Settling in L.A. 1-3

Title: Settling In LA
Author: Gilly
Posted: 13/11/03
Rating: N-17
Category: Fluff and smut.
Content: A/C, C/L
Summary: Sequel to New York
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
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Chapter 1

Cordelia and Liam had only been back in LA for about a week when things started happening. They had just about unpacked their things, sent overland and settled in.

One evening Cordy was walking across the foyer still trying to get her head round all the improvements that had been made to the hotel in the 4 years she’d been away.

Suddenly there was a strange buzzing sound from behind the counter, Gunn rushed to the weapons cabinet. ‘Vampire alert’ he called to Cordy, grabbing a crossbow. ‘Oh is that what it is’ she replied looking towards the main door which had just opened. In walked 4 people.

‘Oh crap’ thought Cordy, when she saw who it was ‘just what I don’t need right now a visit from the Scoobies.’

‘Hi everyone, you can lower that crossbow he’s not going to hurt you’ said Buffy as she strode confidently into the foyer followed by Spike, Xander and Dawn.

Gunn stood and looked at the newcomers, the crossbow still in his hand. Wes and Connor came out of the office alerted by the buzzer. Fred popped her head above the counter to see who it was, and Angel started to come across the landing and down the stairs.

Cordy gathered her thoughts and said ‘Hello, long time no see, what have we done to deserve this honour?’

Xander was looking at Cordy; he couldn’t believe how beautiful she had become. He had thought she was great when she was dating him but now she had a maturity about her that really suited her; he couldn’t take his eyes of her. Angel watched Xander’s reaction, as he walked down the stairs. He felt himself quietly growl a rumbling warning.

Buffy and Spike were looking at Connor standing in the doorway, neither willing to believe there first thoughts of how much he looked like Angel, but it couldn’t be possible, they would have known about him. They were confused. Dawn was just looking round in awe, she’d never been in a place like this with all it’s old world grandeur and charm but modern facilities, it appealed to her design instincts.

‘Cool’ she said, ‘can we stay here?’

Just then Cordy let out a yell and grabbed her head as she fell towards the ground, only to be saved by Angel’s vampiric speed getting to her before she landed.

‘Vision’ she cried, “I thought I’d finished with all them,” she thought to herself.

‘Mom, are you OK?’ shouted Connor rushing over to help his father lift Cordy on to the couch.

The Scoobies stood and looked at each other ‘Mom?’ mouthed Xander to Buffy.

Then a glass of water and a bottle of pills floated across the foyer to hover near Cordy.

‘Thanks Dennis’ said Cordy gratefully accepting the water but waving away the pills.

‘I’d forgotten what they were like’ she looked at Angel who was holding her tenderly.

‘What did you see?’ he asked in concern, since she’d been gone Lorne had been having the visions and Angel hoped he would carry on doing so, but it appeared not.

‘Pier at midnight, gross slime demons after teens to feed on, a lot of them, quite an feast in fact’ said Cordy; she leaned back into Angel’s arms, ‘not urgent.’

‘Oh Brown Eyes, did you have one as well, about the pier?’ asked Lorne coming out of the kitchen, rubbing his horns, he’d thought as she was back he would not be having any more visions.

The Scoobies stared at the green man with red horns and eyes. Cordy nodded.

‘Angelcakes perhaps you should take her up for some r and r’ Lorne added.

Xander was surprised that Angel didn’t clock the green guy for calling him that, he knew Angel hated it when Xander called him ‘Deadboy’

Before any one could say anything Willow appeared on the landing holding Liam’s hand as she came down the stairs with him.

‘Daddy, Mommy come and tell me a story’ he cried, running over to Angel and Cordy, as soon as he was at the bottom of the stairs.

The Scoobies looked at each other again. ‘I see a lots happened here’ said Buffy, ‘anyone care to explain?’

Angel ignored her and stood up to pick up Liam and turning to Cordy said ‘I’ll take him, you come up and have a rest for a couple of hours before we’re needed’ with that he went upstairs leaving a confused bunch of Scoobies behind.

Connor was hovering over Cordy to make sure she was OK. Then he went over to Willow and put his arm round her.

Cordy sighed and turned to the Scoobies, pointing to Connor. ‘Connor and Liam are both Angel’s sons’

‘How come I didn’t know about Connor, he’s looks the same age as us and why does he call you MOM?’ asked Buffy.

‘Well he’s only 4 in earth years, but he got abducted when he was a baby and brought up in an alternate universe where time accelerates faster, when he came back he was an adult’ said Wes, taking off his glasses and polishing them on his handkerchief. He only wore his glasses if his eyes were tired otherwise he wore contacts, but he was glad he wore them today; it gave him something to do with his hands.

‘So why does he call you Mom, you’re not his mother are you?’ said Xander looking at Cordy. ‘No I’m not his mother but someone who watched over him when he was growing up in the other dimension told him about Angel and all of us, and somehow he gave Connor the impression I was his mother’ replied Cordy.

‘So who was his mother then’ asked Spike intrigued.

‘Darla’ said Cordy.

Spike looked shocked ‘you mean my grand sire Darla? The bitch from hell, I thought she was dust years ago.’ He looked nervously over his shoulder as if expecting her to appear.

‘Yes she was but Wolfram and Hart, an evil law firm here in LA, brought her back so she could try to make Angel lose his soul again, but it didn’t quite work, and she ended up pregnant instead’ said Wesley, ‘don’t worry she staked herself to allow Connor to be born.’

‘So Liam is your son then’ said Xander to Cordy.

‘Yes’ she replied ‘and Angel’s his father.’

‘How come?’ asked Xander.

‘Do you need a lesson on the facts of life Xan?’ said Cordy.

‘No I just thought Dea… Er Angel couldn’t have kids’ he replied.

She looked at the stunned expressions on Buffy and Xanders faces. Spike was just grinning to himself, now he knew Darla wasn’t going to emerge from somewhere.

‘Wow, that’s far out’ said Dawn eyes round.

‘Wes will fill you in on the rest, I have to go up and say goodnight to Liam’ said Cordy getting up unsteadily and slowly going up stairs. ‘It would be helpful if you could stick around, we need you tonight on the pier’ she added before disappearing.

Fred came forward and shyly asked if anyone would like a drink. They all said yes and moved into the kitchen.

Cordy went in to Liam’s room; Angel was standing over Liam’s bed watching him sleep. He put his arms round Cordy and sighed ‘have they gone?’ he asked.

‘No, I asked them to stay I think we will need Buffy and Spike to help kill the demons in my vision there were a lot of them’ she replied. He kissed her then gently led her out of the child’s room and into their bedroom.

His kiss’s deepened as he felt her respond to him. It seemed he couldn’t get enough of her since she’d been back. So much so that he’d taken to wearing his shirt out to cover any embarrassing bulges. He slowly undressed her and himself and then moved over to the bed, his mouth hardly leaving hers for a second.

His hands moved over her body followed by his mouth as he licked and kissed his way all over her. She lay back and gave herself up to the exquisite pleasure he was giving her until she thought she would explode from need.

‘Angel, in me now’ she gasped, as she stroked his straining erection.

‘I thought you’d never ask,’ he said as he lowered his big body onto hers.

He pushed into her gently at first then as his need grew he thrust with more vigour. She moaned under him as she felt herself coming near, he could feel her as well and slowed down to almost stop to give them both time to enjoy the sensations of the gentle thrusting of his hips as he kissed her plunging his tongue deep into her mouth.

Neither of them noticed they had an audience. Buffy was standing in the doorway. She’d come up to talk to Angel not realising they were together, until she entered the room. She looked in awe at the naked couple on the bed, unable to leave; she’d forgotten just how good the dark haired vampire looked without his clothes.

The need to move was too great as Angel hitched up Cordys hips driving deep and hard, hitting all the right spots as they both began to climax together.

‘Angel, soooo good’ she gasped, as he vamped out and gently sank his fangs into his mark on her neck, causing them both to explode as he shuddered into her.

He licked her neck and looked at her ‘Cor, my darling wife, I love you so much’ he said as they lay foreheads together in the aftermath of a wonderful experience. They kissed passionately, neither noticing Buffy.

Buffy shook herself and quietly backed out of the room, going into the bathroom at the end of the corridor that she’d noticed on her way past. After a while of splashing cold water on her wrists and neck she went back downstairs to listen to Willow and Wesley telling the Scoobies the highlights of the last few years. She knew she would have to find Spike; she now felt all hot and bothered.

Willow had allocated them rooms so they could rest until they were needed to go to the pier.

Later on that night the gang assembled ready to go to the pier. When they arrived Angel was relieved that Buffy and Spike had come along as well because there were about 20 demons, obviously gathering for a big feast as they moved along the pier stopping people leaving. He thought between the seven of them they should be able to kill them all. Wesley and Cordy were the weakest of the group so Angel asked them to stay back and try to deal with any that slipped through while helping the trapped people to escape. Angel, Connor, Gunn, Spike and Buffy launched themselves at the largest group of demons managing with the element of surprise to kill over half rapidly. One broke through and ran towards Cordy and Wes. Angel shouted to them to watch out as he decapitated another that was trying to push him over the side.

Wesley managed to stab it through its gut and it fell over the side into the water, bouncing off the pier supports on the way down. The remaining demons seemed to be getting the upper hand when all of a sudden a new player entered the pier.

Cordy gazed in astonishment at the whirling apparition in front of her ‘Groo?’ she whispered, she’d forgotten all about him. Then another demon claimed her attention as it tried to sneak past Wesley and hide amongst the escaping people.

‘Every one duck’ yelled Cordy as she brought her sword down on the back of its head neatly splitting its skull. With Groo’s help they managed to dispatch the rest of the demons in a short space of time. Wesley was helping the last of the victims off the pier; luckily no one had been hurt. The gang regrouped at the piers entrance. Angel looked at Groo, annoyed that the Pylean had turned up again, but introduced him to Buffy and Spike. Xander came forward; he’d brought Groo to the pier in the pickup after Lorne had said they would need him.

When Groo noticed Cordelia for the first time, his eyes widened and he rushed over to her and knelt before her and bowed his head over her hand before kissing it.

‘My Princess you have returned, I have prayed everyday for your safety, and to be able to gaze upon your beauty again’ he said.

‘Yuck, anyone for vomit’ groaned Buffy to Spike ‘what’s that all about?’ she looked at Angel who was trying not to growl at Groo holding Cordy’s hand.

‘He’s the Groosalug, the Pylean champion warrior who fell in love with Cordelia, he doesn’t live in this dimension but gets called if the powers think we need an extra warrior, it’s the same place that Lorne comes from’ replied Angel.

‘The green guy from the hotel?’ said Buffy.

‘Yeah, he’s been having Cordys visions while she’s been away, so it’s logical that Groo gets called every so often’ said Angel as they turned to walk back to the cars.

‘So why does Groo call Cordelia his princess?’ asked Spike intrigued, he could sense Peaches was not a happy bunny and enjoyed any excuse to wind him up.

‘When she got sucked into the Pylea dimension 4 and a half years ago, they made her a princess because of her visions, she was supposed to ‘Comshuk’ with him as he was the champion warrior. He would then take her visions, but she decided to keep them for herself and returned with us. A few months later, just before Connor was abducted he came back to try and persuade her to go back with him to rule at his side. They went on holiday together, but it didn’t work coz she came back to me’ he ended with a smile; omitting that what had transpired after that had caused Angelus to emerge.

Gunn came over to them ‘has he told you how he beat him to a pulp after they had a argument over Cordys disappearance?’ he said ‘wow that was some fight to behold they nearly killed each other, if it hadn’t been for Lorne hitting a high note and giving us chance to stop them Groo would be dead by now.’

‘Hitting a high note, what do you mean?’ asked Buffy.

‘Lorne runs a karaoke bar in the west wing of the hotel, he’s a good singer and can hold a note for ever, seems like it anyway its very distracting. When he sung we managed to grab Angel and dart them both’ said Gunn. ‘You’ll have to go and have a sing before you go, Lorne’ll read your aura’s for you.’

They made their way back to the vehicles and returned to the hotel. Angel suggested they all turn in as it had been a long night and tried to get Cordy over to his side but Groo was determined not to let her leave him, so Angel shrugged his shoulders and made his way upstairs to have a shower, and remove the demon goo that had landed on him.

Cordy decided she had to do something to deter the Pylean warrior. So she took hold of his arms and said clearly ‘Groo I don’t belong to you any more, I’m Angel’s wife now, see’ she held up her left hand with her wedding band on it.

‘How can you be his when he was an evil vam-tar and abused you, he cannot love you as I do, Silas’ prophesy came true. He said, “the demon would rape and abuse you”?’ Groo replied looking shocked.

The Scoobies had all gathered round eager to hear all the gossip, ‘what’s he on about’ said Xander ‘what’s a vam-tar?’

Groo looked round at every one and said ‘The champion turned into a devil and held my Princess against her will, while performing atrocities on her.’

‘Wow’ said Buffy catching on fast, ‘Angelus returned and we didn’t know?’

Willow said quietly ‘actually I did, I restored his soul again, but you didn’t seem interested in what I was doing in LA when I tried to tell you. Then when Angel came to Sunnydale afterwards you avoided him as much as possible.’

Cordy looked puzzled she had thought that Angel had spoken to Buffy about all this, when he went to Sunnydale. She hadn’t realised Buffy had rejected him like that. If only she’d know maybe she wouldn’t have gone to New York and wasted all that time without Angel.

She said goodnight to everyone and made her way upstairs. She heard the shower running and quickly stripped off her clothes to go and join him. She stood inside the bathroom door looking at him.

‘Could he be more perfect’ she thought admiring him through the glass door. She went over and stepped inside the shower and put her arms round him and her head against his back as she nuzzled him her hands making there way down his body. He groaned when she found his burgeoning erection and stroked him while her other hand caressed his body teasing all the places she knew drove him wild. He tried to turn but she stopped him and carried on with her ministrations. He felt his knees begin to buckle and had to put his hands on the shower walls to support himself as he stood spread-eagled facing the wall.

‘Cor… you gotta stop ..I …can’t hold on any longer’ he gasped as she ignored him and moved her hand from his chest down to cup his balls. She squeezed and stroked him he knew he was lost as he came in a shuddered climax that left him trembling all over. He turned to her as she stroked his body running her hands up and round his neck.

‘Angel I love you so much’ she said as she nipped at his neck and nuzzled her way up to his mouth. They stood under the spray until the water began to cool. He had his arms round her and his head resting on her shoulder as though he would never let her go.

He turned the water off and reached out to grab some towels to dry them both, then he picked her up and carried her to the bed and pinned her down as he explored her body with his mouth and hands. He parted her legs and pushed his fingers into her then moved so he could lift her hips and lick her soft centre as he did so. She was like putty in his hands laying back and letting him do what ever he wanted. He looked at her laying totally open and exposed to him and thought he would burst from all the love he had for her. He rubbed her clit and as he looked at her she opened her legs even wider to invite him in, he couldn’t wait any longer and with a final rub that nearly sent her over the edge he thrust his renewed hard shaft into her.

He couldn’t understand it the more he had her the more he wanted her. He thrust slowly evoking wonderful feelings for both of them as she wrapped her legs tightly round his hips and rose up to meet his thrusts. He could feel her muscles gripping him as she climaxed. He stopped moving for a while to let her come down. Then the urge to move was too great and he plunged into her angling her hips so he could plunge deeper with every stroke she was soon climaxing again, with a few more ragged thrusts he followed her into a perfect orgasm. They rolled over together limbs entwined.

‘Cordy, I’m so in love with you it hurts’ he said as she laid her head on his chest. ‘Ummm, ditto’ she replied nearly asleep. He put his arms round her and held her close and after a while noticed she had fallen asleep. He soon fell asleep himself.

Chapter 2

Angel & Cordy rose late the next day, it seemed most of the others had decided to have a lay in. Dawn and Willow were playing with Liam, who Willow had collected earlier from Angel’s suite, in the TV room, but apart from Fred tapping at the computer the lobby was deserted. They spent a lazy afternoon chatting as more of the Scoobies emerged from their rooms, catching up on the events of the last 4 years.

The Sunnydale hell mouth had been relatively quiet since Glory had been slain, so Buffy and Spike could manage it between them. When Giles had gone back to England he had negotiated a deal with the watchers council, so they would both be paid something for their work as Slayer and Warrior, this made it easier for Buffy who had found it difficult to make ends meet after she had been resurrected, what with the death of her mother and Dawn to look after. Spike had had his soul restored and his chip neutralised, much to Buffy’s relief, it meant he could defend himself better like that.

When Buffy had married Spike it given her some sort of normal life, as normal as a slayer could expect. She was the longest living slayer so far, and she hoped she would soon be able to retire as Faith would be released from prison soon, and would take over slaying along with the few potential slayers the council had activated. Buffy now had a hope she may have a child of her own, if Angel could why couldn’t Spike, maybe when she gave up slaying she would get lucky she hoped. She envied Cordelia with her son Liam.

Dawn was working in a design agency after finishing a college degree about design and art, she was still living with Buffy and Spike, as was Xander.

Xander had gone through a dark patch when Anya had left and he’d found out she had been turned back into a vengeance demon. He had lost his apartment and his work had suffered, he had started turning into his father, until one day Buffy had enough and dragged him out of her spare room and persuaded him to do some repairs around the house, paying him with room and board. When the neighbours had seen him working on the roof some had come forward asking him to do jobs for them.

Over the years this had built into a profitable business for him, he now employed 6 men to do various trades, with the rising property prices in Sunnydale, now the strange night time activities and unexplained deaths seemed to be at a minimum, he was kept very busy and thinking about expanding. He kept thinking about Dawn, he fancied her now she had grown up, they’d always been friends but she had matured into a strikingly good looking woman.

He was plucking up the nerve to ask her out on a date, but wasn’t sure if she reciprocated his feelings so had kept silent. Also there was the small problem of Spike, who looked after Dawn better than her father, vetting her boyfriends with a Victorian strictness that drove Dawn insane sometimes.

That evening the Scoobies went to Caritas and they were amazed by the variety of demons in the club. Lorne persuaded them all to sing so he could read them and gave them all news for the future.

The next evening Cordelia went downstairs after settling Liam in bed, as she crossed the foyer looking for Angel, she noticed that Buffy was sitting on the edge of Angel’s desk, “any closer and she would be in his lap,” thought Cordy. Buffy was leaning forward talking intently and holding Angel’s hand. Cordelia felt a stab of jealousy course through her “Little Ms likes to fight, comes here and can’t wait to grab him” she thought to herself.

She wondered where Spike was and if he felt as bad as she did when she saw the two lovers –no ex-lovers, she corrected herself, together. She went quietly away and upstairs to check on Liam and get ready for their night out. If she had stayed a little longer she would have seen Angel pull back harshly, away from the blonde slayer invading his personal bubble.

The Scoobies wanted to go to a club for a change, so everyone had decided to go except Fred and Gunn, who said they would keep an eye on Liam.

When Cordy came down stairs Xander whistled.

‘Wow, you look fabulous’ he said, eyeing her skimpy black halter-top and short purple skirt teamed with high-healed black stilettos. She smiled at him; she had decided she was going to enjoy herself tonight whatever happened. Angel was still in the shower when she got dressed so she didn’t know what he would wear, probably black on black as he didn’t like clubs or crowded places he would hope to blend into the background.

Buffy was wearing a frilly out fit that made her look about 17, but Spike seemed to like it his eyes never straying far from her body. The others were all ready and waiting for Angel to appear. When he did Cordy thought it was worth the wait, he looked so sexy in his new leather pants, teamed with a white silk shirt. She felt her heart do a double flip as she looked at him. Buffy could only stare at him, he looked like he did the first time she saw him nearly 10 years ago. She dragged her mind back to the present and looking at every one and said ‘are we ready to go?’

Gunn drove them to the club in the small bus the company owned so they could all have a drink and not have to drive back.

He stopped outside the club and ask the others trooped out, said to Angel ‘call me when you want to leave.’

Angel looked as though he would like to go back with him now, but he resisted the urge, nodded to Gunn and followed the others into the club. He couldn’t understand why Spike liked these places so much, surely he thought, Spike could feel all the pulses and hearts pumping the same as Angel could. It made it hard for Angel to control his natural urge to rip out throats and feed. He automatically looked round to see where the exits were, in case of trouble, then moved over to the bar where everyone was trying to get served.

Angel ordered a large whiskey and finished it before the barman had served the rest, so ordered himself another, figuring he might as well drink as talk. He couldn’t understand Cordy, they had been so close the last few days but earlier he’d heard her in the bedroom when he was in the shower and had expected her to come in but she hadn’t and now she was ignoring him. He could hardly take his eyes off her, the skimpy top hardly covered her breasts and left her back and midriff bare except for thin ties that just asked to be undone. The low-slung skirt was like a second skin clinging to her hips leaving more bare flesh and her tattoo on display and was so short, her legs appeared to go on forever. She looked far too naked in Angel’s eyes he wanted to pull off his shirt and cover her up, to hide her from other men’s view.

He leaned on the bar sipping another drink and watched as the group moved over to the dance floor. Cordy was dancing with Wesley, Xander with Dawn, Spike with Buffy and Connor and Willow.

Cordy looked over at Angel, she was still annoyed with him, after seeing him with Buffy earlier, she decided to give him some of his own medicine as she grabbed Wesley’s hands and danced closer to him. Wes was perturbed, he knew the vampire was possessive, so as soon as the track finished he excused himself and went back to the bar.

Cordy grabbed Xander, who was moving away as Dawn had found another guy to dance with. ‘Come on you can dance with me’ she said.

‘I don’t think Deadboy will like it’ Xander replied.

‘Phfft, who cares’ she said and launched herself into the dance with renewed vigour.

Angel was still at the bar but by now he had a few women round him vying for his attention, trying to persuade him to dance with them. They couldn’t understand why such a hunk appeared to be alone. Then when Wes came over they made room for him as well, before one of them dragged him out on to the dance floor. Angel pointedly moved his drink to his left hand, so when he took a sip they would see his wedding ring, they made him uncomfortable, leaning in to talk to him and touching various parts of his body. But it didn’t seem to deter them. He carried on answering their many questions in monosyllables or not at all, all the while watching Cordelia dancing.

Spike looked at Angel squirming and smirked, he remembered when it hadn’t always been like that, as Angelus he would have been chatting and flirting with all of them and probably bedded most of them as well, keeping the best for snacks. He laughed at the great pouf’s obvious discomfort.

Soon Cordy had worn out Xander, who made his way over to the bar and Angel who was still trying to fend of the advances of two of the most persistent women. Angel growled quietly when he saw Xander heading his way, he felt like ripping Xander’s head off. The boy sure liked to live dangerously Angel thought moodily.

Cordy had found a new partner now and after a few tracks Angel decided that he’d had enough of watching the guy mauling his wife, who just didn’t seem to care. He moved away from the bar totally ignoring the women and made his way over to Cordy.

‘Can I cut in?’ he said. The bloke looked pissed but something in Angel’s eyes told him not to argue.

Cordy looked at Angel ‘you’re gonna have to dance with me I’m not standing at the bar.’

Angel grabbed her and started dancing with her, Cordy was surprised she didn’t think he could dance anything other than a slow smooch.

‘I thought you couldn’t dance’ she said.

‘Oh I can but I choose not to’ he replied, grabbing her hand and swinging her around. After another fast track much to Angel’s relief the music slowed in tempo. He gathered Cordy into his arms and held her close. He tried to kiss her but she avoided his mouth putting her head on his shoulder instead. The more she evaded him the more frustrated he became.

‘Cordy, darlin’ what’s up with you tonight?’ he finally asked in exasperation, his Irish brogue slipping out with his frustration.

‘I saw you earlier’ she replied.

‘What are you on about, you’ve lost me?’ he said in a puzzled voice.

‘You couldn’t wait to get Buffy alone and hold her hands, with her sitting on top of you,’ she snapped back.

‘Oh that’s what this is all about is it, she was just asking me about Connor’s birth and a few details Wes missed out’ he replied ‘you know what she’s like, always has to be the centre of attention.’

‘You looked pretty close from what I saw …..’ she trailed off.

Angel looked down at her he couldn’t believe she was jealous, didn’t she realise he only had eyes for her?

They danced on, Cordy grinding her hips into his, teasing him, running her hands down his back to squeeze his butt, he could feel himself responding. When the music stopped she started to pull away, Angel began to panic, surely she wasn’t going to leave him like this in the middle of the dance floor. He grabbed her to stop her from leaving him. He noticed Spike’s amused glance, God, Spike was bugging him, taking every opportunity to make him feel a bumbling idiot.

Half way through the next track he couldn’t stand it any longer and with a growl he left the dance floor and quickly headed for a rear exit. He pushed the door open and moved into the back alley to stand in the cool breeze trying to control his frustration. Cordy soon caught up with him and grabbed his shoulders and forced him to look at her.

‘Now what’s the matter?’ she asked. Angel didn’t answer just pulled her to him and roughly kissed her plunging his tongue into her mouth until she was breathless. Then he hitched up her skirt and pushed his hand between her legs ripping her thong off and thrust his fingers into her.

‘You make me crazy, I want you now and all of the time’ he growled. She could feel herself responding to him and so undid his jeans and pulled his rock hard shaft out. He thought he would pass out from the relief of not being confined any longer and as she hooked a leg round his hip and guided him into her couldn’t believe his luck as he thrust hard into her. He growled his pleasure and pulled her close turning them both to push her against the wall as his hand undid the halter ties at her neck and her breasts fell free, into his waiting hands. Angel felt himself vamp up and licking her neck he plunged his fangs in to taste her blood and thrust into her harder as he felt himself climaxing. Cordy followed him with a muffled shout as she buried her hands in his hair and pulled his face round to kiss him, not concerned he was still in game face.

When Cordelia didn’t come back after a while Connor began to get a bit worried his Father had looked mad when he left perhaps Cordy hadn’t found him. So with a quick word to Willow he went out of the same exit. He made his way along the side of the building into the gloom. The site that met his eyes made him wonder at his sanity. They were just finishing when he found them His father fucking the woman he thought of as his mother up against a wall in a dark alley. He slipped back into the shadows amazed that Cordy would let Angel bite her willingly, he was concerned he thought his father should have more control and not act like a teenager. He watched as the couple held each other close kissing and caressing in the aftermath of sex, then he noticed Angel looking at him. Connor shook his head then went back into the club deep in thought.

Chapter 3

Willow, Buffy and Spike were standing at the bar when Connor returned from the rear exit.

‘Did you find Cordy?’ asked Willow quietly.

‘Yeah, she’s with Dad’ replied Connor. Willow and Buffy went to the rest room leaving Connor and Spike together.

‘What’s up kid’ said Spike, lighting a smoke, ‘caught them shagging did you?’

‘How did you know?’ replied Connor amazed.

‘I know Peaches, he gets riled and he has to shag something, don’t forget I was with him for quite a few years,’ said Spike ‘I just glad its not me in the line of fire’ he added thinking to himself he wouldn’t really mine, his sire had a great body and knew how to use it.

He sometimes hankered after those days when he, Angelus, Darla, and Dru were together killing and fucking their way round the world. He sighed he loved Buffy but sometimes he felt like kicking over the traces and having some fun of his own, without deferring to his wife’s wishes and always counting the cost of every thing.

‘How can he do that, he says he loves her yet he treats like a tart?’ said Connor.

‘Con, mate you have to learn more about vampire lore, it’s their nature to either kill or shag, she must like it, not the killing of course, otherwise she wouldn’t stay with him.’ Spike replied, dragging deeply on his cigarette.

Meanwhile in the restroom Buffy was talking to Willow.

‘What’s with Angel, I’ve never seen him behave like that before, it’s almost like he’s Angelus again?’ Buffy asked.

‘He’s got 4 years to make for, also now with his soul being secure it merges both aspects of his character together. It gives him more freedom’ said Willow.

‘What do you mean?’ replied Buffy.

‘After he had his Angelus period, Cordy went to New York it took him 4 years to find her, in fact it was me and Connor who found her quite by accident’ said Willow.

‘Do you know what happened then, why she left?’ asked Buffy ‘he wouldn’t tell me’

‘I imagine he’s not proud of what he did’ said Willow ‘when baby Connor was kidnapped, Angel went wild Gunn and Fred had to chain him up. When Cordy came back from her holiday she released him and cleaned him up, then they had sex and he lost his soul. She couldn’t get away, he kept her practically naked and starved to use as a sex toy for him for a week, until Gunn got in and between them they tranquillised him. I performed the spell to restore his soul without the happiness clause. It wouldn’t have been so bad but he immediately came to Sunnydale to see you, then because his car broke down and he didn’t return when he said he would, she thought he was staying with you so she left for New York.’

‘Wow’ said Buffy ‘so she had the baby and everything all by herself? How did she make enough money to do that?’ Buffy knew from her working experience that it was difficult to earn a decent wage with no qualifications.

‘Yes, she managed, she hasn’t told Angel but she worked as a waitress in a lap dancing bar, good money there. She didn’t think he would like it. You know how jealous he can be.’

‘God, yes I remember years ago I danced with Xander I thought he would pull Xan’s head off’ said Buffy.

Willow smiled remembering the occasion ‘we were so young we thought we had it all didn’t we?’ She mused.

Buffy thought about what Willow had said she looked at Cordy with new respect, she wouldn’t have thought Cordy would have stood for anything like that, she knew she would have gone crazy if it had been her. They made there way back to the others.

The girls coming back, put an end to the conversation Spike and Connor were having. Connor was intrigued; Angel had only briefly referred to his existence before LA not going into much detail. Connor had read a bit more about him in one of Wesley’s books, but obviously Spike knew more than the books. Connor thought he’d try to talk to the blond vampire again before he returned to Sunnydale.

A while later Angel and Cordy came back into the club looking a little dishevelled, but at least Angel was smiling for a change. Cordy went to the restroom to tidy herself up, the lack of underwear bothered her a little, she would have to remember not to lean over. Spike hoped no one would upset Angel as he would be at his most powerful, but Cordy seemed to sense this and dragged him back on to the dance floor when she returned. She had to be careful how she danced, as under the tiny skirt she was naked. A fact which hadn’t escaped Angel attention, he pulled her into arms and whispered in her ear ‘how soon can we go, I’m gonna want you again,’ as he ground his hips suggestively against her.

‘Mind out of the gutter’ she replied, then huskily in his ear ‘but it would be nice to undress you slowly and nibble my way over your body.’

He groaned ‘stop, or you’ll be back in that alley, you’re turning me on again.’ He buried his head in her neck idly licking at the still fresh wounds he’d made in the alley.

‘Don’t you dare vamp up in here’ she said as she felt what he was doing.

‘I wanna go’ he whined back, draping himself over her and moving them over to the edge of the dance floor.

‘Angel pull yourself together, you’re not a teenager’ she said sharply, they were attracting a few glances especially from the women who were after him earlier. ‘I’ll let those women have you if you don’t behave’ she added. He looked at her in horror and started dancing properly again.

After the next track had finished, the couple went back to the bar. He stood beside her sipping another whiskey quietly telling her all the things he was going to do to her when he got her home. Cordy went back to the restroom as she could feel her hastily tied top was coming loose, she retied it and made her way back to Angel only to find two of the most persistent woman had moved in on him again. She marched back to the bar and put her arm round him. He looked at her with relief.

One of the women said to her ‘you should leave now you’re out numbered’.

Cordy couldn’t believe her ears ‘Excuse me, who the hell do you think you are?’ she asked the bottle blonde. Neither noticed the other one tip something in Angel’s drink.

‘We want him for our club he’s a fine specimen’ she said.

‘He’s not a commodity’ replied Cordy ‘and any way he’s my husband, so keep your grabby hands off.’

Angel looked bemused by all this he didn’t know what was going on but he sensed the woman was not all human.

The blond turned to her friend and said ‘let’s go; we’ll get him another day’ and with that they left the bar.

Buffy and Spike finished dancing and came over ‘what was all that about?’ Buffy asked.

‘Weird much! They wanted Angel for some club or other, they said he was a fine specimen’ said Cordy, still amazed by the woman’s audacity.

‘I bet they wanted him to be a stripper’ said Spike; chuckling to himself, he thought Angel would make a good stripper. ‘How about it Peaches?’

Angel was not amused. ‘I think I’m going to call Gunn we’ve been here long enough.’ He finished his drink and pulling his cell phone out of his pocket, left the bar, he could see his phone had no signal in the club, so he went outside to make the call.

After he had made the call and hung up he turned to go back to get the others when all of a sudden he was hit over the head from behind, he tried to turn but somehow his reflexes had slowed so much that he fell heavily on his side dropping his phone. The last thing he remembered before the world went black was someone saying ‘don’t mark him we want the goods perfect.’

The others came outside a while later, Cordy was getting antsy about Angel not coming back she could feel something wasn’t right, also Wesley & Xander seemed to have disappeared as well.

Connor came back from the mens room, ‘Wesley and Xander aren’t in there and they’re not out the back’ he said. Cordy was getting really worried by now. Spike went outside, he could smell Angel had been there but the scent was weak and stopped at the kerb. He reached down and picked up a phone. Cordy looked at it ‘is it Angel’s?’ asked Spike.

‘I don’t know’ said Cordy, ‘do you Willow?’

Willow looked at it ‘I think it is his, he’s always losing them, Fred’s better at this than I am, but it looks like it, let me see what’s programmed in’ she had a quick look at the number menu. ‘Yes it’s his.’

‘He was here but I reckon he got into a car at the kerb’ said Spike. They stood there waiting for Buffy to fetch Dawn from inside the club, by the time the sisters returned Gunn had arrived. Connor came from round the corner of the building.

‘I’ve been round the whole block there’s no sign of any of them, but I did speak to one of the bar staff and he said he heard a rumour going round that men were disappearing from the club over the last 3 months. Obviously they don’t want it made public, but I think we should see the manager’ said Connor.

Dawn was getting worried about Xander, she hadn’t realised how much she’d grown used to him being around.

Cordy and Connor went back in to see the manager but he had gone and the most senior member of staff left didn’t know anything. They said they would come back in the morning.

It was a subdued party that made there way back to the Hyperion a while later. Fred looked up from the book she was reading. ‘Where’s the rest?’ she asked puzzled.

‘We don’t know, but think they’ve been abducted’ replied Connor, they filled Fred in on what they knew, sitting gloomily in the foyer until finally everyone fell silent. Cordy stood up and walked towards to stairs.

‘I’m going to bed’ said Cordy ‘we can make plans in the morning’ she went up to their suite, and with a quick look in on Liam, pulled her clothes off, leaving Dennis to pick up as she went to the bathroom and then fell into bed. The rest followed her up to their respective rooms.

The bed felt strangely empty without Angel, she’d got used to him being there these last few days. She fell asleep wondering what had happened to him.

Chapter 4

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