Betrayal. Book Two. 18-20

Part 18

Angel slowly got to his feet. He went silently through the darkness of the hotel until he reached the sewer entrance.


Angel stood in the darkest corner of Cordy’s room staring at the beautiful woman her arms curled in the pillow and her legs sprawled wide and loose on the bed. Angel would give his soul to be able to just crawl in between and rest forever. But he couldn’t.

He moved sitting on the edge of the bed, his hand reaching for the smooth shoulder laid bare to his touch. “Cordy.”

“Angel?” Cordy squinted and moved to sit up.

“I couldn’t sleep.” He brushed the tendrils that covered her sleepy face.

“Oh. Nightmares, still.”

“You weren’t there.”

“Come here,” she scooted patting at the bed.

“No. Anita’s now, please.” His fingers teasing up the length of her arm. “Please. I need you, now.”

“Angel, I…okay.” she smiled, caressing his solemn face. “If it will get that brood look off your face.”



Wesley sat at the table studying the spell Wolfram & Hart used to possibly break the enchantment. From its content it seemed of Lilliad in origin. But, if that were true it would only affect any ‘no’ violence portion of the enchantment. ‘No’ violence couldn’t be what protects Angel’s soul that would only protect Cordelia if he did lose it.

Wesley didn’t understand, the Enchanted Room maximizes pleasure, not at all a safe thing for Angel to experience with Cordelia. Yet, obviously, the enchantment worked. Wesley needed to get a copy of the exact spell. Wesley glared at the phone, he wanted to rush out to Anita’s now and force the brothel owner to give him the information she wouldn’t give him over the phone. Wesley pondered the material again and then looked at his watch for umpteenth time.

Part 19

“How much time do we have,” Cordy asked.

“As long as we need.” Angel held her hand pulling her into the enchanted room.

“That could be for a very long while,” Cordelia smiled and then frowned as she looked around. “Hey, Anita took away all the furniture except the bed. Hey, is that a new bed?”

“I guess unbridled lust was getting expensive.” Angel grabbed her arm, drawing her attention back to him.

“Hmmph.” Cordelia turned back into Angel’s chest. “So now what? There goes all your fantasies. You’ll have to think of more.”

“I’ve plenty.” Angel smiled, drawing his hands up to the crown of her head, slowly caressing down parting the strains of her hair with his fingers, breathing in deeply catching every ounce of flavor that was the woman before him.

Tenderly with great care, he caressed down her shoulders along her arms, taking time, the pads of his fingers pressing into the flesh to ensure that what he sensed was real.


“Shh, #1, slow-just loving you,” his hands kept traveling feeling along underneath her arms as he lifted in the air; with palm and fingertips Angel tugged at the material of her shirt, pulling it up over her head.

Angel’s callous thumbs padded the softness underneath lace, while his dark stare captured the hidden breasts.


“Shh, Cordy, I can figure it out, just let me undress you, let me love you, now shush.” He whispered.

“I….” Cordy shifted slightly, feeling ridiculously nervous as his eyes caressed and the softness of his voice surrounded her.

“Shh.” Angel’s hands traveled back up to her shoulders, sliding the material off the shoulders, planting small kisses at the smoothness bared.

The lace fell on the floor between their bodies. Wide thumbs came back to the breast pushing small circles around the tips, pressing them into hard points. A cool tongue joined the thumbs, causing Cordelia gasp and jerk.

A palm went immediately went to the sun and steadied Cordelia’s stance. Cordelia closed her eyes losing herself in the sensations, palms, finger, blunt nails, lips, teeth and tongue were all bombarding her skin, swirling, pressing, igniting. Goosebumps appeared as cool air hit her lower body and embers burnt within, her hands went to broad strong shoulders as each leg was lifted and uncovered. The hands remained clutched as the sensation moved lower.

Angel took his time, living in the moments of each piece of skin he touched and tasted. He needed every flavor, scent, smoothness, beauty, gasp imprinted forever in his senses. With care and love he made Cordelia’s essence his own.

Angel knelt, smooth hands in the dip of her waist his face nuzzled in her belly rubbing marking her body with his scent and taste and that’s how he carried her, Cordelia’s legs tight around his torso, his mouth tasting her skin.

Angel lifted up from the bed, divesting his own clothes with much less care and a lot more speed, his eyes never leaving the beautiful woman on the bed. He moved slower as he slid up along her pliant body, his weight pushing Cordelia further into the mattress, his larger frame covering the smaller more supple one. With gentle sure movement he widened the access and entered the warmth, still slow and gentle.

Cordelia whimpered at each long thrust. Angel’s pelvic and base of his penis struck and stroked her with every smooth push. The rhythm was steady, not hard, not soft just steady hitting its goal every time. It was the tick of a clock, the chiming of a bell, the blows of a hammer in a master craftsman’s hands, a drip from a faucet, never deviating never pausing just sparking contact continuously at the same incessant pace. It was driving her crazy. Cordelia tried to claw at his back to force him to move quicker, harder, his hands thrust her flaying hands overhead locking them to the bed.

She tried to buck her hips but his stronger ones kept her in place. She tried to kiss up at his face, but Angel moved slightly, never allowing contact. Her blurry hazel eyes pleaded with her voice to the unyielding gaze of deep brown. The wave building inside her advanced at the same relentless pace, never jarring but slow and sweet and unbearable as it grew spreading and pushing up at her skin. Cordelia needed it to end unless she burst at every nerve. Her gasps became whimpers of need. She gulped her tears in relief as the brown stare lowered leaning down to taste her tears with his lips, whispering words to soothe.

“Shh, honey, follow it through, you can go higher, don’t fight it, just feel it,” hands as calming as the kisses and words caressed tense skin. Relaxing the body as the inner pleasure pulsated with each rapid heart beat, drawing out the pleasure bringing it to a high-prolonged peak.

“Angel, please,” Cordelia choked.

“Shh, baby, you can take just a little bit further,”

Cordelia’s head writhed on the bed, tears falling. Angel leaned in again, capturing her mouth, his tongue thrusting in the same rhythm. Cordelia whimpered into his mouth, her nails creating small blood spots on the hard shoulders, urging him to end it to let her crash to the ground.

Angel’s palm smoothed down the tightening flesh reaching their joining, his knowing finger joined his thrusts, not in accompaniment but in contradiction. The conflicting pressure brought a scream to Cordelia’s lips, the scream turned to a choke as the both pressures went away suddenly and her inner contractions of relief halted, the spiraling crash wavered in ache. Cordelia clawed cool skin as the pressure rebuilt soaring this time, as Angel’s nicked and teased at the hot extended bud between her folds. Angel kissed at the swollen red lips of her center, not stopping until he felt the jerk of the contractions begin again.

Cordelia let out a gasp of breath at the emptiness. Angel was up and back in her before she could whimper at the loss of contact. “Angel” crying, her nails like spikes in his back.

“Now, together, Cordelia,” Angel groaned bucking and thrusting in no rhythm just moving to finding purchase. Cordelia held tighter lifting her hips frantically, squeezing and pumping, deferring her own need for release to push Angel closer. What was once silent lovemaking became vigorous, sounds of slapping sweaty flesh driving towards mutual gratification vibrated in the room. The measured pleasure that had built up in Cordelia that had see sawed with such unbearable bliss plummeted into a choked cry as Angel jammed into her once again, setting off his own shout of completion. Cordelia fell into the mattress her body spent and limp, Angel fell harder his shuddering weight digging her in deeper.

Cordelia hands still lay around the solid back, no longer clawing but caressing her moist face rubbing ragged breaths up into Angel’s chest.

Angel shifted, moving slightly keeping her close.

“Angel,” Hazel eyes fluttered at the dark heavy stare.

“Shh, rest for now, we’ve plenty of time,” he whispered. “I love you.”

“Me, too,” she huddled, her body still tingling, half on him and half on the mattress.

Angel closed his eyes and waited. Hearing her gentle smooth breaths, he got up and went to stand up against the wall, arms across his chest.

He waited for what seemed like an eternity and went back to the bed. He sat, caressing, urging Cordelia to awake. He couldn’t help but smile at the Cheshire cat grin Cordelia gave him as she fluttered her eyes open. “Hi.”

“Hi,” he leaned in to kiss her nose, her eyes and finally her lips. She kept smiling accepting every ministration.

“I like #1, how many does that leave.”

“Too many for you little girl,” the vampire laughed.

Part 20

Wesley sat down in relief, he was finally able to kick Lilah out. He looked at the book, rifling through the pages. He should go back to his office, getting up preparing to close the book. Wesley sat down and read the chapter that caught his eye.

An hour later Wesley leaned back, then lurching forward as he saw the clock. He grabbed the book and ran. He really did need to get back to the office.


“Ow,” Cordelia complained.

“Sorry, baby,” The vampire leaned into plant a cool kiss over the nipple he had tweaked too hard.

“Sweet and now Mr. Roughhouse,” Cordelia cocked a teasing brow.

“Do you want me to stop,” He perched up on her chest, his fingers stopping the exploration of her inner folds.

“Dork, you know, I don’t.” She giggled clamping down on the two fingers teasing her.

“Yes, I do, you have the wettest cunt. It’s really quite an ego-booster, don’t even have to work at it, put a finger anywhere and next you’re an inferno, and God, I love a good fire,” he winked pushing up to grab her lips.

Cordelia jerked back at his smirk. “Angel.”

“Yes, darling,…” She blinked and gasped as the vampire’s fingers did an amazing flick to her sensitized center causing her nerves to vibrate.

“You were saying, Cordelia, or does a vampire have your tongue, or rather your clit.” He tweaked again.

“Ahh.” Cordelia gasped out in pain as her body shuddered in another orgasm.

He leaned up. “It’s always amazing how at the moment of pleasure, pain always seems to find a place.”

“Angel,” Cordy sat up her legs still trembling, her heart beating rabidly.

“Yes, Cordy dear,” The vampire stroked both her arms, lifting them.

“You….” She started to stammer.

“Cordy, I don’t have your clit anymore, no reason to choke on your words. You so like your words don’t you,” He jerked her arms up, thrusting them to the bed rails.

Cordelia didn’t have time to resist before she heard the click of the manacles. She tugged at the restraints that now locked her to the bed.

“New fantasy.” The vampire sat up, tracing a finger down her chest to her stomach. “Actually, very old one. Got it right around the time, I saw you in so much pain, fighting off those hidden horrors, so helpless, so sad. A good fuck would’ve been about perfect then. What do you think? Would you have liked it?”

“NO.” She squeezed her eyes shut at the laughing vampire beside her, her arms tugging at the bed.

“New- iron. I might’ve even had trouble with this one. Probably the point,” He leaned down, “You don’t have a hope. Unless.” He shot up. “Do the glowy thing. Can you, come on. Try it.”

“What?” Cordelia jerked her head to the rails she was locked to. “No, no, no, no,” she whimpered pulling her knees to her chest in attempt to get in the fetal position. “It wasn’t a dream,” she mumbled into the pillow, which she stuck her face, pressing harder, and harder trying not to breath.

The naked vampire shot of the bed, “What wasn’t a dream?” He stared at Cordelia trying to suffocate herself in feathers.

“What wasn’t a dream?” He yanked her head up.

Cordelia jerked her head away. The vampire brought it back to his face. “The dream you had of Angelus….of me wasn’t a dream?”

“Let me go,” she cried, trying to bring her body closer into a ball.

“Talk to me,” the vampire pulled at her hair.

Hazel eyes marred with heavy red lines glared. “Vision, dumb ass.”

The vampire grabbed at his pants shoving them on. “Vision.” He leaned up against the wall searching the room. He took a depth breath and moved back towards the chained woman. “Not batting a thousand on those things are you. Skip- a good guy, here a safe place- uh, no. Maybe the Powers are trying to get rid of you, you know kidnapped by Wolfram & Hart, here with me. All visions that you screwed up biiiiig time, maybe they did it on purpose, or maybe sex addles your brain. You were fucking Groozilla on the first one, and hey now your fucking me.”

“Not you, never you.”

“Hate to break it to you, darlin,” The vampire settled in next to Cordelia’s curled body, “but those last couple of out of the world experiences were me. Thank you very much and the other’s they were me too.”


“Ahhh. Yes. Oh, all right, I did have the soul for most of them, but the last couple of screaming wails were from yours truly, once that slow joyful soul releasing crap was taken care of. What? All vampires gray in the dark? I bet you swore that you could tell the difference, didn’t you? Miss perfect fucking Cordelia knew the souled vamp so well, that she could tell in a blink when the soul was gone. Honey, you didn’t. I had to tell, if I hadn’t we’d still be fucking.”

The vampire slumped back. “Not necessarily the smartest decision I’ve made. I could do with some more home cookin’, you are tasty, but then again, it was getting tiring pretending. Now, I can do what I want. What do you think about that?” He plucked at Cordelia’s chin.

Cordelia glared, her tears dried.

“Talk to me or this could get really unpleasant. Just say a word.”

Cordelia gulped. “Why would I want to talk to you, Angelus?”

“That was more than a word, very good, for a minute there I thought you lost your spunk.” He pecked her on the cheek, laughing as Cordelia flinched away. “First, you can call me Angel that’s how all my friends and loved ones know me now. And souled I pretty much killed any friend or lover I had way back when, wait, I didn’t have any friends. How, lonely, I’ll just have to reacquaint myself with the ones I have now.”

“You aren’t Angel.”

The vampire cocked his head. “Yes, I am. I could say I’m Angelus, but that connotes an 18th century vampire that was hung up in Darla’s skirts. Now, I like to think I’ve grown- it’s the 21st century, goddamn it. If my souled self could change the name, I can- we are the same.”


“That from the girl who thought she knew all my dark secrets, wrongo, babe. What’s in me has always been in me- a demon. The soul just made the demon pitiful, dorky and VERY angry. So, back to my friends….oh and my son.”

Cordelia jerked kicking her feet at the vampire, the vampire grabbed at the swinging legs crushing them on his lap. “So, you don’t think they’ll like me….not even sweet Fred, she seemed so positive that I wasn’t a beast.”

“God damn you,” Cordelia flinched; she twisted and fought to get loose. Suddenly she stilled, she closed her eyes, the power was starting to churn and boil within. Focus on strength not the fear, the power; she thrust her hand up against the metal bars.

The vampire jumped back as Cordelia’s hand and bars began to glow.

“Okay, stop that.” He slapped her, knocking the glowing hand loose from the bars.


Wesley ran straight to his office. Damn, he stared at the computer. He looked at the clock; it wasn’t the time to wake Fred. He wasn’t deficient. He clicked the mouse grateful that Jenny Calendar’s disc was still on the screen.

He praised Fred for not turning the computer off. He scanned, scrolling for the part he needed. He turned flipping the pages of the book Lilah got him. He was right. The there were two tribes involved and two curses.

The young girl that Angelus killed had parents from both. Unusual and Wesley was sure that love story was a tale, but it made sense. He read again. The maternal side, Jenny Calendar’s ancestors, planned the curse that was inflicted on Angelus. The other though would’ve given the vampire a permanent soul. He read more.

Malochav’s tribe, the paternal side believed that either Angelus should be hunted and killed or cursed with a permanent soul, if that was the route the combined council directed. The existence of a tentative soul with a curse may bring more suffering but it also brought the threat of Angelus emerging again. They would not stand for that possibility. Death or soul permanency and the guilt that went with it was their vote.

Wesley signed, thinking of all the people and heartache that could’ve been saved if the combined gypsy council had chosen Malochav’s spell. Wesley flipped through some more pages very gratified to see the spell hidden between herb potions, healing elixirs and other magic of the girl’s paternal parent’s tribe.

Wesley leaned back. “Eureka,” he whispered, calming his voice. He had to tell Angel now. Wesley looked at the clock. Screw it, Angel was a vampire. Wesley ran up the stairs. He looked, blinked, and yelled.

Fred, Gunn and Lorne all ran at the sound vibrating along the hall walls.

“Wesley.” Fred ran up first, looking into Angel’s room. “Where’s Angel?”

Wesley turned to Fred gripping her forearms. “Call Cordy now, keep calling until she answers.”



“Hey,” Gunn stepped.

Wesley brushed away the intimidation. “Gunn, go get all of the tranquilizer guns and darts ready now. GO.”

Gunn stared at Wesley then looked at Angel’s empty room. “Gone.” He ran.

“Muffin,” Lorne said, “You’re….”

“Screw the analysis, take this spell to the Furies.” Wesley shoved the spell manufactured by Wolfram & Hart. “ Make them tell you if its valid, if it is make them stop it.”

Lorne looked at the paper. “The girls like their beauty sleep. 2000 years old they need it.”

“It’s a spell that counteracts the effects of The Enchanted Room at Anita’s, the place where Angel and Cordy have been having I imagine happy sex for the last few weeks, Wolfram & Hart have already done it. It’s my understanding that the Furies had a part in devising the enchantment, I….”

Lorne ripped the spell out of Wesley’s hand. “No need to hear more- I’m gone like the wind, off like a prom dress, I’ll make like a banana and split,” Lorne recited hurrying back to his room, “Won’t even take the time to coordinate.”


The young woman held the cell phone up coming back in the hall, “No one’s answering.” She shrugged.

“Damn. Come with me.” Wesley grabbed her arm pulling her back to his office.


“Man, Wes,” Gunn placed all the weapons on the desk.

“Wesley, I’ve got the ingredients, but…why…”

Wesley yanked off his glasses, rubbing his forehead. “Angel and Cordelia have been meeting secretly at a brothel, having intercourse in an enchanted room.” He held up his hand. “It’s been verified, and it has also been safe up until now. Wolfram & Hart found out and have interfered with the spell. The spell that they are using is untested, but if it works it will make the room powerless. Both Angel and Cordelia are unaware of this. I’ve given the spell to Lorne; he’s gone to the Furies, with the hope that if it is indeed effective, they can restore the original spell. This,” he held up the bag that Fred had given him,” are the ingredients to a spell that will restore Angel’s soul permanently. Those and these,” Wesley threw stakes and crossbows on to the dart guns, “are if we are too late and Angelus makes an appearance.”


“Fred, Angel’s not here, Cordy’s not at home. We can’t trust them on this. We can’t. If it happens, Cordelia is dead, and then so many more, including us.”

“Mount up,” Gunn said without any more hesitation, lugging the bag of weapons on his shoulders.

Part 21

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