Betrayal. Book Two. 4-5

Part 4

“Connor,” Wesley stood at in his open door.

“Can I come in?”

Wesley stepped back. The teenager entered the apartment looking around. “You’re not scared of me?”

“Should I be?”

“I’ve been watching him.”

“He knows.”

Connor looked straight at Wesley. “Right, vampire.”

“Vampires possess extraordinary senses, smell being one of the greatest.”


Wesley couldn’t help his chuckle. The teenager before him was so much more than a typical teen, but in so many ways just a teenager.

“What can I do for you Connor?”

“Tell me about him.”

Wesley nodded.


Cordelia tossed in the bed, trying to either wake up or fall asleep. More dreams. Angel holding her, making love to her, her body tingled with the feelings. She pressed harder at the mattress, grabbing at the pillow, begging the vampire in her dreams to stop teasing and just take her.

With a moan, she opened her thighs wider inviting the penetration, hoping that it would stop the ache. She grabbed out trying to touch the hard muscles of Angel’s back. Her hands fell empty through the air, the air turning into water. The ache became harsher, no longer one waiting for pleasure but searching for something.

Angel was gone. She looked but saw nothing but water. She couldn’t find Angel.

“Angel,” she cried sitting straight up in the bed.


Angel paced the small hallway in front of Cordelia’s door. He kept glancing at the door waiting for a sign that it was okay for him to be there. It wasn’t happening. He should leave. Cordelia made it clear that she thought that they needed distance. The logical part of Angel’s mind knew she was right, as well as the part that held his fear.

But, every other part, the part ruled by feel and instinct knew that he needed her with him. Angel was no longer angry, well, that wasn’t completely true. But his anger at Cordelia was gone; it never really existed in the first place.

Well, that wasn’t completely true either. He had been, angry that she was afraid, angry that she was denying him; angry that she was forcing him to remember why they couldn’t be together, angry that she was right. Just once, he wanted to have what he wanted. His damn soul and conscious kept him from just taking so much.

Revenge, love, it was all denied to him because of his soul. He just wanted her so much and he was so close. Angel dug his hands in his pockets forcing himself to remember. He did have what he wanted. Cordelia did love him. He had a family. His soul allowed for that, it allowed him to be a champion, it allowed him to believe what he had told Connor and he needed to remember and be grateful, not angry.

Cordelia was right. Not making love to her wouldn’t kill him, though at times it felt like it, but making love to her would destroy everything. Angel turned to leave. He would give them distance until they figured out another way. His destination changed and he was through the door in an instant when he heard Cordelia’s cry.

“Cordy,” he ran into the bedroom.

“Angel.” Cordelia blinked rubbing her eyes. It was a dream. Angel wasn’t lost to her. In fact, he was standing right in front of her, in her bedroom. “You’re not supposed to be here.” She grumbled, getting off the bed.

“Distance, Angel, not stalking and eavesdropping.” Cordelia’s glare traveled over the vampire. She sighed deeply. “You’re hurt. Come on.” She held out her hand. “Come on.” She repeated to the still vampire.

“I wasn’t….”

“Weren’t hanging around outside- didn’t hear me scream? Right, okay. You just needed me to patch you up because Fred, Gunn or Wesley couldn’t do it. I understand.”


“Angel, don’t, okay. Dennis, first aid kit please. Come on, couch.” She walked passed the vampire as a small box floated towards her. “Thanks, Dennis. Angel, sit.”

“It’s only a scratch and I wasn’t stalking,” Angel mumbled as he sat down. “I just wanted….”

“To be angry at me some more.”

“I’m not…”

Cordelia cocked a brow.

“I’m not, not really, you were right.”

“So, you came here to tell me that.” Cordelia pushed off his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt. She lifted up his undershirt scrutinizing the small cut that already started to heal. “Hmmph, barely a scratch.” She patted at the area with gauze and ointment.

“That was what I said.” Angel squirmed in his seat trying to figure out what he was going to tell her. That it was his anger that drove him to her apartment- the anger that wanted to force her to stay with him, that his need to have her presence and scent by him was stronger than any commonsense that he might have possessed at one time.

“I just wanted to be near you, I wanted you to come back with me, I need you in the hotel, doesn’t matter where, I just need to know that you’re there.”

“Hmmph,” gently pulling down his t-shirt and buttoning his shirt. “I almost did go, to tell you that I might have figured out a way that we could make love, but then I remembered that I was mad at you for being a jerk. So, I was going to wait until tomorrow. Of course, that was before I had my nightmare and you burst into my apartment. Please tell me that you didn’t break my door.”

“I…it can be fixed…what do you mean you ‘might’ have figured out a way?” Angel took Cordelia’s hands from his chest. “What did you figure out?”

“You did? Knocking, Angel, knocking, it works too.” Cordelia shook her head and sat beside the vampire. “I started to think the paranormal prophylactic wouldn’t work, we knew that, but I figured Anita’s was a brothel to the demon and supernatural, etc. So I called her. She suggested something called the Enchanted Room. It’s…”

Angel got off the couch. “I know what it is.”

“How do you know,” Cordy’s narrowed. “Chippies?”

“Cordy, I went there remember for you and what’s his name, with what’s his name in fact. I saw it.”

“Oh,” Cordelia sat back down. “Well?”

“It’s a room that extends a couple’s maximum pleasure, not a problem that we would have and not a solution that would help at all,” rubbing his hair in frustration.

“But, Angel, it’s enchanted. She said the people are under a spell. It would be sort of like a ‘possession’ us but not quite. Angelus wouldn’t be a danger because it wouldn’t be all you.” She pointed at him.

“I want it to be all me, I want it all to be you. That’s what I meant…nevermind.”

Cordelia scrunched up her face. “When you said that you wanted it to be new…”

“I didn’t think you heard me with the Groosalugg all bright, well dim, and shiny present.”

“Angel, be nice. And, I did hear you, I just had no idea what you meant, or didn’t want…or okay, just clueless, okay. Geez. But, Angel, it can’t be all us, not now, not until we find a way to permanently anchor your soul. But, it was real, believe me, I remember what happened the night of the ballet, and believe me, I felt your touch, Stephen be damned, when I remember- it’s you. You were the one that made my toes curl, not some damn spirit.”

“I made your toes curl. That’s good, right.”


“Just checking,” he smirked.

“You’re an ass, anyway, I checked Anita’s before. There are no ties to Wolfram & Hart or anything remotely evil, well except some of the demons that go. But, it’s legit. Lorne gave it the thumbs up when I asked him to read the place before I got the potion.” Cordelia bit her lip as the smirking vampire turned to stone, his expression to kill. “You didn’t know that did you?”

“Lorne knew what you were going to do? He ‘checked it’ out for you. That green dead demon, he knew that I loved you, he’s the one that convinced me it was okay to love you.”

“You had to get Lorne’s approval before you could love me.” Cordelia stood her face sporting her own look to kill.

“No, of course not,” Angel back peddled. “I just didn’t…Cordy, I’ve nothing to offer you, I didn’t deserve you, there was just no reason to…you understand right.”

“I understand- you are an insecure jerk. Hmmph.”

“Cordy, I ….”

“Angel, you give me everything, okay, done this, gone through it and settled it. So, stop thinking it.”

Angel shrugged. “Actually, I have.” Angel reached for the young woman, pulling her to him. “And even if I don’t deserve you, I don’t care. You’re mine now.” He leaned in to capture her lips.

Cordelia sighed into his mouth, her tongue meeting his as her body automatically moved closer.

Cordelia pulled up. “Tomorrow, we’ll check out Anita’s?”

Angel shook his head. “Now.”

“Angel, it’s like one in the morning.”

“I don’t care. I know I won’t be able to just sleep beside you tonight and I’m not leaving you or letting you leave me, so now.”

Cordelia blinked biting her lips. “Okay. Hey, wait, I’m still mad at you.”

“Tough.” Angel ushered her to the door.


“Angel, we’re heading back to the hotel.” Cordelia glanced out the window of the Plymouth.

“I have to stop and get something.”

“Isn’t that what drug stores are for?”


“You know, two wild and crazy kids out to make love having to stop at the drug store first.”


“Right, you don’t use condoms so hence, the miracle baby that…. Angel, I didn’t even ask was he there tonight.”



“Same. Just watched and left.”

“Is this good or bad?”

Angel shrugged. “I’m hoping good. But, I don’t know.”

“I don’t know either, he could be laying in wait or just seeing that you’re a champion and not the monster Holtz said you were.”

“I think I’m probably both.”


“So, you don’t know. Here, I thought you knew everything.”

“I’m not perfect, I don’t know all the answers. ” Cordelia squirmed. “You shouldn’t think that I do.”

“You know the important stuff and you are nearly as perfect as a woman can get.”


“Shh,” Angel leaned over and kissed her smartly on the nose. “Wait, I’ll be right back.”

“Angel,” Cordelia turned the vampire had already disappeared into the hotel. What was he getting? If he had a stack of condoms in his bedside drawer- the vampire would have some major explaining to do.

Part 5

“Wow.” Cordelia looked around the brothel and its colorful if not somewhat icky patrons, humans included. “Poor Groo. This isn’t at all his style. You know he was a little naive.”

“No, really.” Angel deadpanned.

“Angel, be nice.”

“I don’t have to anymore and I don’t have listen to you go on about him.” Angel growled. “Your mine.” He moved ahead.

Cordelia stood scrunching up her face at the vampire’s back. “Yours? That’s the second time you said that. I love you but I’m not a possession, Angel.”

Angel paused- trying to reason with himself, throwing Cordelia up against the wall and demanding her to submit that she was in fact his, probably wasn’t a good idea. “Figure of speech, Cordy, of course you aren’t a possession.” Angel amended quickly.

“Hmmph. okay.” Cordy hurried ahead to look for Anita.

“But, you are mine,” Angel growled to himself. Cordy didn’t have to admit it – it was enough to for the vampire to know it.

Angel stuck his hands in his pockets and moved to catch up with Cordelia.

“Ms. Chase, tell me how’d did the potion work. Have you come back for more?” The brothel owner looked from Cordy and then to Angel noticing him come up beside Cordelia. ” Oh, hello, where is that good looking strapping fellow that came before, the one you matched so well?” She asked Angel.

Angel growled. “This is your fault- dressing him like me,” jerking to Cordelia.

“Be quiet, Angel and I didn’t dress him like you. He just ended up resembling you- just a little. It was the coat.”

“And the hair, and the shirt, and the pants.”

“Shut up, he was taller.”

“He was not.” Angel stared hard at the young woman.

“Was to.”

“Was not.”

“Erehm.” Anita interrupted. “I think I know why you are here. You both seem exuding a great amount of tension- of the sexual nature- it’s not healthy to bottle that up.”

Angel growled. Cordelia glared.

“Definitely, not healthy. Was it more potion you needed? Wait you were inquiring about the Enchanted Room. That should put you in a good mood. Have you rethought your concerns about the spell?”

“Clarify. Will we be possessed or something like that?” Cordelia asked deciding to ignore Angel.

“I explained that while the enchantment does effect your beings and controls a part of your psyche, you will still experience physically all of the sensations to a maximum degree.”

Cordelia bit her lip, glancing at Angel.

“I don’t know, Cordy, drugs manipulate a part of the psyche and create feelings of pleasure and you know what happened when I was drugged and that was without sex.”

“It was only temporary.”

“That makes a difference- how?”

Cordy kicked at the floor. Temporary would be more than long enough for Angelus to create major danger as well as kill her. Damn, she wanted this to work.

Angel growled knowing that it would be damn near impossible for him to leave this place without touching Cordelia. He was too close. Angel tried to keep thinking hopefully as well as rationally.

“May I ask what your specific concern is, perhaps I can alleviate it?” Anita inquired.

Cordelia sighed. “Angel has the potential to get uncharacteristically mean under the influence of any mood enhancing simulates, especially those that can make him really happy.”

“Ah, not to worry, this is not like getting drugged or high on some artificial narcotic or substance, this is all natural and it only effects the pleasure zones. While it does enhance it doesn’t cloud.”

“That’s not really helping.” Angel growled.

“Angel, stop being ‘grr’.”

Angel growled again.

“You’re a vampire.” Anita said in realization. “And you are….” She studied Cordelia. “Human?”.

“Close enough.” Cordy shrugged.

“Well, then, don’t fear, the room will not allow anything that is not wanted or consented. If you need to curb your vampire instincts while making love, you will be able to. Your control or inhibitions will not be lessened to such degree that you would harm her, if she does not wish it. Only what you both want to happen will happen, and that pleasure will be enhanced. The room ensures the safety of all occupants. My establishment is only for consenting beings.”

Cordelia glanced at Angel. “Uh, vampire instincts?”

Angel bit down his growl and directed his attention to Anita. “Putting aside whatever you think a vampire instinct is,” Angel ignored Anita’s raised brows and smile,” The spell prohibits any dangerous actions by either party.”

“Danger is subjective, but for the ‘activity’ to be allowed it would have to be consented to by both parties. If one is unwilling then the room will protect that party. The enchanted room is for pleasure not unwanted harm.”

“Excuse us.” Angel grabbed at Cordelia and pulled her off to the side. “It may work. Slightly possessed is…not what I wanted but…it might work. And if it doesn’t Angelus can’t hurt you.”

“So, what, I go nay nay boo boo to Angelus as I chain him up and go running or do you want me to just stake him.”

Angel really wanted this to happen tonight and as long as there was a safety net, he would do whatever it took to make it happen.

“Wesley has a copy of the disc. But, I don’t think we’ll need it.”

Cordelia bit her lip and turned back to Anita. “It will be us but not really us?”

“For lack of a better explanation.” Anita nodded.

“And no harm can come to anyone in that room? Like a ‘no’ violence spell.”

“There are aspects of that yes, the furies input were an integral part of the enchantment. In fact, they did the no violence spell on the entire brothel. As I said, this is a place dedicated to pleasure, nothing else.”

“How much?”

“For an hour?”

“Whatever.” Cordy shrugged.

Cordelia slumped towards Angel at the price quoted. “Come on, we’ll find another way.”

“Wait.” Angel pulled out a bundle of cash.

“Where did you get that,” Cordelia blinked. “That’s not Connor’s college fund is it?”

“No, though, it’s doubtful he’ll be needing that now.”


“Cordy, it’s the fun fund.”

“Fun fund? Were you going to get me a boat?” She squealed.


“You’re so sweet.” She jumped up and hugged him.

Angel shook his head. “So, do you want the boat or…”

Cordelia grabbed the cash out of his hand and thrust it at Anita. “For as long as that lasts.” She looked over her shoulder at Angel. “That was at least an hours worth right?”

Anita quickly counted. “A few more than that. The room is vacant, if you come this way, please.”


Cordelia scanned the room, her attention staying for a moment of the big bed, then traveling back to Angel. “Um, Angel, what did she mean about ‘vampire instincts’?” That if you wanted to curb them you could? She wasn’t talking about Angelus what was she talking about?”

“I’m not really sure, Cordelia,” Angel moved closer.

“Angel.” Cordelia moved stepping further away from the vampire.

“It’s not important.” Angel shrugged off his coat, the leather falling on the floor as he stalked Cordelia.
“I think it is.” She kept moving further away.

“No, Cordy,” he grabbed at her arm, pulling her towards him. “What is important is you, me, together now.”

Cordelia let him pull her, placing her hands lightly on his chest. “I just don’t want you to have to ‘curb’ anything.”

The visions of holding her down, making her stay still by ropes and chains if necessary vanished as Cordelia stopped moving away but came to him. Angel leaned in. “There is nothing to curb, Cordy,” he smiled his lips barely touching hers.

Angel wouldn’t deny that he had those thoughts but he did realize why, fear and anger that she may leave him or reject him. If she had, he would have had to fight for control of himself to let her go. Thank god, that wasn’t necessary. She loved him and that’s what he really needed, not her submission to his desires.

“Okay,” Cordy smiled grabbing his head and pushing her body against his as she attacked Angel’s lips, her arms and legs taking hold of him instantly. Angel reacted quickly cupping her to his body, his mouth devouring hers with the same fervor. Angel stumbled back, ramming into a small chair knocking it to the floor.

He gathered Cordelia’s body further into his turning and moving towards the wall. Cordelia’s hand lashed out crashing a table lamp to the floor as her back banged up to the wall. Angel pressed her body up, his hips and strength keeping Cordelia pinned to the wall. Cordelia ran her hands through Angel’s hair, gripping his head closer.

Angel’s hands pushed at the annoying material of her shirt, his hands trying to reach her breast. Cordelia jerked her mouth away from Angel’s as he immediately dragged her lips back. “No vampire instincts. Need to breathe.” She jerked away again. “Sorry.”

The words registered, Angel moved his lips from her mouth, chuckling along her neck, his hands going to the neckline of her shirt.

“Angel.” Cordelia leaned away, pushing at his hands.

“Don’t,” he growled bringing his hands back to her shirt.

Cordelia pushed them again. “We’re not at home, I have to leave here at some point do you want me to do it topless.”


“You’re about to tear my shirt. Geez,” Cordelia pushed his upper body back as her legs kept a tight hold on his hips. She moved her hands through the small space provided and drew her shirt over her head, tossing it to the ground. “Wait,” she quickly unclasped the front hook of her lace bra. “Bras are expensive,” she explained.

Angel’s eyes went from her face directly down to the freed full breasts moving with each gasping breath Cordelia made, his mouth descended to catch a rose nipple, his hips jutting further into hers. Cordelia moaned cradling him closer. Angel dragged his mouth towards the nipples mate. His voice a low growl, “I’m about to rip the pants,” offering her the chance for another option.

“Elastic just tug, don’t rip.” She lifted her hips as Angel’s hands went immediately to the garment pulling and fondling at the pants moving them closer to the floor exposing precious flesh to his touch.

“Angel, how much do you like this shirt,” Cordelia’s fingers were digging and pulling at the buttons trying to get them open.

“Damn.” Angel moved. “Everything off now.” He tugged at his shirt, pulling it and the undershirt over his head as his hand yanked at his belt.

Cordelia taking deep breaths fell against the wall, moving her legs quickly to get rid of her boots and pants. “I can’t get my shoes. God, you’re quick, …and really beautiful…” Cordelia gapped as she looked up from her feet.

Angel growled picking her up and throwing Cordelia on the bed, knocking over the table as he followed her on it. “Here,” he grabbed at her feet quickly removing her shoes and pants.

“Angel, I still…nevermind,” Cordelia screeched into the mattress, as Angel plunged into the juncture of her thighs, wetting her panties even more. She squirmed trying to get hold of the mattress. “Angel,” she squealed as she heard a rip of satin polyester blend, and felt his mouth on her bared center.

“Sacrifices have to be made, Cordy.” He growled burying his lips further, soaking in the moisture and fragrance. As Angel savored every crevice of Cordelia’s delicate flesh he knew that he had been right, there would have been no way that he would’ve stopped had he allowed himself this pleasure. He could stay there forever. It was more powerful than anything he had ever tasted, blood or otherwise. Cordelia tugged at his head. “Angel, please, we’re on a time clock here, please, I need you now, take time later, if we have it, please.” She yanked harder.

Angel growled. He moved quickly up capturing her mouth and thrusting. She was right again. Some day he would prove her wrong, but now Cordy was right. He thrust harder, flinching as each movement brought searing heat and pleasure through his body and Cordelia gasped and welcomed each.

Cordelia nails made piercing nicks and scratches along tensing muscles, as she moved in a frantic rhythm trying to ease the ache, trying to reach the pinnacle of pleasure. It hurt it was so much. She cried out as Angel shouted shuddering as he spent himself in her embrace.

She clung to him, trying to catch her breath. She sighed deeply, kissing the top of Angel’s head. “Angel?”


“You okay?”


“Angel,” Cordy tried to scoot out from underneath him. Angel reached his arm up locking her to him and shifting. “I’m much more than okay, I’m…”

“Angel,” Cordelia tried to look at him directly in the eyes, which was hard to do because Angel was still nuzzling her breast.

“I’m not…. Damn.” Angel shot up.

“What,” Cordy scooted back. “I don’t like ‘Damn’.”

“Cordy, where’s my coat. Found it.” Angel took out a two pair of manacles from his pockets. “Here.”

“Vamp Instincts?” Cordy eyed the heavy-duty iron handcuffs.

“In case of.”

“Oh, talk about mood kill. You know, condoms are easier to explain as safe sex. So, what am I supposed to do with these?”

“Chain me up.”

“Now? But you’re not Angelus.”

“Cordy, I’ve only lost my soul once okay, it’s not an exact science. I had sex with Buffy, fell asleep, next thing I knew woke in the alley screaming and Angelus. So…”

“So, are you ready to go to sleep?”


Cordy shrugged. “You don’t seem as happy as you were a few minutes ago, how about I put these here,” she leaned. “Hey, where’d the table go? How’d that get broken and the lamp too? We’re not paying for it. They must’ve been cheap. Anyway, I’ll keep these close by,” she tucked manacles under her pillow. “And won’t fall asleep and you if you’re not too tired and we’ve got time left, you can go slow.”

Angel laughed crawling over her body to cover it completely. “Broken furniture, vamp instincts.”

“Oh, then definitely not paying for it, Anita knew the risks.” Cordy giggled.

Angel leaned up brushing at Cordelia’s face in a tender gesture.


“Where to start.”

“Where do you want to? What?” Cordy squeaked at the gleam in Angel’s eyes.

“I want to kiss the sun.” He flipped her over and traced small kisses until he landed on Cordelia’s bright tattoo. His mouth moved over it as his fingers traced and kneaded into the flesh. God, it did burn. Angel moved his kisses upwards licking at the line of her spine as his hands moved and teased at the small of her back.
Cordelia dug her nails into the mattress resisting the urge to grab at the vampire. She took a deep breath and relaxed, letting his cool-touch and kisses tickle and inflame her flesh once again.

She moaned and whimpered as the kisses teased and the hands fondled and pressed easing her muscles but igniting her nerves. “Angel.” She whispered to the head that was now settled sucking on her neck.


“I think I’m ready to turn over.” She ached.

“Have you’re toes curled yet.”

“Only about a hundred times now, don’t be mean.” She begged.

Angel chuckled, turning her over. He leaned up looking again up and down her body.


“You really are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Perfect.”

She looked down to where he was caressing the scar embedded into her stomach. “Right.”

Angel glanced up. “You are- your body was made for pleasure just as your heart was made for love, beautiful all of you.”

“That scar is ugly.” Cordy squirmed trying to get away from the finger caressing it.

Angel shot up his hands holding her in place. “It was made because of love, its real, it was pain that you survived, flawlessness isn’t perfection Cordy, living and loving and still having the ability to take one’s breath away is.”

“You can’t breathe.”

“I can have my breath taken away though.” He moved to gently kiss the scar. “I wish you never had this, not because its ugly, it’s not, but because of the pain.” Angel looked up moving quickly to cover her again. “Never do I want you to feel pain, not again. You’ve had too much in your life. No more. I won’t allow it.”

Cordelia reached up tenderly cupping Angel’s stark face. “You can’t stop it, if it is going to happen.”


“Angel, the room is sucking if we’re about to get into an argument or a brood moment. Pleasure- remember. That’s what the brochure said.”

“Pleasure.” Angel nodded, moving to kiss her, “Pleasure it will be.” He kisses moving lower as Cordy’s hands moved to clench the bed again.


“Excuse me. Knock, knock.” Anita entered the room.

Angel jumped up, looked around for what woke him, frowning when he saw Anita at the doorway. “Times up.” She said apologetically.

“Angel.” Cordelia blinked sitting up. “Oh.” She grabbed for a sheet, only there was nothing to grab. “Where’s the…. How’d that get over there?” She pointed to the satin sheet hanging on the far bedpost. She looked down puzzled. “How’d I get on the floor…nevermind I remember.” Cordelia got up pulling at the sheet wrapping it around her body. “Hey, don’t you knock?”

“I did, repeatedly.”


“The next appointment is due to arrive and the room must…” Anita paused and looked around the room. “Be refurnished.” She blinked. “As every piece of furniture seems to have been broken.” Raising her eyes at the mess.

“No they’re not, the bed is….” Cordelia looked, the mattress was on the floor pressed up against the wall, the box springs were half way to the floor and the two bedposts at the head of the bed were broken.

“Shoddy material, that’s all I’ve got to say. We’re not paying. Hmmph.” Cordelia quickly turned around hunting for her clothes in the debris.

“Bill me,” Angel whispered to Anita. “We’ll be out in just a moment,” he said louder.

“Very well,” Anita smiled as she closed the door.

Cordelia pulled on her shirt. “Angel, the handcuffs weren’t very effective if you had lost your soul.” She pointed to the manacles hanging from Angel’s wrists and the two broken bedposts.

“Had to know, just in case.” Angel shrugged. “Where’s the key?”

“Did you even bring it?”

“Where’s my coat.”

“Angel, you broke the bed.”

“It wasn’t my fault…you did it. I’m ticklish.”

“A ticklish vampire with a tentative soul, how do I pick ‘em?”

“Luck?” Angel said unlocking the iron cuffs.

“Ass,” she responded to the smirk on his face. “Get dressed, time to go home.”


Cordy looked out the door of the brothel and shot back in slamming the door. “What time is it?”

“I can make it, Cordy. Here, just go put the top up and roll up the windows. We’ll get back to the hotel before dawn.”

“The sun’s almost up.”

“Hurry then.”

“Okay.” Cordelia grabbed the keys and ran.


“Angel, you’re going to have to run.” Cordelia climbed out of the passenger side of the car.

“Yep,” He tossed her in his arms and ran into the hotel. Cordelia was still laughing as the vampire carried her up the stairs.

“Angel,” she warned as he threw her on the bed and quickly followed.

“Sleep, Cordy,” Angel rolled to his side looking down at the young woman.

“Oh, right.” She shrugged biting her lip. “I…”

Angel cocked his brow. “You know, Cordy, four times and still not tired, you would make a helluva vampire- breaking furniture, insatiable stamina-“ Angel moved quickly to the end of the bed, pulling off her shoes.

“What are you doing?”

“Seeing if your toes are still curled.” He smirked up at her.

Cordelia laughed and threw a pillow at him. “I didn’t break anything.”

“I don’t know- I didn’t break the dresser. I believe that was you- and the mattress on the floor- definitely you.” He crawled back up the bed, making a preemptory strike at the other pillow in Cordelia’s grasp. “Vampire instincts.”

“I didn’t break anything, you practically threw me on the dresser-it was you, not me, you’re the vampire. Hmmph. I can’t believe you’re letting Anita bill you.”

“You heard that.”

Cordelia shrugged lying back on the bed. “Maybe.”

“Amazing woman,” Angel pulled her into his chest. “Love you.” He kissed her on the crown of her head.

“Me, too,” snuggling further into Angel’s embrace. “Angel,”


“How much money exactly do we have in the ‘fun fund’?”

“Enough for several more toe curlings.” He nuzzled into her neck. “Then we’ll have to just raise our prices.”

Cordelia yawned. “Yeah, and get paying clients. Maybe, we could start charging the victims of my visions. Kidding.” She said at the vampire’s silence. “Angel,” she peeked over her shoulder at the sleeping figure. “Vampire stamina my butt.” She wiggled in closer and closed her eyes.

Part 6

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