hyperion Hotel, lost to everything but each other, to the knowing caress of a lover, of a best friend, to lips that loudly declared their worship without words.

Hard and fast they met, again and again until she was he and he was she, so deep inside her, so heavenly wrapped around him, they moaned their need and gave everything they had, more and more and more and oh god, baby, don’t stop, don’t ever stop.

Their world shrunk to a pin point of pure pleasure so intense that Cordelia cried out hoarsely as her body bowed upwards, her hips jerking out of rhythm forgotten as a supernova exploded through her veins. The clenching of her walls around his cock catapulted Angel over the edge, his hips slammed home, once, twice, three times and he came with a roar this he didn’t bother to stifle.

Angel was heavy on top of her but Cordelia felt no compulsion to make him move, in fact she wanted to keep him there forever, his unneeded breath feathering across her breast, his thighs pressed so intimately against hers, his passion mussed hair like silk between her fingers.

“I think I have carpet burns on my knees,” the vampire murmured sleepily.

“They’ll match the ones on my back,” Cordelia smiled the smile of pure feminine fulfilment.

“At least there were no splinters this time,” Angel said thoughtfully as he rested his chin between Cordelia’s breasts, remembering last weeks passionate assault that took place against the office book shelf.

“I think I still have one in my left butt cheek,” the young woman frowned and wiggled her ass to show her discomfort.

“Want me to suck it out for ya?” he asked with a mischievous glint in his eye.

Cordelia’s eyes widened as she felt Angel begin grow hard within her again, a slow smile spread across her face, “I was thinking of doing some sucking myself-”

“Oh for goodness sake!” the sudden Texan twang of Winifred Burkle cut of the rest of Cordelia sentence.

“Fred!” Cordelia yelped at the physicist that stood at the end of the hall way, looking very much like a deer caught in the head lights. In a moment of surprised confusion, Angel scrambled off of his lover, completely forgetting that he was mostly naked.

“Oh, my eyes!” Fred clasped her hands over her face and quickly turned her back to the pair, a furious shade of crimson creeping up her neck and spreading over her face until it peaked at the top of her ears.

“What are you doing here?!” Cordelia struggled frantically back into her dress while Angel carefully zipped back up.

“I live here, remember?” Fred reminded them, they could almost hear her roll her eyes, “honestly you two, all the rooms in this place and you had to do it out side my room?”

Looking around, Angel finally realized that they were in fact right outside the Texan’s room.

“Er, we…er…” the vampire struggled and shot a pleading glance at his girlfriend.

“Don’t strain yourself, sweetheart,” Cordelia patted him on the shoulder, “You can turn round now, Fred, we’re decent.”

“Decent is not a word I’d use to describe for the two of you,” Fred said, highly amused. If Angel could blush, he would have. Instead he settled for a embarrassed half smile while he scratched the back of his head.

That always worked on Cordy.

But apparently not on Fred, who still stood staring at him expectantly.

“May I?” Fred gestured to the door he was blocking.

“Oh. Right. Sorry,” Angel moved out of her way and gestured for her to continue.

Fred battled against the grin that threatened to steal across her face as she opened her door.

“Cordy?” Fred glanced over her shoulder, nodding to the sizeable visible bulge in the vampire’s pants, “congratulations,” she winked and quickly closed the door behind her.

A burst of laughter erupted out of Cordelia making Angel frown in confusion.

“Congratulations for what?” he asked his still laughing girlfriend who was now making her way down the corridor to their room, “Cordy? What did she mean? Cordelia? Congratulations for what? Cor?”

The End.



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