Cordy the TV Star. 14-15

Part 14

“’Increasing unstable mental state’ ‘ babbling idiot’-“ Lindsay said scornfully repeating Lilah’s earlier words describing Angel.

“He was having a good night. A rare good night.” Lilah countered, throwing a file and tape on Lindsay’s desk. “This is Angel the majority of the time. His mental state IS deteriorating.”

“I could tell when he threatened you so succinctly,” pushing the items back towards the woman.

Lilah sighed, rolling her eyes. “There is no way that the vampire portrayed in these tapes and reports is suddenly sane. If he’s coherent, it’s temporary.” Lilah insisted.

“Temporary, would’ve been long enough to have your neck snapped, Lilah. Those reports are irrelevant, these are the important ones.” He threw a folder on the desk.

Lilah fingered through the papers. “The discrepancies in the balance of power are increasing.” Lilah looked up. “You agree with Holland, that it’s the connection between the vampire and Cordelia Chase that’s the cause.”

“It is seeming more and more probable. They knew each other in Sunnydale, came to LA at approximately the same time, which was the same time of the mystical insurgence- separated the balance was shifting in our favor, Angel was no threat, together it’s going the other way and the vampire seemed pretty coherent last night.” Lindsay tapped his pen against the desk.

“They need to be separated again.”

The other lawyer nodded staring at his moving pen. “Her stalker mentions other dimensions.”

Lilah sat on the corner of the desk. “Do you think the mystical surging was caused by interference from another dimension? Is her stalker trying put things back to normal?”

“Normal? Lilah, this isn’t normal, normal was what would’ve happened if the surge never appeared. I don’t have any idea what the stalker wants….”

“Do you have the love notes?”

Lindsay pulled out some more papers from his desk. Lilah leafed through them. “He wants his Princess. Jesus. The bimbo nobody is a Princess and a TV star? What do these words mean?” Lilah pointed. “Moira…Kyerumption…” Lilah turned the letters over. “These aren’t copies.”

“Intercepted them before Cordelia found them.” Lindsay shrugged, pointing to the papers. “The linguists are working on it. But so far no match to any known demon or other language.”

“Have we been messing with any dimensions lately?”


“How would a ‘champion’ from another dimension even know about Cordelia Chase? What- he’s got a satellite dish?”

“If we ever find him, I’ll be sure to ask.”

“Well, if this loon is from another dimension and wants his lady love- I say help him carry her back into a swirling black hole. Keep America’s darling twit away from ‘our’ champion, let her play with the one that wants her.”

“Interesting concept, Lilah. Do you have any black hole in mind.”

Lilah shrugged. “If there’s a portal around that we didn’t create, somebody did and I’ve an idea on how to find out.”

“I’m listening.”

“A while back a certain Professor inquired about the possibility of portals and dimensions- sold his soul for the ability to send his more special students into never never land- professional jealousy to the extreme. I think some one should talk him. See, if he’s been getting rid of any competition lately.”

“If a portal has opened it’s come and gone- the notes are here. One would assume, the ‘champion’ of the other dimension’ was too.”

“Then why is Miss Starlet still here and not reigning Princess over his home dimension?”

Lindsay studied the female lawyer with something less than his usual disdain. “I suggest we ask the Professor for a conference.”

Part 15

Cordelia stretched in the bed. Wow. She hadn’t felt this relaxed in forever. Cordelia shot up. She made love to Angel. Angel- the vampire with a soul. Cordelia flopped back down on the bed, remembering.

Double wow and oh my god. It had been pretty damn amazing and totally mind boggling in concept. Hell, in execution too. Cordelia curled over to her side. Where was the vampire? Cordelia shot up again as she noticed the bright very bright morning sun shining through the many bare windows of her bedroom.

Cordelia jumped to her feet, grabbing the sheet, looking frantically for any signs of dust piles. She would’ve woken up if the vampire burst into flames wouldn’t she? Cordelia slammed onto her stomach leaning over the edge of the mattress, trying to see under the bed and the floor around her.

Oh my god, how was she going to explain to Wesley that she made love to Angel all night and the let him combust. She jumped off the bed scanning the lush carpet, grabbing a shirt off the chair and shoving her arms in it.

“Angel,” she whispered walking out into the bright sunny hall. Oh god, why did she design the place with so many god damn windows. Please, don’t let the vampire be dust. Vampires knew to get out of the sun, didn’t they? She squeezed her eyes shut. If they didn’t she’d probably have to tell Buffy.

Oh man. The slayer would kill her. Sure, Angel and Buffy may have been broken up- but Cordelia didn’t think Buffy would take the news too well. Angel wasn’t supposed to die after making love- only other people. Angelus, maybe he turned into Angelus and left…not killing her but running too Sunnydale to go after Buffy.

Yeah. No. Maybe he just ran out on her. Got is nookie and left. That could work. Cordelia would much rather be righteously angry than responsible for the vampire’s dust buster condition. Cordelia bit her lip staring at each step as she descended buttoning the shirt close. Cordelia paused looking at the shirt. Man’s white tuxedo shirt.

Okay, if Angel left, he did it without his shirt. Cordelia scrunched up her face. Maybe he was just really in a hurry to leave her- full of broody regrets and stuff. She could hope.

Cordelia peeked around the corner into the living room. The morning light was blocked from the room by the large wooden shutters covering the expansive windows. Whew, she didn’t remember closing them but at least one room in the damn place was dark.

She looked around. “Angel?” Cordelia searching the corners and then bent down looking at the floor, under the couch, picking up a cushion, looking everywhere for Angel or his remains.

Angel leaned up against the doorframe admiring the long legs showing under the material of his shirt and wondering what in the world Cordelia was doing. Best he could figure by the way she was whispering his name was that she was searching for him-but under cushions?


“EEK,” Cordy jumped squealing at the voice and presence immediately behind her. “Don’t do that, give me a heart attack why don’t you?” she glared and then grabbed Angel in a tight hug. “You’re not dust.” She said happily.

“No.” Angel pulled away holding her shoulders.

“I woke up and you weren’t there, sun, windows. Sorry about no curtains.” Cordelia shrugged. “I didn’t kill you.” She hugged him again.

“Not for lack of trying last night, though.”

Cordelia reddened looking at the small smirk that accompanied the words. “You’re not evil? You just made a joke.”

Angel frowned. He had a sense of humor with a soul too. “I….”

“Stammer, good. Figured so, no love right.” Cordelia smiled up at the vampire.

Angel’s frowned deepened. “Cordelia…”

“Pooh, Angel, no one wants you evil.” Cordelia shivered. “No love, is good.” Cordelia peered up to the vampire a teasing smile dancing on her lips. “But maybe just a little bit of joy or something similar?”

Angel reached out, brushing at strain of dark hair. “Something like that, something very much like that.” Angel sighed, staring at the young woman. God, she was beautiful and last night had been more than unexpected it had been something close to miraculous.

It wasn’t even that Cordelia Chase was a generous and welcoming lover, she was, she accepted with amazing ardor each of his touches and thrusts. It was that she had done so knowing exactly what he was. Angel’s encounter with Cordelia had been full of warmth, extreme pleasure and surprising laughter.

It had been fun and in a very impossible way it had seemed right as if he found a missing part of himself in those few hours of warm intimacy. Angel didn’t understand, all he knew was that he hadn’t wanted to leave the young body wrapped around him but Angel had sensed the rising sun and to stay would’ve been fatal.

“Yeah, it was wasn’t it,” Cordelia’s teasing turned into a beautiful blush.

Angel leaned in wanting to feel the warmth again.

Cordelia jerked away. “Do I smell food? Eggs. You cook? You were cooking? You can cook? Do you eat? You can? I had eggs? I smell coffee.” Cordelia searched around Angel’s body towards the kitchen looking for the source of the tantalizing smells.

Angel smiled. “Yes, to all of the above. Hungry?”

“Starving. Wow. I can’t cook. Marie must’ve gone to the store yesterday. Marie’s my maid. Is it ready?” She pushed past the vampire.

Angel kept his smile, wishing that he had waited a little longer before exploring her kitchen. “Sit,” pointing to the marble counter.

Cordelia happily sat on a stool watching as the vampire went back to the stove. Surrealism again. The handsome vampire with a soul was standing barefoot, shirtless in her kitchen cooking omelets. Cordelia blew out a deep breath. That was one sexy sight. She had made love to that. Whoa.

“Are you done yet,” Cordelia rested her chin on her elbow.

“Patience, Cordelia.” Angel said over his shoulder.

“I don’t know if you picked up on it, but patience when I want something isn’t my strongest trait.”

“I picked up on it.” Angel smiled flipping the omelet. He sure and hell felt it. Any patience Cordelia may have had in making love had disappeared as soon as her hesitation had.

Cordelia looked up. “Yeah,” staring at the apparent scratches on the strong back facing her. “Sorry,” she winced.

Angel moved the iron skillet to an unlit burner, walking over to the counter. “You’re sorry,” he questioned, his stomach clenching. Was Cordelia regretting her passionate responses?

She waved towards the scratches also apparent on the muscled chest. Good lord, she gave the vampire a hickie, more than one. God, was she 16 again? “Sorry.”

Angel looked down to where she indicated. He smiled at the evidence of her enthusiastic lovemaking. Cordelia had marked him. His smile turned into confusion why did that make him happy.


The vampire shot his eyes up, to the questioning ones of the young woman. His smile returned. Angel reached over to the young woman, gently moving the collar of his shirt away from her neck and chest. “I guess we’re even.”

Cordelia looked down. “Hey, you gave me a hickie.”

“Hey, you gave me more than one.”

“Right.” Cordelia moved the vampire’s hand away, looking down her shirt. “There’s one on my stomach, too.”

Angel shrugged, still smiling. “Hungry?”

“I told you I was. Hmmph.” Cordelia pulled the shirt tight around her.

Angel put the omelet on the counter.

“Aren’t you going to eat? You said you could.”

“I can, but it doesn’t fill me up.”

“Oh.” Cordelia dropped her fork. “I don’t have any blood for you.” Cordelia bit her lip. “Are you hungry? You’re not going to snack on me, buster.”

Angel frowned until he saw the twinkle in her eyes. “I’m fine. I called Wesley, as soon as Gunn gets here, I’ll go home and get blood.”

“It’s daytime.”

“I’ve my car and maybe you’ll let me have a blanket.”

“So, you’re going to leave, uh.”

“I’ll be back.”

Cordelia stared, her face scrunched up.

“What is it?”

Cordelia furrowed her brows to accompany her wrinkled nose. “I..” Cordelia bit her lip. Angel would think she was crazy. Except he hadn’t before. “Angel, I don’t think this is right.”

Angel’s stomach did more than clench it tightened into a complicated choking fist. “Cordelia, I’m sorry…”

“Sorry?” the furrow brow was gone leaving surprise. “Sorry for what?”

“For…” Angel looked up at the young woman. “You weren’t talking about us…last night…not being right,” Angel got out after a few unsuccessful attempts.

Cordelia studied the vampire, she hadn’t been but now that he mentioned it. “It..I wasn’t but, Angel it isn’t but it was, does that make any sense. I was talking about everything – like this, you cooking and me eating. It feels right, almost familiar- a deja vu, but how can that be…you’ve never cooked for me before, I never knew you could cook. And well, last night, didn’t feel familiar but it did feel right but not. I’m not making any sense am I?”

Angel thought about what she was saying, it was reminiscent of what she said the night before. He was just grateful that she wasn’t reacting the same way. She wasn’t rejecting him, just questioning. “I…” Angel stopped. “Are you expecting someone?” Angel moved around the marble counter closer to Cordelia facing the door.


“Cordy,” Nevin said opening the door and entering.

Cordelia shot a hand to the vampire. “It’s okay. I was. Nevin.”

Nevin blinked, taking in the scene. Cordy sitting at the counter wearing nothing but a man’s dress shirt and the man that it obviously belonged to was standing protectively next to her, in nothing but tuxedo pants.

“I’m interrupting…” Nevin cleared his throat in surprise. Cordy wasn’t one to sleep around. Nevin shrugged. Last night, the private investigator had seemed more interested in Cordelia than just a job warranted. Cordy must have noticed and appreciated it. Nevin studied the couple, looking down at the newspaper in his hand, thinking about the picture in the entertainment section.

The camera had loved Cordelia and her private investigator or what the reporter had labeled ‘America’s Sweethearts Mysterious Date’. Nevin’s mind worked overtime thinking of the publicity for his charge- the press was dying to have Cordelia involved in a relationship and those two did look hot together.

“Yeah, but it’s okay. What do you got?” Cordelia glanced at the bundle of mail in her assistant’s hand.

“Fan mail, gone through and checked no scary notes,” Nevin said for the benefit of Angel, who seemed ready to pounce on the mail. “Picture of you and Angel and your article came out.” Nevin held up the paper and a copy of a fashion magazine.

“Great pictures, the article read well, I think it’s okay. Um, you might want to take a look at the poll at the end of it though.”

“Poll, what poll? Gimme” Cordy held out her hand.

Nevin handed her the magazine.

Cordelia flipped through the pages, skimming the words. Her nose wrinkled up. “Geez, my hair again?” Her eyes widened, “32% polled think I’m fat. Last year, they thought I had anorexia. Now I’m fat.” Cordelia looked down at her body. “Am I fat?” Cordelia raised her gaze to Angel.

“Fat?” Angel was completely clueless. “Fat?” he repeated. Angel touched Cordy’s body all night and it wasn’t fat. Cordelia was wonderfully curvy, plush, trim, strong and damn limber. He looked again. It was perfect, though, he would’ve been happy with a bit more golden flesh to fondle and caress.

“You think I’m fat, too.” She glared. “Shoot,” grumbling looking back at the poll. Her eyes shot up. “I bet you’re part of the 67% that think I should let my hair grow long again. Damn, I got rid of the highlights what more do they want?”

Angel gulped, shaking his head. “Perfect.”

“Body or hair?” She narrowed her eyes.


Cordelia pursed her lips, wrinkling her nose. “Hmmph. Is that all Nevin? Any other flaws in the morning mail.”

“You didn’t get to the last question did you?” Nevin shifted on his feet.

“Uh.” Cordelia scanned the poll, searching. “I’m too sexy for ‘Cordy’” Cordelia’s eyes shot up. “What kind of question is that? What do they want from me? I’m truly beginning to hate this- last poll- I wasn’t. I give up.” Cordelia threw the magazine on the counter. “Anything else?”

“Um, the Breast Cancer shoot is in three hours, the studio wants you back no later than an hour after that.”

“Hmmph. Okay. Go away.”

“Cordy, we…”

“No, we don’t, whatever you were going to say. Go. Bye.”

Part 16

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