Now on to the Present. 9-15

Chapter 9

Angel reached the warehouse and waited for the appearance of Gunn and Wesley. He pulled at his phone. He really wanted to call and see if Fred had shown up at the hotel yet. Angel shrugged and put the phone back as Gunn’s truck pulled up. Cordelia would be fine and she would just yell at him for worrying.

“Hey man, the baddies inside?” Gunn jumped out, taking the weapons Wesley was handing him.

Angel nodded.

“Well let’s go then.”


“Man, there’s a lot of them.” Gunn staked the vampire approaching him. “Is it another bloody pyramid scheme or something?” Gunn dodged and punched another vampire.

Angel leaned up from the dead demon, plunging his stake into a vampire that reached for him.

“I don’t know.” Angel picked up a vampire and threw it towards Wesley. Wesley plunged his waiting stake into the body.

Angel pummeled at the group of vampires surrounding him. His cell phone started to ring. Angel punched and staked, unable to reach his phone before it stopped.

Wesley put another arrow in his crossbow as his phone started to ring. By the time, Wesley shot the bolt the ringing stopped.

Angel growled as he heard Gunn’s phone go off. “Answer it.” Only Cordelia and Fred had all of their numbers. Something was wrong.

“I’m a little busy right now.” Gunn dodged an approaching vampire as the ringing stopped.

Angel growled as he reached for his phone. A vampire lunged from above knocking Angel and his phone to the ground. Angel kicked up at the vampire knocking him back. Angel’s hand shot out grabbing the phone as it started to ring again.

“Angel, Angel” Fred’s voice came through the line.

“Enough,” Angel growled as another vampire came out of nowhere. “Wesley.” Angel tossed the phone towards Wesley.

Wesley looked at the crossbow in his hands and the phone in the air. He dropped the weapon and caught the phone, dodging and rolling out of the path of a vampire.

In game face, Angel ran up to Gunn and grabbed his axe and started swinging quickly and accurately.

“Sure, Angel take it, it’s yours.” Gunn said from the ground.

Gunn got and walked over to Wesley.

Wesley had the phone to his ear, saying nothing just listening. Gunn watched as Wesley’s face turned white.


“Angel, leave the rest. Angel we have to go, now.” Wesley ignored Gunn.


“Go and stay with Fred, she’s at Caritas. Stay there with her until I call.”

“So help me English if you don’t spill.”

“Angelus is here. He has Cordelia.”

Gunn looked at Angel fighting several vampires. “UH?”

“The time portal.”

“Shit. I’m gone.” Gunn ran to his truck.

Wesley looked towards the fighting. All the vampire’s were concentrating on Angel. Wesley ran to Angel’s car.

“Get in.” Wesley crashed the car through the warehouse’s door, driving into the group of vampires.

Angel jumped in swinging the axe at the vampire attempting to follow him.


“Fred saw Angelus with Cordelia.” Wesley peeled the car around, racing for the hotel.

Angel said nothing. The axe handle snapped in two.

Chapter 10

“They’re dead.” Angel was beyond rage, beyond feeling. He hadn’t even bothered to call through the hotel for Cordelia. Angel knew she wasn’t going to be there.

“Angel, we don’t have the time to wage a full scale war with Wolfram & Hart. Angelus obviously hasn’t killed her yet, but…”

“He’s not going to kill her.”

“Angel, the prophecy.”

“I’m not arguing with the Prophecy, I’m just telling you that he won’t kill her or rather not in the strict sense of the meaning.”


“He wanted her by his side in the 19th century, I doubt he’s changed his mind, I wouldn’t. No, he is going to turn her.”

“Yes.” Wesley took off his glasses and rubbed them vigorously. “Yes, well then we still don’t have the time. And we can’t dust Angelus”

“Yes, we can.”

“No, we can’t. Angel, nothing has changed if Angelus…” Wesley stopped and stared.

Angel stumbled, his hand shot out to grab the counter.


Angel turned away from his friend, his game face flickering and low growls coming from his throat. After a moment Angel stilled and slowly raised his head.


“Nothing. That vampire from the past will not keep me from Cordelia.”

“Of course, we’ll find her. But, you can’t kill Angelus.” Wesley studied Angel; the vampire seemed to be normal. Enraged and fearful, but normal. His emotions must have momentarily overwhelmed Angel. Wesley understood. He wished he could scream, cry or hit something also.

Angel raised his brows and nodded. “Let’s go.”

“I told Gunn to stay with Fred at Caritas.”

Angel didn’t acknowledge the statement; he just strode out the door.

Chapter 11

“Angelus, is the seer dead?”

Angelus thought about it. Was his Cordy dead? It was a matter of opinion. “Yes.”

“Good, good. Well, it’s time for you to go back. We can have the portal ready in a moment.”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Angelus laughed.

“That’s not the plan. You kill the girl and go back where you belong.”

“No. Why go back? Back there is where I got cursed. I just as soon avoid that little piece of history. I like it here.”

“You don’t have that choice.”

“Yes. I do.” Angelus grinned as Lilah pushed repeatedly at the device she held. “Why do you do underestimate me, you find the soul version threatening. Well, honey, you’ve been worrying about the wrong one. I’m more of a threat than the soul freak ever was. It won’t work.” Angelus laughed as Lilah attempted to activate the device. “Not without that piece of metal in me. And well, I got rid of that a while ago.”

“What? How?”

“You really shouldn’t have been so free with your pillow talk or your money. Finding someone that could take it out just wasn’t that difficult. Tsk, Tsk, I feel so under-appreciated.”


“Oh that’s right, you thought I wanted you. Sorry, just a means to an ends.”

Angelus hand shot out grabbing the lawyer by the throat preventing her from reaching the phone. “You want Angel damned, well you see, I just want him dead. And what’s the big deal. I’m the original. You didn’t seem to mind during our little training sessions. Oh no, were you thinking of the souled one every time I took you? I feel so used.” Angelus laughed squeezing harder his free hand wrenching her cast.

“This is what I really wanted to do. Oh, wow, your fear is much more enticing than your willingness, but no time. Hush, stop whimpering or I’ll really make you scream.” Angelus tossed Lilah up against the wall.

Angelus moved over towering over her fallen body. “Think about it. Angel knows I took her. His first stop is going to be here. But I won’t be here- just you. And I just can’t see him being real happy with you, right now, can you? The soul couldn’t have changed him that much, he’s still a vampire, he’s still me. He may leave you alive but will you be able to walk? Then you would be even less fun than you already are. And if you interfere with my plan, I will kill you and if comes to that- well, you really will wish it was Angel ripping you apart. I image it’s been awhile since he tortured someone. I on the other hand still have the skill and the desire. So what will it be? Me or Angel?”

“What do you want?”

“Not much. The girl and Angel dead. There really isn’t room in this time for the both of us. You can see that can’t you.”

“You said you killed her.”

“Did I?” Angelus smirked.

“Angel will come after you.”

“I know. When he stops by to say hi, tell him I’ll be in touch and I’m taking good care of what’s mine. Perk up, this will be fun. And who knows when its over I may still let you live.”

Chapter 12

“I don’t understand if you know that Angel will be coming here why did you release the vamp detectors.”

“Because dumbass, we want him to find Angelus. We have no control over that bastard. Maybe if we’re lucky they will both kill each other and leave us alive.”

“You, you mean.”

“Don’t get comfortable. If Angelus wins, he could very well come back and I don’t think he is one for leaving any survivors. No this plan of yours is spiraling out of control.”

“My plan?”

“Don’t even think of it.” Lilah pushed a button. Jeremy’s tapped voice filtered through the room, explaining ‘his’ plan.

“If I go down, you go straight to hell with me. No. When Angel shows up we will give him Angelus’ message and wish him well.”

“But why?”

“It’s called damage control.”


“Angel, we need to discuss the plan.”

Angel ignored Wesley and boldly walked into the law firm. The guards just nodded nervously at the vampire and let him pass. They didn’t even bother looking at Wesley.

“Angel come in.” Lilah pressed the button on her desk to open the door.

“Expecting me?”

“There is no need for persuasion. Angelus has your seer. He said he would be in touch. I think he wants you to find them. He doesn’t like you very much.”

“Where is he?”

“That he wouldn’t say. But.” Lilah held up her cast and bandaged hand to ward off the approaching vampire. “Here is a list of apartments and penthouses that the firm uses for its guest. No guarantee, but he doesn’t know LA and what information he does have he got from us. So it’s a start if you don’t want to stay by the phone.”


“Let’s just say that Angelus of the past isn’t quite what we hoped for.”

Angel laughed. “Baby, Angelus of the now isn’t either.” The vampire grabbed the papers off the desk and in an instant he had Lilah by the neck. “This is becoming old. When I’m done with what I need to do, I just might have to come back and try something new.” He squeezed until the lawyer was unconscious.

“Angel?” Wesley stood stock-still.

Angelus smirked. “Did I forget to mention that my past self has already done asunder with Angel’s soul mate. From the look on your face, I guess I did. Whoops, my bad.” Angelus stopped Wesley before he reached for his weapons. “Your alive because- actually I’m not sure why you are. But, it just seemed easier to go along with the charade until I had an inkling on Angelus 1 or would it be 2. This time stuff is wacky.”


“Is either dead or undead. I’m going with undead. For your sake, Gunn and sweet little Fred’s, she better be undead. Because if she is truly gone, then I will have nothing to occupy my time after I destroy Angelus 2. I’m going with 2, because he may have been first, but I’m the real thing.”

“You’re not going to kill me?”

“Not now. Maybe later. It depends. Cordy may want to turn you- I don’t care. No. All I want is what is mine. Angelus may have turned her, but she is mine. It’s been prophesized.”

“Stop.” Wesley pulled at the vampire.

“Not very smart.” Angelus put a hand up to Wesley’s chest and pushed. Wesley flew several feet then landed in an unconscious heap on the floor.


Wesley got up from the ground walking shakily over to where Lilah was now struggling to stand. He reached to help her up.

“Uh, thanks.”

Wesley yanked her up and pushed against the wall. “You stupid bitch.”

“Hey,” Lilah squirmed away from Wesley. “I told Angel where to go.”

“Weren’t you listening that wasn’t Angel.” Wesley brought his other arm up and shoved his forearm in Lilah’s throat. “You stupid bitch, you have not only released one Angelus, but two and most likely for good measure a soulless Cordelia. And if you aren’t afraid of them, then be very afraid of her. She was not happy about being dropped into the 19th century.”

“That was Angel.”

“No.” Wesley tightened his hold over the injured woman. “The one that did the incantation, who is he where is he? Who did the spell?”

Wesley pulled at her cast, yanking the broken arm down. Lilah screamed. Wesley didn’t give a thought that he was hurting a human. Lilah Morgan wasn’t human.

“Now bring your time spell caster here or die. I may not be a vampire, but I’m really pissed right now. And unless you give me what I want, I don’t see why you should live.” Wesley grabbed her bandaged hand and squeezed.

Lilah struggled while she nodded. Wesley let her go to the phone.

He stood back and waited.

A timid small man in dark robes peeked around the door. Wesley pulled at the man. “You’re coming with me. And you” He pulled Lilah by her sling. “Are to.”

Chapter 13

Angelus glanced at the addresses on the computer print out. He smiled. He knew where Angelus was. It was where he would’ve gone. Angelus started the Plymouth an evil happy smile in place. He would get his Cordy. And Angelus would die. It would be a good night.


“English, what are you talking about?’

“The prophecy has happened. Cordelia is dead or if Angel was right undead. Angel is no help because he’s Angelus. Which leaves us with two Angelus one ours the other some time manipulation. Both extremely dangerous, both not healthy for us.”


Wesley shut up Lilah with a backhand. “I’m so sick of you suedo intellectual lawyers playing with Angel’s soul, like you have a clue what Angelus is like or the consequences that your actions bring. For Cordelia alone, you should be flayed.”

“Um, English, are sure you haven’t fallen under the mojo.”

“No. I’m just really irritated right now. Fred take this person and figure out a spell for a portal that will open yesterday before Angelus takes Cordelia.” Wesley shoved the trembling cloaked man.

Fred nodded quickly. “You better come with me. I’ve never seen him quite so angry.” Blinking at the small man.

“Wesley shouldn’t we go after Angel.”

“It’s too late, Cordelia is damned, Angel is damned. We have to act before those tragedies occur, not now.”

“This time stuff is wiggin me out.” Gunn plopped down in his chair.

Chapter 14

“Couldn’t wait for my message. I’m impressed.”

“You’re dead. Really dead.” Angelus walked in studying the layout of the penthouse.

“Hi Angel. Wow. No soul. The prophecy was right. Can I call you Angel, two Angelus’ is really confusing.” The vampire Cordelia glided into the main room.

“You doubted? You promised that you didn’t.”

Cordelia shrugged. “You know me. Skeptical to the last minute. I blame it all on my parents.” She smiled and walked towards Angel.

“Cordy, come here. Don’t forget who you belong to.”

Cordelia looked back at Angelus and scrunched her face. She shrugged and went to the couch and sat.

“Cordelia come here.” Angel said.

Cordelia stared then glanced to Angelus. “You’re turn, again.”

“Cordy,you’re mine, I’m you’re sire.”

“Pulling the daddy card. Whoa. I don’t see why we all can’t just get along. I’m perfectly content with both of you.” She beamed at both vampires.

Both identical vampires growled.

“Fine. It was just a thought. Geez.”

“Cordy, who do you want to win.” Angel said.

“Uh, that’s a loaded question, if there ever was one. Whew. Who do I want? My sire, who is quite fun. There is something to be said about sex with your sire. But then I guess you both know that. Hmm. But, sex with Angel was good too.”

Angel growled. Angelus laughed until he thought through all of what Cordelia said. Then his growl echoed Angel’s.

“Choose.” Angelus demanded.

“No. I won’t. If I choose one and the other wins, I’m in for a very uncomfortable few decades. Angel, here won’t be the same understanding forgiving vampire that he was with a soul and well, we all know that you will go out of your way to make me pay. Not necessarily that either would be a bad thing, but like I said I want you both.”

“You can’t have both.” Angel growled.

“Don’t get ‘grr’ with me. I can do it back now. Thank you very much. Look, Angelus is my sire; there are certain loyalties involved. You well okay so I love you. But really, when has love conquered all for either of us.”

“Love? You want love. Love is…” Angelus said.

“Yes. I know how you feel about love. You weren’t at all sympathetic to the crazed Romeo and Juliet fanged duo.”

Angelus couldn’t help it he looked to Angel for an explanation.

“1767. James & Elisabeth.”


“I told her.” Angel shrugged.

“They were stupid couldn’t have lasted a century.” Angelus said.

“Over two. They were in love.” Cordelia nodded. “Well, until Angel killed them.”

“You killed them. God, you are a disappointment. You hunt your kind.”

“Don’t blame him. I had a vision. Poof, blonde chick dust- another blonde, I tell you they’re nothing but trouble. Can we do that to Darla- I know she is your sire and all, but you did it once- what’s the harm in doing it again- and hey how about Buffy, not dust but dead.” Cordelia scrunched up her face, looking at Angel.

“Kate, too if that’s what you want.”

“That’s the other blonde I was thinking of.” Cordelia beamed. She turned back to Angelus. “And technically Angel didn’t kill James, he got his heart removed, by some Doctor slug demon.”

“Slog.” Angel said.

“Whatever. Anyway, he just died on the subway. Anyway, it was love, grief stricken murderous love, but love. And you can’t forget Spike and Drusilla.”

“I would rather like to. Cordy’s met them. They were together up until few years ago.” Angel added for Angelus’ benefit.

“Angel, that’s not nice. Spike’s impotent and hung up on Buffy. I blame it all on Dru, they would be still together If she hadn’t left with that demon. Buffy’s just the rebound chick. Blonde. We really can kill her?”



Cordelia turned to Angelus. “What?”

“You’re mine.”

“Yeah, you’re point?”

“Is she always like this.” Angelus was getting frustrated at Cordelia and Angel’s conversation. It was if they knew what each other were thinking.

“Hey, you turned her.” Angel smiled.

“And what is that suppose to mean.” Cordelia growled.

“I love you Cordy.”

“I love you too.” She smiled.

“We’re the same.” Angelus roared.

“Well, that just confirms my point, why do I have to choose?”

Both male vampires growled.

“Oh, all right. Angelus you are 19th century badass vampire, sexy definitely fun. Angel is you, plus the 20th century souled brood guy, then the 21st century hero guy, and now Angel without a soul. He’s got layers. You don’t have any. Plus he has 21st century credit cards and I don’t have to explain my hatred for blondes. But I’m not choosing. After all you’re my sire.”

“Don’t worry Cordy, I’ll win.” Angel said.

“You better.” Cordelia settled back into the couch and watched.

Angel barely had time to move before Angelus had him by the throat. Angel swirled and swung his legs at Angelus’. Angelus fell to the ground. Angel turned and pulled a stake. Angelus jerked up throwing Angel across the room. Angel got up immediately his body torpedoing Angelus’. The two vampires fought, throwing each other across the room.

Cordelia wished she had a body to snack on. This could take awhile.

Finally, Angel had Angelus on the floor the stake up to his heart.

Suddenly, Angel was knocked to the side. “Angel, don’t the Star Trek thing. Shit, tell me you didn’t kill Wesley.” Cordelia banged a chair over Angelus’ head as she yelled.

Angel growled and picked up Cordelia pushing her to the wall by her throat. “You are mine.”

“Duh. But, Angel, you kill him and you don’t exist. How many times do I have to tell you? Okay, I forgot for a minute but, he can’t die, he needs to go back so you can get your soul, meet me- your soul mate, then get damned again, with me. I like this future don’t screw it up. We need Wesley.”

“He’ll try the soul thing. Lilah.”

“Okay, but can we kill her when she’s done? She may not be blonde, but I don’t like her.”

“Whatever you want.”

Cordelia grabbed Angel kissing him. She jerked. “NO.” Her scream vibrated off the walls as Angel dissolved into dust.

Angelus pulled her to him. “You chose wrong and now you will have decades, maybe centuries to pay.” Angelus attacked her lips.

“Hardly.” Cordelia leaned in and then stood straight as Angelus burst into dust. What was the point now? Cordelia stared at the stake in her hand. Why not? She drove it into her chest.

Silence fell over the room as all of the dust settled.

Chapter 15


“It will work. It will take you there and bring you back.”

“I thought you said it was a one way ride.” Gunn asked.

“It was. Now it’s not.”

“So you believe him. He told you everything.” Wesley pointed to the old man.

“I’ve double, tripled and quadrupled. It will work. The math is right.”

“Good.” Wesley pulled his dagger and pierced the man’s heart.

Gunn, Fred and Lilah all jerked in surprise. Lorne shrugged.

“No more time traveling after this. And Lilah, when this is over, if Angel doesn’t kill you immediately just remember you try something like this again I will. You ready.” He turned quickly to Gunn.

“Unuh. Whoa. “

“People always underestimate the Muffin.” Lorne leaned into Fred.

Chapter 16

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