Wesley Watches

Title: Wesley Watches
Author: Jackson
Summary: Wesley is watching Angel and Cordelia. And he’s getting worried. Sequel to Queen C Reflects.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.

It seems rather ironic that after being sacked from the Council I am now doing more watching than I ever did while I was in their employ and Watcher to Buffy.

I refer of course to the somewhat sensitive situation between Angel and Cordelia, (although sensitive and Cordelia seem two opposing concepts).

It is obvious to me that there is an attraction on both sides. Of course their proximity to each other and the obvious bond they have was bound to make them close, but I have become aware of a certain atmosphere that goes beyond friendship.

Given Angel’s history it therefore seems that the job of chaperone has fallen to me.

Although it has to be said that thus far they are behaving impeccably.

But there he goes again. Looking at her as though she’s a chocolate cheesecake and he’s got his human taste buds back.

And I notice her hand resting on his arm longer than strictly necessary.

I must keep them apart as much as I can. Make sure they are fully aware of the consequences.

She’s actually managed to get a smile out of him. And look at her, she’s positively glowing.

Oh dear.

I’ve become more firmly convinced than ever that I was sent here by fate or powers or something to help these two. Although at first I believed that they were helping me, now I see myself helping them in something unspoken of, yet undeniably real.

Every time Cordelia enters the office I find myself wincing. I tell myself when she’s not here that she isn’t that good-looking, that Angel won’t forget himself. But then she walks in and I see the spark in his eyes before he lets his customary opaque expression fall over them, and I know, as he knows, that she is ravishing.

I tell myself that Angel is strong, as he has proved time and time again. He won’t slip on this line he has to walk.

And Cordelia. In this situation her customary tactlessness is one of my strongest allies. She always looks facts full in the face, deals with them, and does what has to be done. I know she won’t fool herself into believing they can play with this fire and not end up very seriously burnt.

Under all the surface hardness and frivolity I know she is a sensible, kind girl. And I know, KNOW that she loves Angel and would never hurt him.

So if they’re both so sensible, why do I feel more on edge than ever?

Because I see how he teases her by pretending not to notice her new dress or hair. How he uses his customary broodiness to annoy her. How he goes out of his way to provoke a response. I see the satisfaction he is probably not aware of when her eyes flash at him and her cheeks are flushed.

Because anger is the closest he will get to see her in passion.

Because when he enters the office I see her eyes light up and the heat and longing in her gaze as she lets her glance linger on him is almost too much for even me to bear so Heaven knows how Angel could bear it. One of these days he’s going to catch her looking at him like that, when all her defences are down and then . . . .

Things are escalating. I can feel it. When he was wounded after Gunn and his gang had mistakenly attacked him I played dumb but I could sense Cordelia’s overwhelming love and concern. And Angels only human urge to reach out and take it. That time we were lucky. I was there.

I only hope I’m always around to prevent anything happening. Even if it doesn’t we can’t keep this up for much longer, and if things get any more out of hand then once again Angel will have to say goodbye to the woman he loves.

But not yet I hope. We all need each other so badly, I’m not even sure we could work without each other now.

Poor Angel he has loved two such exceptional women, but as soon as he wins their love in return he has to leave.

I hope I never get on the wrong side of gypsies.

So far we’ve gotten away with things.

Keeping a balance. It’s all keeping a balance.

The End


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