A Labor of Love.

Title: A Labor of Love
Author: CydneStorm
Posted: 10/7/2005
Rating: NC17
Category: Fluffy smut, hopefully with a little romance
Content: A/C smutty romance, A/C/W friendship
Summary: Almost a PWP. A one chapter deal giving a twist to the ep War Zone.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AA, GTCA, anyone else, please ask.
Notes: One of Sarahk’s fics got me to thinking about David Nabbit’s intrigue with the demon brothel and likely impossible possibilities. But in fantasy everything is real.
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“Mmmm, I miss that smell.” Cordelia unconsciously crooned. It had been far too long since she’d rubbed elbows with the rich and famous, and the room was brimming with an elite list of high rollers. Their host, David Nabbit, one of the wealthiest men in LA could afford the best, but he wanted them. More to the point he wanted Angel, but they were a package deal now. Where Angel goes she goes, even if it required sacrificing her night to attend Mr. Nabbit’s dazzling party.

“Camembert, I believe.” Wesley unwittingly responded.

“What? No…money. I like the smell of a little money once in a while. It helps keep things in perspective.”

“She’s not just saying that.” Angel offered giving Wesley’s shoulder a knowing nudge. “Hide some in the office sometime and watch her; it’s uncanny.”

“Oh, there he is. Mr. Nabbit, hi!” Cordelia greeted reaching out her hand.

“Hi, glad you could come.”

“Thank you for having us.”

“It’s a pleasure. Who are you?”

“I’m Cordelia Chase…we spoke on the phone.”

“Oh! Right! So-so you-you must be Angel.” Mr. Nabbit turned to his anticipated guest, eyes glistening with a hint of awestruck.

“Yes. Pleased to meet you. This is my associate, Wesley.”

“Lovely party.”

“Oh my god, is that Welling Harding?” Cordelia asked, the festive gala luring her from the men’s boring pleasantries.

“I have no idea. I don’t know most of these people. I don’t even talk to them. They come to the party. I think they have fun.” Mr. Nabbit gestured to the waiter presenting a tray of hors d’oeuvres. “These are crab.”

“If this is a bad time we…” Angel interrupted feeling out of place in the swank and overcrowded room.

“Not at all. Miss Chase said you could only meet at night.”

“Yeah, nights are more convenient.”

“She suggested we’d be less conspicuous during the party.”

“Do we even have a case or is this just a ploy to get invited?” Angel turned his back to their questionable client grabbing Cordelia’s attention with a low, raspy growl.

“Of course we have a case. Can I help it if Mr. Nabbit just happens to be hosting a party?”

“Oh no, I’m sure it’s all a big coincidence. We’ll discuss what not to leave out of case notes tomorrow.”

“Fine, whatever you say big guy; but for now you really should be giving your attention to our only paying client.” Cordelia insisted, pressing her hand against Angel’s shoulder and pushing him back into the conversation.

“So Mr. Nabbit; your case?”

“It, uh, somewhat has to do with…blackmail. Are you familiar with Dungeons and Dragons?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen a few.”

“You mean the…ah, role playing game?” Wesley interjected before Mr. Nabbit’s misconstrued reference became an uncomfortable situation.

“Oh…game…right.” Angel lobbed his head to Wesley, sporting a, you’ve got to be kidding me eye roll.

“I used to play a lot in High School. You know, it was cool. You get to be someone else for a while, a wizard, a warrior. The whole world is magic, fighting Troglodytes and romancing exotic demon princesses, and well…it’s a rush!”

“Yes well, as intriguing as it sounds I’m not sure how Angel Investigations can be of service to you.” Wesley questioned.

“Some of us got really into it…especially the demon romance part. And then we heard about this place…where the real…” His voice trailed silent, not sure how to explain his situation. “The guys weren’t joking about getting some tail.”

God the man’s being blackmailed by a prostitute. What’s she gonna do, threaten to tell the world he’s a big fat nerd.

Nose scrunching, Cordelia turned away before anyone could notice the blush of her cheeks. But Angel sensing her casual demeanor stiffen, leaned close whispering against her ear. “Why don’t you go mingle; we can handle this.”

“You sure?” She asked, hands fidgeting uncomfortably at her side. “Cause you know, this used to be my crowd.”

“But not anymore; right?”

Cordelia answered with a mischievous wink and flash of a grateful smile before twirling around to join the festivities. Angel grinned, ogling the sash shay of curvy hips as she glided across the floor; it would only be a matter of minutes before Cordelia Chase owned the room.

“Now you were saying.” Angel returned his attention to the ongoing discussion.

“Nice girl.”

“Nice and girl being the operative words.” Angel clarified, leaning in with an intimidating scowl.

“Uh yea, sorry.” Mr. Nabbit gulped.

“Angel, Mr. Nabbit was filling me in on his situation at Madam Dorian’s.”

“Madam Dorian’s?”

“It’s a demon brothel, in Bel Air I believe. The Watchers Council is ripe with stories about it.”

“You went to a demon brothel?” Angel eyed the man curiously. Even if he only considered it a game, he didn’t seem the type to delve that deep into the demon world.

“Once…or twice…OK twelve.”

“I take it your visits weren’t a secret.”

“Only my friends knew, well at least that’s what I thought.” Mr. Nabbit defended, handing Angel a picture. “My security team identified the guy as Lenny Edwards, they just can’t find him.”

Angel took the picture giving it a quick glance before shoving it into his coat. “We can do better.”

“If – if my stockholders see these pictures…”

“They won’t, but you might want to consider a different source for future entertainment. Wes, I’m gonna find Cordelia.”

Even if her unique scent and sparingly dabbed expensive perfume wasn’t filling the air, Angel could find her by the trail of feminine laughter. This laugh, he’d learned, was reserved for the in-crowd, and one he rarely heard anymore.

“Thought we discussed mingling, not drinking,” Angel whispered from behind, enjoying the soft intake of breath confirming she had been unaware of his approach.

“Just enjoying a little champagne.”

“How much is a little?”

“This is Angel, my boss. Don’t want you confusing him with my father.”

“Funny. Excuse us.”

“Hey!” Cordelia yelped as Angel abruptly pulled her from the small group.

“We need to take off.”

“Oh.” Cordelia answered, her eyes dulling with disappointment.

“Just make sure you leave with Wesley, and I’ll meet you guys back at the office later. Oh, and no more drinking or Daddy might spank.” Angel warned with a low, playful growl.

Hands fidgeting again, Cordelia shifted from foot to foot, refusing to look him in the eye. Angel grinned at the warm blush returning to her cheeks. Unlike the discomfort caused by Nabbit, this one was sweet.


Angel entered Madam Dorion’s establishment, the erotically decorated bordello filled with numerous demon females and pleasure-seeking clientele. He noticed one of the prostitutes reminded him of Jheria, quickly dismissing the thought as he moved further into the room.

His perusal intercepted by an attractively dressed woman, Angel turned to state his business before assumptions could be made.

“Madam Dorion, I presume.”

“We don’t do vampires.”

“I just came to talk.”

“We don’t do that either. Bad for business.”

“You’re discreet, that’s good.” Angel agreed, holding up the picture. “His name is Lenny Edwards; you know him?”

“Discretion is essential in my line of work, so even I knew him I wouldn’t tell you.”

“How discreet would you say it is for one of your clients to be secretly photographed here…and then blackmailed?”


“Bad for business, I guess. You tell me where I can find Lenny Edwards and maybe I just might stop this before word hits the street. I don’t care about the girl, but the man is my client, which makes me care…a little.”

“You should talk to Lina. Lina!” Madam Dorion yelled to a young woman, her head sprouting peacock-like quills instead of hair.

“Oh, he’s a pretty one.” Lina purred running her hands over Angel’s chest.

“He’s a vampire, Lina.”

“Really? Well, I’ll make an exception if your fangs promise to play nice.

Angel felt a warm fluff wiggle up his groin, and closed his eyes promising to make it stop any second now. Don’t want this. Don’t do prostitutes. Nope, don’t need it.

“I have many talents, I just need to be enticed to share them.” Lina cooed, nuzzling her lips against Angel’s neck.

“Don’t tease Cor-” Eyes snapping open, Angel shoved the woman away, shaking his mind clear of pictures best left undeveloped.

“That’s not why he’s here, Lina.”

“Look, ma, no hands!”

Angel released a weary sigh, catching the woman’s tail as it swept another pass across his groin, holding the picture out between them. “I’m looking for this guy, and I think your boss would like you to co-operate.”

“Vampires,” Lina scoffed, “there so moody.”


“This should take care of your fee.” David Nabbit announced handing the check to Wesley.

“I’m in charge of…” Oh my God, we’ve hit the mother lode! “Do you want to touch it before I stuff it in my bra?” Cordelia whispered to Wesley, his empty hand still hanging in the air.

“Good Lord, I think there must be some mistake.”

“Wesley, I’m sure Mr. Nabbit knows how to write a check.”

“There’s no mistake. I believe in rewarding good work.”

“This is amazingly generous, Mr. Nabbit, but we haven’t completed the job.”

“It’s only money, I got sack-fulls, and call me David.”

God yes; a pudgy, unattractive mother lode. “I like David. It’s such a strong, masculine name. It just feels good in your mouth.”

“Mr.-ah-David, you won’t be disappointed. We will earn every cent of your generous confidence in our firm.”

“I’ll just walk Wesley out and be right back.” Cordelia beamed a flirty smile, grabbing Wesley’s arm and tugging him toward the door.

“Feels good in your mouth?”

“I was flustered…and I’ve had a couple glasses of champagne.”

“Is a couple two?”

“Actually a couple is several. I need to practice drinking more. If I’m gonna be partying with professional partiers I’ve got to be able to hold my liquor.”

“Cordelia, what did you mean when you told Mr. Nabbit you’d be right back?”

“It’s David; remember, and I’m staying.”

“Cordelia, I don’t think that’s wise.” Wesley cringed at the thought of telling Angel he’d left Cordelia with their new client, a virtual stranger who partakes of demon brothel pleasures. “No, I’m certain; Angel won’t like it.”

“Well I have an idea Skippy, let’s not tell Dad I sneaked off to a party with boys…and alcohol.”

“Cordelia, please don’t do this to me.” Wesley pleaded.

“Don’t be such a fraidy-cat. Angel’s growl is much worse than his bite. If not I’d been drained dry months ago.”

“Angel bites you!”

“Metaphorical bites, you idiot. And not to be rude or anything, but go… I need to get into boy-slayer mode, and it’s been awhile. …And tell Angel I went home.”

“Cordelia you know I don’t lie well.”

“Then practice makes perfect. Consider this a training drill. Now get out.” Cordelia gave Wesley a shove hustling him through the doorway, quickly closing the door as he stumbled down the steps.


“What do you want?” Lenny Edwards asked.

“Big question; what do I want?” Angel tapped a finger against his chin in feigned concentration. “Love, family, a place to call my own; but you know what?”


“I’m never going to have any of those things, and unless these next few minutes go exactly the way I want them to, neither are you. Where are the pictures of David Nabbit?”

“Never heard of him.”

“You only get one lie. I probably should have mentioned that first.”

“Look pal,” Lenny said patting Angel on the shoulder. “You’re obviously not from around here, but trust me, you do not want to see my bad side.”

“You show me yours…” bones and flesh shifted displaying Angel’s inner demon, “…and I’ll show you mine.”

Angel grabbed the would-be blackmailer ramming him against the car. “OK, so now I’m from around here. In fact, I’m moving in and taking over; understand? I will dog you every night for the rest of your very short life until you give me what I want. Are we clear?”

The man frantically nodded his understanding, grappling with the large hands squeezed around his throat.

“Then we’ll meet back here in an hour.” Angel released Lenny’s throat giving his plump cheek a couple of pats before backing away. “See, this wasn’t so bad.”


Immersed in thought as he traveled the busy boulevard in route to the office, Wesley yelped at the chime of his phone. “Oh Lord, please don’t be Angel.”

Wesley snatched the phone from his pocket giving the button a reluctant press but failing to actually answer the call.


“Ah, Angel; finished already?”

“No, I should have the pictures in about an hour. I hear traffic; you and Cordelia on your way to the office?”

Life is so unfair. Cordelia is being wooed with expensive caviar and champagne; and I’m going to be punished for it. “Yes, I’m driving to the office as we speak.”

“Good; is she mad?”

Wesley gripped the steering wheel tighter, gulping down the lump in his throat. Think man, think. “I can assure you, anger is not an emotion Cordelia is experiencing at the moment.”

“That’s good, let me talk to her.”

Talk to-bloody hell! “I’m afraid… terrified actually …Cordelia is indisposed a the moment.”

“Indis-what are you talking about? You said she wasn’t mad. Wes, tell Cordelia I want to talk to her…now.”

“Alright Angel, I’m going to tell you the truth. Just please promise me you won’t over react.”

“Unless Cordelia is snoring in the backseat we’re way past that promise doing you any good. So spill it Wes.”

“Very well…I left Cordelia with David Nabbit.” Wesley squeezed his eyes shut waiting for Angel’s response; the threat of oncoming traffic the least of his worries.

“You did what! How could you leave her there? The only thing we know about Nabbit other than he’s rich and powerful is his sexual preference. Christ Wes, are you insane?”

Good Lord Angel, calm down. Displaced rage is not the answer.”

“Oh, I’m placing it Wes, believe me.”

“Alright, you’re right. It was a foolish decision on my part. I’m turning around and I’ll call you as soon as Cordelia and I leave Mr. Nabbit’s…together.”

“Don’t bother, just bring me the car. I’ll drop you off at your place then pick up Cordelia myself.”

“But we were planning to meet back at the office.”

“Our meeting’s a man short Wes, in more ways than one. Besides, there won’t be time for a meeting tonight. Just get your ass to the warehouse on Olvera and Sycamore, and don’t make me wait long.”

The barked order ended with a whirring sound followed by a crunching crash, and Wesley swerved across the lanes to catch the next right, ignoring the honking horns and blaring obscenities. Americans can be such crude creatures. “Yes well,” he yelled back, “you may have been cutoff but at least you can anticipate living to see another day.”

“By the time Angel’s finished with me, he’ll have worked out his frustrations. He’ll simply pick up Cordelia and escort her home. He’s always pampering that girl. Probably why she’s such a spoiled brat and I’m always getting in trouble for it.”


Angel kicked the scattered pieces from where they had landed after he hurled his phone against the brick wall. “What the hell does Cordelia think she’s doing?” He angrily muttered, crushing the remaining fragments with his boot. “Cordelia works for me-she does what I say-and I said leave with Wesley-I didn’t ask-I told.”

Cordelia never listens and Wes is right, it is my fault. Rage churned in his gut as he stomped back and forth, recalling their last argument. He had inadvertently laid his bloody weapon on her coat, smearing it with demon goo. Angry, Cordelia had demanded that he pay for having it cleaned, and when he refused, she dropped his favorite sword down the garbage shoot. Instead of making her crawl in after it, he had crawled through the filthy waste and then paid for her coat’s cleaning.

“Well not anymore. It’s time you learned who’s boss little girl.” Angel growled catching sight of Edwards waiting on the hood of his car; a brown envelope clutched in his hands.

“You’re a sneaky son of bitch; aren’t you?”

“Yea, but flattery won’t help you tonight. You have the photographs?”

“Of course,” Lenny sneered, holding up the envelope, “and a little something extra just to show you there’s no hard feelings.”

The gray skinned demon appeared out of nowhere, his heavy fist punching Angel’s face and sending him soaring threw the air.

Sprawled out on the ground, Angel sized up at his attacker. The demon was large and strong; perfect Angel thought. “You have no idea how much I need this.” His voice grated across the air, and Lenny felt a sudden urge to scratch his skin.

Angel flipped to his feet lunging at his opponent in the same leap. The demon roared as bone cracked, his elbow bending backwards until the useless limb fell limp. “Really wish I wasn’t in such a rush, but I have more interesting punishment waiting.” Another crack of bone as his neck snapped and the demon dropped at Angel’s feet.

“The envelope please.” Angel snatched the small package, quickly checking it’s contents before looking over his shoulder at Lenny’s retired bodyguard. “Ever mess with my client again…and I’ll do the same to you. Do we have an understanding.”

“Totally,” Lenny shrieked as he clamored to get inside his car.

“Very nice work,” Wesley offered, shuffling into the passenger seat. I’m sure Mr. Nabbit will be relieved to have these in his possession.”

Wesley yelped, struggling with his seatbelt as the car took off, the force of its speed pressing him against the back of his seat.

“I’m not upset with you Wes. I’m perfectly aware of who’s at fault here.”

Took you long enough to figure it out. “You should handle this situation as you see fit Angel.” He casually suggested, slipping the photos from the envelope. “Oh my!”

“It’s upside down.”

Wesley turned the picture around giving it another look. “Good Lord, I can’t imagine anyone finding that pleasant.”


The car had barely stopped before Angel leaped over the side, stalking toward the entrance. He shoved the butler out of his way and marched inside. “Don’t bother checking the guest list, I’ll only be a minute.”

Standing in the middle of the room his listened, scenting the air. Rage bubbled into fury when Cordelia’s presence wasn’t found on the lower level. His boots pounded over every other rung as he made his way upstairs, and kicking in the closed door he stormed into David Nabbit’s private suite.

Cordelia shrieked at the unexpected intrusion, spilling her glass of red wine down the front of her dress. “Angel, what the-”

“Yours,” Angel barked, slapping the crumpled envelope against the man’s chest.

“Uh…thanks,” David muttered, eyes wide as saucers and mouth gaping.

“Mine,” Angel grasped Cordelia’s arm jerking her from the couch and over his shoulder.

“Angel, what the crap has gotten into you? You’re acting like a maniac.”

Another shriek spewed from red lips as a large, heavy hand landed an unexpected slap across her upturned bottom.

“The next time I tell you to leave with Wesley, you better do as your told. Now tell Mr. Nabbit goodbye.”

“Goodnight David.”


Cordelia grabbed the doorframe, fingers turning white as they pressed into wood trying to slow down Angel’s fast exit. “I had a really nice time.” She called out as her fingers slipped from view, another smack and shrill resonating into the empty space.


“I don’t believe you. Is my humiliation the highlight of your day?” Cordelia fumed, squirming in her seat to find a more comfortable position.

“You don’t find offering yourself in exchange for an expensive night out humiliating?”

“How dare you; just who do you think you are?”

“I thought I was your boss…and friend. I don’t know anymore…and I’m tired of thinking about it. So just shut up!”

“Don’t tell me to shut up-and stop yelling at me.”

“I’m sorry; let’s just ride the rest of the way with a little peace and quiet.”

“Is Wesley meeting us at the office or did you already eat him?” Cordelia asked only to be answered with a rumbling growl.

A lull settled over their bickering and Cordelia finally noticed Angel’s face and the skinned knuckles of the hands gripping the steering wheel. “Was the blackmailer a demon? Did you have to fight him for the pictures?”

“The blackmailer was human, but he had a demon bodyguard; he wasn’t very good at his job though.”

“How do you feel?” Cordelia asked, guilt rising before she could figure out how to justify that nothing was her fault.

“Like I’ve been beaten by a demon twice my size.” Angel whispered, milking the attention to its fullest.

“I’m sorry, but it’s not like I could have protected you. But I am sorry for not being there to patch you up. I know what’ll make you feel better. Want to see the check?” She asked, pulling it from inside her dress and explaining to Angel’s glare. “I didn’t have my purse and wanted to keep it safe.”

Angel tilted his head up, leaning over to get a better look at the check. Ten thousand dollars, not bad for less than two hours of work. “I earned that…me…alone.”

“Well excuse me. My big, strong man went out and earned the money while the little woman stayed home. Old-age values for an-”

“Don’t finish that sentence.” Angel warned, snatching the check and stuffing it into his pocket. “And I don’t have a problem earning the money. The problem is ‘my’ little woman isn’t staying home for ‘her’ man to come home to.”

“OK, something’s wrong with this conversation…and if you’ll stop upsetting me, I’ll figure out what it is.”

“You have no idea, little girl, just how much wrongness I’ve realized about us tonight.” Angel was dead tired. He’d been duped into meeting their client at a party, beaten by a demon, and discovered his over-protective tendency was nothing more than imperfectly disguised jealousy. “And if you think I’m going to deal with it alone…you’re wrong.”

“Well there’s nothing wrong with me, so I won’t be dealing with anything tonight.”

“The night’s still young sweetheart.”

“Except that,” Cordelia accused, shaking her finger at Angel. “You’re off your rocker. Did you bone a blonde while you were out?”

“Stop talking Cordelia, you’re only making it worse.”


“Hush,” Angel rasped, taking his eyes off the road again to cast a warning leer. “I have no problem gagging you. In fact, I might have a scarf in my pocket.”

And I have mace in my purse…which is not here…crap.


“You smell bad.”

“Excuse me?”

“No-not you-the wine; it’s all over your dress.” Angel stuttered, clarifying his blunder. “Take it off and I’ll see if I can get the stain out.”

“Excuse me!”

“Grrrrrrr,” Angel growled. “In the bedroom; take your dress off and leave it in the bedroom. I’ll work on the stain while you shower.”

“Oh, OK.” Cordelia relented.

Once secluded in Angel’s bedroom she quickly shed her dress, tossing it on the bed as she dashed into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

Angel could hear the water running, smell his soap mingling with Cordelia’s distinctive scent before he reached the door.

“Angel, is that you?”

Expecting someone else?

“If my dress is wet, I won’t have anything to put on.”

“You haven’t even finished your shower yet. I’ll find you something and leave it on the bed.” Yea right, you’re on your own sweetheart. Deal with it; I’ve dealt with it all night…hell weeks. Angel plucked the dress from the bed, desperate to escape the luring scene playing in his head.

Lifting the bottle from the counter, Angel studied the brightly covered label. Spot-Be-Gone, works on blood, a little wine shouldn’t be a problem. He saturated the dress with the cleaning solution, concentrating on his task. Just focus on your work. Everything will be back to normal if you keep your mind off Cordelia. Hell, if this is normal, who wants normal? Cordelia’s in my shower…naked…and I’m out here doing her laundry. Angel scrubbed the fabric harder. Focus on the stain. Got to get the stain out. Out damn spot, out. The dress surrendered to its heavy, jerky scrubbing and Angel cringed as the sound of tearing fabric invaded his private hell. Fuck it! Getting cursed with a soul wasn’t punishment…and that perfect bliss clause wasn’t either. They were just neatly placed stepping-stones leading me to the real torment. Angel plucked the ruined dress from the sink, water splattering across floor as he slung it into the trash can. If Cordelia needs something to cover her body with, I’ll give her something.


The spray of water almost drowned out the soft intake of breath as Angel pressed against Cordelia’s backside.

“You-you…you were getting me something to put on.” Cordelia murmured, bracing her palms against the shower wall.

“Hush, no more talking.” Angel took the bath scrunchie, the nylon rope handle slipping from beneath her palm. “You won’t need this anymore, you have me.” His wet breath whispered against her ear.

Her knees felt weak, and Cordelia barely repressed the whimper slipping from her lips. She had dreamed of his kisses, fantasized whether his lips would feel hard and hungry or soft and needy.

Hazel eyes dark with arousal, and rimmed with a shadow of uncertainty peered over a delicately curved shoulder. The narrowed intent of her gaze capable of causing even a masterful lover to fear inadequacy.

The whimper broke free as a finger lifted her face; lips descending, her body shuddered as fantasy became real. Angel jerked her body tighter against him, his tongue pushing her lips apart as it plunged inside.

His mouth slanted over hers, deepening the kiss; his tongue slipping in and out of her mouth enticing her own to join in its dance. He groaned into her mouth, pressing her harder against the wall, the slick tile surface caressing sensitive nipples. Reaching her arms higher, Cordelia clung to his neck fearing she would fall into oblivion. Legs bent, his erection, thick and hard, pressed between her thighs stroking her moist heat.

Angel tasted hot and wild, overwhelming her senses and Cordelia felt the cords of his muscles pressing against her backside. It was dangerous and exciting, the kind of lust only existing in erotic romance novels. Until now, Cordelia marveled, lungs burning and threatening to collapse as Angel instinctively freed her mouth.

“Wes seems to think you have some kind of control over me, making me fall to my knees at your whim. I think he may be right.” Angel dropped to his knees, Cordelia mewling as blunt teeth nibbled her cheeks.

“Admit it Cor,” Angel rasped, two fingers slipping into her wet center, “you like me being possessive. Tell me you belong to me and you want it that way.”

“Oh God,” Cordelia moaned. “Yes, I like it, mmmm I want it.”

“Good girl,” Angel purred, standing up and twirling Cordelia around to face him, her breath hitching when his fingers plunged back inside, his thumb teasing her clit. “I want to watch you cum.”

Cordelia’s body shuddered, breasts throbbing and nipples hardening. Her blood pulsed in anticipation as his fingers slid in and out, short-trimmed nails scraping against the walls of her womb.

“That’s it baby, give yourself to me.” Angel urged, Cordelia writhing above his hand. Legs trembling as her first orgasm hit, Angel fell to his knees, sucking her swollen clit into his mouth. Lifting her thighs over his shoulders, his tongue delved inside lapping up the cream of her arousal.

Angel was off the shower floor in an instant, Cordelia swept into his arms. “My turn,” he husked sprinting toward the bed. She bounced into the fluffy bed covers, Angel following her down and capturing her mouth in smoldering kiss. Cordelia tasted herself in his mouth and their groans collided, sibilating against kiss-swollen lips.

His knees pushed against her thighs, fingers spreading feminine lips as his shaft pressed against her entrance. Cordelia grunted as he pushed inside, and Angel halted feeling the snug resistance, Wilson Christopher’s invasion long forgotten by muscles young and resilient.

“It’s been a while,” Cordelia whispered, uncomfortable now that the action had slowed. “You know since that one time with…”

“Ssshhh, that doesn’t count. He didn’t love you.” Angel kissed her nose then pressed his forehead to Cordelia’s. “Think about how you felt in the shower. I promise you this will be even better. Trust me?”

“Always.” Cordelia smiled, sliding her hands up Angel’s back to caress his shoulders.

Angel pulled out, slowly sliding back in, keeping his thrust slow until he felt Cordelia’s muscles begin to relax. Slipping his hand under her bottom, he lifted slightly shifting the angle of his entry and thrust inside burying his shaft inside her heat.

“God!” Cordelia moaned.


“Nu…uh,” she panted, eyes rolling back until hazel irises almost disappeared.

Angel started a steady pace, penetration deepening and momentum building with each thrust. He felt the fire kindle, burning from the pit of his belly, his sac tightening from his shaft’s slippery scrape through the narrow passage of clinching muscles.

“Christ, so tight…won’t last.” He mumbled against the side of her face.

Cordelia felt the familiar tingle rising from her center, her skin slick with dots of heated sweat. “Don’t try…ready now.” She mumbled back, hips lifting off the bed desperate to match his frantic pace.

Angel slid his knees under him, ravishing Cordelia’s mouth, and throat, and breasts as he plunged in and out, her body rising up to envelope his throbbing shaft with each thrust. Fighting to hold her place, nails dug into his back, the feral growl escalating into a howl of intense pleasure as sharp fangs bit into the tender flesh of her throat.

Cordelia wrapped her legs above his hips, a scream of pleasurable pain trapped in her throat. Muscles clinched uncontrollably, trapping his shaft inside her burning heat; and Angel roared as his climax erupted burning him from the inside out. His cool release filling her hot core, Cordelia grunted, Angel moving in slow, lazy thrusts as her own culmination subsided.

Easing out of her with a hiss, he rolled onto his side taking Cordelia with him, and throwing a limp leg over her hip, wrapped her in his arms.

“That was good.”

“Mmmm,” Cordelia hummed, her faced nuzzled against his chest. “We should go to parties more often.”

“Don’t…if we talk, we’ll argue. I’m tired, I’m sated, and God forbid, I’m content. So go to sleep and we’ll talk in the morning.”

“OK, whatever you say. See, I always do what I’m told.”

“Liar,” Angel purred giving Cordelia’s butt a gentle pinch. “You will be the death of me woman.”

“Maybe, but at least you’ll die happy.”

“That’s true.”

Angel would tell Cordelia in the morning he had ruined her dress. It would give them something to argue about.

The End


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