Cordy the TV Star. 16-17

Part 16

Cordelia moved her fork around in her eggs. “Angel?”


“When is Gunn coming over?”

“Wesley said he was going to pick up some books that Wesley needed to research the notes, I gave him the contents of the last. Probably an hour.”

“How do you research a note? Hmmph. An hour.” Cordelia nodded, shoving her plate away. “So, I guess you’ll want your shirt back, uh.”

“I’ll need it when I leave.”

Cordelia nodded,” But you’re not leaving for an hour, so perfect, uh?”

Angel looked at the graceful fingers unbuttoning his shirt, slowly exposing golden perfection. His body tensed as his mind deciphered Cordelia’s actions. Angel was going to be able to touch and taste again. “Bed covered in sun. You don’t believe in curtains, do you?”

Cordelia shrugged the shirt to the floor. “I’m beginning to, I guess we can’t leave downstairs.”

Angel’s eyes darkened, moving slowly giving the woman a chance to change her mind. But she wasn’t moving. Well, she was but not running away. Angel caught her waist in his hands covering the flesh as helped her off the stool.

“Cordelia, you don’t believe those polls do you?” Angel gazed up into her eyes.

“It doesn’t matter what I believe, not really, the fans that answer those things are the ones that pay my bills. They think I’m fat, I’m fat, they think my last haircut sucks, I change it,” Cordelia shrugged. “It’s the price I pay to be here, that’s all.”

“That’s not right.”

“Yes, no, maybe, but the truth is….I’m in the entertainment business and the days of an actress saying screw you all and let me do my craft are gone, well, they are if you want to be rich, popular and famous.” Cordelia shrugged. “Now, it’s all advertising and ratings and that is publicity and what people want. And, honestly, I’m a celebrity rather than an actor. Vanessa Redgrave, I’m not.”

“And you’re okay with that you? That’s not you.”

Cordelia looked at the vampire moving away, turning slowly, a sad smile on her face. “Of course it is.” She waved down her body. “All my life, I’ve played to the crowds, at first just my parents, then their friends, then the kids at school, I was what I was because it was expected. And I was good at it. Now, on a broader scale the public that writes me letters and make my show a hit, expect something, so, I’ll give it too them. That’s what I am. Why aren’t we making love?”

Angel stepped back resisting the urge to grab her in his arms. He wanted to feel her warmth. But, he wasn’t sure about this. Cordelia had said something wasn’t right. And in this instant Angel really had to agree with her. The woman he had enjoyed and wanted was the one that made him smile, the one that had showed independence, strength and sensuality, not the one that bowed to what was expected. That wasn’t the Cordelia Chase he knew. But did he even know her. He wanted to.

“Are you offering yourself because you think I expect it?”

“Geez, what- it’s now your turn to be hesitant and flighty. I want you because I just…want you. That’s all.”

Angel gazed at the young woman. So much in those hazel, glittering eyes. So much hidden, so much expressed. Angel suddenly realized he wanted it all. Angel reached out again, pulling the young body towards him. “I want you. I need you as you really are, not what you think is expected.” He growled, leaning into her lips, devouring the taste that he experienced the night before.

Cordelia urged her tongue and lips to meet Angel’s desire. Her hands moved up against the solid chest. She leaned in closer at Angel’s growl as her fingernail rubbed his male nipple. She giggled as Angel pushed her up into his arms, her legs automatically wrapping around his waist.

She whimpered as she held on. Angel moved them both towards the long couch.

“Angel.” Cordelia asked softly as she was deposited on the leather furniture. Her body lay out, but Angel just knelt on the floor leaning over her.

“Shh” Angel lifted a hand. “Fat?” he laughed, his tongue brushed against her lower lip. Angel laid a hand at Cordelia’s neck, his palm and fingers trailing down along her soft skin. “Not, fat, not skinny, very nice, very perfect, see,” Angel urged Cordelia to look at his hand playing and cupping the full breast then moving as he pulled, tugged and fondled the layer of delectable flesh over the firm muscle of her stomach. Angel breathed in as he nuzzled into Cordelia’s belly. “It’s so soft, so strong, so warm. Perfect.” He murmured as he nuzzled again.

Cordelia blinked at the dark head rubbing against her. His voice sounded so sure so sad. She didn’t want him to be sad. It…was…Cordelia didn’t know. She just knew that she didn’t want the vampire to be sad. It tugged at something deep inside her. Cordelia pulled at his hair. “Angel, come back to me,” she whispered, urging his face to hers. “I…it will be alright.”

Angel let her move him. Back to the those lips, lips that were soft and giving, ones that broke out into the most enticing smile the one that said the right words. Angel needed to possess them; maybe then he could find their wisdom.

“I want to be in you, I want to feel every part of you.” Angel growled, all pretense gone, if it was ever there.

Cordelia grabbed his jaw, her smile slight. “You’re waiting for?” her eyes twinkled.

“Nothing, I guess.” Angel smiled lunging, covering her body, guiding the long legs that had already moved to surround him. “ Cordy?”

“Now you become Mr. Motor-Mouth?”

Angel chuckled deep in his throat or maybe it was a growl as his thrusts filled the young woman to the core.

Cordelia gulped clutching her legs moving her hips.

Angel met the movement, his thrusts creating a rhythm that Cordelia complemented. Angel wanted to yell out at the sounds of the gasps and whimpers vibrating in the woman as her body squeezed and teased him relentlessly.

He leaned up trying to slow down, he was ready to burst and give in totally to the woman. Angel licked his lips and withdrew.

“Angel,” Cordelia gasped.

“Shh, baby,” Angel kissed her forehead quickly, and then descended down her body with speed and purpose. He gasped, suckling at the warm center that he found. Angel clinched as the warm nectar sipped onto his tongue. He used the delicate folds for his pleasure as he made sure that the young woman’s whimpers increased and became more wanton. This was almost perfect. Angel moved, ignoring Cordelia cry at the loss, he centered over her thrusting again.

Angel growled as his name screamed out on the woman’s lips and her thighs clenched tightly against him, her center violently shuttering around him.

Cordelia stopped her scream against Angel’s chest. Her body trembled, as Angel’s thrusting finally crushed her with his spent body.


Angel’s head jerked off the soft cushion at the sound of knocking.

“Gunn.” Cordelia said with a deep sigh.

Angel groaned and hid his head back into the pillow of Cordy’s malleable breasts.

Cordelia giggled. “He’s getting impatient.”

“I’m annoyed.”

Cordelia laughed. “Move you big lug.” Cordelia squirmed from underneath the larger body.

Angel grunted rolling off the softness.

Cordelia scooted away. “Shoes and jacket upstairs protected by the sun.” She shot over her shoulder as she ran up the stairs.

Angel sat on the floor his back against the couch watching the sun leave him. Angel wondered if the young woman knew how appropriate that tattoo was. He sighed and grabbed at his clothes.

He glanced at the door. Gunn was yelling now.

He jerked as his shoes and jacket came flying down the stairs.

He picked them up as he went to the door.

“Angel.” Gunn stomped in. “Is everything all right?” Gunn looked around the darkened room. “Wes said you sounded sane.”

“No other problems,” Angel said safely from door’s shadow.

“Cool. Where’s Cordy?”

“Upstairs. Did Wesley find out anything?”

“Naw, he couldn’t find any translation to the words. He’s back at the apartment re-reading for the millionth time the books on other dimensions that I was ordered to get. This shit is weird.”


Both men looked up as Cordelia descended into the room, blood red silk wrapping her body.

“Are you telling me that my stalker isn’t your everyday crazy-type? Damn. I wanted him to be everyday crazy. Hmmph.”

Gunn coughed. “Don’t know, but Wes thinks the possibility exists.”


Cordelia handed Angel a blanket. “In case of sunburn.”

“Thank you.” Angel took the blanket and his shoes back to the sofa. Once full dressed he got up. “Gunn…”

The other man nodded. “I saw a garage. Cordy could you open it.”

“Uh. OH, sure.” Cordelia went to a panel in the kitchen. “Um. Here,” she scrambled through a drawer. “It’s kind of full.” Handing the black man a key. “You’ll need to move one of the cars, if you want to bring Angel’s in.”


Cordelia waited until Gunn disappeared back outside before she went to Angel. “I guess you won’t need the blanket then.”

Angel shook his head. “I don’t think you should go out.”

Cordelia raised her brow. “Well, I do, I’ve commitments.”

“Gunn will go with you.” Angel scowled.

“Fine.” Cordelia glared at the vampire’s expression then relented to a small questioning smile. “But, you’re protecting me tonight right?”

Angel didn’t say a word; he just moved encompassing the young woman in his arms, answering her question with a deep kiss.

Cordelia stepped back, her tongue rubbing her lips. “Good.” She smiled.

Angel studied the woman, his hand on the tie of her robe. “You ARE trying to kill me.”

“Oh, you like it.” She motioned to her garment.

Angel moved to bring the smiling woman closer and stopped as he heard Gunn’s footsteps.

“Tonight.” Angel growled grabbing his jacket and heading for the door the other man beckoned him to.

Part 17

“Did you believe him?” Lilah asked.

“I think that final scream there in the end convinced me. Torture, Lilah? Wasn’t that just a bit over the top? He’s a client.”

“Professor Sidel hadn’t been a client for years. Anyway, had to be sure.” Lilah perched on the corner of Lindsay’s desk flipping through an old book. “So, the Professor hasn’t been playing ‘hide the promising student in a swirling hole’ in awhile and he hasn’t shared his ‘hobby’ with anyone else.”

“The clairvoyants have tracked recent hot spots-though, none strong enough to support the contention of a large portal opening. The last one they sensed of any strength was about six months ago.”

“Maybe the stalker popped through then and can’t find the way home with his princess, thereby curing his frustration by writing badly composed little notes.”

“Possible, or maybe he’s using the small breaks in the hot spots for mail delivery until he can open a larger portal.”

“We could sit here and speculate all day. We need a plan of action- Holland’s getting impatient.”

“Don’t tell me what I already know, I’m not one of your boy toy assistants, remember that.” Lindsay retorted. “Look, Cordelia’s been watched ever since the first letter showed up and there has been no sign of any one following her or watching her. The stalker can’t be in this dimension, one of our men would’ve seen him.”

Lilah flipped through the book again. “If he’s trying to open a portal, let’s help him,” holding up the book. “The Professor’s book is full of equations.”

“We don’t know what dimension or equation.”

“Do them all, starting with the ones he’s used most recently. The Professor has been fiddling with dimensions for the past 6 years, only stopping within the last year, must have had an exceptionally below par class the last couple of semesters. Chances are one of those portals some how brought the allure of Ms. American Pie to the attention of the stalker. If we’re lucky, maybe he’ll pop out and we can hand him Cordelia and say bye bye to her and whatever connection she has with the vampire with a soul.”

“Luck.” Lindsay shook his head.

“Do you have a better idea?”

“No.” Lindsay conceded.

Lilah nodded. “How’s it going on the other front?”

“Not too bad. But it will take more than a few unflattering articles to put a dent in her popularity. Rebecca Lowell has been some help.”

“That 20 year old wanna be is still around?”

“Fighting age like the classy lady she isn’t. More than willing to spread trite and gossip for a youth restoration spell.”

“She does know that those spells are only temporary and the body is older when the magic wears off.”

“That’s my problem, how?” Lindsay raised a brow. “The real help are the reporters that will do anything for money.”

“Not that I care, but how will damaging Cordelia’s career help us?”

“She was a mega-star without Angel’s presence in her life, with it she’s plummeting. Maybe she’ll break the connection herself.”

“You’re assuming she has the brains to figure it out the correlation.”

“I’ll agree that Cordelia Chase is no rocket scientist. But, she does have an instinct for survival and popularity. She’ll figure it out.”

Part 18

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