Now on to the Present. 16-Epi

Chapter 16 

“Okay now what.” Gunn picked himself up from the ground.


“Damn. That’s not making me feel warm and fuzzy.”

“We’re at the underground garage. I’d hope that we would land sooner.” Wesley pointed.

Gunn stared as his truck drove up and he and Wesley jumped out to meet Angel.

“Again now what? Take the truck to the hotel?”

“No. Come on.” Wesley started to run to himself, Gunn and Angel.



Wesley skidded to a halt as his, Gunn and Angel’s weapons were pointed at them.

“Oh dear.” The other Wesley said.

“What the fuck?” Gunn said as his and Wesley’s doubles stopped before them.

“No time, look Wolfram & Hart have used the portal again only this time to bring Angelus to the future.” Wesley glanced at his watch. “Anytime now, he will be entering the Hyperion to take Cordelia and you don’t want to…. Well, good he understands.”

Angel was already in his car taking off.

“There’s a victim in there.” Wesley said, clearly conflicted looking at his double from the future.

“Go. We’ll stay. But don’t let Angel kill him. Send Angelus back. Then I don’t know. But get Cordelia and don’t leave her alone. Don’t. If nothing else make sure. Then kill the spell caster. Go to Lilah, make her tell you then kill him.” Wesley yelled as he motioned his Gunn into the garage.

Gunn looked at his counterpart. “What he said and can I borrow this.” He snatched the axe and ran after Wesley.


Gunn looked over as Wesley was fighting three vampires. “Is this going to work?”

“If it doesn’t I’d rather die fighting than a victim of Angelus.”

“Good enough.” Gunn swung harder at the approaching vampires.

Soon both humans were beaten.

“Hey, cool ride. Uh.” Gunn said with his last breath.

Wesley never answered.

Chapter 17

”Angel, didn’t you just leave.” Cordelia got up from the couch.

“Get out of here now. Go take my car and go.” Angel grabbed Cordelia dragging her to the door.


“Don’t argue. Come on.”

Cordelia stared at Angel. He was enraged and frightened. She nodded and let him lead her out.

“And where are you going?” Angelus stood in the doorway.

Cordelia stared then looked back. “NO.”

“Run.” Angel yelled as he swung at Angelus.

Cordelia’s scream of Angel was heard as she ran. She stopped. Cordelia couldn’t leave Angel.

“I’ll get her. I always get what’s mine. “

“Never.” Angel charged the vampire in the doorway.


Cordelia yelled again as she was pulled back from the hotel door.


“Wes. Oh my…”

“We know. Stay…go to your apartment.”


“Yes. Go. Do the uninvite spell and do not open the door until either I or Gunn …or anyone other than Angel knocks. Go. If Dennis shows any hesitation, don’t open the door.” Wesley pushed Cordelia to the car. “GO.”

“Fred? She’s supposed to be coming by.”

Wesley tossed her his phone. “Better yet, get her at the library and both of you go to Caritas. Stay until… just stay Lorne will be able to tell if you can leave with anyone of us.”



Cordelia nodded brushing her tears and ran.


“Shit, which one.” Gunn’s tranquilizer gun wavered in the air. He urged his weapon towards the fighting vampires.

“I don’t know. Was Angel wearing purple earlier?”

“Angel’s duds are Cordy’s expertise not mine. Shit.”

”What was Angel wearing? Fuck it, shoot them both.”

“Way to show the bosshood.” Gunn let off a round of shots as Wesley did the same.

Chapter 18 

“Cordelia I told you…”

“Yes, but both Angel and Angelus are down for the count so I came. Don’t worry, I left Fred safe and sound with Lorne.”

“Cordelia, that not what…”

“I know. Have you figured out the good and bad yet?”

“We think so, but we can’t be sure not until they wake. You don’t think Angel will be mad do you?”

“That you shot him down like a dog. No. Let me go up there.”

“I don’t…”

“Wesley let me go.”

Wesley nodded.


Cordelia walked through the first door. She looked at the handsome vampire. She grimaced at the black shirt. Obviously, the bad one.

She went to the other door. Cordelia walked in. The bastard. He was wearing purple but she didn’t give him that shirt.

She slapped the unconscious vampire on the face.

“Ow. What?” Angel tugged at the chains. “Cordy?”

“This is what will happen if you don’t wear the shirts I buy for you. Who gave you that-why didn’t I notice earlier?” She grumbled as she threw herself on his chest.

As much as Angel loved having Cordelia’s body draped over his, the chains were a problem.

“I’m assuming by this show that you know I’m not the historic version.”

Cordelia sat up. “I don’t know. Really how am I supposed to know? Angelus is pretty clever. You could be faking the good bit. This could be a plot.”

“Cordy the chains?”

“So where did you get this ‘PURPLE” shirt. I didn’t give it to you. I don’t think I like it.” Cordelia’s nimble finger worked quickly at the buttons. Her mouth following the path of her hands.

“Cordy, don’t please.”

“You want me to stop.” Cordelia sat straight up.

“I want my hands loose that’s all. Please.”

“Nope. You could be the bad guy.”

“You are so in for it.”

“I love you.” Cordelia mumbled as she fumbled with his belt buckle.

Angel wasn’t sure what to think. Future Wesley and Gunn said there was danger for Cordelia from past Angelus. And he remembered charging the other vampire, pushing him to the ground, killing him slowly or maybe not exactly killing him, but making his undead life extremely painful. Angel remembered bringing the stake up to his chest ready to push. Then it all went blank. Until now.

“Cordy, Angelus?”

“Next door. Wearing black. He’s a very limited vampire.” She said barely lifting her lips from his chest.

Angel jerked trying to get up but the chains prevented him.


“No. Strange. Wesley and Gunn couldn’t tell you apart. So they shot both of you. Thank god I’m around you could’ve been chained for ages.”

“I’m still chained.”

”Oh, yeah, but this is fun.” Cordelia moved further down Angel’s body. Cordelia fondled and released Angel’s hardening staff. She glanced up gently caressing his organ. “You don’t want me to do this?”

Angel clenched his teeth. “Cordy, I…want…I want …damn it stop it….Chains off…Fuck it.” Angel lurched up shattering the iron and pulling Cordelia under him. “Mine.” Angel plunged into Cordelia’s body.

Cordelia blinked and took a deep breath. “You keep saying that as if I ever doubted it. Stop.” Cordelia adjusted herself and smacked the vampire on the head. “More importantly you are MINE forget your vamp possessive stuff. Think about my reaction if you dump me.”

Angel stilled. “I’m yours.” He leaned in to capture Cordelia’s lips, his hips moving in a strong rhythm.


“Cordy, you own me heart and soul. I’ m yours no matter what. But Cordelia something did happen. Wesley and Gunn came from the future to warn…”

Cordelia lifted her head from his chest.

“Shh, whatever happened in the future didn’t happen now. Angelus is tied up next door. Eww. We better go. Wesley’s probably all antsy and evil guy behind door number 1 needs to go back where he belongs.”

Chapter 19 


“Hi” she said with a bright smile. “Look who’s with me.”

Gunn and Wesley jumped up their cross bows in hand.

“Angel. Really. I recognized the shirt.” She scrunched up. “Actually, I didn’t. Where did you get that from? I didn’t buy it. It’s not your color. And you weren’t wearing it earlier. I picked out that shirt.” She leaned into Angel.


“Angel you realize a word from me and Wesley is going to shoot you full of holes. Talk.”

“You ripped the buttons off the shirt you picked out. It’s on the floor by the second dress you had on.”

“Oh. Okay. But where did you get this one.”

“I tried to go shopping without you. You said purple was good.”

“Not the red based, but the blue based with your skin tone. Don’t do that again, okay.”

“Okay, I just thought that you would like that I went shopping.”

Cordelia turned and stared. “Oh god, Angel, I love this shirt. NO. Really. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in your hero stuff that I forget that you’re so cuddly sweet. Oh, I love you.” Cordelia hugged him tightly.

Wesley and Gunn shrugged. Obviously Angelus was upstairs still chained. The lovesick stammering vampire before them could only be Angel.

Angel grimaced as Cordelia’s arms held him. Cuddly sweet? He was a vampire. Dangerous, deadly evil, okay he had a soul that just made him not evil, but cuddly sweet? That wasn’t right. He growled towards the woman that had called him that.

Damn. The anger in Angel deflated, what was the point. If Cordelia told him to jump through hoops in the courtyard he would do it. Okay, he may put up a fight if the show was in sunlight.

But then again, he knew that if Cordy ever ordered him to do such a task it would be under a full moon. Angel pulled Cordelia even closer, his head dipping to capture her lips.


“So can lawyer chick still walk?” Gunn looked up from the scrabble board that was between he and Fred.

“She may limp for a while.” Wesley watched Angel put up his sword.

“And the time spell guy.”


“So no more Angelus to worry about”

“Not from the past.”

“Where’s Cordy?” Angel came back to his friends.

“She’s taking a bath. We went to Body Works. She bought out all of the bath oils and stuff. I got some lotion. Doesn’t it smell pretty, like flowers?” Fred held up her hand. Both Wesley and Gunn rushed to assure Fred that it was wonderful.

“A bath? Um, well I’m tired. Good night.” Angel took the stairs two at a time.

“Tired? It’s nine o’clock, he’s a vampire.” Fred looked up questioningly.

Wesley and Gunn shrugged. Wesley looked to the scrabble board. “Um, got room for another player?”

“Sure, but no weird demon languages that’s way too foreign.” Gunn said.


Angel frowned as he saw Cordelia on the bed wrapped in a robe. “I missed the bath?”

Cordelia smiled and nodded. “Here, you can put on the after bath lotion.” She held out the bottle and undid her robe.

Angel considered and then smiled. “That’ll work.”

The End



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