Title: Tease
Author: Frazi
Posted: 04/2003
Rating: NC-17 for sexual situations.
Category: Humor
Content: A/C
Summary: Sequel to UST & Turkeys. If you haven’t read. Read it first. It’ll be more fun.
Spoilers: That episode with the ballet 😛 I keep forgetting the name.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: By all means just tell me where?
Notes: This is post Wesley going bad and Connor disappearing. Since the shows obvious dark tone I’m going into denial. So there.
Dedication: This goes out to Gabby. Sweetie. I finished this at 3 in the bloody morning and its all for you. I hope you realize that! Heheheh! You’ll have to find something else to haunt me for now. Hehhe.
Feedback: Like breathing air.


“It wasn’t much…”

“It was enough.” His eyes opened, the gold melting back into the rich, sinful chocolate. “Enough to make me lose control. God, what the hell were you thinking…”

“In case you haven’t noticed; I wasn’t.”

He swallowed, his tongue sliding across his lips as if to revisit the taste. “You taste nothing like I’ve had before.”

I couldn’t hold the soft smug smile. “Coming from the Scourge of Europe, that’s a lot. Must be the demon in me.” His eyes fluttered when my fingers slid across his mouth. “You’re not too happy are you?”

A snort of a laugh left him and he opened his eyes. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Humor me.”

He sighed shifting as he pulled me closer, his lips sliding across my earlobe. “My demon doesn’t seem to mind forfeiting control to your blood.”

My eyes snapped open.

“Hey guys!!! Where’s the turkey!”…

I’m a reasonable woman. I’ve come to the only possible solution in the past few hours. Being in love with Angel is one thing. Being in love with Angel who is suddenly too secure with his soul is a totally different issue.

As if being walked in on while I was still pleasantly seated in my vampire boss’s lap wasn’t embarrassing enough, we had to sit through the entire thanksgiving dinner trying to pretend his eyes didn’t whisper secrets that previously Angelus couldn’t coax into the brown depths of Angel’s eyes.

It was a silent agreement. One that I didn’t know they’d come to. And it didn’t make me feel any better that I was that decision.

I watched Lorne balance the baby in his lap, his eyes looking worriedly between me and then Angel. The dinner had been uneventful. The electricity that always sparked between us became a bloody lightening storm that wouldn’t let me think of anything else. S

hould I tell Wesley? Should I ask him? I didn’t know what to think.

My blood secured Angel’s soul. His demon was sated. Sated enough that the vampire was sitting there across my kitchen counter teasing Fred along with Gunn. Teasing her with his big sexy smile that I hadn’t seen on Angel before and it was unsettling.

It was unsettling that I anchored his soul, but the only one who my blood sated was the demon and not the soul. The gut wrenching realization was enough to make me flinch every time I looked at him.

Ironic that the vampire who wanted me wasn’t the one that I wanted, but they were both really the same person. Or non person. Fate sure had a sick sense of humor.


I looked up into Lorne’s eyes startled as he stood over me, Connar bobbing in his arms, one hand gripping his horn happily. “

What?” I think I may have said that a little too enthusiastically because everyone suddenly stopped and looked at me. Well screw you all, I just feel like I lost my best friend.


Oh oh. I’d been glaring at Angel for no good reason. At least no good reason I could voice and he looked more scared than confused. Clearing my throat I rose to my feet, extending my arms for the safety of putting the baby between me and my urge to beat the shit out of my vampire.

“Um…Let me have Connor.”

“Oh no.” Lorne pulled the baby away from me before I could reach out and take him. Walking over he plunked the baby casually in Angel’s arms. The vampire only gave the demon a confused glance before looking at me with those soft brown eyes that always undo me into a puddle of idiotic grins.

Well, not today buddy. You can’t just tell me Angelus is sated by my blood and not you. Then maybe I SHOULD let your stupid demon out to play. At least he doesn’t trample hearts. Just bodies. I would have told him exactly that had Lorne not grabbed my elbow and dragged me across the living room and into my bedroom.

I stumbled slightly as he closed the door behind him before facing me with his hands on his hips. “Let’s hear it.”

I frowned at him. “What are you on?”

“Don’t sidestep me Miss Chase.” Lorne held up a finger, his eyes narrowing knowingly. “I know exactly what’s on your mind and I expect a song out of you young lady. So.” He re-crossed his arms. “Let’s hear it.”

I glared at him before trying to reach for the door. “Does the word privacy mean anything to you?”

“Not particularly no.” He stood in my way without budging. “And just for the record, I’m probably the first to notice the hot hungry stares on your part but I’m not the last.”


“Screeching really isn’t your style precious. Now tell Uncle Lorne what’s got my little sugar muffin so twisted up into this tight ball of frustration. It better be Angel. You know I just adore the way you love birds tip toe around the issue of being in love with each other. Could it get any more tragic?”

It was as if the balloon had just been deflated. “Yes it can.”

Lorne opened his mouth as if to continue his tirade, then blinked. “Oh precious. Blue really isn’t your aura. What’s the matter? Did that big lug say something mean to you? Should I go bite him?”

I sighed and walked back to sit on my bed. “He says my blood anchors his soul.”

The demon sat down beside me gently, one arm around my shoulders. “So?”

I looked up into his face. “Did you not hear me?”

“Yeah, I did, but you can say it again if it makes you feel any better.” He grinned.


“Okay. Okay. The seer binds the champion’s soul. I get the whole hubbub. Been there done that. Coming to my original question…so?”

I stared up at him. “You knew.”

“I do have my sources precious. But it really wasn’t my news to tell. Think. Had I told you then that blood letting between you two would be therapeutic, you would have decapitated me and I don’t much like that you know. Been there done that too.”

I pulled away from him and stood. “But its not Angel who needs my blood.”

Lorne took a deep breath before standing. “Angel, Angelus. What’s the difference.”

“Oh you cannot be serious! Hello, the psychopathic murdering alter ego is not just a bad case of split personality! This is Angelus! Scourge of Europe!”

“Again. So?”

I stared at Lorne and open my mouth to tell him the Angelus was the last person that I wanted to give my blood to, but the words didn’t leave my mouth. Where was the distinction really? I watched him watch me as the realization dawned inside me.

The beige period hadn’t just been beige. The beige had merged the dark and light, but it couldn’t be that simple.

“There is no Angelus.”

Lorne shook his head.

“Does he know?”

Lorne shook his head again.

I ran a trembling hand over my face before taking a shaky breath. “Oh this helps.”

“Doesn’t it.”

“So it’s not my blood?”

“The blood calms the vampire precious.” Lorne came and stood before me, his mouth twisted up into a smile that was a little too ironic for my taste. “Angel is vampire. He just needs to remember that. It’s not about if the soul occupies the body or the demon. When the demon and soul merge. There’s just Angel. It’s been only him for a while now.”

He grinned. “The distinction my little minx is in his head. Not yours.”

“So, I just what waltz up to him and tell him, ‘hi Angel, Angelus is gone, you can’t blame the wild evil urges on him anymore. That’s just you being a vampire?’ Right?”

“About.” Lorne couldn’t seem to hold the wild grinning.

My balloon started refilling. “So my blood is therapeutic to Angel after all?” I wrinkled my nose when the words echoed in my ears. “I can’t believe I sound happy about that.”

“You should be my little love bunny, because that means you can stop tip toeing around the big man and get to the good part.”


“Sex. Although, therapy sounds helpful in your case.”

I growled.

Okay make I HAD been hanging around Angel a lot.

Lorne reached down and dropped a kiss on my forehead. “I’ll take Connor tonight. I heard Angel say he’s going to patrol once before heading back to the hotel. I suggest you dig out that red number you have stashed in the back of your closet.” He winked as he opened the door.

“You’ve been in my underwear drawer again haven’t you?”

Looking over his shoulder, he smirked. “On a better day poopsiekins, I’ll let Angel tell the story.”

My mouth dropped open.


Angel opened the door, the bulb from the hallway casting an arc of light across the floor as he stepped into the room, the coat sliding from his shoulders even before the door was closed. He was probably tired. In fact, judging by the slump of his shoulders and the weight in his step, he’d encountered some traffic.

Now my vampire is an astute man. If the steady beat of my heart didn’t clue him in the smell of rose petals and fresh blood made him freeze as the door slid shut with a click. “Cordy?”

“Good guess.”

I could hear him take a relieved breath that I knew he didn’t need. He’s probably glad, the smell of blood isn’t because I’m dead and it only made me grin wider as I caught the anticipatory frown on his face as I switch the lamp on his bedside table on. His eyes instantly met mine and I had to hold back my smile.

Yes, the soft muttered curse that hitched with his unneeded breath just does something to my nerves. “Did you find anything?”

As his eyes traveled down from my eyes, past the slope of my nose, down the curve of my exposed throat to the V of the silk red robe that conceals little cleavage, across the tightened belt on my waist to the soft curves of my upper thigh where the robe disappeared away from smooth tan legs.

Thank you California, but instead of his gaze slipping further down, his eyes slid to the left and froze on the wine glass in my hand. I saw the flaring of his nostrils before, the brims of his eyes simmered gold.

Oh yeah. The vampire wanted to come out and play, but the simmering was controlled. He would need a little cajoling after all. “A vampire here and there.”

“Dust them?”

“No I left them tied to the lamppost. I figured the sun would finish the job anyway. Why get my hands dirty?” A smile threatened across his lips and I could tell he wanted to play this game with me.

It had been a while. Actually. It had been more than while, since perky cheerleader had stepped aside for sexy seductress. I just hoped I wasn’t out of shape. One thing was true. Lorne had been right about the red silk. I liked the way his eyes kept homing back in on it. As if no other color in the room could hold his attention.

I could live with wearing this color for life. But I saw the way his eyes followed the line of my curves as I stepped forward and walked the few steps to him that separated us. “Don’t tell me you’re developing a morbid playful streak Angel.”

“I didn’t much like playing with my food Cordy. That was Spike’s thing.” As the distance between us decreased, I saw the muscle in his temple twitch and his eyes darted away from me to try and settle on something else. But I was wearing red. The brown iris’s darkened as they stared down into the depths of my robe, catching a glimpse of the red lace underneath.

“Too bad.” I held up the glass. “I thought, since this is the first day your demon let you take your guard down, we should celebrate.”

It was as if I’d socked him in the stomach. He stumbled back, his eyes wild and i wondered if it was hunger or fear that caused the violent reaction. “Fuck! Cordelia! What the hell, do you think this is a game?!”

I raised an eyebrow, the glass still held out to him. “Didn’t we have this conversation before?”

He glared at me. Dumb dork. Did he really think I’d back off if he pretended to be angry. His self righteous streak didn’t bother me any more. I’d gotten used to his fits of guilt. This was something he didn’t have to feel guilty about.

He already had my heart. Why stop there?

“Back off Cordelia.”

“And let all this nice blood go to waste?” I glared back at him. “And to think I went through so much trouble to get it for you.” I raised my wrist and that’s when he saw the stark white handkerchief wrapped around my right wrist.

Before I could protest his fingers had caught my arm and the handkerchief was being pulled open. “You stupid, idiotic, presumptuous, crazy dame! You hurt your…” He stopped when the flesh was revealed.

Pure. His eyes snapped up to meet mine and I couldn’t help grin smugly.

“Half demon. Puts zest in the blood.” I winked. “Good as new.”

He let out a ragged breath. “You’re crazy.”

I nodded up into his face with a grin. “Completely and totally.”

He sighed. “You don’t know what you’re offering.”

“Please Angel!” I rolled my eyes. “Don’t play tragic Romeo with me. Buffy might have loved the angst induced sex, but believe me I like my romp in the hay happy. I know EXACTLY what I’m offering.”

His lips twitched with another smile he repressed, but this time I was rewarded with a raised eyebrow. “There’s going to be sex.”

“Wild animal sex.”

The teeth emerged. Fangless, but at least they emerged. I was getting there.

His hand that had been holding my now bruise-less wrist, slid up into the sleeve of my robe and up to cup my elbow. Damn this man. The feel of his fingers across my skin is delicious enough to make me want to tear off the robe and offer myself to him.

Maybe it’s the vampire in him. Either way, I had to bite my cheek to keep from trembling. Cordelia Chase does not tremble in the first five minutes of happy hay romping.

Stick to plan. Yes. Seductress. Got it.

His head bent low, the eyelashes settling low as he stepped into the heat of my personal space. “I never could resist wild brunettes.” His voice was like sandpaper on my nerves and the roughness there proves me wrong.

I trembled. And the glass slipped from my fingers as the gasp left me. Oh shit. My plan’s gone to hell. I felt like I’d just been played right into this.

The vampire only shifted, as his hand caught the rim of the glass before it had fallen only an inch beyond my shaky fingers, drops of blood dancing out of the rim before settling on the crest of his thumb. The cocky smile was all Angel as I stared up into his eyes.

This was a side of him I didn’t meet very often and the anticipation was sweet torture. “Careful, we don’t want to let all this nice blood go to waste.”

Suddenly I was the one with the dry throat and nervous twitch. Blinking out of the hold of his eyes I took a steadying step back to try and gather my wits before I was consumed and not the other way around.

Lifting the glass to his lips, I saw his tongue dart out and lick away the stray droplets that had fallen onto his hand, his eyes never leaving mine and I think it was more that he didn’t let me look away rather than the way his lips sipped my blood that drove me half out of my mind.

I never knew blood letting could get erotic. Not with a vampire anyway. I always thought I was food.

He didn’t just drink the cup empty, he practically inhaled it. The ridges in his face rippling and shifting with each tremble of his Adam’s apple. Damn everything about this dorky vampire was sexy. Even his dorkiness. Of course right now his eyes held everything but dorkiness.

When he open his eyes, his lips clearing all traces of my blood….MY blood…MY BLOOD….sorry…Just it’s going to take some getting used to you know. It’s like waking up on Christmas morning to find out Santa finished your milk and cookies while hoping against hope it wasn’t your dad.

But that’s not the point. I’m losing my mind. Back to topic. Angel was walking towards me.


Cordelia Seductress Extraordinaire Chase just left the building!

“Angel. There’s something you should know.”

His mouth spread into a grin. “Doesn’t matter.”

I held up my hand as I took a step back. “No, no. I really think you should hear this.”

“You promised wild animal sex Cordy. I don’t think it involves talking.” The grin exploded into a smirk.


He stopped.

I took a deep breath. Good.

“You’re right he’s a figment of my imagination.”

I glared. “Don’t mock me.”


“It’s true! Your beige period wasn’t really beige it was all you! There was no Angelus then and no Angelus now. He’s gone! Poof! No more curse since no more Angelus. That means you can get happy now without worry!”

He crossed his arms. “And here I thought wild animal sex would be happy. Drat.”

I blinked. “Are you making fun of me?”

He raised an eyebrow.


He couldn’t seem to help himself as he burst out laughing and before I knew it, his arms were around me and I was surrounded. Oh god. Suddenly I’m enveloped in the tightest, warmest and comfiest vampire hug I’ve ever gotten from the man that I love.

Angel really was cuddly!


I lifted my head from the perfect fit my head made against his left pectoral.

“Lorne called me after you left your apartment.”

“WHAT! That…that rat! That fink! He coaxed me into the whole red number bit! I’m gonna kill him!”

Angel’s hand skirted down my sides softly as he purred softly under his breath. “Remind me to thank him for the red number bit.”

I went still as his hand teased the tie of the belt that held my robe together. “Really?”

His mouth lifted in a crooked smirk. “Hell yeah.”

“Well. Good. Wild animal sex then. Now.”

“God, Cordy, and I thought you were such a good little girl.” His nose brushed mine tenderly and my eyes closed half way, a shiver running through me.

“You’ll learn as we go along, Angel, that I am probably worse than you.” My voice was playful and innocent, but laced with enough implication to make him tighten his arms around me possessively.

“Oh baby, I hope so,”

His satin sheets enveloped us both as we fell, side by side, into his bed. One kiss became two. And then we were exploring each other’s bodies like fumbling teenagers. Which is saying a lot for one very suave cheerleader and a two hundred some years old vampire.

Red silk was discarded along with his shirt and pants. Each were slow and gentle with the other – the friendship had been so close we knew what caused the other pain. But pleasure? This was something we had to learn together.

I learned that kisses on the vampire’s sensitive fingertips elicited flutters of his eyelids, and gasps of pleasure. My fingernails down his back brought in return breathy whispers in fevered Gaelic, and an answering caress down my own side.

Angel discovered that trailing kisses from the hollow of my throat to the valley between my breasts caused me to arch me back in pleasure beneath him. He particularly liked that one. His caress over my belly resulted in a ripple of muscles beneath his touch.

I could feel his body responding to me; the warmth in our touch became heat. I took the initiative and pulled him on top me.

He chuckled softly against my jaw, a sexy rumble settling in his chest. “God woman, you always get your way.”

“I have a name and you let me get my way, because I’m damn sexy and way too hot to resist.”

He laughed and this time the rumble was louder and I let it echo through my own chest as I let the ripples calm my raging emotions. I figured I had him where I wanted him. Now was a good time.

“I hate you.” The softness in my tone spoke differently.

His head jerked up and he raised an eyebrow. “You pick a great time.”


He snickered, his fingers tangling in my hair, the palm and fingers of his hands cradling my skull in their expanse effortlessly as if they molded my body wherever they touched. His thumbs ran along my temples soothingly.

It was reflected back. Every emotion running through me, tangling in every crevice of my heart, until the only thing I could feel was how much I loved this manpire.

“For the record Cordelia Chase. I’ve hated you since you did that stupid commercial in that stupid polka dot bikini in front of all those stupid lewd men.”

I couldn’t help it. I threw back my head and let the laughter take me. Great moment. Perfect for sex. Lets laugh at each other and forget the happy lust and groping.

But let it be known my vampire is smarter than he looks and I did say he looks like a retard. A very yummy one.

“Hate you so much,” he breathed, his mouth curling to belie that statement, his gentle hands, anything but wandering, certain and sure against me, followed the curves to my stomach, tickled lightly and squeezed. “I hate the way you feel,” he said. I bit my lip, a moan getting caught there.

“Hate your mouth,” he said, kissing me deeply. Snatching my breath for his own, his chest rising and filling with it before his tongue staked claim. And I kissed him back, my breath moist and sweet against his tongue. “I hate the way you taste…Coca-Cola and JuJubes.” I circled his wrist with thumb and middle finger and pulled his hand to where I wanted it.


“The way you feel,” he whispered against my cheek, his hand delving between my legs. I went perfectly still for an instant, my breath catching. Then we both shuddered. My lips against his neck I arched under him. One hand cupping my face, “The way you look,” he whispered huskily. His hands drifting lower to remove the red lace and toss my bra over his shoulder.

When his hand curled around one breast, the other slipping deeper between my legs, the groan was torn from my lips. “Angel…”

“The way your body responds to mine…” He settled over me, his thighs tight over mine, our stomachs touching, rubbing against each other as he moved to swiftly remove the only remaining garments we were wearing. My hands wandered over his bent back. “Oh Angel…”

“Oh, God, can’t stand,” he gasped as my hand found the most sensitive curve of his buttocks, grazed his skin, “the way you,” his nose sought my scalp through the sheaves of my hair, and I could feel him filled his lungs with her my scent. Nobody was gladder than I that I let it grow back.

Bracing my hands on his shoulders, I slid lower for better access. His eyes closed. His head tilted back. Breathless he said, “The way you…” I lightly scratched my fingers down his chest and his face morphed. The ridges sliding on and off his face without control and I watched in fascination as his eyes opened flickering gold. His hands squeezed my buttocks tight and his legs opened across my torso.

Two can play at this game, I decided. “The way I what Angel?”

“The way you,” he tried again but, soft to his hard, I moved derailing his train of thought and his words vanished down the bass line of a groan. And I couldn’t help chuckling, caressing his neck with my arms. My hair tumbled around his pillow in disarray and I pressed kiss after kiss along his jaw and the side of his face.

“Shut up, dork.” I traced the curves of Angel’s muscular back, my voice as deep and throaty as it got when it was just the two of us, “Shut up and-“

He kissed me, tracing my lips with his tongue, and then his finger. That same finger twined with a curly lock of my hair.
He brushed my cheek with it. Kissed my temple. And I grinned at him. Lacing my fingers at the nape of his neck I nuzzled his nose then rocked my hips up into his.

“Ahh hell! I hate it when you do that!” Legs trembling he tried to raise his hips, but my arms were locked around his shoulders and he lifted my back off the bed.

We overbalanced.

With a short yelp I clenched my arms around his waist and legs as we pitched sideways. My legs tangled around him but he brushed his hands along them, urging me to loosen my hold and chuckled, “Sorry.”

“Dork.” My legs slid out from under him and rolled me onto my back. Only my head knocked against the headboard. “Ow,” I touched the back of my head. Holding back laughter as I saw the look on his face.

“Sorry,” he gasped, his eyes wide. Soul anchored or not. He was still my dork. Damn I loved this man…pire. Whatever. I loved Angel. He twisted, grabbed a pillow that had been knocked over the bed. Shook it free of my robe, and placed it under my head and smiled that heart stopping smile that was only reserved for me.

I couldn’t help smile back and as an acceptance of his apology I responded by sliding my hands up his sides, kneading the muscles below his armpits tenderly, then the rich curves banding his shoulders and tilted my head up for a kiss. His lips touched the tip of my nose.

“You made me miss,” I pouted up at him.

“Klutz,” he murmured moving his hand up the length of my thigh, over hip and to my side. I couldn’t hold the short bark of laughter. Who’d have thought Angel would make me laugh this much. Then a throaty sigh left me as Angel angled, shifted and connected us with a single thrust.

I stared up into his eyes, not really believing he was there. But the tangible hardness didn’t fade with the clouds of dreams. He shifted and draped my leg over his shoulder, making me close around him in an exquisite internal smile. No one made me smile as much as Angel does.

“You are the worst,” he gasped and I was caught between laughter and frustration as my calf tensed across his back, “woman I have ever,” he leaned in, and my mouth rounded in a delicate grunt as he lay over me, his mouth hovering over mine. I bit my lip and managed another, internal squeeze, and his eyes slammed shut. My eyes fluttered.

Gasping, gripping my hips hard to make me stop. “I…ah hell Cordy…hate that amazing thing you were doing.” Angel regained his sight and opened his eyes full of mischief, love, blatant desire and a hunger I’d never seen any man wear as well as Angel.

I was smirking. I couldn’t help it!

“Bad princess…”

The old nick name melted some part of me that I hadn’t known had frozen over. “I love you,” I sighed, raising my hands to hold his face as our foreheads rested against each other.

“So glad,” he answered, ducking his shoulder and drawing my leg down to his waist, pulling my hand to his side.

I was caught between a groan and laugh. “Bastard.”

“Cord…” He thrust and I tightened, forcing him denser, and harder, and there was sweat rising up all over my chest and shoulders, and back, and heat along every place he rested on me. He thrust forward and my mouth dropped open, my brow furrowed, and blood rushed to my cheeks.

“I hate…you kill me with wet…soft…and melting and tight, and cling, and sweet, and oh, so perfect inside of you” He made himself move back, and I made a sound, weak but wild. His breath more habit than necessity fluttered, the ridges flickering then smoothing out, his chest heaving.

He angled his hips and thrust. “ANG…!” He stopped the sound with a lingering kiss. “Oh,” I sighed across his mouth, half-delirious at how he was moving. And then he did it again. “Oh my…” My fingers tightened across his back.

A silly grin lit up his features belying his next words, “Yours?” He moved, hard to my soft, twisting low and tight, again and again and again; and I felt a burn building in my belly.

His fingers laced with mine. My feet found the perfect spot between his back and the curve of his ass. My lips parted soundlessly.

He leaned in, suckled over my pulse and I cried out against my better judgment, forgetting Lorne held Connor in the next room or if Wesley would hear or if the entire world could hear. “ANGEL!”


“Don’t stop.” I whispered, laced my fingers with his, holding his hand to the back of my head. The other slid between us and when his fingers slid across my heightened cluster of nerves I arches like a cat under him. “Oh…God…Angel…”

Angel tossed back his head, “Yes. I am God.”

My eyes started and I stared up at him.

He smirked.

Mortified with laughter, I covered his mouth with my hand. “Shhh!”

He bit me.

“ANGEL!” I shrieked. “I’m gonna…”

He dropped to his elbows and thrust hard.

My breath hitched in my throat.

“I love you.”

My eyes snapped opened, amusement and lust making our potent gaze exhilarating. This was something I’d never felt before.

He didn’t miss a beat. Thrusting, sliding, twisting, his mouth crimped up at the corners, his eyes flashing gold, beautiful, his fangs flashing without regard or fear. Irresistible his grin, his body, him. It made me inarticulate. Which is saying a lot. Nothing beyond ‘oh god’ coming past my lips.

“Stop saying my name in vain.” He smirked as his belly rubbed against mine, as my thighs trembled and strained over his body, and his muscles, made pliant and strong by his vampire descent, bunched and smoothed beneath my limbs.

“Dork!” I gasped, caught between laughter and ecstasy. Looking down, he winked saucily and slipped into just the right movement to send me mindless. He opened his mouth, but I found leverage against him, the right counterbalance, and I my teeth caught the skin right over where his pulse should be.

His lips pulled back in a snarl and he ducked under my chin, his fangs sank into my jugular. And my vision splintered and every muscle in my body screamed in concert before the crescendo ends.

When coherence finally found me, all I could hear was the soft purr in my vampire blanket’s chest and the peaceful exhaustion making love always brings. His tongue was still stroking the dull throb in my throat, one of my hands was tangled in his hair, the other sliding down his back soothingly.

He was like a big cat. The thought made me chuckle.

“Was that good?”

“Narcissist.” I kissed his ear affectionately.

“Stroke the demon’s ego. Tell me.”

I whacked the back of his head as he propped up his elbow beside my head to grin down at me. “You can’t use that excuse anymore.”


I looked up into his eyes. “What?”

“I hate you.” He smirked.

The pillow hit him in the face and he laughed. “Idiot.” Then I remembered something. “Angel?”


“Lorne said the funniest thing.”

He raised an eyebrow as one finger coiled a strand of my hair around itself. “What?”

“Well when he suggested the red, I asked him if he’d been in my underwear drawer and he said he’d let you tell it.”

The twirling finger stopped.


I glared at him. “Angel…”

“Wild animal sex does not involve talking.”




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